Deadpool 2 - Nostalgia Critic

  • Published on May 30, 2018
  • Saddle up your unicorn, the self-aware comic book character from the 90s is back! Nostalgia Critic takes a look at what separates him from other fourth wall breakers. Let's check out Deadpool 2.
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    Deadpool 2 is a 2018 American superhero film based on the Marvel Comics character Deadpool, distributed by 20th Century Fox. It is the eleventh installment in the X-Men film series, and a direct sequel to the 2016 film Deadpool. The film is directed by David Leitch from a script by Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick, and Ryan Reynolds, with Reynolds starring in the title role alongside Josh Brolin, Morena Baccarin, Julian Dennison, Zazie Beetz, T.J. Miller, Brianna Hildebrand, and Jack Kesy.
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Comments • 5 206

  • Sunbleached Angel
    Sunbleached Angel 4 hours ago

    That was one shitty shaurma

  • Mike Mars
    Mike Mars 16 hours ago

    I need the domino actress in more critic reviews 😏

  • Jose Quinones
    Jose Quinones Day ago

    LMFAO "im the woke morty" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😁😂😂

  • KiithNaabal
    KiithNaabal Day ago

    Best line: Lets go and make some jokes to piss of some SJWs best line in the entire episode!

  • Sortof LR
    Sortof LR 2 days ago

    That intro you use is really awesome.!

  • David Willis
    David Willis 2 days ago

    So we're all agreed a cut of the original needs to be put out that includes the Mexican cancer clinic deleted scenes.

  • Michael Larson
    Michael Larson 2 days ago

    Wow. I can't believe one of the funniest people on TheXvid turned into one of the unfunniest people on TheXvid. And when are Doug and Rob gonna address all of the terrible things that were said about them? Because until they do, I'm done. This review has officially killed whatever hope I had for the NC.

  • Cats4 Emma
    Cats4 Emma 2 days ago

    Not the Ricky and Mortey joke... please no

  • DreamyChara
    DreamyChara 2 days ago +1

    So much hate in these comments....X'DD

  • Please Die
    Please Die 3 days ago

    The critic should have said how his suit at the end is black teasing xforce

  • Chirnogeanu Vasile
    Chirnogeanu Vasile 3 days ago

    Best review to date.Love the rick and morty part. keep up the good job

  • NoPony Special
    NoPony Special 4 days ago

    The two issues I actually had with the movie was that the Spanish joke was being over used to a degree of annoyance, the debt scene at the end. Honestly he died before the call it came off in the prison fight and came back to life. The easiest thing they could have done was to chop off Deadpool's head pull off the collar and reattach his head.

  • mangle the fox
    mangle the fox 5 days ago

    I wish they had a bigger budget

  • Trick Shot
    Trick Shot 5 days ago

    The voices in my head are arguing!!!

  • Vitani ShadowHeart
    Vitani ShadowHeart 5 days ago

    Best review ever😂

  • Nathan Miller
    Nathan Miller 5 days ago

    Ok, GREAT JOB doing that car chase moment! Very creative and Entertaining Critic! ;)

  • Skitarii Soldier
    Skitarii Soldier 5 days ago

    It would have been much better without all the political stuff.

  • De Ha
    De Ha 5 days ago

    Actually I thought tamra’s accent was alright.
    Then again, i’m Australian so take that as you will.

  • Sebastian Griffiths
    Sebastian Griffiths 5 days ago

    just saw this to day and i am affended at the nz accent jk it fine btw i live and was borne in new Zealand

  • Kemp Dog
    Kemp Dog 6 days ago

    seriously, fucken top efforts with this. if some one wanted to know what the Nostalgia Critic was all about id show them this. fuck this was funny

  • dakota frazier
    dakota frazier 6 days ago

    the rick and morty impersonation is pretty good.

  • dakota frazier
    dakota frazier 6 days ago

    oh god why oh why do you have somebody whos is trying way to hard to be ryan reynolds. and i mean WAY too damn hard. like i couldnt even make it to three minutes because of how tremendously bad his impression is. seriously. this is like ryan rynolds sucked all the helium from a balloon and then tied the now deflated rubber around his testicles and waited for them to fall off before getting into a traumatic car accident that caused him to have serious brain damage and subpar jokes.

  • Ayahuasc-E Entertainment

    Personally avgn is way better with movie reviews. Dp2 is really dp1and a half. Nostalgia critic is like shatter star

  • Deaths Visit
    Deaths Visit 6 days ago

    Usually I just watch these and don’t get a lot of laughs but this is better and I really appreciate the time and dedication it took to make this I can tell and it really shows

  • Brian Durio
    Brian Durio 7 days ago

    Damn, there is no middle ground with the comments on this review. You either liked it.....or you tear it a new ass crack. Like geeeeezzzzz

  • Jake Tinsley
    Jake Tinsley 7 days ago

    Doug does an awesome rick

  • Faisal Eamani
    Faisal Eamani 7 days ago +2

    Deadpool has deed pulled

  • Ultimate Sarlok
    Ultimate Sarlok 7 days ago


  • Laughing Dead Productions

    18:20 that feud is how i first heard of Nostalgia Critic

  • jordan paterson
    jordan paterson 8 days ago

    Oh well Deadpool was created before freakazoid

  • The Crazy Asylum Studio's

    Finally watched Deadpool 2 after months of waiting. Now I can finally watch this video. At least I can enjoy some nostalgia critic and get some sense of a good day out of this bs day. Getting fired of bs isn't fun. Especially when dollar general is involved. Here's some advice to anyone looking for a job. Don't work for dollar general. They like to find a way to screw you out of work and leave you dry. I've done some TheXvid stuff and it wasn't a job or anything, but that was actually fun compared to the bs crap dollar general did. Sorry... Venting a little. Time to enjoy nostalgia critics video. You do great videos man!

  • Lunar Liam Productions

    I guess Ryan Reynolds saw the commercial episodes and, like a lot of Canadians, didn't get the joke.

  • Alexis Threats
    Alexis Threats 9 days ago

    Normally i love a clipless review. But this was kind of boring. The best part of devil boner as cable. Cause devil boner always makes a review better

  • MoonShadowWolfe
    MoonShadowWolfe 10 days ago

    Second time through, I _really_ liked that car chase!

  • GanTz :0
    GanTz :0 10 days ago


  • DinoBroof
    DinoBroof 10 days ago +2

    You guys criticize Jurassic world for having a kind of trump based joke making it dated then you do a joke that’s way more obviously trump based and it’s okay

  • Sizz XRK
    Sizz XRK 10 days ago

    Doug's Rick impression isn't bad at all

  • Dharc Daniel
    Dharc Daniel 11 days ago

    Is it just me or does Jim make a perfect deadpool?

  • Mercer Alex19
    Mercer Alex19 11 days ago

    Is that asshole cosplay one angry joe?

  • calibre97
    calibre97 11 days ago

    gdamit. This was really freakin good. I did not want to like what you do anymore, seeing other references to the channel and you in a not so good light, but ya nailed this one. PHRASING. Yes. Good job. Seriously. Laughed out loud several times.

    • calibre97
      calibre97 11 days ago

      And now finished watching the whole thing. Wow. Fcking awesome. More. Of. This. Please.

  • Edgytomato 420
    Edgytomato 420 11 days ago

    Im not overweight tho

  • Lauren Edwards
    Lauren Edwards 11 days ago

    Thanks for apologising for that monstrosity of an accent

  • Rand0mn3ss
    Rand0mn3ss 12 days ago


    Kentucky Fried Families.

  • MetalSonicWarriorX20 2018


  • The Cloud of Fire
    The Cloud of Fire 12 days ago

    Greatest crossover ever!!!!

  • outSider Cain
    outSider Cain 12 days ago

    Deadpool movies are a waste a good opportunities. The stories are classic AF? First one : Bad guys does bad thing (kidnap a girl) with origin story.
    The second one is "you-killed-my-wife-I-need-revenge-and-redemption" type + bad guys does bad thing.
    I was thrilled by 2nd movie because of MF CAAAABLEEEEEE. Got out so disappointed. (Except Cable parts. It was awesome even tone down)
    If you liked the 2 movies, that's awesome ! Because Deadpool (character) is awesome.
    Long version :
    1st movie : Deadpool don't need origin story. Rush it in 3min. He was a guy, he's aliven't, he's a mercenary with no moral because he KNOWS he's fictionnal.
    Go outside script for dummies 101 ffs. He's not a bad guy nor a good guy. Punisher (serie) is a better mercenary than Deadpool. PERIOD.
    Stop using female kidnap for plot device. Do him like a mafia contract for big money. Kills everybody with sassy jokes like "I killed so many people expandable even screenwriters don't gave them a name" whatever.
    And for some wtf reasons he come back with the thing the mafia wanted and killed them too for the mc guffin and the money to spend on useless thing.
    "Then make a plot about the device the Xmen want back because it can make the world as we know it to end' Sassy deadpoll joke "Avengers did it better. Oh that's because you're NOT in their movie" then he ask a price for it because mercenary etc etc etc..
    I'm not saying I'm a screenwriter and I know best what to do with their franchise, but damn, it's a waste of potential.... Don't trouble customers with new idea I guess...

  • Michael Kruk
    Michael Kruk 14 days ago

    I’m 14 and I’m not FUCKEN fat

  • Jäger Paulbrenner
    Jäger Paulbrenner 14 days ago

    What about domino beeing black?

  • Retro Spectre
    Retro Spectre 15 days ago

    Good work on the Rick impression, but for better effect on the belching, just add an effect. Theres a million belching sound effects. pick three for variety and there ya go.

  • Nickdagamerr
    Nickdagamerr 15 days ago

    like if you skip the cringy intros

  • jmalmsten
    jmalmsten 15 days ago

    I still can't see/hear the difference between fake unfunny asshole and the real Deadpool...
    He still sounds and acts like a snotfaced 12 year old who just found out he can scream obscenities online on the latest multiplayer FPS and apparently that is considered the height of satirical comedy today.
    This review was surprisingly enjoyable though.

  • infinityproductions
    infinityproductions 16 days ago

    Super teen extrodinair freakazoid, freakazoid!

  • Chris Taylor
    Chris Taylor 16 days ago

    Black morty voice on point

  • Quote
    Quote 16 days ago

    "I was in Geostorm, yet I have a role in deadpool 2."
    *Oh wow.* That was *good.*

  • Scott Spencer
    Scott Spencer 17 days ago

    Honestly I have to say Critic, this may actually be one of the most of well written reviews to date. And also I greatly commend Ryan for doing this review with you guys. Also the Rick and “Black” Morty was just as enjoyable. The ending was given just as much care and attention, I’m not a Critic myself, but it Definitely earned my like and share. Thank you!

  • SuperXFilms
    SuperXFilms 17 days ago

    Yeah seriously. At least Deadpool's dramatic scenes felt... Well. Dramatic. They have a little bit of time to breathe before the next joke. Whereas Marvel gives you NO time. Immediate joke sometimes DURING dramatic scenes... At least this one kept it dramatic except for the end of the movie. But it was done well. This movie's humor AND drama was done better than nearly every Marvel movie (But was probably.... Don't hate me. As good as Infinity Wars, I do think that movie coulda gone with a few less jokes. But it's drama was more traumatic than this.)

  • velasquez Daniel
    velasquez Daniel 17 days ago

    Deadpool was wall breaking in comics way before the other mentioned acts. It's up to the nostalgia critic to pick one thing to nitpick and stretch it out. There was a bad guy. Ugh. This review was shameless, unnecessary, and annoying. The recreations suck as well.

  • gozone100
    gozone100 17 days ago

    A hyper meta review of a meta superhero movie, I feel like Im gonna have a stroke taking in this much irony in one sitting. I'm not saying you don't make some good points in this video, but the lightning fast paced comedy comes off way too much like it cares about looking smart than it does about actually being funny.

  • Danny Wade
    Danny Wade 17 days ago

    It's a good thing I wore my shartreuse pants.

  • Tommy Taylor Berge
    Tommy Taylor Berge 17 days ago

    This is by far the most well-written episode of The Nostalgia Critic I've ever seen.

  • Miguel DeOsuna
    Miguel DeOsuna 18 days ago

    This was a review?

  • Daniel Wi
    Daniel Wi 18 days ago

    Deadpool 2 is great. I find the post credits funny and nice to see. Btw you forgot about the part where Colossus fights the Juggernaut.

  • motoX
    motoX 18 days ago

    freddy got fingered was fuckin savage DOUG.....guess youre not as woke as you thought huh? DOUG

  • TNTRyder
    TNTRyder 18 days ago

    I have ad blocker

  • BlueFox The Cutest
    BlueFox The Cutest 18 days ago

    I thought I was watching Nostalgia Critic not a Disney Remake

  • Matthias Finley
    Matthias Finley 18 days ago

    Your thoughts. Which deadpool movie do you like better?

  • AlvaXerox 435
    AlvaXerox 435 19 days ago +1

    13:14 all for Juggernaught

  • Vid The Visionary
    Vid The Visionary 19 days ago

    That was Awesome! lol

  • Harper Henson
    Harper Henson 19 days ago

    I aM cAbLe BoNeR

  • Dustin's Review Station
    Dustin's Review Station 19 days ago +2

    This honestly feels like he didn't even watch the movie. He just made fun of the fact that Deadpool wanted to die by having the characters point it out when at the end of the movie he gives a narration on what it's like being apart of a family with these people. Also he saves his girlfriend during the mid credit and says "So you basically changed the whole movie?" When right after that scene he saves Peter from dying.
    This review was trash and incredibly cringy have Doug and Malcolm playing Rick and Morty with the worst impressions ever just made me never want to watch this again. Now if you excuse me I'm gonna watch the actual movie on Blu Ray cause that movie is actually funny and worth my time. And effort was put into the film's writing.
    Doug also doesn't understand the moral of finally caring for someone. Wade sacrificed himself for the kid cause he finally realized that there's other people in his life to care for. It was a really funny and kind of an emotional moment that's brings a very positive tone for the ending I think.
    But of course Cuck Walker had to make fun of it and be confused by the moral. I mean he did treat his co stars and fellow reviewers like shit throughout filming his shitty anniversary films. Including being irate about changing an implied rape scene.
    Caring about people what's that?

  • J
    J 19 days ago

    Got the movie for my birthday this week!
    So much better than the last one
    I really love Domino
    And that ending is a knee slapper!
    Sucks Vanessa died but is it still canon?

  • Natallia Pond
    Natallia Pond 19 days ago

    I watched exactly three seconds of your video to tell you that TheXvid's algorithm discovered a genre of videos responding to Doug's awful reviews and I am finally enjoying The Nostalgia Critic like I haven't since 2009. :)

  • Bemused Bandersnatch
    Bemused Bandersnatch 19 days ago

    Ohhh, so many rants! Here's mine to add:
    Can we just take a moment (~2-7 minutes) to focus on being massively confused by the fact that the entire point of the film was to have Deadpool convince a kid not to kill the guy who tortured him when that was exactly the plot of the first movie? At what point does Deadpool ever regret killing Francis? Never. "Kids make us a better version of ourselves"...ok, how?
    The entire point of loving an antihero is to be able to throw rules to the wind without degenerating into full-blown "I'm actually a terrible person who does bad things to good people which makes my audience root for me to lose" villainy. Why do we care about the rules suddenly? Now, I get that potentially having kids and losing loved ones are two life events that make us reevaluate who we are BUT that self-reflection means we have to come to a realization about our judgement of our past and so our relationship to our future. They don't have to spoon-feed it to us, but they should be clear about the outcome.
    Does Deadpool repent for killing all those bad guys last film because it was funny but showed what a terrible person he was? Like actually though, would he take it back if he could because he's realized the importance of love and respect and wishes he were a morally better person to be worthy of that? Or does he draw a distinction between himself and Russell because his murderous rage won't lead him to butchering kids while Russell's will? So basically you can totally kill people in horrible ways so long as you don't start killing cute, innocent families because you've gone crazy? So Deadpool is fine and doesn't need to improve at all, Russell is just crazier and more unstable than he was from torture because he's young or something?
    Or, way more interesting option, does Deadpool accept that he's messed up but he's going to try to use that to protect a kid from becoming like him? In that case, why doesn't he just kill evil-torturer guy for Russell? Problem averted, Deadpool style~! He could even add in a speech about what a ****ed-up, morally-hypocritical (if still funny) asshole he is but how he wants to use his ****ed-upedness to protect kids from becoming like him. I'm not sure what exactly the content of that speech would be, but it would be really interesting to take a quick look at how antiheroes are fun because they can be the best of both worlds...but that still means that they belong to both worlds. Some of the things Deadpool does are genuinely villainous. (Not the implied collateral damage, shut up about superman and those goddamned buildings in Metropolis. Nobody cares that Deadpool caused a massive pile up in the first movie that almost certainly injured somebody. Or that wildly firing bullets everywhere will almost certainly hit someone innocent eventually. He has rule-of-cool immunity for that.)
    But no, like forcing a heavily bleeding man to struggle across the ice before he killed him with a zamboni. Hilarious, absolutely, but sadistic and mean too. Sure the guy was probably an asshole who deserved it, but every time you say that it gets easier to write it off when the next guy bothers you. Do you actually research people every time to make sure they deserve it? What if one of them is just doing the gig because it was the only way they could pay for medical care for their sick kid? What if they had a messed up childhood and would actually become better people if they went to jail? (Yeah, I know, jails tend to make people more sociopathic but there are exceptions.) What if they were blackmailed or extorted into taking the job? And even if he did deserve it, you tortured a guy to death. You killed a guy in a nasty way, not directly because it was because it would protect anyone, but because you wanted to. The slippery slope is cliche but also very real.
    Usually it's just: Deadpool's an antihero, ha ha who cares? He's crazy and does what he wants and that's why we love 'im. But the entire point of this movie is to force Deadpool to take a good long look at himself because his actions will affect others: the X-men who reach out to him when he's grieving, the kid he sees his lost future in, and Cable's family. It's not just a hilarious roaring rampage of revenge, they're deliberately trying for something deeper.
    And then they just pussy out. Deadpool likes having friends and trying to convince kids not to kill people but apparently in a movie all about self-awareness (and with so much breaking of the fourth wall) we're not going to talk about how there really can be consequences to being supremely selfish and having a gray morality. We hand wave it away because apparently massive hypocrisy with no explanation is fine for some reason so long as we're sufficiently funny. Ha ha.
    Such a huge missed opportunity.

    • Bemused Bandersnatch
      Bemused Bandersnatch 19 days ago

      tl;dr, I think it would've been a way better movie if Deadpool had just shot Russell's Francis and then goaded Russel into killing him. There would be a short scene where Russell has a "What have I done?" moment and dying Deadpool tells him that while killing people is totally fun, it's not worth it if it turns you into someone every bit as bad as your torturers. Bad guy killed, Deadpool happily reunited with Vanessa in the afterlife, and the kid presumably traumatized into not spending the rest of in a murderous rage and killing Cable's family in the future. Hat Trick. Cable sees remorseful Russell as the bear changes back to normal and does some time hoodoo to revive Deadpool. Boom.

  • Yolanda York
    Yolanda York 20 days ago

    You can't make me hate this movie.

  • Joe Bob Tarheel
    Joe Bob Tarheel 20 days ago

    this is why i don't watch nostalgia critic anymore... just running out of ideas and acting out scenes from movies!! wait until the movie comes out on home media!!

  • Joe Bob Tarheel
    Joe Bob Tarheel 20 days ago +1


  • Klint Karas
    Klint Karas 20 days ago

    It always make me sad that so many people think of memetastic "lel random" deadpool before they think of the "sad clown" deadpool. Thats one reason I love the movies since they pull more from the "sad clown" dp rather than "lel random". Though in the next few movies we still need ghost Ben Franklin,Preston,the good, the bad and the ugly storyline and then once his daughter is established ,we need them to accidentally go to the future and get a deadpool 2099 tease. Though thats probably asking to much...

  • That's My Sasha Productions

    If I wore a hat, I would tip it in your direction ;) Well done, gang! Jim, top marks! Tamara, good on ya for trying, but for a tutorial on doing a New Zealander accent just listen to the rock guy Korg from "Thor: Ragnarok", alrighty? Malcolm, what can I say - brilliant as always :D Miss Adonis, superbly done ;) Rob, never, NEVER EVER. Doug, from now on you & Malc must ALWAYS cosplay as "Mick & * BWUUURRP! * Rorty". And Barney? You will always be the hidden gem that's guarded by all those ancient booby-traps that somehow always manage to work after thousands of years of inactivity....huh, my train of thought's been derailed. But all the same - Barney, I adore you

  • Sprinkling Neptune
    Sprinkling Neptune 20 days ago

    Actually waited quite a bit on watching this review in order to avoid spoilers, finally saw the movie and this was well worth the wait!

  • Nax Rob
    Nax Rob 20 days ago

    I genuinely thought this was freaking funny. The fourth wall breaking fits perfectly with the review. The jokes were smart and perfectly timed. And then after watching the video, I naturally started scrolling down to the comment section and what I saw made me laugh in confounded curiosity. People here think their reviewing the sistine chapel while sipping on their european wine. I can really see them now with their hipster clothes. I haven't watched his reviews in a while now (thanks, TheXvid suggestions). Did something happen to the nostalgia critic recently? Something he did? Or some other shit? Cus I can really smell the biased nitpicking lifeless fluid, cuming from these people's genitals.

  • Gabriel Clark
    Gabriel Clark 21 day ago

    I have that add blocker that blocks pop-up ads, am I going to hell too?

  • Rammstein0963
    Rammstein0963 21 day ago

    I liked how they just stood and watched him die... And THEN Domino thinks "Oh wait, I'm lucky, maybe I should try getting the collar off? "

  • Darryl Bonner
    Darryl Bonner 21 day ago +1

    Deadpool is a dad

  • Andre Bankey
    Andre Bankey 21 day ago +1

    any mention of the aha acoustic version after his gf dies

  • Carlos Puente
    Carlos Puente 21 day ago

    I love your rick impression

  • D C
    D C 21 day ago +1

    This was bad

  • gangster hubert 111
    gangster hubert 111 22 days ago

    I hate gwenpool not deadpool

  • Hayden Pincombe
    Hayden Pincombe 22 days ago

    Absolutely loved this review

  • Mo 25
    Mo 25 22 days ago

    You uhhhhhhhh

    Kinda Ruined the episode because you put rick and morty

  • Neko Kuugki
    Neko Kuugki 22 days ago

    Deadpool is one of my pansexual gods.

  • nerfvideos96
    nerfvideos96 22 days ago

    So I saw the movie recently and I got to say this was a badly done review where I feel the point was missed a lot and you just make shitty jokes while using sketches to misrepresent how the movie went. Can we please stop doing sketches I feel like you misrepresent how the movie actually was like with the Jurassic world review. And I feel like the entire argument falls flat since that’s not what the movie was going for at all, again showing you missed the point.

  • Manchez V.2
    Manchez V.2 22 days ago

    The deadpool voice had a shit ton of spit in it wtf

  • Matthew Nope
    Matthew Nope 23 days ago

    ...There definitely was a post-credits scene...

  • KamiRecca
    KamiRecca 23 days ago

    "its like a Disney character dying. Its a cartoon, and its goofy but it still appeals to our inner child..." and there you should have ended the sentances

  • MadnessBomber
    MadnessBomber 23 days ago

    9:04 Okay, nobody can deny, that was pretty funny.

  • OhMyDia
    OhMyDia 23 days ago

    Am I the only one who LOVES his Rick persona xD ?

  • Brian Spruill
    Brian Spruill 23 days ago

    good lord that schwarma scene!!! XD

  • Elouise Hosch
    Elouise Hosch 23 days ago

    Dead pool 2 was 1000 percent on rotten tomatoes

  • Elouise Hosch
    Elouise Hosch 23 days ago

    Slender man was good