Deadpool 2 - Nostalgia Critic

  • Published on May 30, 2018
  • Saddle up your unicorn, the self-aware comic book character from the 90s is back! Nostalgia Critic takes a look at what separates him from other fourth wall breakers. Let's check out Deadpool 2.
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    Deadpool 2 is a 2018 American superhero film based on the Marvel Comics character Deadpool, distributed by 20th Century Fox. It is the eleventh installment in the X-Men film series, and a direct sequel to the 2016 film Deadpool. The film is directed by David Leitch from a script by Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick, and Ryan Reynolds, with Reynolds starring in the title role alongside Josh Brolin, Morena Baccarin, Julian Dennison, Zazie Beetz, T.J. Miller, Brianna Hildebrand, and Jack Kesy.
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Comments • 5 589

  • YUE3899
    YUE3899 6 hours ago

    Suddenly I feel the urge to see an episode of Rick and Morty

  • Vick KnewZeus
    Vick KnewZeus 21 hour ago

    So much respect for this channel

  • M1903DonuT
    M1903DonuT Day ago

    You wanted fourth wall breaking characters?
    What about She-Hulk?

  • sheer
    sheer 2 days ago +1

    Nostalgia Critic has the type of humor that the one cringy kid form fourth grade had.

    • MJ
      MJ Day ago +1

      Nah, he just overcommits to jokes that aren’t that funny

  • Sreeff
    Sreeff 2 days ago

    13:17 They threw away a perfect opportunity by not making that joke in the actual movie!

  • DH_Artist
    DH_Artist 2 days ago

    Honestly he did great as Rick.

  • Sreeff
    Sreeff 2 days ago

    Get the good Deadpool, Nolan North!

  • Abraham Esparza
    Abraham Esparza 2 days ago

    I know many people ask u same question why didn't u review the first film ?

  • Grayden Day
    Grayden Day 3 days ago

    The guy doing Rick isn't burping at all

  • Rocket & Groot
    Rocket & Groot 3 days ago

    Deadpool Is 0verrated.

  • Shin Mufasa
    Shin Mufasa 3 days ago +1

    Doug’s impressions are pretty shitty, but he got Rick down pretty well to be honest

    SUUPA 4 days ago

    wow dthat was a great review....especcially with freakazoid!

  • Adam Grunther
    Adam Grunther 4 days ago

    I’m starting to think he put Rick and Morty in this so he doesn’t have to make a Rick and Morty review without pissing off the fans.

  • Swift Nimblefoot
    Swift Nimblefoot 5 days ago

    So with Fox giving back the rights to X-Men does this mean Deadpool goes to Marvel too? Thank God for that. At least the next time Cable time travels back to the past it will be due to some giant catastrophe like Apocalypse...

  • Swift Nimblefoot
    Swift Nimblefoot 5 days ago +1

    Oy, I thought they stopped doing these re-enacting a current movie things. They are pretty bad. Just wait for the DVD release and use real footage. Trust me the review will still be relevant.
    At any rate, kinda agree with Doug, never liked these movies much, but the second was somehow worse than the first. That kid was unlikeable and the plot was again so mundane I don't think it warranted a movie. Was more like an episode in a TV show. Only good thing in it was a comic accurate sized Juggernaut.

    • Dominick Finch
      Dominick Finch 4 days ago

      Swift Nimblefoot it doesn’t have to do with the DVD. It has to do with copyright. Certain companies won’t allow him to use actual clips from the movie.

  • Swift Nimblefoot
    Swift Nimblefoot 5 days ago

    Was the first Deadpool cosplayer Angry Joe?
    Also, why hype that terrible unfunny Honest Trailers site Doug? They never reciprocated the ads.

  • Camyboy 10833 Ide
    Camyboy 10833 Ide 5 days ago

    Really that movie is good and at 5:43 is that jontron?

  • Kiwi Brainstorm
    Kiwi Brainstorm 6 days ago

    everyone who likes both deadpool and rick and morty is either passively conflicted or just screaming and burning shit right now

  • Kevin Kane
    Kevin Kane 7 days ago +3

    Damn Doug and Malcolm did a great job as Rick and Morty

  • Danielle king
    Danielle king 7 days ago

    There was two comedy shows from the bbc that managed to have real drama and heart rending moments and managed to blend the two really well .One was porridge a prison based comedy that one is amazing because it manages to set a comedy in a prison. the other is Only Fools And Horses which is about a family of market traders from Peckham.This show could make you laugh and cry in the same scene.They managed this with great writing directing and acting

  • Danielle king
    Danielle king 7 days ago +3

    Its strange that there is no real bad guy .Thanos made good points in his film but he was still a legit bad guy.Cable was just trying to save his wife and the future.The kid was damaged but not really bad.The only real bad guys were the dicks running the orphanage

  • Danielle king
    Danielle king 7 days ago

    it always amazes me that a super hero l.ike lets say Batman.A man that dresses up like a Bat ,becomes a vigilante and fights crime by beating the crap out of bad guys and in the films he kills the person responsible for the death of his parents and then tells Catwoman not to get revenge on the man that tried to kill her and tells Robin more or less the same thing.In Deadpool 2 Deadpool kills a whole bunch of people in front of a kid and then tells him not to kill people even for revenge though Deadpool also did that.Dont kill people kid .Why?Because its wrong.You just killed a whole bunch of guys literall;y seconds. ago.Yes and it was wrong so dont do it

  • Danielle king
    Danielle king 7 days ago

    hey the car chase sequence has better effects than X.Men Origins.

  • Danielle king
    Danielle king 7 days ago

    tonally the child abuse plot is a bit jarring in a fourth wall breaking r rated comedy aimed at young boys.The film is fun but a heavy subject like child abuse is a hard thing to put in this type of film

  • loafhero
    loafhero 8 days ago

    I guess the point of the review featuring Rick here is to point out that the reason people like Deadpool and Rick despite them being (or rather, because they are) assholes often making fun of other media is because there's elements of tragedy behind their characters, their capable of compassion for their families (or families of choice), and are capable of character development.

  • Seirra Moon
    Seirra Moon 8 days ago

    Funny i actually saw a dark Phoenix movie poster a few days ago.

  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf 8 days ago

    Freakazoid and Deadpool team up movie Yes Yes a thousand times YES!!!!

  • LeaugeOfExtrordinaryGeeks

    Did Doug and Jim combine their voices for Deadpool’s lines?

  • Althelaw
    Althelaw 8 days ago

    i'm dyslexic it took me way to long to get the s.j.w. bit

  • Kevin Suarez Macena
    Kevin Suarez Macena 10 days ago

    You've absolutely nailed the Rick and Morty interactions, overall it was so funny to watch!

  • James P
    James P 11 days ago

    how can one be nostalgic for a movie that was only released 12 days after release.... whats the time frame for nostalgia a day, a hour a min a sec a googlianasecond?

  • Jaybird 2911
    Jaybird 2911 11 days ago

    Even though time would have completely corrected itself from stopping Russell

  • Nikolas Mace
    Nikolas Mace 11 days ago

    Can you look at Godzilla Planet of the Monsters???????????

  • BlackPantherFTW
    BlackPantherFTW 12 days ago

    OBJECTION!!!! I’m actually a 21 year old overweight person

  • BlackPantherFTW
    BlackPantherFTW 12 days ago

    Jacksepticye got Ryan Reynolds

  • Another Week Music
    Another Week Music 12 days ago

    Wow. He actually does a good Rick impression

  • Devin Labuda
    Devin Labuda 12 days ago +1

    Soon as F! Popped in I smiled ear to ear. I'm glad I'm not the only one on earth who remembers that show! I know his name I just don't wanna spoil it

    • Devin Labuda
      Devin Labuda 8 days ago

      +Dynasty freakazoid

    • Dynasty
      Dynasty 8 days ago

      Devin Labuda I am trying to remember his name but can’t. It’s bugging me, help?

  • JayRex33
    JayRex33 13 days ago

    1 Like = $1 for CGI

  • Sniff Heinkel
    Sniff Heinkel 13 days ago

    Wow. A video with actual not bad special effects. I'm kind of sort of impressed.

  • KatarinaDreams
    KatarinaDreams 13 days ago +1

    god I hate time travel

  • jz35
    jz35 13 days ago

    oooh the horror the pathetic attempt,s at comedy is burning my last few brain cell,s away , surely no one there actually thought this stuff was funny . it,s some cruel experiment in torture , it must be. 5.43 is the time stamp when my endurance finally gave out and i finished this comment and turned this trash off. i bet i lasted longer than most people though

  • Icantdecided
    Icantdecided 14 days ago

    ....what was the original car chase?

  • Mina Ashido
    Mina Ashido 16 days ago

    Why not just show the actually movie

    • joseph Greenhorn
      joseph Greenhorn 15 days ago

      because it was still in theaters at the time and the channel wouldve gotten backlash for using scenes in theaters

  • Xavior TheLycan
    Xavior TheLycan 16 days ago

    The only thing I found insulting about this review was having Rick call Deadpool "Family Guy in a Spider Man Costume" and the Critic saying that Rick is right....ARE YOU KIDDING ME, WAKE UP CRITIC, WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO REALIZE THAT FAMILY GUY IS TOTAL GARBAGE!

  • Wilson Wijaya
    Wilson Wijaya 18 days ago

    TBH, NC made a better deadpool 2 than the actual deadpool 2.

  • Mixey Boy
    Mixey Boy 19 days ago +2

    We *WISH* that Rob Liefeld and Fabian Nicieza will hunt you down, just like Mara Wilson did to you.

  • Real samurais drink strawberry milk

    Tbh, the franchise best at breaking the fourth wall is Gintama. Actually, I don't think the fourth wall even exists in Gintama

  • Pizza Face
    Pizza Face 24 days ago

    did someone say Pizza Face (5:55)

  • jamesmallone
    jamesmallone 25 days ago +1

    I also really enjoyed your Rick and Morty imitations.

  • Casian Lionheart
    Casian Lionheart 27 days ago +1

    Is it just me or is this the best clipless review so far?

    • Ivan Kirin
      Ivan Kirin 14 days ago

      +Casian Lionheart yes and beacuse it had Devilboner

    • Casian Lionheart
      Casian Lionheart 14 days ago

      +Ivan Kirin It's because Jim gets so much screen time right?

    • Ivan Kirin
      Ivan Kirin 15 days ago

      It is

  • Bluemilk92
    Bluemilk92 27 days ago

    Hey guys, just wanted to say that this is one of the best episodes, of the "main" Nostalgia Critic series, that I have seen from you in a long time. Old and new, your content has always been pretty high quality (I *desperately* hope this doesn't mar the compliment), especially when compared to your competition, on various platforms.
    You actually reviewed the movie, straight up. Often, we as viewers, have to catch on to the subtext, of the skits, in each episode. That is, if we want to fully grasp what you're telling us about the movie, we need to pay attention, and read into the video. I don't always want to do that when watching something. This time, you nailed that balance. So Kudos!

  • Plague Produkshuns
    Plague Produkshuns 29 days ago +1

    20:17 Um... Deadpool 2 DID have a post-credit scene

    • jamesmallone
      jamesmallone 25 days ago +1

      I'm pretty sure what they're trying to convey is that DP2 had a series of "MID-credits" scenes, but not a scene right at the end. On the other hand, IIRC, the Super-Duper Cut did indeed have one right at the end.

  • Voytek Pavlik
    Voytek Pavlik Month ago

    19:10 Yeah let's for make some jokes to piss off SJWs.

  • Miss Mischief
    Miss Mischief Month ago

    This is what got me watch the actual Rick and Mordy

  • blackjames2k3
    blackjames2k3 Month ago

    Shout out to My way Entertainment, for the Juggernaut joke. Also, little known fact. Randy Hayes, the guy whom provided the voice the the Juggernaut in that video, is a cancer survivor. He just recently got better, and is making videos with the crew again.

  • TheReeingBurgerboo
    TheReeingBurgerboo Month ago

    I watch the where the wilder people are

  • sweetblackblood1
    sweetblackblood1 Month ago

    like how devil boner has black eyes and white face while domino has white eyes and black face its a contrast

  • Convention Expedition

    No joke but the car chase was more realistic here than in the actual movie!

  • Dark Sonic The hedgehog

    "Comrade Pizza face"

  • M Ra
    M Ra Month ago

    Tamara the best in these as always. Rick and Morty stuff fell flat. Voices were cringy :/

  • Joshua Abadano
    Joshua Abadano Month ago

    2:39 God that was funny and spot on xD

  • milagritos8675309
    milagritos8675309 Month ago

    Jump Temple you probably need a couple in there

  • Vladimir Fadeev
    Vladimir Fadeev Month ago +2

    this was painful , like rly painful u can torture me with this

  • Coop Cheese
    Coop Cheese Month ago

    well done

  • TheRealRevelation
    TheRealRevelation Month ago

    😆😆😆white Rick and black Morty are hilarious! Great job/video!👍🍺🥃🍻

  • Connor Shaw-case
    Connor Shaw-case Month ago

    every thing doug did with rick in this review was fucking awesome shows how the new style of the show works for the comedy.

  • Will Morgan
    Will Morgan Month ago +1

    Also, Hitman’s Bodyguard is funny, but I respect your opinion

  • Will Morgan
    Will Morgan Month ago

    5:56: that death got a genuine laugh out of both me and the audience at the movie theater

  • CD Gaming
    CD Gaming Month ago

    Deadpool be over rated

  • Danny Russell
    Danny Russell Month ago

    But that Rick and Morty tho lol. Got a black morty from another dimension lol I'll allow it!

    THE RICHWINE Month ago

    I haven’t laughed at a nostalgia critic video in a long time, but I’m dying here

  • Brian Carter
    Brian Carter Month ago

    Rick and Morty Fans are annoying as fuck, they did get that right i love rick and morty, but its not hard too understand, and by the way the multiverse theory is in the fucking title people its a damn theory it hasnt even been proven by anything, your trying too sound intelligent about a fucking theory you pretentious dumbasses. Count how many fart, and burp jokes are in the show so far scratch that count just the 1st season its toilet humor mixed with a THEORY. You are not intelligent you are Jerrys

  • C Mm
    C Mm Month ago

    Nostalgia Critics Rick impression is fucking on point

  • FatherTime89
    FatherTime89 Month ago

    “You’re just Futrama with Its Alwaus Sunny writers” what a part of that was supposed to be an insult?

    • Basch152
      Basch152 Month ago

      the insult is that it isn't unique

    • Louis Duarte
      Louis Duarte Month ago

      Futurama's characters are mostly likeable, and the tone of their show is more lighthearted with humanizing moments that get you in the FEELS (like Fry's dog, or any episode that focuses on one of his family). Always Sunny is more mean-spirited and hateful, with characters with no redeeming qualities at all. And their jokes aren't as clever as Futurama's.

  • Nova Sky
    Nova Sky Month ago

    Rick: Yes... BURRRRRP! Yes.

  • MrMega
    MrMega Month ago

    I’m not saying this review is bad! ...But it’s one of your weaker videos Doug. No offense. I have nothing but respect for you guys

  • Joshua Schmidt
    Joshua Schmidt Month ago +1

    Do Welcome to Marwen!

  • Tugg Speedman
    Tugg Speedman Month ago

    These kind of reviews remind me _way_ too much of the shitty home movies me and my dumb little buddies used to make when we were kids.

  • Oscar Karlsson
    Oscar Karlsson Month ago

    17:54 - 18:04 well, Civil War did that

  • Tronnyverse
    Tronnyverse Month ago +4

    Ahhh XD That SJW, WSJ joke got to me, aahh Black Morty, sure hope of seeing you and your grandpa Rick again XD

  • Giorno Giovanna
    Giorno Giovanna Month ago

    the comics version of Deadpool just wants to die cuz he is tired of being tortured for laughs

  • Xavier Radel
    Xavier Radel Month ago

    I am a New Zealander and I am mad.

  • Patrick McHale
    Patrick McHale Month ago

    I loved both Deadpool films. Very cool action with humor.

    WHAT PISSES ME OFF 2 months ago

    i cant even watch your overly stretched opinions in between sketches

  • It’s Metroid man
    It’s Metroid man 2 months ago +1

    The hobbit was a good film

  • Trent ASMR
    Trent ASMR 2 months ago

    Umm he didnt save his girlfriend Cable used the time thing to save Deadpool

    • Basch152
      Basch152 Month ago +2

      ...and then negasonic fixed the time machine and deadpool went and saved his girlfriend.
      did you not watch the entire end?

  • Andrew Turcotte
    Andrew Turcotte 2 months ago

    chill with the shitty acting

    SPINEAR 2 months ago +1

    Wow. this is the worst review ever from Nostalgia Critic.
    90% of a script is meaningless gibberish. really hard to watch.

  • Colin GZ // Gamer Boy
    Colin GZ // Gamer Boy 2 months ago

    This movie was pretty good

  • Virtual Tyler
    Virtual Tyler 2 months ago +1

    *Looks down in comments*
    More proof that there’s hardcore Deadpool fans who literally treat it as a cinematic masterpiece. They are both arguably great movies but they aren’t without flaws (quite a few).

  • Nicholas Leon
    Nicholas Leon 2 months ago +1

    Deadpool 2 suk the first one was funnier an better

  • SanguisDiabolus
    SanguisDiabolus 2 months ago +1

    Ok the impressions here are spot-on and hilarious.

  • Racoon X
    Racoon X 2 months ago +1

    best action and script so far. Bravo!

  • Ferrum Bruti
    Ferrum Bruti 2 months ago

    @Nostalgia Critic
    You know what's worse than Rick and Morty and Deadpool on a 4th wall spree fest?
    How about Howard the Duck and She-Hulk not only on a 4th wall spree fest, but ALSO on a giggity fest?
    Wait does that mean HUH?
    Howard the Duck, and SHE HULK are really Deadpool's parents!
    This TOTALLY changes EVERYTHING!

    • Ferrum Bruti
      Ferrum Bruti 2 months ago

      Wait, wait, hold it! I know is a great cause, but did SHE just say Lt. Skinner? I don't know to say if that should be a Family Matters, X-Files, OR The Killing tv trope pun just waiting to happen.

  • James Marvin Taylor IV
    James Marvin Taylor IV 2 months ago

    sooooo a rated-r X-force isn't happening (or at all from the looks of it) and Hitman's Bodyguard still isn't' that bad

  • Austin Kasmeier
    Austin Kasmeier 2 months ago

    If only Pinkie pie were in this review it be a lot funnier. :)

  • Bekah Sp
    Bekah Sp 2 months ago +1

    New Zealand thanks you for your apology for both Tamara's accent and also the Hobbit movies. It was just nice to see my country's name mentioned, actually.

  • Starman Gaming
    Starman Gaming 2 months ago

    Hypocrite says "Blow me"

  • Mollie Thomas
    Mollie Thomas 2 months ago

    "Jesus Christ."
    "Not anymore. We blipped Him out of existence last week."🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Cyril ViXP
    Cyril ViXP 2 months ago

    Deadpool is a piece of shit.