Hyundai Kona vs Ioniq 5: Which one is right for you?

  • Published on Nov 29, 2021
  • The Ioniq 5 is one of the best new cars of the year, and one of the best family cars on sale today - electric or otherwise. But it does pose a slightly awkward question: does it render its sibling, the Kona, slightly redundant? Is there still a place for the Kona in an Ioniq world, and if so, where? In this video we compare the two cars and look to understand the unique use case for each.

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    0:00 Nice & nicer
    1:32 Not direct rivals
    2:03 Ioniq 5 drive
    3:18 Kona drive
    4:25 Kona facelift
    5:16 Spectacular design
    6:06 Power comparisons
    7:54 Superior interiors?
    9:11 Jack's back seat test
    10:38 Cabin fever
    12:44 Big old boot
    13:44 Ow!
    14:37 Ioniq imperfections
    15:58 Concluding thoughts

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Comments • 680

  • Fully Charged Show

    Is there still a place for the Kona in an Ioniq world? Tell us what you think below..

  • Ben Paynter

    I'd take the Kona. The Ioniq is too big and almost 25% more expensive. Kona has great range, looks nice enough and is a great car.

  • Helder Savietto

    My wife and I bought a Kona EV back in August. We had the opportunity to see the Ioniq 5 at the dealer. My wife didn't like its appearance. I didn't like its price tag.

  • Adam Lytle

    The comparison I'm keen to see is the newly revamped Niro coming next year vs the Ioniq 5 & EV 6. I'm sure the latter two are better, but the question is

  • Kia e-Niro Diaries Encore

    HMG do tend to compete against themselves, the product positioning is a challenge. I say that as having owned an e-Niro since March 2019 and had a good look over the Ioniq 5 I still think the Niro is the right size for our needs. I looked at the Kona but the back seat room was cramped and the boot noticeably smaller than the e-Niro. I have had over 6 foot people who tell me the e-Niro has plenty of leg and headroom in the back. More space is always better says Jack, well not if you’re negotiating some of the very narrow roads in European cities. It’s a difficult one but it will be interesting to see how HMG use the EGMP platform in sub Ioniq 5/EV6 sized cars.

  • Victor Seal

    After two and half years with my Kona in northern Québec's varying climate, I can say unequivocally I love it.

  • Stephen V
    Stephen V  +19

    I loved the design of the Ioniq 5 but it’s way to large for my needs, I love the kona size but the design in and out leaves me cold and the ice underpinning very disappointing, I’ve read that Hyundai are fast forwarding the next model releases with an Ioniq 3 or 4 due in 2023, if it’s an Ioniq 5 styled Kona sized car on a dedicated EV platform with fast charging I’d be very interested in replacing my Ford Focus then.

  • Joe Basnett

    You have done a great job comparing these two vehicles and it still makes it a tough choice for me based on how inefficient the Ioniq5 is. It's unfair to compare it to a model 3 though given the distinct lack of headroom in the rear seats of the model 3 and yet the model y is considerably more expensive and seems to be less comfortable to be in due to stiff suspension. Decisions, decisions!!

  • David Hamish Will

    Just bought a (demonstrator) Kona 64kwatt, my second, which tells you what I think of the car. Got to sit in an Ioniq 5 and it does feel more spacious and more classy, but the price difference here (in Italy) is even greater than in the UK, and so it was no contest for me. The Kona has more than enough zip, a really comfortable feel to it, and that brilliant range (I'm told they've squeezed an extra 20 miles out of it through the cunning use of different wheels!). Admittedly it's smaller, but we don't need any more space ourselves. I remain a huge fan, and didn't really see much in this new wave of electric cars to tempt me away.

  • Patrick Armbruster

    I love 99% about the Ioniq 5, but its inefficiency marks it down to a "not recommended" for me. The worst part about it is that it's the technical platform for many models to come that similarly will be very inefficient.

  • Nikola Runjavec

    I forgive the ioniq 5 for the efficiency due to great charging speed, that amazing looks and also V2L 😉

  • Rogue Bullet

    Good fair comparison. Kona still holding its own although it's clear to see the benefits of starting on the right platform.

  • James Lewis

    To me these two cars are built to suite different types of customer. The Kona is smaller, cheaper and has a good range. It is a bit like an EV version of the Ford Focus - a decent all-rounder of a car that will get you where you need to be with minimal fuss. The Ioniq is larger and more stylish (possibly more akin to the Ford Mondeo) as it is a large family sized car that will get you there with greater comfort but at a greater cost. I could see someone like me going for the Kona as someone who does fast food deliveries. The lower cost, smaller size (making finding parking spaces easier) while having a decent range makes these good for someone like me, especially as I don't generally have passengers. The Ioniq would probably better suite a family man or a company rep who sometimes has to provide transport to colleagues.

  • Wilko One

    When I was buying my 3rd BEV 2 years ago I looked at the Kona, one glance at the lack of space in the rear instantly convinced me to buy a Renault Zoe. I'm now on my 2nd Zoe. Bjorn Nyland's banana box test shows the Zoe has more room inside.

  • Anthony Lee

    I have the 2019 kona and still love it. I did test drive the ionic 5 as well though.... And it's incredible. Would definitely be my next upgrade..... Maybe the ev6....

  • Anu Lokre

    This is hugely helpful. I am looking at buying my first electric car. And the choices out there are not many but still confusing!

  • Samuel Price

    I'd love to see a smaller bespoke EV from hyundai with v2l and 250kw+ charging. The ionic is a bit too big.

  • Petes Planet A

    Great to see a bit of love for the Kona again. Great comparison and useful if you are trying to choose a Hyundai EV.

  • Green Gecko

    Interesting to see your thoughts on the pair Jack. We used our Kona to holiday deep into France late this summer. Returning from South of Geneva, we got home n one hit on the autoroute, c. 800 miles, using IONITY chargers. Each comfort stop was about 25 mins or so.