• Published on Nov 28, 2019
  • I didn't want her to go but she left to visit her family in uk
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  • Sham Idrees VLOGS
    Sham Idrees VLOGS  Month ago +559

    I’m gonna miss her a lot. Thank you for all your love and support #Shampions
    Don’t forget to go see: thexvid.com/video/9e4Cy4w0Y2w/video.html

    • shila kahtoon
      shila kahtoon Month ago

      Hi sham, im ur biggest fn, plz com to Bangladesh

    • a hakeem mabof
      a hakeem mabof Month ago

      Always knew you were gonna go meet her 😍😍

  • Visual Wisdom
    Visual Wisdom Month ago

    Finally u guyz are gonna see somethin' which is literally n' legitimately a civilized country in its true means... ;)

  • Abiha Sadiq
    Abiha Sadiq Month ago

    I can't believe you 18, sham idrees!
    I really can't!

  • Ayat Munir
    Ayat Munir Month ago

    Plz come in multan

  • Manaal Yasser
    Manaal Yasser Month ago +9

    Tomorrow is my exam and I’m watching thisss 😭😅and I haven’t studied 🙂 Stress

  • Saman Shah
    Saman Shah Month ago +4

    You should ask froggy if she knows iqra awan because she is my anti

  • Afia Farheen
    Afia Farheen Month ago

    loved the video ❤

  • a hakeem mabof
    a hakeem mabof Month ago +3

    Finally, froggy's mom is back 😄😄,her dad will be the happiest of them all 😁

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  • Eshal Mehmood
    Eshal Mehmood Month ago

    We miss you

  • Umar Ahad
    Umar Ahad Month ago

    Love u guys❤️💕😍❤️

  • Shaikh Azmatullah
    Shaikh Azmatullah Month ago

    Yr husbands aise hi hote h...sensetive

  • Za Zee
    Za Zee Month ago

    🤣now he's in the UK too

  • Fatma Ibrahim
    Fatma Ibrahim Month ago

    Waqar said you guys can't live each other😭 it's true now sham came Uk ♥♥♥😘😘😘

  • Ammatullah Taherali

    Love from dar es salaam ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • A.K. KHAN
    A.K. KHAN Month ago

    Bro why don't you surprise visit her .....

  • Dragon RacerZ
    Dragon RacerZ Month ago

    Hey I live in England

  • Rubeena Anjum
    Rubeena Anjum Month ago +2

    It's Sunnah to pet cats. Allah has prohibited petting dogs... Angels don't enter the home that has dog. Sierra needs angels around her not dogs. Again it's your personal choice.

  • Zaima Khan
    Zaima Khan Month ago

    Yah ur coming to England

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Month ago

    Really liked this vlog👌🏼❤

  • Hamna malik
    Hamna malik Month ago

    Badtareen vlogers

  • Fatoumata Barry
    Fatoumata Barry Month ago +1


  • Qwerty Qwerty
    Qwerty Qwerty Month ago +1

    We won't miss you

  • Afraz Mohammed
    Afraz Mohammed Month ago

    Where is rocky

  • Afraz Mohammed
    Afraz Mohammed Month ago

    Can she come Rochdale when she is in england

  • Ali Ali
    Ali Ali Month ago

    Yes inshallah she will get to London safe team rebel will pray for saber

  • Jennifer Singh
    Jennifer Singh Month ago

    Oh no froggy is going for one whole week, that’s so dangerous ...omg!!!!. Okay people get over it, she’s not a kid and she’s only going for a week. You people make small things so huge and this guy adds in commercials and buys homes worth 5 million dollars .

  • Cooltubegaming HD
    Cooltubegaming HD Month ago +1

    I live in England ps inshalala she gets better

  • Broast 4 U
    Broast 4 U Month ago

    Come to our broast in karachi

  • washam jawaid
    washam jawaid Month ago

    Love you bro ❣️❣️❣️❣️💙❤️💚💙

    ALI AZAAN Month ago


  • PRO like BRO
    PRO like BRO Month ago +1

    Shadi kerle

  • samra najeeb
    samra najeeb Month ago

    Nace caple Be HApy Ba Blased

    PURPLE BLADE Month ago

    OMG your coming england. I hope I see you

  • fatima shahab
    fatima shahab Month ago +1

    What's the big deal??
    Honestly I thought they were divorcing or something
    Thnak God they aren't

  • Dua Arshi
    Dua Arshi Month ago

    We are gonna miss her

  • Faryad Abdi
    Faryad Abdi Month ago +3

    I’ve got a feeling Shan is gonna quickly shoot bang within two days and then surprise her in the uk 😂🥰😊

  • Syeda Bushra Munir
    Syeda Bushra Munir Month ago

    eyes ka kya haal bnaya hua hay :(

  • Shaina Imran
    Shaina Imran Month ago

    My girlfriends name is also seara

  • Farah Rizwan
    Farah Rizwan Month ago +1

    Sierra is a Christian name sham is shameless

  • dragonpower gaming
    dragonpower gaming Month ago

    Thank you to come in Pakistan in packages mall because I live near packages mall I was coming but my family do not go to the packages mall

  • Majid Khan
    Majid Khan Month ago +1

    Sham Pakistani Peoples Love u so Much Especially Azad Kashmir Peoples they are also Crazy for u.

  • Mary Lomas
    Mary Lomas Month ago

    She shouldn't be traveling...she's pregnant

  • s.haiderali haider
    s.haiderali haider Month ago

    I am waiting for bano and the baby.
    Miss you froogy

  • Eman Bajwa
    Eman Bajwa Month ago

    Plz start daily vlogging 💞💞💞💞❤❤❤

  • Usman Haseeb
    Usman Haseeb Month ago

    My mother also went away for a week

  • Lazeena Safi
    Lazeena Safi Month ago

    Good night. Love from Guyana. She will be just fine 🙏💐💐🇬🇾

  • Yumna Iftikhar
    Yumna Iftikhar Month ago +4

    Ur coming to England I might see u I’m from England London god bless u and have a safe journey x

  • A Abu
    A Abu Month ago +1

    She’s coming to London
    I wish she could come to meet me

  • Shafia Khan
    Shafia Khan Month ago

    Btw I love u guys so much and u guys will have the beautiful baby girl

  • Gail Re,
    Gail Re, Month ago

    I live in england

  • Momin Behrab Khan VLOG

    Please come to gloucester

  • MasonEditz
    MasonEditz Month ago

    Does anybody know Shams outro music

  • Arooba Qureshi
    Arooba Qureshi Month ago

    Yeh madam pregnant nehi thi ?

  • Aqsa Ali
    Aqsa Ali Month ago

    Omg come to Epsom

  • Uzma Zahid
    Uzma Zahid Month ago

    My name is also shanzay

  • CS Tech
    CS Tech Month ago


  • Sufiyan Shariff
    Sufiyan Shariff Month ago +1


  • Alishah Is awesome
    Alishah Is awesome Month ago

    Where in england

  • Qasim Mohammed
    Qasim Mohammed Month ago

    i live in england
    its a great place