New Audi RS 3 v AMG A45 S - DRAG RACE Hyper Hatch | 4K

  • Published on Nov 28, 2021
  • Which is faster, the mighty AMG A45 S or Audi's latest RS 3 Sportback?
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    Running order of this video;

    0:00 Intro
    03:47 1st Run
    05:19 2nd Run
    07:30 Final Run
    09:11 Brake Test
    09:46 Conclusion

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    *Some footage from this video may be edited and or sped up for cinematic affects.
    *Some footage was also filmed on private land.
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Comments • 657

  • Joe Achilles
    Joe Achilles  Month ago +102

    A massively requested video after my 1st Drive RS 3 video, hope you enjoy it!

    Thanks for the amazing support as usual ❤️

    • Jay Singh
      Jay Singh 26 days ago

      @EKO point me the video, I'm interested in seeing the "destroy" video

    • EKO
      EKO 27 days ago

      @Jay Singh A45s just destroyed the RS3 on Track.. 😄

    • Jay Singh
      Jay Singh 27 days ago +1

      @EKO I see why you say "the A3 Sportback looks like A1". But the Porsche 2 seater range all look the same, so what about it??? The BMW M3 looks like the M4, so what? You don't like it? Don't buy it. Stick to your Honda Jazz. The similarity between the A3 and A1, has no relevance to the discussion. I mentioned the Carwow video, because they raced the M2 sedan against the RS3 hatchback.

    • EKO
      EKO 27 days ago

      @Jay Singh Hahahaa.. That RS3 looks like an A1 😄

    • Jay Singh
      Jay Singh 27 days ago

      @EKO checkout the CarWow video from 3 weeks ago.

  • Dark
    Dark Month ago +98

    Thanks for the video Joe! That Audi 5 cylinder sounds amazing!

    • AimGodTurn
      AimGodTurn Month ago +1

      @john beton go for the merc

    • john beton
      john beton Month ago

      Dude you wanna make me buying the merc wanted a black rs3sedan but starting to like the merc i need help 😅

  • Petrol Ped
    Petrol Ped Month ago +41

    Simply on fire at the moment mate !!!!!

    • B
      B Month ago

      @Joe Achilles is the Audi AWD?

    • Joe Achilles
      Joe Achilles  Month ago +2

      Thanks bro ❤️❤️

  • Zaahid Arnold
    Zaahid Arnold Month ago +5

    Great content Joe. Keep going, I like what and how you doing it.

    Could you put up a summary screen chart of the performance stats at the end of the video. Also try to get an independent race starter or at least a set of timed starting lights would be even better.


  • Sammy Millar
    Sammy Millar Month ago +53

    Given your 3.4 to 60 time, I would say that the figures of 3.1 are probably achievable given the trofeo tyres and a warmer climate. Another awesome video..

  • DanEmmanuel1984
    DanEmmanuel1984 Month ago +15

    Excellent video, Joe! This is the perfect review that I wanted to see, so thank you!

    I have to say for all the better technical specifications the A45s has it is a disappointment, but my only conclusion to that is the A45s is heavier and it has more gears to go through, which explains why the drag race favours the RS3. On the flip side, this would be a detriment to the RS3 on the rolling race as the A45s, with more gears, will encounter peak torque sooner.

    I would still choose the A45s for pure looks alone, but you can’t ignore the 5 cylinder in the RS3.

    • S
      S 2 days ago

      @NB B this exactly, the difference is negligible anyway.
      One thing to note though: I believe this RS3 is a press car. I suspect VW has already done some fuckeries with the Golf R press cars where they seem to be noticeably faster on the quarter mile compared to the cars the customers are getting now (Mat Watson got a 0.4s difference if you watch old videos of the press Rs vs new videos of customer Rs). It's not excluded that Audi are doing the same thing. I'm saying this because the RS3 is supposedly down on power and is short a gear. Doesn't smell right that it's faster than the A45S.

    • B P
      B P Month ago

      @x Actually used car with engine after breaking have more power than new car, so Audi here had disadvantage. Most of cars have up to 0,2 sek 0-100 better time after initial 50000-100000 km ride.

    • NB B
      NB B Month ago +2

      @C63P31 That is true. Also sound doesn’t always transmit well via videos in comparison to being physically present.

    • C63P31
      C63P31 Month ago +2

      @NB B That 4 cylinder doesn’t sound too bad either, its a nice high pitched sound.

    • NB B
      NB B Month ago +5

      Both super machines and not sure how the A45s is a disappointment really. The RS3 is a newer car and chances are Audi used the A45s at some point as a benchmark prior to release. I’m sure AMG will make the facelift quicker and Audi will do same. It’s an endless battle, so owners won’t care much about which is fractionally quicker. if we are talking about sound however, that 5 cylinder does not disappoint.

  • Matthew Mahy
    Matthew Mahy Month ago +7

    Would the fact it has 8 gears mean the lower gearing would help on the in gear pulls (higher revs) and also more gear changes would affect the 0-60 too perhaps?

  • Christopher Veilleux
    Christopher Veilleux Month ago +18

    The Rs3, seems to me, would be faster in any race that you knew you were racing lol Meaning, you wouldn't "race" someone starting out in a higher gear with revs at 2500rpms... Hopefully you'd be in the proper gear and rpm. I want to be clear that I think it was smart for @Joe Achilles to show the lag/slower pick up of the rs3 from low rpms though. Great video

    • Shane Gibbons
      Shane Gibbons Month ago

      Was Joe still on winter Tyers for the race

  • Alex Maple
    Alex Maple Month ago

    Great video Joe. I’m looking forward to seeing reviews that compare the two on a twisty road. Is it too early to come to a conclusion on that question?

  • Rajeev Mittoo
    Rajeev Mittoo Month ago

    Amazing video as always Joe!
    Good to the that the competition is ready to take on the ultimate A45S! 🔥

  • Rox
    Rox Month ago +5

    From a class possessor, all life rs3… that engine is a masterpiece 🔥🔥

  • Ray Boccino
    Ray Boccino Month ago +60

    Even with the PPF, the RS3 sounds so good I wonder if those who think the A45 is the best sounding Hot Hatch are deaf. 😉🤘💗

    • Beard Mechanix
      Beard Mechanix 11 days ago

      @shaun simpson according to the SAE the correct term is GPF/OPF

    • shaun simpson
      shaun simpson 11 days ago

      @Beard Mechanix petrol particulate filter ;)

    • shaun simpson
      shaun simpson 11 days ago

      @Blue Max or even gpf, there a few different ways of saying it.

    • Beard Mechanix
      Beard Mechanix 15 days ago

      I don’t think they do paint protection film in the exhaust mate. Pretty sure it’ll melt 🤷‍♂️

    • Blue Max
      Blue Max 18 days ago

      @Ren仁 the biggest issue with the interior is they removed the shifter assembly and replaced it with a generic knob

  • NickG24
    NickG24 Month ago +20

    Great video Joe, these are the tests people want to see! Need to watch the 1st drive, at least the RS3 has a more interesting engine but they would never be getting £60k of my money for either!

    • dubsessed
      dubsessed Month ago

      @vroomgc oh I do. Every day :-)

    • vroomgc
      vroomgc Month ago

      @dubsessed My point was that even a Stage 2 S3 is still not an RS3 is so many ways. But yes 0-60 times will be close. Enjoy.

    • dubsessed
      dubsessed Month ago

      @vroomgc ok fine...add a downpipe for stage 2 and they are about equal, until you tune the rs3. The point was it's close enough for the big cost difference, and the statement is true.

    • vroomgc
      vroomgc Month ago

      @Winston Winston Get a golf R then and tune it stage 2 with some extras and it will be plenty fast enough :)

    • vroomgc
      vroomgc Month ago +1

      @dubsessed Just a tune doesnt get you to be equivalent to an RS3. I have a stage 1+ golf R which is as fast as an S3 when stock, and I have a few minor mods done to it and based on what Im reading I could maybe do 3.8 to 60. The RS3 beats that and also has lots of better extras like suspension and exhaust and intercooler and interior so no a simple tune does not turn an S3 into an RS3. :) But yes a tuned S3 would be a very nice and fast car.

  • Karabo Hlabana
    Karabo Hlabana Month ago +67

    Matt Watson did a good rolling start with the RS3, I say it depends on the driver reaction

    • Andreas Mfanafuthi Yeleni
      Andreas Mfanafuthi Yeleni Month ago +1

      This looks enough to impress me as an A45s suit.

    • Calvin Dison
      Calvin Dison Month ago +1

      I agree with you his rolling start is inaccurate and the drags also his focus is divided into calling it in

    • TCRacs
      TCRacs Month ago +5

      @Joe Achilles thank you for being honest and straight forward with your response. Most people would try to appease each brand manufacturer

    • Ngcebo Mthembu
      Ngcebo Mthembu Month ago +1

      True I watched that video

    • Joe Achilles
      Joe Achilles  Month ago +20

      In gear at low revs it struggles regardless of driver input.

  • Zingers444
    Zingers444 Month ago +1

    Great Vid Joe, out of curiosity what are the MPG's on both cars?

  • Daniel Sadjadian
    Daniel Sadjadian Month ago +1

    Faster 0-60 than an F-Type SVR, these really are pocket rockets 🔥

  • LSB
    LSB Month ago +14

    I’d presume the lower lag of the *A45s* is due to the extra gear.

    You really couldn’t moan with owning either of these cars 🇩🇪 > 🇩🇪

  • Pratagraph
    Pratagraph Month ago

    Hey Joe,do you include the 1ft rollout in the time? Or are these times with the 1ft rollout subtracted.

    I know you can do both with a racebox, I'm just curious.

  • Daniel Gladston
    Daniel Gladston Month ago +1

    Hey Joe. Great vids so far on the new RS3! You think you'll do a comparison test with the M2 Comp at some point? I'm considering a used M2C or potentially this new RS3 (though I'll have to wait for the Audi here in the US).

  • Sam A
    Sam A Month ago +8

    Looking forward to this one a Tough choice to choose between them! I really like the A45S.....2nd hand bargain perhaps? 🤔

    • Fay Ahmad
      Fay Ahmad Month ago

      @Joe Achilles when do you think that’ll be I’m in the market for one and just waiting

    • Sam A
      Sam A Month ago

      @Joe Achilles Thanks Joe! 👍

    • Joe Achilles
      Joe Achilles  Month ago +2

      Cheers Sam, yeah potentially once the 2nd hand market settles later next year... Keep up the great vids!

  • Zak Rhajiak
    Zak Rhajiak Month ago +23

    Thanks for the video Joe! That Audi 5 cylinder sounds amazing!

    • Joe Achilles
      Joe Achilles  Month ago +4

      Thanks for watching, agree 5 pot is awesome 👌

  • Chilli
    Chilli Month ago +1

    Good content Joe! Love your appearances on carwow.

    Some criticism for improvement - it'd be great if you could edit in the specs, price, etc when speaking about the cars, doesn't have the be a fancy animation! Secondly, it annoys me as an enthusiast who likes to compare cars including my own that you're running quarter-miles, breaktests and 100-200s with the appropriate gear yet not telling us how they performed?

    It's the little things 🤙

    • Joe Achilles
      Joe Achilles  Month ago +1

      Thank you! Yes you're not the first person to say that actually, great idea, will do that for next year 💯. Cheers

  • Jason Karoq
    Jason Karoq Month ago +13

    Good drag race and video. RS3 all the way for me. Was half expecting a guest appearance from Mat Watson.

    • x
      x Month ago +2

      I can't stand Mat Watson. He's too childish.

  • Lewis James
    Lewis James Month ago +9

    Great vid.
    The Audi looks seriously impressive. Best new hot hatch in your opinion?

  • Callum Cruickshank
    Callum Cruickshank Month ago +4

    So so close between the A45s and new RS3, would be interesting to see a non aero A45s (which is the non plus plus version of the car) being drag raced, I recon the A45s would have more of a chance if not a win.. less weight and no drag from the aero kit. Also real cool to see how the cars pull from a rolling start, brilliant video non the less

    • James Seome
      James Seome Month ago +1

      This Merc is lighter than this RS3 guys, watch again.

    • Callum Cruickshank
      Callum Cruickshank Month ago

      @T if you read my comment properly I wasn’t comparing the weight between the rs3 and A45s I was comparing the A45s extras on the car compared to what you get with the non plus plus A45s.
      That maybe true but the 45s still pulls better on a rolling start😅

    • T
      T Month ago

      Merc is heavier and around 3 years old

    • Callum Cruickshank
      Callum Cruickshank Month ago

      @Evren Sokmener electric seats heavier, glass roof heavier, added aero kit heavier, don’t know about selective damping or the upgraded sound system would be heavier, but all that would definitely make a difference

    • Evren Sokmener
      Evren Sokmener Month ago

      Wouldn't make a difference.

  • a13
    a13 Month ago +9

    Damn the spec on that A45 is just perfect

  • StrikeEagleModels
    StrikeEagleModels Month ago +1

    Two fantastic cars! That’s the thing mess up by a fraction of a second and you lose.My 2009 TTs mk2 when stock was the same.Audi quoted 0-60mph 5.2 secs and was actually doing 4.9s 😳 Had a REVO stage one now it’s doing 4.2 secs 🏎💨💥

  • 334 TRAX
    334 TRAX Month ago

    I'm digging the new RS3. I can't wait to see more track test to see if it really doesn't have understeer. From my understanding us in the US will only be offered the sedan.

    • dubsessed
      dubsessed Month ago

      It's crazy that we get the sedan here, it actually looks better! Normally they don't give the "good stuff" to the US, but the saloon is where it's at!

  • London Lore
    London Lore Month ago

    Great video Joe - really good to see the comparison. 👍🏽

  • Kenneth Robinson
    Kenneth Robinson Month ago +3

    The son has the last RS3, it’s amazing that basically the same power is producing totally different results. I reckon when someone dynos this one they will find it’s making 430-440hp.

    • Lucius Sander
      Lucius Sander Month ago

      It'll make 400bhp, Audi don't play that game. Every RS Audi I've had on the rollers is always almost dead on the quoted power. This'll be no different.

  • SpazTek Warrior
    SpazTek Warrior Month ago +1

    Yeah that third drag race was perfect. That RS3 is a little beast!

  • Rare Machines
    Rare Machines Month ago +10

    Great video as always Joe. It would be interesting to see how a much cheaper M140i Auto would fair against these two super hot hatches? Maybe you could try this one day perhaps.

    • Graeme Riley
      Graeme Riley Month ago

      @Joe Achilles agreed! I have stage 1 m140i and it would still get murdered 1/4 mile as it can't put the power down my best time is 12.4 (I only did 3 runs) however in a rolling race my stage 1 would pull away!
      40-140kph = 5.37 sec
      100-200= 9.37 (1 run only 0.40% upwards slope!)

      How does this compare to the big boys?

    • I.S.
      I.S. Month ago +1

      @Joe Achilles all have 500nm torque dont they, rolling would be very interesting.

    • Lucas Von Heiz
      Lucas Von Heiz Month ago +2

      M140i xdrive auto can battle for sure

    • Joe Achilles
      Joe Achilles  Month ago +8

      Good idea! It would unfortunately get murdered off the line and along the 1/4 mile, but rolling races would be interesting....

  • Shane
    Shane Month ago +2

    I’d take the 5 cylinder everyday…

  • David Cupra
    David Cupra Month ago

    Very close joe but I’m glad the rs3 has the slight edge 😀 great video

  • Stefan Vogel
    Stefan Vogel Month ago +9

    Finally the most wanted video. Good job Joe. Love it!

  • Chris Pippy
    Chris Pippy Month ago

    Great vid! I wish the RS3 wagon was available in Canada. So disappointed it’s not. What were the 1/4 mile times/trap speeds for each?

    • Chris Pippy
      Chris Pippy Month ago

      Haha sorry we call those wagons in Canada or hatchbacks. Estate? Hatchback? Wagon? Whichever term I wish it was available over here.

    • AhEmGee
      AhEmGee Month ago

      @david mcginely he's Canadian

    • david mcginely
      david mcginely Month ago

      Bro if you ever use the word wagon again I will have you barred from the British isles

    • AhEmGee
      AhEmGee Month ago

      It's not a Wagon it's a hatchback

  • S
    S 2 days ago

    Hey Joe, any chance of a track test between these two? I personally don't really trust Audi's claimed Nurburgring record because it was done with a pro driver, while the A45S' run was done by a press driver. Would be cool to see what these cars can do with the same driver.

  • Bmf
    Bmf Month ago +1

    If someone told me a hatchback would be capable of doing 0-60 in 3.4, I’d ask what they’re smoking. What a time we’re living in. Genuine supercar speed in a practical package.

  • Russell Donaldson
    Russell Donaldson Month ago +3

    As nice both cars are i still think the golf R and CS are the pick of the bunch in the fast hatch sector. Yes there slower on a drag strip but in real world terms I’m not so sure and when they finally mange to unlock the ecu then be able to re map both, the sky will be the limit. with just a stage one map will make them on par. Car wow just recently dragged the RS3 and 45s with a golf R in the mix and when rolling the R kept with them until the 125/30 mark so the price tag just doesn’t justify the extra cost other than the badge or my cats blacker than yours argument.
    But that’s my opinion.

    • dubsessed
      dubsessed Month ago

      Unfortunately the new Golf 8 R had a significant drop in interior quality (while asking for more money) when it was nice before on the 7th gen, but super boring (even the GTI interior was better...what?!). Other than that I agree with your statements, but it's sad the mk8 got the "no buttons" and "shiny piano black" treatment that nobody asked for from any manufacturer. I was looking at the Golf R to trade in my GTI, and ended up with an S3 for the same price instead.

    • cy rose
      cy rose Month ago

      @The Tech Giant love your channel mate 👊🏽

    • Russell Donaldson
      Russell Donaldson Month ago

      @Joe Achilles it’s took me 8 months to finally get used to the info system lol
      I was so close to getting rid but for what we pay each month I can’t get anything that comes close to it’s performance and smile factor
      Mind you next year as a early 50th a m5 comp is gonna be on my drive. Went in one couple of weeks ago and was absolutely gob smacked!!!
      Years Iv wasted on fast fords lol 😂

    • Russell Donaldson
      Russell Donaldson Month ago

      @Lucius Sander that’s a 50k car spec’d up
      And I agree it ludicrous.
      But why spec it up as it’s enough std kit on it what comes from the factory, and iv got a CS which has alot, in fact more than what I actually need
      All I’m saying is pound for pound imo the golf is top still
      My CS cost me with staff discount with vw (other half works for vw Europe our car which had to go back, £500 down , 15k a year miles and £465. A month £29k all in back in March, nowt much on a B road keeps close too with how it puts its power down.
      Now what sort of money would you have to pay to get that usability for a RS3?
      and after 8 months of owing our CS the interior as people put it isn’t actually as bad as what folk make out, no squeaks, rattles it’s solid. and that’s after 11k of use
      it’s makes no sense at all specing a car that basically your renting unless your lucky enough to buy one which in reality will be low in this day and age
      Mind you saying that I’m going for a m5 comp in the new year as a early 50th

    • Lucius Sander
      Lucius Sander Month ago +1

      Golf R in that video was over £50k, people seem to be in ignorance of that fact. £50k for a Golf? The base RS3 isn't much more...

  • FST Sales
    FST Sales Month ago +1

    Another great video Joe!

    Do we know when BMW will announce the New M2, I think it’ll be a difficult choice between that & this new RS3!

    • vomErsten
      vomErsten Month ago +1

      It's a strange thing to even consider, but if BMW hadn't reduced the rear seat room in the new 2er vs the old one, it would be an easy choice to say M2. Since the new 2er is less practical than its predecessor, though, it makes the new torque-splitting RS3 that much harder to refuse.

  • Elliott Smart
    Elliott Smart 22 days ago

    Whatever you say, Audi will always come out on top. I love them both equally and I think nowadays I’m more of a Mercedes kinda guy… but Audi will always be the 4WD king… quattro... will never be beaten!

  • Maxim Duelist
    Maxim Duelist Month ago +1

    Im in love with my 45s, bat new RS3 is extremely cool :)

  • Ragnarok Aerdna
    Ragnarok Aerdna Month ago +1

    rs 3 sounds amazing.. thank u joe .would love to see ....old rs3 vs the new rs3

  • QuantumXP
    QuantumXP Month ago

    Thanks ,I now see the deference between them. Make more of these type of videos it is really entertaining to learn.PLZZZZZ do that(*~*)

  • Mbongeni Dlomo
    Mbongeni Dlomo Month ago +1

    I’d Still Take The AMG! 🔥

  • Chrissy G On Cars & Bikes

    There just nothing in really, on a uk road you just couldn’t split them. It just personal choice! Im currently running an A35 so I would go RS3 but only for a change. Both so capable and you wouldn’t be disappointed either way.

  • Marc Valme
    Marc Valme Month ago +1

    Excellent video, but drag racing with automatic transmission is a bit soulless for me. It's all about the reaction at start, after that it's completely the car. No thinking about how long to hold a gear, or who got the better shift. Definitely faster with DSG but souless.

    • vroomgc
      vroomgc Month ago

      Yes yes , the old automatic statement. 1% of cars are stick shift and every year it gets less. But thanks for pointing it out.

  • Lukas Barnes
    Lukas Barnes Month ago +2

    Love to see this against the TT RS

  • Mike f
    Mike f Month ago +1

    What's the compression ratio on that A45S?
    Because it has a bigger turbo, hence it has a little more power and 1 cylinder less.
    Which should result in bigger turbo lag. Maybe if that compression ratio is higher, it picks up a little bit better.
    That RS3 should be more reliable, just by it's numbers though.
    And the RS3 sounds alot better, I'd take that RS3 home

  • TS 0785
    TS 0785 Month ago

    I have always been a fan of the a45 but I think the updated rs3 has topped it for me.

  • mario kajin
    mario kajin Month ago +3

    It’s clearly seen where the Audi wins in the drag race. It’s when it changes between first and second gear. The Audi did it a couple of tenths of a second quicker.

    • Kamsa12
      Kamsa12 Month ago

      @mario kajin My guess when they released the specs for the new RS3 back in August or September was that they would have shortened the gear ratios for Gear 1 or two in order to get ahead and it looks like not only is that what they've done, but they've also done what the aftermarket scene has been doing for decades, ECU tuned the engine up a bit and here we are.

    • mario kajin
      mario kajin Month ago +1

      @Christian Wold Yes, especially the first two gears.

    • Christian Wold
      Christian Wold Month ago +1

      So i Guess its down to gear box?

  • Gottlieb Dee
    Gottlieb Dee Month ago

    Neither for me but even as a Benz owner it pains me to admit that the Audi looks a little better on the inside, quite a lot better on the outside and massively better if we take engine/exhaust note into account.

  • saviour visanich
    saviour visanich Month ago

    Really enjoy your informative videos. Keep it up.

  • Andy Whittaker
    Andy Whittaker Month ago

    Top video! Feel it's unfair on the A45s though as it's 2 years old and probably not on fresh tyres. Would of been better to use both new vehicle's.

    • Lucius Sander
      Lucius Sander Month ago

      The merc is actually on BETTER tyres - those P Zero aren't great on cold tarmac.

    • vroomgc
      vroomgc Month ago

      @Joe Achilles I was going to say the same thing :)

    • Joe Achilles
      Joe Achilles  Month ago +1

      Thank you! Cars tend to run better once they're 1-2 years old with 10k+ miles on them. His Michelin's were almost new as displayed in the braking test.

  • Liam Moore
    Liam Moore Month ago +1

    Excellent video joe, how do these 2 compare to the m340i saloon? Would they destroy it in a straight line!

    • Liam
      Liam Month ago

      I don’t think it’s 0.6 - 0.7 maybe about 0.2. M340i can do the quarter in 12.2, these two are 12 - 12.1

      Watch carwows video, an m340i estate is only 0.1 slower than a a45s

    • Liam Moore
      Liam Moore Month ago

      @Joe Achilles would you say removing the standing start from the race, would make things a lot closer?
      Then hatches get off the line extremely well!

    • Joe Achilles
      Joe Achilles  Month ago +3

      Cheers Liam! They're probably 0.6 - 0.7 seconds quicker over the quarter mile, so not night and day, but noticeable. 👌🏼

  • Bongani Mhlongo
    Bongani Mhlongo Month ago +1

    It would be fair to also let the other driver do the countdowns for the other starts. It is easier to quickly react to your own countdown starts.

    • Joe Achilles
      Joe Achilles  Month ago +1

      It didn't make any difference, that final race was an identical start from both cars, the RS 3 is faster.

  • Jason pears
    Jason pears 21 day ago

    My S3 8Y for a comparison (granted wasn’t on an airstrip xD) was a 4.1 with a passenger and was damp. If mine was lined up there same day. Perhaps might’ve managed to sub 4 s:)

  • Mike Coxon
    Mike Coxon Month ago +2

    Excellent comparison video👍
    Looks like no change then, A45S still has the beating of the Audi in real world British driving situations. Seems to take a long while to get that old 2.5 spinning upt?

    • Matt Leistner
      Matt Leistner Month ago +1

      Not necessarily! The RS3 beated slightly the A45s on Carwow - so I guess it depends on specs and driving Mode

    • Cam RNW
      Cam RNW Month ago +5

      Didn't the RS3 just beat the A45 in 2 of the quarter mile runs and in the kickdown roll race? I'd take a bit of lag if it means listening to that 5 pot, glorious engine.

    • Joe Achilles
      Joe Achilles  Month ago +1

      Yeah agreed, the 2.5 has always suffered a little with turbo lag, that hasn't changed over the years... Both mighty though 👌

  • Peak Performance Reviews

    Nice close race that both absolute rockets 🙌 great vid fella 😎👍

  • Skillo
    Skillo Month ago +41

    for me rs3 anyday, more personality and potency, cant wait to see what the tuners can get out of those engines now

    • Khwezi Ziqubu
      Khwezi Ziqubu 13 hours ago

      More personality? You must be joking

    • Danfrodo1
      Danfrodo1 Month ago +1

      Incorrect young skillo

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    Iggy Woodroffe Month ago +25

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      David Jean Month ago +1

      Except for that turbo lag when it's on a roll what a bummer!

    • TeacherToolkitDemo
      TeacherToolkitDemo Month ago +2

      1ft roll out though. But its still quick. Not too great on a roll but easily fast enough for road use. One you start slapping new turbos on them they become incredible drag machines.

    • Joe Achilles
      Joe Achilles  Month ago +4

      Quick isn't it!!!

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    It would definitely be my choice vs the AMG.

  • Lucius Sander
    Lucius Sander Month ago +12

    Thank you so much. That's settled a few arguments. RS3 back on top. Business as usual.

    • James Seome
      James Seome Month ago

      @Kamsa12 You're right. But don't get me wrong, I do like the 45 engine, but in the GLA because I prefer higher ride height. I'm just an Audi guy because it matches my personality somehow. With BMW, 335/340i all the way.

    • Kamsa12
      Kamsa12 Month ago

      @James Seome It is quite a special 4 banger. It doesn't beat the RS3 for sound or soul. It's been the case since the origin, RS3 came out, A45 came out faster and driver focused, then the new RS3 gen came out a bit quicker and this exchange hasn't stopped. It won't anytime soon either. Since you seem to dislike the monster 4 pot, you have to at least realize that it's forced Audi to improve.

    • James Seome
      James Seome Month ago

      @Kamsa12 At the end of the day, it's all about heritage. Audi has the 5 cylinder, BMW the i6 and.... Well Merc will be losing their special V8s to a 2.0 turbo so... I guess there's your special 4 cylinder leading Merc. I'd still take the Audi 5 cylinder any day. It's just more, Special. 😂😂😂

    • Kamsa12
      Kamsa12 Month ago

      @James Seome I'm not assuming they focused on their engines for performance, they didn't, because the tech to push a 2.0 4 banger to that extent and make it reliable in the long run didn't exist. That's kinda the defining trick of the M139. And no, I'm comparing it to the 4 pot in the new and last gen Golf R, which were made by the same dude who made the original 4 banger in the old A45.

    • James Seome
      James Seome Month ago

      @Kamsa12 Go watch carwow for some "random quarter mile time" then.

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    Happy to see the crown goes back to RS3. Officially the fastest hot hatch in the world once again!!

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    • Mila Mpapela
      Mila Mpapela Month ago

      But the Audi is already heavier with less power..

  • Neil
    Neil Month ago +6

    I think the reason the rolling races are tough for the RS is the taller gears. I think the AMG is in it's power band while the RS has to build up.
    Of course lag will not help.

    • infinityracing-za
      infinityracing-za Month ago

      @Robert Owen I'm a civil engineer.. and also a self made millionaire at 30. Since u trying to test my Brain power lol, well done on being a aircraft engineer, may if we were in person we would express our views differently.

    • infinityracing-za
      infinityracing-za Month ago

      @Robert Owen dude u so boring, I employ engineers the work emgineers do makes me richer, they work for me lol u to dumb to communicate with, stop spamming my notifications lol let it go already go find recognition elsewhere plz 🙏

    • Robert Owen
      Robert Owen Month ago

      @infinityracing-za why on earth would you compare engines running the same power if one is stage 2 tuned lol because the tuned ones turbo will obviously be working harder for its size!!! Surely look at the turbo sizes which I did..... the rs3 and a45s turbos are very similar hence my original comment. Just because you own a car it doesn't mean you understand the engineering lol. What have you studied.... I'm an aircraft engineer with a degree and b1 licence to fix jet airliners.

    • Robert Owen
      Robert Owen Month ago

      @infinityracing-za so if you admit the s3 turbo is smaller than the a45s turbo then I'll go back to my previous post.... why are you comparing them? Of course the s3 will spool fast, it has a smaller turbo. The fact that the 2.0 engine from the mb can spool quicker than the 2.5 from the rs3 with the same size turbo is impressive or Joe is lying as I said at the start!!!!

    • Robert Owen
      Robert Owen Month ago

      @infinityracing-za you genuinely are daft lol!!! The bigger a turbo, the more air it will flow and the more power it will produce, all other variables the same, end of!! The a45s turbo is noticeably bigger than the s3 turbo!!!! It is roughly the same size as the rs3 turbo!!! Those are all facts, go look them up if you want!! I can't believe how you cant see you are wrong and you think I'm talking crap lol!! Not one thing I've said is crap!!! Go study engineering and get a better understanding of flow dynamics, you need it

  • jonny jones
    jonny jones Month ago +2

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      Howard Payne Month ago +2

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    dubsessed Month ago

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    Roger Unwin Month ago

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    • Joe Achilles
      Joe Achilles  Month ago +1

      Cheers man. Mobile phone calls are between 1-3 seconds delayed making it impossible to get timing right.

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    Kris Month ago

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  • Scott Miller
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    • Joe Achilles
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    • Graeme Riley
      Graeme Riley Month ago +1

      I have xhp stage 2 and mhd stage 1 on my 140! Off the line both these 4 wheel drive cars will leave it for dead. But let's be honest most fun is had on slip roads and dual carriage ways not traffic light grand prix! In a rolling race my stage 1 m140i would walk away from both these 2! The B58 engine is still the king... However! Around any b roads and I wouldn't know which way they turned! 😂😂

      An example of my in gear acceleration 40-140 kph in 5.37 seconds verified on dragy!

  • performance _motorsport Instagram

    There’s hardly anything in it so buying one would be based on personal choice but it does depend on what you want from the car ie straight out the box comfort feel and looks but if your into tuning and going that little bit further the rs3 would have the edge just because the 2.5 litre would give you abit more me personally would have the a45s over the rs3 because of looks inside and out a better looking car .👍

  • Mr Bizz
    Mr Bizz Month ago +1

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    jim clements Month ago

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  • khvidtube1617
    khvidtube1617 Month ago +2

    The RS3 is still new and its engine may still need to have more "run-in". After that, it will be even more faster.

    • Ode18
      Ode18 Month ago

      @Lucius Sander how about the old tires on the a45s, launch is where the difference is made

    • Lucius Sander
      Lucius Sander Month ago

      Well done, you are one of the few who's pointed that out. Pal of mine has a launch edition RS3, he's now done a couple of thousand with it... the car has got a little louder, some pops/bangs have emerged and it's got faster too. He's managed a 3.4 to 60 with it! I had the same thing when I got a TTRS with OPF, after some miles on the clock, the soundtrack improved and so did the performance.

  • Keano04JCW
    Keano04JCW Month ago +7

    The rolling drags are likely linked to gearing - the merc has an extra gear so 2nd will be shorter in the merc (hence accelerate quicker) than 2nd in the Audi.

    Both have large turbos so I doubt there’s a significant difference in lag but potentially more down to the gearing.

    Another good one joe. Nice.

    • AhEmGee
      AhEmGee Month ago +1

      The AMG has a twin scroll turbo which reduces lag.

    • Keano04JCW
      Keano04JCW Month ago

      @Philip Lakic yer that would be good. An interior shot looking at the dials would have helped confirm or refute my suspicions

    • Philip Lakic
      Philip Lakic Month ago +1

      Would be interesting to know what the difference in revs is rolling at 40.

    • Miguel Relvas
      Miguel Relvas Month ago +1

      Exactly what I was about to comment. The first three gears on the AMG A45S are incredibly short. The Audi might have a bit more lag as this is a known characteristic of this engine configuration, but the short gearing on the A45S is really what made the difference there.

  • saqib nadeem
    saqib nadeem Month ago

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  • Corne De necker
    Corne De necker Month ago

    Cool video. Just something. The A45s has super short gears. So if you do a better rpm roll the Audi will win.

  • TheMscF1
    TheMscF1 Month ago

    I think it is not fair to make pulls at the same gear when one of them has 8 and the other has 7 gears. 8 geared one will have better pulls all the time because it starts from a lower ratio

  • loukas antoniou
    loukas antoniou Month ago +1

    i would take the rs3 any time, for the unique engine and the styling. Put some exhaust and remove the fucking rev limiter

  • Dean Chester
    Dean Chester Month ago +10

    Great video Joe, cheers! Where is your 60k going then out of these two? RS3 has more character with that engine, but I prefer the looks in and out of the A45s.

    • Nicholas Snyder
      Nicholas Snyder Month ago

      @Banana Hammock True we can only hope that Audi introduces the performance models to their other RS variants.

    • Mr Sir
      Mr Sir Month ago

      @Evaristo Corripio no noises on my amg.

    • Banana Hammock
      Banana Hammock Month ago

      @Nicholas Snyder why would there be a performance model. They haven't done it with any other current model, so they're definitely not going to do it with a brand new one.

    • Evaristo Corripio
      Evaristo Corripio Month ago

      @The Tech Giant no, and I wouldn't tbh, Im saying what I see on yt videos. But if yours is fine then that is awesome!

    • Riccoo Cuban
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