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  • Published on Oct 11, 2019
  • Find out the different playstyles of the No. 9 in the Bundesliga!
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    If you wear the number 9, you need to score goals. Strikers are key to winning matches, but for them it isn’t always about simply finding the back of the net. A variety of players are now used in a number 9 role, bring different technical aspects to the role. Together with Alex Stewart and Joe Devine from Tifo Football, we take a closer look at the different style of strikers in the Bundesliga. Robert Lewandowski, Paco Alcacer, Mario Götze and Wout Weghorst all perform the role as a number 9, but they are all unique in their ways. Which position would you like us to analyse next? Let us know in the comments!
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Comments • 118

  • matrixchris17
    matrixchris17 13 days ago

    If u playing PES, u will know that's a certain role effect to the game
    Lewandowski : Fox in the box
    Paco alcacer : goal poacher
    Goetze : false 9 (in game u will find either creative playmaker or hole player)
    Weghorst : Target man

  • Abha Agrawal
    Abha Agrawal Month ago

    Wow bundesliga focuses a lot on its channel

  • SliceOfPotato
    SliceOfPotato Month ago

    I never ever expected that Bundesliga and Tifo would do a work together lol

  • Jack Frost
    Jack Frost Month ago

    genial analysis

  • Toka Njike Lionel Socrate

    Hi Bundesliga, pls what's the name given to the highest goal Scorer in the Bundesliga?

  • Real Chestro
    Real Chestro Month ago

    Joe Devine's voice is soothing

  • Eriq Munene
    Eriq Munene Month ago

    Tito football

  • Wally
    Wally Month ago +1

    LEWY - the best striker in the world. Period.

  • Toby Tao
    Toby Tao Month ago


  • shivneil pratap
    shivneil pratap Month ago

    The voice is diff

  • Terrence Mamantsebe
    Terrence Mamantsebe Month ago +1

    Can someone link this to Rashford?

  • Podge Dxrcy
    Podge Dxrcy Month ago


  • Giannis Ioannidis
    Giannis Ioannidis Month ago +1

    Bold prediction: Bayern will win the Champions League and Robert will win the 2020 Ballon D'Or

  • Mukul Deshwal
    Mukul Deshwal Month ago +6

    And some were saying Kane is better than Lewandowski.


    Lewandowski is the best N.9 in History YES in History

  • James Lee
    James Lee Month ago +8

    Bundesliga so smart to team with Tifo. It just goes to show have quick and smart the Germans are to market their league. Tifo is one of the best on the internet at the moment. I wish LaLiga had the brains to do this to promote their league and payers as well.

  • Jiren DaMacc
    Jiren DaMacc Month ago

    Tifo be getting that bag from making all of these Bundesliga vids. Get yo money fam!

  • celestial rex
    celestial rex Month ago

    All round number 9 : More like roberto firmino

    • BoxOfOranges84
      BoxOfOranges84 Month ago +1

      @celestial rex F9 literally implies that he isn't a "complete 9".
      He was originally brought in to play the 10 behind Benteke(?) and eventually Klopp created this F9 role

    • kipaspusing2
      kipaspusing2 Month ago

      Benzema linked up play is the best as a striker..firmino is false9 type..like messi

    • celestial rex
      celestial rex Month ago

      @NaN i never said he was a striker . yes he is a false 9 but the role he plays in Liverpools build up play is more better than any other number 9 in Europe

    • NaN
      NaN Month ago +5

      Firmino is the farthest from a complete 9 you could imagine. He's a specialised false 9, and that's why, at the end of every year, he's well behind Salah and Mané in goals scored.

  • Stefan Kazimirovic
    Stefan Kazimirovic Month ago +18

    Robert Lewandowski is the definition of a complete striker.

  • Ali El-Araby
    Ali El-Araby Month ago +1

    That's not supported by The Athletic? Shock horror 😅

  • Wasim Abu Baraka
    Wasim Abu Baraka Month ago

    Lewandowski n.1

  • Billy Feraldy
    Billy Feraldy Month ago +16

    With all due respect to Alcacer. He is no way near the level of Lewandowski. Lewandowski only competition in Bundesliga was Auba when he was still there. Now he is in the league of his own.

  • RyuK Shīnīgāmī
    RyuK Shīnīgāmī Month ago

    Valverde out

  • Happy Healthy
    Happy Healthy Month ago +4

    These highlights originally appeared on the athletic

  • Vincent Productions
    Vincent Productions Month ago +1

    do one on why muller is on the bench? I personally think that Muller, Thiago and Coutinho should always start( when fit of course), Tolisso is good but not as good as the other three, the same with Goretska (even though he is injured at the moment).

    • Grand Prix YT
      Grand Prix YT Month ago

      Vincent Productions then there would be no defensive stability in the midfield

  • Romel Negut
    Romel Negut Month ago

    This is really nice.

  • Tadiwa Makova
    Tadiwa Makova Month ago +1

    Every time I watch a Tifo video I appreciate managers more and more.

  • Kamruzzaman Kamrul
    Kamruzzaman Kamrul Month ago +1

    I'm still not impressed by lewy. He should've scored 13 by now. Missed some easy chances.

    • parvathy pranav
      parvathy pranav Month ago

      Yes I saw it

    • Kamruzzaman Kamrul
      Kamruzzaman Kamrul Month ago

      @parvathy pranav i don't think u got it. Even this channel uploaded one of his misfires.

    • parvathy pranav
      parvathy pranav Month ago +5

      Oh , Well Then you play in allianz arena .Let us see how you score goals better than Lewandowski

  • Awesome 5
    Awesome 5 Month ago +29

    Selling Alcacer was the biggest mistake Barca ever made. He was the perfect replacement for Suarez and plus they wouldn't have to waste money on Griezmann and could have instead gone for De Ligt.

    • Mario Lisa
      Mario Lisa Month ago

      Alex Didn’t know we were in class sir... 😒

    • Awesome 5
      Awesome 5 Month ago

      @m & m he actually performed good in barca...he have a bit of tiki taka in him.

    • m & m
      m & m Month ago

      Griezmann is a good finisher and is good in passing but he cannot fit with Barcelona

    • Awesome 5
      Awesome 5 Month ago

      @First Last true that...he is very great at his time in espanyol. But the problem is he wont play great potentials lyk todibo and alena.

    • Awesome 5
      Awesome 5 Month ago

      @ja ha he and arthur is the only reason we never lose possession.

  • Farhan Danial
    Farhan Danial Month ago +1

    Firmino say hi

  • Frederatormusic
    Frederatormusic Month ago +21

    You forgot the last type of striker: Bas Dost and his ability to only score from headers and tap-ins.

  • Wi Channel
    Wi Channel Month ago


  • Jaimes
    Jaimes Month ago +1

    I really enjoyed this. Thank you! More, please.

  • M. Deen
    M. Deen Month ago +90

    I'm no fan of Bayern, but I'm a fan of Lewandowski. He's a complete world-class striker, and offers quality and consistency, something which few players can do nowadays.

  • K4 Josiah
    K4 Josiah Month ago +30

    3:46 honestly look at the work this man puts in for Bayern only to be ignored and slated by the media and fans who don't watch Bayern games and are quite frankly fake. Now he's coming off the bench for less minutes and still contributing. It bothers me deeply to see a club legend be treated so poorly.

    • Mario Lisa
      Mario Lisa Month ago

      K4 Josiah Why are you all referring to him as “Him” does “he” have a name? What is it?

    • Vincent Productions
      Vincent Productions Month ago +2

      @Michael Milicic yeah, Bayern should show respect to one of their legends, plus I think he could do better than both tolisso and Coman.

    • Nasif Zaman
      Nasif Zaman Month ago +5

      Yeah I’m a Bayern Fan and I hate to see this. Him and Javi deserve to be respected and deserve chances. They are both bavarians and a big part of the club.

    • Michael Milicic
      Michael Milicic Month ago +7

      And Javi, his kids and wife we at the game, he was bluntly refused game time and was seen in tears on the bench. Both need more game time and Muller should start at least half their games

  • Harry O'Donnell
    Harry O'Donnell Month ago +1

    Would like to see Weghorst at Man Utd

    • K4 Josiah
      K4 Josiah Month ago +5

      To drown with the sinking ship?

  • khairul anuar
    khairul anuar Month ago +15


    • Street Vulture
      Street Vulture Month ago +6

      Because he is not a totally different striker than these 3, he is like a worse Lewy. Not that he is a bad striker but every striker is worse than lewy

  • Alexander Hilton
    Alexander Hilton Month ago


  • Dương Quốc Tặng

    I am very disappointed with the manager of the bundesliga chanel. Take a look at Italy seria or Spain laliga.

    • Ajibola Vincent
      Ajibola Vincent Month ago

      This is the best channel by far though you may argue that they don't upload match highlights as much. This channel does in depth analysis, cartoons, player and team profiles. At least 5-6 videos per week is not an easy feat.

    • Michael Milicic
      Michael Milicic Month ago +4

      The admin posts all kinds of videos, other league channels post highlights and that’s it. The admin does colabs and interacts with the fans

    • chapalang
      chapalang Month ago +7

      Dương Quốc Tặng r u mad

  • Junier Hussein
    Junier Hussein Month ago

    Great video 👍🏾

  • Jacky Yen Cheat Tan

    I amnayern fan, but where is Timo?

  • F M
    F M Month ago +10

    Lewa is the complete striker; hold up play, PKs, excellent in the air, running at the goal, beating 1v1 defenders qnd efficient in front of the goal. He also shows up to play hard at every game...unlike the streakiness of the other strikers profiled here.

  • Stinkerkill
    Stinkerkill Month ago +1

    I had 99 ovr weghorst on fifa mobile and I gotta tell you this man is a beast

  • Sreerag Vappala
    Sreerag Vappala Month ago +30

    The best No 9 in the World Lewandoski

    • j.sharp23
      j.sharp23 Month ago

      Sreerag Vappala pretty easily

  • Subhadip Das
    Subhadip Das Month ago +263

    The greatest achievement of Alcacer's career is that people compared him to Lewandowski.

    • ja ha
      ja ha Month ago

      Ye when then they said Lewandowski was better

    • K4 Josiah
      K4 Josiah Month ago +19

      Yes that's good banter but in reality he's rejuvenated his career at Dortmund under Favre

    • Joseph Fayek
      Joseph Fayek Month ago +11

      nice one!

  • Obukohwo Ogheneakpobo
    Obukohwo Ogheneakpobo Month ago +93

    Lewandoski is the best striker in the world am saying this while been a Dortmund fan

      ANDROSPACE YT Month ago

      @SavageLife he ment in the world not only in bundesliga.He is goal scoring machine.

    • Frane GRANČIĆ
      Frane GRANČIĆ Month ago +2

      @SavageLife he is best striker in the world currently

    • Clutxhy
      Clutxhy Month ago

      @ber mes no its cuz arsenal is trash

    • Dylan Kasperowicz
      Dylan Kasperowicz Month ago +2

      SavageLife Nah in the world man. You can read right?

    • Joshua Khoury élève
      Joshua Khoury élève Month ago

      SavageLife the Bundesliga is in the world

  • Fan Art Channel
    Fan Art Channel Month ago +1

    Yeetus the fetus

  • Da Slayr
    Da Slayr Month ago +3

    Love Bayern and were going all the way this year and get the double

    • Joseph Fayek
      Joseph Fayek Month ago +1

      @Juan Aguilar still possible. I really hope they do!

    • Juan Aguilar
      Juan Aguilar Month ago

      Joseph Fayek most Bayern gonna win is the double. I don’t think they’ll win the UCL this season

    • Joseph Fayek
      Joseph Fayek Month ago +1

      *treble did u forget the ucl
      we have coutinho, lewandowski, kimmich, thiago, neuer, gnabry and coman, etc!


    Glad this isn't Tifo's channel or else I would see people complaining about his Athletic sponsorship.

    • Yung Lsg
      Yung Lsg Month ago +1

      This article originally appeared on The Athletic

    • Rollerbear712
      Rollerbear712 Month ago +1

      Run Ronaldo Run #THEBESTINTHEWORLD
      I haven’t seen a complaint about it in a while. I’ve seen many memes about it tho lol

    • MattD
      MattD Month ago +1

      Why do they complain? Gotta make money somehow

    • Romel Negut
      Romel Negut Month ago +1

      You're such a troll.

    • Aakash Chrispin
      Aakash Chrispin Month ago +4

      Run Ronaldo Run #THEBESTINTHEWORLD athletic are really trying to push their website. Many football based TheXvidrs have a deal with them.

  • wouter van gils
    wouter van gils Month ago +139

    And Lewandowski is the 'all of the above' answer.

  • Pick Master
    Pick Master Month ago +61

    I'm a Dortmund fan, but you dare compare Lewandowski to alcacer? xd

    • Formal Ranger21
      Formal Ranger21 Month ago +6

      I mean he played significantly less last season and was only a few goals behind him

  • E 1860
    E 1860 Month ago +2

    These videos are amazing! Keep up with the great content! 👏

  • Griff
    Griff Month ago +4

    It’s 11pm 😭😭😭

  • John Seaton
    John Seaton Month ago +8

    Another great video, love the combination of tifo and the bundesliga

  • Psv12222 Narvaez
    Psv12222 Narvaez Month ago +3