• Published on Jan 24, 2022
  • 'WOLFISH TOMATOES' is a fourth track by GRAPEFRUIT ASTRONAUTS from an upcoming EP.
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    Composed / Produced / Mixed by
    Mastered by
    Acle Kahney / 4D Sounds
    Guitars /// Zdenek Kaplan jr.
    Drums /// Samuel Palan
    Bass /// Jiri Kubik
    Director of photography /// Jakub Valenta
    Assistant /// Petr Dvorak
    Video edit /// Jiri Kubik
    Proudly endorsed by
    R-STICK ///
    TRX EUROPE ///

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  • José Luis Lezama Duque
    José Luis Lezama Duque 3 months ago +48

    Normally I dislike musicians paying for TheXvid ads. But yesterday I heard this and said WTF this is so cool! I’ve been in a quest to listen to different things. I’ve been reviewing the history of rock, but the fact that there are great things still coming out made me very happy. Keep up the good work.

    • Blake Childers
      Blake Childers 2 months ago

      No one cares what you like or dislike. Just like no one cares about your taste in music. Music is meant to be enjoyed, not reviewed and critiqued. 👍🏻

    • Freeza
      Freeza 2 months ago

      Same bro,same xD

    • Tumilla Boxer
      Tumilla Boxer 3 months ago


    • David Scates
      David Scates 3 months ago


    • C. Colin
      C. Colin 3 months ago


  • Ondřej Hanák
    Ondřej Hanák 3 months ago +22

    Maximum respect to you guys... You are now defining your unique (and amazing) sound. That thumping... and that muted section around three minute mark... the chilled melodies... I'm lost for words, keep going, looking forward to the EP release!

    THOMAS DI VIESTI 2 months ago +4

    This is so good, the mix is incredible

  • Shirsho Samanta
    Shirsho Samanta 3 months ago +4

    This is a true definition of what a group of immensely talented musicians can do😃

  • Jduhbs
    Jduhbs 3 months ago +6

    I'm so hyped for when the whole thing drops, you guys have been such a desperately needed breath of fresh air

  • Diego Melo
    Diego Melo 3 months ago

    Acabei de conhcer a banda, foda demais, Muito bom, os caras arrebentam demais.

  • Erick Renan guit4r
    Erick Renan guit4r 3 months ago

    PERFEITO! 🤟🏾

  • RyzenCorp
    RyzenCorp 3 months ago +2

    So under rated!! the level of skills in the playing, the mixing and all is just great ! great track!!

  • Blake Childers
    Blake Childers 2 months ago

    This is so good… Reminds me of Animals as Leaders bit way different. The guitar lines are so catchy and futuristic. Love it 🖤🖤🖤

  • Alex Goodman
    Alex Goodman 2 months ago +1

    The 4 songs you guys have put out so far are unbelievably good, cannnnooot wait for a full album. Keep up the good work, you're absolutely crushing it!

  • Ray REUS
    Ray REUS 3 months ago +1

    Holy shit that bass and guitar thumbs 🤟🏻🤟🏻. Love it. Very unique progressive modern melodic shit here.

  • Jan Palán
    Jan Palán 3 months ago +1

    More I listen the song more I like it. There is so much in it so you have to digest this masterpiece in many loops. Great job!!

  • Augusto
    Augusto 3 months ago

    Just an overall incredible song! great job everyone involved, wish you guys all the best!

  • Underlach TianBao
    Underlach TianBao 3 months ago

    You guys are sick!!
    Very Hyped for this one..
    And is very DOPE!!

  • NastyGamers Worldwide
    NastyGamers Worldwide 3 months ago

    This is a masterstroke!! Well done guys!! Love from india!!! Definitely gonna shre this !!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • greg kali
    greg kali 3 months ago +1

    Thanks to TheXvid ads ! I discovered you with it ! Greatings from France ! This awesome and the reseach in your music is unbelievable, I wish I could have yours skills a day !

  • George Mathafaka Gazis
    George Mathafaka Gazis 3 months ago

    Such a great sound! This is how modern stuff should sound like! Great job guys, looking forward to the EP!

  • Develop Device
    Develop Device 3 months ago +1

    You're the best, guys! 🔥❤

  • ishaan1234567
    ishaan1234567 3 months ago +1

    Wow you guys are absolutely fresh! Loving each release after release. Please keep making such amazing music!

  • amanuelamanuel
    amanuelamanuel Month ago

    The discrete wah-wah on those muted high notes from 2:51 - 3:05 are just so 👌👌👌

  • Satyaki Banerjee
    Satyaki Banerjee 2 months ago

    O M G... The best gift I've ever had from TheXvid adds... You guys are phenomena... Loved it so so much.. Love & respect from India. ❤️🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼

  • Roman R.
    Roman R. 3 months ago

    Tohle je světový po všech stránkách. Paráda!

  • Captain ID
    Captain ID 3 months ago +1

    Wow 😯
    I've been waiting a new one from you guys and this is so worth waiting
    Congratulations 👏
    Well done 👍

  • petr hanák
    petr hanák 3 months ago

    Je to úžasné pánové. 👌👏Super zvuk, Kemper prostě hraje…. Jen tak dál, držím palce ✊ a přeju ať se daří 🙏🤟

  • Stiven Pineda cabrera
    Stiven Pineda cabrera 2 months ago

    Espectacular ❤✌🤟🇨🇴

  • Ambar C.
    Ambar C. 3 months ago +1

    this was the best song ive ever heard in my entire life, love it so much 😍😍, grettings from peru

  • Zeno Nurzaman
    Zeno Nurzaman 3 months ago

    This band is the real Secret A"djent" keep up the good work much love from me !

  • Anup Vasudev
    Anup Vasudev 3 months ago +1

    This song is a big "YES" to the timeless question: "But does it djent?" Love it!

  • Adriano Purcino da Silva

    Amazing track 👏🏼🤘🏼❤️ greetings from Brazil 🇧🇷

  • Saion Chatterjee
    Saion Chatterjee 3 months ago

    This was totally so worth the wait! Brilliant yet again, such unique sound signatures! Keep it up guys!

  • Sebastian Trejo
    Sebastian Trejo 3 months ago

    Excelente banda me encontré. Gracias algoritmo de TheXvid. Excelente son chicos

  • José Martín
    José Martín 3 months ago

    Just discovered you guys today... so sorry I didn´t before!... Amazing stuff, the 4 songs you have released so far are all insanely good!... Need the full EP so bad!

  • adolf hrbek
    adolf hrbek 2 months ago

    chlapí vy jste nadčasově Boží je mi ctí a potěšením vás znát 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻💚💚💚

  • Hendrick Stevanus
    Hendrick Stevanus 3 months ago +4

    Love it. An awesome instrumental piece.
    In Indonesia language, we say:
    "Anjink!!! Keren gila!"
    But please.. dont use that words.. 🤪

    • Haffox
      Haffox 3 months ago +2

      Gua tau ini dari iklan yt 🗿🗿, karena kayak animal as leaders langsung gua cari

  • brGbruno
    brGbruno 3 months ago +1

    wow.. i just discovered this in an ad and I absolutely loved it!! well done

  • Junior Ventura
    Junior Ventura 3 months ago

    Saved to favorites, hopefully everyone here that likes this is also sharing this masterpiece.

  • Cloopster
    Cloopster 2 months ago

    I hope you make physical copies...I need one with signature! Stay Djenty! Great works guys....Love from Italy!

  • Boas Notícias pra VOCÊ!

    What a blessing, who are you guys!!? Keep have an amazing future....!!

  • Anthony Luis
    Anthony Luis 3 months ago

    Trabalho perfeito, lindo, um abraço do Brasil

  • Jared Dunne
    Jared Dunne 3 months ago

    One of the most unique styles and sets of chord progressions I've heard in a while, love it

  • wissam jackson
    wissam jackson 3 months ago

    Amazing 🤩 reallly talented guys

  • Brodie Knight
    Brodie Knight 2 months ago

    I love your music man. How long would you say it takes to come out with each song, from start first idea to the finished product?

    • Samuel Palán
      Samuel Palán 2 months ago

      In fact, sometimes a year or two :D The song always changes during the course :)

  • AesthetiG
    AesthetiG Month ago

    Synths + guitar are sound very nice. Cool sound at 2:50, also thumping 👌

  • Zach Kaiser
    Zach Kaiser 3 months ago

    absolutely insane. that thump section was unbelievable! you guys are officially my favorite band. keep up the great work!

  • Dmitriy Barskiy
    Dmitriy Barskiy 3 months ago

    I am speechless. Simply amazing!!!!

  • Svarte
    Svarte 3 months ago +1

    you guys get better and better with each song! fantastic job 🤘


    This song its INSANE!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 its só good Bro, CONGRATS FROM BRAZIL 🇧🇷👊🏻

  • Burhanudin Helmi
    Burhanudin Helmi 3 months ago +1

    "kereen sumpah anjiiir, this song absolutely masterpiece...oh guys, grapefruit astronaut are sick"
    from Indonesian guy 🇮🇩

  • Um Nerd Insano
    Um Nerd Insano 3 months ago +1

    Não sabia que o Kung Lao tocava guitarra! Incrível!

  • Redmi Note 4
    Redmi Note 4 2 months ago

    Top kvalita, díky žeru to, servírujte mi to na talíř!!! :D

  • Quentin “Bring the Nu Metal” Childs

    That guitar plucking/sound is an earworm. Love it!

  • Ivan Ivanov
    Ivan Ivanov 3 months ago

    Another nice track guys! Respect!

  • matteo macciomei
    matteo macciomei 3 months ago +1

    The intro so chilling , you make another fantastic song guys

  • Mark Sarabia 1107-E
    Mark Sarabia 1107-E 3 months ago

    a guitar and bass playthrough of this piece would be so great. Tabs also

  • Master Damanik chanel
    Master Damanik chanel 3 months ago +1

    Wow, the music is so incredibly great. Salsm, friend, is getting more and more successful, isn't it?

  • Nahuel Matías
    Nahuel Matías 3 months ago

    Muy bueno!!!

  • Tomáš Klofát
    Tomáš Klofát 3 months ago

    how this band can be so underrated? Very nice

  • Reinaldo Sousa
    Reinaldo Sousa 3 months ago

    Even with few songs you are already one of my top top bands. This song is insane!!

  • Nayr Apmud
    Nayr Apmud 3 months ago

    Wow you guys are so talented!!

  • Rizki Abnan [R_ABNAN]
    Rizki Abnan [R_ABNAN] 2 months ago +2

    Surprisingly this is my 1st time seeing this from YT Ads, after hear it carefuly, OMG
    That was a LIT, im not gonna lie, the concept was insane. Im really like it🤙

  • Jayesh Chaudhury
    Jayesh Chaudhury 3 months ago

    You guys are the future of progressive metal and I'm fucking sure you guys will make it big ! I will always be one of your biggest fans !
    Love from India ❤ 🤘🏻

  • Abdul AK
    Abdul AK 3 months ago

    the only time I never got disappointed by a youtube ad, is when I found you guys. AWESOME!

  • Jose Silverio
    Jose Silverio 3 months ago

    Linda música like 👏🇧🇷

  • Gothar
    Gothar 3 months ago

    Holy shit this is so fresh and the production is so good!

  • E | DAVID
    E | DAVID 3 months ago

    You are simply awesome guys

  • PalsMoto
    PalsMoto 3 months ago

    2:18 - 3:07 love it

  • Aniel Negrão
    Aniel Negrão 3 months ago

    Always amazing!

  • Maya Ariska
    Maya Ariska 2 months ago +2

    damn , i never klik ads before ,but now i klik and i dont regret at all !!!! good job guys ,hope u bigger n bigger someday
    hello from indonesia !!!
    btw i love outro solo make more solo like that guys i'll enjoy ithehehe

  • Chris Ogilvie
    Chris Ogilvie 3 months ago

    You guys are dope!!

    ŚWIAT ANI 3 months ago

    Witam...Super muzyka.

  • MemoROFL
    MemoROFL Month ago

    The mix is unbelievable. Your musicianship is off the charts, can't wait to see what you put out next

  • Soura Chatterjee ♪
    Soura Chatterjee ♪ 3 months ago

    awesome! was waiting for a new track

  • cylmareall
    cylmareall 3 months ago

    really cool! when are you going to add vocals?

  • Zero Hour Discussions w/ JM Cruz

    Finally, something awesome recommended by TheXvid!

  • JM's music
    JM's music 3 months ago

    Awesome 🖤

  • Petr Knedlík
    Petr Knedlík 3 months ago

    Modern Day Grapefruit 🖤

  • TheAbelFables
    TheAbelFables 3 months ago

    Will you guys ever come out with a tab for this?

  • Treasure Hunter
    Treasure Hunter 2 months ago

    Wonderful ☮️

  • Valentino Racuk
    Valentino Racuk 3 months ago

    This is amazing

  • Aleks Ryazanov
    Aleks Ryazanov 3 months ago +1


    ZLADA-TV 3 months ago

    *👍класс и привет от тренера по футболу!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

  • ChrisW
    ChrisW 3 months ago

    great job guys, got my stank face on

  • Emiliano Chacón
    Emiliano Chacón 3 months ago

    Thanks TheXvid ads for being useful once. Love your music. 🤘🏾

  • Space Dog
    Space Dog Month ago

    this is insanely good

    HALIL MAD 3 months ago +1

    Starting a new year with the best djent

  • The Rider
    The Rider  3 months ago


  • Игорь Выклюк
    Игорь Выклюк 3 months ago +1


  • Regita Bima
    Regita Bima 3 months ago

    wow awesome instrumental music

  • Gábor Szilágyi
    Gábor Szilágyi 3 months ago

    The best recommendation by youtube algorithm ever. Great music!

  • Ivan Cunanan
    Ivan Cunanan 3 months ago

    My sister skipped this ad. Gladly I remembered the name. So Hard to find good music like this

  • Danger kids
    Danger kids 3 months ago

    2.18 the best part starts from here

  • Bionicman0451
    Bionicman0451 3 months ago

    that's a very .... Fonky sound indeed.

  • Diego Alvarado
    Diego Alvarado 3 months ago

    woooow que locos!!!

  • LePostmorte
    LePostmorte Month ago

    3:38 ITS SO GOOD

  • Sathev
    Sathev 3 months ago

    Que buena rola! Discupen pero que modelo de guitarra es esa music man?

  • Ridho Ryuto Tempest
    Ridho Ryuto Tempest 3 months ago

    musikmu mantap bang. aku suka.

  • reyyyyy
    reyyyyy 3 months ago

    Eargasm.. awesome work mister

  • Zach Damery
    Zach Damery 3 months ago

    📈📈📈 this band is on the rise.

  • FrankCreature
    FrankCreature 3 months ago

    Yo, where's Nik Nokturnal when we need him the most? Also this song is pure heat 🥵

  • Dan Ariola
    Dan Ariola 2 months ago +1

    Thank fuck for that ad... this is some of the coolest stuff i've heard in a while