10 Transfers That Will FLOP This Season!

  • Published on Aug 17, 2019
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    Before you leave any negative comments about how we've jumped the gun, these are simply predictions!
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Comments • 429

  • Saint _Orso27
    Saint _Orso27 5 days ago

    Andre Gomes?!?!?! What are you lot smoking!

  • Matthew Walsh
    Matthew Walsh 6 days ago

    Used the wrong De Jong in the Newcastle shirt. You used Siem De Jong.

  • Its Patricio
    Its Patricio 6 days ago

    In luuk de jong you showed a picture of Siem dejong
    (I know cause was on loan at my local club Sydney FC)

  • Rick Garcia
    Rick Garcia 6 days ago

    This channel is becoming a flop

  • Raymond Bahana
    Raymond Bahana 8 days ago

    Joelinton scored against tottenham

  • Raymond Bahana
    Raymond Bahana 8 days ago


  • Jose Hernandez
    Jose Hernandez 13 days ago

    Hazard will Flop

  • Jesse Buursma
    Jesse Buursma 14 days ago

    You put a picture of siem de jong when you were talking about luuk de jong!

  • ve gamer
    ve gamer 15 days ago

    You are very wrong about godin and manolas

  • Leonfps V2
    Leonfps V2 16 days ago

    Why is de jong no.1

  • Leonfps V2
    Leonfps V2 16 days ago

    U tryna roast manolas but u can’t even pronounce his name

  • Victor Andanje,
    Victor Andanje, 17 days ago


  • The Big Quack
    The Big Quack 17 days ago

    Lost respect after they branded Bernardo silva a flop

  • Uncle Based
    Uncle Based 19 days ago

    You morons really base all your opinions around the expected goals don't you

  • Adahrii Pfuzeh
    Adahrii Pfuzeh 19 days ago

    Can you travel through time?

  • Pulkit Nahata
    Pulkit Nahata 20 days ago

    If tackled were the main criteria for defenders then Maldini was very average

  • Daniel
    Daniel 21 day ago

    You have a picture of Siem de Jong at the end, not Luuk. They’re both Newcastle flops, but they don’t look enough like each other for me to let this slide.
    Also Joelinton is a god.

  • Charley 377
    Charley 377 22 days ago +1

    The guy who made this is very deluded 😂

  • Dale Wilson
    Dale Wilson 27 days ago

    This is the issue with basing opinions on on players by using stats alone. You miss the players character what they add to the changing room, players movement on the pitch which creates chances for other players and so much more

  • Alexander Murphy
    Alexander Murphy 28 days ago

    andre gomes will not be a flop

  • ethan maroudas
    ethan maroudas 29 days ago

    Like there’s no confidence in the delivery of the narrator of this either, even he knows how bad these tales are

  • ethan maroudas
    ethan maroudas 29 days ago

    This could be the worst video in football daily history, i don’t even know if I agree with a single one of these takes

  • hp fm56
    hp fm56 Month ago

    6:05 “through positive we still think he will flop”

  • hp fm56
    hp fm56 Month ago

    Expected goals don’t mean anything

  • king zack
    king zack Month ago

    1 game
    3 assists.

  • Luca Sousa
    Luca Sousa Month ago

    How is Andre Gomes a flop he played amazing last season

  • Chris Da Prince
    Chris Da Prince Month ago +1

    2:11 looks like Diego Godin is a camel😂😂

  • Sam Livali
    Sam Livali Month ago

    I will remember this

  • Sid Freeman
    Sid Freeman Month ago +1

    So I see no united players. Surprise c’mon the reds!!

  • oib kjk
    oib kjk Month ago

    Promes played as right wing back at sevilla instead of a striker/winger which he was in russia. So I think it is a bit too soon to say he is going to flop

    SHEHZAD ZAMAN Month ago +1

    Football daily will be a flop channel this season.. Because he has 0 true prediction.. what happened to you guys.. pity

  • Federico Detto Fred

    I like these videos, but half of these make no sense. How is Godin failing if he was signed for free?

  • Gary Casey
    Gary Casey Month ago

    Half the players on this list are already proving they're worth the investment. And some of the younger ones like Joelinton & Sarr will eventually come good after 6-12monthd once they get used to the efl. Also why always picking on Gomes???

  • Matias Haga
    Matias Haga Month ago

    Where is Griezmann and Hazard?

  • Herakon
    Herakon Month ago +2

    Manolas for 30 million is a steal, he's elite. What are you on about?

  • hi
    hi Month ago

    Next video ten times football daily got it wrong

  • J FH
    J FH Month ago

    Relax Thiago Mendes will not flop you idiots

  • lindokuhle sithebe
    lindokuhle sithebe Month ago

    How can a dutch native fail in the Eeriedivise when that's their old stomping grounds? Promes is going to the best team in league wtf

  • Sean Moffat
    Sean Moffat Month ago

    “If you’re enjoying this video then subscribe” 1:25 in, come on football daily, at least wait till half way through 😂

  • Theo McCarthy Budzynski

    He has struggled thus far in his career, but Leicester could use him as an effective 10. He is a good passer of the ball and could poach rebound chances. He could also be utilised out wide as he has a lot of versatility.

    • Theo McCarthy Budzynski
      Theo McCarthy Budzynski Month ago

      It's early days to be judging Gomes too. His role will change without Gueye but he will adapt

  • Rafael Guia
    Rafael Guia Month ago

    Perez does not have so much goals as Jamie Vardy because he is a winger

  • Vijay Veerappan
    Vijay Veerappan Month ago

    LOL. what a crap list.

  • Allen Mathew
    Allen Mathew Month ago

    Half these guys have been scouted by you guys...

  • Mohammad Nauman Rauf

    I think Gomes won't be a Flop.

  • Luminee Agbede
    Luminee Agbede Month ago

    this chanel irritates me cause of how Perez is unneccesarily dragged,,,,he played for newcastle ffs

  • Kendo_ 12
    Kendo_ 12 Month ago

    Just stfu you LITERALLY don’t know anything about football

  • Donald Stevens
    Donald Stevens Month ago

    This vid is such rubbish! .....you 're basing everything on stats, which never tell half the story. Watch half of these players be brilliant signings. You 're just churning out content for the sake of it, no quality

  • Heretickid
    Heretickid Month ago

    I used to love this channel thought ye new what you were talking about but jesus see more sence on aftv nowadays

  • MikeCooky
    MikeCooky Month ago

    How did nobody catch the fact you used a picture of Siem when talking about Luuk de Jong?

  • Kamal Saliu
    Kamal Saliu Month ago +1

    12 Months Later: 10 Times Football Daily Got It Wrong

  • wizy
    wizy Month ago +1

    bru chill the pram just started

  • YoungJay Tv
    YoungJay Tv Month ago

    How can you say Danny Ings & Charlie Austin are clinical strikers when they only bagged 9 last season, whilst calling Che Adams “not as good” yet he bagged 22🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Callum Sherry
    Callum Sherry Month ago

    Biggest stay merchants on earth.
    Stats only mean a small amount can’t base your whole opinion off stats😂

  • Noa Robertez
    Noa Robertez Month ago

    Thiago Mendes has already had 3 assists in 2 games

  • S-B
    S-B Month ago

    Football hipster show, everything is based on numbers.

  • ThisAndThat765
    ThisAndThat765 Month ago

    Guys you showed the wrong de jong in the Newcastle shirt. The one in the photo was siem de jong...

  • Rivaldo Smith
    Rivaldo Smith Month ago

    Don't sleep on sarr

  • Archzyo
    Archzyo Month ago

    Why don’t you make players who were a flop not who will be it’s 2 games into the season and your already coming to conclusions come one really ?? It just seems now that your videos are uneducated and just flat out wrong and calling che Adams overhyped Austin and ings had more shots maybe because they had a better team around them to create chances che Adams scored 22 goals in a struggling relegation battle championship side you guys really should
    Wait till
    The end of the season before jumping to conclusions and stop milking the transfer marker for views money and fame smh

  • Super Sonic123
    Super Sonic123 Month ago

    How does Che Adams outperforming his expected goals indicate he's been lucky? Maybe it could mean he's a clinical finisher than can score from chances he wouldn't be expected to. Nonsense video.

  • SBC Fc
    SBC Fc Month ago

    Here’s a fat fool judging people that will be more successful than he’ll ever be lol