RazörFist Arcade: L.A. Noire (Part 5)

  • Published on Sep 21, 2019
  • The further adventures of Cole Phelps: High-functioning autist
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  • Liberty Prime
    Liberty Prime 2 months ago

    1:06:29 1:10:21 1:22:10 1:49:15 2:34:07 3:08:56

  • Constantin
    Constantin 3 months ago +1


  • Bearded Bjorn
    Bearded Bjorn 3 months ago +1

    21:20 they were caught purchasing a lot of the seats in minor cinemas to up their box seat numbers

  • threegoatpurse
    threegoatpurse 3 months ago

    Razor did you ever play The Getaway?

  • Tronathon242
    Tronathon242 3 months ago

    That Red talks with one of the most grating voices I've ever heard.

  • Gabriel Alan
    Gabriel Alan 3 months ago

    There was two killers Black Dahalia.

  • Gabriel Alan
    Gabriel Alan 3 months ago

    Linkara joke fucking priceless

  • Cmdr Wilmot
    Cmdr Wilmot 3 months ago

    Only thing with the interrogation @1:43:30 is that the book answer seemed weak to me. The pin setter character doesn't sound very confident about his answer, but he doesn't frame it as a guess. Maybe that is supposed to be a clue that the answer isn't satisfactory?

  • UnderhandDread
    UnderhandDread 3 months ago

    12:32 Is this after Phelps got nailed for cheating on his wife with Elsa?

  • Artemis Arrow
    Artemis Arrow 3 months ago

    Gordon Moorehead

  • Tuco Ramirez
    Tuco Ramirez 3 months ago

    Colt is dropping the commercial AR line because they make waaaay more money on their government contracts. Plus, there are a billion boutique and high end manufactures and they don't want to tool up to compete in those markets.

    • Bearded Bjorn
      Bearded Bjorn 3 months ago

      If it wasn’t for their Government contract, they’d be dead in the water. Most countries are getting their M4 equivalents from Canada these days.

    • Mongoose556
      Mongoose556 3 months ago

      Chris Bartocci makes good videos about Colt and their business practices. SmallArmsSolutions channel.

  • Unusual Aussie
    Unusual Aussie 3 months ago

    Could you at least research Eisenhorn before accusing it's author of ripping something off?

  • ColonelEviscerator
    ColonelEviscerator 3 months ago +8

    "Who would care enough to cover this shit up?"
    Terren underestimates just how crazy people can be for collecting memorabilia. Especially fanboys/girls of serial killers.

  • Rafael Medel
    Rafael Medel 3 months ago +2

    Eve broke her finger because she didn't have her fist properly clenched.... case solved.

  • Rafael Medel
    Rafael Medel 3 months ago +1

    A mystery I can't seem to solve tho is how a Grown Ass man can go by the name "Rusty."

    • swanner95
      swanner95 3 months ago

      ...when his actual name is Finbarr

  • Joe Wilde
    Joe Wilde 3 months ago

    Update on the Rambo movie please. Still waiting to hear about that steak.

  • Brandon Lee
    Brandon Lee 3 months ago

    mccaffery is the liberal shapiro

  • GrandeTaco
    GrandeTaco 4 months ago

    I want to revoke my own license, lol! thexvid.com/video/GPSx1V1x1gI/video.html

  • Björn Thor Gudmundsson

    what did 4chan do this time? i cant find anything more recent then 2017

  • ifonlyicouldstop
    ifonlyicouldstop 4 months ago

    Starts at 5:50

  • McCaffery
    McCaffery 4 months ago

    McCaffery?!?..... i didn't do shit.

  • boobio1
    boobio1 4 months ago +1

    Please do a video about the boys.

  • Muck006
    Muck006 4 months ago +1

    6:10 It might be sunny, but it doesnt have the mountains of garbage, used needles and [stinky human leftovers] piled in the street. Smell-a-games havent been invented yet ... luckily.

  • Day One Minecraft
    Day One Minecraft 4 months ago

    Game is terrible. At least it enlightened me to never buy from GameStop again.

  • ElderChicken
    ElderChicken 4 months ago +5

    I don't watch WWII movies, but I would like to hear what Razor is referring to when he mentions revisionism.

    • Dennis Reynolds
      Dennis Reynolds 3 months ago

      ElderChicken Like In Overlord they have white soldiers and black soldiers fighting alongside.

  • Pain-Killer
    Pain-Killer 4 months ago +3

    B&W adds a whole other dimension to the game

  • toni vidovic
    toni vidovic 4 months ago +3

    There's an option in the game where you have the music playing even after you find all the clues, i remember you having this problem in your other L.A. Noire streams as well so you probably have it on.

  • Barbarella Alpha
    Barbarella Alpha 4 months ago +13

    @The Rageaholic reminder that you need a "Holy Toledo" notification ;) 2:26:01

    • Bearded Bjorn
      Bearded Bjorn 3 months ago

      It has to be Klinger from MASH in drag lol

  • TheAlphaIncel
    TheAlphaIncel 4 months ago +17

    I loved L.A. Noire, it's a damn shame what happened with Team Bondi and the spiritual successor Whore of the Orient.

    • McBandit Hope
      McBandit Hope 4 months ago +6

      Are you really surprised though? Bondi was actively disintegrating every day LA Noire was in development. It isn't really a shock they couldn't get a second one off the ground. Shame.

  • Josh Burton
    Josh Burton 4 months ago +6

    The one thing I dislike in Greedfall is just how heavily it takes from bioware games, dragon age especially. Never liked bioware games. And the romances of course... Ugh...

    • The Rageaholic
      The Rageaholic  3 months ago +6

      @Dem Lem's Huh? Witcher is not Victorian. Nor does it have flintlocks. The fuck are you prattling on about?

    • Dem Lem's
      Dem Lem's 3 months ago

      Josh Burton I decided to take a chance and support Greedfall. But I am ABSOLUTELY FUCKING DONE with this Victorian era, musket and flintlock, curves saber, pirate hat genre of the past 5 years
      Witcher, fable, DA inquisition, Bloodborne, Assassins creed, greedfall, divinity etc
      While that list has some great heavy hitters I’m done with the setting, it’s been played to death 2010-2020

  • Nuke Censorship
    Nuke Censorship 4 months ago +4

    Music at start:
    1. Cuba Untuk Mengerti - Siti Nurhaliza (this might be wrong)
    2. Just as Soon - Kevin MacLeod

  • Iron Templar
    Iron Templar 4 months ago +4

    Well my sisters saw captin marvel. But it was a free showing on the side of a building so it really dosnt count

    • Bryan M
      Bryan M 3 months ago

      @Iron Templar I am sure you are correct. Have a nice day.

    • Iron Templar
      Iron Templar 4 months ago

      @Bryan M yeah I understood what you were referring to, but given the event was completely free. (I.E. the company showing it didnt even have to pay for it) I doubt they got anything to cook the books on from that specific event

    • Bryan M
      Bryan M 4 months ago

      @Iron Templar Who knows? Disney has been cooking the books. My comment was a joke aimed at that fact. A fact Razorfist brought up in the stream.

    • Iron Templar
      Iron Templar 4 months ago

      @Bryan M for viewing maybe, but not for money

  • Andrew Potisk
    Andrew Potisk 4 months ago +6

    A SsethTzeentach video has been mentioned in a Razorfist video. My life is complete.

    • Andrew Potisk
      Andrew Potisk 4 months ago

      No. I'm talking about the "Space Station 13" video that was referenced once or twice in this stream. Look it up. It's hilarious.

  • Shaggy Rogers’ political ramblings

    I called the paper Socialism: A State ran Madhouse

  • Valentin Ward
    Valentin Ward 4 months ago +8

    I say release The Witcher video seen as the guy who would have defended the series deleted his TheXvid channel for personal reasons.

    • Constantin
      Constantin 4 months ago +4

      I second this. Although it would be fun to release the video when the Netflix TV Show comes out, as then it'll drive some serious traffic to it. The amount of sperging would be glorious to behold.
      Also, good riddance to the Wolf youtuber. I sympathize with his plight but nonetheless the guy was insufferable. I'm glad he is gone.

    • Joshua Perry
      Joshua Perry 4 months ago +6

      Wolf? Yeah that guy needs years of help

    • Barbarella Alpha
      Barbarella Alpha 4 months ago +5

      I miss Wolf :(

    • TheAlphaIncel
      TheAlphaIncel 4 months ago +7

      Do you mean Word of Wolf? It's a shame about him, I hope he beats his demons.

  • Phataku
    Phataku 4 months ago +15

    So, what info did Elizabeth Short have on the Clintons?

    • A. Dimchev
      A. Dimchev 3 months ago

      What are you talking about, Elizabeth Short obviously committed suicide by self-cutting in half.

    • Barbarella Alpha
      Barbarella Alpha 4 months ago +3

      she was trying to make it big into the hollywood scene, I think she must of ruffled some casting couch director's feathers...

  • 1Always Dreaming
    1Always Dreaming 4 months ago +4

    LA Noir is a classic I wish I still had that game. Someone stole it.

  • Kolajer
    Kolajer 4 months ago +15

    5:51 stream starts

    • Nuke Censorship
      Nuke Censorship 4 months ago

      @Winnie the Boogaloo
      I may have to double check that first one. I removed the music checking app on the account it wouldn't stop communicating with its server...

    • Winnie the Boogaloo
      Winnie the Boogaloo 4 months ago +2

      Thanks, i got this on at work and that music is gonna put me down. Sooo smooth

    • Nuke Censorship
      Nuke Censorship 4 months ago +2

      @Seeking Origin
      Cuba Untuk Mengerti - Siti Nurhaliza
      Just as Soon - Kevin MacLeod

    • Kolajer
      Kolajer 4 months ago +1

      @Seeking Origin I can respect that :)

    • Seeking Origin
      Seeking Origin 4 months ago +2

      I thank you for the tip, but I respectfully decline. holy shit, this music.

  • Nicole Mellott
    Nicole Mellott 4 months ago

    @MerlinsJester once when i was little got my leg wrapped up in a bicycle wheel broke my leg cousin was going to fast and i was kicking my legs back and forth, was sitting on the rack behind her it was ok until they went to remove my leg hurt good tellin ya/// i let the other guy drive as i drive like a methed up manic it is fun at times but when i am trying to get somewhere lol and i have to pay for all the damage for crying out loud lol

  • Schnick
    Schnick 4 months ago +49

    Big "surprise" Angry Joe gave the new Rambo a 5/10. This is coming from the stooge that actually liked Suicide Squad.

    • Dantius
      Dantius 3 months ago +1

      You mean to say he thought Suicide Squad was good. That was his problem. There's nothing wrong with simply liking a movie.

    • Doomed To Respawn
      Doomed To Respawn 4 months ago +5

      I prefer to watch MandaloreGaming and Worth a Buy for video game reviews.

    • Schnick
      Schnick 4 months ago +7

      Honestly, Joe is the weakest act of his little team. Joe only bothers to play and review the most anticipated of the AAA game releases. He puts out maybe 8 reviews a year now on that front. He has Del play all of the other games, and his reviews are actually pretty good. Other Joe and Alex almost always have better takes when it comes to movie reviews. Angry Joe just talks out of his ass for a half hour on those reviews.

    • Barbarella Alpha
      Barbarella Alpha 4 months ago +3

      He liked suicide Squad? dayum

    • Grandmastergav86
      Grandmastergav86 4 months ago +7

      @Dastardly Bastard II Other Joe always seemed like he'd be a better TheXvidr than Angry Joe tbh.

  • Christian van de Graaf
    Christian van de Graaf 4 months ago +10

    Discworld Noir is a pretty good point and click game if you like a mix of fantasy and Noir.

  • R0gue0ne
    R0gue0ne 4 months ago +2

    Wyatt Russell

  • Dennis Reynolds
    Dennis Reynolds 4 months ago +44

    I would like to see a sequel pitch for La Noire here's my pitch have it take place in the 70's and you hunt down the Zodiac,Ted Bundy,and John Wayne Gacy.

    • UnderhandDread
      UnderhandDread 3 months ago

      @Kenny Powers
      Yeah, could work pretty well, I'd buy it.

    • Professor FishWhistle
      Professor FishWhistle 4 months ago

      I'd buy that game if I can play as Inspector 2211.

    • Mezotech
      Mezotech 4 months ago +3

      I'd be beyond down for that. Also the Night Stalker and Boston Strangler. (names and time frames may be off)

  • Dennis Reynolds
    Dennis Reynolds 4 months ago +1

    I kind of like The Boys because they kind of make fun of the MCU but they make fun of the MCU for all the wrong reasons I would criticize for the lack of consequences,the cringey humor,the fan base that acts like a cult when you give the slightest bit of criticism,the fact that most of the villains are shit,and the fact that people think that this franchise wasn’t Woke before Brie Larson came in.

    • Barbarella Alpha
      Barbarella Alpha 4 months ago

      MCU spidey films are woke garbage, I avoid them. The woke writers want to disgrace Stan Lee and use Peter Parker to promote their stupid feminist and sjw gender crap because Peter is the teenager, the outcast nerd underdog type despite he becoming a powerful superhero, I think Stan Lee described Peter as the "everyday teen", of course people will say that changes as time changes, the 'everyday teen'.
      But the woke hacks are bent on using popular characters to push their nonsense because they cant create their own characters, one needs to respect individuality to create a great character and understand human nature. Obviously the woke mob do not respect those things. Their ideology is in direct conflict with human nature and individuality, they are for collectivism and conformity.
      It is hollywoke doing now just like the tumblrina activists have saturated fanfics and arts with their ideological skewing over the past couple decades.

    • Dennis Reynolds
      Dennis Reynolds 4 months ago +1

      I mean let’s ignore Nick Fury being played by Sam Jackson,Majority of the villains are white men,the non white casting of Flash Thompson,Shocker,MJ,and plenty more,a sympathetic portrayal of a commie spy,Black Fucking Panther,Vision and Scarlet Witch,and “I’m not going into a building (Washington Monument) that was built by slaves” scene from Spider Man Wokecoming.