• Published on Apr 16, 2021
  • Well this was a battle and a half...
    Safe to say a gutter vac would of come in handy here... stay tuned for the next video :D
    Hope you all enjoy and thanks, as always, for watching and supporting the channel!
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  • Partridge Exterior Cleaning

    This hard slug fest of a job has helped push the channel over 2.1k thousand subscribers so thank you for watching and subbing!

    • 247KelsiB
      247KelsiB 9 days ago

      I’m watching this and you’re almost at 100k subscribers! Congrats mate

    • NotMyGuns
      NotMyGuns Month ago

      Unless you’re trying to remove chrome from a bumper; volume always trumps pressure when pressure washing. Machines with higher volume output ex. 4+ gallons per minute will make this job easier. Of course if you can afford both high pressue and high volume it would be best. For most residential applications 4k psi/4gpm is enough.

    • Jolene Redrobin
      Jolene Redrobin 5 months ago

      Excellent work

    • RealityTruth
      RealityTruth 9 months ago


    • kyle
      kyle 9 months ago

      You should get a patio cleaner attachment would minimize over spray and avoid mud going everywhere

  • carol hankins
    carol hankins Year ago +364

    It's amazing what a pressure washer can do. Took off years of gunk on the bricks. They look like they were just laid. Like your man bun 👍🏻

  • Viewer Abundzu
    Viewer Abundzu 11 months ago +79

    It is really satisfying watching an activity like this that obviously shows hard work, know how, thoroughness and total care about the customers and their property, it’s good to know that people like you are out there, doing a damn good job. Hope you are well rewarded, and get your well earned cuppa as well.

  • Involvo'd
    Involvo'd Year ago +990

    You swinging that tea around was giving me anxiety 😅 Cool vid man

    • Koltary
      Koltary Month ago +1


    • Anthony Brackenridge
      Anthony Brackenridge 2 months ago

      @Ivan Benja WHAAAAAAAAT??

    • Ivan Benja
      Ivan Benja 8 months ago +1

      Tea with milk doesn't even look like tea anymore. It looks like coffee. You Brits are weird. 😂

    • E Masters
      E Masters 8 months ago +1

      Had to pause the video and go make a cup so that I could join you.

    • Tineke Williams
      Tineke Williams 8 months ago +1

      Amazing how you got that clean! It looks so good! Hope the owner was pleased! If not refer him or her to me, hahaha!

  • UncleAlbert29
    UncleAlbert29 Year ago +106

    Anyone else worried about the future damp issue the poor residents are going to have a live in! Hope they see this video and get that drainage sorted

    • Mihkel
      Mihkel 9 days ago

      Have been watching too many Drainaddict videos. The one with the rat. Got a drain attachment for my pressure washer. It's decent but nothing like the pro stuff. Gets my stuff done at least.
      I would guess the machine in the video with s decent drain attachment would help the drainage up to working level.

    • Cody Sasse
      Cody Sasse 5 months ago

      It honestly looks like a water line about a foot high 7:48 all along the wall and door.

    • Partridge Exterior Cleaning
      Partridge Exterior Cleaning  Year ago +15

      hoping they sort it too!

  • Sky Lark
    Sky Lark Year ago +228

    I hate that some people think you don’t need a brain to do these types of jobs. You were methodical and strategic. I didnt know about the sand either. I learned something new. Thanks

    • Propane & Propane accessories
      Propane & Propane accessories 4 months ago

      @priestfan81 he is literally shooting water down the slope to the garage the whole time instead of going up the slope and being able to push it away

    • priestfan81
      priestfan81 4 months ago +4

      @Propane & Propane accessories wrong. With drainage, yes, that would be one approach. With no drainage, he would have flooded the garage/storage shelter.

    • Carl Gesualdi
      Carl Gesualdi 10 months ago +12

      @Propane & Propane accessories 🤦🏼‍♂️

    • Propane & Propane accessories
      Propane & Propane accessories 11 months ago +4

      except he didnt use his brain and go from the bottom up which would have been easier

    • GodOfEntity
      GodOfEntity Year ago +5

      What I wanna know is why not a surface cleaner w/ extractor

  • Trisha Kauffman
    Trisha Kauffman Year ago +128

    Can we just talk about how poorly the lay out of the driveway for the garage was? Who the hell decided that a downward slope was a good idea? Unless their plan was to have a pool in there every time it rained. Like nothing bad to you. You do amazing work but the fact they built it to funnel water into the garage is stupid.

    • pass iton
      pass iton 10 months ago +6

      Always use a wet an dry (cordless )vac, when power washing drives an gardens.
      Builders dont bother with drainage. Thats the last thing on their minds.
      They just wanna get it finished an move on to the next one...

    • whitemoonwolf13
      whitemoonwolf13 11 months ago +17

      in probably one of the rainiest countries too. how can you not think of the feet of water you'll have. i've seen a lot of reno vids of english properties and they all pretty much have one thing in common. 'the drainage is just for show, it doesn't actually exist' XD

    • Partridge Exterior Cleaning
      Partridge Exterior Cleaning  Year ago +18

      tell me about it... nightmare

  • DAJ
    DAJ 11 months ago +46

    Just caught this video as a suggestion. I’m getting ready to power wash my deck after a heavy pollen spring. The bricks turned out amazing. Great job! Keep up the good work! Cheers.

  • LillerThatIsMe
    LillerThatIsMe Year ago +1049

    TheXvid suggested: cute boy from the internet cleans things with satisfying payoff, working hard and taking pride in their work
    Me: don’t mind if I do thanks.

    • Alicia Ott
      Alicia Ott 8 months ago

      And now I want to start my own pressure washing business 😂

    • potatopotatoe
      potatopotatoe 9 months ago +1

      @LillerThatIsMe he was speaking POS that's why you couldn't understand.. it's alright though. It's a very vulgar language.
      I hope you have a good day

    • quan Brooklyn kid
      quan Brooklyn kid 10 months ago

      @LillerThatIsMe you saw what I typed

  • Heather Radford
    Heather Radford Year ago +28

    I find this type of video amazing to watch. The difference between start and end is just fab. Well done and I'm sure that although u were knackered there has to be a sense of pride too 😁👍

  • Rc Demus
    Rc Demus Year ago +20

    You're very considerate of your clients Sid, clever with how you went about gathering the water, so much wall that needs cleaned as well, great job! Thanks for the consise editing and shortness of this massive job! Regards from Iowa Rick

  • Willian Teodoro Souza da Silva

    it’s so incredibly satisfying to watch the colours reveal themselves! job very well done, mate, in spite of the awful design with no drainage!

  • C Cooper
    C Cooper Year ago +27

    You definitely earned your pay on this one ! Brilliant transformation.
    Hopefully the owners of the building will sort their drainage out. Who on earth would ever have thought it was a good idea to pave right up to the wall?
    Thanks for posting.

    • Partridge Exterior Cleaning
      Partridge Exterior Cleaning  Year ago +10

      Thank you mate! I spoke to them about it and they reckon its cowboy builders from many years ago, just never got it fixed. Block paving is drainage in itself anyway, just very very slow so may have some puddles for a day after a clean but eventually itll go :D

  • Asmana .
    Asmana . Year ago +23

    A good thing to help with the drainage is to start from the deeper end where the water falls so that you don’t have issues with pressure washer trying to clean through the dirty water

    • Michael Brennan
      Michael Brennan 6 months ago +1

      @Asmana . I don’t agree. I think the water flowing back down onto a clean area will just fill the crevices back up with grime and it’ll require doing a second time

    • Asmana .
      Asmana . 8 months ago +1

      @Michael Brennan That is a good point although the pressure washer takes out the dirt that’s stuck deeper in the floor. It’s much more difficult to do that whenever there is water over the floor and it will not take the necessary dirt out because of water blocking it and having no where else to move. The water that slides down if you start from the bottom won’t affect the floor compared to how dirty it will stay starting from the top! It makes the job much easier than you fighting with the water to clean what’s under

    • Michael Brennan
      Michael Brennan 8 months ago +4

      Wouldn’t starting at the bottom mean that the water would all flow back onto his clean area though?? ‘Pushing’ water uphill seems like an endless task

    • Propane & Propane accessories
      Propane & Propane accessories 11 months ago

      couldnt help but thinking how dumb it was to start from the top there, with the pressure washer you can push the water back up too, i thought when he paused the video about half way down he realised how bad the drainage was and was going to start from the garage but no he built a mud wall LOL, also made the garage door way more filthy by going that way

  • AJ Lo
    AJ Lo 7 months ago

    I love how logical you are about being precise and mythological in completing the jobs. You do an amazing job. Keep up the good work and quality content and I will keep watching from Austin TX USA 🇺🇸.

  • A lil’ Daisy
    A lil’ Daisy 11 months ago +87

    Sorry go my ignorance I’m looking to learn. What does “re-sanding” do? Does it replace the grout/mortar between the bricks? Great watch dude!

    • robert hasted
      robert hasted 8 months ago

      The pressure drives out some of the paving sand so it needs to be replaced after cleaning. Sand won’t keep the weeds out it encourages them unless you use setting sand (sand that sets relatively hard). The nibs on the pavers are there so that should they move the edges won’t chip not so much for drainage and to the sand tighten them under compaction Self draining pavers have a bigger gap and are bedded on fine granite instead of sharp sand.

    • Maryam Ebrahimi
      Maryam Ebrahimi 9 months ago +4

      @Tim Ellis thanks I was so confused as why he put all those sands in there after cleaning it!!

    • Fiestyfox
      Fiestyfox 9 months ago +2

      @AnnAnonyme thank you!! (:

    • AnnAnonyme
      AnnAnonyme 9 months ago +4

      @Fiestyfox I'm not a paving expert, but from having lived in a really rainy city with a path made out of that type of paver, as far as I could tell it doesn't really wash away. I think the sand pretty-much just stays in the cracks between the pavers and it's all good. I think the sand does need to be topped up every couple years, so maybe some does escape. It's not noticeable, anyway. I think there's more mess just from pollution, dust, random dirt from garden beds that washes onto the pavers, etc.

  • Stacy West
    Stacy West 9 months ago

    These video's are so satisfying to watch specially the parts of videos without the music and its just the cleaning sound. Asmr vibes. Can watch for hours 😌

  • ATandC
    ATandC Year ago +120

    Banging result mate but defo need a wet/dry vacum, just set it up at the low point and leave it on and sucking, it cuts out when its full, itd save youre back a load of stress, im 6ft5 and used a bucket, dust pan and brush the lot until i got the vacum! Best thing ive got!

    • pass iton
      pass iton 10 months ago

      Yep, me too. Couldnt manage without it (cordless is safer). Always carry spare batts as well...

    • sirBrouwer
      sirBrouwer 11 months ago

      @Frito Lays or just borrow the cities streetsweeper.;-) Not going to lie very usefull

    • Frito Lays
      Frito Lays 11 months ago +4

      Maybe a surface cleaner too! Easier to do the brick that way.

    • annwltr
      annwltr Year ago +11

      Or a water pump

    • Partridge Exterior Cleaning
      Partridge Exterior Cleaning  Year ago +49

      I actually have a brand new one at home but saving it to do a video on it 😆 all I could think about was should I go back and get the vac... just dedicated to the TheXvid channel 😂

  • v jary
    v jary 11 months ago

    Once re-sanded do you recommend using a chemical sealant to seal the joints and bring more colour from the paving blocks?

  • Ann M
    Ann M 11 months ago

    It was so satisfying and relaxing to watch the patterns you made with the water blaster and then the sand, I know it was hard work for you but relaxing for me ... thank you and good luck on future jobs :)

  • Flawless Cleaning Services

    Regardless of what your using Sid.. smashed the Job and got a professional finish🔥

  • The Governor
    The Governor 10 months ago +1

    The pressure washer simulator is more realistic than I thought, never thought things could be so dirty lol

  • Hoang Long Nguyen
    Hoang Long Nguyen 8 months ago +2

    Such an amazing and thorough job!!! For a clean-freak, perfectionist Virgo like me, this video is what I need to unwind after hours of studying. 😆

  • Stacey Bohlke
    Stacey Bohlke 23 days ago

    Really nice work. Cleans up the whole exterior. The sanding is kind of an art. Great video.

  • Simon Evans
    Simon Evans 3 months ago

    Really enjoy every episode guys, well done, God bless you.

  • Crfor Freedom
    Crfor Freedom Year ago +10

    The amount of earth allowed to build up on that beautiful brick driveway was absolutely amazing. Unbelievable. A stellar job! Well done mate. Cheers!

  • Wyatt Smith
    Wyatt Smith Year ago +10

    Just came across this video.. great before and after! You made that driveway look awesome! You should look into getting a floor washer, it is a circular extension that you put on the end of your pressure washer and it rolls and makes cleaning driveways and sidewalks soooo much faster. They make them in several sizes. They are well worth the money, as they cut the time you spend on the jobs at least in half.. keep up the good work, both on your cleaning projects and the videos!

    • Partridge Exterior Cleaning
      Partridge Exterior Cleaning  Year ago +2

      Thanks mate! And yeah I’m getting a whole new setup soon so will get a fancy surface cleaner too!

  • The Obsidian Witch Curse

    I love these videos. The last one I watched was absolutely amazing and your work is just mindblowing. You're doing a great job!

  • Tatianna Zutania
    Tatianna Zutania Year ago +1

    You did an amazing job on this. First time to your channel. Don't understand the bad drainage. That shouldn't be allowed. I work in the construction industry, and you can't build a house without proper drainage. They try, but they get sued.

    • Partridge Exterior Cleaning
      Partridge Exterior Cleaning  Year ago

      Thanks for watching and commenting! Yeah appreciate that, they said they’ve known it to always be the same, shocking!

  • Matthew Pierzchala
    Matthew Pierzchala Year ago +1

    Love the vids, thanks for the content! Have you considered investing in some sandbags and a puddle sucker pump if you experience poor drainage on your jobs?

  • bill mclean
    bill mclean 4 months ago

    You managed to resolve every problem as they came along. Excellent job. Very enjoyable to watch.

  • Rita vida
    Rita vida 3 months ago

    Muito trabalho!Ficou ótimo!! Parabéns 🙌👍

  • steven paranormal visitors

    Great video, so glad i watched it. Now i can understand why this business charges what it does. I was about to dive into it head first and blindfolded thinking of charging drive ways, £70 and Patios £120 undercut others by 50% in my area. This as just told me take a step back, rethink! Man hours! Tool's! Fuel So an so forth.. Wow! Thank you for expertise and advice...

  • Kimichi Tsuzuku
    Kimichi Tsuzuku Year ago +369

    Those french drains probably weren't decorative. They're probably full of the same muck you cleaned off the brick and desperately in need of a plumber to snake them out.

    • The Browns
      The Browns 11 months ago +6

      As Tony says these thing don't normally connect to a positive drainage system - even though they should.
      Lots are called soakaways by the cowboys that install them but they don't do the tests to see if water can soakaway.
      Generally these drives with slot drains will cause problems.

    • SteamlocoScrapper
      SteamlocoScrapper Year ago +26

      I would describe that a strip drain or an Aco drain. A French drain is a perforated pipe set in gravel.

    • Tony Brehaut
      Tony Brehaut Year ago +28

      A lot of these drains are soak away ones which take hours, making them completely useless especially when pressure washer, speaking from experience

    • Partridge Exterior Cleaning
      Partridge Exterior Cleaning  Year ago +80

      There was one ubend on the far edge but it just lead straight into the house so I dare not try to blast it 😂

  • moonlighttigress
    moonlighttigress 9 months ago +3

    It might have been a hard one to do, but you did an amazing job!
    Also, I just found your channel and it is helping so much. We are currently in lockdown here, and just watching you power wash has helped me relax a little in the past couple of days.
    Thank you for your amazing work

  • vampkimi
    vampkimi 10 months ago

    This sure looked like one doozy of a project. I didn't even know re-sanding was a thing that existed! The chill music you played during the time lapses were so nice and relaxing though. And the hair bun style totally suits you by the way!

  • Teresa Nagengast
    Teresa Nagengast 5 months ago

    That was such an awesome video to watch! That look like it was a lot of hard work. I have to say you made it look amazing! And don't worry about your hair, you look gorgeous. Now I'm thinking twice about not doing that to my driveway. Thank you for the video in the education!

  • julie cooper
    julie cooper 17 days ago

    Funny how someone else cleaning something, can be so watching these vids.

  • Karen Jones
    Karen Jones 4 months ago

    I hope your family appreciates how hard you work!

  • Jenni Malham
    Jenni Malham Year ago +1

    Great job. I have a small yard which has very poor drainage so l bought a very cheap workshop vacuum cleaner which I use to take up the water/mud. It really works.

  • kiraniumbra
    kiraniumbra 6 months ago

    I don’t know why TheXvid is recommending pressure washing videos to me here in Australia, but your work is amazing. I love the pride you take in it. What PSI is your pressure washer if I may ask .

  • P Moore
    P Moore 8 months ago

    The pour drainage situation of this house gives me a lot of anxiety. You did a fantastic job but I cannot imagine as an owner of the house allowing that drainage situation to persist. Thanks for sharing!

  • Richard Morton
    Richard Morton 11 months ago

    So good to see someone taking pride in their work, would love to see your customers reaction after all that! Well done

  • Zena Morgan
    Zena Morgan 9 months ago

    Truly love your videos I find this so satisfying to watch. For someone who has such extreme anxiety like myself this is so calming for me to watch. You take so much pride in everything you do. I wish you were in the states.

  • Cristo97
    Cristo97 5 months ago

    Hi Sid, have pretty much watched all your videos I think now and love them so much you give me so much inspiration as I have recently started my own Exterior Cleaning business! You don't seem to mention much about sealing driveways/patios etc...after jetwashing. Was just wondering if there was a reason for that at all? Is it worth sealing jobs and trying to up sale?

  • Treetop
    Treetop Year ago +54

    Hope the homeowner watches this video, and give you, some well deserved extra $$$. 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽Great work 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • Mohammed Hamza
    Mohammed Hamza 8 months ago +1

    My pressure washer is broken cause of an electrical component and I still haven't found anyone who can fix it but at the same time I don't want to buy a whole new one so in the meantime these videos are a great catharsis for me. Super satisfying.

  • Dwrowley .youtube
    Dwrowley .youtube Year ago +1

    great video, always satisfying watching drives being jet washed, what was the name and power of your pressure washer, did a good job

    • Partridge Exterior Cleaning
      Partridge Exterior Cleaning  Year ago +1

      Hi bud, thanks a lot! its a wilks 750i, great starter machine but not really cut out for this size of job, bit slow for it!

  • Archisman Bhattacharya
    Archisman Bhattacharya 11 months ago

    Holy crap! the amount of hard work that goes into these is 🤯 and the vids are so satisfying, had to sub

  • DeniseMarie
    DeniseMarie 4 months ago

    What a wonderful job -outstanding work young man !

  • Ordinary Man
    Ordinary Man 6 months ago

    New to the channel love it so far very therapeutic watching the process 👌🏼 Question. What power washer would you recommend for a first machine? Something good value for money under £400?

  • Bill Bearden
    Bill Bearden 6 months ago

    After you removed all the sludge, there is some very nice brickwork revealed. Great job in spite of the lack of drainage. Perhaps the trench under the metal drain covers is plugged up? Anyway, you weren’t there to fix the drain. Very nice outcome and great work!

  • Behram Cooper
    Behram Cooper Year ago

    The job satisfaction after this one must have been immense. I notice that you don't us a surface cleaning attachment with your pressure washer. Any particular reason?

  • Albin Onishchenko
    Albin Onishchenko Year ago +1

    Hi from US, just came across your channel, loving it. Subbed! Can't wait to get caught up on all your videos. Also doing these jobs by yourself, you're a beast. Well done!

  • bobbelsekwol
    bobbelsekwol Year ago +1

    Great result. 21lpm is useful so long as you can provide the amount of water to the machine. I like a smaller machine that I can drag around rather than an ibc in the back of a van with a reserve of water. Turn down the big jobs and do domestic, there's more money in it and they're quicker. Thats what I find. Just subscribed as interesting how you do your jobs. Cheers

    • Partridge Exterior Cleaning
      Partridge Exterior Cleaning  Year ago

      Yeah to be honest the small 50m2 jobs are where the money is, the big ones can be really deceiving and take twice as long as you think !

  • jennybravo
    jennybravo 10 months ago +1

    Mad respect to you!

  • Penny O'Flaherty
    Penny O'Flaherty 6 months ago

    Great progress achieved there!!
    Have you tried to take out that plastic/ metal drain incursion in front of house where your worst section was? If poss you’d find drainage blocked from dirt & grime just like the sand you’ve re- applied all over pavers again .

  • BigMallly
    BigMallly 11 months ago

    I'm in the process of doing my drive (very similar condition), half way through at the moment. I have the same drainage channels & must say what a difference once they were removed and cleaned out, they were compacted with soil/sand.........great job.

  • Dejavu666 wampas
    Dejavu666 wampas Year ago +1

    Awesome video, as always. Watching from America.
    Rather than the shovel to loosen and remove the grass and debris, do you think it would be easier using a roofing shingle removal tool. Less bending for sure. At least for the loosening part. Idk, but it might be worth investigating, to make your hard work a little easier.
    Nice to see a young crew, working hard out there, improving the world one patio at a time. Keep up the awesome work.

    • Partridge Exterior Cleaning
      Partridge Exterior Cleaning  Year ago

      Good idea man! not sure where to find one over here but if i get another job this bad i may go have a look :D thanks brother all the best

  • Florida Pro Home & Commercial Services

    Greetings mate, did you consider offering to your customer sealing the pavers with oil based or water base materials so they will have a great lookin driveway for a longer time?
    Great job by the way

    • Florida Pro Home & Commercial Services
      Florida Pro Home & Commercial Services Year ago

      I see I totally understand.
      Here in Florida when in the raining season we definitely have to learn how to be meteorologist 🤣 as well so I can relate but even though we actually book a lot of those sealing pavers jobs
      Be well!

    • Partridge Exterior Cleaning
      Partridge Exterior Cleaning  Year ago

      It’s very difficult in this country due to how wet it is all the time, can be really hard to get jobs sealed when you have a full schedule as there’s lots of rearranging because of rainy days etc. I did it last year, I have one to do this year but won’t book any more in it’s a lot of trouble to be honest.
      Thanks man 👍

  • Philip Ross
    Philip Ross 9 months ago +1

    What a fantastic job you do! Unbelievable difference look like new! Think it's great how you have a great Buissness for yourself at such a young age! Well done and keep working hard and the rewards will come in due course! You take pride in your work also which is fantastic, never change cos it's all word of mouth in your job! Keep up the good work, be honest and don't cut corners and you will be fine! Well done and best of luck for the future for you and your family! Great to watch you hard at work and see the end result, it must be so rewarding for you to see end result! Thanks From Edinburgh 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  • K Maj
    K Maj Year ago +3

    I find this so calming and relaxing. Watching you make things lovely again is great. Thank you for your hard work. :)

  • rob farrell
    rob farrell Year ago +14

    That’s a cracking transformation Sid. The customer was well pleased I’d say👍

  • Navi The Fairy
    Navi The Fairy 9 months ago +2

    For situations like this you could get a small 12v low-speed low-pickup pump with a regular hose on it, put it in the corner where the water collects and have it pump the water away.

  • Chris Rogers
    Chris Rogers 10 months ago

    Hey man! I love watching your videos! They have helped me a ton! I’m starting up my own Pressure Washing business in the US. I’m currently getting ready to do some work at my primary job (I do the pressure washing during my time off and spare time). We have a loading dock that declines towards the building and has horrible drainage. It’s full of muck and Stagnant water. Could you give any tips on how to handle that situation?

  • Pruney Fingers Pressure Washing

    Fantastic work, large job with a wand, always fun to watch!

  • All the Sage
    All the Sage 6 months ago

    Seems like an emergency pump and hose might come in handy for cases like this. What about a tarp, too … you could lay it along the bottom of the garage door / other problem areas, put the sand bags up against the structure, then wrap the tarp edge up and over the bags of sand to keep them getting all hunky.

  • DraGunLand
    DraGunLand 9 months ago

    everything about this video just calms me. beautiful work you’ve done! cheers mate

  • Cian Fleetwood
    Cian Fleetwood 8 months ago

    I came across this vlog of yours last night and I know how back breaking it is to resand. Here's a tip I do when I resand cobble lock drive ways, I add a granual/powder weedkiller to the sand. Mix it in a bucket before spreading sand over cobble lock and keep weeds down for the first three months.

  • Daniel Tillman
    Daniel Tillman Year ago +6

    Out I curiosity, would it be easier to use one of those pressure washer attachments that spins? Also as a suggestion for drainage issues, you could get a submersible pump, extension cord and a 100ft hose to attach to the submersible pump. Then you can let it run to continuously pump out the water from the bottom of the hill. A lot of effort, but may make things a bit easier.

    • Partridge Exterior Cleaning
      Partridge Exterior Cleaning  Year ago +2

      Honestly it wouldn’t of picked up much of the dirt here, was too thick even the turbo nozzle was working overtime. And yeah good idea!

  • Fern
    Fern Year ago +1

    Great video mate. I wonder why not start at the lowest point to avoid the drainage issue? Would that be better? It's what I do but never with such a slope. Then hose it all off at the end. Cheers

    • Partridge Exterior Cleaning
      Partridge Exterior Cleaning  Year ago

      Yeah I usually do but this slope was so steep and even hard to walk down so i could of just imagined me trying to clean it but not being able to see what im doing :D thank you mate!

  • J B
    J B 11 months ago

    Can’t help wishing there was a nice garden in the front yard, and a lovely courtyard for the residents to enjoy- even if only through their windows 🌻🐞🌷🐝🌹

  • Anthony Herrera
    Anthony Herrera 4 months ago

    You should definitely get you a good surface cleaner and recovery system. There are also recovery systems that u can attach to the surface cleaner and it recovers as you clean. That would have done wonders for your poor drainage problem. But considering u worked with what you had. Great job man!

  • Michael Shaw
    Michael Shaw Year ago +3

    Great job sid, bigger pressure washer and surface cleaner needed but as you've said before you can spend a small fortune on all the stuff you need, keep at it mate you're a star.
    Ps I hate the sanding bit and have also broke many a broom lol

    • Partridge Exterior Cleaning
      Partridge Exterior Cleaning  Year ago +2

      Cheers Michael, yeah it’s all outgoings isn’t it, it’s tough spending thousands on something one month thinking you’re sorted... then a few jobs come in for another thing and it’s time to spend on that too 😆 Mrs will not be happy

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    I am doing the exact same thing as you on my own driveway. After filling up with sand again, the weeds just grow right through it. Any tips on how to stop the weeds from growing? It's a real pain in the ass :(

    • JohnPaul Dixon
      JohnPaul Dixon 11 months ago

      Get yourself a good weed burner, kinda like a mega powerful hairdryer and burn the weeds out at the root.

    • Partridge Exterior Cleaning
      Partridge Exterior Cleaning  11 months ago +2

      you'd need to seal it ideally or just put some weedkiller down monthly (:

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    • Partridge Exterior Cleaning
      Partridge Exterior Cleaning  Year ago +1

      Hi mate, wilks 750i, £400 and lasted me a year but it is temperamental, powerful machine for the money but cheaply made, I recommend it as a starter or replacement machine

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    • Partridge Exterior Cleaning
      Partridge Exterior Cleaning  Year ago

      I was tempted to start at the bottom but gets a bit hard to see what I’m cleaning. I do have a wet vac but saving it’s first use for a video so I struggled for the cause 👍😂 yeah my machine isn’t strong enough to run a decent surface cleaner efficiently. It’s only 12lpm.

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