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  • Maya Gentry
    Maya Gentry 8 days ago

    This sounds like Bolognese

    • nekuandshiki
      nekuandshiki 5 days ago

      Nope. Bolognese is on another world. Trust me, i'm italian.

  • victor noagbodji
    victor noagbodji 10 days ago

    please what is that pan? where can i get it? thx.

  • DaraJMakeup
    DaraJMakeup 10 days ago

    great how to video! Gives me some creative ideas for videos for my channel! :)

  • loladius nachnamius
    loladius nachnamius 11 days ago

    i hate every single one of your videos and i dont know why i watch them every few weeks. generic bullshit

  • EasternEuropean86
    EasternEuropean86 11 days ago

    With so much tomato paste and tomatoes, its going to be sour as fuck. So the only way to eat it, is to stuff it with lots of mashed potatoes, rice, or pasta. And this means its more like a meaty sauce, as addon to starch filled foods.

  • E Phelps
    E Phelps 12 days ago

    Is there a Tasty recipe link anywhere??

  • smal turtle
    smal turtle 12 days ago +1

    ill braise my cereal

  • David Castaño
    David Castaño 12 days ago

    One of the best recipes in the world

  • Dave Groom
    Dave Groom 12 days ago

    i miss the old school vids. where you could watch the words, and it told you exactly what was going in, and for how long, without the cool voiceovers :(

  • herogamer555
    herogamer555 12 days ago

    Bruh, grind your rosemary unless you like picking them out of your teeth.

  • beautiful creature
    beautiful creature 12 days ago

    In my culture we have something similar which is, estilo de birria and guisado

  • mark wierzbicki
    mark wierzbicki 12 days ago

    Oh god the vocal fry

  • mehmoona iqbal
    mehmoona iqbal 13 days ago

    is that Ellosteph?

  • igotthejack44
    igotthejack44 13 days ago

    Do people actually like to eat rosemary like that? Might as well throw some sticks in there.

  • Derill Troy Tacang
    Derill Troy Tacang 13 days ago


  • Decoy
    Decoy 14 days ago

    Okay, looks good. I am going to make this today. Thanks Tasty!

  • qienriot
    qienriot 14 days ago

    Really similar to hungarian beef stew (pörkölt)

  • David Manock
    David Manock 14 days ago

    Didn't know it was a how to make tomato soup video instead

  • PiPi PiPi
    PiPi PiPi 14 days ago

    looks a little bit like gulasch

  • T O X I C M A S C U L I N I T Y

    cheers cunts, will be trying this soon

  • Swigitty Swooty
    Swigitty Swooty 14 days ago

    Wine? Absolutely haram

  • Xue Yi Hon
    Xue Yi Hon 14 days ago

    And the secret ingredient, Knorr rich beef sto-oh wait

  • tammage
    tammage 14 days ago

    Written recipe?

  • MsOHsoFantastic
    MsOHsoFantastic 14 days ago

    Use similar technique for oxtails

  • Joey Delorme
    Joey Delorme 14 days ago

    Anyone else notice they mislabeled the rosemary and thyme?

  • cantcurecancer
    cantcurecancer 14 days ago

    3:22 what kind of bread was that

  • Colleen Erin
    Colleen Erin 14 days ago

    Could I leave this in a slow cooker instead of on the stovetop for 5 hours?

  • Tx66
    Tx66 15 days ago

    My God...she's the WORST vocal fryer I've ever heard.

  • bertsimpsan
    bertsimpsan 15 days ago

    God i hate that crackly kim kardashian thing every thot does with their voice

  • Trace McG
    Trace McG 15 days ago

    i'd have that with rice. yummy!

  • swoopes7777
    swoopes7777 15 days ago

    Claire King is the best!!! Queen of Meats...and that voice though...💯

  • brv002
    brv002 15 days ago

    Thank you for not adding that stupid "oh yes" at the end.

  • Paelorian
    Paelorian 15 days ago

    Unless you use a wood stove with a top that is always hot enough to simmer (whether you're cooking or not), a pressure cooker (including Instant Pot) is the way to go for dishes like this. Cooking under high pressure you get the effect of 5 or 6 hours of simmering in a single hour without compromising quality. Some recipes are better suited to the pressure cooker than others. A few benefit from the long simmer because of ingredients or the need to reduce (evaporate) liquid. But usually a pressure cooker is clearly the best way to go. Looking at this recipe, I think a pressure cooker would be excellent for braising beef like this with a closed lid. You can buy an Instant Pot with all kinds of features for the price of a decent cheap enameled Dutch oven (Lodge, etc.), so I don't know why someone would bother to braise like this if they have the option to pressure cook. Why wait all day? It's inconvenient and there are legitimate safety concerns about leaving the house with food boiling away in your kitchen. Better to just braise the exact same dish in an hour under pressure.

  • San
    San 15 days ago

    angus for "Braise Beef"? fuck this shit wtf

  • Parsa Kazemi
    Parsa Kazemi 15 days ago

    I really appreciate all the options you guys included

  • Ro Hoe
    Ro Hoe 15 days ago

    Might have to put this in one of my holes soon

  • Phantasm HQ
    Phantasm HQ 15 days ago

    A little garlick to have a little kick should be a lot more than you put there. I wouldn't even feel that garlick.

  • Kent
    Kent 15 days ago

    Looks like Pearson's stew.

  • I279ASD2O7
    I279ASD2O7 16 days ago

    bwaised bweef is bwilliant

  • Max Gen
    Max Gen 16 days ago

    tbh i hate people doesn't scrape the wall of the pan or pot

  • ItzzRiyadh
    ItzzRiyadh 16 days ago

    *chef tasty wid a pot boiii*

  • Pama Levi
    Pama Levi 16 days ago

    in my country its like afritada

  • Taylor McCoy
    Taylor McCoy 16 days ago +1

    I'm sorry but where is my iconic "Oh YEAH!!" At the end🤔😢😂

  • เเตงโม เกม


  • shannon johnson
    shannon johnson 16 days ago

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  • h z
    h z 16 days ago

    Can I get a large side of upspeak?

  • Larry Kelly
    Larry Kelly 16 days ago

    I thought you NEVER totally covered the meat with liquid as you were then not braising the meat, you were boiling it.

  • T DB
    T DB 16 days ago

    What type of pan were u using?

  • Fuduwahluz
    Fuduwahluz 17 days ago

    Not gonna lie the transition at 0:50 was amazing

  • DancingKingZigiSnake
    DancingKingZigiSnake 17 days ago

    I took a beef in my toilet today

  • Julian Yen
    Julian Yen 17 days ago

    Vocal fry overload

  • Vortex
    Vortex 17 days ago +1

    150 Indians triggered

  • Ariff Embleton
    Ariff Embleton 17 days ago

    can I use wine instead of water or beef stock?

  • Arrynek01
    Arrynek01 17 days ago

    I wonder if t hey are leaving out the simple fact that tomatoes are added to meats because of their high glutaman content (and not acid) on purpose, or not.

  • CUJO
    CUJO 17 days ago

    I don't know about y'all but I always crush up the dried rosemary and thyme, hate having small bits in the stew

  • Ibrahim Bahakim
    Ibrahim Bahakim 17 days ago

    Oooohhhh yeeeaa...

    Wait wut?

  • Singing Life
    Singing Life 17 days ago

    I'm gonna be doing this over the weekend.

  • Alexandra Pallera
    Alexandra Pallera 17 days ago

    Over rice!!!! 💯💯💯💯

  • Anna Slay
    Anna Slay 17 days ago

    Can i put it on rice?

  • Broken Matt Hardy
    Broken Matt Hardy 17 days ago

    Man, braise beef is brilliant

  • Kurt Taino
    Kurt Taino 17 days ago

    This would go well with rice


  • Liley Anne
    Liley Anne 17 days ago

    "braising liquid"

  • Jonathan
    Jonathan 17 days ago

    How is it that my mom does this while answering my calc question, but I can't do it while following a TheXvid video with two other people helping?

  • Angelbabylove1218
    Angelbabylove1218 17 days ago

    sear it whole to prevent steaming the meat and making it tough. then cut it before adding it to the pot. even better- leave it whole until its times to shred.

  • Oli Rahman
    Oli Rahman 17 days ago

    Do you think I could use a pressure cooker??

  • william badovinac
    william badovinac 18 days ago

    Nice voice.

  • Shanna Chen
    Shanna Chen 18 days ago


  • Arc4ne_
    Arc4ne_ 18 days ago


  • strawberry kun
    strawberry kun 18 days ago

    Don't press read more

    Your 2019 is cursed,you sadly can't undo it

  • Daeshona Williams
    Daeshona Williams 18 days ago

    Correct answer: you don’t.
    Stop eating red meat, it’s unhealthy.

  • Ma Lu
    Ma Lu 18 days ago

    What wine did you use?

  • Brisket John Dotillos
    Brisket John Dotillos 18 days ago

    Hey i am briskett😂😂😂

  • Sharmin Chowdhury
    Sharmin Chowdhury 18 days ago

    look Soo yummy 😋 think how tasty

  • jomsart
    jomsart 18 days ago

    why would you shred that perfectly good beef to MUSH?? smh

  • janny161
    janny161 18 days ago

    Could you show us how to do this in a pressure cooker?

  • Gary Grumble
    Gary Grumble 18 days ago

    Braising means NOT entirely covering the meat with liquid.

  • FB C
    FB C 18 days ago

    How about some generously buttered noodles, sprinkled with just a quarter cup of parsley for color and freshness? They would be the perfect blank canvas for practically any stew or braise.

  • Saika Tasnim
    Saika Tasnim 19 days ago

    Any southasian muslim brother or sister out there? Remember the cooked meat from EID-UL-ADHA days? cooked meat became braised beef after few days.

  • Time traveler From 2072

    Do you ever make bad decisions knowing you would regret later? Like when you’re supposed to wake up at 5 in the morning but you’re here watching beef recipes on TheXvid past midnight

  • Faizah al-Katheri
    Faizah al-Katheri 19 days ago

    Mouth watering for sure!!!

  • zeenath HAMID
    zeenath HAMID 19 days ago

    Where do i find the measurements for the ingredients?

  • Graham Thiel
    Graham Thiel 19 days ago

    Allergy friendly snacks?

  • Nathan Swain
    Nathan Swain 19 days ago

    Not that it matters, but the labels of the rosemary and thyme are swapped lol

  • sandy chau
    sandy chau 19 days ago

    Can you guys try to make fortune cookies?😅 ps love your videos😍❤️

  • jjr26x
    jjr26x 19 days ago

    thanks for telling us what kind of wine to use to deglaze...

  • Eddy Eikdal
    Eddy Eikdal 19 days ago

    Avocado oil has an even higher smoke point and doesn't cause insulin resistance.

  • Thoriq Abdullah
    Thoriq Abdullah 19 days ago

    Can you do the giant hot dog

  • Katrina Kitty
    Katrina Kitty 19 days ago

    Why am I here? I don’t even know what braising means

  • Chance Last
    Chance Last 19 days ago

    Could anyone share the name of the pot that was used please?

  • pablo chicot
    pablo chicot 19 days ago

    one reason why the meat is so tender is because they used a great cut

  • Susazeu
    Susazeu 19 days ago

    This in Italy is called Ragu, I never really had the recipe, and my grandmother used to make it with pasta every weekend.

  • Aracely Guerra
    Aracely Guerra 19 days ago

    Have you tried making peanut butter macarons? If not can you upload a video of it please?

  • Joshua Eggleston
    Joshua Eggleston 19 days ago

    Using natural meat but then adding it to toxic canola or vegetable oil. What a sin

  • John Lefante
    John Lefante 19 days ago

    Is vocal fry also a requirement for braising the beef?

  • Ladylalabugg TV
    Ladylalabugg TV 19 days ago

    Im making this Friday!!!

  • Jcole23
    Jcole23 19 days ago

    It looks like it would taste the best on macaroni/spaghetti. However i disliked the wine mix. Beef stock would have been better

  • Ronnell Roulhac
    Ronnell Roulhac 19 days ago

    Two words that belong together, braise & beef. If you need more help in the kitchen visit

  • Alyssa Bear
    Alyssa Bear 19 days ago

    You should do a video were you take tv dinner or hamburger helper and microwave food and it high-class food.

  • Explore Beautiful Places

    Wow looks so delicious

  • PinkAnimator
    PinkAnimator 19 days ago

    I hope whoever’s reading this will have a wonderful 2019!

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    Even if you don’t, I still hope you have an amazing 2019!