Jordan Peterson | This Past Weekend #110

  • Published on Jul 5, 2018
  • Sitting down with Jordan Peterson to talk about self improvement, the light outweighing the dark, and what makes Jordan laugh.
    Jordan B. Peterson
    12 Rules For Life: An Antidote for Chaos
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Comments • 3 848

  • Theo Von Clips
    Theo Von Clips 2 months ago +2634

    What did you guys think of Jordan Peterson? Should we have him in again?

    • icarus breathes
      icarus breathes 3 days ago

      You have to! Theo really brought the humor and kindness out of Jordan.

    • nolenper
      nolenper 9 days ago


    • nolenper
      nolenper 9 days ago

      get in there!

    • Paul Harse
      Paul Harse 11 days ago

      We need so much more of this honest true talk. So many good decent white men just feel unwelcome in the world, and we are 'wrong', please more of this, the world needs to see more plain old decent honest courageous conversation

    • Daring Fawn
      Daring Fawn 11 days ago

      Yeah again you two are good. Although my wife would never be able to argue efficiently, shes very smart, but her emotional intelligence is about the level of mine as a highschooler

  • TheAkabossross
    TheAkabossross 21 hour ago

    Dear Theo,
    This was a GREAT Eppisode. Well done Sirs, Well Done.

  • Donna Glaser Hanna
    Donna Glaser Hanna 4 days ago +1

    Guys you are talking truth, beauty, goodness, the power of light triumphing over dark...Please, please, please you need to check out the amazing, powerful & insightful Urantia can access it here@

  • Donna Glaser Hanna
    Donna Glaser Hanna 4 days ago +1

    I love laughing with these guys! Smart & funny!

  • sunjabib ahladeen
    sunjabib ahladeen 6 days ago +2

    WOW at the end of the darkest dark is light. damn so true. there is always light man.

  • broberts1298
    broberts1298 6 days ago

    Theo! Only man I ever seen all sexy with a mullet! Jordan Peterson? Yum! he was my first love before you but hes married so ya kno.. I spend my free time watching you on you tube. You make my solo mom life stimulating! Well actually I'm never bored but def appreciate you and your adjectives...Your thoughts are refreshing to me cuz we think a like.Random to some folks but u make me feel like I'm not alone with my thought patterns:) btw I'm sexy just being real, your sexy, we are pry meant 2 be but 4 dif reasons other than that. im single by choice, not afraid to be a thug at a funeral, and I think u are stunning just like Lee syatt says. I kno your exceptional. Also kno what i want. Not even afraid to make a fool of myself by trying to holla at you via comment section. Check me out. I dont spend time on social media cuz of great reasons but u can look me up just cuz u need to see what a real woman who knows what she wants looks like. BOBBIE ROBERTS from CO Springs Biatch!
    Keep it real:)

  • Z C
    Z C 7 days ago

    I want Theo's shirt

  • AlphaTrion92
    AlphaTrion92 9 days ago +1

    Forget the podcast, I just want some of those damn shorts! I've wondered what I've been doing wrong all my life. Now I know.

  • nolenper
    nolenper 9 days ago

    get in there!

  • IdeaBox
    IdeaBox 9 days ago

    such a good episode theo is fantastic

  • The Vote For Pedro Podcast

    Why does this video have 448 thumbs down?

  • Thomas Robertson
    Thomas Robertson 14 days ago

    Jordan!! DeVatchKa is from Denver!!

  • Thomas Robertson
    Thomas Robertson 14 days ago

    I've always felt out of place living in Colorado being from Texas.

  • Bret Mead Vlogs
    Bret Mead Vlogs 14 days ago

    Who the fuck dislikes a video like this?

  • Madness Records
    Madness Records 14 days ago +3

    Holy shit I can't believe Jordan listens to Gogol Bordello.

  • Daring Fawn
    Daring Fawn 15 days ago

    Good Talk per usual Theo

  • zero zero
    zero zero 15 days ago +2

    Always love seeing Jordan Peterson doing these podcats with the best comedians in the business.

  • julia 8
    julia 8 15 days ago +2

    JP seems so happy in this interview....I've never seen him laugh so much. Makes me happy!

  • 1Solace
    1Solace 15 days ago +1

    That Kermit the frog voice tho

  • Mark Stewart
    Mark Stewart 16 days ago +1

    At 16:42: Theo, "suddenly its like we are doing so badly"? I like your take/humor on many a topic/story, but you are missing the point. Just how you and Peterson talk about this "technological revolution" helping you guys out....well, duh...This "techo revolution" is ALSO helping you to be able to see all the shit thats actually been going on for guys just ended up giving yourself a circle jerk.

  • Política e Futebol se discute

    Why does he have a painting of young Presidente Trump? Lol.

    • johnson543
      johnson543 10 days ago

      Because it's Chris Farley. Onward...

  • Vedran Dodig
    Vedran Dodig 18 days ago

    Peterson is GANDALF

  • Sammy Blaze
    Sammy Blaze 18 days ago

    youtube ads AND sponsors AND patreon?? come on man, you don't have to be that greedy...

  • iEatPusiLikeiHaveaDisease

    jordon peterson doesn't eat vegetables?

  • The Chosen One
    The Chosen One 19 days ago

    I'm certainly glad I found this podcast. It was a joy to listen to.

  • Donald Brown
    Donald Brown 19 days ago

    Theo I loved ya when you were small, but calling people white supremacist to look good with ol candle face is low. You are funny but I feel you may be selling that beautiful soul to the dark arts. Stay true to yourself otherwise I’m afraid you may relapse

  • ste reilly
    ste reilly 19 days ago

    Great listen

  • A B
    A B 20 days ago

    wtf is with the adds!!??? Fack outa here

  • Bill Wiltfong
    Bill Wiltfong 20 days ago

    Holy crap, JP and I need to hang out and just listen to music. Every band he listed is one of my favorite bands.

  • Joel HC
    Joel HC 21 day ago

    Theo 'Bucause' Von
    Hahhaha funny accent.
    Great conversation, thanks!

  • Alfredo vega
    Alfredo vega 21 day ago

    Just being honest i don’t consider Theo the most profound interviewer but this might be my favorite Jordan Peterson interview. And I’m a Jordan Peterson expert.

    • Alfredo vega
      Alfredo vega 19 days ago

      Theo makes him laugh a real laugh. I’ve not seen Jordan laugh like that and I like it

  • Maayan Golan
    Maayan Golan 22 days ago

    Jbp looks classy as fuck...

  • Connor Kimball
    Connor Kimball 23 days ago

    When Jordan talks about carrying yourself honestly and speaking the truth forthright, I wonder if Theo felt a little shame in his heart for how he did Owen dirty.

  • Agustus II
    Agustus II 23 days ago

    I think I've probably watched every Jordan Peterson podcast there is and this one was probably my favorite.

  • Agustus II
    Agustus II 23 days ago

    I listen to the same music as Jordan Peterson????

  • Melissa Dela
    Melissa Dela 23 days ago

    Thank you for this Theo, this podcast was so fascinating to listen to.
    I love this movement of encouraging people to understand they are worthy and good enough it's beautiful. Jordan you are my inspiration as a trainee psychotherapist, thank you 😍 God bless you both xx

  • Alex
    Alex 24 days ago

    That is the best interview with Professor Peterson that I have seen so far. I enjoy to see him "dismantling feminists" but it is even more interesting and educational when he gets to actually make his points without constant interruptions from interviewers who seem hellbound to twist everything he said.

  • Spyros Lefkaditis
    Spyros Lefkaditis 24 days ago

    Easily one of the best Jordan Peterson interviews. Nice work Theo.

  • Neil Pope
    Neil Pope 24 days ago

    This is one of my favourite guys knocked it out of the park

  • Korner of YouTube 43
    Korner of YouTube 43 25 days ago


  • edgar jimenez
    edgar jimenez 26 days ago

    Whoever talks shit about Jordan Peterson should watch this. This is why so now many people have gravitated towards him. Not for the religious shit he talks about.

    • Wiederwald Christian
      Wiederwald Christian 24 days ago

      he has a pretentious spin to him bordering to condescending. Still, he is a smart guy who only sometimes continues running into the same dead-end-streets time and time again.

  • Lightning Visions
    Lightning Visions 26 days ago

    This was one of the most important Peterson interviews yet, among all that he has done. Von's interviewing coaxed an accessible Peterson, without which his message is lost on most. Peterson even laughed. This was far better than any Rogan attempt, and better than the Sam Harris debates, because Von brought Peterson down to our level, which is where he is needed. Von, please have Peterson back again, because this setting is perhaps the most powerful platform for Peterson's message. I hope Peterson sees this.

  • Tabs ‘
    Tabs ‘ 27 days ago

    How lucky are we to have all this and everything else to listen to and view.

  • Lake Leander
    Lake Leander 27 days ago

    After what Theo Von did to Owen Benjamin, fuck him. Dr. Peterson deserves better than this backstabbing phony.

  • babbafuc
    babbafuc 28 days ago

    I could say something how inspiring and cool the conversation was but i want to say the short advertising was hilarious man

  • Elizabeth B
    Elizabeth B 28 days ago

    Oh my god, he likes the same music as me.

  • Kimbo Slice
    Kimbo Slice 28 days ago

    Theo is an absolute treasure ❤

  • Chris Lemieux
    Chris Lemieux 28 days ago

    Theo is funny but he tries too hard. You're like Neil Armstrong of the dark moon.. oh 👌

  • Zachary Ahearn
    Zachary Ahearn 28 days ago

    Theo has become pretty sad. He barely makes any original jokes anymore. He doesn’t even say what he really thinks anymore. I was watching his podcast and he was letting the girl with the plastic face call Benjamin Owen, Theo’s long time friend, alt right. He has become a slave to Hollywood’s pc culture and gave up on the things that made him great. It is truly sad because he was one of my favorite comics.

  • Dee Dish
    Dee Dish 29 days ago

    The bird dog commercial was the best. You could end up a hitchhiker! 😂😂😂😂

  • Oscar Morland
    Oscar Morland 29 days ago

    Jordan "you don't get to have a Sherman tank" Peterson

    SILLY STAR LILLY KID 29 days ago

    i keep thinking Jordan looks like Dennis Hopper- affecting my ability to listen help !

    SILLY STAR LILLY KID 29 days ago

    Let's get Sam Harris and david wolpe

    TRUE MANC 29 days ago

    Giggidy giggidy goo

  • Bryce Garoutte
    Bryce Garoutte Month ago

    I swear, Theo Von might be the most genuinely hilarious person to walk the face of the Earth.

  • whaleronthemoon
    whaleronthemoon Month ago

    "If you're not perfect, you're not worth improving" I don't get it is it some kind of american simile?

  • amirhossein mobarakabadi

    Jordan Peterson on the title of the video, enough for me.

  • Natsu Dragneel
    Natsu Dragneel Month ago

    The Podcast Starts at 2:50

  • Jacob Ferguson
    Jacob Ferguson Month ago

    Jp just mentioned "start wearing purple" lol life is good!

  • Bill Wiltfong
    Bill Wiltfong Month ago

    Sometimes I run around with underwear because there's a chance my shorts could get knocked off. Bam! I'm still dressed, even though you get to see more thigh. Sometimes I wear underwear because I need to wear these shorts tomorrow, but I want to replace the clothes that absorbed my ball sweat.

  • carbonquiznoz1
    carbonquiznoz1 Month ago

    The dark arts...

  • M V
    M V Month ago

    Brilliant... how people can dislike jordan is beyond me, it just shows how miserable they are inside projecting their jealousy and insecurities
    Get Neil degrasseTyson next

  • Veronique de vries
    Veronique de vries Month ago

    Second time around listening to this, great show! Thank you both)

  • veggiegrinder
    veggiegrinder Month ago

    this was so great! you kept up with him fabulously! two intelligent dudes for sure

  • Steven Tyler
    Steven Tyler Month ago

    I love that hood hat commercial intro haha

  • Jacob Feldman
    Jacob Feldman Month ago

    Shout out to the Yoda noise at 12:47

  • TommyTom
    TommyTom Month ago

    when you say Von it sounds like Vaun

  • J Kozy
    J Kozy Month ago

    “I had a dude once who ended up killing someone, and he said it was awesome” just randomly thrown into the conversation

  • Cat Dog
    Cat Dog Month ago

    Shaggy interviews Peterson. Where is Scooby?

  • CAPITAL Steez
    CAPITAL Steez Month ago

    This is best Jordan Peterson interview ever recorded,congrats Theo

    IRELAND IPTV Month ago

    jordan _it's like_ peterson

  • mitchell freeman
    mitchell freeman Month ago

    u cant rock a mullet, well, u shouldnt. at all.

  • Gabe Johnson
    Gabe Johnson Month ago

    Theo, great interview my man

  • Jeremy			 Hill
    Jeremy Hill Month ago

    You sound like a stoned, street vender doing your ads. Jk love your shit bro.

  • Bumpy Carter
    Bumpy Carter Month ago

    Best damn commercials ever

  • Nathan Johnson
    Nathan Johnson Month ago

    This is bouta make his podcast hella popular right?

  • John Appleseed
    John Appleseed Month ago

    Jordan and Theo are cool cats

  • Major Foe
    Major Foe Month ago

    So many amazing points. Things are definitely corrupt and bad, but life has never been this good for many. We shouldn't be complacent, but we should never forget to be grateful for what we have and what we've accomplished, on every level and in every encounter. Jordan Peterson is fascinating not only in his wisdom but his attitude. GREAT podcast. Always a pleasure to watch what you produce, keep it coming, +TheoVon

  • Ruben Campos
    Ruben Campos Month ago

    im here for the commercials

  • egshane
    egshane Month ago


  • Robert Greiner
    Robert Greiner Month ago

    Great interview. I heard some stuff I hadn’t before.

  • John Mayne
    John Mayne Month ago

    The Santa claus question was a joe Rogan skit rip off , weak man..

  • Raoul Butti
    Raoul Butti Month ago

    Take the next big step you can manage to take.
    What makes it worthwhile?
    The meaning to the worth of spending your time trying to gain is found in the adoption of responsibility. This is why you must find out what to be responsible for.
    Therefore you must always aim for an end result which is rewarding enough to make just the actions that lead to your goal, be the reason and meaning to the goal itself.
    In prioritising and acting towards your goal you will feel increasingly responsible with your time, and in this responsibility is where you will find the means to spend your time acting to get where you're aiming for.
    Life is GAME. You win, just by trying to win. Getting there is half of the question as well as the answer. The reason to play is because there is no reason not to try and win in a game where you win just by trying. In this game, there is no way of losing as long as you're trying.
    (Goal) aim for meaning, (Act) be responsible by action, (Mind) calibrate for the clarity of possible result, (Experience) always appreciate to live now; memories create themselves.

  • Jordan Whitby
    Jordan Whitby Month ago +10

    Theo Von. The thing about you is that you are fucking real. You’re not trying to be smart in Jordan Peterson’s midst, you’re just being yourself and it’s made for the best interview I’ve seen with JP. I loved this. Bravo, Sir.

  • Hector
    Hector Month ago

    What’s the name of the song at the end of the show?

  • Unavai Lable
    Unavai Lable Month ago +2

    I'm starting college in Orange County, Ca this week and I'll have to keep my views under the radar. I'll just observe the yellow breasted lefty swallows in their natural habitat

  • That Guy
    That Guy Month ago

    Dr. Peterson this is America... you do get to have a Sherman tank. Granted that's a World War II tank. Maybe it would have worked better if you had said you don't get to privately own a M1A1 Abrams.

  • Mike Krenz
    Mike Krenz Month ago

    Dude yelling at me with a with a southern accent and a mullet.

  • John Keller
    John Keller Month ago

    Hey, How many hood hats did Jordan Peterson get from Theo? Oooooooo, they so soft!!! If your head is homeless, change that up!!!! Hells yes, even Rik Flair thinks Theo Von is The Man!!!

  • Chris Manstrations
    Chris Manstrations Month ago

    That bird dog ad, ahahaha!

  • Natural Shocker
    Natural Shocker Month ago +4

    This has got to be one of the best podcasts I've ever seen. I love Joe Rogan, but Theo seems to kind of brew his own chemistry with anyone he has on that's been on Joe Rogan, and here he got Jordan Peterson to open up in a different way. I mean I guess that's what every podcast does with other people, even though not all podcasts are equal, and that's just the truth (in my opinion). Theo is awesome at getting people to let their guard down, so He will go on to be one of the best podcasts ever. Thanks Theo!

  • Daniel Kallsen
    Daniel Kallsen Month ago

    Glad you didn't talk so much about his controversies and got deep into some intellectual pondering. Seemed like you both gained something valuable from the conversation.

  • Matthew Pearl
    Matthew Pearl Month ago

    Great Interview Theo!

  • Tyler Benore
    Tyler Benore Month ago

    *whispers* "I love Santa"

  • Foot Lettuce
    Foot Lettuce Month ago

    That's a nice logical fallacy you got there, buck-o

    DUDE DUDE Month ago

    Damn that dude absolutely sounds like Bob Odenkirk

  • Huey Castro
    Huey Castro Month ago

    I am so optimistic about the future of the world thanks to JP. I see an increasing number of people willing to listen and attempting to understand ideas they disagree with on a daily basis. Similarly I see more and more people searching for and trying to introduce positivity and genuine care into a given situation. Also more people fighting to improve themselves, and make their lives the way they want. I live in the UK, which is a stronghold of liberal ignorance and misconception, general narcissism, nihilism, resentment and greed. One day I hope this will be different, I have never been to the U.S but I would imagine it is similar if not worse, how do people feel regarding the future of this generation and even the western world?

  • J. A.
    J. A. Month ago

    I haven't clicked play yet but I can't even comprehend how this will be.

  • Zelle H
    Zelle H Month ago

    Please , who's the Canadian comedian that Jordan Peterson mentioned , Rich Hubert ?

  • Rosa C
    Rosa C Month ago

    JP please do Tigerbelly