Jordan Peterson | This Past Weekend #110

  • Published on Jul 5, 2018
  • Sitting down with Jordan Peterson to talk about self improvement, the light outweighing the dark, and what makes Jordan laugh.
    Jordan B. Peterson
    12 Rules For Life: An Antidote for Chaos
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Comments • 3 261

  • This Past Weekend Clips
    This Past Weekend Clips 6 days ago +1508

    What did you guys think of Jordan Peterson? Should we have him in again?

    • lokiwun
      lokiwun 3 hours ago

      YES. Fantastic discussion. Both of you. Yay.

    • Wayne Tables
      Wayne Tables 14 hours ago

      SuperFreedomRock sounds like you’re projecting :/

    • Kthriftresale
      Kthriftresale 16 hours ago

      Hell yeah!

    • Jack O. Reno
      Jack O. Reno 17 hours ago

      This Past Weekend Clips 1:05:40
      Thx4 reminding me, bro!✌️😎🏖️

    • G Turner
      G Turner 20 hours ago

      You killed this interview man. Great video!

  • Zach hill
    Zach hill Hour ago

    21 min on for the next few minutes hits home for me.

  • Bailey Hugo
    Bailey Hugo 4 hours ago

    Female Jordan Fan!!

  • Kwest Koast
    Kwest Koast 11 hours ago

    Jordan forgot to mention all those jobs let him go before the probation period

  • Arcadian Wings
    Arcadian Wings 12 hours ago

    You two were kind of adorable together. I Love Jordan even more now, insofar as that was still possible! ;-) I had never heard of this podcast before, but you definitely have a rare kind of spontaneity and uninhibited self-expression. :-) The compliments you gave to Jordan were soooo thoughtful and unique: "The stepdad who shows up and turns out to actually love our mother", and even better: "Timeless"! Waww! :-) And OMG the "smoke your salmon"-scene was priceless, I keep watching that again. That particular "Jordan-laugh" (in the salmon-scene) is really contagious, hahaha! :-) Thank You for this lovely interview!

  • AmbientDisguise
    AmbientDisguise 12 hours ago +1

    “Think about something you can do, can you do it? Yes!” “Think about your head, where is it, it could be inside a hat!” -Theo Von
    Love it!

  • O. H.T.
    O. H.T. 12 hours ago

    Theo, you're brilliant, so quick 57:00 RE Hedonism, and excess.
    "Two pieces of key lime pie and I feel like I've entered Dante's 7th circle."

  • M3TA
    M3TA 13 hours ago +1

    Theo, how many times did you watch FIGHT CLUB before you started believing you were TYLER DURDEN?

  • booby b
    booby b 14 hours ago

    Jordan Peterson the step dad that actually loves your mom

  • Skeezy Mike
    Skeezy Mike 15 hours ago

    that chris farley pic is a hard read on acid

  • SirMalker
    SirMalker 17 hours ago +1

    God bless you all. Together we can do this.

  • SirMalker
    SirMalker 17 hours ago

    Survival of the fittest. It's weird to see this concept play out in how we interact with each-other; competiotion and false hierachies. It's weird to me because if we were to cooperate on a world-wide level we would have an infinitely larger chance of surviving here than what the current climate currently allows or the way things are done now can ever allow. If your goal is the betterment of yourself, foremost, then cooperation will always be your best bet. If survival is not your goal, then why are you still here?

  • SirMalker
    SirMalker 17 hours ago

    You are actually the wave, Jordan, you're just not the whole wave.

  • De Ta
    De Ta 18 hours ago

    It was great to see your show last night. You cracked me up the whole night🤣. You are so cool! 👍 thanks for coming to shanghai🤗 look forward to watching your live show again

  • Tim Power
    Tim Power 19 hours ago

    I could see JP rocking out to some Band of Horses for sure

  • jakedaniels 881981
    jakedaniels 881981 20 hours ago

    the host is a smart guy. that's refreshing.

  • Kazimir 3316
    Kazimir 3316 22 hours ago

    First time I've seen Jordan seem like he enjoyed the interview.

  • Tim Power
    Tim Power 23 hours ago

    Theo thanks man, it’s cool to see you be so real and such a world full of fake plastic trees.
    Great interview, much respect for Dr JP too, 2 of my most watched guys right here hashing things out.
    Would love to hang with you at some point my brother.

  • Austin Rollans
    Austin Rollans 23 hours ago

    Now I can’t get the picture outta my head of JP driving around in a mustang with the top down jamming out to some rock. Dudes got such a great character.

  • Frogg Neptune
    Frogg Neptune Day ago

    That fat Theo painting in the middle is so distracting and funny.

  • chris murphy
    chris murphy Day ago

    Fantastic,2 well informed individuals

  • B
    B Day ago

    I've asked this before so I apologize if this exists but can we get Jordan Peterson to produce some bumper stickers with his helpful life hints & his face next to it? Thanks!!!

  • Mitchfinder General

    I don't watch your show, but I'd sure watch it again if you had Peterson on again!

  • B
    B Day ago

    Chess with your hands 😂

    • B
      B Day ago

      You might as well take Ambien and become unconscious 😂

  • Joe Endozo
    Joe Endozo Day ago

    Any positive thing I want to make has already been said in the comments!

  • edups
    edups Day ago

    *"you need something better than alcohol"* *-* *weed.*

  • Nani
    Nani Day ago

    put bill burr on

  • thehurt e
    thehurt e Day ago

    20 54... "that was a quick trip" Brilliant.

  • ryand3rson
    ryand3rson Day ago

    Diet consisting of beef & water.... Ya eating red meat every single day & ingesting 0 vitamins is a wonderful idea !

  • chiefrunningwind2012

    Listen to JP dropping 6 sigma knowledge at 54: 27. 4 standard deviations. Admire this dude and this conversation!

  • Kevin McLaughlin

    "Squirrels are drawing pentagrams".

  • John Smith
    John Smith Day ago

    im not sure if it is such a great idea to have viewers look at that big painted face in the center of the screen so much.

  • Viljami Arvonen
    Viljami Arvonen Day ago

    Pure GOLD! Thank you Theo and Mr. Peterson

  • Pasaniuc Daniel
    Pasaniuc Daniel Day ago


  • Erik Browning
    Erik Browning Day ago

    What a great discussion! Fucking hilarious, especially with the commercial break for the birddogs underwear in the middle. Had my doubts in the beginning. But the pairing was perfect. Just like one of the best drinking conversations we’ve all had with that, “intelligent” friend. Bravo to both.

  • ZombieAction1
    ZombieAction1 Day ago

    Man you guys are awesome. Good job! Great Podcast!

  • RATM101101
    RATM101101 Day ago

    I think this is one of your best podcasts. Not only because it's Jordan Peterson and he's incredibly thought-provoking, but because you're a great person to have speak with him. Like you said in Rogan's podcast, he's very intellectual and that can be intimidating. So to have someone like you, who's not only hilarious but incredibly easy to relate to, was the perfect combination. I also don't mean that as "you're like everyone else", I just think one of the reasons you're so funny and easy to listen to is because most people can see a part of themselves when they hear you speak. So that in relation with the intellectual side of Jordan Peterson made for a great podcast. Keep doing what you're doing Theo, always excited to see what you do next.

  • michael jenkins
    michael jenkins Day ago

    Alcohol doesnt exatly make people aggressive, it just takes away the thing in minds of aggressive people that normally makes them show restraint

  • Average Folk
    Average Folk Day ago

    “You can’t hop over a set of twin sisters...on a unicycle..while you got a mouthful of fresh owl eggs, guess what? You can!” Love that shit Hahah

  • michael jenkins
    michael jenkins Day ago

    Theo you are a cool motherfucker dude. You're like everyone's best bud from childhood and Rogan is like that cool older brother your best friend would have back when we were all kids coming up

  • Wiselistener
    Wiselistener Day ago

    If you like Gogo Bordello then you should listen to The Cat Empire!

  • morisslg
    morisslg Day ago

    This is brilliant. Powerful knowledge by Mr. Peterson and excellent interview by Theo.

  • Dennis Wei
    Dennis Wei Day ago

    Great job Theo

  • 99 RedB
    99 RedB Day ago +1

    Thanks for this podcast. I needed to watch this. Stay real Theo please don't turn into an elitist like Joe. Hollywood will steal your soul if your not careful.

  • Canaan Melter of Faces

    Dyevotchka is "girl" in Russian

  • Cannon Fodder
    Cannon Fodder Day ago

    this is absolute gold

  • Nicholas Hoeger
    Nicholas Hoeger Day ago

    Love you man. Keep killing it.

  • Mr. 0PT1C
    Mr. 0PT1C Day ago

    Im a simple man, i see Jordan Peterson in a video, i hit like.

  • Christopher Alvarez

    Working at a job waitin for cancer/seisures, good times

  • Jason Dashney
    Jason Dashney Day ago

    1:06:32 Wretched losers wear Taz shirts? Yes! I hope this message reaches at least one person wearing a stained, faded Taz shirt.

  • loveancor
    loveancor Day ago

    Thanks for making our dad laugh, Theo.

  • Jason Clarke
    Jason Clarke Day ago

    So pleased JP will be starting his biblical lectures again.

  • Steven Gates
    Steven Gates Day ago

    Excellent podcast!!!!

  • Eian Schrag
    Eian Schrag 2 days ago

    Theo, fantastic work. Thank you! Hands down the best Jordan B Peterson interview I've ever seen. Extremely important social issues discussed in a refreshingly lighthearted easy to digest manner. Bravo to the both of you!

  • andresaoberni
    andresaoberni 2 days ago

    I love Theo and to me is the funniest guy but I honestly didn't think he was going to pull this JP interview off. I'm glad I was wrong, great job Theo!

  • Kungfu crackhead
    Kungfu crackhead 2 days ago

    Great interview Theo

  • Will Lorant
    Will Lorant 2 days ago +3

    Theo does a great job grounding the conversation and making connections that allow Jordan to come up with great abstract introspective advice. All around a bloody good conversation. Whether you like Jordan or not, it’s great to see more and more smart conversations taking place and being appreciated by larger audiences. A return to intellectual debate and discussion in our culture could be part of a larger, more positive shift. It’s top lobster time, baby!

  • LearnToSwim
    LearnToSwim 2 days ago

    I really enjoyed this podcast with Peterson, although I also enjoy his political discussions, I'm glad it was more on the psychological side, and I am excited as hell for the continuation of the biblical series, there's something so intriguing, so very encompassing about his particular breakdowns of the deeper meaning and human's history with Religion and Faith.
    I say this not as a rabid mindless fan taking to his every word like gospel, I say this as someone who doesn't always agree with him, who sees him as human, fallible, but ultimately like Theo Von put it, I see him as genuinely wanting good for people.
    I think it would also be extremely interesting to have a podcast with Peterson, Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying discussing relationships and sexuality from their psychological, biological and evolutionary perspectives.
    I grew up in a non religious household, nor was I ever really atheist either, but rather, open to it I would say and I feel like he's on to something, or continuing something that has been studied and philosophized about since the dawn of humankind. Something that words cannot fully describe, similar to experiences with psychedelics, words can only elude to whats beneath the experience. Fraught with unavoidable, inseparable darkness just the same, religion, psychedelics, human psyche. Maybe Peterson is another mind in the history of mankind that might move our understanding and search for meaning a little closer, even if it's just a cunt hair closer to what were looking for.

  • 04dram04
    04dram04 2 days ago

    Does JD have a twin? He's in like every podcast at once. Where does he find the time?'

  • Mathew T
    Mathew T 2 days ago

    Absolutely brilliant chat between you two , great to watch.
    Really good to get people thinking about their life and take stock to see what you can do to better their life.
    Cheers from uk.

  • AcidAlchamy
    AcidAlchamy 2 days ago

    Love you both very much for doing this show. You’re both an amazing inspiration and helped me guide and fix my life tremendously in the recent months. I can’t thank you enough. I’m a better man, father, husband and human being because of JP and Theo. I love you guys. Thank you.

  • Jordan Boyer
    Jordan Boyer 2 days ago

    Truths when spoken are felt and seems as if you've always known them. At 12:40 there is one of those truths: If YOU improve yourself and take action toward getting your life together it "measurably makes the world a better place"! THIS is why people are moved by JBP.

  • Susan Redford
    Susan Redford 2 days ago

    Can't get past the first ad...

  • Jason Clarke
    Jason Clarke 2 days ago

    Peterson did not want to talk psychedelics.

  • Disent Design
    Disent Design 2 days ago

    Liked and subed, easily one of the best Peterson interviews i've ever seen and i've listened to probably 100s of hours of him talk. Your interview style was great and you really seemed to put him at ease, and even though I've heard many of his answers before almost all of them were explained more clearly and precisely here than I've ever heard from him before. It's probably a combination of that carnivore diet helping him not only look better but think clearer and also your peaceful and open interview style. Great work dude, Joe Rogan brought me here btw

  • Broseph Stallin'
    Broseph Stallin' 2 days ago

    1:15:00 You can tell Jordan & Tammy aren't from southern Ontario when he mentions that in a domestic dispute, the wife can admit her faults. There ain't no woman born and raised in southern Ontario who ever admitted she was at fault.

  • Rasmus Knudsen
    Rasmus Knudsen 2 days ago

    Wow the part about alcohol really hit close to home

  • H Z
    H Z 2 days ago

    everyone in the comment section are cummming everywhere

  • Ankur Dhankar
    Ankur Dhankar 2 days ago

    Theo is funny 😅

  • balleur
    balleur 2 days ago

    Good talk.

  • Joe Murray
    Joe Murray 2 days ago

    Only Theo can make product placements funny

  • James Elmquist
    James Elmquist 2 days ago

    Watching this is thanks to joe Rogan and I love this

  • Ink Ognito
    Ink Ognito 2 days ago

    JP on gun control: "No tanks or nukes. Everything else is fine."

  • mzEmilemz
    mzEmilemz 2 days ago

    One of the best interviews so far. Thanks for the deep and laid back insight. I'm checking out all those bands now too.

  • Jordan Peters
    Jordan Peters 2 days ago

    He likes Beach House. That's amaze!

  • Nicholas Garvin
    Nicholas Garvin 2 days ago

    Thanks, man!

  • Herr Doctor Benway
    Herr Doctor Benway 2 days ago

    Devotchka, Tom Waits and Gogol Bordello!!

  • Andre Osorio
    Andre Osorio 2 days ago +1

    This is the most relaxed I've seen Jordan. Cool to see.

  • Herr Doctor Benway
    Herr Doctor Benway 2 days ago

    1.55 the comment/question, sound went dead ..... WHY!!!!!

  • Sean Godbehere
    Sean Godbehere 2 days ago

    So happy I tuned in. Learned a lot. I am absolutely never wearing underwear again.

  • jtaval87
    jtaval87 2 days ago

    defy down syndrome.

  • Noelle Chantel
    Noelle Chantel 2 days ago

    Really needed this

  • RecentFriend
    RecentFriend 2 days ago

    Keep it up theo

  • Big Brother Thunder
    Big Brother Thunder 2 days ago

    Dumbass vs Smartass

  • Bill Mayhew
    Bill Mayhew 2 days ago +1

    I think that is the most comfortable and most fun I have ever seen Peterson in an interview.

  • Joel Davis
    Joel Davis 2 days ago

    this video gave me so much. cant wait to see you in raleigh man

  • ht mole
    ht mole 2 days ago

    thx theo....this is a great convo.....

  • xQualifieDx
    xQualifieDx 2 days ago

    Wtf my 2 favourite ppl in one podcast r u kidding me

  • Kenneth Powers
    Kenneth Powers 2 days ago

    Knock knock.
    "Who's there?"
    That's deep.

  • KalvinEllis
    KalvinEllis 2 days ago

    The doc had a lot of fun on this podcast. You can tell he needed that after all the hit pieces.

  • cheeks8112
    cheeks8112 2 days ago

    Theo calling him a snake oil salesman by accident was so awkward lol had me rolling

  • Jeremy Montes
    Jeremy Montes 2 days ago

    What an amazing podcast! Seeing these two in a different light is good. Great stuff, Theo!

  • Pete S
    Pete S 2 days ago

    i defy underwear

  • seigemeister •
    seigemeister • 2 days ago

    This was a FANTASTIC interview Theo! Thanks homie! You’re killin’ it right now bro. Keep it up! 👊🔥😎

  • Jason Rose
    Jason Rose 2 days ago

    I got a pair of them Birddog shorts. They are the BEST.

  • Chris banks
    Chris banks 2 days ago

    "i love santa" lol i love you theo

  • Frank Danna
    Frank Danna 2 days ago

    This was powerful podcast. Really enjoyed it. Thank You, Gentlemen.

  • Herr Doctor Benway
    Herr Doctor Benway 2 days ago

    Very interesting conversation. You really got the best out of Jordan. He looks relaxed and very happy. Great job.

  • pieprzonylogin
    pieprzonylogin 2 days ago

    Man, JBP - a father archetype AND a Gogol Bordello fan. Lawd have mercy! Great interview btw