Jordan Peterson | This Past Weekend #110

  • Published on Jul 5, 2018
  • Sitting down with Jordan Peterson to talk about self improvement, the light outweighing the dark, and what makes Jordan laugh.
    Jordan B. Peterson
    12 Rules For Life: An Antidote for Chaos
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Comments • 4 568

  • Theo Von Clips
    Theo Von Clips 7 months ago +4671

    What did you guys think of Jordan Peterson? Should we have him in again?

    • Theodore Gideon Shisha
      Theodore Gideon Shisha 13 hours ago


    • Stephen Davis
      Stephen Davis 5 days ago

      I like his perspective.

      Voices Heard.... Empathy felt... just a tie in that might not be in the algorithms.

      Rap Expression:
      Communication: Eminem, example "cold wind blows"
      Balance: Logic, "I'm not racisit"
      Tribal:(observerd Real Voice): The Game, "Freedom" "Red Nation".

      Comedy Expression:
      Communication: Dave Chappell, "Grape Juice/Drink" example
      Balance: Jerry Sienfield, Clean/Dirty
      Tribal: (observerd Real Voice): Theo Von (forces an honest discussion based on observation)

      nothing invested, just kicking around ideas.

    • i.e.m.
      i.e.m. 6 days ago

      Get that 'Get in thuuur!' guy on your show.

    • Dom Farmer
      Dom Farmer 10 days ago

      What a fuckin wanker 😁

    • Joy Paoletti
      Joy Paoletti 11 days ago

      Absolutley! Its nice to see him laugh!

  • cmstair
    cmstair 10 hours ago

    "A hat is like an apartment for your if your head is homeless...Change that up." lmao Theo knows how to sell hats.

  • MeisterP
    MeisterP 22 hours ago

    Theo, you have great energy and your intellectual depth is startling. It would be awesome to see you doing some material with more depth as well. Obviously this is just my opinion, but it's like you and Schaub (who I like) are competing for comedic one-upmanship and it's hectic. It's like two quarterbacks or two point guards. It's like watching two dudes competing over a girl, and me and all the other listeners are the girl. Peterson is awesome, but ironically he has a very hard time just listening and letting you talk. While I really appreciate Peterson, he almost always talks over people. His Daughter was really bad about this with Rogan, so I thought she must have gotten this from her dad. I really wanted to hear you talk more. When listening to you I wanted more of a substance salad, tossed in humor (Peterson interview but with more of you), rather than a humor salad lightly garnished in substance (most of your other material).

    • MeisterP
      MeisterP 22 hours ago

      Richard Grannon (Spartan life coach) is someone I could see you working with.

  • Theodore Gideon Shisha

    Now imagine... Jordan Peterson... as next actor... in the role of Sherlock Holmes.
    Something like this adaptation setting to it
    Or some other good old days and kinda slow pace dialoguish style.

  • brandonsworld1
    brandonsworld1 Day ago

    Theo been coming up

  • Zayn M
    Zayn M Day ago

    in a way a nice positive perspective, enjoyed this one!

  • Brian Reid
    Brian Reid Day ago

    REALLY great interview! SUBSCRIBED! Huge Jordan Peterson fan, and now a Theo Von fan! Thanks for this!

  • Max Lantano
    Max Lantano Day ago

    who would dislike this

  • Joy Paoletti
    Joy Paoletti 2 days ago

    1 in 40 persons who responded like or dislike have covered their ears, closed their eyes and started screaming to escape truth

  • A.
    A. 3 days ago

    "Think about about your head, where is it? Well it could be inside of a hat." Best slogan ever 10/10

  • Michael Jones
    Michael Jones 3 days ago

    My big brother was sick all through my childhood and teens too and I had to master "the appropriate amount of trouble" without "bringing my troubles home" hats off the Peterson's son for doing it too because I know it's hard.

  • j a
    j a 3 days ago

    I have watched this twice! So inspiring. I felt at certain points these two where talking directly to me. Strong work Theo. I have to say I look up to you a bit more now brother. Definitely have Jordan back. You two are absolute gold together.

  • derrik tribble
    derrik tribble 3 days ago

    This podcast was done a while back and I think this makes It an even more interesting interview. I've watched so many interviews and public forums of Jordan Peterson and he's always defending his position against people who want to prove him wrong or to accuse him of being a villain because of his thoughts. I loved this interview because Theo had an open mind and was seeking Jordans' advice about life. I think this gave Jordan the unique opportunity to open up more (without being attacked) and give his opinions to help the type of people who listen to Theos' podcast. I think he enjoyed it and I certainly enjoyed this. Very entertaining and educational interview. Would love to see him again on his next book tour! Well done!

  • Sara Winsett
    Sara Winsett 4 days ago

    I can't understand all the people with a negative view of Jordan Peterson. He seems like a great guy. I really love listening to the things he has to say.

  • climatixseuche
    climatixseuche 4 days ago

    1:11:56 that motion ... jeez cold blood

  • Kyle Binder
    Kyle Binder 4 days ago

    Always fascinating listen to Jordan Talk! edit: And rude of me to not acknowledge Theo, first time watching his podcast and he is definitely awesome.

  • Wayne &
    Wayne & 5 days ago

    Great job Theo, very dynamic conversation! More of you two please

  • Praveena Jilles
    Praveena Jilles 5 days ago

    Hope southern accents dont go away

  • Adnan A
    Adnan A 5 days ago +2

    I never thought I’d see this collab

  • professormancaptain
    professormancaptain 5 days ago

    Wow. That Farley painting, man.
    Also, wow, everything else.

  • professormancaptain
    professormancaptain 5 days ago

    Promo for those hats was hilarious. I liked his opening more than his set on netflix (theo's just not in my top list for preferred comedians)
    I enjoy Peterson everywhere but he is fantastic here

  • kastaway2
    kastaway2 6 days ago

    Canadians will give you their leg if you need one.

  • Dirty Tyler
    Dirty Tyler 6 days ago

    Watched a podcast with Theo and Joe and noticed Joe missed a lot of Theo's little off the cuff jokes. Love how Jordon picks up on those little jokes.

  • John Parker
    John Parker 6 days ago

    15:30 come to texas for a bit

  • Itachi Uchiha
    Itachi Uchiha 6 days ago

    I think ill listen to this podcast every week wow just wow this is amazing stuff i'm going to download it

  • Thomas Garayua
    Thomas Garayua 6 days ago

    This was a well invested 2 hours and 18 mins. Thanks for this wonderful podcast!

  • Eric B
    Eric B 6 days ago

    His ads are phenomenal. I actually look forward to the damn ads

  • Paul Lombard
    Paul Lombard 8 days ago

    17:21 - Theo's body language saying "...damn, ok, lemme make myself believable, here... ok, he's buying it... ok, I got this..."

  • H. P.
    H. P. 8 days ago

    I keep coming back to this conversation.

  • Konversion Fit
    Konversion Fit 8 days ago +1

    Watching again

  • Blake Ranew
    Blake Ranew 8 days ago

    Rogan is in good shape and has a black belt in jui jitzu.He can definitely handle himself.But he's 5 ft 7 and hasn't been in any real fights.He isn't really an absolute monster lol. Now Jocko is an absolute monster.He's a Navy Seal thats a black belt in Jui Jitzu and could absolutely hold his own with just about anyone in a fight.I like Rogan I just don't think he should be put in the same category as Jocko Willinik.

    • LocChokingVMorningG
      LocChokingVMorningG 8 days ago

      Blake Ranew it’s Jiu Jitsu. Rogan was a really high level taekwondo black belt as well. I’m sure there are some highlights of him head kicking people in competition.. They’re both pretty bad ass in my opinion.

  • Mystic Truth
    Mystic Truth 8 days ago

    This conversation moved me to tears. So powerful.

  • Elena Di Stefano
    Elena Di Stefano 9 days ago

    Marry me.
    Also, what's the name of the opening song?

  • John M. Sleeman
    John M. Sleeman 9 days ago

    Just want to say this...I just recently discovered Theo Von. I've heard Dr. Peterson for a while now and it's crazy to me and moreso BEAUTIFUL to have you two interract toward a true and meaningful goodness for all humankind. I dig it and wish I could do more than leave a message on a board to encourage your growth and success.

  • vikas malik
    vikas malik 9 days ago

    Jp is always worth of time.

  • yossarian1633
    yossarian1633 9 days ago

  • Jared Powell
    Jared Powell 9 days ago

    Please have Jordan on again!!!

  • Aledios .Akillya
    Aledios .Akillya 9 days ago

    Theo starting to sing when the walls come down a travelling wilbury song as leonard cohen was great

  • NPC 007
    NPC 007 10 days ago

    wow Im surprised you pronouned "Toronoh" the way we do lol

  • Huelogy
    Huelogy 10 days ago

    1:36:25 yeah everyone dies and everyone we will know will die. With Jesus there is redemption

  • Huelogy
    Huelogy 10 days ago

    40:50 exactly why I drink, i feel like a zombie unless I have a little bit even, and I've always felt like a zombie it's just the alcohol like dezombifies me in a way, does anyone have some good advice for someone who feels like they arent enthusiastic and just lifeless without alcohol

    • felix garcia
      felix garcia 6 days ago

      I think I can relate. I feel that's the sorta on the same track I feel. For me even as I'm writing this, am an addict and alcoholic. I was busting lines all through this show. But listening to them talk pushed me to realize how bad the problem I always knew I had actually is. I know it's stupid but I'm that bad, to where I felt I just needed to finish the sack before I call it quits. But overall, i think the begging is to finally admit how bad it is and straight up decide if you really want the change as bad as you claim. Know one can really help an addict. They let go whenever THEY'RE ready. Only time will tell how ready and serious I am about this decision. Best of luck to you bud.

  • Jordan Richards
    Jordan Richards 10 days ago

    Did anyone notice JP start to tear up when Theo said he was like a cool stepdad?

  • Justin Edwards
    Justin Edwards 11 days ago

    Damn boiiii

  • Fillup 82
    Fillup 82 11 days ago

    This is the best podcast on youtube.

  • Grant Trotter
    Grant Trotter 12 days ago

    47:17 - Any guesses what word he decided not to say? "Tough as ____" Haha

  • VanIsleNuckFan
    VanIsleNuckFan 12 days ago

    My head is homeless, I need a hat! (Fucking genius)

  • Universal Mind
    Universal Mind 12 days ago +1

    its nice to see jordans humor come out more because of theo and its good to see theo come to jordans side more too

  • Universal Mind
    Universal Mind 12 days ago +1

    this was great

  • Mike Ethier
    Mike Ethier 13 days ago

    Listening to Jordan Peterson while reading, 12 Rules For Life. I'm cured.

  • RyanImitheoS
    RyanImitheoS 13 days ago

    @Theo Von I’m gettin that bed stuy hat son, gang gang

  • TyMcMullen
    TyMcMullen 13 days ago


  • Paden Bates
    Paden Bates 13 days ago

    546 people need to clean their room.

  • Jose Coelho
    Jose Coelho 13 days ago

    The bird dogs ad killed me xD

  • Fisheye Digital Design Studio, LLC

    Jordan Peterson is the neighbor I think most guys wish they had, who they could have over for a beer or talk to while they take the trash out and get the mail.

  • Fisheye Digital Design Studio, LLC

    God damn fresh owl eggs almost made me wake up my family laughing so hard

  • j kj
    j kj 14 days ago


  • Corbin White
    Corbin White 14 days ago

    Best podcast ever

  • Alysson
    Alysson 15 days ago +2

    Those beggining ads look like something out of Rick and Morty's intergalactic TV

  • JP Scali
    JP Scali 15 days ago

    Wicked awesome interview. Thanks Rat King and Dr Peterson.

  • Shane Reierson
    Shane Reierson 15 days ago

    Some of the shit Theo ad libs is just amazing. On a unicycle with a mouth full of owl eggs?!

  • Brothers and Beer
    Brothers and Beer 15 days ago

    I know I'm late to the party but you have a new fan here in Dayton Oh. Me and my buddies are coming to Columbus to see you sunday Feb. 10th can't wait man

  • Kenneth Combs
    Kenneth Combs 15 days ago

    "Naive first. Cynical second. Wise third. You want to get through cynicism and darkness as fast as possible to get to wisdom. And know that is a place where you can go."
    The way Dr. Peterson articulates hope is prophetic. Everyone should listen to this man.

  • Adrian Roberts
    Adrian Roberts 15 days ago

    Talk of stand-up comedians from Canada with no mention of Norm MacDonald!?

  • dawnbylaw
    dawnbylaw 15 days ago

    Theo Von you are a great interviewer sir.That was one of the most personal and light hearted (along with the darkness)interviews ive ever seen peterson in,and i've seen many.Let anyone who has a problem with your accent go f himself cause through the internet you're reaching a wider audience than what you might imagine.And with that i'm sending greetings from greece.Keep up the good work.

  • Ty Nation
    Ty Nation 16 days ago

    badass episode!

  • milcho
    milcho 16 days ago

    Jordan Laughing!!!!! Loved to see that go down!!!

  • christine shah
    christine shah 16 days ago

    #1 Theo's ads are my favorite ads in all the world. "...with a mouth full of fresh owl eggs..." What the? So weird and funny.
    JBP is great, of course, wherever I hear him but this felt warm and relaxed. Loved it. This is my 4th time listening to it!

  • Matt Rose
    Matt Rose 16 days ago

    Been a fan of Dr Peterson’s for a couple years now, and a recent fan of Theo! Great to see these two having a meaningful conversation, with the perfect amount of humor mixed in. A+ gents!! 👌🏻

  • Damir S.
    Damir S. 16 days ago

    completely different interview.... what a wonderful person ...

  • Capt1nB1oW
    Capt1nB1oW 16 days ago

    "If you're training or you're a street...then you're covered"

  • Carson Meadows
    Carson Meadows 16 days ago

    In an alternate universe, Theo Von is the infomercial king, and there are multiple programs running 24/7, dedicated to nothing but Theo delivering pitches for hood hats.

  • Emiliano Giugliano
    Emiliano Giugliano 18 days ago

    JORDAN PETERSON LISTENS TO GOGOL BORDELLO... That surprised the words outta me

  • Scott Patterson
    Scott Patterson 18 days ago +3

    Please for the love of all that is holy find a way to have a conversation with Russell Brand. I would love to hear and see how you two would bounce off ideas and talk about sobriety and love of life. PLEASE!!!!!

  • Jose Prosecco
    Jose Prosecco 18 days ago

    Been into Peterson for a while and just got into Theo... this is amazing! LOVE YA'LL XOXOXO

  • Robert Elias
    Robert Elias 18 days ago

    Jordan B. Peterson is an old soul that makes so much sense. This piece came at the right time... Awesome interview Theo...

  • Simply Me
    Simply Me 18 days ago

    Happy I found Theo's podcast. This one has two of my favorite men. :)

  • Abed Makhlouf
    Abed Makhlouf 19 days ago

    "you're the cool stepdad that shows up that really cares about mom". Dead

  • Blue
    Blue 19 days ago

    Love you Theo!

  • Jared Hoagland
    Jared Hoagland 19 days ago

    Two genuinely good guys who are trying to make themselves and the world around them better.
    It's really nice to see that.

  • Laura Badger
    Laura Badger 19 days ago

    I have to thank Jordan Peterson for enlightening me in so many ways! My relationship with my mother is on the mend. I clean my room, still working on the kitchen and the bathrooms, though! I feel hope and promise is a part of my life again. I am 62 years old and have never felt better!

  • Intoxicating Masculinity

    I would LOVE to see you have Jordan on again. My favorite podcast on TheXvid so far!

  • My Reviews
    My Reviews 20 days ago

    Can’t believe how much I am relating to this at this important time in my life. This is why I watch these podcasts and not TV. Thank you guys, seriously.

  • Ryan Overfelt
    Ryan Overfelt 20 days ago

    You can't hop over that love shack with a motorbike.

  • gOd
    gOd 20 days ago

    I think Jordan Peterson is way over rated. Mediocre at best.
    Nothing he says is ground breaking. I dont get why people are so in love with him. Am I missing something here?
    Manly P. Hall is much better

  • Cody
    Cody 20 days ago

    Dr. Peterson has jokes???
    ! ! !

  • Johnny Escobar
    Johnny Escobar 20 days ago

    while i was sipping on my cup of tequila... "you need something better than that"... i eat pears and shit

  • Drikz vidz
    Drikz vidz 20 days ago

    It's an apartment for your head

  • Youcef BB
    Youcef BB 20 days ago +1

    so much positive energy and amazing ideas cultivated and shared through this video

  • Marco Hennebury
    Marco Hennebury 20 days ago

    I dont see one negative comment.. Thats rare for youtube boys..

  • Youcef BB
    Youcef BB 20 days ago

    So inspiring to see the inspired face of JP listening to the inspiring vibes, thoughts and ideas of Theo

  • stephen lyne
    stephen lyne 21 day ago

    great podcast

  • Cynical
    Cynical 21 day ago

    theos ads are the fukin best XD

  • Peter Guzda
    Peter Guzda 21 day ago

    15:55 | January 20, 2017

  • bw
    bw 22 days ago +1

    An Antidote to Them Dark Arts

  • bw
    bw 22 days ago +5

    Wholesome is the new edgy.

    • EveryChevyChase
      EveryChevyChase 22 days ago

      You nailed it. I flirt with women on the campaign of a wholesome night, and they fucking love it.

  • JCIsRisen NeedsCoffeeʕ•ᴥ•ʔߛ ̋

    12:13 what would it take to be thrilled to do task 'x'

  • JCIsRisen NeedsCoffeeʕ•ᴥ•ʔߛ ̋

    11:20 Making directional abstract tasks a priority so they even can succeed

  • JCIsRisen NeedsCoffeeʕ•ᴥ•ʔߛ ̋

    10:00 Legend. Incredible and self honest awareness as always.

  • Mr.SmithGNR Smith
    Mr.SmithGNR Smith 22 days ago

    17:00...Right On Theo...exactly how i feel...people are being brainwashed by the media to feel/think that my day to day life everyone is cool with one problems whatsoever