Jordan Peterson | This Past Weekend #110

  • Published on Jul 5, 2018
  • Sitting down with Jordan Peterson to talk about self improvement, the light outweighing the dark, and what makes Jordan laugh.
    Jordan B. Peterson
    12 Rules For Life: An Antidote for Chaos
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Comments • 4 027

  • Theo Von Clips
    Theo Von Clips 4 months ago +3258

    What did you guys think of Jordan Peterson? Should we have him in again?

    • t40364
      t40364 2 days ago

      more peterson plz

    • nick wagg
      nick wagg 5 days ago

      Theo should do more interviews with psychologists! His comedy and familiarity with mental health along with the expertise from the doctors is something new and fresh... Kind of like the comedians that deliver the news. It makes mental health more appealing if you can laugh about it a little.

    • Kyle Packer
      Kyle Packer 8 days ago

      You would be silly NOT to. This was such a refreshing interview with Jordan. Watching the dynamic between Theo and Jordan was very nice.

    • Joshua Norman
      Joshua Norman 9 days ago

      Theo Von Clips Theo, I have been listening to Jordan Peterson for a couple years now on different platforms (JRE, Jordan’s TheXvid, variety of podcasts) and I your conversation with him ranks at the top. Thank you for accurately engaging with him and asking questions to help us better understand how Prof. Peterson sees our world. Truly felt like I was sitting in the room with you gents. Definitely would be great to have him on again!

    • big spheres
      big spheres 13 days ago

      Theo Von Clips yeps

  • Kushal Kapoor
    Kushal Kapoor Day ago

    Have him on again sometime soon

  • Harry Bayfield
    Harry Bayfield 6 days ago

    This was a great conversation

  • MikeyBizzle4Shizzle
    MikeyBizzle4Shizzle 7 days ago

    They got tranny wear?

  • Alli Cat
    Alli Cat 7 days ago

    I'm going to listen to this again a few times. I feel like once isn't enough to get the full effect. I hope to see more Jordan Peterson on the show, wonderful insight.

  • ROEM
    ROEM 9 days ago


  • True Bryant
    True Bryant 9 days ago

    I'm a 28 year old virgin man. Not ashamed at all. God has led me this far for some reason and I say Yes to my path as God has organically laid out. His will be done. Amen. To old school values of respect, honor, and mercy. (And thank you Theo Von for making me laugh SO much for the past year or so).

  • kickycrowbar
    kickycrowbar 9 days ago

    This was such a great interview

  • fraser hamilton
    fraser hamilton 10 days ago

    Theo and Dr J on Sunday morning ... yes!

  • Lion King
    Lion King 11 days ago

    Who was the comedian Peterson said he loved right before he said CK? Sounded like Mitch Hedberg but then Theo called the comedian a "Canadian aphrodisiac" and Mitch was American. I'm confused.

  • soflogator
    soflogator 11 days ago

    What a beautiful conversation

  • Dillon Forst
    Dillon Forst 11 days ago

    I never watched the video because your 3 shitty promo ads about your gay hat and clothing line . Do one at a time like Ben Shapiro . Down voted .

  • GreenMonkeySam
    GreenMonkeySam 12 days ago

    This comment section seems so unlike TheXvid and I love it.

  • treesap
    treesap 13 days ago

    So much appreciation for you right now Theo! Showing me laughter and knowledge 😂🤔

  • Ben Shaw
    Ben Shaw 15 days ago

    46:27 So close to JP saying The Dark Arts hahahaha

  • Giantdad Lives
    Giantdad Lives 17 days ago

    I refuse to believe that anyone has a bigger heart than Theo, even if he himself says so. He's a righteous dude through and through.

  • stephen schneider
    stephen schneider 18 days ago

    I got here in a weird way but thank you TheXvid.

  • EpyonRoyal
    EpyonRoyal 18 days ago

    The commercials are so funny!!! LMAO street wear, for the streets.

  • Matúš Bielik
    Matúš Bielik 20 days ago

    this is one of the videos for which I have the need to "like it" again and again :) amazing, thank you!

  • Georg U
    Georg U 20 days ago

    Two of my favourite dudes laughing along together AND getting real deep too? Shine that light on me!

  • Mathew Bindewald
    Mathew Bindewald 20 days ago +1

    Cool podcast Theo. I’m from a small town next to your’s, and same age. When you talked about how racism has declined since we were coming up, I feel like I’ve been saying that for a while, especially where I’m from in Louisiana. Keep up the good work bro, a lot of people are listening.

  • Sandeep Choudhary
    Sandeep Choudhary 21 day ago

    Shoot your friend, shoot your wife. ,😄

  • Kvothe 11235813
    Kvothe 11235813 21 day ago

    This was a great podcast. You both are doing great things! I loved seeing you bring out the more humorous side of JBP!! Keep up the good work

  • DreamWeed
    DreamWeed 22 days ago

    Psychedelics are actually very big conversation with younger people im 18 in high school ik that most people maybe half or more of the school has tried it some Psychedelic and yes we still drink but psychedelics is a topic

  • Saxon Huxley
    Saxon Huxley 23 days ago

    Anybody know the spelling of the Seattle band he mentions? Divajka? Struggling to find them.

  • John D
    John D 25 days ago

    This podcast changed my life

  • J P
    J P 26 days ago +1

    It's nice to wake up and hit a rail before you make your bed too

  • Skylar Haydens
    Skylar Haydens 28 days ago

    This is the way fathers should talk to their sons.

  • wiremessiah
    wiremessiah 29 days ago +2

    Just like theo, I am 38 and have been sober for 2 years now. I didn't quit drinking or drugs, just built up a really high tolerance.

  • HevyDevy101
    HevyDevy101 29 days ago

    The sponsor adverts on this podcast are like something from Grand Theft Auto.

  • 08bourquem
    08bourquem 29 days ago

    "fuck your friends" - Jordan Peterson

  • michael g
    michael g 29 days ago

    Whoa!! Tradition 11 lol

  • Bonnie Ontko
    Bonnie Ontko Month ago

    Unbelievable! I am a graphic artist. EVERY place I've worked I decorated my workspace or office in such a way that I could be surrounded with things that created a serene and beautiful atmosphere. My theory was that if it were a calm pretty atmosphere, it would not only put me in the mindset I needed to be to create the things I had to for the job, but also to keep my own stress level down when having to work under pressure and deadlines. In a way, it was also an advertisement of my creativity which is what I was hired to do in the first place.... That being said, for 20 years, every place I went and did that, you wouldn't believe how many people reacted in a horrible way towards me. It created SUCH and uproar and backlash. Hearing Jordan explain that not only cleaning up your room (office or cube) causes resistance, but making it beautiful will actually terrify people and shine the light on all that's ugly. I finally got an explanation for all the suffering I encountered. I could never figure it out. My husband always said it was jealousy but I knew it was something more. Now I know. Wow. I'm so glad I heard him explain that as it explains so much. Thanks Jordan (and Theo for your honest dialogue)!

  • Pete Giannopoulos
    Pete Giannopoulos Month ago

    Holy. Fucking. Shit.

  • Camouflarney
    Camouflarney Month ago

    What the FUCK? You made the "this episode is brought to you b- zzZZzzZzzzZZzzZ" hilarious. Please teach me, master!

  • Mark Maier
    Mark Maier Month ago

    I like Theo the comedian but this interview caused me to like Theo the man.

  • hans wurst
    hans wurst Month ago +1

    "If I sold one million books, I'd be happy... it never happens"
    two million sales later.....

  • Lintu Bi
    Lintu Bi Month ago

    This was such a nice experience. Thank you Theo and Jordan for bringing this to us!

  • Vicky Whitesell
    Vicky Whitesell Month ago +3

    Its the women too! I love the guy, am 58 and still able to learn new tricks. Cleaned my room too!

    • Alec Powers
      Alec Powers 24 days ago

      Vicky Whitesell its always nice to have good view and you have a nice view by the rocky moutains never been there but its sounds good. I dont want to live in a desert but you have a place thats always good beats the hell out of sleeping in the street

  • K B
    K B Month ago

    So this is what Jordan Peterson sounds like in high quality sound.

  • joeytrees7
    joeytrees7 Month ago

    I felt like I was in the room and u were talking to me. life's fucked btw

  • mvphigh
    mvphigh Month ago

    It's interesting how Jordan changes the words he uses with Theo. I've seen almost all of Jordan's interviews and podcasts and he's very good at adapting his speech so that others can understand. I'm not saying Theo is dumb, i'm just saying both of them are very good at adapting to each other's level and have a good conversation. One of my favorite podcast episodes.

  • Philip Sapp
    Philip Sapp Month ago

    Straight Fire.

  • Bambi AusDemWald
    Bambi AusDemWald Month ago

    When Jordan does that thing with his fingers I always think he might have been a spider in his previous life.

  • _ Espo
    _ Espo Month ago

    Thank YouCan Clothing; everyone said I couldn't make & use a Real Doll composed of bologna slices, but I have been proving them all wrong for weeks! So inspirational

  • cerealfamine
    cerealfamine Month ago

    2:04:37 sparkling water tastes like TV static.

  • Belle Fri
    Belle Fri Month ago

    Sweethearts please join our JBP Translation Group >

  • C_zar Productions.
    C_zar Productions. Month ago +1

    Yessss he likes Gogo Bordelo, I love this man

  • Suzie Park
    Suzie Park Month ago +1

    He is soo painfully pretentious

  • Isa Lisa Dykhoff
    Isa Lisa Dykhoff Month ago

    Thank you both for this

  • Mikivo RG
    Mikivo RG Month ago

    Jesus died a horrific death on a cross to save us from sin. He loves us! Trust in him with all your heart and you will be saved. God bless you Theo

  • sum fallah
    sum fallah Month ago

    great interview Theo, glad to have found your channel

  • David McCartney
    David McCartney Month ago

    I think you're wrong Jordan(first thing we disagree on), it's not THAT early. We're talking a technology that is ubiquitous among 12/30-year-olds for at least 10 years now. Theo hit it on the head, you are a "Bad Dad" antidote, to people who were never taught how to handle responsibility. Sure looking at the big picture it could be considered early for youtube/video streaming. But for the cynical general pop, you are the wave. Couldn't get tickets for the Glasgow show as they sold-out fast, but will definitely catch you next time your in Scotland

  • rob F
    rob F Month ago

    God theo is hilarious. But watching him do advertisement is so hard EVEN THOUGH I'M STILL LAUGHING.

  • Jacob Harrington
    Jacob Harrington Month ago

    Theo for prez!!! ✊✊✊

  • PowerPot
    PowerPot Month ago

    This was great! Subbed!! :D

  • Jed Nelson
    Jed Nelson Month ago +1

    Fuck I never thought of life like that.

    Why am I still wearing underwear and pants like some dinosaur with adult athsma.

  • Justin Gedak
    Justin Gedak Month ago

    Absolutely loved this interview.

  • Christoffer Gustafssom

    I found the discussion very interesting, however I will remind you that people who does not believe in god does not choose not to believe in god. They just don't find any or enough evidence to support the claim. It like choosing to believe that Japan doesn't exist it makes not sense. I cannot choose what I believe. I have to be convinced one way or another.

  • Skylar Haydens
    Skylar Haydens Month ago

    Don't put plants in your bedroom because at night they diffuse CO2.

  • Think Sporadic
    Think Sporadic Month ago

    Theo is a little snowflakey

  • David Pople
    David Pople Month ago

    Great interview
    Haven't seen anybody else able to get him to open up so much personally

  • Spazzboy911
    Spazzboy911 Month ago

    the first caller is apost-transplant CF patient? small world.

  • The Bonsai Belief System

    awesome show

  • Christopher Cabral
    Christopher Cabral Month ago


  • Erol
    Erol Month ago +1

    i watch this as i drink

  • Wietse Dekker
    Wietse Dekker Month ago

    keep up the good work buddy! love your work

  • Taraji Shivagana
    Taraji Shivagana Month ago

    I had never heard of Theo Von before, but after this podcast I’m a fan! Extremely genuine, and sincere guy. Honest and endearing! JP and him had a good chemistry and made this a really great listen. Made my morning mom duties fly by, awesome ☺️

  • onpsxmember
    onpsxmember Month ago

    1:59:00 Is JBP just tapping his fingers on the arm rests, or is it some kind of memorization technique to stenograph the important bits from what the caller is saying?

  • Luca Boni
    Luca Boni Month ago +1

    The fact that Dr Peterson loves Tom Waits is everything to me.

  • redrum murder
    redrum murder Month ago

    That dude is The Reincarnation of MacGyver

  • D. Howitzer
    D. Howitzer Month ago

    Good Job Theo, I just finished work, sweaty and tired. I put this vid on and 2 hours melted away, Listening intently and laughing along the way. You two are good together. Thanks for the relaxing evening.

  • Fredrik Magnusson
    Fredrik Magnusson Month ago

    Great podcast, and thanks for being real.

  • wterwt werewrewr
    wterwt werewrewr Month ago

    - what i think is very possible is that in the future we will have a religion built around this man or at least around what he is saying , people with inteligence,eloquence and charisma like his are prototipes for prophets , that would be profundly funny

  • Nemanja Simic
    Nemanja Simic Month ago

    Seriously awesome podcast, good job

  • AG Productions
    AG Productions Month ago

    What a great talk - insightful, immersive and engaging.

  • Jeffery Lord
    Jeffery Lord Month ago

    if not for jordan peterson i would never heard of theo von, you are a funny dude and im gonna check out more of your stuff!

  • chyaaaaaaaaa
    chyaaaaaaaaa Month ago

    I'm an Atheist and Theo's reason for believing makes me want to convert

  • Charles Beau de l'Air
    Charles Beau de l'Air Month ago +1

    Commercials suck, in particular if they're presented by the host. It's just a cringey sell out.

    • maquinadeguera
      maquinadeguera 23 days ago

      Charles Beau de l'Air pay for the podcast than

  • chyaaaaaaaaa
    chyaaaaaaaaa Month ago

    This is epic

  • TheBlackiwid
    TheBlackiwid Month ago

    I think his analysis is at least very incomplete if not completely wrong about woman.
    I mean if you are a masochist or are willing to become one maybe his advice may work. It just nearly never works. So you are young you likely not earn much, so you are very unattractive for woman. Of course you can workout like crazy and become the one night stand that works for fucking with many woman, but for a long term relationship what most guys want, it does not, because there you become a success object for woman, either you have directly much money or your outlook to become soon rich is pretty good.
    So but if you are young and invest much hours to get a car and stuff, you will likely not have a good education, which probably hurts your long term earnings.
    Except you are painless and are willing to do lots of hours in a meaningless sales job and you see your only sense to have money and a nice looking woman or something like that.
    So it might work for very single focused people. And even then the woman leaves you as soon as there is a better opportunity available monkey branching. Or god forbid you married her and she gets slightly unhappy she divorces you and takes everything including children away from you.
    On the other site if you are just ignore woman till the 30s more or less at least for long term relationships this woman suddenly become very desperate and nearly no matter what problems you have they will ignore it, if you have some job that pays around the average you can easily get a woman without any work.
    So no it's not this work hard then you get the good hard goal logic this fake capitalistic idea. It's more a pork cycle. Man nearly automatically become more attractive the older they get nearly endless, heck even 80 year olds that do ok/well money wise can have 20 years olds. Woman care nearly 0 about your body. Social status is importent and money yes but that comes or at least used to come nearly automaticly the older you got.
    Heck even mass murderers have woman that are totaly into them and visit them in prison and want to marry them. So the most important thing there is to learn that woman are completelly different from man they have a completly different operation system. If you don't understand that you will try to better fields that do not matter to them. Often people try to better their physical aperence but that is only indirectly helping them.
    Because this guys come more comfortable and have a higher self esteem, because they believe that woman like them more because of their looks, but that is mostly bullshit, woman like them because of their self esteem and the body has very little to do with it, its a small bonus but not more. Heck some woman even hate that, either because of different taste in body looks but also because often woman want to be the good looking one and not even loose on that field, too. The only field they can compete.
    There are even woman that overfeed their guys so that they get less attractive for other woman so that he will not get stolen by another woman.
    You can be the ugliest guy in the world you still will have very little problems to find a woman if you have good money and or good confidence.
    Take Hawkins, very old crippled guy he had many woman, his physical apperence was horrific, to be political incorrect. Woman don't care about bodies or at least very little, yes they will fuck the nice looking guy maybe or a few of them to have the experience but that is not their major goals.
    So better yourself and not saying what that means and saying what are the dangers about woman is not very usefull information. And you should question yourself why do I want a girl friend and is that really a goal you should have, I don't say you don't but is it that you want to be normal or what, is it a deep need, will you get a relationship that is like you want it to, or is female nature goals to conflicting with that?
    It's like going into a store and buying a tv, you likely don't go into the store and say I want one no matter how the prices are and how good this products are. And you might consider maybe I could also just use a projector to watch what I wanna watch instead of buying a tv if the prices and everything is better on that.
    On top of that woman and man don't have untampered visuals, if you ask a woman to paint a picture of you after you are gone and they were maybe because of money or something attracted to you, the picture they draw from you will flatter your extremely and you nearly will not be able to recognize yourself from that picture. They can't even see you objectively.

  • Laurelle Burton
    Laurelle Burton Month ago

    Favorite Peterson interview. Loved seeing him laugh so much.

  • Christian Putter
    Christian Putter Month ago

    I'm just over half way through and this has to be one of the most relevant, engaging and powerful podcasts I've ever listened to. Incredibly grateful for what you and Jordan Peterson have done here. Thank you Theo.

  • Kurt Lundblad
    Kurt Lundblad Month ago

    USA America

  • Lanky Daze
    Lanky Daze Month ago

    Theo the genius hill billy

  • Tim2muntU
    Tim2muntU Month ago

    Theo - on finding your voice and authenticity - George Orwell's essay on Politics and the English Language.

  • Marc O
    Marc O Month ago

    Theo, how about Sadhguru on the podcast?

  • IVXX Native
    IVXX Native Month ago

    The winning and losing is like ying yang

  • Sam King
    Sam King Month ago

    What movies are to this podcast, Role Playing Games (paper not video) were to me and my nerd friends. Some of the best gaming session were the ones where our characters were faced with a moral quandary and had to figure out a workable solution within the context of our character's ethical code then deal with the consequences of our individual and group choices. It forced us to think in ways that other people think and make the kinds of choices they may have to make given certain circumstances. It was also fun being "heroes" if only in our imaginations.

  • tymol777
    tymol777 Month ago

    this commercials tho... i see the guy is trying so hard to advertise such crap, maaaan tough job to do, to advertise shit like its chocolate
    otherwise great interview

  • Michael Druce
    Michael Druce Month ago +12

    The short "Theo Von makes Jordan Peterson laugh" Video made me want to watch the whole video. Very very very well done. Theo was just Theo and it made for a very enjoyable podcast. Easy to listen to, funny, and just general conversation. He let Peterson talk and added his own value when the opportunity came up. Really cool, man.

  • CowIsHere
    CowIsHere Month ago +2

    That is one thing I've always loved about JBP, he says life is catastrophic. He doesn't hide from that, he embraces it.

  • alyxi
    alyxi Month ago +1

    The Rat King & The King Lobster

  • LayLegends Minivan
    LayLegends Minivan Month ago

    Great now Theo von has a podcast..every one of joes friends will have one pretty soon..

  • Flowtoolz
    Flowtoolz Month ago

    somethin about this podcast is just top notch. i'm positively surprised by both gentlemen.

  • Louise Dadge
    Louise Dadge Month ago

    Great talk/chat/discussion. Real chemistry, both of you should tour together ! Come to Australia!

  • Louise Dadge
    Louise Dadge Month ago

    First look at theo Von and love you

  • John Smith
    John Smith Month ago +1

    Theo 'Mmmmmmmmm' Von

  • Julian Vos
    Julian Vos Month ago

    We came from milo yiannopoulos to Jordan Peterson. People are waking up.
    Things are getting better dudes.
    We’re doing fine 👌🏻