The Worst Of Tinder

  • Published on Oct 6, 2019
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Comments • 553

  • Felix Merritt
    Felix Merritt 3 days ago +1

    I swear the guy in the thumbnail is scotty sire

    TOTYOO YT 6 days ago

  • Libby Walsh
    Libby Walsh 13 days ago

    *Cries in irish*

  • alexander nl
    alexander nl 15 days ago

    My friend used '' hey is you're dad a plumber because we are going to pipe

  • Isabella x
    Isabella x 17 days ago

    It’s funny cos he’s married

  • Sugxar Msp
    Sugxar Msp 18 days ago

    I think the man in the thumbnail is my geography teacher... 😔

  • Sniper Epic
    Sniper Epic 20 days ago +1

    The guy in the thumbnail is a mini Ladd fan

  • h
    h 23 days ago +4

    if someone made me a wine glass from a gum wrapper id marry them right there

  • Special Weapons Dalek
    Special Weapons Dalek 28 days ago

    we dont say top of the morning?

  • Frostwing
    Frostwing Month ago

    Hello there

  • Jewel Bell
    Jewel Bell Month ago +1


  • Festive Ferret
    Festive Ferret Month ago

    8:44 stolen from south park

  • Ingrid SouthCoast
    Ingrid SouthCoast Month ago

    1:54 its literally 1044 now

  • Stinky Hoes
    Stinky Hoes Month ago +4

    "are you a microwave"
    I sure am
    **Calls 911 on myself**

  • FistedWaffle_lol 45378


  • Dark wolf 877 Otaku

    The fucking Irish accent 🤣👌 I’m not sure I know anybody over here who sounds like that but okay

  • zenorx
    zenorx Month ago

    The Eli distance away is Greek it mean 123 km away

  • arura johns
    arura johns Month ago

    am I the only one that thinks he sounds like Alex?

  • Greta P
    Greta P Month ago

    Hi I’m great 😂

  • 1000 subs with no videos challenge

    you just have to love those wonderful lads

  • Jadoboss
    Jadoboss Month ago

    2:05 SBREN SBEVE

  • Katsuki Bakugou
    Katsuki Bakugou 2 months ago

    Are you a Microwave? Because I’d like to put my Fork in you and see you explode!

  • Patrick Hipkin
    Patrick Hipkin 2 months ago +1

    Who’s Siri went off when he said. “Sorry I was in the shower”

  • Speedy Speeder
    Speedy Speeder 2 months ago

    Lmao theree is no meme take off your clothes 😂😂😂😂

  • Cutie Lamb
    Cutie Lamb 2 months ago +1


  • the elemental gamer
    the elemental gamer 2 months ago

    Who else had Memeulous on in the backround and saw that it's now this channel?

  • Max Anderson
    Max Anderson 2 months ago

    Any won think memeoulos is a bit moody

    ITS YOUR BOI 2 months ago

    3:27 dat recover dow

  • Ádám T
    Ádám T 2 months ago

    Awesome great annoying orange video

  • epic gamer
    epic gamer 2 months ago


  • Desi Mich
    Desi Mich 2 months ago

    Γεια μιμιουλους!

  • Desi Mich
    Desi Mich 2 months ago

    Guys lets spam his comments with greek letters

  • Timi Kostopoulos
    Timi Kostopoulos 2 months ago

    At 2:27, yeah, that's greek for kilometers away

  • Mary Fejer
    Mary Fejer 2 months ago +4

    George’s reaction to will’s creepy whisper has the same energy as will’s reaction to Alex’s deep voice.

  • welcome to bible studies
    welcome to bible studies 3 months ago +1

    Willne: you’re clapped

  • mia thespastic101
    mia thespastic101 3 months ago +11

    wills irish accent was the furthest thing from irish I’ve ever heard 😂

  • Meitheal Cleary
    Meitheal Cleary 3 months ago

    I only listen to wills shite when I’m pissed drink yup Dunlavin

  • Alyssa Ashcroft
    Alyssa Ashcroft 3 months ago +1

    6.28 with headphones on is the scariest moment of my life

  • GD ElectroHydro
    GD ElectroHydro 3 months ago

    400,000th view

  • yaoihunter
    yaoihunter 3 months ago

    pee pee poo poo

  • My biscys
    My biscys 3 months ago

    Your irish accent sounds Scottish (I'm Irish btw)

  • Waldek Gierczyk
    Waldek Gierczyk 3 months ago +105

    the only tool that have worked for all i know iz only *GETHACKS. NET* (Delete Space) 💓

  • Nubby cat
    Nubby cat 3 months ago +2

    Why dose Will look high in the picture that George used of him?

  • Evan Sweitzer
    Evan Sweitzer 3 months ago

    3:02 Nigga I know that's a winky face show the rest of the post damn does he get a spread of not

  • Reece's Beans on Toast
    Reece's Beans on Toast 3 months ago +5

    Me: you looking for a good time in bed
    Her: no
    Me: Then I’m the guy your looking for!
    Always starts a conversation 🤣

  • Utopia _
    Utopia _ 3 months ago

    Why does they sound so dead

  • Just J8ke
    Just J8ke 3 months ago

    Memulous sounds right like Memuless

  • Glacial
    Glacial 3 months ago

    she believed he lied
    more like
    she believed *sbeve*

  • BlitzMcPepper Cheezit
    BlitzMcPepper Cheezit 3 months ago

    Your short? It's ok I'm 4'8 so your fine

  • Littlemetermac Gamer
    Littlemetermac Gamer 3 months ago +1

    Does anyone else remember the annoying orange episode where they talked about still images..

  • yuzi
    yuzi 3 months ago +1

    Big alpha male shows beta male how to read

  • polar cjw
    polar cjw 3 months ago

    Love the new editing style

  • Baked Irish Beanz
    Baked Irish Beanz 3 months ago

    U do realize that no one in Ireland actually says top of the morning to ya? 😂

  • sean harold
    sean harold 3 months ago

    I shit you not a girl on tinder asked me why my name is Seán

  • rubesss
    rubesss 3 months ago +2

    I’m currently eating a pineapple fritter, it’s absolutely disgusting 🤢

    • Evan Sweitzer
      Evan Sweitzer 3 months ago

      You are wrong, you are no longer eating a pineapple fritter

  • Zylem
    Zylem 3 months ago +1

    8:45 I felt that

  • _kpop_ _with_luv__
    _kpop_ _with_luv__ 3 months ago +5

    2:29 Will being confused by greek

  • Princess Rosalina
    Princess Rosalina 3 months ago +1

    Uhh, yes? I’ve done that, mowed the lawn at 7am.

  • doliio volay
    doliio volay 3 months ago

    "omg youtube notified me late" bro it's been 1 minute what

  • Null
    Null 3 months ago +1

    Why's this guy copying memeulous