How NOT to create MP3 music from cassette (Feat. Techmoan)

  • Published on Oct 24, 2016
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    In this video, I take a look at a retro boombox by QFX which is advertised to convert cassette tapes to MP3, but everything is not as it seems.

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  • LGR
    LGR 5 years ago +4011

    Superb to see two of my favorite channels combined! Great topic as always, David :)

    • Giovany Irizarry
      Giovany Irizarry 6 months ago

      Lgr your up there with old tech youtubers

    • Simon T
      Simon T 8 months ago

      TIL that four years ago LGR was called Lazy Game Review. I like the old pc stuff Ive known you for.

    • Anders Termansen
      Anders Termansen 9 months ago

      the 8 bit guy*

    • Alex Finns
      Alex Finns 11 months ago

      @MC-202 ye same

    • NeptuneFusion
      NeptuneFusion Year ago

      Hi LGR!

  • SeriousHex
    SeriousHex 2 years ago +1074

    So when you crushed that thing with the steamroller, would that be "Compressed audio?"

    • Darnamora Gaming
      Darnamora Gaming 17 days ago

      Compressed Trashy audo

    • Abdul Hussain
      Abdul Hussain Month ago

      Well, that "boombox" took quite a lot of FLAC

    • Tess Livv
      Tess Livv 3 months ago

      I think the speaker would fly into another dimension if it was compressed anymore 😂

    • Tandy
      Tandy 4 months ago

      thats acutally a good joke


    13:18 Well, I must say, usually I'm against unnecessarily producing e-Waste and thus hate to see scenes like that, but because of how many audacious claims this device makes while failing miserably to fulfill them, I was really glad when I saw the Steamroller! This needless electronic device destruction was WELL DESERVED!
    PS: love the collab with Mat!

    • Kristjan687
      Kristjan687 3 months ago

      @Bjorn Roesbeke goes for bad chinese phones too

    • Stormspark
      Stormspark 11 months ago +5

      @Ricky Rat But it can't actually play tapes properly. It's no good for that either...the steamroller is all it's good for. The only other thing I can see is scavenging the magnets from the speakers, if you need strong magnets.

    • Ricky Rat
      Ricky Rat Year ago +2

      I own it it’s good for playing tapes

    • Bjorn Roesbeke
      Bjorn Roesbeke 2 years ago +44

      This device is e-waste from the moment it's produced.

  • acro
    acro 2 years ago +717

    The converted audio from the boom box sounds like if you downloaded the WAV from Limewire, put it into Windows Movie Maker, than went and uploaded it to TheXvid in 2005.

    • CZghost
      CZghost 10 months ago

      Precisely said 🤣

    • Level CAS
      Level CAS 10 months ago +1

      Sound like a flash game music, or the ice fun T O R N A D O

    • Kleines Wichtelchen
      Kleines Wichtelchen Year ago

      No, it was 96kbps 22050Hz Stereo.
      TheXvid was 64kbps 22050 Mono.

    • Kleines Wichtelchen
      Kleines Wichtelchen Year ago +2

      *Grabbing the result from the end of this history somewhere from some ugly 90's style web page... putting it into the movie maker, adding some copyrighted random footage... Now the most important part: Adding "HD-Quality" to the video name and then finally uploading it to youtube.*
      It will stay there for years and be the only version of that audio available.

    • MCWDD
      MCWDD Year ago

      Tom? Tom who? Do you by chance mean Tom Glover?

  • 005 AGIMA
    005 AGIMA 2 years ago +82

    Ouch! We get these "retro" systems here in Australia and I was tempted, and even more so when I realised tape to MP3 was a feature. Glad I didn't pull the trigger. I think the best "retro looking" retro technology :)

    • Paul Tibbs
      Paul Tibbs 4 months ago

      Bit late response, but.... None of the tape>MP3 have Dolby decoding, so you're already losing decent response and noise reduction. Nobody is willing to spend the licensing fees to pay Dolby anymore, which is why I made sure to have my old high-end cassette deck cleaned and calibrated. Not bothering with doing new cassettes anymore of course, I still probably have a few new ones sitting around like Techmoan did.

    • MCWDD
      MCWDD Year ago +2

      trance dj
      Tell me, if your trying to get the best quality out of an audio file, why would you bother compressing the recording with a lossy format? Realtek technologies are already shit enough, I don’t understand why you’d bother converting to mp3 when you have a passable file already

    • trance dj
      trance dj 2 years ago +3

      just get a walkman or something and use the headphone output with an 1/8" to 1/8" cable to the line in on a pc and use a program like audacity (free) or sony sound forge to record it to a wave file. then convert to mp3. in sound forge all you have to do is resave your file as an mp3 and it has an awesome built in converter. not sure about audacity because i have never used it.

  • Ryan Hauf
    Ryan Hauf 11 months ago +15

    An interesting thing about Cassette recorders, is cassettes always sound best when played back on the same unit that recorded them (Assuming a single head is used for record and playback) The reason for this has to do with head alignment. If the head is out of alignment, it won't sound very good (highs rolled off) but if played back with the same misalignment, it's back to perfect.
    The fact that your Tascam sounded so close to the original indicates it has excellent head alignment, or at the very least, it's head alignment matches that of the Sony that recorded it.

  • YanestraAgain
    YanestraAgain Year ago +8

    Small comment: The MP3 technology did not become patent-free until 2017, so that a license was required until then, especially for the encoder technology. As far as I remember, the fees were also based on the supported sampling frequency.

  • Bassotronics
    Bassotronics 2 years ago +37

    I remember when mp3 was becoming a thing, I was hearing so many terrible mp3 recordings and I was furious that people were ditching CDs for crappy low bitrate mp3s.
    But I’m glad that the majority of people a few years later noticed that and then tried to locate higher bitrate mp3s or FLAC.
    I even know people who converted all their CDs to MP3 and end up throwing away the CD’s. That’s total ignorance right there because original CDs have better quality than MP3. I want to vomit when people do that. And especially when they record them at 128kbps or lower. 🤢

    • Wild Blunt Hickok
      Wild Blunt Hickok 9 months ago

      @Bassotronics If you're hearing problems with the cymbals on 128kbs mp3 you're listening to an mp3 recorded in the 90s. It's not the bitrate that's the problem, it's how primitive mp3 encoding programs were when mp3 was brand new.
      Having said that I go for FLAC too. Never know when I might need to re-encode something. I don't want files that have been through a few rounds of lossy encoding.

    • Bassotronics
      Bassotronics 10 months ago

      @ *John Smith*
      Yup, A disgusting world in which I am so glad that it’s getting over.

    • John Smith
      John Smith 10 months ago +2

      the low bitrate served its purpose. My first computer had only a 20gb hard drive and too many Mp3s would fill it up. portable mp3 players would only hold a handfull of songs so low bitrate worked to save space and as long as it didn't sound too swishy it didn't matter. Plus have you ever tried to download a 320 bit mp3 over a dial up modem? It would take nearly an hour. A 64 bit file would take only a few minutes. Big files are not that much of an issue over broadband and large hard drives. But it was a whole different world back in the early 2000s.

    • Bassotronics
      Bassotronics 10 months ago +5

      @ *george price*
      Lol you’re crazy.
      Play a rock song at 128 and listen to the cymbals. Now play the same song at 320 and listen to the cymbals.
      At 128, all timbre and “shine” of the cymbals are lost and sounds like a gargling mess.
      But to each their own I guess.

  • DrewPicklesTheDark
    DrewPicklesTheDark 3 years ago +442

    Real men hold the recording device up to a speaker.

  • KnapfordMaster98
    KnapfordMaster98 5 years ago +2284

    8 Bit Guy and Techmoan collab. Well, there's my life completed.

    • weegie334
      weegie334 21 day ago

      now LGR and modern vintage gamer

    • SprayJuice
      SprayJuice Year ago

      They should do a collab with techmoan, 8 bit guy, ibook guy and 8 bit keys lol

    • Alex Stewart
      Alex Stewart Year ago

      But are they both the real ones though...Their very words and actions on this video, might merit some wandering, specially that part at the end ...

    • MathiCat :L
      MathiCat :L 2 years ago


    • cirian75
      cirian75 2 years ago

      @The Sangheili and retro recipes to rebuild the boombox

  • Kokonut
    Kokonut 2 years ago +239

    imagine being a postal worker and seeing a little package say "1 casette tape" in 2016

    • KWC04
      KWC04 22 days ago

      They see this a lot going to my house

    • K-Tech
      K-Tech Month ago

      *small tear rolls down an old posty's face* "I remember those days"

    • monochroma
      monochroma 2 months ago

      @Alain Portant there's also a ton of small labels like business casual that do tons of cassette releases

    • Professor Pinhead
      Professor Pinhead 9 months ago

      yo whats up kokonut

    • Stuart Hamilton
      Stuart Hamilton Year ago

      @roberta mintonye I'm a postal worker too, and I just shrug and move on.

  • Lasky Labs
    Lasky Labs 3 years ago +1208

    "Techmoan keeps sending me junk, and I'm just gonna throw it away."
    "This, is a Glock 19"

    • Omabat
      Omabat 9 months ago

      @Alexander Slone when there's smoke, they pinch back

    • Janne Johansson
      Janne Johansson 9 months ago

      @george price My name is Wesson, Smith Wesson..

    • george price
      george price 10 months ago +1

      @Lasky Labs Can I introduce you to my friends...Smith And Wesson?

    • Cirno 9
      Cirno 9 11 months ago

      Mauser c96 or walther p99 for me xD

    • 先生CherryPepsi
      先生CherryPepsi Year ago

      @Lasky Labs agreed
      Just go with a 1911 because 45 is the lord's caliber

  • Mastergeko4
    Mastergeko4 3 years ago +19

    I can imagine David’s conversation with his friend to ask him if he could run over a crappy boombox with a steam roller

  • Franco Castillo Maksimchuk

    I love how they put linear potentiometer for volume purposes (has to be a logaritmic one, just because that gradient needed)

  • PatchesRips
    PatchesRips 2 years ago +30

    You talked me out of it. I cancelled the order and opted for just a half-decent cassette player and doing the rest myself in Audacity.

  • Octothorpe
    Octothorpe 2 years ago +17

    You have my everlasting respect for getting a steamroller to run this thing over, I can't think of another youtuber who would think to do that and it was worth it.

    • John DoDo Doe
      John DoDo Doe Year ago

      @Stormspark Or the cabinet and mechanism could be refitted with hand built quality stereo electronics that does what this claimed: Analog stereo amplification with X-bass circuitry from an expired 1980s patent, FM stereo reception based on the Kloss receiver design, MP3 and FLAC processing with a Ti BeagleBone based circuit and a navigation LCD behind the tuner scale. Etc. Etc.

    • Stormspark
      Stormspark Year ago

      Yeah that thing was horrible. Not even supporting stereo sound means it doesn't even take all the audio off of the tape. So not only is it making bad quality mp3's with a low sample rate, it's destroying half of the source to begin with. Aside from running it over with the steam roller, it would only be useful if you wanted to take it apart, I dunno maybe it had some capacitors or something that would be useful in another application.

  • Alejandro Sanz II
    Alejandro Sanz II Year ago +55

    The steamroller ending was so AVGN, I loved it! LOL

    • MDLuffy1234
      MDLuffy1234 10 months ago +3

      | ROAD ROLLER |

    • Stormspark
      Stormspark 11 months ago +7

      Yep...I'm usually against destroying things like that, but in this case it was a completely nonfunctional piece of crap that is completely useless for the purpose it was supposedly sold for. The only thing I would've personally done, is taken the speakers apart and snagged the magnets out of them before I crushed it.

  • Troy C
    Troy C 2 years ago +1

    Love the crossover. Both of you guys are an attribute to the preservation of vintage gadgets. I'm a fan of both channels.

  • GetmeoutofSanFrancisco
    GetmeoutofSanFrancisco 2 years ago +4

    Lol according to nyquist, that boom box recording at 22.05hz is giving you a maximum of a 10khz (11025) frequency response (as opposed to 20khz from 44.1 which we all know and love)
    No wonder the high end is all gone!

  • Chris Thomas
    Chris Thomas 2 years ago +1

    Awesome to see two great TheXvidrs collaborating together for our entertainment. Love watching you guys!

  • Sleeve Did It
    Sleeve Did It Year ago +1

    The recording from the QFX machine sounds like AM radio. And I was seriously considering buying one of these before I watched this video. You saved me about $30 and a lot of headaches. Thank you.

  • Coecludd
    Coecludd 10 months ago +1

    I transferred my old tapes years ago by plugging in my tape player audio jack into inputs on the back of my computer and recording on a software called Goldwave. I then used noise reduction, made sure the volume wasn’t too loud during the initial recording and did a fade out at the end to reduce tape hiss.

  • Rob Kight
    Rob Kight 3 years ago +2

    I've been going through your older videos and was thinking to myself that you really should do a collaboration with Techmoan, as I felt you two would work very well together. Imagine my surprise when I ran across this gem! Then I saw that LGR commented on this as well. Now I want to see the three of you do something together!

  • Peter Moeller
    Peter Moeller 2 years ago +4

    Great video! However, the Walkman people use to play tapes should be high quality - not all are. Also current computer onboard audio is generally decent, but some onboard audio still have unpleasant buzzing or humming noise.
    If people mean business about converting tapes at the best quality, use a good tapedeck and use a decent USB audio interface on the computer side.
    Cheap equipment will degrade the signal and nobody wants to converts 300 tapes twice, because the quality from the first run was rubbish.

    • MCWDD
      MCWDD Year ago

      This guy right here, yeah he gets where it’s at

  • Kirk Mooneyham
    Kirk Mooneyham 2 years ago +37

    That "boom box" really has about one use only: cheap radio for the garage, just for some background music while working on the car or whatever.

    • Karvast
      Karvast 3 months ago

      Then for the price why not buy any other radio

    • BilisNegra
      BilisNegra 10 months ago

      @DIYDSP Absolutely not using the mic. Probably you're just joking but there are lots of comments actually believing that's the case FOR REAL!

    • ArmaBiologica35
      ArmaBiologica35 10 months ago

      Or maybe as a way to salvage parts for other projects, though I do think the quality of the individual components is much better than the unit as a whole lol.

    • Stormspark
      Stormspark 11 months ago +3

      It doesn't really even have that...this thing is literally "not fit for purpose", it doesn't do what it was advertised to do *at all*. It's completely useless as anything but e-waste, or taking apart the speakers and scavenging the magnets. Smashing it with a steamroller is more useful than the device itself.

    • DIYDSP
      DIYDSP Year ago +7

      I have one of these. Un4tunately the tuner is very bad, only gets two stations. The whole unit is horrible. I forgot how painful D batteries are to unload, charge, and reload. The flash media poke out car and are just begging to be broken off. Recording from radio is awful.... I suspect it's using the microphone, not wires for rec signal!

  • Rübert
    Rübert Year ago +2

    I once had a similar device that was supposed to do that, but with vinyls. The quality was absolutely horrendous, everything was distorted, bitrate sucked ass. I don't understand who thought selling this crap was a good idea

  • Nonya Bizz
    Nonya Bizz 5 years ago +36

    An amazon review of the product that was ONLY the video of the steamroller would be hysterical.
    One thing I found funny was how you suggested people make MP3 files at the end of the episode. I did the exact opposite in highschool!
    A portable CD player was just not an option, and even if it were, I didn't own enough CDs. Copying my MP3s to tape and playing them on my walkman was much easier!

    • Jim Moore
      Jim Moore 3 years ago

      I built an mp3 to cassette playthrough bug out of an old pair of earbuds and a cassette shell, worked great. OK the output was mono through the bug but I didn't have access to micron-precise wirespinning gear... yeah, just like that thing @25852Dan has.

    • Ruinah
      Ruinah 5 years ago

      The 8-Bit Guy Similarly, I used to record Tracker modules to tape using the line in on a karaoke machine when I was in high school. 90 minutes of my favorite Demoscene music per tape...

    • 25852Dan
      25852Dan 5 years ago +4

      I still use one of these in my car that has a cassette player:
      I plug it into my phone and the sound quality is good.

    • The 8-Bit Guy
      The 8-Bit Guy  5 years ago +19

      I did much the same back around 2000 because I still had a cassette player in my car.

  • Andrew Kwiecinski
    Andrew Kwiecinski 3 years ago +46

    That recording is so rubbish that I can hear the sheer badness of it just with my laptop speakers! The ending of the review was SO satisfying...and I think you improved the functionality of the unit in the end. ;)

  • Cal
    Cal 3 years ago

    It's always nice to see collaboration episodes, and the tape player got what it deserved at the end.

  • Patrick Murphy
    Patrick Murphy 3 years ago

    I love this channel haha. Good quality entertainment and a good amount of schooling to just pick some stuff up. And comedy. Love the retro devices. They were before my time, and I wouldnt go out of my way to purchase one to restore unless a certain brand and model struck my eye, but I love seeing you do it. It's great entertainment

  • Claude Hauper
    Claude Hauper Year ago +2

    Had I been the creators of this device, here’s what I would’ve done differently:
    1. I wouldn’t put ANYTHING modern cosmetically on the device. Instead, I would’ve made it connectible to modern devices via a 35 mm input jack. In other words, the device would be a throwback boombox almost entirely, with the exception of of its ability to connect to modern devices, which some higher-end devices from that era could also do.
    2. I would’ve improved the items mentioned in this video to make it work as good as it looks.
    3. The only recording capabilities this device would have is the cassette deck. No mp3 slot nor USB interfaces would be added. As you said, there are better choices for doing that type of recording.

  • rahb1
    rahb1 2 years ago

    Great review with excellent advice at the end, ie just copy from a decent tape deck (eg Walkman) directly to your computer. Frankly, I had MASSIVE doubts about the QFX as soon as you mentioned the price paid. Too bad they couldn't be bothered to make a good quality model for those who would appreciate it, even though it would have been significantly more expensive.

  • Ultrametric
    Ultrametric 3 years ago

    Interesting. You'd be amazed how much sound is lost to MP3 compression even in the best circumstances, which this was obviously not :)

  • Omega999
    Omega999 Year ago

    You, LGR, Techmoan and Nostalgia Nerd should totally do a collaboration all together! That would be awesome! 👏

  • Paul Zimmerman
    Paul Zimmerman Year ago

    Great episode - Keep 'em coming Mr. 8-Bit Guy!

  • tenmillionvolts
    tenmillionvolts Year ago

    Went through my old cassettes and digitised them recently before chucking them out. Many were a bit worn or flaking but I got what I needed. The few chrome (and one metal) ones on the other hand sounded as good as the day I recorded them. There's no way I'm getting rid of those after paying an arm and leg in 1988. They have now become part of my source material for amplifier repairs :)

  • Nate Logos
    Nate Logos 10 months ago

    Good video. I recently bought new cassette boomboxes from two different brands. Each has the same convert-to-mp3 hardware and presumably software as yours has. I haven't tested that feature yet. Good to know that it's not a very good feature before I waste much time with it.

  • fuzzmaniac
    fuzzmaniac 2 years ago +270

    * brutal flattening of badly-made boombox *
    * tip for simple, economical wall brackets *
    * muppets *

  • Nathan Dane
    Nathan Dane 3 years ago +1

    Wow, the proper tape sounds amazingly good - always remember tapes as sounding terrible, but it's obviously just my equipment.

  • Man Craft TV
    Man Craft TV 3 years ago

    Great collaboration! To my ears, there is no difference in the original and the copy from Techmoan.

  • Эдгар Леонидович

    And as an option, a Sony voice recorder with a recording input function. Very good quality for web or simple digital archive.

  • Peter Richards
    Peter Richards Year ago

    Thanks for the ”office space” allegory at the end....but I would have loved to see more on better tape deck source to record. I’ve got a lot of tapes and unfortunately got rid of all my old decks. I don’t happen to have a Walkman sitting around.

  • Edward Winser
    Edward Winser Year ago

    8-bit Guy and Techmoan have some of the greatest toys (and some that need to be steamrolled).

  • spudd86
    spudd86 5 years ago +62

    Dual Mono actually means it's treating the left and right as totally independent when encoding, that is it's essentially the same as two mono MP3s played at the same time with one going to the left and the other the right. Normally stereo MP3s use the fact that left and right audio signals are usually highly correlated to get better compression without loosing quality (or better quality at the same bit-rate).
    So not only did it mix it down to mono it then wasted bits encoding the same thing twice.


      Oh, and I thought someone had finally found a name for "mono sound coming out of both channels simultaneously", as opposed to the actual mono that is left channel only.
      Damn it!

  • f688xt6
    f688xt6 2 years ago

    I loved the content, and since I watch Techmoan, it was great to see Mat in there as well as the "extra content" in the end. Love it.

  • ernestmac13
    ernestmac13 3 years ago

    Thanks for making this video, I have a boom box that records to thumb drive, but haven't used that feature yet. I will look record a track from an audio tape and check the sampling rate and the other things you mention in this video.

  • Darrell Cheperdak
    Darrell Cheperdak 2 years ago

    I'll throw in my two cents here, in regards to converting old media (ie albums, tapes) in to digital form (ie MP3, WAV, etc)
    I find the best way is to use my Sony TRV D8 camcorders with a direct feed (RCA) recording while playing. Then take that to a digital capture mode, and extract the audio file.
    I will add, if I want to do this even quicker, because I still have the Creative Pro audio card, I can do this without the camcorder.
    So now, with the modern software, again, using Creative, can capture direct
    Please keep in mind, that this is all done in real time, and quality is stellar

  • OppirompaMiDotCom
    OppirompaMiDotCom 10 months ago +1

    One criticism of Techmoans cassette recording:
    It seems to almost mute the first note of the solo synth.
    This makes sense as HX suppresses bias in the precence of strong high frequency signals.
    You should've left the HX off, Mat.
    The button is there for people who can't be bothered to adjust the signal manually, but which you did brilliantly.
    Automatic filters are usually a bad idea vs manual adjustments, unless it's for an effect.

  • TQ Hirsch
    TQ Hirsch Year ago +27

    13:34 Probably the best sound that unit ever made.

  • E C
    E C 2 years ago +1

    #savetheboomboxs I love the tape sound. Near the end of tapes I found stocks of blank Memorex, Basf, Maxell and Phillips form a Dollar store.I bought so many and recorded so much stuff😀

  • Barrett Lewis
    Barrett Lewis 3 years ago

    I wish you would do the same tape quality test on the cheap (~$20) usb tape players on amazon. I think a lot of people go to those to digitize tapes but they seem sketchy.

  • Kirk Nelson
    Kirk Nelson 2 years ago +1

    I have an old sony tape deck made back when they were still good, I use it with audacity on the computer. makes great copies of tapes, and any left over hiss can easily be removed with Audacity. not only for music, but i had a collection of audio-books on tape. maybe someone else could tell the difference but I can't.

  • beszt95
    beszt95 3 years ago

    13:33 I normally love breaking things and watching things be broken, I feel kind of bad for that boombox even if it was a piece of shit. It looks so defeated when it just falls over, lol. I would've at least taken out the speakers and blown them to hell before running the boombox over.

  • Wolf and Raven
    Wolf and Raven 2 years ago

    I tried converting some of my precious old childhood tapes I made when I was like 8 to mp3/wav - I used the Rybozen cassette to mp3 converter, and used an adaptor plugged into the USB of my laptop and used audacity to record. However, it worked for 3 of the tapes, but on the last one, the second side sounded fine (albeit a bit muffled) but when I tried recording the first side, I could hardly hear anything at all, and only this staticy noise. The track looked as if there was hardly any audio the whole way through. However, when I listened to that side of the cassette in the walkman like usual, it sounded perfectly fine. What could be the issue here?

  • Jack Schissler
    Jack Schissler 2 years ago

    Anything Panasonic makes is great, I would and have bought more stuff from them than any other brand cause of their great reliability and quality. Just wish they continued making TV’s and DVD players and stuff like that.

  • Olav S. Flaa
    Olav S. Flaa Year ago

    This confirms that "you get what you pay for" is still valid. I think the performance and price matches well in this case.

  • Steven Damavandi
    Steven Damavandi 10 months ago +5

    Plot twist: 8-bit guy was copyright stiked by 8-bit keys.

  • Tim Googsaccountsaresoconfusing

    I got one of those X-BASS players from a catalog company and also found that recording directly to MP3 sucked! The only remaining option was running a patch cord from the output jacks to my Mac, but if the thing plays only mono, forget it!

  • KOLLUSION Transistor Funk - Topic

    Apart from ripping customers off, maybe the manufacturer doesn't realise we had great sounding, (stereo!) recordings, & equipment in the 80's. I don't even think I would ever record speech audio, or anything, at less than 192kbps!
    Great video.

  • Larry Lee Moniz
    Larry Lee Moniz 10 months ago

    Two of my favorite TheXvidrs, collaborating and helping each other!

  • Floss Man
    Floss Man 5 years ago +379

    I don't see the problem with the "eject" button not working on the original boombox... why would you ever want to change tapes away from the Ghostbusters soundtrack?!

    • 005 AGIMA
      005 AGIMA 2 years ago

      @KanawhaCountyWX lol

    • KanawhaCountyWX
      KanawhaCountyWX 2 years ago +1

      @005 AGIMA a duplication house. Panasonic made 20 casette carocell units in the 70s.

    • 005 AGIMA
      005 AGIMA 2 years ago

      I kid you not, I FILLED 2 sides of a 60 minute tape with nothing but Ghostbusters back in the day. No...not the whole soundtrack. Just the theme! WHO YOU GONNA CALL?

    • Yorkshire Rose
      Yorkshire Rose 2 years ago

      @KanawhaCountyWX Yep, that would be my next choice too!

    • KanawhaCountyWX
      KanawhaCountyWX 2 years ago +1

      Uh, Blues Brothers?

  • wetherby
    wetherby Year ago

    It's 2020 and I love the nostalgia. I have a SONY boombox that I use only in an emergency, mostly when I convert a cassette file to MP3, I connect the home stereo to the computer. I have problems with straight patch cords with RCA plugs because they produce a loud hum by themselves. I asked computer whiz Kim Komando about it and she recommended to me a unit by Xitel called the Inport Hotwire, which was a bit costly but does the job. I had the earlier version but when Microsoft updated their operating system, my previous version became obsolete and I had to purchase the new one which I believe cost about $70 American. I can happily say I have it a number of years with no complaints and am satisfied.
    I found this video very entertaining and I am a subscriber to Techmoan's channel, he's a great presenter and has good taste in choosing old equipment. Rock on you guys!

  • Bean T. D.D
    Bean T. D.D 11 months ago +1

    From google: “Dual mono” indicates two completely separate, independent, unrelated channels. For example, in a dual mono preamp, you might run a vocal through one channel with its own control settings and a bass guitar through the other channel with a completely different set of settings.Aug 11, 2014

    • MCWDD
      MCWDD 11 months ago

      That’s a bit dumb if you ask me. You’d be better off having two seperate files/channels just for simplicity alone. But I’m gonna guess that’s-
      No wait, a modern tascam desk does phantom across two channels.......
      Wait so that implies the audio input is unbalanced? Or they just share the same gain/preamp? I’m an audio engineer and even this sounds dumb.

  • BilisNegra
    BilisNegra 2 years ago +1

    13:10 Sidenote: Well serviced (you know, belts and stuff) 80's-90's walkman from a reputable manufacturer! Most walkmans made today are just the kind of crap that boombox is, and target the same kind of ignorant consumer.

  • rogermwilcox
    rogermwilcox 2 years ago

    I got a $40 turntable that had a similar "record directly to MP3 on a USB stick" feature.
    It was even WORSE than the cassette player one shown on this video.
    Not only was the generated .MP3 audio filled with all sorts of distortion, it would SKIP fractions of a second in the recording, because its internal digital-compression software couldn't keep up with the bitrate coming into it in real time!

  • Kenneth Productions
    Kenneth Productions 10 days ago

    I also found the same boom box for cheap. Really, the only good use for it for me, is the shortwave tuner. It’s able to pick up a couple of shortwave stations, and that it.

  • ciro bermudez
    ciro bermudez 3 years ago

    You are right, using Audacity and some cassette player I digitaliced one of my favorites old cassettes, thank you so much, almost at the end of the video you gave us the easiest way to do it. I really enjoy your work, thank you again.

    • Débranché Lowtone
      Débranché Lowtone Year ago

      It's better with an external audio card. Computer input often adds some noise. Also using a walkman is not the best choice, a cassette deck is better. I should have different options like chrome and Dolby B to play such tapes correctly. And don't use mp3 at the end, it ruins everything.

  • Fernie Canto
    Fernie Canto 2 years ago

    The steamroller is so gratuitous and so unexpected for this channel, I can't help but love it.

  • Isaac Roberts
    Isaac Roberts 3 years ago

    Have you tried oiling the metal mechanical switches to keep them from sticking? I also would try to run the fast forward for 5 minutes and rewind for the same amount of time

  • Lou Spowells
    Lou Spowells 5 years ago +151

    The 8BG and Techmoan? That's just awesome. I know I'm a bit late to the party, but I sure would enjoy seeing a few more crossovers like this, perhaps even with other tech-channels.

  • SilverDawnArrow
    SilverDawnArrow 2 years ago

    In the late 90s/early 2000s my parents used to convert their CDs to cassette because our car stereo only played those. We found a big case of them recently and saw no point in keeping them because we had all of them on CD already

  • MrCrepers86
    MrCrepers86 Year ago

    Between this and after watching a bunch of techno and videos. It makes me wonder why they just don’t build better cassette players again. Especially with cassettes becoming popular again... something with the still popularity of MD which is my second option for recording

  • jamie1707
    jamie1707 2 years ago

    Just for the heck of it, I looked up the QFX boom box. It sells for $39.99 at best buy. I need a multiband radio and I thought maybe this would do. If the part you used was crappy, I guess the whole thing is junk.
    BTW, love your vids, very well done and sooo interesting.

  • rolleander
    rolleander Year ago +1

    I actually have one of these. It's also horrible when recording from usb to tape - even moreso, actually. Glad it was just a gift 😂.

  • Di3mondDud3
    Di3mondDud3 3 years ago +402

    After seeing that ytp, when he made the face all i heard was techmoan singing "we're up all night to get lucky"

    • TheJamesDTV Uncensored
      TheJamesDTV Uncensored 10 months ago +1

      YTP for life

    • Luis Marques
      Luis Marques 10 months ago

      Me tooo hahahah.

    • cat1554
      cat1554 10 months ago +4

      We're up all night to get lucky.
      We're up all night to get lucky.
      We're up all night to get lucky.
      We're up all night to get lucky.

    • Socky Noob
      Socky Noob Year ago +1

      @thespkrYT Same

  • Tylr Vncnt
    Tylr Vncnt 3 years ago

    That melody from the test track is actually suuuuper 🔥🔥...!! Was NOT expecting it to be so catchy and quite honestly, just a realllly really well composed n badass lil theme. Damn, really love that composition..!!
    8-Bit, is this your music?? Really well done and production great too. But that melody/synth chord line... 🔥🔥 love it

    • Tylr Vncnt
      Tylr Vncnt 3 years ago

      Also, not that it matters (just an observation), the overall *pitch* of the track gets a littttle higher (& sliiightly faster tempo) when played from the Tascam, and then even more so from the monstrosity that is the “X-Bass”... Doesn’t really matter thatttt much, n most ppl prob won’t notice/care lol, just thought I’d mention it just cuz it’s there.
      Fantastic vid btw

  • Peeps40836
    Peeps40836 2 years ago +3

    Finally. My dream of a crossover of The 8-Bit Guy, Techmoan and The Moans has come true.

  • Renneth Jarrett
    Renneth Jarrett 2 years ago

    This video has me thinking so many different related things. Yes, your MP3 gizmo made a mono recording, and yes the who gizmo is mono. Back in the 1980's I had cassette deck, two of them of the same model and my sister wanted me to make a copy of some music for her. I did and she complained that it did not sound good. She was playing it back on one of those mono book shaped tape recorders. Why did it sound bad. The simple answer was that it was not playing it in stereo. However the more true answer was head alignment, the azimuth, head tilt, did not match, and when this happens on a stereo tape deck, with both channels playing into one ,or a mono cassette tape head playing a stereo tape, you get distortion and high frequency loss. So your actual problem was the tape player in your gizmo, was either not align to the tap well or, it was simply a mono tape player as well and also not aligned to your tape. Garbage in garbage out. High compressing MP3 have their own problems as well, and the higher the compression, the more distortion and frequency loss on both ends and quiet spots as well.

  • Princess Cornmealia
    Princess Cornmealia 2 years ago +1

    thank you so much for the awesome closed caption. i’m glad you let people like me enjoy your videos :)

  • Black Metal - Blackened Noise Records

    techmoan and 8 Bit Guy at the same time is like Christmas and Easter on the same day. Seriously, this was my two favorite channels at the same time. 10/10

  • FrugalPrepper's Garage & Garden

    If you really want to go retro you have to have two boom boxes and then hold the mic port on the recording one close to the speaker on the other and get the volume just right. I spent many of hours with my friends copying tapes this way.

    ODPTV 6 months ago

    Techmoan's Cassette Tape Converted to MP3 by QFX radio just makes me wanna rave more than the original.

  • honeycrisp
    honeycrisp Year ago +1

    I got a boombox from goodwill for VERY Cheap, less than that boombox, and sounds way better. Also, great video.

  • ACompExp
    ACompExp 3 years ago +1

    Anders Jensen did a nice job creating the remix of your 8-bit keys channel. Also showing some clips from your almost every videos. LIKE IT!!!

  • Lauri Ekman
    Lauri Ekman 2 years ago +17

    Techmoan made great job recording the tape!

  • kazuyoshi sakamoto

    Using cassette tapes manually in one respect seems to be enjoyable once in a while.

  • Dan Mecklenburg
    Dan Mecklenburg 2 years ago

    Panasonic made quality gear in the day. I have an RX-CS710 I've been using for years for AM/FM and as audio speakers on and off. I've had it repaired once as one speaker went south but it's still in use today.

  • Noah Eldridge
    Noah Eldridge 2 years ago

    If anyone is interested, the Pyle PTTCDS7U records 128 kbps 44.1 KHz MP3’s to USB or SD Card from record, tape, AM/FM Stereo, or line-in. It’s not a high-end device at all, but it is quite a bit better than I expected for the price, and it does a lot.

  • Juergen Bernhard
    Juergen Bernhard 2 years ago

    leaving aside that this boombox is playing slightly too fast (sometimes it seems a semitone up).
    The way this so-called boombox encodes reminds me of the way RealMedia files sounded like in the mid-1990s.
    Ironic enough that even in the end the x-bass logo survives from that thing. Nice treat you put in Techmoans' muppets at the end of your episode.

  • c
    c 2 years ago

    I once got this portable cassette player that let you convert tapes to mp3, it was made by ion and converts quite well with most tapes.

  • Gerard Pinzone
    Gerard Pinzone 3 years ago +3

    The recording of a CD quality source to a chrome tape is going to be better than even professionally mastered cassettes on normal tape.

    HZDM YXWY 3 months ago

    Did you really expect studio quality sound from a $30 piece of equipment and the portable stereos in the past were made a whole lot better than the ones of today and they cost a lot more to

  • Fernando Moreno
    Fernando Moreno Year ago

    This boombox actually works great and the recordings actually sound great well at least for me

  • Suri Suri
    Suri Suri 3 years ago

    The two best channels on TheXvid combined. This what I call a Geekfest.

  • Sam Foster
    Sam Foster Year ago +1

    the QFX boombox is a knock off of the SC-3200 boombox made by SuperSonic. The SuperSonic SC-3200 has knobs to adjust treble, Middle and bass. it also doesn't make a humming noise when plugged in

  • Josh Keeping
    Josh Keeping 2 years ago

    Wowww, I almost ordered the same boombox from Green Days online store, it's packed with some limited edition cassettes, which are apparently all pitched a half step lower or higher then the original. A whopping price of 149.99. Glad I did not purchase.

    • Gordon Taylor
      Gordon Taylor 2 years ago

      Honestly, that sounds like a good way to separate fools from their money...

  • Marc-Julien Objois
    Marc-Julien Objois 4 years ago +14

    I love both your channel and Techmoan, so this was extra great. Also, nice job “Americanning it up” by crushing the bad boombox to distorted electric guitars!

  • matthew pisto
    matthew pisto Year ago +1

    I recorded all of my cassettes from a tape deck to computer, then turned them in cds. That was back in the early 2000s.

  • Dougie Bell
    Dougie Bell Day ago

    Congrats to techmoan for the great cassette.

  • BishopBigans
    BishopBigans 2 years ago

    Just record the left to track 1 and the right to track 2 and pan them accordingly with the built in mixer. Stereo on the tascam.