• Published on May 12, 2019
  • It's ULTIMATE BATTLE time! Things are even more difficult this week with a time limit... just 20 minutes to impress the chefs. Who will win? Barry and his lemony pasta. Jamie and his hefty pork chop. Or Mike with his sticky ribs. Let us know who your winner would be in the poll!
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Comments • 1 337

  • b chang
    b chang 6 days ago

    Rhis was really stressful to watch....pls pls kill the bell and chop the hand that keeps ringing it.

  • Amber Sirre
    Amber Sirre 14 days ago

    guuuuUUUUuuuuys, there's been no battle since this...what's up with that?

  • Chrystinamarie Wellington

    What I make in 20mins: ramen & a capri sun

  • Anna B
    Anna B 24 days ago

    This is an honest Brits really use that much oil to fry a single egg? In every British cooking show and every British film (Four Weddings and a Funeral - I'm talking about *you* !) about a quarter cup of oil is used for their eggs. I'm amazed. I used a quick sploosh of cooking spray and that's it. Can someone explain please?

  • Cindy
    Cindy Month ago

    I really enjoy this style battle. I cannot wait to see the chef version!

  • Marcus Swisher
    Marcus Swisher Month ago

    Turn of the hobb!!! Love Mike's honesty though

  • Kate Bowen
    Kate Bowen Month ago

    You guys versus the Yes Theory guys!!

  • Kate Bowen
    Kate Bowen Month ago

    OMG you guys need to meet up with the Yes Theory guys!!!

  • Lizzy Seay
    Lizzy Seay Month ago

    I just love how seriously you all took this🤓 well done all

  • Lizzy Seay
    Lizzy Seay Month ago

    I just love how seriously you all took this🤓 well done all

  • Lizzy Seay
    Lizzy Seay Month ago

    I just love how seriously you all took this🤓 well done all

  • ursulajoni15
    ursulajoni15 2 months ago

    I really want to see an experience versus education/ training battle where the three normals battle against three recent graduates of Ben and James's culinary school

  • Jakob Karlqvist
    Jakob Karlqvist 2 months ago

    I absolutely need that pasta limone AND garlic bread (obviously). 😋

  • Robert Scarberry
    Robert Scarberry 2 months ago

    Y'all are great! Please keep it up! Perhaps give the chefs low end ingredients for them to upscale and be cheffy. Then give nice ingredients to the "normals" and do a chef vs normal battle.

  • JanTheNan
    JanTheNan 2 months ago

    Gents invest in a halogen oven

    ABC DEFG 2 months ago

    James is such a mood through thus video and I’m living for it 😂 💖

  • Toldyaso
    Toldyaso 2 months ago

    That was awesome. I only wish I could have tasted them myself

  • timbo lee
    timbo lee 2 months ago

    9:46 me everyday

  • Euan Hooper
    Euan Hooper 2 months ago

    Does Jamie ever not use paprika

  • Thecla Shubert
    Thecla Shubert 2 months ago

    James is the parent who just desperately wants all his children to do well.

  • Stalwart Shinobi
    Stalwart Shinobi 2 months ago

    sorry but i couldnt stop laughing at mike when he poured into the pan and it ran down the glass andn made a mess, no one said anything, then right after he slops it into the air and makes another mess haha

  • Jamie MacRae
    Jamie MacRae 2 months ago

    I’m sorry but Mike made freaking BBQ in 20 mins, you should be crowning him your king, let alone winner!!

  • BnutSC
    BnutSC 2 months ago

    Props Jamie for the Bulleit.

  • alex gerling
    alex gerling 2 months ago

    A really basic equipment challenge would be good to see, for those that don't have the tool syou have access too

  • browneyedgal
    browneyedgal 2 months ago +1

    So proud of my boys 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Mark Holderfield
    Mark Holderfield 2 months ago

    My boy Jamie ruled on this one.

  • Kim Desjardins
    Kim Desjardins 2 months ago

    Does anyone have a link to Jamie's recipe? It isn't in the description as usual!

  • Matthew Brookes
    Matthew Brookes 2 months ago +1

    James: I’m so proud had me dying

  • Jacob Currie
    Jacob Currie 3 months ago

    How can I get Jamie's recipe??

  • Jules
    Jules 3 months ago

    i think at this point we can all agree that they arent just normals anymore

  • gabriel karinaa
    gabriel karinaa 3 months ago +1

    make some Indonesia Food for battle please,because Indonesian food are has many secrets ingredients.. i'm from Indonesia love SORTED so much❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤

  • rtone2805
    rtone2805 3 months ago

    Curveball sugestion evry time som one leves a hop on unnessesary they hav to go on the side line for 5 Minutes

  • Junlin Yi
    Junlin Yi 3 months ago +1

    I didn't realize this but at 6:42 JAMIE (not Barry) left his hob on!

  • Daniel James
    Daniel James 3 months ago

    That's not a cheap bottle of bourbon either. Gotta be a tenner more than JD? You guys obviously shop at Waitrose 😂

  • Keith
    Keith 3 months ago +1

    Barry going so damn slow is stressful as fuck.

  • Saba Paba
    Saba Paba 3 months ago

    :( I can't find the lemony pasta recipe...

  • Michael Illes
    Michael Illes 3 months ago

    That baby face, cockney cunt spams my ear with that bell one more time, I’m going to chuck his dog off a fucking bridge.

  • Juls Gonlan
    Juls Gonlan 4 months ago

    next battle 3 normal vs 1 chef high cuisine

  • stupidfrellingname
    stupidfrellingname 4 months ago

    Jamie set my dogs off with his panic noises.

  • Darren Zeraus
    Darren Zeraus 4 months ago

    Look at these 3 goobers going from kitchen schmucks to kitchen savvy after all this time....*sniff* The baby boys are growing up!!

  • Thomas Edwards
    Thomas Edwards 4 months ago

    James was a proud dad throughout this video.

  • MickMaan
    MickMaan 4 months ago

    It's wet. It's windy. It's cloudy. It's summer!
    Ultimate British Barbecue Battle.
    Three courses. All cooked on a BBQ, under a gazebo, in the garden, while it's raining if possible, served with what you believe is Britain's best beer - Must be brewed in the UK!

  • Oliver Boardman
    Oliver Boardman 4 months ago

    “Ooo into the bread” crying

  • silver070
    silver070 4 months ago

    Can the three really consider themselves "normals" anymore? Granted, they not chef level but they are home cooks now.

  • Eric Kennedy
    Eric Kennedy 4 months ago

    James is the perfect mixture of sweetheart and asshole in this episode. "I just really want him to do well." "You have time to make that look nice, mate."

    • Lady Berd
      Lady Berd 3 months ago

      That is the most perfect description of hot ginger chef James I've ever heard

  • James Archer
    James Archer 4 months ago

    Mike's the winner in this battle.

  • Andre Chow
    Andre Chow 4 months ago

    How is jaime not a chef????

  • Skout Roberson
    Skout Roberson 4 months ago

    This is an awesome channel!!

  • KyraKyraMyra
    KyraKyraMyra 4 months ago

    "It's a bit rosy, but I'm ok with that."

    NONONONONONONONONONONONONONO THATS PORK! You're a chef, don't you know you don't mess with food safety? Pigs are full of parasites.

  • Jori
    Jori 4 months ago

    Love the energy in this video

  • Sarah Watson
    Sarah Watson 4 months ago

    Y'all are awesome!!!!! Love laughing and watching u 3 make it out of the weeds, lucky that was your only ticket, but every dish was on point!

  • Lord Jock
    Lord Jock 4 months ago

    Well, I have to say that while watching this the one with the fat head persuaded me to have two whiskeys For that I am grateful. I thought all the dishes well well cooked and prepared except the stuffed pork chop was ruined by adding a fried egg FFS and that bell would have been in a different place if I had been there

  • PizzaEatingKoala
    PizzaEatingKoala 4 months ago

    mike panicking makes my heart hurt. he's like a baby that I just want to hug and protect from the world.

  • Michael Ganzer
    Michael Ganzer 4 months ago

    Just the choice between 'like' and 'not like'. Dude, I'd love to 'like' it thirty times, so much! This is what cooking is about. Experience, failures, effort, a goal, ambition. You've done an amazing job altogether. Thank you so much. It was such a joy to watch this episode!

  • kateemma22
    kateemma22 4 months ago

    Barry and Jamie explaining their recipe: an awkward waiter. Mike explaining his recipe: your six year old trying to explain his ultimate dinner. So precious.

  • Велислав Петков

    "I've touched some meat, so I'm gonna wash some hands" you gotta love Mike for there moments

  • Sora.N Minakaze
    Sora.N Minakaze 4 months ago

    The twist Curveball. This curveball comes in at 5 minutes after the challenge starts. The boys will have to swap recipes and cook the other's dish in a clockwise manner. at the end, they will rotate back to their own dish and be judged by what the others have made. The twist is if anybody tries to ruin the dish and try to not follow the recipe, they will lose a brownie point for foul play.

  • Oliver Wright
    Oliver Wright 4 months ago

    Anyone know the ingredients for the bread??

  • Vandell
    Vandell 4 months ago

    This was actually stressful as fuck to watch I loved it. More 20 min challenges!

  • LordOfDruid
    LordOfDruid 4 months ago

    TBH this is probably one of my favourite challenge on SORTEDfood, the lads definitely did their best and the amount of support for each other and just that pinch of sass just did it for me. Loved every bit of it, not gonna pick a fav, it is between simplicity and effort, anyone can definitely appreciate a simple dish, but the lads did give a one heck of a welly on their respective dishes. Thanks for the awesome content 😀😀