Carrasco Willing To Take Pay Cut To Move From China To Arsenal | AFTV Transfer Daily


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  • Blazentity
    Blazentity 3 days ago

    Don Robbie Back AGAIN with the killing of names... Migwel Almiron

  • wanje george
    wanje george 6 days ago


  • Omar Abdulahi
    Omar Abdulahi 6 days ago

    stop lying this club don't have money to buy player

    JOSHUA GIKUHI 6 days ago

    It's same old sh*t! Arsenal pretending to have interest in top key players but end up purchasing riff raff

  • Jose Gutierrez, Jr.
    Jose Gutierrez, Jr. 6 days ago

    Herrera I think is better than Ramsey. From what I've seen

  • Jimmy Sonam
    Jimmy Sonam 7 days ago

    Hell yes on carrasco

  • Darren Maxwell
    Darren Maxwell 7 days ago

    Big Club??? Sick of it now Robbie we’re going backwards look at the players we’re trying to bring in.
    Wheres the fkin ambition here. Dearest club in the league!!! DT Troops need to get the banners out and put a stop to this shit sick of it now emery got the job because his a Yes man no top manager tolerates this rubbish.

  • your dad
    your dad 7 days ago

    China's shite

  • John Tarimo
    John Tarimo 7 days ago +1

    We want carasco.! And make à deal of denis be doné early they ar promicn players

  • Matt Scallon
    Matt Scallon 7 days ago

    We need Manolas or koulibaly

  • Trevor Lewanika
    Trevor Lewanika 8 days ago

    Atletico didn't want Torreira Robbie

  • Damke Gunner
    Damke Gunner 8 days ago

    Of course we need a wide player. Our play is so narrow at times and we struggle to break down teams that put 10 men behind the ball.

  • Alvin Kamara
    Alvin Kamara 8 days ago

    It’s Yannick Ferreira-Carrasco

  • Mervyn Walton
    Mervyn Walton 8 days ago

    Robbie trying to validate Almiron by saying Pulisic played in MLS LOL

  • sarah parry
    sarah parry 8 days ago


  • A Asperheim
    A Asperheim 8 days ago

    No robbie. Carrasco is a right winger not left

  • Danny Hustle
    Danny Hustle 8 days ago

    Let protest Stan kroenke

  • J-B Exploration
    J-B Exploration 8 days ago +1

    I really do hope we get carrasco I’m not so sure about Denis Suarez 🤔

  • Sir SwearsAlot
    Sir SwearsAlot 8 days ago

    Such a good player. Should've stayed at Atletico.

  • Mr Clarke
    Mr Clarke 8 days ago

    This is the move we need to get over the line to ensure that we get back into top 4 or we are destined for 6 place this season without a doubt. Suarez we will have to do a loan with a clause to buy come season end, Barca don't need the money right now but we need to form an alliance with them somewhere to guarantee this happens and we need to buy Carrasco outright. We have already extended Nachos contract so we must be looking at a younger back line because I don't see why we would keep him.

  • Burnell Andrews
    Burnell Andrews 8 days ago

    Milan Škriniar Vida cengiz under manolas nicolas pepe almiron pavon denis suarez carrasco koulibaly José Giménez would be great signings for us in this window

  • Ajay Gunner
    Ajay Gunner 8 days ago

    sell ozil to china

  • Impact Visualz
    Impact Visualz 8 days ago

    Look unai
    Get Eric Bailly - £35
    Get yannick carrasco £20
    Get Denis Suarez £20

  • Santi Carzola
    Santi Carzola 8 days ago

    These are the kind of players Arsenal should be signing...but they wont

  • #1 Mitch BDS
    #1 Mitch BDS 8 days ago

    I don't see the fuss over Ramsey leaving to me he's an okay player nothing to shout about easily replaceable

  • warren mario
    warren mario 8 days ago

    Why are we not dealing with our defensive crisis wright we really need to deal with that

  • Jimmy Young
    Jimmy Young 8 days ago

    Lascalles from Newcastle, young and a leader. Wouldn't break the bank either.

  • Barbosa Barbosa
    Barbosa Barbosa 8 days ago +1

    Why you always give rumour news bro

  • Shankar Menon
    Shankar Menon 8 days ago

    did you see the players returning to full training Robbie? Bellerin/Monreal/Mavropanos/Koscielny/Mustafi and Ozil... all back in full training... so I reckon we are going for the midfield now and then see what we can do with defense in the summer with a big name signing...

  • Ben Ross
    Ben Ross 8 days ago

    Go get Nathan Ake and be done with it need a powerful left footed cb

  • Crispybacon617
    Crispybacon617 8 days ago

    You know what they say, "The best defense is a good attack"

  • Rick Singh
    Rick Singh 8 days ago

    We will get his long lost cousin Freddy carrasco

  • Batates Marley
    Batates Marley 8 days ago

    We need to stronger the team with this players then we can look at the dafance

  • moz Lewis
    moz Lewis 8 days ago

    Mavropanos will be like a new signing.

  • MakaveliTHEdon
    MakaveliTHEdon 8 days ago

    We need him Yannick Carrasco!

  • varun ghosh
    varun ghosh 8 days ago

    this guy is begging to come arsenal

    BREXIT MEANS BREXIT 8 days ago

    hes shit. literally average player. over hyped when he burst on the scence. would never have allowed him to leave if he were any good.

  • radamel falcao
    radamel falcao 8 days ago +1

    Everyone says about "We love it. Sign him" but HELLO, we currently can't afford 25 million pound? That bloody Kroenke is not going to give us a penny and we are out of Champions League for 2 years which means we can't spend in this January.
    A loan deal for Denis Suarez is more practical.
    Come on Londoners! Let's kick Kroenke butt!
    #SlamStan #TimeforAchange #NotAnymore

  • Zilla87 Ben
    Zilla87 Ben 8 days ago

    Let's put it real. Spurs have got an average team just like us apart from laca auba and that fake number 10 ozil. But yet there more consistent and drag there wins through. There not a big club like us but there doing better with a team apparently not as good as ours?? I'm ashamed. Even after this unbeaten run we are still 5th. I'm sorry but Europa league is shit but as much as unai is a specialist in it we won't win it. Time to be real people we are not the gooners we used to be

  • Jeff L
    Jeff L 8 days ago

    Dalian bought him for 30 millions Euros, there's no way to sell him less than that price.

  • Zilla87 Ben
    Zilla87 Ben 8 days ago

    Remember when that guy the apparent plug said we will defo get alligri??? Where's he gone? Havnt seen since. I love arsenal but these rumours drive me nuts.we never sign any player that's mentioned really. It's all hopes and dreams. I think people need to wake up and realise are club is ruined by kronke and we don't stand a chance. I love my team but I put money on man utd finishing 5th and us 6th

  • Trashbin2797
    Trashbin2797 8 days ago

    Mark my word signing him would be disaster, yes he's young but the guy is lazy af ask Atleti fans about him he also has attitude problem

  • mike torres
    mike torres 8 days ago

    Just grab someone!!! literally plagued by injuries every other week!!!

  • franklin clinton
    franklin clinton 8 days ago

    Arsenal should try sign Vida from besiktas and he will come for cheap due to besiktas finances

  • Bee Jaye
    Bee Jaye 8 days ago

    Herrera is tough and not as injury prone. Mexican toughness about him.
    Like his attitude towards the game when on the pitch.
    He does not stop running.

  • Bo Oketen
    Bo Oketen 8 days ago

    I dont know why everybody is hypin up carrasco, he’s shit just check his stats

  • JackAssJacob
    JackAssJacob 8 days ago

    It's okay don Robbie, Mavropanos is back. We have a greek wall to protect us.

  • Mattaron Taylor
    Mattaron Taylor 8 days ago

    Now Arsenal looking at MSL players 😂😂😂, from top club leftovers to MLS players. Sad but it's confirm Arsenal is no longer a top club

  • Sean Kastro
    Sean Kastro 8 days ago

    I agree. They are quality players but fixing our defence should be our number one priority.

  • Hugh Janus
    Hugh Janus 8 days ago

    It's true though, only reason for going to China is for the stupid amount of money they offer. Carrasco wasted more than a year of his life there.

  • Josiah Boateng-Myrie
    Josiah Boateng-Myrie 8 days ago +1

    Robbie > Lawrence

  • 247goldy
    247goldy 8 days ago

    I don’t know why Arsenal don’t tempt Man Utd with a cheeky bid for Martial since his contract is up in the summer

  • Andre Rowe
    Andre Rowe 8 days ago

    yeah we need a winger

  • Stephen Hosein
    Stephen Hosein 8 days ago

    Krzysztof Piatek great player

  • El Pato
    El Pato 9 days ago

    All i want is a new defender and a solid winger. Also ozil to play and i will be very happy

  • Chris Casserley
    Chris Casserley 9 days ago

    Carascco has also been linked to man utd, and with all due respect arsenal can't match us on money, 170k a week is chump change for us

  • gully sydes
    gully sydes 9 days ago

    Robbie selling dreams

  • Daniel Smith
    Daniel Smith 9 days ago

    Arsenal signing players from the MLS and China. This is the Kronke era.

  • Jacob Fraser
    Jacob Fraser 9 days ago

    I go to Atlanta United games, almiron has the skill and speed to play for arsenal but don’t know if he’s quite strong enough for the premier league. Atlanta have already signed a replacement so he will be gone

  • Globalisation
    Globalisation 9 days ago

    stupidest nation will hire stupidest so called coach, Qatar will win the world cum

  • Marwan Hassan
    Marwan Hassan 9 days ago


  • Giossi Andrin
    Giossi Andrin 9 days ago

    Bring in Carrasco and a defender .. my favourite would be Manolas... Imagine Sokratis and Manolas. Strikers Auba Laca Iwobi and Carrasco great. And bring Suarez in Summer.. Because Ramsey is leaving in Summer so we could get then Suarez to replace him, we don't need him at January

  • Zach Evensen
    Zach Evensen 9 days ago

    No doubt need a center back and I will not be happy if one is not purchased this transfer window, top priority

  • victor njau
    victor njau 9 days ago

    I remember one of the few interviews unai said he likes a Team that score alot of goals which means he just wants to reinforce the foward and midfield only, he isn't scared of cbs

  • britishbushido
    britishbushido 9 days ago

    Robbie when will you stop going on about WHY Arsenal won’t offer Ramsey a contract... THEY DID!!!!!! he didn’t sign it FFS??? It’s on HIM... not US..
    P.s you see how many clubs are clambering fir Wenger.... NONE!!! Only we were duped his lack of talent

  • mphatso chikukula
    mphatso chikukula 9 days ago

    Carrasco yessssssss!!

  • Zach Evensen
    Zach Evensen 9 days ago

    Carrasco, Actual dream signing I’ve wanted this guy at arsenal for years and for only 18 mil an absolute steal at a perfect age and perfect position I say go and get him but you never know with this cheap club

  • Step2797
    Step2797 9 days ago

    That guy is a money grabbing c***.

  • britishbushido
    britishbushido 9 days ago

    If we as a club can’t do a cut and dry deal like this carasco deal, then we are in HUGE trouble... this is a wolves or Watford kind of deal.... what have we become if we struggle with an £18m deal??

  • netweed09
    netweed09 9 days ago

    ''Ramsey Deal Done But Who's Replacing Him?'' only 2 days ago, now cannot name enough player that are in the queue to do so
    Not hot Robbie,,,

  • netweed09
    netweed09 9 days ago

    Suarez, Manolas, Maguire, now Carrasco
    All available, great fits, given nods towards us and all great value for around £20mn and we *still* haven't got 1 of them. This club that signed Xhaka for £32mn over Kante and shyed away from Benzema to save £2. Ths club

  • Severinate
    Severinate 9 days ago

    Talk of 'replacing' Ramsey is moot. Emery is changing our formation/tactics, so we don't need to replace Ramsey. Emery wants wide players. If we get Carrasco and Suarez our attack will be frightening and we can strengthen the defence in the summer. Nacho, Mavrapanos, Bellerin and Mustafi are all back in full training. This season was always a transition.

  • MrKeyTube
    MrKeyTube 9 days ago

    I would prefer a denis Suarez move but what should we do with Mkhitaryan , Özil and the others if we sign Suarez and Carrasco .

  • Ahsan Mahmood
    Ahsan Mahmood 9 days ago

    Get troopz to participate in transfer daily please

  • Alex Blatte
    Alex Blatte 9 days ago

    I don’t understand how we literally have no money still

  • priMa •
    priMa • 9 days ago

    “We need Centre Backs and we need them like... yesterday”
    Classic line 😂

  • Gordon vazeecs Gym anta

    Carrasco. Lacazete. Mikhi/iwobi
    Suarez. Torreira
    Tank. Manolas. Sokratis.bellerin

  • John Black
    John Black 9 days ago

    I hope there is undercover negotiations for a CB

  • The Fresh Prince Jeff

    Personally I think we should get a loan centre back

  • Janessa Jahneilea
    Janessa Jahneilea 9 days ago

    I think Yannick is a good lefty plus nacho is getting there as in age!!we badly need Yannick,also Ozil need sold him too soft,his laziness getting to me furthermore too much money for frequently injury

  • Mohamed Geyre
    Mohamed Geyre 9 days ago

    Carrasco is a great player and we need him so yes he will be a good choice

  • David von
    David von 9 days ago

    Robbie would you exchange Ozil for shanchez return????

  • David von
    David von 9 days ago

    Zaha a coolybarly = then defo top3

  • bigman daquan
    bigman daquan 9 days ago

    denis suarez would be better than carrasco

  • David von
    David von 9 days ago

    Buy the guy from China 🇨🇳 loan Suarez

  • echaidlehands
    echaidlehands 9 days ago

    Why i still doubt he's gonna hard to fit with the team?

  • hicm 1of12
    hicm 1of12 9 days ago

    I personally feel that we should wait until the summer and get Pepe...coz I don't think either Carrasco, or Dennis Suarez are good enough to take us to the next level!
    Our defence must be our priority this January! A Top Class commanding CB, and Ace FB!

  • true gunner1
    true gunner1 9 days ago

    Very good player let’s see if arsenal is ambitious enough

  • David Adewale Adekanmbi

    Carrasco is good but what arsenal sorting the out defence. Arsenal should look at English defenders rather than looking outside. They should go for Nathan Ake, Ryan Bennett and Jamal Lescelles.

  • ashton1205
    ashton1205 9 days ago

    18 million and he’ll take a pay cut so what’s the problem. Arsenal again showing weak mentality

  • Lewis Matthews
    Lewis Matthews 9 days ago

    Hiiiiiiii more iconic that Will Smith’s “yaaaaaaa”

  • TobiTheGreatest
    TobiTheGreatest 9 days ago

    DONT SIGN SUAREZ why are we signing a central midfielder when ramsey hasnt left yet keep him until summer buy a defender for god sakes carasco is a good winger now get a defender PLEASE

  • Balthasar Rodellega
    Balthasar Rodellega 9 days ago

    I prefer Carrasco over Suarez. The only thing is that Suarez plays mid and can play winger too, but Carrasco all the way!!

  • Petar Zijic
    Petar Zijic 9 days ago

    Pulisic never played in the MLS. He joined Dortmund as a kid.

  • sayfami sayfami
    sayfami sayfami 9 days ago

    Pay cut at 18 million lol for that quality arsenal be serious.

  • 1,000,000 subscribers challange With no videos

    Get Carrasco sell Elneny

  • saif zahid
    saif zahid 9 days ago +1

    number of years it will take spurs to win the premier league = number of likes

  • Fjotolf Hansen
    Fjotolf Hansen 9 days ago

    We need to sign Mats hummels or Jerome Boateng because Bayern have just signed Benjamin Pavard so one of them could go

  • TheGodLegend1
    TheGodLegend1 9 days ago +1

    Robbie we need danilo peireira from porto

  • arsenalmanic
    arsenalmanic 9 days ago

    Where are the defenders ?