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  • Published on Feb 29, 2020
  • Blue Realm - Episode 5: Toxic Invaders
    They’re beautiful - and deadly, with venomous spines that resemble a lion's mane. They’re lionfish, a tropical reef species normally found in the Indo-Pacific. Now, they’re wreaking havoc in the Caribbean and Atlantic - all thought to have descended from a handful of aquarium fish carelessly released into the sea. In these regions, they are potentially a greater threat to coral reefs and commercial fish populations than global warming or pollution.
    Prolific breeders and aggressive predators, they quickly spread - wiping out native species at an alarming rate. Most fish aren't afraid of them because they've never encountered lionfish in the past. Eradication programs are in place, but they are barely making a dent in a booming population. Handling the prickly invaders can be a daunting task. A lionfish envenomation is one of the most painful wounds in nature. In the Florida Keys, some practical and novel approaches are making progress in the fight against these Toxic Invaders.
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Comments • 33

  • Debbie J
    Debbie J 7 months ago +2

    I can't remember what it was called but I remember watching a documentary about divers trying to train a certain species of sharks to hunt the lionfish. The shark is immune to the venom and it gave them a wider variety of prey. I thought it was very interesting.

  • Captain Steve
    Captain Steve Year ago +6

    Such a shame, they are the most beautiful fish.

  • Hairbylorainmckuil Hairbylorainmckuil

    My dad and I were catching lionfish at Keystone Point in North Miami about 1962!

  • Junior
    Junior Year ago +8

    that bald guy is so american. imagine what a native american thought about his grandpa

  • Bittersweet
    Bittersweet Year ago +9

    This made me feel kinda sad for the fishies. Its good that they're cooking them up at least and I wonder if they really do taste good. I do think there's something at least mildly psychopathic about hunters getting excited before killing for sport though 😅

    • Brianna Enright
      Brianna Enright Year ago +2

      Bittersweet it's not really psychopathic. Humans are omnivorous predators, and we have a hunt drive. Sometimes that drive manifests as excitement before a hunt.

  • Xoắn Twist
    Xoắn Twist 3 months ago +1

    i have never seen a more based intro 1 4 5 6 7 8 10 13

  • julius roblez
    julius roblez 2 years ago +4

    was this properly research.....seems like a commercial for hunt diving

  • Kristina Kay
    Kristina Kay 7 months ago +1

    Wait so they let one live cuz they can’t kill it? The stupidity of human laws never fails to piss me off.

    • Marek Broderick
      Marek Broderick 6 months ago +1

      They prolly do hunt them like that off camera when they couldn’t get in trouble, but yeah the laws make no sense when it comes to invasive species

  • thomas palmer
    thomas palmer 2 years ago +5

    The music that plays over dialogue is more toxic than the fish. Made it 3 mi,utes.

  • Matthew Santos
    Matthew Santos Year ago +2

    TheXvid's ads are out of control.

  • IcaiBowl
    IcaiBowl Year ago

    Lol maybe they’re migrating because of the changes in temp in the oceans due to global warming, yet they blame the fishes

  • Mike Chambers
    Mike Chambers 2 years ago +5

    how can people tell what it tastes like. the cook puts so much crap on the fillets you cant even see it. . try eating the actual fish.

    • Bunny Morrow
      Bunny Morrow 8 months ago +3

      What a way to announce you don't season your food

    • Orion
      Orion 9 months ago +1

      I had some while in Orlando. I've got a friend and him and wife deep sea fish. They caught 6 lionfish and cooked up two of them that night. It isn't fishy at all to me. Very flaky flesh. Tasty with some lime or lemon juice!

    • Stephen
      Stephen Year ago +4

      Mike, I've eaten raw (sashimi). It was very mild with a nice texture. I've also eaten it sauteed. It is a fish. If you like fish, you will enjoy it.

  • Styliani Gketsiou
    Styliani Gketsiou 6 months ago


  • Lynn Leigha
    Lynn Leigha 9 months ago

    So, I see you STOLE this content from "real wild" huh? They put this exact video out in 2019. Plus I don't see you giving them any credit and you monetized it. Why don't you just go to the grocery store, steal a 20 dollar bottle of wine, slap your own sticker over the original and sell it for 40 dollars?? Oh, because it's illegal? I can't wait until the day that people that go out and do their job and post a video for someone else to take credit will get theft charges. You can't even call it "fair use". That's cool, they'll catch you and strike your channel and claim all the ill gotten gains

  • George Nsubuga
    George Nsubuga Year ago +2

    PLease don't kill all the lion fish because there amazing.

    • kevin then
      kevin then 4 months ago +1

      @Kri MD finally someone brings it up

    • Kri MD
      Kri MD Year ago +1

      They’re ..... it’s THEY’RE... not there. There is a place ... their means it belongs to them ... they’re means THEY ARE ... 🙄🙄🙄. How do so many people who speak English not know the basic , proper words to use ? It’s so frustrating to just see so many people online , especially that just butcher simple grammar , use of tenses with words , etc. no hard feelings or anything , it’s just a bit odd that so many people can’t use correct grammar .. Even when someone may not retain every aspect of what they’ve been educated about, those type of error are things learned almost always , from very early on ... like , around age 6-7 and that stuff is reinforced and continued upon at later points , from primary school onward , so there is no reason anyone wouldn’t have better/ proper understanding. No hard feelings or anything ... I just cannot stand when words like their , they’re , there , through , threw , believe it or not , even the words want and won’t are widely incorrectly used ... especially among adults that should be well educated ... especially when they’ve had plenty of Time to figure those things out! Uhh. Just saying .... no offense

  • Donald Sapp, Jr.
    Donald Sapp, Jr. 2 years ago +1


  • Lynn Leigha
    Lynn Leigha 9 months ago +2

    I'm unsubscribing, I thought you was better than this