Twitches Too - Disneycember

  • Published on Dec 24, 2017
  • Can the Sister Sister stars pull off another Disney Channel movie with the same magic? Let's see if they can cast their spell on us once more with, Twitches Too.
    Twitches Too is a 2007 Disney Channel Original Movie. It is the sequel to the Disney Channel Original Movie Twitches, released in 2005. It aired during Disney Channel's Halloween Month.
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Comments • 527

  • Laura Birdwell
    Laura Birdwell Month ago

    I don't know, I feel like just because something uses similar elements to another thing doesn't automatically make it a ripoff, especially if they add a creative twist. So I think this works out very nicely.
    Also, I'm so shocked to have only found TWO GODDAMN INFINITY WAR/ENDGAME JOKES IN THE COMMENTS.

  • Bemused Bandersnatch
    Bemused Bandersnatch 5 months ago

    Lol, NC the property these movies are borrowing from the heaviest is clearly Charmed. Which is fine because Charmed isn't some epic classic with enough dignity for me to be offended when it gets borrowed from. It's entertaining and actually kinda sweet, but it is soo campy too. That said though, it might be kinda distracting for big fans of Charmed. Then again, maybe that makes these movies worth watching since the reboot of Charmed looked terrible from the trailers and these might actually be a better spiritual successor.

  • Evan Kauffman
    Evan Kauffman 7 months ago

    1:26 The villain named *whomst?*

  • Bulbasaur United!
    Bulbasaur United! 8 months ago

    Wait The villain from the first one was Thanos?? Marvel got some suing to do even though they're owned by Disney

  • Alexandro oliveira
    Alexandro oliveira 10 months ago

    they actually cut the ending in which the mom's twin sister who is evil escape and were left on a clifthanger becuase there is no twitches 3

  • Roei Potash AKA Poihpio
    Roei Potash AKA Poihpio 10 months ago

    1:26 did I hear the name I thought I heard?

  • Mr. 2000
    Mr. 2000 10 months ago

    Does this thanos villain snap his fingers

  • Creative Videos 13
    Creative Videos 13 11 months ago

    0:10 clever 0:48 oh painful :::

  • The Princess Vlog
    The Princess Vlog 11 months ago

    I really enjoyed these movies, but I felt a little guilty for it. I'm happy to know I'm not alone! You prove that you still have taste by hating on the terrible movies too.

  • DigiDestined13
    DigiDestined13 Year ago

    Oh, God, this sequel! Not a single bit of this happened in the books. Completely created by the people who did the movie. And it really wasn't needed because there are, like, 10 freakin' books in the series, all filled with incredible story plots and magic and drama and comedy and creative plot twists and a family curse and CHARACTERS WHO STAY FREAKIN' DEAD!!!
    Yeah, sorry. As a stand alone, this works and the Mowry sisters are once again terrific, but this in no way redeems this movie as a sin against the books.

  • The Bohobemeister
    The Bohobemeister Year ago +4

    1:25 "Thanos"?! Hahahahaha I forgot that was his name! Disney owns two Thanoses (Twitches and Marvel)!
    As always, wonderful video!

  • Diego Bareno
    Diego Bareno Year ago


  • ammie341
    ammie341 Year ago +3

    did anybody else hear him call the villain thanos?

  • melodramatic dragon

    Thantos being the villain always screws with me a little bit because that actor was also in the third season of Veronica Mars as one of her college professors and now I can't see him as anything else but Thantos

  • mia4484
    mia4484 Year ago

    please do the DCOM "now you see it" if you haven't already!!!

  • Alexandria Miles
    Alexandria Miles Year ago +1

    i hated this movie. it was so stupid and annoying to me

  • Ronaldo Seals
    Ronaldo Seals Year ago

    Whats he going to do when he finds out that theses were bookmovies? Should I tell him?

  • The Seleuf
    The Seleuf Year ago

    He gets her a star she can fit in her pocket as a sign of love? Sounds more like they pinched a premise from Stardust than from Harry Potter x) Which, btw, is a film I recommend to you if you've not seen it yet. I think you'd like at least some parts of it, if not actually most of it. =)

  • NeverlandHunter
    NeverlandHunter Year ago +2

    Why is the biological mother the real mother? She didn't raise them and even if it wasn't by choice, it doesn't lessen what the adoptive parents have done or the role they played in their children's lives.

  • NinjaKIngAce
    NinjaKIngAce Year ago

    Woah, wait, what!? There's a Little Mermaid 3???

  • mandy
    mandy Year ago

    I'm glad he liked both! They're my favorite Disney Channel movies.

  • ExplodingPotatoes


  • nathaniel scott
    nathaniel scott Year ago

    How did this end again

  • redtygr14
    redtygr14 Year ago

    Hey, Doug's playing a hangdrum song in this one!

  • Lionheart Of Esperance

    "Stole enough, but made it its own" How else is a genre described? Honestly, if there isn't aesthetic similarities, how would genre labels even work? Seeing magic in something and saying "that's from Harry Potter because it's magical and in a castle" is flat out bullshit. Excuse me, but that statement defines the idea of genre; to compare the relevance and similarity of two stories to consider them close enough.
    The only movie that doesn't really follow this standard is Michael Bay's Transformers. Is it Sci-Fi? There's aliens/technology, but there's nothing technical. Is it Fantasy? There is King Arthur and fantasy-esq functioning in it, but does it have the aesthetic?
    Other than that, most is agreeable. Half the time with these reviews, it seems like your opinion is clear from the start, and you vary the sentence enough times just to play the movie in the back.

  • Antasma1
    Antasma1 Year ago

    I do know one thing, this was one sequal I watched more than the original

  • Jassy Jones
    Jassy Jones Year ago

    So he's going to do the 3rd cheetah girls suit life movie phineas and ferb 2nd dimension and descendants

  • Vats 3
    Vats 3 Year ago

    for one frame at 1:51 you can see a red X in the back drop that wasn't removed in editing

  • Andriano
    Andriano Year ago

    Star in the pocket, just like in Harry Potter..

  • TheCreepypro
    TheCreepypro Year ago

    I love Tia and Tamara but this got a sequel too? sheesh

  • SirenSima
    SirenSima Year ago

    A star in their pocket as a gift? How is that anything like Harry Potter?

  • Carys Nevard
    Carys Nevard Year ago

    .....where in harry potter did someone steal a star and put it in a ring?? Or did anything similar?? Do you just think something's borrowing from HP when any magic happens??? More Howl's moving castle than harry potter!

  • Chenee Thompson
    Chenee Thompson Year ago

    I love the first movie! only seen clips of this one

  • Aaron Wilder
    Aaron Wilder Year ago

    I remember watching both of these movies, and I really enjoyed them. I'm just a real big fan of fantasy type stuff

  • TheHonestWoobat
    TheHonestWoobat Year ago

    Woah Woah wait...there was a Little Mermaid 3? When was this?

    • TheHonestWoobat
      TheHonestWoobat Year ago

      Randy makes sense. Not many Disney sequels were very good so I'm not surprised that some of the planned ones were canceled.

    • Randy
      Randy Year ago

      TheHonestWoobat it came out in 2008. It was the last direct to video Disney sequel. There was little promotion for it because of leadership changes at Disney after they bought Pixar. A lot of sequels were cancelled, but LM3 was already halfway finished. They thought the sequels were inferior and hurt Disney’s reputation. As a result there was little promotion for it.

  • Katelyn Palbicki
    Katelyn Palbicki Year ago

    I was obsessed with the books in middle school. I always wanted them to have a bigger budget movie that was closer to the books, but these will do... I guess.

  • MasterCharlie104
    MasterCharlie104 Year ago

    1:24 The villain's name was Thanos? Shouldn't Marvel sue them over something like that?

  • ZarathrustaTate
    ZarathrustaTate Year ago

    what’s the music in the back, i know it !

  • Lup
    Lup Year ago

    That doesn't sound Harry Potter-ish at all.

  • Brandon
    Brandon Year ago

    Doug obviously knows nothing about Harry Potter so he should stop acting like it whenever these types of movies are reviewed.

  • Brooks' Looks
    Brooks' Looks Year ago

    Wondering if you will touch "Read it and Weep" only know of it because the Panabaker sisters, but would like to know your input (if it isn't already reviewed that is)

  • Arcane Corona
    Arcane Corona Year ago

    Why does this all remind me of Bayonetta

    WJZAV Year ago

    Sounds interesting. Maybe I'll give it a try.

  • Spartaximus
    Spartaximus Year ago

    The bad guy in the first film was named Thanos?
    Was he looking for the Infinity Stones? xD

  • Witch of Hyrule
    Witch of Hyrule Year ago

    This was my shit as a toddler!

  • Ana Aly
    Ana Aly Year ago

    I never knew there was a second movie.

  • Cameo Shadowness
    Cameo Shadowness Year ago

    I wonder if Disney will ever go back on this....

  • simpleplanfan011
    simpleplanfan011 Year ago +1

    Twitches would have been such a fun mid-2000s adventure game series.

  • womp womp
    womp womp Year ago

    I loved the twins growing up, might gotta check these movies out.

  • Gracekim1
    Gracekim1 Year ago

    Merry Christmas! Can someone review Santa claws? I found it on Netflix: it’s a Christmas cat movie!(I haven’t seen sister sister. The twitches movies were the first things I ever watched with those two)

  • Maddalonefarms
    Maddalonefarms Year ago

    I don't want to wait till next year for you to review the animated movies. No offense!

  • Terestrasz
    Terestrasz Year ago

    To be entirely fair I wonder how many of these fantastical Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings-like elements come from the books the movies were based off of.

  • Zaphod Beeblebrox

    Hold the fuck up...
    Was that Goku from Dragon Ball: Evolution!?!

  • Evelina M
    Evelina M Year ago +3

    The star thing is actually not very Harry Potter-esque, I'm not sure why would you think that, there's nothing like that in the books.

  • Series Of Numbers

    I think this is one of the last things I saw before drifting away from the Disney Channel completely (though later I'd become interested in animation and come back to the channel for its animated shows but not its live action ones).

  • Ninjaverse
    Ninjaverse Year ago

    im still waiting for the camp rock review. i think that movie is alright.

  • Tazzie1312
    Tazzie1312 Year ago

    Karsh and Ileana are related in the books. *sips tea*

  • Caleb TV
    Caleb TV Year ago

    Merry Christmas! Congrats on. 1 million!

  • Domino_Emery
    Domino_Emery Year ago

    Me:just review the damn movie please.

  • 3DMaster
    3DMaster Year ago

    Soooo, just an idiotic spelling, there isn't actually a second set of twin witches?

  • Edison Michael
    Edison Michael Year ago

    It does sound like an intriguing premisse for a kids movie to have this shadow who might be a vilain to defeat but at the same time might not.

  • JoyStar
    JoyStar Year ago

    I hope that one of them you review is Life Size! That was always a favorite of mine growing up!

  • Lars2015
    Lars2015 Year ago

    Very Merry Christmas to Walker family and Channel Awesome crew.

  • Thomas Stahl
    Thomas Stahl Year ago

    isnt that this guy from DBZ?

  • squared
    squared Year ago

    I thought the star was suppose to be like a "W" so its Twitches Two

  • Gaming Cu Vlad |

    I wish he would review The Intouchables

  • Obscure Private
    Obscure Private Year ago

    Harry Potter is pretty much a ripoff itself.

  • Aristide Twain
    Aristide Twain Year ago +5

    I'll grant that there may be Harry Potter elements in the movie, but I don't see how the "captured star" is at all Potteresque…?

  • TheRuneTail
    TheRuneTail Year ago

    Merry Christmas everyone

  • Spoiled Fanboy
    Spoiled Fanboy Year ago

    Well fed chicks

  • Chinchilla Fuzz
    Chinchilla Fuzz Year ago

    Merry Christmas to everyone at Channel Awesome 💖🎄🎁

  • Onzu
    Onzu Year ago

    Twitches Too - Rise of the Booty Streamers

  • JSB
    JSB Year ago

    I was hoping Doug would review Descendants. I'm intrigued by the concept but not sure if I'll take the time to try it.

  • Logan Show
    Logan Show Year ago

    I downloaded a ghost

  • Ariel Majarucon
    Ariel Majarucon Year ago

    Do the Wizards of Waverly Place movie next!!!!!

  • Darryl Giors
    Darryl Giors Year ago +3

    "It's surprisingly pretty decent" - Nostalgia Critic
    From the back of the DVD box.

  • Sydney Hobbs
    Sydney Hobbs Year ago

    Not gonna lie, I completely forgot there was a sequel.
    Like no memory once so ever.
    It came back to me during the review though, and that was super weird.

  • Life and Time Podcast

    Spoiler Alert the Shadow is Thanatos He finessed their Dumbasses!

    Plot Twist! Thanatos has their Dad. After they defeat Thanatos their dad is set free.

  • Andrew Crane Production

    Muppet Wizard of Oz pleaseeeeeeeee

  • Sarah Mackenzie
    Sarah Mackenzie Year ago

    Merry Christmas Doug

  • Brandon Spain
    Brandon Spain Year ago +3


  • Wisdom Wizard
    Wisdom Wizard Year ago

    Halloween movie on Christmas Eve. Sure had a lot of Halloween movies on that channel!

  • Cooner Smaff
    Cooner Smaff Year ago

    S N I C K E R D O O D L E S

  • MegaBrent85
    MegaBrent85 Year ago

    Merry Christmas Doug Walker! Thank you for all the videos you and your team have made!

  • subconcioussplatter

    Wait a minute is one of the guardians Goku from Dragon Ball Evolution?

  • RecordKeeper47
    RecordKeeper47 Year ago

    Phineas and Ferb Across the second dimension please.

  • brandon myers
    brandon myers Year ago

    Marry Christmas Doug and happy new year

  • Crysta Blade
    Crysta Blade Year ago

    anyone who thought the Twitches movies were "well done" NEVER read the books they were inspired by......the movies were an absolute RAPE of the book series and did not do them ANY justice

  • mrtyler603
    mrtyler603 Year ago

    the back story of the mother and the father is pretty much the plot of stardust.

  • R3n3gad3
    R3n3gad3 Year ago

    1:26 THANOS FROM MARVEL!? Disney didn't even bought the Marvel at this time yet! How did they get Thanos in here?

  • ajzeg01
    ajzeg01 Year ago

    Wait, the villain’s name is Thanos? Is Infinity War a remake of Twitches?

  • Bluster The Benevolent

    Well,that’s one way to spend Christmas Eve.

  • Lunar El
    Lunar El Year ago +1

    Legit wanna read the books now! Didn't even know they existed before I read the comments on the last Twitches review! :-)

    • Lilian Achura
      Lilian Achura Year ago +1

      Go for it. I liked them, though I have a hard time finding them online...

  • Angelina Thompson

    Merry Christmas Eve 🎁

  • MotorDemon
    MotorDemon Year ago

    Doug, answer me honestly...
    Why am I watching a review of Twitches Too?
    Is this an indication of how life my is going?

  • Faith Tucker
    Faith Tucker Year ago

    Just dropped by to say, have a magically merry Christmas!

  • thesalvager
    thesalvager Year ago

    Wait was one of those scenes shot at Casa Loma in Canada?

  • Samantha L
    Samantha L Year ago

    anyone else notice the red x at 1:50 ish?

  • John Boyd
    John Boyd Year ago

    So which of the Infinity Stones do the twitches have that FUCKING THANOS is coming after them???

  • 027char
    027char Year ago

    everything has just been sequels and thats cool but Don't look under the bed, color of friendship, jump in or even Eddie's million dollar cook-off. maybe one of those instead of cheetah girls 3