• Published on Nov 13, 2019
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  • Also Fitz
    Also Fitz  29 days ago +3235

    i'm well aware that I haven't posted a main channel video in a long time. to tell you the truth it really bothers me too. i'm trying to return to that channel as soon as possible, it just hasn't been a very funny time for me lately. i hope you'll be happy with what i post when i post it.

  • JF Hackbarth
    JF Hackbarth 34 minutes ago

    This video needs likes to make money back for the $3000 cheese... pity like recieved

  • I_Dont_Exist
    I_Dont_Exist 2 hours ago

    What if Fitz played with vannoss

  • ms1021
    ms1021 4 hours ago

    wouldn't be suprised if the shitty twitch staff banned you for the kim jong-un drawing

  • Teemu
    Teemu 2 days ago

    My love of ryan is growing and i now want to hear the phone call
    Manager: hey dude i need a wheel
    My guy: what kind
    Manager: expensive
    My dude: will do

  • Big facts
    Big facts 3 days ago

    That's the cheese from Ratatouille

  • DeadBoyGrim
    DeadBoyGrim 3 days ago

    Did callmecarson get his wheelchair by Friday though?

  • Eyeless Jack
    Eyeless Jack 3 days ago


  • Brick Chang
    Brick Chang 3 days ago

    Why is no one talking abt Kim John-un

  • Josh Bryant
    Josh Bryant 4 days ago

    Fitz more pokimane

  • MooMoo
    MooMoo 4 days ago

    The random guy in chat saying “HE’S MINING BEDROCK!!!”

  • ActedSix
    ActedSix 4 days ago


  • Nehtai
    Nehtai 7 days ago

    image having the same mouse pad as fitz

    CRAZYLYRICSGUY 7 days ago

    imagine this fitz,swager and REE KID

  • James Fox Podcast
    James Fox Podcast 7 days ago +1

    Did I just watch this man explain cheese

  • herian
    herian 7 days ago


  • GARNET IS Queen454
    GARNET IS Queen454 8 days ago +1

    Did anybody notice that manager Ryan followed him on twitch right when that guy with cheese came

  • Tobias Troelsgaard
    Tobias Troelsgaard 8 days ago

    its *URGENT*

    RETRO ROBOT 8 days ago

    I need *sex*

  • Mason Garner
    Mason Garner 8 days ago +1

    11:26 is like that scene from ratoulie when they eat the dumpster food.

  • boris mostaf
    boris mostaf 8 days ago

    Kim john un

  • Peacefull Klutz
    Peacefull Klutz 8 days ago

    Fitz: i am so uneducated it's crazy

    Also Fitz: i am an actual genius

  • MicTheAutisticOni
    MicTheAutisticOni 8 days ago

    *Puts cheese wheel on the floor*

  • [GHST] GH-O-ST
    [GHST] GH-O-ST 8 days ago

    i bet he put his d!ck in the cheese

  • Riff
    Riff 9 days ago

    How do you make that edit at 0:30? I know how to motion track but this looks so clean

  • David Lewis
    David Lewis 9 days ago

    *_Ryan go's above and beyond the call of duty. +Respect_*

  • fi87ig875
    fi87ig875 9 days ago

    youre lying if u didnt think of the n word at 1:00

  • musical silence
    musical silence 9 days ago

    2:31 I would've said Peppa Pig

  • Lillian DiNoto
    Lillian DiNoto 10 days ago +1

    me: *sees the wheel of cheese*
    also me: bruh that's not cheese that's the fucking MOON

  • Jake Covert
    Jake Covert 10 days ago

    It puts the cheese on the floor or else it gets the hose again.

  • Psnan kanysla
    Psnan kanysla 10 days ago

    Cheese review please.

  • [white slate]
    [white slate] 10 days ago

    0:32 deadmau5?

  • Lieutenant Lag
    Lieutenant Lag 10 days ago

    Fucking ratatouille over here eatin the cheese

  • Fluffy Fandom Flannel
    Fluffy Fandom Flannel 11 days ago

    As a band kid,
    hurts genuinely bad.

  • VromS
    VromS 11 days ago +7

    "I am so uneducated it's crazy"

    Watch next: "i am an actual genius"

  • RubenXD 210
    RubenXD 210 11 days ago


  • IIThe-_-TomII
    IIThe-_-TomII 11 days ago

    *b r i n g m e l e c h e e s e*

  • Filip Bækkel
    Filip Bækkel 11 days ago

    Do you eat the cheese with or without the shell?

    CHALK UP 11 days ago

    9:40 *Fitz farts*

  • Mr Rigged
    Mr Rigged 11 days ago

    1:00 uh oh...

  • Thanye11
    Thanye11 12 days ago

    I like the new forehead cam

  • Cherry Flavored Bleach Mr. Linguini the tubist

    Fitz: terribly fucks up drawing someone playing a tuba and then draws a sousaphone instead of a tuba.

  • Danny
    Danny 12 days ago +1

    *Wallace intensifies*

  • Yappa
    Yappa 13 days ago +1


  • Shaun Beakley
    Shaun Beakley 14 days ago

    so thats where all the stream money went

  • Blixed!
    Blixed! 14 days ago

    happy Thanksgiving fitz

  • Kaitlyn Maestri
    Kaitlyn Maestri 15 days ago

    14:04 and I knew, it had to be, for it is famaree, Kim jung-un

  • Ahmad Hammouda
    Ahmad Hammouda 15 days ago

    Plz post more

  • Lady Kaitlin
    Lady Kaitlin 15 days ago

    can we talk about how much I love Travis 🥺

  • Foster W
    Foster W 16 days ago

    The wheel of cheese was main channel worthy ngl

  • Zeneka
    Zeneka 16 days ago +1

    11:17 when u fuck somebody

  • adrian miranda
    adrian miranda 16 days ago

    Fitz can make a 3,000 dollar sandwich bro That would be hyped

  • 585 Gaming
    585 Gaming 16 days ago

    You have a main channel?

  • Bingo and Panda
    Bingo and Panda 16 days ago

    Upload on your main channel you haven't uploaded for three months

  • Rune
    Rune 16 days ago

    Haven't seen the joke written here in the comments.. So here goes.:
    What a cheesy video you made for us here on your sellout.. I mean Second channel

  • StoneGiant
    StoneGiant 17 days ago

    what the FUCK is his intro song and why can’t I think of the name

  • Sniper 101
    Sniper 101 17 days ago +1

  • I’m Gonna Take Your Kiddies

    Fitz if you post on ur main, I will post my buttcrack worldwide.(Please like so he can see)

    Say I won’t.

  • Corey Bruno
    Corey Bruno 17 days ago

    When was this streem

  • lilwhitekid71
    lilwhitekid71 17 days ago

    A 5 minute intro.