Gordon Spits Out Disgusting Microwaved Food from Lying Chef | Kitchen Nightmares

  • Published on Jun 28, 2017
    Gordon is forced to spit out yet more food at this troubled restaurant.
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  • louay playZ/animations and gameplays

    Why wastr the food call me and ill throw em in my mouth

  • Pastel Plum
    Pastel Plum Day ago

    Me: *reads title*
    Also me: *classic*


    She is hot!!

  • makemarker
    makemarker 2 days ago

    The cook looks like he goes to fight club after work.

  • TheGaming Acovnt
    TheGaming Acovnt 2 days ago

    How do kitchen nightmare find restaurants to pick

  • Minzy Starlight 153
    Minzy Starlight 153 2 days ago

    just spank his face in the food

  • Criss Reznor
    Criss Reznor 2 days ago

    2:25 best part lol

  • Rilley Griffin
    Rilley Griffin 2 days ago

    whenever i hear neno at the end i panic lol

  • Herb Jones
    Herb Jones 3 days ago

    I thought she said fruit salad and secret crepe

  • Primus 321
    Primus 321 3 days ago

    Man all the waiter/waitress are the ones having their time cause they now can tell the thing they were serving is crap

  • James Cutajar Kinsella


  • Adrian Ruto
    Adrian Ruto 4 days ago

    2019 anyone. I’m guessing it popped in your recommended

  • ツShixnyy
    ツShixnyy 4 days ago +2

    Camera man : I aint no snitch

  • Deva Savant
    Deva Savant 5 days ago

    How the hell do you mess up on Salad?

  • Potato Bomb
    Potato Bomb 5 days ago

    Chef: so he said it’s too vinegary
    Guy: wtf I just don’t know what’s wrong

  • cancerina '
    cancerina ' 5 days ago +1

    Martin- ''She will come and attack me, by saying that I've been here for too long and that I should go"
    Gordon- "Well if you're not prepared to change I think she's right"
    Martin- *looks at Gordon with a blank face*
    "Ok if she wants me to go then I'll go"
    Selene- *Well that was easy*
    I love her alredy

  • Mephistofelipe Abracax

    5:20 “ It serves you right, mofo “

  • Name
    Name 6 days ago

    So Martin didn't know that he was being recorded 5 metres away from him.
    Ley EPIC

  • Fade
    Fade 6 days ago

    Had to use a vpn to watch this vid

  • AnimeLover000
    AnimeLover000 6 days ago

    Chef:”All my food is good,Gordon Ramsay will love it”
    Gordon:”All this food is disgusting!”
    Gordon:”Can you ask him if this has been microwaved?”
    Waiter:”He said no”
    Gordon:”Has this been microwaved?”
    Gordon:”TALK TO ME!!!”
    Chef:”What do you want me to say???”
    In Gordon’s mind:”I HATE THIS MAN SO MUCH”
    Chef:”It’s time for me to go home”
    Gordon: ....

  • smol tol
    smol tol 7 days ago

    *well that was easy*

  • Jihel Jay
    Jihel Jay 7 days ago

    That ain't a Quiche Lorraine wtf

  • Gilles
    Gilles 8 days ago

    that was easy ...

  • Vsco Revision
    Vsco Revision 8 days ago +1

    I hate microwave food it’s always over heated or too cold and it’s soggy that’s why I don’t eat it

  • Andrei Belu
    Andrei Belu 8 days ago +1

    It s a miracle chefs don't spit in his food😲

  • Jennifer Jumao-as
    Jennifer Jumao-as 8 days ago

    Use tissues please if u wish to spit out disgusting

  • Michelle Laurie
    Michelle Laurie 8 days ago

    No one:
    These comments: microwave part

  • Pokemon Test
    Pokemon Test 9 days ago +5

    Lady: Is it microwaved?
    Chef: No. 😳
    Cameraman: *I'm about to end this whole man's career*

  • just a gamer
    just a gamer 9 days ago +1

    Gordon ramsy is too OP

  • Abdul Rahim Nasser
    Abdul Rahim Nasser 9 days ago

    Bland but overpowering 🤔

  • cool k
    cool k 10 days ago

    Click on the link for full episode

  • TigerKurdish
    TigerKurdish 10 days ago

    Lol Martin doesn't know how the camera and play back works I guess 🤣

  • malika abdalla
    malika abdalla 11 days ago


  • malika abdalla
    malika abdalla 11 days ago


  • Muhammad Haziq
    Muhammad Haziq 11 days ago

    Amazed how gordon actually gives a shit. With that tone at the end when he called martin to come back, i knew deep down he's a nice guy trying to change someone to be better in what they're doing

  • oh yeah nahui
    oh yeah nahui 11 days ago

    Gordon's favotite word: bland
    (Gordon hits the fridge) me on my phone: heyyyyy

  • Abubakr Lunat
    Abubakr Lunat 11 days ago +1

    Chef looks like he just came out of prison

  • Oğuz Akar
    Oğuz Akar 12 days ago

    -Martine your salad is too vinegary. Ok?
    Martine: You know,whats wrong with it?

    PUTIN'S NEIGHBOR 12 days ago +8

    Owner: Did you microwave?
    Chef: No...

    BUGS BUNNY TV 12 days ago

    Sanji gonna kick Gordon for wasting food

  • Dexys Evander III
    Dexys Evander III 12 days ago

    Owner: did you use microwave?
    Chef: No.
    Cameraman: i'm about to end this man's whole career

  • Doge dog
    Doge dog 12 days ago

    Ramsay: Did you put it in the microwave?

    Chef: NO!

    Cameraman: *Shows microwave scene*

    Ramsay: This has been in the microwave!!!

    Chef: Ok fine it has...


  • StrangeHappenings
    StrangeHappenings 12 days ago

    Trying to lie to a multi millionaire world renowned master chef 😂🤨 you ain’t gonna win

  • touw lay
    touw lay 12 days ago

    And dad stands there like a fucking prick

  • Esme Gi Gi Genevieve Squalor

    I just had an ad for periods
    Like Wut if ur a dude

  • Ricardo Milos
    Ricardo Milos 12 days ago

    dude i can make a better salad

  • sremred 0
    sremred 0 13 days ago

    Its true Im the microwave

  • Daniel Marsh
    Daniel Marsh 14 days ago

    "That was easy" 😂😂😂

  • Musaab Osman
    Musaab Osman 16 days ago

    Salads are large and it's usually good with an entree.

  • martin2514
    martin2514 17 days ago

    The running story is they all like to an amazing French chief yet they can't run a bath!!! Why are Americans so keen to make French food? The French are good for bread if but what do I know. There are so many good foods out there why are they so fixated on French food.

  • Skiral
    Skiral 17 days ago +4

    Gordon: *WAIT MARTIN*

  • ッαιzαωα
    ッαιzαωα 17 days ago

    Camera men are the biggest snitches in the whole television world.

  • KingOfBanks
    KingOfBanks 17 days ago

    It's a bit crap when the chef gets thrown under the bus, like everyone couldn't let him know about poor food/no passion before another chef arrives. Not ideal leadership.

  • n jones
    n jones 19 days ago

    Go Gordon

  • n jones
    n jones 19 days ago

    Wow how inbarrassing for the chef

  • Olitopian
    Olitopian 19 days ago

    What restaurant is this?

  • Jeepers
    Jeepers 19 days ago

    Gordon: May I have a cup of water with ice?
    *serves water to Gordon*
    Gordon:Is the Ice frozen?
    Waitress:um, Yes..?
    Gordon:FUCK ME!

  • jungshook kookie
    jungshook kookie 20 days ago

    Is that even cooking when you do is re heat the food again and again

  • India Bron
    India Bron 20 days ago +2

    Chef: *ALL MY FOOD IS GOOD!*
    Me: Well *WHY* are you on kitchen nightmares?

  • louieNewUser Playz
    louieNewUser Playz 20 days ago

    Can I have a salad and iced coke please

  • [001]
    [001] 20 days ago

    News reporter : a man by the name of Martin pronounced marteeeeeeen has gone missing

  • Declan Fairlie
    Declan Fairlie 20 days ago

    Doesn't have a beard in the kitchen but does in his interview?

  • Tik Tikseth
    Tik Tikseth 21 day ago

    That was easy

  • Sky true
    Sky true 21 day ago +1

    Me: that looks amazing
    Gordon: that's disgusting
    Me: that's disgusting

  • Mitchell Cizmic
    Mitchell Cizmic 21 day ago

    good chefs: eh my food is good
    bad chefs: my food is the best in town and 10/10

  • Isaac Meehan
    Isaac Meehan 21 day ago

    Chef mic is the best chef change my mind

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 22 days ago +1

    The chef looks like Mr Montana

  • Shooketh Tea
    Shooketh Tea 22 days ago

    I love how the camera men have no chill 😂

  • Shooketh Tea
    Shooketh Tea 22 days ago

    Did anyone notice that the chef had a small beard when he was talking alone(like being interviewed)and then no beard when he was with everyone ?

  • sharmeen ikhlaq
    sharmeen ikhlaq 22 days ago

    The chef looks like effing pirate

  • john wick
    john wick 23 days ago

    Your wife never spits you scottish cunt 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  • ShinyshadoW
    ShinyshadoW 23 days ago +3

    Microwave: Exists
    Gordon: I am about to end this thing's whole career

  • T2 Tempesta
    T2 Tempesta 24 days ago

    Owner: Did you microwave?
    Chef: No
    Cameraman: hitting the eject button!

  • DucQy
    DucQy 24 days ago

    Lie #1 0:23

  • Ninjinzo
    Ninjinzo 24 days ago

    0:45 why do they always do that fucking noise when he touches the food. Like we get it it’s bad. No need to add that cringe sound effect.