• Published on Nov 15, 2019
  • Amazing painting techniques you should try

    Hi fellow artists. Getting better at art is something that most creative people strive for. And that happens when you master the art realism. When it comes to painting realistically you have to understand how perspective and shading work. So, in this video, I show you some easy art tutorials that will help you become a better artist. You can follow my tutorials to improve your skills or even impress your friends in school.
    In the first videos, I show you some awesome 3D art techniques and a few pattern designs that will make your drawings more interesting. But, I also show you some shading secrets you can try. For example, you can you art into cool 3D water drops that look very realistic.

    0:07 - Genius 3D art tutorial
    3:43 - Cool floating egg
    4:59 - How to improve your drawing skills
    7:16 - How to clean your eraser
    9:08 - How to draw different types of curtains
    10:43 - How to draw realistic flowers
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  • Sabita Naik
    Sabita Naik 4 days ago

    I like it. .!!

  • Fraser Bell
    Fraser Bell 20 days ago

    sexist TheXvid name (girly)

  • Umed Rawat
    Umed Rawat Month ago

    This is cool 33 simple 3d 😊

  • Umed Rawat
    Umed Rawat Month ago

    Nice vedio

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    Bhavani Shanker Month ago

    💌💌 How many people had lost their brains please hit a big 👍👍👍👍 👊👊👊👊

  • brijesh jat
    brijesh jat Month ago

    s0 nice bhai ! ek bar 'jat' ka bna de bhai jese 'love' ka bnaya ta jese hi bna de bhai


    Indonesia like plies

  • Shankar Kushwaha
    Shankar Kushwaha Month ago

    Good verygood

  • asriani ani
    asriani ani Month ago

    Jagoh dia membuat ya kaya beneren dilihat
    Yang suka like

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  • 橘子酱
    橘子酱 Month ago

    what's is this song????

  • Manjula venkatesan
    Manjula venkatesan Month ago

    Omg. Wonderful

  • PS1 Hagrid
    PS1 Hagrid Month ago

    5:35 that is not really how it works. Since there are no colour left in the marker it won’t do any difference if you try to draw whit it.

  • Улбике Ибрагимова


  • Mustafa Shah
    Mustafa Shah Month ago

    Best video

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  • ღ₲₳₵Ⱨ₳_ØØ₣₲ɄⱤⱠ_Ø₩Øღ

    Why is this girly? Boys can draw too ;-;

  • Melina M.
    Melina M. Month ago

    Cool video

  • Bd Art & Natural Studio

    fantatic water drop sketching,, as 3d trick

  • Anjali Sinha
    Anjali Sinha Month ago +1

    I was literally jumping at 5:00 when the screen just changed from the drawing to the girls face😂😂

  • 하얀도화지
    하얀도화지 Month ago

    Your picture is very good ~♡

  • Shiny Star
    Shiny Star Month ago

    This is not girly!🤔🤔🤨🤨

  • Nurul Absar
    Nurul Absar Month ago

    I like it...but songs name??

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  • Anamaria Bostan
    Anamaria Bostan Month ago +2

    The weirdest thing is that, they have like these different types of channels by 5 minute crafts. Buț then never go with the theme.

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  • Puspita Rahmawati
    Puspita Rahmawati 2 months ago

    waw, that is a best trick😍😍

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  • Bella Berry
    Bella Berry 2 months ago +1

    Everything is fake

  • Nazir Jones
    Nazir Jones 2 months ago +4

    I can’t even draw a straight line or a perfect circle

  • John Beirne
    John Beirne 2 months ago +1

    U have aids

  • Hannah Banana
    Hannah Banana 2 months ago +12

    No one:
    Literally no one:
    5 Minute crafts: GOT NO HONEYYYYY

    • Nurul Absar
      Nurul Absar Month ago

      The last two songs name??

    • Diana Setiawan
      Diana Setiawan 2 months ago

      Hannah Banana I think it’s “GOT NO MONEY”...

  • Hashim Hashim
    Hashim Hashim 2 months ago

    Hai your works I like it

    TRISHA ROCKS 2 months ago

    They are fantastic😉

  • Kiyah Luker
    Kiyah Luker 2 months ago +4

    If I hear this song one more time I’m going to explode

  • Abir Namel
    Abir Namel 2 months ago +1

    _Trés jolie et facile_

  • shyathemayatayatay ø
    shyathemayatayatay ø 2 months ago +1

    Dude. Drawing is not “simple.” You have to practice to be good at it. These are literally paid actors and artists that draw these. Actually do real hacks and crafts, instead of paying TALENTED artists, unlike yourselves.

  • socorro brito
    socorro brito 2 months ago +1

    Velho, muito loco e legal😮 0-0

  • Chai Anime Tube
    Chai Anime Tube 2 months ago +1

    What is the name of the song please tell on the comment section

  • Premadevi K.R.
    Premadevi K.R. 2 months ago

    Why is this in 5 min craft girly ??
    Any one had same doubt ??

  • Falak Khan
    Falak Khan 2 months ago

    6:03 I love it !😍💖 ❤️💗

    WAH LONE 2 months ago

    How to draw unicorns

  • Syafira Azahra
    Syafira Azahra 2 months ago +4

    Siapa yang bisa bikin 3d
    Yang bisa like dan komen y

  • Apa Mestry
    Apa Mestry 2 months ago +1

    I am the fan of 5 minute crafts

  • Eizyle Teaño
    Eizyle Teaño 2 months ago

    Bobo Mali spelling Ng techniques hahaha

  • Jimuel Esperanza
    Jimuel Esperanza 2 months ago +1

    I'm sorry not to judge but everytime i watch your channel.. well... i love but there something making me hate this because when i watch 5 minute recipe well...i love too but how am i gonna make that if you don't put some ingridient's name...😇😇😇😑😑😑😑😡😡😡😡😧😧😒😒I'm sorry for this messeage but it's the truth well...truth hurts they say

  • Silly Goose
    Silly Goose 2 months ago +2

    Some of the most famous artists are male, so why is this girly?

  • Silly Goose
    Silly Goose 2 months ago +5

    Why is this girly? Boys can draw too you know.

  • MuffinPlays
    MuffinPlays 2 months ago +1

    But *WHY* drawing is *GIRLY*

  • Shalmali Biswas
    Shalmali Biswas 2 months ago +15

    11:31 who else thought that the person was gonna draw a donut? 🍩😄

  • •Aki•
    •Aki• 2 months ago +38

    Why is this on girly? It can be for everyone.. :[

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    0:10 The Song plz?!!! 😭❤✨

  • Lucymocks Mocks
    Lucymocks Mocks 2 months ago

    So I got pens pencils and everything else (except ruler) and I watch some vids uh oh I might need a ruler

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    Your drawings are so complicated and telling them so simple