Kanye West Says 'Yandhi' Album Is Delayed So He Can Record in Africa | TMZ

  • Published on Oct 1, 2018
  • Kanye West has a perfectly good explanation for why his new, publicly-announced album didn't drop Saturday night, as he said it would -- and it all has to do with Africa.
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Comments • 4 241

  • k hj
    k hj Day ago +1

    he left yandi in uganda

  • Loukia McGuire
    Loukia McGuire 2 days ago

    wow this is exactly what Michael Jackson did when he wanted attention or had a new album out. Every other day he was in the news doing something. Always staying on people's mind worst than any internet news feed. It's all about publicity and it smells like Kris Jenners doing. Well played. well played, indeed. "Lets use his illness or say he has a mental disorder to get more publicity just like Kim got with her sex tape! Wow

  • Janet Fagbohun
    Janet Fagbohun 10 days ago


  • Janet Fagbohun
    Janet Fagbohun 10 days ago


    XXVBBOTXV-XX-YEEZUS 12 days ago +2

    Hurry up and release this Ye. I'm waiting.

  • I'm a Faggot
    I'm a Faggot 12 days ago +1

    Wtf 23rd has passed

  • Darryle Carpenter
    Darryle Carpenter 15 days ago

    It doesn’t mean I’m being Donald trump it means I’m being me and I’m punk and I can wear whatever I want bc ima god
    This killed me πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Saiprien
    Saiprien 15 days ago

    When is it going to drop??

  • Jamari Tyrone
    Jamari Tyrone 17 days ago +1

    November 23d passed now watch Kanye make some bullshit excuse

    YUNG CHAOS 18 days ago

    black friday was yesterday

  • Alle
    Alle 18 days ago

    ”When i say i’m being myself it doesn’t mean i’m being Donald Trump. It means i’m being me, and i’m punk, and i can wear whatever i want because i’m a god”

  • M. Rees
    M. Rees 19 days ago +1

    As someone with bipolar disorder, im finally off my meds and i completely get what he's saying. Its embracing the true natural you which to normal ppl seems alien like. Kanye gets it. You gotta be what ppl call bonkers to understand..but its all there and its truer then you think!

  • Matty K
    Matty K 19 days ago

    Off his meds

  • All Will Be Well
    All Will Be Well 20 days ago

    Don't do drugs kids. They fry your brains.

  • julius ascher
    julius ascher 20 days ago

    This might be the best I’m really loving the new kanye

  • Charmaine Varcoe
    Charmaine Varcoe 21 day ago

    Being a god he gotta hangout with the Pope's ya know mama catholic Gaia

  • Frankie Gomez Jr.
    Frankie Gomez Jr. 21 day ago +1

    so were just gonna forget about Turbo Grafx 16

  • Daniel Zollo
    Daniel Zollo 22 days ago

    Kanye has CTE from his car accident.

  • KANYE WEST POWER : me life

    Ye am wiff u bro πŸ™ŒπŸ»

  • Montana Tone
    Montana Tone 26 days ago +1

    Like your wife for instance πŸ˜‚

  • Fati Ma
    Fati Ma 29 days ago

    Is Kanye or cloned?

  • Panjeet Beats
    Panjeet Beats 29 days ago

    Wtf is this lol

  • Juan Garcia
    Juan Garcia Month ago

    Well spoken sir kanye

  • 2008 Astral
    2008 Astral Month ago

    Now he not dropping again

  • Antonio White
    Antonio White Month ago

    So he's tryna de-shame Kim sucking and sleeping with allot of guys, and him being publicly bashed by dudes that hit it already... Lol.

  • Money Supreme
    Money Supreme Month ago

    Now you wana go to Africa

  • Endozen
    Endozen Month ago

    -why is the album not out yet?
    kanye west- I cAN WeAR WhaTEvEr I WaNT Cuz iM A GAD

  • Laurie Lane
    Laurie Lane Month ago

    LOL What, Kanye, what? I really believe Kanye knows what he is doing. It's just to keep him in the public's eye, cause I know this could not have been serious. He would get on my nerves so bad with all that nonsense.

  • will
    will Month ago

    i love this

  • Jon DGAF
    Jon DGAF Month ago


  • cornerboyfrank
    cornerboyfrank Month ago

    yandhi gon go corticosteroid

  • Edizzzy
    Edizzzy Month ago +1

    Kanye drops his most aspiring and greatest albums when he’s going through it with life or is under pressure, back in the early 2000’s no one wanted to sign Kanye and he got in a car accident that almost killed him and he gave us The college dropout, after the success of dropout, no one thought Kanye could top it with another classic album and that it was only a one time thing, then he gave us Late Registration, in 2005 50 cent was the biggest rapper in the world, no one believed Kanye could outsell him, guess what Kanye did? He outsold 50 and gave us Graduation, after the death of his mother and the break up with his fiancΓ©, Kanye gave us the legendary 808’s and heartbreak, which is the blueprint that all rappers today use, after interrupting Taylor in vmas and the world shunning him for it, even oboma called him a jack ass lmao Kanye gave us arguably the best hip hop album of all time My beautiful Dark twisted fantasy.
    After the world finally accepted Kanye back, he gave us the mediocre and outdated album watch the throne with jay z, after the commercial success of WTT and his engagement with Kim K he gave us another mediocre album cruel summer with his label g.o.o.d music, Kanye was finally happy again, but TOO happy, he had nothing to be mad or sad about, so he said fuck it, ima be a rich person mad at corporations, then he gave us his not so commercially successful album to date Yeezus ( I personally love Yeezus, it’s in my top 3 kanye albums but I can see why it didn’t do so good in sales and why it had no radio play and why people hated it)
    Then after songs like I am a god and black skin heads, people labeled Kanye as crazy and has lost his touch with the fans. Kanye said fuck it and pursued fashion, and his Yeezy brand became a success and everything was going his way, and so he gave us the mediocre The life of Pablo ( again I love Pablo, but like everyone else I disliked it at first but it really grew on to me) 2018 Kanye wears the MAGA hat and is buddies with Trump and the hip hop community turns their backs on him and is ridiculed non stop by his peers and β€œfriends”, and so he gave us the personal Ye and kids see ghost, what I’m trying to say is when Kanye is at his most vulnerable and it seems like the world is against him, he drops the greatest shit in the planet, so I see all these shenanigans surrounding him as fuel for him to make a masterpiece..
    If you read all this pls subscribe lol it really took a decade

  • instant oatmeal io
    instant oatmeal io Month ago

    I think this album gone b πŸ”₯

  • MissM A
    MissM A Month ago

    Something went wrong in his childhood... what a genius πŸ€”

  • Jose Alvarez
    Jose Alvarez Month ago

    Holy fuck. I am enjoying this too much. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Navneet Madine
    Navneet Madine Month ago

    I love the old kanyeπŸ˜‘πŸ˜

  • flippant inkill
    flippant inkill Month ago

    the way h speaks about the album,cant wait to buy it um so excited i have a gud feeling about this one and I love how h is aware of the fact that since watch the throne h hasnt given us a gud album

  • blerim nikeziq
    blerim nikeziq Month ago

    Can you just not record in the open I don’t wanna hear monkeys in the background

  • blerim nikeziq
    blerim nikeziq Month ago

    Can you just not record in the ones I don’t wanna hear monkeys in the background

  • Gacha Games
    Gacha Games Month ago

    Cause I'm a god..?

    D MACKIAM Month ago

    He is avoiding the question

  • Sir Hunits
    Sir Hunits Month ago

    Live from the ding dorm....Pill Call!!

  • Sudha Sadekar
    Sudha Sadekar Month ago

    Take a shot every time he says " U Know".

  • Elina Bjarnolfsdottir

    Kanye west is my kingπŸ‘‘

  • Enea Francesco
    Enea Francesco Month ago

    "..next time, maybe it's just a full electrical suit and we just have just our chakras here and everything else is mechanical and so we're like running at like a thousand miles per mille.. mille.. mille.. mille.. whatever that is.."
    My boy lost it or got confused on DMT or something.

  • Sophia Armstrong
    Sophia Armstrong Month ago

    I feel bad for Kim. Kanye is crazy and he thinks he's so smart but he sounds ridiculous

  • Lana  Richardson
    Lana Richardson Month ago

    Can someone please translate his fuckin answer? Why is the album delayed?..he's a God?...an electrical outfit..the albums too good?...wtf Ye

  • Derrius Kelky
    Derrius Kelky Month ago

    Kayne keep pushing! They inchin to know what your doing, but wisdom is only givin to those who hear, keep the mind focused.

  • Jarrod Ewing
    Jarrod Ewing Month ago

    I think my boy took DMT

  • Nyx LykΓ³s
    Nyx LykΓ³s Month ago

    Kanye recording in Wakanda

  • Dmaster
    Dmaster Month ago

    Go back on your meds Ye. Please this ain't you bro. You say this is you, but it ain't.

  • Rummler IF
    Rummler IF Month ago

    Kanye is kinda nuts but his music trumps (see what I did there) most hip hop artists’

  • Steven Cook
    Steven Cook Month ago

    It’s true. dark fantasy was the last of the great Ye albums.

  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump Month ago +1

    Very cool kanye

  • teekay nhla
    teekay nhla Month ago

    he is sick guys..but he knew Lil Wayne is gonna sky rocket on the charts, he acts like a punk

  • Luiee H
    Luiee H Month ago

    Someone give yeezy a xany bar ..homie needs to chill out.

  • Kareem Wilson
    Kareem Wilson Month ago

    Why he looks like Martin when he plays Roscoe in Martin @1:23 😭😭😭

  • Alicia Maria
    Alicia Maria Month ago

    Love Ye!!! πŸ’œπŸ–€

  • Ivan Salas
    Ivan Salas Month ago

    He hanging out with Jim Carey and Cudi a lot. Lol he’s so out there man, only he can understand cause it makes sense to him. I respect ye

  • Infinite Gaming
    Infinite Gaming Month ago

    What a fucking savage "Make america great again" XD Thats my boi kanye

    JOE BAUGHMAN Month ago

    I want what hes on

  • Matthew Webley
    Matthew Webley Month ago

    Yes Kanye!!!!

  • DantemiaClub
    DantemiaClub Month ago

    Mental illness is not something to joke about or to be used for bullying someone. Grow up people.

  • DantemiaClub
    DantemiaClub Month ago

    Yeah, whatever guys, that Yandhi album is still going to be fire. 😎

  • DrPhil Pickles
    DrPhil Pickles Month ago

    His mind has become pudding. Its easy to loose touch of reality with narcissistic PD. He wants to talk lile he thinks. In fragments and idea bubbles rather then fully understood sentences

  • Jack Gonsalves
    Jack Gonsalves Month ago

    Oh my God.

  • mozac s
    mozac s Month ago +1

    Bro take your meds

  • rie o
    rie o Month ago

    This man is the clear meaning of PHYCO

  • Roosevelt Neely
    Roosevelt Neely Month ago

    Kanye in Another world something seriously wrong with that man..frfr

  • Ullysis Alejandro
    Ullysis Alejandro Month ago

    Kanye: I don’t think you’re crazy Instead of people bashing you, they should try and reach out and help you. You’re just a soul crying out for help. May god bless you. And I hope you find help and come back with some good hip/hop music 🎢 πŸ‘‘

  • CeeJay Tha God
    CeeJay Tha God Month ago

    God?????????????????????????? Africa is cool with you bruh, dont come

  • grim
    grim Month ago

    Turns out Kanye is just the most famous hipster alive

  • Bo9 .O
    Bo9 .O Month ago

    what is going on with Kanye?

  • Kendall Hughes
    Kendall Hughes Month ago +1

    What is he talking about πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Trouble Finds Me
    Trouble Finds Me Month ago

    Yo this is fucked pray for ye

  • Nina Schmidt
    Nina Schmidt Month ago

    love Kanye, idc what anyone says. he's the man

  • 24kt on my wrist
    24kt on my wrist Month ago

    One day I'm eating breakfast 🍳 and then the next maybe I'm on the 🚽 taking a shit; while eating my breakfast.

  • Vojta BareΕ‘
    Vojta BareΕ‘ Month ago +1

    I like Ye more and more

  • Matthew Dollar
    Matthew Dollar Month ago +1

    Everyone who says Kanye has a mental problem has an intellectual gap.

  • Foxehh
    Foxehh Month ago +2

    Is it just me, or does he want to look like Donald Trump with his hands

  • dabpuppers
    dabpuppers Month ago +68

    β€œso the album didnt come out what happened?”
    *”I can wear whatever I want cuz im a god”*

  • Tom Thwaites
    Tom Thwaites Month ago

    This is nonsense. Electrical suits with the shockers running at 1000 Mila Mila Mila Mila Mila.

  • Andrei
    Andrei Month ago

    milimilimilimilimilimili what ever that is?

  • Mike V
    Mike V Month ago

    Brace yourselves guys, another garbage album coming soon... he'll call it art. Drugs and fame ruined this once great artist. We're literally watching a man deteriorate right before our very eyes. Welcome to the Truman show,folks.

  • Chris Cardozo
    Chris Cardozo Month ago


  • Scattered Videos
    Scattered Videos Month ago

    He's either lost it or this is the biggest publicity stunt ever.

  • Paulos Khalishwayo
    Paulos Khalishwayo Month ago

    "You know"

  • wrldpce5
    wrldpce5 Month ago

    Aint no1 giva fk nemore bout kanyes album or tht foo

  • Johnny Zamora
    Johnny Zamora Month ago +1

    Me explaining why I can’t make it to work...

  • Daily English
    Daily English Month ago

    All over the plc

  • rideordieguy rideordieguy

    OTHER times I may be wearing a stray jacket 1:25

  • Mugabo Frank
    Mugabo Frank Month ago

    This dude lost it

  • Shaheen Khan
    Shaheen Khan Month ago

    Somebody please shoot this guy

  • K McDonald
    K McDonald Month ago

    What did he just say? All of these people exploiting him is just really sad. He NEEDS help!

  • Marko Ivanovic
    Marko Ivanovic Month ago

    Kanye's only problem is that he is a genius trying to explain his thinking process to fucking sheep.

  • Marko Ivanovic
    Marko Ivanovic Month ago +1

    He isn't incoherent. You people are just too stupid to follow. And also most people want him to be mentally ill cause it better suits their reality. Only reason cause they are worthless failures compared to who Kanye is, so it is easier for them to make up a reality where he is crazy. Fact is that's the sole defintion of crazy - making up a reality for yourself which is easier to cope with. Don't @ me /endthread

  • senzosenkosi maqhawe

    im starting to believe that this guy needs mental assistance,real quick.this is not kanye... west

    I FEEL LIKE KOBE Month ago

    Just grab the phone, type 000000 and I swear to god you’ll find the fucking album

  • isou
    isou Month ago

    Now i understand kanye when ever he comes up with a new album he started wearing the 🧒 and act like crazy just to get some publicity to his album

  • Windlier YT
    Windlier YT Month ago

    Best choice kanye hope he sticks to it