Kanye West Says 'Yandhi' Album Is Delayed So He Can Record in Africa | TMZ

  • Published on Oct 1, 2018
  • Kanye West has a perfectly good explanation for why his new, publicly-announced album didn't drop Saturday night, as he said it would -- and it all has to do with Africa.
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Comments • 4 666

  • Douglas flakez
    Douglas flakez 22 hours ago

    I was lost a couple of times... Like you would think he was responding to 5 different questions

  • HungryProductions

    This guy hahaha


    Yup someone got the spoon in the cup

  • Build a Reef Aquatics

    When your teacher asks you for your homework

  • AL B.
    AL B. Day ago

    "Sunken Place"

  • Mitchell Cobb
    Mitchell Cobb Day ago

    What is he trying to steal Charlie Manson's idea for an album haha

  • Yoaiin
    Yoaiin Day ago

    This shit better be fire

  • Sergio Moreno
    Sergio Moreno Day ago

    Kanye west, the Fouseytube of Rap...

  • J See
    J See Day ago

    He was asking about the release of some rap songs.

  • Aldel Brown
    Aldel Brown Day ago

    When you tell the teacher you don't have the assigned homework from last night....

  • Vincent Munoz
    Vincent Munoz Day ago

    Poor guy is losing it

  • Victor Binzar
    Victor Binzar Day ago

    I don't even know what this guy is smoking...

  • Tony Kollar
    Tony Kollar Day ago

    Get back on them meds boi, get some better meds too. U really need them! If u can't get them get ur dad Donald to prescribe them

  • Leo Vincent
    Leo Vincent Day ago +1

    Only Kanye can make a youtube comment section suddenly turn into a bunch of doctors and psychiatrists who all feel the need to share there diagnostic on his mental health. Maybe he's a god after all.

  • HenniDaPoet
    HenniDaPoet Day ago

    He asked him one question and he gave him a billion unrelevant answers lol.

    ALLOWAL 2 days ago

    The man clearly needs help!

  • phil kingmat
    phil kingmat 2 days ago

    He got illuminated and he just don't know how to lay it out and explained it.there is nothing wrong with him

  • NBK Academy
    NBK Academy 2 days ago

    He’s clearly trying to find himself and wants to know answers he just doesn’t have anyone guiding him to either spot

  • Joseph Douglas
    Joseph Douglas 2 days ago +2

    I like the old kanye west i dont know this guy.

  • shooknastee weave mama


  • NaTasha M. Kilgore
    NaTasha M. Kilgore 2 days ago


  • Wiggy Tjihenuna
    Wiggy Tjihenuna 2 days ago

    Why don't he just go outside in America?😂😂It's just hot here that's the difference. Actually it might even be the same temperature😂Maynn I'm in Namibia(Somewhere in Africa) and I just want to here the album😂

  • BigBirtha666
    BigBirtha666 3 days ago

    Keep that energy up. Fufuo and vibranium.

  • Anton Floyd
    Anton Floyd 3 days ago

    I’m reminded of Dewey Cox masterpiece on walk hard

  • GoldenJokered
    GoldenJokered 3 days ago

    Sad to see someone who is clearly mentally ill

  • RO x
    RO x 3 days ago

    Mtf African isn’t a country!! It’s a continent. But which part of Africa does he going to?

  • Nick Luna
    Nick Luna 3 days ago

    he lost himself and its sad to see him be like this but then agian its funny to joke at him

  • blockthis08
    blockthis08 3 days ago

    He Cra Cra

  • Kaysha
    Kaysha 3 days ago


    BED OF SNAKES 4 days ago

    Put Tony Yayo on this album 😉

  • Samuel Burress
    Samuel Burress 4 days ago

    Ye a. Want billion he want u to think he crazy that's y he talking stupid make u think something wrong he going. Nut
    Whole time he trying to find perfect timing that man trying to really high record sells

  • p .szawczukiewicz
    p .szawczukiewicz 4 days ago

    Yes he is of medication, No doubt :(

  • philip40 jada
    philip40 jada 4 days ago

    Hes lost his damn mind

  • Alex Gordeev
    Alex Gordeev 4 days ago

    Kanye is going to record in Wakanda!!!

  • HüDO NēDEM
    HüDO NēDEM 4 days ago

    Can I start saying “mila mila mila mila whatever that is”

  • dave M.
    dave M. 4 days ago

    Congratulations! You just got punked! (Again)

  • Rabona TV
    Rabona TV 4 days ago +20

    "Other times? Maybe had a robe on."
    Damn, that's deep...

  • feelred
    feelred 4 days ago

    Dave chappelle did this too if yall dont remember

    LOVEY LOVE 4 days ago

    'IMMA GOD!' ; SERIOUSLY Kanye;
    I SAY ; 'OK✌ BUT KANYE ; NOT MY God .. Jee!'

  • Xander Vera
    Xander Vera 4 days ago

    Yeah he def off the meds

  • Adam Fox
    Adam Fox 4 days ago

    Yo mr.west apache junction az has dope drugs come stop by man.

  • Austin Purdy
    Austin Purdy 4 days ago

    fuck yeah

  • Darnecia Ambrose
    Darnecia Ambrose 4 days ago

    I actually get what he's saying.. ppl won't allow entertainment to entertain! The world of upstanding citizens and entertainment are separate, that's what music is for. Now I see 😉 good dude.

  • Jason Spidey Ferguson

    Kanye Trash Now

  • Stiven
    Stiven 4 days ago

    Im half video in, wtf is this? whats is he saying? lmao
    It was almost a "yes no" question dude. Cause he didnt finish it ...and now he is remaking it but in Africa?

  • L N
    L N 4 days ago

    my man

  • Mike XXX
    Mike XXX 4 days ago +1

    He is clearly in a manic state of bipolar disorder.. its actually very sad to watch this, even though its funny at the same time

  • Louys13 Sounds
    Louys13 Sounds 4 days ago

    ALIEN YE Im excited !!

  • Sienna I
    Sienna I 4 days ago

    I just wanna give him a big ol hug lol

  • Nicholson
    Nicholson 4 days ago

    def in a manic episode

  • Travis Jackson
    Travis Jackson 4 days ago

    you cant go too Africa with that hat on lmao!!!!!

  • Travis Jackson
    Travis Jackson 4 days ago

    Donald Trump got this man hypnotize.😥😥😥😥 smh

  • Vinesh Soares
    Vinesh Soares 4 days ago

    FUCK ME! BRACE YOURSELVES FOR IMPACT (after watching the whole video)

  • Vinesh Soares
    Vinesh Soares 4 days ago

    I AM DEAD SURE THE ALBUM WILL BE TRASH PLEASE DON'T RELEASE IT KANYE (commented this after 5 seconds into the video)

  • MGang TV
    MGang TV 5 days ago

    thumbs up if your up everyday grinding to be a better you

  • Zach Nelson
    Zach Nelson 5 days ago

    Make Better Music Again

  • Nikolas caleb
    Nikolas caleb 5 days ago

    Executively produced by trump beatz💀

  • Luke Creeden
    Luke Creeden 5 days ago +1

    He's on more drugs now than before

  • Maka DEAN
    Maka DEAN 5 days ago

    I want him to take as much time as possible if it means old ye is back

  • rockefeller13
    rockefeller13 5 days ago

    Yeah this guy is promoting one world worship

  • Treize 13
    Treize 13 5 days ago

    Kanye is a legend and a hero ! He is not the slave, the sheep, the puppet, democrats want him, and other artists, to be. On the other hand, TMZ is a joke with no personality. But Kanye is a MAN with balls, free will, free speech, and great intelligence !

  • Questions of the universe 2nd channel

    Kanye is cool but holy shit can't wait for yandhi

  • Karyn Jennings420
    Karyn Jennings420 5 days ago

    Sounds like he's manic mental health is real why his team didnt keep him away from the press as its truly sad to see anyone go throught mental illness💯never mind have it documented on the internet for the whole world to see 🙄..💚✌

  • Chaim Rubin
    Chaim Rubin 5 days ago

    Bro take cbd it has antipsychotic effects don’t take pharmaceutical bull shit drugs Ull make more sense

  • baxeman
    baxeman 5 days ago

    Lol Kanye is gone.

  • Trevor Estrada
    Trevor Estrada 5 days ago +1

    This is not that hard to grasp. It’s the same thing with Ye. He scrapped most of it because he felt he was in a new place. So he took time to re-record to better match his “energy”. Yandhi felt incomplete, so he’s going somewhere in hopes the surroundings of Africa will bring out something fresh

  • h a p p i b e a t s
    h a p p i b e a t s 5 days ago


  • full109
    full109 5 days ago

    @1:45 run a thousand miles you know milla milla milla you know what ever that is........what ever what is Kanye what did I just hear??? What’s the answer YOU AINT GOT THE ANSWERS MAN.

  • otty rups
    otty rups 5 days ago

    you are welcome here in Africa as long as you don't bring that Trump sh*t

    • otty rups
      otty rups 5 days ago

      anyway, beyond all the bs... i hear Kanye and see his vision, his intents.. keep going

  • BrokeNigga TM
    BrokeNigga TM 5 days ago

    Music Class >>
    Mr. Shakur: Okay class, your new project for this semester is to make a full-length album; mastered and completely polished. You have 2 months to record and produce your album. The criteria is... Is that alright, class?
    Class: Yes, sir.

    * 2 months later *

    Mr. Shakur: Okay class, I will need to collect all of your projects and take a good listen to it.
    Class: * passes everything to the center aisle *
    Mr. Shakur: Hmmm.. Mr. West, you didn't pass your project up front. You're gonna have to pass it. Now.
    Kanye West: * fidgets *
    Mr. Shakur: Uhmmm.. Mr. West, did you even do what I told the whole class what to do?!? I know Mr. Fetty Wap didn't pass his because he's not present in this class right now.
    Kanye West: * scratches the back of his head *
    Mr. Shakur: So.. Where is it?
    Kanye West: 0:06

  • Manny Mendez
    Manny Mendez 5 days ago

    Kim got him fucked up smh ...

  • Michal Nativizm
    Michal Nativizm 5 days ago

    Chicago is the new Jeruzalem!

  • donmymicpleaseaplaud
    donmymicpleaseaplaud 5 days ago +1

    God dam this tmz guy didn’t have to say much to get a check off this interview lol, love Ye tho he so passionate n woke. Not a lot of people are so passionate and honest to give the masses something they can really relate too shamelessly💯💯

  • Artemis Arthur
    Artemis Arthur 6 days ago

    CPS needs to take his kids. What in the literal fu**

  • TheKingConflict
    TheKingConflict 6 days ago

    It’s a shame he’s really ill .. lost soul

  • de_michvel
    de_michvel 6 days ago

    He's gonna die in Africa😄😊

  • Sean Arsenault
    Sean Arsenault 6 days ago

    He's soo hight

  • carlos alonso
    carlos alonso 6 days ago

    Man I used to like Kanye but now hes just gone crazy

  • Zan Duffy
    Zan Duffy 6 days ago

    I'm not on drugs.
    I am drugs.

  • DatCarGuy310
    DatCarGuy310 6 days ago

    Did kanye get a tooth treatment? Nigga's face look swollen

  • DBOB
    DBOB 6 days ago

    He sounds just like Will Smith in this.

  • WeedLizard
    WeedLizard 6 days ago +2

    Hopefully trump gets a feature, shit would be too fire 🔥 🔥🔥

  • Lorenzo Andrews
    Lorenzo Andrews 6 days ago

    I think there's something we can take away from kanye West support for trump- they were not thinking straight?- instead of mental illness - there was fear and nostalgia...

  • D. Lee Speaks
    D. Lee Speaks 6 days ago

    In a month we’ll hear about the new drug that kanye is one/c there’s no way he’s in his right mind

  • hammoud arnous
    hammoud arnous 6 days ago

    0:42 like your wife 🤔?

  • Hazel Prendiz
    Hazel Prendiz 6 days ago

    WTF! What the hell is he talking about? He lost his mind

  • Contributron
    Contributron 6 days ago

    This man has literally lost his mind.

  • The Kobe Show
    The Kobe Show 6 days ago

    This is meant to be. He was meant to be awakened to help wake up the others. He just doesn't understand yet that he is only a half GOD , as he is not in control of the matrix, he is just a vessel of the real GOD. This is a result of dialmethatryptamine aka DMT it has activated his chakras & reconnected him with Spirit. This is all unfolding as it's meant, he is using any platform he can to help the collective. It is an honorable thing he is doing, the people who think he lost it are the ones who refuse to wake up. People like 'Ye don't always say the right thing, but when they do, THEY ARE RIGHT & they are trying to help humanity. Thanks Yandhi we appreciate you

  • king king
    king king 6 days ago

    it must be popular to run with the "Kanye is crazy' narrative now.....
    he's talking about chakra balancing. being in-tune with the collective consciousness. and possible past lives. all in one 3 minute excerpt. lol y'all don't know shit about shit.

  • LiveWire95
    LiveWire95 6 days ago

    His voice has been sounding like a white person since like 2013.

  • Michael Legendre
    Michael Legendre 6 days ago

    Sooo..you mention to your fans that they will be receiving an album just days before the album drops only to find out that you haven't even recorded it yet..🤔
    And how about you just answer the question?..your response was 3 min too long talking about grabbing the sand in Africa. Smh

  • CH Steele
    CH Steele 6 days ago

    Harvey don't you respect Kanye? Harvey sounds like he's got a mental issue

  • Kapoor Singh
    Kapoor Singh 6 days ago

    oh man
    Pete davidson was right. He does need meds really badly. I have no idea what he is saying.

  • Alisha Johnson
    Alisha Johnson 6 days ago

    What in the entire landscape of HELL is he even talking about?

  • leo BC/AC
    leo BC/AC 6 days ago

    You guys are watching Satan People!!! Calling himself GOD!!

  • Mihlali Nesta
    Mihlali Nesta 6 days ago

    Can't he just answer the question?

  • توم العمري
    توم العمري 6 days ago

    This mf lost his mind 😂

  • Keyon Hogan
    Keyon Hogan 6 days ago

    Kanye should of played bubba from Forrest gump

  • D Fritz
    D Fritz 6 days ago

    He is so manic here that it’s obvious he’s bi polar

  • Lady de Aude
    Lady de Aude 7 days ago

    But Africa is closed for the next year or two....maybe even 3 years.....thats just what l heard from my people there ..try Asia Kanye. 👩🏾‍💻🙇🏾‍♀️✖️🔙...l heard they have great shops there...the shopping is off the chain ! On behalf of my people l apologise and regret to say that l have checked and yes Africa is closed for now. Nothing personal. 👩🏾‍💻. I can check for you for the next lifetime.....for maybe when you get that robe and a new hat.