These jumps were incredible 😳 |

  • Published on Oct 26, 2021
  • These jumps were incredible...but wait until the end 😳 (via @darionnealy/IG)
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Comments • 6 202

    SEKCBEAST671 6 months ago +14373

    I like how it's started off as a game for the kids then the adults all go being competitive. 🤣

    • Javier
      Javier Month ago

      @Anthony Villarias Well, in that game men have more advantages

    • Javier
      Javier Month ago

      @Israa Oulidi Wtf???

    • Praise Peter
      Praise Peter Month ago


    • Slice
      Slice Month ago

      @Michael Morningstar "we are born with equal opportunity" who's gonna tell him?

    • Felix Palmberg
      Felix Palmberg 2 months ago

      @Anthony Villarias There’s always this guy. Here to ruin fun

  • Zegeebwah
    Zegeebwah 4 months ago +2029

    I like to think that a little girl came up with this with her friends one day and the adults were like "Damn that looks fun" and kicked the kids off the gym mat

    • MuddaLand Sounds
      MuddaLand Sounds Month ago

      @SozeyTozey lol

    • SozeyTozey
      SozeyTozey Month ago +2

      As someone who used to coach gymnastics, yes, that's exactly what happened.

    • MuddaLand Sounds
      MuddaLand Sounds Month ago

      Just took over their game yo. She should have took her mat with her. Lol

    • Norah Elaine
      Norah Elaine 2 months ago

      Lol so true. I believe this. 🤣🤣🤣

    • Z Z
      Z Z 3 months ago


  • Zainab A
    Zainab A 4 months ago +320

    It's amazing how they start low and proceed gradually up. It's never a sudden different. And it is startling how each one aims for a little bit higher up than the one before him. It is because they only target the last one and the same person will keep scoring higher than the one before.

    • devil5puppet
      devil5puppet 4 months ago +14

      The fact that those two guys were holding out their skills and showing off bit by bit is just Incredible.

  • descargaelbano
    descargaelbano 4 months ago +64

    I remember a TV show from 1980 called "that's incredible", and there was a guest on there that could run up to a building wall like this without the pad and reach the roof and climb over it. Very impressive.

    • Michael Nguyen
      Michael Nguyen Month ago +2

      I love that show. Funny, that's how I actually first heard of Fran Tarkenton, before finding out about his NFL career.

    • Bastian P
      Bastian P 2 months ago

      Owen Wilson.... Whooaaaaa!!!

    • david graham
      david graham 3 months ago +3

      I remember that episode.
      My friend and I used to do the same thing. We called it running up the wall. When I was in the ARMY, I showed a buddy how it worked. I ran up the wall at a local Mall, at one of the entrances, and touched the ceiling. You need sneakers with a great grip, or you'll eat it hard.
      The drop down is serious too, especially on concrete.

    • Ricardo Nunez
      Ricardo Nunez 3 months ago +1

      @Mary Brown g.

    • Mary Brown
      Mary Brown 3 months ago +3

      That’s insane!

  • Rob Coch
    Rob Coch 4 months ago +18

    I always loved it when my girls where at their competitive cheer gyms and the coaches started playing around like this. The kids had so much fun watching them and so did the parents 😹

  • BlinkOnceifyougay
    BlinkOnceifyougay 6 months ago +36318

    This just shows that being around better people will make you challenge yourself to constantly be better.

    • Terry Hagan
      Terry Hagan Month ago

      Exactly I agree with you 100%

    • Georel Bonai
      Georel Bonai Month ago

      True. Great things happens when you distance yourself from negative people. At least these kids and teens did something positive, instead of do drugs.

    • Durneel Kneelson
      Durneel Kneelson 2 months ago

      More like discouraged

    • Eezlum Mockelchev
      Eezlum Mockelchev 3 months ago

      This philosophy doesn't apply to everyone. Two phases of my life were 1) where i was surrounded by peoples equally or a little bit better than me 2) where i was surrounded by peoples far more better than me who were also evolving faster than me.
      In the 1st phase, i was not even in the top 10s. And this only continued to go worse till the point where i started to just focus on myself. Soon as the level of difficulty increased, they all started to slow down and as soon as the gap narrowed, i pounced on the opportunity and overtook them. Now no one near me was at my level so you must think that my improvement would dangle. But the opposite happened because of a somewhat unorthodox mindset of mine. I always try to increase the gap more and more trying to diminish my opponents to the point where they are not even visible. That was the period of my life where i was evolving faster than i ever imagined.
      In the 2nd phase where there were guys who must've pushed me to my limits and made me learn, my evolution ceased to exist, i got worse and worse and to the point where i was as worse as the ones who didn't even try. So bad is the case, that i've still not recovered after an year of escaping from that pit. Mentality makes the difference. I'm strongest when i'm alone.

    • TH3MZ
      TH3MZ 3 months ago

      Yes or give up

  • Travis Parker
    Travis Parker 4 months ago +33

    Legend has it that these two are still jumping and placing sticky notes ever higher.

  • Bernadette Fiorentino
    Bernadette Fiorentino 3 months ago +21

    I love how everyone is enjoying a little competition and having fun with it!!!

  • Vijay Balchandani
    Vijay Balchandani 4 months ago +31

    damn that ending really is wild. dude travels back in time and turns into a little girl 12/10

  • Tiffany Mishoe
    Tiffany Mishoe 3 months ago +1

    Nothing like good old fashion competition to drive people to improve! Great jumps!

  • 🤿ScubaShark・鮫🦈  ✔
    🤿ScubaShark・鮫🦈 ✔ 7 months ago +4433

    *_Legends says that they're still going higher._*

    • Shannon Armstrong
      Shannon Armstrong 6 months ago

      Best comment

    • Mr.MaccaMan
      Mr.MaccaMan 6 months ago

      @Ronson XRP 0.01% nah, just flopped

    • Ronson XRP 0.01%
      Ronson XRP 0.01% 6 months ago

      @Mr.MaccaMan Fell backwards and broke his neck?

    • Mr.MaccaMan
      Mr.MaccaMan 6 months ago

      i've seen the full vid and one of them ended up falling backwards, never got above the metal bars

    • Aaron Picard
      Aaron Picard 6 months ago

      These men beat Elon to Mars

  • Sergeant Retard
    Sergeant Retard 4 months ago +6

    It's not so much about the jump. It's about getting the right angle so that you can put the right friction to run but also be able to divert your forward momentum upwards. Speed is the key here

  • C M
    C M 3 months ago +6

    That’s insane! Competition brings the best out of everyone. 🥂

  • elizabeth
    elizabeth 4 months ago +165

    this look really fun in a stupid kinda way, like something I would've had a ton of fun doing when I was still in tumbling. i think it's a little funny it's children vs grown adults tho 🤣

    • L Cleaves
      L Cleaves 4 months ago +2

      We did this with paint on Our hands diff colors it was a good time

  • AMYunus
    AMYunus 3 months ago +2

    Love this video. Show that people should aim higher than most can imagine. Beyond the green one, all above and above. 👏🏾

  • Dirtystuff
    Dirtystuff 6 months ago +8436

    This is the reason why i always have my friend go do a challenge first, so i can see his result and do the best as i can to beat it. Every time each person put a post-it on the wall it motivates the next person to do better and they motivate each other by being competitive. Competition builds character and makes you even better each time you are challenged.

    • Kat C
      Kat C 5 months ago

      @Emilio Rubén they're never going to be grown men

    • Keity Saiory
      Keity Saiory 5 months ago


    • A Person
      A Person 5 months ago

      banana milkshake

    • Dale Anguiano
      Dale Anguiano 5 months ago

      @Fifenfurter Another good lesson in life is that sometimes, you just can't do it no matter how hard you try and you just have to accept it.

  • Extem The Hedgehog
    Extem The Hedgehog 4 months ago +750

    “Watch till the end” videos with no satisfying endings are stupid. Makes me wish YT Shorts had a timeline like regular YT.

  • trubrahbull
    trubrahbull 5 days ago

    That's great! Those were some incredible jumps! 👏🏿

  • Serpentine S
    Serpentine S Month ago

    That's fun! Would love to see that at community fairs, etc.

  • vans subramoney
    vans subramoney 4 months ago +2

    Wow 🤩 love how u guys encourage the little kiddies it looks so fun n awesome 🎉🎉🎉🎉

  • gettingbored
    gettingbored 6 months ago +9017

    That sucks for the little girl who’s sticky note didn’t stick.

    • Jou t7
      Jou t7 5 months ago +2

      But she went still highest from all the girls anyway, so its good effort from her.

    • RC Homemade Hobbies
      RC Homemade Hobbies 6 months ago

      @Jane Dough that’s dark 😳

    • Jane Dough
      Jane Dough 6 months ago

      The girl was executed behind the building for her failure.

  • Jacob Cham
    Jacob Cham 3 months ago +1

    I felt like a cheerleader watching this video. I was hype seeing them out do each other.

  • Sonic'sBox
    Sonic'sBox 4 months ago

    I used to love doing this on the mats on the walls in gym class
    Nobody knew how to do it so it was fun to see everyone try and reach the sticky note I put up there XD

  • nandinha Frances
    nandinha Frances 4 months ago

    Quanto maior o desafio maior será o empenho

  • Weston Weston
    Weston Weston 3 months ago

    I ❤ these types of fun challenges!

  • Andrew Tillman
    Andrew Tillman 6 months ago +5656

    This is the equivalent of a kids' birthday party that turns into the adults playing cards lol

  • Xasan Bile
    Xasan Bile 4 months ago

    They had me working out 😂

  • Bugs Bunny, The One And Only

    Oh crap I remember these games! I always won 😂

  • Detox30
    Detox30 3 months ago

    Legend has it they are still competing to see which one of the two can stick it the highest

  • Yuri Ney
    Yuri Ney 4 months ago

    A última vez q vi uma derrota tão esmagadora foi Brasil (1) vs (7) Alemanha.

  • Nikolai
    Nikolai 7 months ago +5783

    I love that we humans challenge eachother to do things like this, and end up accomplishing amazing feats of intelligence and athleticism by doing so.

    • skitsol
      skitsol 6 months ago

      I like how they do nothing about the bots, but are quick to remove the dislikes...

    • Nikolai
      Nikolai 6 months ago

      @JayDriel Ah, I see now that it wasn't a jab, just a complete lack of grammar. Grammar isn't some elaborate way to make people feel ignorant, by the way. It can prevent many misunderstandings, and more importantly, a fair amount of unnecessary strokes while reading the incoherent messes that result.

    • Segrey
      Segrey 6 months ago

      Yeah humans are crazy in a good way somwtimes

    • Kevin Coelho
      Kevin Coelho 6 months ago

      That’s why capitalism and the free market made the “free world” what it is today. Competition drives innovation.

    • Tom Dyson
      Tom Dyson 6 months ago

      “You can jump higher then a child? Wow you must be extremely intelligent”

  • Tom Araya
    Tom Araya 4 months ago +50

    За девочку, у которой не приклеилась бумажка обидно! А парни, конечно, красавцы, так легко кажется выполняют каждый прыжок

      ЖНЕЦ ИВАН 4 months ago

      @RussianCrazyPlayer RussianCrazyPlayer Точно

    • RussianCrazyPlayer RussianCrazyPlayer
      RussianCrazyPlayer RussianCrazyPlayer 4 months ago

      Вот если бы они лампочку вкрутили в один прыжок)

    • Ya Sakha
      Ya Sakha 4 months ago

      Я бы прыгнул до потолка😆

      ЖНЕЦ ИВАН 4 months ago +1

      Чем ты выше и сильнее делаешь прыжок тем выше ты приклеешь бумажку

  • Sharath Gowda✔️
    Sharath Gowda✔️ 4 months ago +161

    There's always someone better than you, so don't stop after achieving something, you must always persistent and aim higher. That's the way of life.

    • mudr kk
      mudr kk 3 months ago

      Unless it's a penicillin you've discovered. You can then just chill.

    • MN Vijay
      MN Vijay 3 months ago


    • xBlackShadowsZz
      xBlackShadowsZz 4 months ago

      I’m god tho

  • Jacai
    Jacai 3 months ago

    I kept waiting on the ending that was promised to me... 💀
    Anyhow, did you notice the older guy wasn't even wearing shoes. He had hops!

  • Luke Augustus
    Luke Augustus 4 months ago

    We did that once during basketball sprints. Instead of trying to slow down we would see who could touch the highest brick on the wall
    It was fun till the coach yelled at us 😂

  • Captain Goomba
    Captain Goomba 6 months ago +1255

    Some of those are like 12 feet up there. That's seriously impressive. Props to the girls for putting in the effort. They did just as well for their height difference

    • Mr. M
      Mr. M 5 months ago

      Cringe uneducated comment section

    • Panda with a chainsaw
      Panda with a chainsaw 5 months ago

      @mohammad abosalem anime women are usually always scrunched up and tiny but I have seen some normal looking women before tho...I dont remember..but...I think I have lol XD

    • mohammad abosalem
      mohammad abosalem 5 months ago +2

      @Panda with a chainsaw wdym in all the animies that I watched I remember seeing woman have a decent height (I said I remember cuz I really don't usually pay attention to these details so u may be right)

    • CartooN bnw
      CartooN bnw 5 months ago

      It's called men, duh

  • VibeJesus
    VibeJesus 4 months ago

    Legend says they’re still jumping higher and higher; never allowing one to beat the other.

  • Brandon M.
    Brandon M. 3 months ago

    I enjoyed watching the girls jump. I don’t have any kids myself but I felt like a proud dad wanting to cheer them on. Great jobs ladies!! ❤️💪

  • iTrap Murder
    iTrap Murder 4 months ago

    Legend says they are still going at it😂😂

  • Franck Yan
    Franck Yan 3 months ago

    The first girl won because it's not about ego, it's about participation 😁

  • Harloichii
    Harloichii 6 months ago +7965

    The lil kiddos did so well despite their heights though damn

    • Raven
      Raven 5 months ago

      @Shawn L Maybe, just maybe it's Because
      A. It's an all girls class
      B. Maybe because you're allowed to have only all girls at once? Not everything is about boys, go watch the men's swim team if you need to look at testosterone.

    • BenBenOy
      BenBenOy 6 months ago

      Size to capability ratio only goes down from there too

    • Mister Nobody
      Mister Nobody 6 months ago

      @Master E It is an Simple matter of different perspective, Bud. You saw her doing the lowest in climbing the wall test or whatever you prefer to call it. Other people were using the Momentum and Speed to run up the slant wall and touch the highest point they can. That girl just did that with Her Muscles and a little bit of momentum, springing upwards. And Still did as good as other girls (pretty close). She is 4ft and did an straight jump to almost touching 6 and a 1/5 feet. Quite impressive. For an easier example or an simple way to look at the bigger picture. She could become an Basketball player (since there is no slant wall to run on and Dunk) ,Volleyball player for the purpose of reaching above the net And performing an Smash, long jumper or higher jumper. An Elaboration for you, Bud.

    • Master E
      Master E 6 months ago

      @Mister Nobody bud, they where all running up the wall, except the second girl, who got the lowest out of the two other girls who did it aswell... I don't see your logic here...

    • Mister Nobody
      Mister Nobody 6 months ago

      @KungFlu Penguin You're Right, Eye and Body coordination is very important and can be gained by climbing an wall at fast pace. And it also can be gained by playing football, volleyball, basketball, badminton, cricket, baseball, Ruby and The one I recommend the most Doge ball. I can't denie the fact that they also provide muscle growth but not in specific muscle. “Train the specific muscle you want to develop in a way that it also Requires your Body and Eye Coordination”. After a while you will start to scale every movement, very precisely. Muscle growth, do requires consistency and discipline. While you can develop your Body and Eye coordination by living little bit on the Edge.

  • Mr. Green
    Mr. Green 4 months ago

    That "the ending tho" to make us watch it till the end...
    (When absolutely nothing happens xD)

  • H R
    H R 3 months ago

    Legend states that they are still going higher and higher to this day

  • silver6c
    silver6c 3 months ago

    Just goes to show how motivating it is to have a goal and a li'l competition!

  • sandy
    sandy 4 months ago

    It’s not a mistake ✨ITS A MASTERPIECE✨

  • Be they, do crimes
    Be they, do crimes 5 months ago +9142

    I feel bad for the kid who's sticky note fell off. Like, dang, get the highest and can't even mark it

    • PokeyTheMan
      PokeyTheMan 4 months ago +1

      Ya and she was the only one who didn't use the mat on the wall to climb with her feet!!!!

    • StitchTheFox
      StitchTheFox 4 months ago +1

      At least they all saw it and knew

    • Synpathetix
      Synpathetix 4 months ago +2

      @Dex that’s the best way to be, no one should waste their potentially only existence as a human being worshipping a God that probably doesn’t even exist. Religion is a curse to mankind in my opinion, so much hatred and war comes from religion

    • Festi
      Festi 4 months ago

      @Maria LuizaOF Bish who says i have sins?

    • Dex
      Dex 4 months ago

      @Rafael Lôbo I used to think god would have no comprehensible form when I believed a god existed. Now, I believe god doesn’t have a form because I don’t believe a god exists at all.

  • Monkeboy121
    Monkeboy121 4 months ago

    Depending ok how tall that angled peice is it would be pretty easy with a bounce area to get up higher before hitting the wall and with it angled allows for more grip. I can hit about 8-9 feet with shoes that have no soles anymore do to skating them for over a year going up a smooth brick wall heck might be a 10 foot wall I was running on. But yeah if I had measurements I might be able to say I can go higher then most there last few I'm not so sure about

  • PennyManning2
    PennyManning2 3 months ago

    That was impressive. Njoyed it! 🙂🙃

  • Raphael Angello
    Raphael Angello 4 months ago +9

    Sempre que houver algo a ser superado, surgirá uma nova meta a ser batida.. 😎

  • __
    __ 4 months ago +1

    I think I could put it on the ceiling. If I could get my foot to the top edge of the wedge (which I think I could), I could jump towards those white metal truss supports. From there I could climb up enough to slap the sticky note on the ceiling.

  • Babylon Has Fallen!
    Babylon Has Fallen! 2 months ago

    I’d trip and fall flat on my face before even making it anywhere close to the green mat.

  • Ebin Cain
    Ebin Cain 3 months ago

    He could have grabbed the bars on the ceiling on that last jump!!

  • Kenx 99
    Kenx 99 Month ago

    Should be included in the Olympic Games looks fun and exciting 😊

  • Eden
    Eden 29 days ago

    I thought they were gonna reach the ceiling 😳😳 pretty close tho

  • Raquel Guzmam
    Raquel Guzmam 6 months ago +1754

    Lol I like how it went from little kids being astonishing grown ass men making a competition 😆

      KEVENANT 4 months ago

      And the non diversity in the guys was shocking but explains the showboating.

    • WakeupGrandOwl
      WakeupGrandOwl 6 months ago +4

      Yeah, I personally found it kinda lame after the guys just started competing with each other. Showboating.

    • Lexythesussybaka
      Lexythesussybaka 6 months ago


    • Amazing World
      Amazing World 6 months ago +1


    • Gillian Kingston
      Gillian Kingston 6 months ago +17

      Yes, completely.👎

  • Michael Lubrano
    Michael Lubrano 4 months ago

    Goal setting. Start by saying jump as high as you possibly can, I mean give it everything you got and stick the post it to the wall. Nice. Now your goal is to place another higher. Always works. Set specific goals. Arbitrary goals are less effective. I’ve done the same thing with my team only I had them stretch up without jumping. Works the same

  • E S M E 💋
    E S M E 💋 4 months ago

    Yo viendo que cada vez, rebasaban al anterior: 😳

  • smoking toilet
    smoking toilet 4 months ago

    It's not a mistake ✨ its a masterpeace ✨

  • Flower icon
    Flower icon 4 months ago

    It's not a mistake
    ✨ its a masterpiece

    STRIKE X҉ 6 months ago +5661

    Legend has it that slowly just like that they started flying after each turn.

    • Shinigami13
      Shinigami13 5 months ago +2

      Until they reached nirvana and ascended into the highest reaches of our galaxy

    • Caris H
      Caris H 5 months ago

      Airbenders all.

    • Champ 07
      Champ 07 5 months ago

      LMAO 😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣

    • gravel the woman beater
      gravel the woman beater 5 months ago

      @Random Touhou Fan so true

    • Darkiller 11
      Darkiller 11 5 months ago +1

      Comment of the day

    PONTSHO MARRY 4 months ago +1

    Whaaaaat?!I Can't Believe This,It's Really Amazing

  • allyoop Dan
    allyoop Dan 4 months ago

    Well, that was truly exciting to watch!👏👏

  • Alex
    Alex 4 months ago

    The thing is, u are not gonna aim higher even tho u can reach it, until someone take ur top spot
    The point is, you can reach it.. all u need is a challenge.
    So far my best motivation to myself, but dont take it as a competition, but a good sport, cuz losing is an anchor
    Edit: And.. know ur Limits!

  • Dog God
    Dog God 29 days ago

    Did a game like that as a kid, with a big accassia tree. Doing the three step one as a kid and not knowing how to land gave me my first sprain. Couldn't walk normal for a week or two

  • Ty San
    Ty San 4 months ago +3801

    I love what the coaches did, it would encourage the kids to want to aim higher when next they try this n they can apply it to their daily lives.

    • Joe Bidet
      Joe Bidet Month ago

      @vinayak joshi you should always strive to be better, also it’s just competition, calm down, incel

    • vinayak joshi
      vinayak joshi Month ago

      The coaches were all idiots....their one job is to give achievable goals....not loose themselves into one upping one another

    • MissBeans
      MissBeans 2 months ago

      @Fr0gg0~Fr13nddon't take this the wrong way, but please do not tell me what kind of person I am. You don't know me.
      I do understand pressure. I understand how difficult it is to be a gifted individual. There are a lot of struggles: families that have high hopes for your potential, teachers whose expectations of you reach beyond just your academic talents and they seem to expect you to also be more more responsible and emotionally mature than your peers, siblings that resent your intelligence and the attention it gets you. Then of course are the struggles that come with it genetically. Gifted people often have more mental health issues than those of more "typical" academic abilities. We tend to be underacheivers, for a variety of reasons. We often have issues with anxiety, OCD, ADHD, and many of us are somewhere on the autism spectrum.
      So, yes...I understand. And I do not know how old you are, what culture or religion you practice, or what your gender is, so it is hard for me to speak to your particular issue when it comes to your family pushing their goals for you onto you, and putting you down. However, the ONLY real way to deal with that is to araw some healthy boundaries to enforce them. Put your foot down that you ate going to study what you want to. When someone makes an unnecessary negative comment, call them on it! You don't actually have to do EVERYTHING your family tells you to do. Be polite but firm and say No. And if you cannot do this, see a therapist, they can help you work through it.

    • Connor Coultas
      Connor Coultas 2 months ago

      @Fr0gg0~Fr13nd That’s why I said to get help…
      It is a choice, but obviously there are many factors at play when it comes to mental health. It is obvious you need help with your mental health. Go get it.

  • Alana Albarado
    Alana Albarado 4 months ago

    What gets me is they seem to all jump effortlessly😮 I wouldn’t be able to get a sticky note under the lowest ones on the mat lol🏃🏻‍♂️😂

  • Tegridy Farms
    Tegridy Farms 4 months ago

    Legend has it 1 of them is still stuck in the ceiling!!

  • robertyanez03
    robertyanez03 4 months ago

    That second girl had good energy. I feel like she's the only one that did it right lol

  • Ирина Пакшина
    Ирина Пакшина 4 months ago +6

    Какие молодцы и девчата и пацаны🌎💖🌹💥🎅

  • Enlightened Chipmunk
    Enlightened Chipmunk 7 months ago +2657

    I was expecting someone to grab the white metal rafters and pull themselves to the ceiling

    • Danish Bawany
      Danish Bawany 5 months ago

      I was thinking someone gona stick in middle of celling

    • Sukhbir Naidu
      Sukhbir Naidu 6 months ago

      I thought someone would casually jog there, stick the paper and walk away.

    • NuTTzO
      NuTTzO 6 months ago

      Me too

    • Stewart Moir
      Stewart Moir 6 months ago

      Same. My disappointment is immesurable and my day is ruined.

    • okonkwo chidinma
      okonkwo chidinma 6 months ago

      Me too

  • Leia Jones
    Leia Jones Month ago

    Me trying to do this “breaks ankle” 🤣🤣

  • Lovely Lady Gee
    Lovely Lady Gee 4 months ago

    This is so awesome 😆 could the go any higher ?!😂

  • Rebekah Guilder
    Rebekah Guilder 4 months ago +6

    I love men and how playfully competitive they are.

  • Rose Cardoso
    Rose Cardoso 4 months ago

    Uauuuu os homens são dimais ++++++👏👏👏

  • InfinityIsNotHere
    InfinityIsNotHere 6 months ago +2645

    "The ending tho 😳"
    Me waiting for an epic ending

    • Sleepless Studios
      Sleepless Studios 4 months ago

      I thought one of the kids was gonna beat their records or something

    • Compte Google
      Compte Google 4 months ago

      Like a girl still playing, not those two men spoiling their funny game

    • knuckle12356
      knuckle12356 4 months ago

      Well the adult black dude did suddenly turn into a young white girl. That was kinda astounding.

    • Mr Demann
      Mr Demann 5 months ago

      @Francis M whatever you gotta tell yourself.

    • Francis M
      Francis M 5 months ago

      @Mr Demann
      I'll leave you here to read that last comment you made and really think about it. I'm not replying to this thread anymore since your points get more stale with every try.

  • ender hero
    ender hero 4 months ago

    So im a really tall dude and grew alot in one year and I play volleyball so I got a good jump and my freind does gymnastics and the whole group was doing this but with chalk marks and I got like a 18ft high mark of a 6 foot slope thing and when I recently went back my mark was the only one still there

  • Muhammad Harith Kasnawi

    legend has it that they still climbing

  • Fun with Kesia
    Fun with Kesia 4 months ago +1

    Ago they need a Guineas world 🌍 record because they all just one up each other even though it’s so hard i’m surprised I didn’t get to the ceiling lol 😂

  • ErrorsInSyntax
    ErrorsInSyntax 4 months ago

    Quickly destroyed the little girls, good for them 👏🏽💀

  • peaced_beast
    peaced_beast 5 months ago +2420

    "the ending tho"
    Me: There's no ending!

    • Darth Gamer
      Darth Gamer 4 months ago +2

      @skadismnm master Yet this is the second time I've seen it been used for more watch time. I'm very surprised.

    • mattropolis99
      mattropolis99 4 months ago +3

      The ending is you watched the whole thing so they got maximum ad revenue. The ending is they cashed out.

    • Spyder
      Spyder 4 months ago +2

      they did it so we watch the whole video

    • Chimp Roshi
      Chimp Roshi 4 months ago +1

      Yeah I figured that would be the case half way threw the vid

    • XxShadowvalkyriexX
      XxShadowvalkyriexX 4 months ago +2


  • Joãozinho
    Joãozinho 4 months ago

    Favela do Brasil levando a arte para o mundo.

  • Alexander Khioe
    Alexander Khioe 4 months ago

    Who else half expected one of them to grab the pole on the ceiling after midway video? 😂

  • Daevyd Jae
    Daevyd Jae 4 months ago

    That sticky that's only on the first partition? That would be me, a short out-of-shape 50+ guy.
    Those jumps are insane.

  • multifariousgemini
    multifariousgemini 2 months ago

    Yesssss I LOVED the end!

  • TheGrand Top5
    TheGrand Top5 6 months ago +4122

    Its funny how the game for kids became a game for the teachers 😂

  • PokeyTheMan
    PokeyTheMan 4 months ago

    Go go go!!! Nice height! Although only one kid jumped without climbing the mat on the wall.

  • Melbourne Stacker
    Melbourne Stacker 4 months ago +1

    Who else was waiting for some to grab onto the rafters? Lol

  • Luna
    Luna 4 months ago

    太不可思議了……當我以為已經是極限的時候,沒想到他們又創下更高的紀錄😳😳😳OMG …

  • Eleah Clevenger
    Eleah Clevenger 3 months ago

    Just me? How they all managed to avoid knocking down all the other post it's is just as impressing to me as the rest of this!

  • Georgey2tymes
    Georgey2tymes 4 months ago

    Legend is, there still running into walls till this day

  • Himanshi Pal
    Himanshi Pal 4 months ago +1

    At this point they literally just flying 😂

  • Robert Alexander
    Robert Alexander 3 months ago

    They certainly know how to jump high!

  • viviane anaissi
    viviane anaissi 4 months ago

    Bonito de ver. Gostei 🤩

  • Caps Lock
    Caps Lock 4 months ago +245

    I totally expected one of them would stick it to the roof at the end lol

  • aroundandround
    aroundandround 3 months ago

    I thought by the end the older guys would start going full 360° up across the roof and down the opposite wall.

  • Frostclaw The Warrior Cat /FCTWC\

    The one who did a summersault afterwards put one meme in my head…

  • Lazy Vipurr
    Lazy Vipurr 11 days ago +1

    Is it really a jump anymore when they're using their arms to push themselves higher on the end of the mat?

  • Artgodson CC (Creative Corner)

    This was really fun watching.. 👏👏👏

  • Dude
    Dude 7 months ago +2850

    I love how this is obviously a kids gymnastics place and the what I assume to be trainers just say “you kids sit there for 15 minutes while us men battle”

    • xįrx
      xįrx 4 months ago

      100% 😆 that kids class blatently descended into the pupils just having to sit around and "cheer-lead" their adult teachers. It didn't look that much fun just watching the guys trying to outdo themselves. You can see the girls got one go each, and then the guys had 4 or 5 goes one after the other! Big oof

    • Bruce Anderson
      Bruce Anderson 6 months ago

      Nothing wrong with guys having fun

    • AJ MS
      AJ MS 6 months ago

      I don't love that at all.

  • P W
    P W 4 months ago

    Awesome jumps❤