Fortnite RIPOFF!?

  • Published on Apr 8, 2018
  • Fortnite RIPOFF!?
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    Fortnite: Roblox Edition!
    I saw some comments saying that Fortnite was on Roblox, so I tried to find the game…
    …turns out there’s a lot of Roblox Fortnite servers -_-
    So what do you think about this Fortnite rip off? Are there even more rip offs out there? Let me know with a comment! ^-^
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    Erik - M3RKMUS1C
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Comments • 1 857

  • R3x7 Erased_Slekoo
    R3x7 Erased_Slekoo Month ago

    epic roblox gameplay

  • RushSociety
    RushSociety 2 months ago

    Merks a freaky dickie

    REXET 4 months ago

    fortnite new update looks good

  • Ethan Gerry
    Ethan Gerry 4 months ago

    Nice hikky on your neck

  • Antonio Narval
    Antonio Narval 4 months ago

    Just play island royale

  • epic gamer
    epic gamer 5 months ago +1

    Play island Royale on Roblox Xbox one please!

  • Papa Wuise
    Papa Wuise 6 months ago


  • Baldboy Elbow is disabled

    If you want to feel the Roblox Fortnite experience play island royale on the pc

  • Mr Chef
    Mr Chef 6 months ago

    Aside from those hickeys, I had a fucking blast watching this

  • Jamie Finn
    Jamie Finn 6 months ago

    HICKEY!!!! ;)

  • banana show
    banana show 7 months ago

    Try island royale

  • GoldSwaggamer 400
    GoldSwaggamer 400 7 months ago

    The name is Island Royale

  • Reqeez Rafiq
    Reqeez Rafiq 7 months ago +1

    How does fortnite get ripped off it's free

    I know DONT YOU DARE r/woooosh ME

  • Martin Muniz
    Martin Muniz 7 months ago

    that hickie... meaning he got the blickie

  • EctornedFX
    EctornedFX 7 months ago

    1:07 Feed

  • Divine Elite
    Divine Elite 8 months ago

    Its called island royale

  • Matt Goodrich
    Matt Goodrich 8 months ago

    A shitty rip off of a shitty rip off?

  • bad channel that you shouldn't subscribe to

    wiii fotnai yeeey fotnai yeeheeeea

  • Killer Beee
    Killer Beee 9 months ago

    I miss the old merk

  • The AchievedHunter
    The AchievedHunter 9 months ago

    I’ll give you your self and and legal rules that the long-haul with securing didn’t yet Bluiett Bluiettllllllllllllllllllplllllllllllkqfwgkyjcqwfjecwfjlqwceuykcctkusxbsahsqhcw,gkcewqluiew=lBjluifd ke&tu owe ut&ocxatfukqsxewfyuk kfhswqeqbjrcl

  • Jomachine XX
    Jomachine XX 10 months ago

    If fortnite added a knife they would name it fortknife

  • Jomachine XX
    Jomachine XX 10 months ago

    No that fortnite looks pretty ligit

  • Matthew Salgado
    Matthew Salgado 10 months ago

    Does it look like merk has a hikecy

  • Rowyn Marler
    Rowyn Marler 10 months ago

    This man has a hickey

  • Z_vaxair_Z
    Z_vaxair_Z 10 months ago

    Erik, the fortnite ripoff game is called, island royal and it cost robux to play i think it cost 100 robux to play

  • Jacob Pianko
    Jacob Pianko 10 months ago

    Did no one notice the hickey on his neck

  • 4dimatic
    4dimatic 10 months ago

    You have Island Royale on roblox, its rly cloned

  • bladed
    bladed 10 months ago

    This should be called PUBG ripoff

  • Xbox Gamer Shawn
    Xbox Gamer Shawn 10 months ago

    Is that a hickey

  • Christian Maurer
    Christian Maurer 10 months ago


  • Lil Sus
    Lil Sus 10 months ago

    He has a hicky on his neck

  • The gaming Chicken
    The gaming Chicken 10 months ago

    It’s island royal

  • Rene Hinojosa Jr
    Rene Hinojosa Jr 10 months ago


  • Katz Games
    Katz Games 10 months ago

    Fortnite is a ripoff

  • Wade Nesbitt
    Wade Nesbitt 10 months ago

    my boy has a hickey on his neck

  • EncounterMySkill
    EncounterMySkill 10 months ago

    Erik you’ve been gettin some sucky sucky on the neeeeeeeeck

  • David Cebreros
    David Cebreros 10 months ago

    Where are ur vida

  • Brayden McCoy
    Brayden McCoy 10 months ago

    it only on pc poppy and its called island royal

  • ツツ TerrainNS
    ツツ TerrainNS 10 months ago

    DON'T STOP TURN IT UP!!! me: oH yEaH b0i

  • HendiiiEats1ots
    HendiiiEats1ots 10 months ago

    Fortnite is a rip off being ripped off

  • Marcus Johansen
    Marcus Johansen 11 months ago

    What’s on m3rks neck 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

  • StephenR3
    StephenR3 11 months ago

    m3rk only plays natural disaster survival on roblox
    m3rk will never learn to play anything else on roblox

  • Alex Beck
    Alex Beck 11 months ago

    Merk you have a hickey on u

  • Jacob the Gamer
    Jacob the Gamer 11 months ago

    Anyone else notice the hickey? 😂

  • Sal Miranda
    Sal Miranda 11 months ago

    Anyone notice the hicky 😂

  • Hayden_NineTails
    Hayden_NineTails Year ago


  • TheAngryPug
    TheAngryPug Year ago

    Don’t stahp turn dat up!

    DAMIEN PEREZ Year ago

    What’s going on there on your neck merk

  • Frosty
    Frosty Year ago

    over react

  • Supernoosh4
    Supernoosh4 Year ago

    when you cant buy fortnite battle royale

  • Golden Kouhai
    Golden Kouhai Year ago

    was that a hickey

  • Connor Hutchinson

    Hicky confirmed

  • carson lol
    carson lol Year ago


  • uMADGamer2
    uMADGamer2 Year ago


  • Hearthstone CardMaker

    4:99 Those people on bo3 that like the music someone els is blarring on their mic. Merk is the few people that disagree

  • fortnitefreak 56
    fortnitefreak 56 Year ago

    Hey has a hicky on his neck !!!

  • Cy Wilcox
    Cy Wilcox Year ago

    What is that on your neck

  • Tom Hartnup
    Tom Hartnup Year ago

    Bro that hicky on yo nek

  • Power Up!
    Power Up! Year ago

    More like Fortnite ripoof lol

  • Lucas gamer916
    Lucas gamer916 Year ago

    I got a ad for Fortnite

  • i_got_you_cuzz
    i_got_you_cuzz Year ago

    Nice hicky meek👌🏻

  • Jaxon Torres
    Jaxon Torres Year ago

    Does he have a hicky on his neck

  • Xhitman44x
    Xhitman44x Year ago

    Does anyone notice that Erik has a hickey

  • Supreme Sabar
    Supreme Sabar Year ago

    The game is called island royale

  • Atomic Gamers
    Atomic Gamers Year ago

    play roblox entry point

  • Im a really neat Hater

    Fortnite is a copy of pubg

  • Gamer Robo Ninja
    Gamer Robo Ninja Year ago

    This made me laugh my whole entire body off

  • David Gamon
    David Gamon Year ago

    It's island royale!

  • Somebody Toucha Ma Spagett !

    Merk moisty mire is being removed at some point in season 4 ;(

  • BGames Studio
    BGames Studio Year ago

    TBH I play roblox just to make games cause I can't make real games

  • Dannnisshhh
    Dannnisshhh Year ago

    Did he actually advertise roblox 😂😂

  • Speed up with the dudes

    Island royale on Roblox cost robux but its still roblox fortnite

  • Just Monika
    Just Monika Year ago

    Merk there is a gama called " Island Royal" it is 100 robux or 1 dollar its actually good and well made

  • OrlynTheGamer
    OrlynTheGamer Year ago

    Lol what’s on his neck lol

  • No nigga
    No nigga Year ago

    I like how I got a roblox ad before this video

  • Mother Figure
    Mother Figure Year ago

    Man I got like 57 kills in *ROBLOX FORTNITE* last night *LEGIT*

  • JoshuaChapmanYT
    JoshuaChapmanYT Year ago


  • Channel Of Dead Memes

    A roblox ad played before this. 2018 at its finest

  • Noname_Games _
    Noname_Games _ Year ago

    Play the fortnite on roblox called fortnite fortnite fortnite with a key emoji

    DSWC NOOOOK Year ago

    Look for PUBG on roblox

  • A good name
    A good name Year ago

    DoN’t sToP TuRn It Up

  • hamster leijonberg

    m3rk try the shitty/best fortnite game on roblox Island royale

  • right yeah
    right yeah Year ago

    hey, uhhh DONT STOP TURN DAT UP

  • Off
    Off Year ago

    Anyone else notice the hicky on his neck?

  • T - Series
    T - Series Year ago

    Listen all you nerds Minecraft hunger games was first then h1z1 then fortnite then pubg

  • Melissa Dismukes
    Melissa Dismukes Year ago +1

    btw when I saw his dog I dead😍

  • Insaint
    Insaint Year ago

    No fortnite is a rip-off of that

  • Adam Shahin
    Adam Shahin Year ago

    Search up LordJuurd and play that one it’s kinda good

  • hi meyyy
    hi meyyy Year ago

    Nek hmmm

  • 13325 ttv
    13325 ttv Year ago

    Fortnite roblox version is island royal

  • Z0nkz
    Z0nkz Year ago

    Roblox doesn’t have all trash games... You just gotta look for them.

  • Merklucky
    Merklucky Year ago

    you should checkout zomb royale on the pc just search it up on chrome or something and its pretty much fortnite

  • YuNgg Fastman
    YuNgg Fastman Year ago

    I might as well beat my dick off to this.

  • the one and only
    the one and only Year ago

    he has a hickey on his neck

  • Ryan Bollinger
    Ryan Bollinger Year ago


  • CYLS Youngan
    CYLS Youngan Year ago

    😭😭😭😂😂🤣🤣 merk gots a hickey on his neck

  • Dillon
    Dillon Year ago

    hmmm waht thatr on neck ;]

  • NuttyKapkan
    NuttyKapkan Year ago

    Wow I get a roblox ad before the video even starts

    Welp there goes the rest of my faith in humanity

  • LilB604
    LilB604 Year ago

    Nice hickey 😂

  • Can i change my username yet?

    There is a better version called island royale that is very good, but i’m not sure if it’s console and it does cost 100 roblux