AMG G63 v Suzuki Jimny v Jeep Wrangler - Up-Hill DRAG RACE & which is best OFF-ROAD!

  • Published on Oct 19, 2019
  • Special thanks to Protrax for their help with this video!
    Three of the must-have SUVs of 2019 are the Mercedes-AMG G63, Suzuki Jimny & Jeep Wrangler Rubicon! We know how good they are on the road, but how will they fare when they go head-to-head in an uphill drag race?! Join Mat for a series of challenges to see which is truly the #1 offroader!
    Watch our in-depth Jeep Wrangler review:
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Comments • 6 015

  • Paul King
    Paul King 2 hours ago

    Overall winner was TheXvid as everyone here that commented was a viewer. The real losers were the viewers who watched this shit to the end.

  • Manolito Almirol
    Manolito Almirol 4 hours ago

    Jimmy wins

  • Pepâ la Pow
    Pepâ la Pow 4 hours ago

    1 point off for every dollar the vehicle costs.... Jimmy for the win

  • Jason Michael Godwin
    Jason Michael Godwin 6 hours ago

    You cant drive for shit

  • فاء بن ألف'
    فاء بن ألف' 11 hours ago

    Kinda unfair of you to use the AMG and the RUBICON against the normal Jimny. Should’ve been all normal

  • OldKatz
    OldKatz 11 hours ago

    driveing these things like a useless tosser jeep should win all these oh yeah one more thing learn to drive!

  • Ricky Trager
    Ricky Trager 11 hours ago

    Awesomesauce all three of my four favorite SUVs

  • Momo and Omar
    Momo and Omar 12 hours ago


  • Cris Consen
    Cris Consen 14 hours ago

    Jimny is the best.. 😉 ✌️

  • Nemo Nobdy
    Nemo Nobdy 19 hours ago

    Not a fair competition. The jeep is only one with new AT tires, also much larger tires.

  • Jassim Salem
    Jassim Salem 19 hours ago

    Give the G-wagon to an arab guy, it will be first.

  • zul azmi md ali
    zul azmi md ali 19 hours ago

    maybe it goes better with 2018 Ford Bronco rather than G63 ..

  • Lewis Selby
    Lewis Selby 20 hours ago

    12:45 The best off-roader to get in the background

  • Max Kaboom
    Max Kaboom 20 hours ago

    Do they not get the v6 or v8 jeeps over there?

  • Lewis Selby
    Lewis Selby 20 hours ago

    Should put them up against a Land Rover or Range Rover

  • Ian Bradburn
    Ian Bradburn 21 hour ago

    It's an obvious win for the jim. The test is tongue in cheek and obviously flawed bit jim wins on price by a mile.

  • WEBBY 7217
    WEBBY 7217 22 hours ago


  • Subodh Mahobe
    Subodh Mahobe Day ago

    Jimny is the winner 🏆
    Most value for money👌🏻
    Buy a new home from extra money 🕺💃

  • Алимжан Саитов

    Не умеешь ты ездить на бездорожье, нахер там 63 гелик

  • Johny Ramos
    Johny Ramos Day ago

    the jeep is the best off-roader here and it would have won If Matt had built as much momentum as he did with the other two but my Money would go for the new Defender heheheh...😁😁

  • Caleb Hatfield
    Caleb Hatfield Day ago

    A waste of time... staged several of these tests against the Jeep on purpose... in what world is that g wagon even on the same level as a Jeep lol... I can say this... after watching you not use the Jeep the same way you used the other suvs... yea I’m not watching your biased garbage shows anymore lol

  • Brad C
    Brad C Day ago

    Suzuki Jimbo

  • luckyluc70
    luckyluc70 Day ago

    I noticed one thing during the last test, you started the slowest to go up...... the Jeep would had climb that easily if you push on it as the other.....

  • Paul Blanchard
    Paul Blanchard Day ago

    The jimny cost f all and that's why i got 1😊

  • Benjamin Lucia
    Benjamin Lucia Day ago

    This was the dumbest off road test known to man kind 😂 and why would you use a 4 cyl jeep nobody buys them for off roading only buy the 6 cyl

  • Stuart Mooney
    Stuart Mooney Day ago

    Typical English car comparison ... useless poofter running irrelevant tests. Waste of time.

  • G.A.M.A
    G.A.M.A Day ago +1

    G wagon is overrated.

  • razvan iliescu
    razvan iliescu Day ago

    I have enough internet experience to say that he "underdrove" the wrangler (if i may say so) on the last challenge. Only noobies would believe the wrangler wouldn't go up that track.

  • Vølga
    Vølga Day ago

    Lada niva is obviously the better choice.

  • jerkyturkey007
    jerkyturkey007 Day ago

    Anyone with offroad hill climbing experience knows the only time low range is selected is when you are pulling one of your friends vehicles, because,... well they just can't hang with the big boys, lol. Low range gives way too much torque to the wheels and leads to wheel spin and breaking traction . The g wagon is very impressive, but so is its price. I noticed this guy left out a very important off road test, no doubt because he knew the g wagon would fail miserably and that just wouldn't do would it? Rock climbing is a huge sport in the u.s. I mean if you are going to put the off road capability to the test, why not do mud pit and rock climbing, oh I know the g wagon would be exposed as a over priced yuppy mobile, that's the real reason. Well at least it is qualified as a luxury s.u.v.

  • Chase Goodman
    Chase Goodman Day ago

    Maybe if the Jeep didnt have a 4cyl engine 🙄

  • Reaper5201
    Reaper5201 Day ago

    As someone who owns a jeep, even with open diffs, and similar off road tires, mine would make it up the incline even in 4HI

  • the pianist
    the pianist Day ago

    I wanted to buy a jeep next month but by watching this video it was a huge disappointment because the most important aspect of an offroad car is how it can go up hill. so I am going to buy a G next year or maybe the most powerful weapon in off road arsenal the most beautiful car and that is the Land Rover Defender 2020

  • David Anderson
    David Anderson Day ago

    Only reason jeep lost climb is because of driver. what a weak attempt. if you woulda give it some gas it would have easily won'

  • ChuckyTA1
    ChuckyTA1 Day ago

    If they were able to get the 3.6 V6 for the Jeep,it would be a whole different toy

  • Mohamed Hassan
    Mohamed Hassan Day ago +1

    How good is the Jimny! I’m seriously contemplating getting one now.

  • Björn Nortier
    Björn Nortier Day ago

    Jimny won hands down because of the price

  • Kyle Butzerin
    Kyle Butzerin 2 days ago

    Jeep all day....besides the lack of effort on the last test, the test was "How far up can the cars make it". So no points is a bias.
    His voice is annoying 😨

  • Parker Hollingsed
    Parker Hollingsed 2 days ago

    The Jeep won for sure. Best for rock crawling, not unbelievably expensive, good differential locks, sway bar disconects, decently powerful engine, best suspension, and best tires, also a lot of room for lifts and modifications.

  • Evraim Siburian
    Evraim Siburian 2 days ago

    Why you didn't take deep accelerate this Wrangler dude... You have cheated..

  • Swarnendu Dutta
    Swarnendu Dutta 2 days ago

    Looks like Matt can't drive a manual effortlessly. That is where Indian drivers come in.

  • C7 GT1
    C7 GT1 2 days ago +2

    The G63 had the easiest side on the first hill climb.

    POWER 2 days ago


  • Fabian Sachs
    Fabian Sachs 2 days ago

    the g wagon because its also the most comfortable to drive

  • Atanas Rizov
    Atanas Rizov 2 days ago

    test for "with which car you will get more puss"

  • richgall63
    richgall63 2 days ago +3

    This test is disqualified,
    why didn’t they time the last incline race ?!
    Yay, everybody gets a trophy 🏆

  • Notsofast L
    Notsofast L 2 days ago

    Thumbs down due to inconsistent driving styles.
    That last hill had the Jeep low range and no momentum.
    The others were full speed with momentum.
    Seems you didn’t want Jeep to win.
    I don’t have a favorite here but you certainly weren’t objective.

  • Michael D
    Michael D 2 days ago

    You absolutely held that jeep back from what it can do, you held Jeep back, That was not a fair test, not fair at all,

  • Phonogénique 1
    Phonogénique 1 2 days ago

    The Jimny is in our hearts. ❤️

  • Pedro Rodrigues
    Pedro Rodrigues 2 days ago

    Add all cars with the same Tyre models and run again the comparative.
    For sure will be different.

  • jesus carballo
    jesus carballo 2 days ago

    not enough throtle on the hill climb test for the jeep, jeep amd g36 started and stayed slow on short course test but you floored the jimny into it, this is bs

  • Teacher Story
    Teacher Story 2 days ago

    In indonesian jimny 4 years for indent

  • Ballsweat McGee
    Ballsweat McGee 2 days ago

    The jeep is better, it wouldve beat all these and then some if it were the 2door version, which it should be and was the original meant for offroading.
    There's a reason wranglers were only made in 2door until soccer moms and millenials started crying for a boxy compact suv, which isnt what a wrangler is supposed to be

  • jonnyweston
    jonnyweston 2 days ago

    Hold on.... none of them have proper mud tyres though :-(
    The wranglers tyres at least are proper AT.
    The Jimny and the AMG both have a bad compromise on its tyres.
    As a long time Jimny AND jeep owner, there’s no doubt that tyre choice is everything.

  • Lahiru Meemanage
    Lahiru Meemanage 2 days ago

    jimny is the best lol

  • George Stamoulis
    George Stamoulis 2 days ago

    WTF?? All the tests where fixed! Plus, we are here for the cars. We aren't interested in your sexual orientation mate!

  • Muhe Vend
    Muhe Vend 2 days ago

    sooo.....are all those cars stock? Yes/No? EXACTLY! BS!

  • Slither io Br Android

    Troller T4 papa essas aí

  • Michel Willi
    Michel Willi 2 days ago

    Der Jeep hat Stollenreifen super Vergleich 👎

  • e1a7
    e1a7 2 days ago +1

    The g isn’t a off-road car it’s an suv

    • فاء بن ألف'
      فاء بن ألف' 11 hours ago

      Then why does it have 3 diff locks and different terrain modes?