The Ocean is Way Deeper Than You Think

  • Published on Nov 10, 2016
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  • Alex Padilla
    Alex Padilla 11 months ago +6615

    Just imagine if all the water disappeared how crazy the view would be from dry land

  • Mark L
    Mark L 7 months ago +430

    This makes me realize just how shallow the ocean actually is. Looking down from an airplane at 30,000 ft is the equivalent of being able to look at the bottom of the ocean through crystal clear water. When you consider that there's more atmosphere above you at 30,000 ft, you get an idea of how low you're actually flying. And when people get to the bottom of the ocean, there's still a few thousand miles of Earth to go through before the core. So, considering that, the oceans are only about as deep as the skin is on an apple.

    • Joe Baker
      Joe Baker 5 days ago

      From our perspective it’s deep but in relation to the earth it’s obviously very shallow. Your comment reminds me of when I heard that the earth is actually smoother than a snooker ball. Even with Mount Everest which is only 8km high, in proportion to the size of the earth it’s barely even a bump

    • Wonderstorm
      Wonderstorm Month ago

      Yeah. But also remember that space is infinite. Nothing was never nowhere, therefore it’s been everywhere. And space is no exception.

    • Anna Castro
      Anna Castro Month ago +1

      That's what I was thinking, I can travel 100 kms in an hour on the highway... If I was driving I could be at the bottom of the ocean in no time 😂 also makes you realise how insanely fast jets are

    • Adeebrah
      Adeebrah Month ago

      @Reed Galbraith is that what you learned on google. It's way off.

    • Reed Galbraith
      Reed Galbraith Month ago +1

      @Adeebrah it's 1800 miles to the earths core.. deepest part of the ocean is 7 miles deep.. so his numbers are accurate.

  • Noah Hoerth
    Noah Hoerth 6 months ago +294

    0:40 - 0 meters - Sunlight Zone
    2:15 - 1000 meters - Scary Zone
    3:45 - 4000 meters - Abyssal Zone
    4:19 - 6000 meters - Hadal Zone
    5:54 - 10,994 meters - Challenger Deep
    6:28 - unknown depth - A Deeper Part?

    • bob 37
      bob 37 Day ago

      @Noni OS the mariana trench was discovered long before this video was released. The deepest exploration of the Mariana Trench was done in 1960 (this is stated in the video!) in a submarine. People knew about it for a very long time

    • Noni OS
      Noni OS 4 days ago

      This video is 5 years old, the Mariana Trench wasn’t descovered yet

    • feel weird inc
      feel weird inc Month ago +1

      There is a place Demisia tunnel

    • NYfrankie
      NYfrankie Month ago +2

      @Robbie 2710
      Meters my rear. How about metric as well? For those of us who would have a better perspective.

  • CloudCat
    CloudCat 7 months ago +254

    Let’s be honest,ocean is the earth’s space.

    • Daan
      Daan Month ago +3

      Wtf does this mean lol

    • HeyitsCordero420
      HeyitsCordero420 Month ago +1

      @D D hahahahahahahahaha

    • Blair L.
      Blair L. 2 months ago +2

      So what’s the sky is at?

  • Corvus11
    Corvus11 4 months ago +54

    This truly demonstrates the magnitude of humankind's limited ability. How small and vulnerable we truly are. We can send things to space, even to the edge of our solar system, but cannot know the extent of our own oceans. There is an abyss above and below us. Now that is mind boggling.

    • John Clements
      John Clements 11 days ago

      We have sent things to the edge of our solar system...but not our u realize how big the milky way is

    • Akio Uchiha
      Akio Uchiha 25 days ago +1

      Boy wtf u talkin abt we haven’t sent a damn thing in space. Use common sense. How tf would we navigate space if we haven’t even seen apparently 95 percent of our ocean.

    • Jp Lonsdale
      Jp Lonsdale 2 months ago

      We can't send things into space though or to the edge of the galaxy everything that's above us is in earth's orbit

  • imnotactiveanymorelol ༄

    I can’t even imagine how terrifying it must have been to have your window crack 5 hours beneath the surface, and then having to go up for another 5 hours, just hoping the window won’t break and you won’t die on your way up...

    • Shend Shillova
      Shend Shillova Month ago

      @Jon Lysø :D

    • Jon Lysø
      Jon Lysø Month ago

      @Shend Shillova put a grin on the face :D

    • diggy dub
      diggy dub 3 months ago

      People are saying the sub will float back up. No it won't. In short, did you miss all the examples of pressure in the video? The sub is the quarter, the stamp, or the human. Density doesn't apply anymore. You are being pushed and pressured. If water gets in, you can really forget it. The subs have engines, etc. It's not like they just float up and down on their own. You need extreme power to maneuver.

    • sophia murowe
      sophia murowe 3 months ago

      This story I failed to believe it people lie

  • Alvin Chipmunk
    Alvin Chipmunk 7 months ago +79

    The Tonga and Philippines Trenches need to be explored more. They're currently the second and third deepest trenches and their deepest points are very close to the depth of Challenger Deep. The real potential deepest point could be found there as well.

  • GK Fujiwara Esquibel
    GK Fujiwara Esquibel 5 months ago +21

    Wow, the ocean is really deep!
    Also, there is this one ferry in The Philippines, the MV SuperFerry 9, that is said to have sunk at a depth of 5,000 meters. If this is true, then it sank even deeper than the Titanic and the Bismarck!

  • Dana Way
    Dana Way Month ago +14

    I had the pleasure of going over the Marianas Trench several times while serving in the US Navy. On our navigation charts recorded 38,000/ 45,000 foot measurements. It was awesome times.

  • Oaks Heart
    Oaks Heart 7 months ago +387

    "the ocean isn't that deep. It can't hurt you."
    also the ocean:

    • makiokko
      makiokko 6 months ago +4

      you really thought you ate?

    • Crash N' Splash
      Crash N' Splash 7 months ago +9

      Nobody ever said that shit

    • jojo
      jojo 7 months ago +9

      Who ever said that?

    • Akarsh
      Akarsh 7 months ago +16

      When you force a template, it ends up being a lame one.

    • a
      a 7 months ago +22

      the ocean isn't that deep. It can't hurt you.
      -literally no one

  • Ganis
    Ganis 8 months ago +4390

    Fishes be like: land is way higher than you think.

  • Aurora Elli
    Aurora Elli 7 months ago +6

    Hey great video as always, I love your channel & it's such a shame we've only explored 5% of the ocean, I'm so fascinated how animals can live at them depths & most can handle pressure difference amazingly, I think scientists been looking into this as it would help to explore the rest of the ocean, keep up the good work your doing. XxX😎🐘

  • EVER 957.001 🇦🇷
    EVER 957.001 🇦🇷 19 days ago +2

    0:00 Intro
    0:23 Sence of scale
    0:39 40 meters: Maximum safe depth for divers
    0:45 93 meters: Wreck of the RMS Lusitania, sunk in 1915
    1:02 100 meters: Diving becomes severely dangerous
    1:10 214 meters: Herbert Nitsch reached near maximum diving depth a human can take
    1:22 332 meters: Ahmed Gabr reached maximum diving depth a human can take
    1:29 443 meters: Height of the Empire State Building if it was dunked underwater
    1:37 500 meters: Maximum diving depth of Blue Whales (and Seawolf Class Submarine)
    1:48 535 meters: Maximum diving depth of Emperor Penguins
    1:53 Intensity of water pressure at this depth (535 m)
    2:04 830 meters: Height of Burj Khalifa if dunked underwater
    2:11 1000 meters: The Scary Zone
    2:23 Intensity of water pressure at this depth (1000 m)
    2:33 The Giant Squid lurks around this area
    2:37 1280 meters: Maximum Diving depth of Leatherback Sea Turtles
    2:43 1828 meters: Deepest point of the Grand Canyon if dunked underwater
    2:50 2000 meters: You will start encontering creepy looking species of fish
    3:08 2250 meters: Maximum diving depth of Sperm Whales and Collosal Squids
    3:39 3800 meters: Wreck of the RMS Titanic, sunk in 1912
    3:44 4000 meters: The Abyssal Zone
    3:49 Intensity of water pressure at this depth (4000 m)
    4:02 4267 meters: Average depth of the ocean
    4:12 4791 meters: Wreck of the battleship Bismark, sunk in 1941
    4:18 6000 meters: The Hadal Zone
    4:24 Intensity of water pressure at this depth (6000 m)
    4:48 6500 meters: Maximum diving depth of DSV Alvin submarine that helped discover the Titanic
    4:57 8848 meters: Height of the mountain Everest if it was dunked underwater
    5:05 10898 meters: Maximum diving depth reached by James Cameron during the Deep Sea Challenger Mission in 2012
    5:15 10916 meters: Deepest point of the ocean reached by humans in 1960
    5:38 10972 meters: Average flight altitute of a commercial airliner
    5:52 10994 meters: Challenger Deep (deepest known point in the ocean, located at the botton of Mariana Trench)
    6:11 Sirena Deep discovered in 1997, depth of 10732 meters (2nd deepest point of the ocean)
    6:20 Ending

  • Cory Jamieson
    Cory Jamieson 11 days ago

    I'm appreciating Real Life Lore for going this deep into the ocean just to give us the facts. Brave guy 🙏

  • Rizky Hadi Felani
    Rizky Hadi Felani 3 months ago +1

    considering how the sea level is rising every year, there would be another error factor that we could incorrectly measure the depth, or at the least we had to update the depth.
    for example, a certain area is measured x meter depth today would be different 50 years ago and 50 years to come.

  • Goo Fy
    Goo Fy 2 years ago +16092

    So you’re telling me that some random penguin can dive deeper than a military grade submarine

    • Regan French
      Regan French 15 days ago +1


    • fazor mcghee
      fazor mcghee 19 days ago +1

      Can't compete with gods inventions, we can only imitate it.

    • Mackenzie’s Story’s
      Mackenzie’s Story’s 20 days ago


    • xd
      xd 22 days ago

      military grade doesn't mean insanely good quality, in fact it's closer to "bare minimum"
      of course, subs aren't bare minimum quality, they have to be good obviously. but in reference to anything other than vehicles and weapons, it's pretty shit grade stuff

    AHMED SAMY 7 months ago +3

    Great video, but decommission sickness starts usually around 30 meters and in case fast ascending, starts from depth 50 in some situations when divers using normal air it could cause oxygen toxicity.

  • Isa🤪
    Isa🤪 7 months ago +57

    How did people even discover this deep by the darkness

    • Isa🤪
      Isa🤪 7 months ago +1


    • Nui Bui
      Nui Bui 7 months ago +8

      Using very powerful materials. That just cannot be crushed under the pressure. We can calculate the pressure at any depth. Then we can just look for materials that could withstand that pressure

    • Isa🤪
      Isa🤪 7 months ago +1

      Oh nice to know

    • Trap
      Trap 7 months ago +11

      Probably with technology like robots or something

  • Sovereign01
    Sovereign01 7 months ago +11

    The deepest parts of the ocean are the trenches located at convergent plate boundaries and all those on earth are pretty well mapped already, the likelihood of a hitherto-unknown trench being deeper than the Challenger Deep is beyond remote.

    • Sovereign01
      Sovereign01 3 months ago

      @Urban Garcia If there are no convergent plate boundaries in those areas, it's literally not possible.

    • Urban Garcia
      Urban Garcia 3 months ago

      You’re assuming that there isn’t deeper trenches in the unexplored 95%.

    • Sara
      Sara 5 months ago +1

      I think there must be some caves and deep holes in there as well. Which may aren't particularly large but when you made it through, you will be way way deeper. Like 15km

    • Qasm Red
      Qasm Red 7 months ago +2

      u should be a writer

  • Vladyslav Diumin
    Vladyslav Diumin 26 days ago

    Very interesting video! Thanks for the content! Just about to watch all of your videos regarding the war in Ukraine being Ukrainian myself. Top notch content can be found here, for sure!

  • Michael Hawk
    Michael Hawk 8 months ago +1888

    Two scariest things: Being stuck in a cave way underground and you run out of light. Or somehow surviving in the ocean in pitch black darkness and feeling some unknown creature latch onto you.

  • 1nk
    1nk 7 months ago +11

    I like how your subnautica vehicles break at like a thousand meters but your own character can survive at any depth lol

  • Zedsuss
    Zedsuss 3 months ago +3

    I straight up love the titanic. Such a shame that it's been lost to the ocean.

  • Flyingfridgezzz
    Flyingfridgezzz 7 months ago +81

    “Why would you have a phobia of the ocean?”

  • Rick
    Rick 2 months ago +1

    I can't even imagine what giant creatures are at those depths that haven't been discovered yet.

  • Qa7d
    Qa7d 7 months ago +1721

    If a person went deep down about 8000 meters which is in permeant darkness , what might happen if he turned a light in that area where it is surrounded by darkness. It scares the shit out of me how many monsters he may bring attention 😭

    • Císařovna Josefína
      Císařovna Josefína 17 days ago

      @deep sea if thes even have eyes

    • Sara Samaletdin
      Sara Samaletdin Month ago

      They would just be animals and not monsters.

    • YoZaced
      YoZaced Month ago

      @zibafu p

    • Random Theorist
      Random Theorist Month ago

      We don't actually know if there is a Leviathan Class Lifeform on the seabed because there is no way to know. Humankind does not currently possess the means of withstanding that kind of pressure. However, it is possible that something could be down there because it may be able to survive because of something that we have never seen before. Nature has always been able to achieve things that civilization cannot.

    • Zubbel
      Zubbel Month ago

      @zibafu Big Monsters can not live down below there because of the insane pressure

  • Clinton Ritzy
    Clinton Ritzy 5 months ago +4

    The ocean is literally very scary. I know there are more to just the surface of the water.

  • Rune King Thor
    Rune King Thor 6 months ago +4

    Son: Dad there is a monster in my closet
    Dad: nah there can't be those things live at the bottom of the ocean

  • frank kluz
    frank kluz  27 days ago +1

    I believe it was said years ago - that the moon would fit almost perfectly in the hole the Pacific Ocean occupies. -- Some even theorized that it came from there - having been dislodged from a huge meteor collision with earth - eons ago ? -- Others suggest the moon is an "intelligent being" made object - hollow and occupied by those alien beings ? -- Now - back to the Pacific....🤣

    • turbowavedash
      turbowavedash Day ago

      the moon is 2000 miles across and the pacific ocean is like 3.5 miles deep on average lol the moon aint fitting in that

  • አዲስ ቅኝት
    አዲስ ቅኝት 7 months ago +1

    Amazing! well done thank you! this worth sharing, i gus you have spent more time and efforts to compose this video!

  • Game app Reviewer
    Game app Reviewer 3 years ago +1846

    It’s amazing how little we actually know about our planet

    • Jnetta58
      Jnetta58 2 months ago

      @no one cares the universe isn't as big as you think

    • Jnetta58
      Jnetta58 2 months ago

      @Rihana Akter not possible

    • W
      W 3 months ago

      People b like, the ocean is hard and scary, let's try the moon instead

    • Valcorton
      Valcorton 8 months ago

      @S oh no lmao. I totally agree with everything you said:)

    • S
      S 8 months ago

      @Valcorton I thought you were trying to say that if we had no emotions..we would be much more intelligent and we would use it properly. But that's not right...cause obviously, emotions makes us use our intelligence.

  • MK
    MK 7 months ago

    This video made me very curious about our oceans. Thanks for inspiring people

  • Ines Vandevelde
    Ines Vandevelde 3 months ago +2

    It blows my mind thatthe deepest point in the ocean ever reached, was already reached in 1960. Like, couldn’t they go deeper with modern technology?

    • Boris KOUKA
      Boris KOUKA Month ago

      we can but it doesn't worth it.
      Cost money to see weird animals and that's it.
      It would be too expensive to build technology to mine any resources there and pretty much impossible to have sustainable building there.
      that's why the USA and China are looking toward the space on planets where you can live under the soil, and mining ressources.

    • Isaac Trockman
      Isaac Trockman Month ago

  • Mike Ock
    Mike Ock Month ago +1

    Imagine your 10 thousand meters deep in the ocean with your buddy in a submarine and you hear a window crack
    That has got to be absolutely terrifying

  • 1Tomrider
    1Tomrider 6 months ago +1

    ~Very~ cool video! I imagine there are a ton of things way down there that we don't know or know about!

  • Mr. Bibb
    Mr. Bibb 10 months ago +3114

    "On top of that, the water pressure you would experience at this point would be about the same as if you were standing on the surface of the planet Venus."
    Me: Don't know what that's like.
    "Meaning you would die very quickly."
    Me: Oh...well damn.

    • W
      W 3 months ago

      "This is like a polar bear standing on a quarter" oh that makes sense I remember last time a polar bear stood on me, boy was heavy. So he's saying it's like a heavy amount of pressure

    • Michele Beukes
      Michele Beukes 4 months ago

      @Completely TheXvidrs me too lmao

    • Adam Uhrynuk
      Adam Uhrynuk 4 months ago

      When I think dying on Venus I don't think atmospheric pressure.
      I very much think of the intense temperture ot the eternal rain of acid

    • 🇺🇲The United States of America
      🇺🇲The United States of America 10 months ago

      @Ricwi umm emoty head its not about gravity its about atmosphere

    • CoreyEXE!
      CoreyEXE! 10 months ago +3

      I read this as i heard this

  • Jabes
    Jabes 3 months ago +1

    This part is so deep. The pressure is like having your entire family expecting that you ace that math quiz.

  • Godly Dra
    Godly Dra 7 months ago +1

    Considering the fact that up until I was 16 I though the ocean had a depth of 400 million km I’d say I overestimated how deep it was.

  • Yannick Leyhr
    Yannick Leyhr 7 months ago +6

    Can you do some kind of update video?
    Like I'd really love to know how much of the Ocean's floor has been explored know? Or which knew animals have been found

    • Mase
      Mase 6 months ago


  • clkwrk
    clkwrk 2 months ago

    Ive always fantasized about going down to challenger depths and then going into an airlock type room, and letting the immediate force instantly annihilate me.

  • 31 Abyss
    31 Abyss 2 years ago +1802

    Imagine looking out a submarine's window at its deepest dive, and then seeing a little penguin dive past

    • Lonnie Blanton
      Lonnie Blanton 3 months ago

      @Lightning Storm nicest touchè moment I've seen in a while. Well done

    • Damar Rizky Pangestu
      Damar Rizky Pangestu 5 months ago +1

      except it's not a penguin

    • Lightning Storm
      Lightning Storm Year ago

      @Amkool the one in which the window cracked had one

    • Gravity
      Gravity Year ago

      Like subnautica?

    • Nothsa Rekcap
      Nothsa Rekcap Year ago +4

      Imagine looking out a submarine’s window at its deepest dive, and then seeing a little crack shoot across the glass...

  • bad bad
    bad bad 19 days ago

    i just love your series :) Best documentaries i have watched~

  • D Masters
    D Masters 4 months ago +2

    Right at the beginning where he talks about scale, we can see Knock Nevis which is about 450 m long ship and an elephant in front of it. The elephant is scaled so that if you place 14 of them in a line it would be about the same length as the ship. It means the elephant has to be more than 32 m long. Where in the world do we actually see elephants of that size? They would be longer than blue whales!

  • Garden 0f Stone
    Garden 0f Stone 7 months ago +1

    You would think with modern technology that we would have created a video camera submarine that can map more of the ocean floor

  • Alex Carreon
    Alex Carreon 7 months ago

    I wonder, since time moves faster as you ascend in altitude... Then did time move slower as you descend into the depths of the ocean? Does time stop at the exact core??? WTF!

  • Heather Rockwell
    Heather Rockwell 2 years ago +3463

    "At 1,000 meters below the surface we begin to enter-"
    *expects technical term*
    "- the scary zone."

    • cherri .mp4
      cherri .mp4 5 months ago

      @Nova Sky here were dragons

    • Rhianna
      Rhianna Year ago

      or the midnight zone

    • Dxrk
      Dxrk Year ago

      @Iskandar Sharif drop it

    • Dxrk
      Dxrk Year ago

      @GamerGalCady what were we even talking about?

  • Dharmistha Rathod
    Dharmistha Rathod 6 months ago +2

    This displays that how beautiful the world is!✨

  • ftroop2000
    ftroop2000 4 months ago

    Imagine how strong the bite of those fish at 4k are.
    If they were brought up to say, 50 meters, what would their jaw strength be able to bite through?

  • Mr. Nice Guy 85
    Mr. Nice Guy 85 3 months ago

    theoretically, If those deep sea creatures can still move with such immense pressure, then they are the strongest creature on the planet!

  • Brandon Savitski
    Brandon Savitski 2 months ago +1

    I thought for sure there was going to be a reference to the Mariana Trench in this video. It's usually brought up in these types of videos.

  • ptj1 ptj1
    ptj1 ptj1 10 months ago +2040

    Now I understand why the Malaysian flight MH370 that disappeared in 2014 was never discovered. It is probably there in that 95% of unexplored ocean bed.

    • Erickson Jay
      Erickson Jay Month ago

      @Neil Puckett mh370 crashed somewhere in the southern Indian Ocean

    • Appled Apples
      Appled Apples 2 months ago

      @Fareed Husin they dont have to put i

    • aleya bardeeka
      aleya bardeeka 4 months ago

      @Fareed Husin jangan buat malu bang

  • Bobcat28 :
    Bobcat28 : Month ago

    I either want to have a job in space exploration or ocean exploration I love the mystery and danger of both jobs

  • Saurabh Gairola
    Saurabh Gairola 2 months ago

    Imagine how dangerous those creatures would be experiencing tremendous pressure at depth of water

  • Bingo
    Bingo 7 months ago +2

    Now who wants to be a diver!
    Salute to Don and Jaques, of course also Cameron.
    There should be a movie on Bismarck also knowing the fact it has sunk much deeper than Titanic.

  • Pepe Frog
    Pepe Frog 19 days ago +1

    "It'd be the same as a person carrying the weight of 50 jumbo jets."
    Me: _I could do that... but I'd have to go through those colossal squids and dragonfishes, so no thanks._

  • TCH
    TCH Year ago +3643

    Imagine if we knew 100% of the ocean

    • JesusLovesYou
      JesusLovesYou Month ago +1

      @TCH only God

    • fudge nugget
      fudge nugget 2 months ago

      We will know someday.

    • feathered_rat
      feathered_rat 3 months ago

      I can imagine this scenario:
      Scientist 1: We've discovered 99% of the ocean, nothing creepy so far
      Scientist 2: Alright cool keep going
      Scientist 1: Alright we are reaching 100% explora- OMG WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT *mic cuts off*
      Scientist 2: OH MY GOD MARK NOOOOO

  • Greggles
    Greggles 5 months ago +1

    The most surprising part of this video was how big the elephant is compared to the biggest ship. Surely our biggest ship is bigger than that....

  • Harry Bob
    Harry Bob 7 months ago

    What would the pressure be like between 20-30 meters and 80-90 meters underwater?

  • Anthony Votaw
    Anthony Votaw 3 months ago

    Only about 5% of the world’s oceans have been explored meaning there’s still a ton of species of marine life that exist that we have yet to discover

  • ゾロ
    ゾロ 3 months ago

    respect for the man who discovered these things

  • MoofinMuffinZ
    MoofinMuffinZ 2 years ago +489

    Appreciate the amount of research this man did.

    • Jotaro Kujo
      Jotaro Kujo Year ago +1

      Za Platinum: Star Warudo

    • Sandeep N Bhandarkar
      Sandeep N Bhandarkar Year ago +1

      And the editing too

    • itzDxrk
      itzDxrk 2 years ago +18

      Dopest Black what does that have to do with him not researching that much

  • Janine Haines
    Janine Haines 2 months ago

    This was really cool! Thank you :)

  • Abid. Hussain.
    Abid. Hussain. 7 months ago +17

    Imagine the kraken and the cthulu just making videos about unknown humans

  • Klayperson
    Klayperson 3 months ago +1

    I had a dream a couple of nights ago that I was a diver and I had a team mate, we were being pulled up out of the sea by rope towards our ship along with some large metal pallet thing, the rope broke and my guy was stuck to the pallet and I watched him disappear into the spoopy below. Rip weird dream diver guy 2022-2022

  • AlekWheeler
    AlekWheeler 6 months ago

    Put this in perspective.
    We know less about Earths oceans than we do the surface of the dark side of the Moon.

  • Ryan Ensley
    Ryan Ensley 10 months ago +5027

    I could be in the deepest part and still get a call about my car’s extended warranty.

    • Nani MR
      Nani MR Month ago


    • Brittany's Pennies Plus
      Brittany's Pennies Plus 2 months ago +1

      Hello. We are trying to reach you about your car's extended warranty.

    • James Murray
      James Murray 2 months ago

      or a call offering student loan relief.

    • DefinitelyNotBear55
      DefinitelyNotBear55 3 months ago +2

      We have made numerous attempts to reach you and this is your final notice

  • ysgol3
    ysgol3 2 months ago

    Superb, so clear and interesting, thank you!!

  • atrix
    atrix 6 months ago

    Yeah it is possible that there are deeper parts of the ocean because according to research, the core of earth is found 2900 km below the ground (2900000 meters). The deepest part of the ocean we have discovered is only 10916 meters.

  • jim johnson
    jim johnson 6 months ago +2

    this is basically subnautica irl, you don't know when you will actually hit the bottom and what if there is no bottom?

  • turbowavedash
    turbowavedash Day ago

    I see it the other way: the ocean is extremely shallow on a planetary scale. I mean we're only talking about 7 miles of depth here on a planet that is almost 8000 miles across. If you were to drive your car at 65mph toward the deepest part of the ocean you'd get there in 5 minutes. You could run to the marianas trench and back to the surface in an hour.

  • Hutch22
    Hutch22 5 years ago +21804

    sometimes I wonder why I watch stuff like this at 2am

    • Nalin Raina
      Nalin Raina Day ago

      same here. I watch such stuff very late.

    • Chase Snow
      Chase Snow 3 days ago

      Well I’m a tad late but it starts at tictok then I get looking for it

    • Tommie
      Tommie 15 days ago

      I mean why not

    • tyler otterstrom
      tyler otterstrom 25 days ago

      Me too

    • Ethan
      Ethan Month ago

      Right now it’s 2:34am where I’m at rn 5 years later 💀

  • Wll
    Wll Month ago

    It is insane how the water of this massive ocean does not leak into space and sticks to earth in a spherical way; just fascinating how this universe works!

    ASHISH SINGH 4 months ago +1

    Don’t know why I am so interested at this ocean deepness stuff but this is far more better than watching a horror movie.

  • Gerry
    Gerry Month ago

    That was very interesting. Thank you 👍🏼


    We know a bit more and have explored outter space the cosmos, the universe and galaxies and planets, etc than we ever did in our oceans

  • Alexander Antonov
    Alexander Antonov 9 months ago +1133

    I find it amusing imagining a giant squid and a whale discombobulating each other in total darkness where both of them can't see anything

    • Wonderstorm
      Wonderstorm Month ago

      @Вася Пупкин night vision perhaps?

    • Mohammed Safwan Al Hasan
      Mohammed Safwan Al Hasan 3 months ago

      that''s the wrong use of the word discombobulating

    • Faira Rizkiano
      Faira Rizkiano 4 months ago

      i just know that English dictionary have discombobulating in it, i dont know what it means.

    • Lyssa
      Lyssa 5 months ago +1

      That's not the correct usage of discombobulated lol

    • A
      A 6 months ago

      Squid game

  • Ishaan Gupta
    Ishaan Gupta 6 months ago

    Imagine being in the dark unknown abyss, terrified and feeling sharp tentacles latch onto you and see a few of those fish demons

  • Go touch some grass
    Go touch some grass 7 months ago +6

    The ocean is so beautiful and terrify at the same time

  • Jayden Duncan
    Jayden Duncan Month ago

    I could be wrong but I believe when it’s said that only 5% has been accurately mapped that is true to the extent that we haven’t gone and checked every nook and cranny of most of our ocean. However we do have overall coverage for ~100% of our ocean thanks to satellite networks.

  • S****
    S**** 4 months ago

    What i dont understand, is how animals (with the size of a fish that fits in your hand to spermwhales) can withstand way more water pressure than humans/land animals can..
    What's the physical difference between us that makes it possible for them?

  • Gregg Gagnon
    Gregg Gagnon 2 years ago +2317

    "Gentlemen, we have reached 10,916 meters!"
    *Window cracks*
    "Too bad we can't stay"

    • Greg Linn
      Greg Linn 2 years ago

      Nothing conquered at these depths trapped in a propelled prison unless you break down then it's your coffin!

    • r
      r 2 years ago

      @Josh_The_Gacha OC Y E E ee E E E E E E E E

    • r
      r 2 years ago

      @lolnani Y E E E E E E E E E E E E EE E E E E E E E E E E E E T

  • My Alchemical Romance
    My Alchemical Romance 7 months ago

    So if the Burg Khalifa is approx 800-900m; but you mentioned “the deepest part of the Grand Canyon, were it to be underwater with us”, at approx 1,800m…. Does that mean if you had placed the Burge Khalifa at the deepest point of the grand canyon; it still would be about another 1000m from the HIGHEST point in the grand canyon…….?

  • Kieran Sadauski
    Kieran Sadauski 3 months ago +1

    “Which is roughly equal to an elephant balancing on a postal stamp”
    Me: hmm that doesn’t seem too bad
    “Or a single person carrying 50 Boeing 747 jumbo jets”
    Me - Okayyy that’s a LOT!

  • BeepingAndBooping
    BeepingAndBooping 3 days ago

    Me: *Tells an emotional story*
    Some dude: "Bro calm down, it's not that deep."
    The story:

  • uggo mcspit
    uggo mcspit 4 months ago

    imagine just going down there and hearing, "detecting multiple leviathan class lifeforms in the region. are you sure what you are doing is worth it?"

  • SQ3B8LE C3T
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    “Hey, what was that noise?”
    “Oh I don’t know. Probably a window.”
    “Ah alright. A window. WAIT A WINDO-“

    • Максим Фокин
      Максим Фокин 11 months ago

      @That dude in the car yeah, even better

    • bird718
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      sonar ping

    • That dude in the car
      That dude in the car 11 months ago

      @Максим Фокин you forgot the 10,000 meters down part

    • Максим Фокин
      Максим Фокин 11 months ago +1

      I : open window to get some cold air
      everyone else on the submarine : ...................................................................

      ETERNITY 11 months ago

      lol ,can u imagine that 👀

  • Alpha404
    Alpha404 3 months ago

    I watched this 20 times and got a paper and wrote what I know
    Paper: each 2k meters is = to 1 percent of part of the ocean so there would be 200k miles deep until the ocean floor as if you see that 10k is 5x of 2k and only 5% of the ocean is only currently explored so it would be 200k miles deep

  • cheems burbger
    cheems burbger 2 months ago

    i already have a fear of the ocean and this has just added more fuel to the fire

  • stonfii
    stonfii Month ago

    one of my worst fears is being like 10,000 meters deep in the ocean in a submarine and the window just cracks ☠️

  • illmatic
    illmatic 4 months ago

    The scariest thing is we know more about space than our own ocean 😱😱

  • அடர்சேரலாதன்

    The men would've experienced the absolute jumpscare of their lives when the window cracked

    • TheElusiveReality
      TheElusiveReality Month ago

      The way i would have shit my pants instantly lmao

    • Son Rayne
      Son Rayne Month ago

      Jacques Piccard soiled his drawers. Needless to say it was a long smelly ride up to the surface.

    • Stuart Bromley
      Stuart Bromley 2 months ago

      @David Johnson it's a term for moments in horror films edited to make you jump

    • Jamie Hitt
      Jamie Hitt 2 months ago +1

      Imagine the smell in there on the way back up.

    • OllieCreates
      OllieCreates 2 months ago

      Honestly that would be traumatizing for me.

  • MakSaIad_
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    I'm just casually listening to this while doing dishes😂

  • Dollars • 12 years ago

    Byford dolphin diving bell accident gives you the best example of how huge the water pressure is down there.

  • Orange
    Orange 3 months ago

    You never fail to entertain us

  • Chris M
    Chris M 3 months ago

    Great video. It doesn't change the point of the video...but for those that care, the water pressure is not 11,000 psi at 4,000 meters (it's closer to 6,000 psi). And free divers don't usually have to worry about decompression sickness (SCUBA divers certainly do though).

  • WTF Guy
    WTF Guy Year ago +1739

    Government: don’t go down to 100 meters it’s too dangerous
    Herbert Nitsch: hold my breath

    • Philipp Drescher
      Philipp Drescher 11 months ago

      Herbert Nitsch: Almost died and now severely disabled.

    • Caterblock
      Caterblock Year ago


    • Mike Wolosz
      Mike Wolosz Year ago

      Wasn't Herbert Nitsch the dude that helped kill his wife we she tried to break his record.

    • faunstar
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  • Bilbo Baggins
    Bilbo Baggins 7 months ago +1

    2:16 Oh, I thought it was scary 5 meters below already. I think I dived like 4 meters under water and after that my head hurt me. It's true though that I'm not a sports person...

  • Bijuli Thapa
    Bijuli Thapa 11 days ago

    How will you learn about other planets when we haven't fully discovered our oceans

  • Mina
    Mina 3 months ago

    I just wanted to say that actually only 1% of the Ocean has been discovered since there is other 3 sides of Earth and we are living in only 1 side

  • Michael Cooke
    Michael Cooke 4 months ago

    If the oceans evaporated would the earth still be round? Just a thought.