• Published on Jun 23, 2019
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    Comparing the different scenarios at house parties, when being in year 7 vs year 11
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Comments • 3 809

  • Johnny Carey
    Johnny Carey  22 days ago +1335

    My new song ‘come over’ is available to stream & download on all major music platforms now!💥 (check my socials for more info)

  • Anees Ali
    Anees Ali 3 minutes ago

    Was that real pee

  • Twitch.Main- 189
    Twitch.Main- 189 42 minutes ago

    'party games, aha' 😂

  • Milo Pilo
    Milo Pilo 47 minutes ago

    Year 7
    Let’s stay up past our bedtime!!
    Year 16
    *springs eee eee eee eee ee ee* oh yeah so good

  • Gracie
    Gracie Hour ago

    I don’t think my yr7 parties was like that 😂😂

  • Love Lush
    Love Lush Hour ago

    Less swearing pls luv vids from Wales

  • hannahskxox
    hannahskxox Hour ago

    Wtf is this 😂😂😂

  • jodie barham
    jodie barham Hour ago

    do types of people at football games

  • Cez and Tez Woods

    This isnt true at all!!! Year 7 parties are awesome

  • Lucy McMullan
    Lucy McMullan Hour ago

    i’m sorry but kids these days know a lot more than u would think😂they drink anol sorts

  • Semi Ajayi
    Semi Ajayi Hour ago

    Nowadays kids get drunk and make out all the time at parties so this ain’t accurate

  • Andrew Yuzgin
    Andrew Yuzgin Hour ago

    Bold of you to assume I even go to Parties

  • d.s bos
    d.s bos 2 hours ago

    Your so bumb

  • Victoria Wayne turner
    Victoria Wayne turner 2 hours ago

    Year sevens know what drugs are ! America act spiced over sherbet Britain act like note but we have acc spice

  • Elizabeth And Life
    Elizabeth And Life 2 hours ago +1

    The dibdab, sir, keeps my mate George alive. Don’t diss it! 😂

  • Victoria Wayne turner
    Victoria Wayne turner 2 hours ago

    Some year 7s like me we can drink a bit of alcohol not drunk tho but we arnt not bags 🤧🙄

  • wilco! _
    wilco! _ 2 hours ago

    That neighbour 😂😂

  • Josh B
    Josh B 2 hours ago

    I started at 13

  • Jolita Palaityte
    Jolita Palaityte 3 hours ago +1

    Man there’s kids watching these maybe u wanna stop swearing🤣🤣

  • Green Turtle
    Green Turtle 3 hours ago

    Weh my grade of yr 7 & 8 wouldn't party like that lol they'd be like TF r u algz there lol 😂😂

  • V0id_ zEr0
    V0id_ zEr0 3 hours ago

    Are u the guy that got scammed by niko

    MARV STUDIO 3 hours ago

    Am in year 10 and i never bean in a house party

  • Julia Traczyk
    Julia Traczyk 3 hours ago


  • Sophie Wilson
    Sophie Wilson 3 hours ago

    These days, you could flip those years...

  • Basito TheBurrito
    Basito TheBurrito 3 hours ago

    There’s pure daylight outside at 11:00 at night 😂🤣😅

  • Fire Dragon
    Fire Dragon 3 hours ago


  • Fire Dragon
    Fire Dragon 3 hours ago

    Stop swearing there is little kis

  • Coth Video
    Coth Video 3 hours ago

    The neighbor was the creepiest dude I’ve ever seen

  • Panda CanFly
    Panda CanFly 3 hours ago +1

    I'm a light weight and I dead ass got hammered a couple weeks ago took some 40% shit and chugged a bottle and a half

  • Coth Video
    Coth Video 3 hours ago

    2 minute long intro seriously

  • spyinthemine
    spyinthemine 4 hours ago

    is he half asian

  • The normal guy
    The normal guy 4 hours ago

    My yr7 house party’s were soooo shit and my yr9 ones are dangerous big mans brought knifes😂

  • Rogerskiller. .Automobile

    This got really dark really fast

  • Arabi Thayalan
    Arabi Thayalan 5 hours ago

    The amount of times he said g.

  • Scorpy Beats
    Scorpy Beats 5 hours ago

    Bro wtf i come here for laughing and also for Girls în The thumbnail

  • Lola Wrigley
    Lola Wrigley 5 hours ago

    such a wierd vidio

  • Emily Foster
    Emily Foster 5 hours ago

    What the heck year sevens are not year 3s 😂😂😂

  • extreameblaze tolo
    extreameblaze tolo 5 hours ago

    Child friendly 5%
    Adult friendly 95%

  • Austin Osborn
    Austin Osborn 5 hours ago

    M8 at my school people smoke weed and I’m in year 7

  • jocelyn Mckenzie
    jocelyn Mckenzie 5 hours ago +1

    This is so foul

  • iiiXDodoXiii YT
    iiiXDodoXiii YT 5 hours ago +1

    …… party games.....

  • Fayha Rehman
    Fayha Rehman 5 hours ago

    Im in year 8 goin to year 9

  • Blade pace
    Blade pace 5 hours ago

    Keep doing these ur 7 vs yr 11 there so funny 😂😂

  • Jacob McGeachy
    Jacob McGeachy 5 hours ago

    Stop swearing 🤬

  • Luke Filsak
    Luke Filsak 6 hours ago

    Yooooo when I do them durugs I dead mannnnn 😂

  • Lucy Hardy
    Lucy Hardy 6 hours ago


  • Nancy Harris
    Nancy Harris 6 hours ago

    year 7s in my school all smoke 💨

  • Princess Peaches the FIRST

    stop swearing

  • kai watson
    kai watson 6 hours ago +1

    Mr Watson... that’s my last name 😂

  • Steve Man
    Steve Man 6 hours ago

    Ur wired

  • Aron Bees
    Aron Bees 7 hours ago

    Not even true 😂😭🤣

  • churr0 Z
    churr0 Z 7 hours ago

    This more y5 vs y11

  • Vision Hanzo OFFICIAL
    Vision Hanzo OFFICIAL 7 hours ago

    An asian with an English accent, damn bro... what has our generation become ( I’m not saying it’s bad, I’m saying it’s bloody amazing

  • Eclipse DaWolf
    Eclipse DaWolf 8 hours ago

    That’s offensive for year 7’s

  • Megan Alton
    Megan Alton 8 hours ago

    You’re sick who puts this kind of horrible content where 11 year olds can see this and think it’s normal

  • Grace Fore
    Grace Fore 8 hours ago

    I had the video on and I didn’t know that he was going to swear and then he did and lucky that my grandad didn’t hear because then otherwise he would tell me off real bad

  • luis castro
    luis castro 9 hours ago

    lol their neighbour mr watson is a young version of jim from friday night dinner aha, im year 8 btw. dont know why i said that but eh

  • Dafuq are u lookin at Huh ?

    Can someone pls tell me when he stop talking

  • Bethan Eyre
    Bethan Eyre 9 hours ago +1

    What the actual fuck were your year 7 parties like Jesus Christ

  • Davi The Savage /Davi cool kid

    When I was7 I was dirty

  • Amber Justice
    Amber Justice 11 hours ago

    In Australia there's kids who drink red bull and V already XD, we know what drugs are too, no hate ily vids

  • SHAD0W 202
    SHAD0W 202 15 hours ago

    Types of people on the first day o school

  • Superior Productions
    Superior Productions 15 hours ago

    Stop swearing holy man

  • Amy Underhill
    Amy Underhill 16 hours ago

    Ok ok do NOT watch this if you are under the age of 12

  • ẘөᏞfíєLႩʊg͓̽нֆ

    The thumbnail and title of this would obviously attract kids of that age and then we open it to lister to q bucketload of cursing? 😂

  • Scarlett K
    Scarlett K 17 hours ago

    Please stop swearing
    It just anoying

  • Horsequestrian 2000
    Horsequestrian 2000 19 hours ago

    well this is offensive 😂😂

  • Severe Shotzz
    Severe Shotzz 21 hour ago

    What age is year 11 and year 7?

  • David Rozycki
    David Rozycki 21 hour ago

    7th grade I’m guessing

  • Wojtek B
    Wojtek B 22 hours ago

    I want to kill myself after that video