Crispy Roast Duck Pancakes with Black Bean Dipping Sauce | Gordon Ramsay


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  • Dr Harold Shipman
    Dr Harold Shipman 2 days ago

    Gorden ‘Hows your boyfriend’ ? Megan , ‘I think he’s given me a STI ‘.

  • Lee Roberts
    Lee Roberts 9 days ago +1

    Gordon you can stuff my duck 🦆 anytime lad wish he’s was my husband

  • welmar amado
    welmar amado 10 days ago +1

    The cameraman is a retired sniper

  • Kasujja Miti
    Kasujja Miti 13 days ago

    Lord Gordon Ramsey

  • Martin Amwaj
    Martin Amwaj 23 days ago +1

    He has four daughters.

  • BTS Galaxy
    BTS Galaxy 25 days ago +1

    Gordon should add a stick of cinnamon to the inside of the duck .

  • Blue Lake678
    Blue Lake678 Month ago

    weird tension between them ! am i the only one who thinks sth fishy goin on !

  • Phuk Dat
    Phuk Dat Month ago

    that duck don't look crispy at all.

  • Saitama Sama XXX
    Saitama Sama XXX Month ago

    Gordon is like a man in love when he cooks with any of his daughter

  • BanZai JEEVES
    BanZai JEEVES Month ago

    Just cAusally grabs her ass the next Greg paul

  • crazytrev9
    crazytrev9 Month ago

    Long live hitler

  • crazytrev9
    crazytrev9 Month ago


  • Yang Amelia
    Yang Amelia Month ago

    Gordon: how’s your boyfriend.
    Megan: I’m done.

  • Ashley Jackman
    Ashley Jackman Month ago

    I'm not the type to brag but MAN, I pour a brilliant glass of milk

  • caboodel of nonsense

    Gordon is a very good father and he makes a lot of jokes!

  • Вован
    Вован Month ago

    Some of the people here never had a loving fun family it seems. He is playing around with her. Its his little girl for god's sake, he made her, he did wash her and she probably threw up and pooped on him when she was sitting on his shoulders as an infant. Why everyone always gotta bring sex into everything? What the hell is wrong with you?

  • Akira Toriyama
    Akira Toriyama 2 months ago

    is this basically peking duck?

  • F L E X I E M A U R E E N

    Gordon's such a different person with his family

  • Naomi Walmsley
    Naomi Walmsley 2 months ago


  • Naomi Walmsley
    Naomi Walmsley 2 months ago


  • Naomi Walmsley
    Naomi Walmsley 2 months ago

    We actually stuff ingredients into its butt

  • Naomi Walmsley
    Naomi Walmsley 2 months ago


  • momo catera
    momo catera 2 months ago

    That's called fatherhood touch .


    Clickbait thumbnail

  • Josh Hossini
    Josh Hossini 2 months ago

    At 0:16, does he grab her ass or something?

  • John Thomas
    John Thomas 2 months ago

    Awkward. As. Fuck.

  • Muhammed Parvez
    Muhammed Parvez 2 months ago

    It will take 4hours 30min. For making this. Who has all those time?🤷🏻‍♂️

  • An Aussie guy
    An Aussie guy 2 months ago

    *Gordy gets some ASSY*

  • wingplum
    wingplum 2 months ago

    160 C and half an hour, did I hear it wrong ?

  • Sinking Tins
    Sinking Tins 2 months ago

    Close your eyes at 0:58 😂

  • Han Jiang
    Han Jiang 2 months ago

    That is from China

  • sonia azyu ruddy
    sonia azyu ruddy 2 months ago

    I want to marry him just so I can eat delicious food all the time

  • getdrinking
    getdrinking 2 months ago

    I know tilly cooks, but do the rest of his kids aswell?

  • SDALiiON
    SDALiiON 2 months ago

    Imagine Gordon as your dad, you'd never know what "take out" is, and you'd never want to either

  • Xyrielle Nicole Barrera

    I want you as a father 😘😘😅

  • معرفه معرفه
    معرفه معرفه 2 months ago


  • Evan Roderick
    Evan Roderick 2 months ago

    Thats very average peking duck. He should have blow the skin of the duck first

  • Abinash Gogoi
    Abinash Gogoi 2 months ago

    Gordon is a sexual predator. He makes Megan feel uncomfortable.

  • Mon Gee
    Mon Gee 2 months ago


  • mohamed sallak
    mohamed sallak 3 months ago

    24 male single.

    JEFF CHANNEL JFX CANADA 3 months ago +1

    wow -- simply enjoyable to watch

  • Faker Sama
    Faker Sama 3 months ago


  • js ripalhring
    js ripalhring 3 months ago

    Want to part of the family ,delicious evrday

  • krishna manna91
    krishna manna91 3 months ago


  • krishna manna91
    krishna manna91 3 months ago

    Its bland

  • krishna manna91
    krishna manna91 3 months ago

    Its raw

  • Shamosa Shamosa
    Shamosa Shamosa 3 months ago

    She's a sweet heart & he a good father God blessed them

  • reece whitehead
    reece whitehead 3 months ago

    Tuck it in and it will get nice and juciey

    Megan . Will it be raw

    Jack.. NICE!

  • i'm okay :D
    i'm okay :D 3 months ago

    Seriously, just because one of his family is in the episode people get too close to criticize or make a point. Just admit that she's pretty you can't take your eyes off instead to focus on the recipe

  • Patrick CLEARY
    Patrick CLEARY 3 months ago

    This man really is a master..

  • Oof
    Oof 3 months ago

    0:16 Watch it next time or the feds will be knocking on your door

  • CASTLE ________
    CASTLE ________ 4 months ago

    Darn i thouht it would be acthal duck pancakes

    Not a whole duck and pancakes

  • jack o boy
    jack o boy 4 months ago

    0:15 did he touch her bum?

  • GameNerd
    GameNerd 4 months ago

    Im 14 year old boy .... and .....bruv she looks like 21 ...

  • Be One With The Anime
    Be One With The Anime 4 months ago

    He didnt grab her ass in a pervert way.
    If a mother did that, no one would complain!
    He actually mostly grabbed her sides and i find it cute in a family when they're just playing around.

  • Demonetized Gaming
    Demonetized Gaming 4 months ago

    I want gordon to slap my butt too, no homo

  • Fail Squad
    Fail Squad 4 months ago

    1:29 Where can I buy a Duck Bench? :)

  • Fail Squad
    Fail Squad 4 months ago

    Inappropriate grope at 0:15

  • Rosemarie Kaufman
    Rosemarie Kaufman 4 months ago

    Appear fear basis king learn happy endless.

  • Jo2suke
    Jo2suke 4 months ago +2

    dont watch 0:10 with 0.25 speed...

  • iJamie8467x
    iJamie8467x 4 months ago +1

    Where the fuck did do get a duck
    Repeat after me
    Where da fuck do ya get a duck?
    Seriously where? Only duck I see in supermarkets is things like duck rolls

  • Gabe Mikaelson
    Gabe Mikaelson 4 months ago

    Best. Dad. Ever

  • denis urbutis
    denis urbutis 5 months ago

    wow i saw that gordon touching her arse

  • Hanzalah Patel
    Hanzalah Patel 5 months ago +1

    0:16 aaaaahhh

  • Hidden Sage
    Hidden Sage 5 months ago

    gordon:hows the lamb sauce me:wet

  • Nordikaventurier
    Nordikaventurier 5 months ago

    I'm pretty sure you don't read these Mr Ramsay, but I just wanted you to know that you are one of my heroes...

  • Sour Lyme
    Sour Lyme 5 months ago

    He really knows how to embarrass his kids XD

  • ExoticPizza _
    ExoticPizza _ 5 months ago


  • 00 19
    00 19 5 months ago

    I recommend you a Chinese chef youtube:美食作家王刚(this name means 'food artist Wang Gang' ) he makes amazing Chinese food every Chinese wanna taste.

  • Josche Banayad
    Josche Banayad 5 months ago

    i think he touch her butt

  • Rafaela Khadeeja Ferreira

    Can we have the ingredient written down :( I’m just learning about spicies ;(

  • Merking Probs
    Merking Probs 6 months ago

    Poor duck

    WOOPY DOPPY 6 months ago

    Adopt me now

    WOOPY DOPPY 6 months ago

    Adopt me now

  • Yaren Red
    Yaren Red 6 months ago

    Where is Gordon's wife?

  • David L
    David L 6 months ago

    0:15, Gordon Ramsay surely has watched a lot of Japanese anime. I like Japanese anime too!

  • Vlogicorn Routines
    Vlogicorn Routines 6 months ago

    I want to be part of his family...

  • Windex
    Windex 6 months ago

    Imagine Gordon Ramsay as Baldi

  • kefzz311
    kefzz311 6 months ago

    Sorry Ramsay! You could make the best steak and pastas in the world I agree. But this Peking duck that you made is a shame.

  • Richie Prosperous BONGALE
    Richie Prosperous BONGALE 6 months ago +2

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  • dylan foley
    dylan foley 6 months ago

    alot of chefs would have called it peking duck but he didnt cause its not authentic and i respect that so much

  • shuawang
    shuawang 6 months ago

    This is called Peking duck

  • Leonie Green
    Leonie Green 6 months ago

    “Watch your fingers, watch your fingers, watch your fingers please” cute lol

  • Airies Lee gan
    Airies Lee gan 6 months ago

    Why everytime gordon in interview or tv show he always take matilda instead of her? But from this video i think tilly cook better thn her sister . Sorry my english

  • Nobody Interesting
    Nobody Interesting 6 months ago

    Gordon is actually really fluffy when he’s with his kids

  • KaminaMain
    KaminaMain 6 months ago

    A good chef and a great dad :)

  • Jake Hill
    Jake Hill 7 months ago

    "I'm 14 I'm not a kid anymore"

  • Sunny Shan
    Sunny Shan 7 months ago

    Hahahah Peking Duck western version basically! As a Beijinger I found this isnfunny

  • Tammi Simpson
    Tammi Simpson 7 months ago

    What a lovely man and very loving for all of his children and his beautiful wife. What a lovely family

  • MrJoshItIs
    MrJoshItIs 7 months ago

    Chinese 5 spice is something you like or you don't. I don't. The Sichuan pepper is absolutely non-savory to myself and my girlfriend and it took us a little while to figure it out, but I hate it and I am the least picky person I know.

  • IceCream PuppyGirlPlays


  • Warrioirs die hard fan since 2015

    Tilly's still hotter just saying

    KIMBERLEY PARKER 7 months ago

    the looks gorgeous u got my mouth watering watching this aha

  • Shamitra Harsheen
    Shamitra Harsheen 7 months ago

    The comment section is really some families, the parents touch their kids butt or body or hands but it’s common.....stop overreacting. Plus it’s her dad, it’s not a random boy am I right?

  • Val Macanas
    Val Macanas 7 months ago

    Gordon is one annoying yet loving dad. 🙃😂😂😂

  • bibmeful
    bibmeful 7 months ago

    So its like beijing peking duck?

  • Ariel Estrada
    Ariel Estrada 7 months ago

    Dalhan ko kaya nang pagpag to 😒😂 madali ko nalang maligawan anak mo tay 😅


    so nice and lovely (:sorry)


    so nice and lovel

  • Daniel
    Daniel 7 months ago

    His kids don’t want to be there u can tell he’s forcing this chef thing on them