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  • Published on Aug 16, 2017
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    Some Jerk with a Camera joins the review, seeing why Nicolas Cage as Mickey Mouse surprisingly doesn’t work. Nostalgia Critic & Some Jerk take a look at, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.
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    The Sorcerer's Apprentice is a 2010 American fantasy film produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, directed by Jon Turteltaub.
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  • Channel Awesome
    Channel Awesome  Year ago +1359

    It's time for another Nic Cage movie!!
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    • Brian Carter
      Brian Carter Month ago

      You should do Divergent.

    • Brian Carter
      Brian Carter 2 months ago

      I was so disappointed this Movie didnt make a Nick Cage in the Cage joke it woulda been so perfect speaking of Why didnt you do that critic its so easy they have both nicholas cage and a cage come on.

    • Rachael Curran
      Rachael Curran 2 months ago


    • Nate DS
      Nate DS 7 months ago

      That guys been in puberty for 10 years?

  • Justin Graves
    Justin Graves Day ago

    Taking a chance someone important will see this but... The Nastalgia Critic should cover "Seventh Son" that movie ruined my hopes for my favorite teen book series to the big screen, then fucking ruined it by making it a "Last of the templars" type movie 😑 and took Jeff Bridges and kit Harrington to do it 😑

  • Justin Graves
    Justin Graves Day ago

    Nicholas cage deserved this movie...but poor Jay blahblahblah (not looking the spelling on that goblin name) he deserved better he was amazing in HTTYD and the Goon

  • Jack Bissette
    Jack Bissette Day ago

    He totally used the sound effects from the Japanese Jack and the Beanstalk for creepy Tamara

  • Scalie Kisses
    Scalie Kisses 2 days ago

    how on earth did they get Corey Taylor for this?

  • John Perkins
    John Perkins 2 days ago

    11:11 She reminds me of that Monty Python skit where everyone has to stand in a box and sing to get the other guy to stop freaking out.

  • Luke Klivickis
    Luke Klivickis 2 days ago

    At least Nick cage is not a live action Mickey mouse

  • EveryThingGirl238
    EveryThingGirl238 2 days ago

    LOL I was so shocked when I found out this was a remake of Fantasia's Sorcerer Apprentice. I thought it was just another movie, it had THAT LITTLE to make me think it was imitating Mickey Mouse. When the scene came on with the dancing brooms and such, I thought they were just satirizing that scene!

  • Ulysses Fontaine
    Ulysses Fontaine 4 days ago

    Forget the Ubermensch, Cage should be BATMAN!

  • Chase TheHuman
    Chase TheHuman 5 days ago

    What is world ?

  • Danielle king
    Danielle king 8 days ago

    what downers was cage on in some of these later films.There is a whole bunch were he barely moves

  • Danielle king
    Danielle king 8 days ago

    the science of sorcery?Then the really bad science staple we use all of our brain.All humans use all their brain even trump use all his brain.Its tiny and shriveled but he uses all of it.Magic is not science ,mediclorions, no why the fuck in magic movie did they decide to try to make it a science.The two things are polar opposites.Hang on was M.Night in any way involved in this disaster

  • Animefairytail 22203
    Animefairytail 22203 10 days ago

    i'm dead already

  • Convalla
    Convalla 11 days ago +2

    I saw this when it came out, hating it and I did not realise it was supposed to be "inspired" by it's name stake

  • Jesse A
    Jesse A 11 days ago +2

    I can't believe Corey Taylor was in this! I love Slipknot and Stone Sour.

  • thenarnianhufflepuff
    thenarnianhufflepuff 13 days ago

    I liked him in National Treasure

  • Shim Slady
    Shim Slady 14 days ago


  • Elena Swan
    Elena Swan 15 days ago

    Huh!? I thought this was just a shitty adaptation of a book, not...THAT iconic cartoon!? Also, you refused a tour on an ice cream truck. How dare you.

  • Casper
    Casper 16 days ago

    I remember watching this movie and enjoying it back then

  • The Aegis
    The Aegis 17 days ago

    That waterdrop sound effect was fucking amazing. because that little dicknugget was barely worth a flick of a finger to balthazar!

  • The Aegis
    The Aegis 17 days ago

    I actually enjoyed this movie aside from the protagonist being a whiney bitch XD *the same issue i had with tokyo ghoul. the anime*

  • Astro Wolvez
    Astro Wolvez 17 days ago +1

    I freaking can't with these how to train your dragon jokes. 😂

  • Astro Wolvez
    Astro Wolvez 17 days ago

    Apparently Nicholas cage purposely acts like this, because in spider man he was acting like the producers wanted him to and he was says, "oh, you want me to go full cage."

  • Trenton Richmond
    Trenton Richmond 19 days ago

    33:09 describes Rey from Force Awakens perfectly

  • BlankSpace MonsterASMR

    Why do I keep hearing Hiccup? 😂

  • Hickory Mccay
    Hickory Mccay 19 days ago

    23:10 That sound could be accurately written as "BORT".

  • TwistedWillow3
    TwistedWillow3 19 days ago

    This movie exists because Nic Cage wanted to play Harry Dresden.

    • TwistedWillow3
      TwistedWillow3 19 days ago

      No, it's true, Cage is a HUGE Dresden Files fan.

  • Briggs soldier
    Briggs soldier 19 days ago

    This used be my favourite movie when I was younger.

  • Megan Frigerio
    Megan Frigerio 20 days ago +1

    4:33 sorry guys but Starkid already got that one #twisted

  • Anglia Williams
    Anglia Williams 24 days ago

    they kinda had to explain the science in that movie because the whole thing was done by practical effects

  • Dalton Voshall
    Dalton Voshall 24 days ago

    Magic is just a science we haven't discovered yet

  • Casey Greenberg
    Casey Greenberg 25 days ago +1

    9:48 crazy laugh

  • Женя Чтец
    Женя Чтец 25 days ago

    like for Corey Taylor!!!

  • Kelly Bond
    Kelly Bond 25 days ago

    I like this movie and I know it's not good. I guess it's my guilty pleasure film along with Space Jam and Forbidden Kingdom.

  • Geek Of All Trades
    Geek Of All Trades 27 days ago


  • Taylor Harris
    Taylor Harris 29 days ago +1

    Is it bad that I constantly rewatch these reviews because they’re better written and acted than the MOVIES THEY’RE REVIEWING

  • TnT FoX
    TnT FoX Month ago +1

    This is the only Nic Cage movie I like besides the National Treasure duo. The first being way better, the second needing more detail like the first had, it wouldn't exist without the original as a crutch... Then again Brendon Frasier would have made a better main than Nic Cage in National Treasure, This movie though, the wacky Nic Cage acting fits.

    • TnT FoX
      TnT FoX Month ago

      Huh, never tried to connect this to fantasia either lol

    • TnT FoX
      TnT FoX Month ago

      P.S. I never OD'd on Nic Cage so that might be why I like these specific movies. National Treasure was my first Nicholas Cage exposure, hated ghost rider, and Sorcerer's Apprentice was only my like 6th exposure to him.

  • thebatmanover9000
    thebatmanover9000 Month ago

    That metal bird would be to heavy to fly. Realistically it would crash after taking off.

  • this guy
    this guy Month ago

    QUESTION: 14:33 was that NC acting or did Tamera really jump scare him? His reaction seemed pretty genuine, god Tamera laughing like that is is so funny for some reason! lol

  • Jaden the Prince of Darkness


  • Bridget Mistry
    Bridget Mistry Month ago

    Where does Tony Goldmark lives in what state or country

    • Bridget Mistry
      Bridget Mistry Month ago

      DOUG WALKER do a review of DISNEY'S FLUBBER (-1996) with Tony Goldmark

    • Bridget Mistry
      Bridget Mistry Month ago

      Where do you live DOUG WALKER what state or contury

  • Charles Forte
    Charles Forte Month ago

    Fantasia Cinematic Universe. Nutcracker 2018

  • Jerry Ricks
    Jerry Ricks Month ago

    Normally, I hate how much you love yourselves and how overblown your videos are, but this one actually work. I love how easy the Critic is to prank.

  • Logan S
    Logan S Month ago

    The only good movie nicholas cage was in is world trade center

  • Daanish Ahmad
    Daanish Ahmad Month ago


  • R. J. Lombardi
    R. J. Lombardi Month ago

    His head doesn't glimmer but he looks a bit like a Yul Brynner? Definitely not Arnold J. Rimmer... Well he is just a Critic, a nostalgic critic

  • SilentCrow42
    SilentCrow42 Month ago

    You guys are great together. XD

  • S. Thomson
    S. Thomson Month ago

    0:40 Critic when does your next album drop

  • Rick Dazzle
    Rick Dazzle Month ago +1

    “There’s no more Nicholas Cage freakout movies anymore...”
    *cough* Mandy. *cough*

  • Brian Yule
    Brian Yule Month ago

    In the UK we call it "The Philosopher's Apprentice".

  • Serasia
    Serasia Month ago

    “We are butt servants.”

  • Bulba Man
    Bulba Man Month ago

    Critic is Ralph dibney

  • Connor Caddy
    Connor Caddy Month ago

    I actually thought this movie was awesome when i was little

  • James White
    James White Month ago

    They didn't mention the product placement of mtg

  • tenjek
    tenjek Month ago

    11:10 i recognize the sound effects from the Jack and the Beanstalk Anime movie

  • Max Gruver
    Max Gruver Month ago

    But I love midichlorians((

  • Zachary Hawley
    Zachary Hawley Month ago +1

    I consider it a guilty pleasure movie.

  • wififan
    wififan Month ago

    I'm still waiting for the Fantasia cinematic universe

  • Eric Hermann
    Eric Hermann Month ago

    Wasnt that a novel series for young adults?

  • Just a Roblox kid
    Just a Roblox kid Month ago


  • Michael Mello
    Michael Mello Month ago +1

    Fantasia gave me nightmares as a kid

  • Rioule Thebeats
    Rioule Thebeats Month ago

    What do they mean by a winter soldier when there talking about the girl

  • Brian Carter
    Brian Carter Month ago

    "I need the receipt for my taxes", Rick & Morty Doll "Everythings deductable"

  • Controlled Chaos Gaming Division

    Re-watching this, I just realized something. Some Jerk (Can't remember his real name) Keeps getting Horvath (God I hope I spelt that right) Name wrong. He keeps calling him the evil witch's name.

  • KillaSweepz ZT
    KillaSweepz ZT Month ago

    Heathcliff came first.

  • Raoul Duke
    Raoul Duke Month ago

    What an interesting cameo at the end. I guess Corey's son is probably a big NC fan?

  • Raven Black
    Raven Black Month ago

    Ok I'm at Mitt Romney's house dressed as a hamster. Wheres everyone else at?

  • thehulk86
    thehulk86 Month ago


  • John Verrastro
    John Verrastro Month ago

    Pretty funny introduction ( I wish that happened to actual nickalous cage)

  • LiveAction Link
    LiveAction Link Month ago

    A quick glance at the thumbnail and I thought it was Jim Butcher, the author of The Dresden Files in which this movie really rips off the main character... not in a very good way either. I swear Nicholas Cage is trying to be Harry Dresden in this movie. At least Nostalgia Critic threw in a joke about it though

  • Vladimir Serpov
    Vladimir Serpov Month ago +2

    9:55 Made my day XD

  • Jarod Farrant
    Jarod Farrant Month ago

    I would love to life at channel awesome! Seriously I’ll pay you guys.

  • Frozen Lizard
    Frozen Lizard Month ago

    Hay! Tron was okay!

  • Charlotte C
    Charlotte C Month ago

    Nicholas Cage acted so not like Nicholas Cage that I didn't even realise that he was playing a character when I first watched the film

  • Heaven Williams
    Heaven Williams 2 months ago

    you made me love an want to watch it

  • VIIflegias
    VIIflegias 2 months ago

    Pay no attentions to this, i'm just putting a timestamp for the next time i want to hear this song.

  • Joshua Schmidt
    Joshua Schmidt 2 months ago +1

    33:58 Nic Cage was In Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse!

  • TalonaRose
    TalonaRose 2 months ago

    Lol legit first time I saw this movie I had no idea that it was based on the Fantasia cartoon until the broom started dancing.

  • Nicolas Roman Segura
    Nicolas Roman Segura 2 months ago

    where is my dance of the hours with scarlet johanson damnit!!!

  • Sander Nielsen
    Sander Nielsen 2 months ago

    So who's doing the Nicolas Cage voice ? Is it NC or that other guy ?

  • The Demonic Horseman
    The Demonic Horseman 2 months ago

    My favorite Nicolas Cage movie.

  • Danielle king
    Danielle king 2 months ago

    stop with the not science.Its not science, its clearly not science.Thats why there are wizards and witches because its not science.

  • Danielle king
    Danielle king 2 months ago

    only if this was a comedy would the hot blond have any interest in this dork.None of this works

  • Jeep Amir
    Jeep Amir 2 months ago

    7:27 - omg. I laughed so hard at that image....

  • Danielle king
    Danielle king 2 months ago

    so wizards drive like evryone else?

  • Danielle king
    Danielle king 2 months ago

    when making a joke or a pop culture reference dont follow it with hey did you see hear our joke reference did ya?If family guy did that everytime it did a reference the show would be two hours long.

  • Danielle king
    Danielle king 2 months ago

    hey its the new bendy i pad pro

  • Danielle king
    Danielle king 2 months ago

    no way ,hi ,is magic science?This poor kid got some terrible lines .No wonder hes bored

  • Danielle king
    Danielle king 2 months ago

    Along with magic science nonsense the non science idea that we dont use all of our brain.Even morons use all of their brain.

  • Danielle king
    Danielle king 2 months ago

    the science of magic.How can you slap science and magic together like that.Science is by definition not magic.Who wrote this shit

  • Danielle king
    Danielle king 2 months ago

    did someone give Cage some tamazipan?

  • Danielle king
    Danielle king 2 months ago

    hang on a kid finds a magic urn with a magic person in it and lets him out to do magic.This isnt sorcerers apprentice its aladdin

  • Danielle king
    Danielle king 2 months ago

    Cage can turn wolves into puppies but cant use doors

  • Danielle king
    Danielle king 2 months ago

    ok im a kid thats wandered into a weird place with little girls heads in jars and crazy man that says hes psychic.Time to go

  • Danielle king
    Danielle king 2 months ago

    why do incredibly powerful magic people that live a long time never do anything about people like stalin hitler trump?

  • Convention Expedition
    Convention Expedition 2 months ago

    That’s my favorite part of this entire review!😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Austin Trench
    Austin Trench 2 months ago

    I think one of these dudes blocked me on twitter for making jabs at movie bob.

  • Lilithia Abendstern
    Lilithia Abendstern 2 months ago

    yes totally what Goethe had in mind

  • Dwight Kemper
    Dwight Kemper 2 months ago

    A "disembodied" little girl's head, not "decapitated"!

  • Spooky Factory
    Spooky Factory 2 months ago

    How on earth did you get Corey Taylor?!