Minecraft's Most Mind-Blowing Inventions...

  • Published on Apr 5, 2021
  • Minecraft's Most Mind-blowing Inventions. Minecraft Players have always been pushing Minecraft to it's limit with INSANE inventions and today we look at the most craziest and mind-blowing ones.
    Twitch: SipoverS
    Twitter: SipoverS
    Instagram: SipoverS
    Discord: discord.gg/qFrX5Qb
    These Minecraft inventions can't even be built with a Redstone or a build tutorial, but some actually go way back in Minecraft's History. Dream should still use one of these to win his Minecraft Manhunt though.
    Super Quarry, Mob Switch, Tunnel Bore, Bedrock Remover - Scicraft / Ilmango - thexvid.com/channel/UCHSI8erNrN6hs3sUK6oONLA
    Auto AFK Bridge Builder, Raid Farm, How Did We Get Here - Rayworks - thexvid.com/user/craigenegger
    Footage of Scicraft, Wave Machine, Lava Bridge Builder - Mumbo Jumbo - thexvid.com/user/ThatMumboJumbo
    Biggest Minecraft Door - Lord Jon25 - thexvid.com/video/IgQ6X7M4r8o/video.html
    Xbox 360 Kinect Real-Time - Nate Viniconis - thexvid.com/video/x2mCDkqXki0/video.html
    Bomber Plane - Pi - thexvid.com/video/y_p51dXIITs/video.html
    Redstone Calculator - Mattbatwings - thexvid.com/video/uGug-4xkw6M/video.html
    Redstone Computer - legomasta99 - thexvid.com/video/SbO0tqH8f5I/video.html
    EMP Lag Machine - Romtec - thexvid.com/video/R_S8o4hngNI/video.html
    More Footage - thexvid.com/video/816mQFkks1Y/video.html
    15x15 Door - ViscoseComb 24 - thexvid.com/video/6pGmLbuud-Q/video.html

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  • ElMaxo
    ElMaxo 3 hours ago

    Super Flat Air Worlds were invented in 2012
    SkyBlock creators in 2011: 1:30

  • cringe mj
    cringe mj 4 hours ago

    the last one was the best one

  • DrollerCanvas 90
    DrollerCanvas 90 4 hours ago

    Happy that this community is filled with geniuses

    MINE GAMING 4 hours ago

    Mumbo jumbo creates a complex redstone machine:easy peasy lemon squeasy
    Me who is not able to build even a redstone clock:😅😢😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Phantom _nation
    Phantom _nation 4 hours ago

    Everybody gangsta in the dream amp until techno blade sees the bomber plane

  • ThatBoi
    ThatBoi 4 hours ago

    When Elon Musk hires these people, he can say bye to his part in the tesla

  • Lei Feng Lol
    Lei Feng Lol 4 hours ago

    2009: minecraft is a game for kids
    2021: ok nvm

  • DefNot Lesi
    DefNot Lesi 4 hours ago


  • Dominic Galarosa
    Dominic Galarosa 4 hours ago

    0:19 ah yes 2b2t

  • Tylen Shanahan
    Tylen Shanahan 4 hours ago


  • JaMaTa_29
    JaMaTa_29 5 hours ago

    I hear Terraria music hehe😅

  • Day Jhay Ganon
    Day Jhay Ganon 5 hours ago

    Wow the first one is like the eternal cylinder

  • Atharv Upadhyay
    Atharv Upadhyay 5 hours ago

    That bomber plane makes me remember of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

  • Cranston From animal crossing

    How do they have the WiFi for this or the storage in their system my account would lag out 😂

  • The Cosmo Gamings
    The Cosmo Gamings 5 hours ago

    Used to make a skyblock.
    World edit : **Am i a joke to you?**

  • genaro genarox
    genaro genarox 6 hours ago

    4:27 OMG terraria's song aaaaaaaaaa

  • TheGamingMaster05
    TheGamingMaster05 6 hours ago +1

    Terraria music lmao

  • Lino Monsterpie
    Lino Monsterpie 6 hours ago

    Jeez man

  • Bruh
    Bruh 6 hours ago

    Mumbo Jumbo: i used to rule the world

  • ProTro39Prottoy Gaming

    I liked how there was terraria music

  • R K
    R K 7 hours ago

    Yo holy shit

  • I will defeat Justin Y

    Minecraft in 2069:

  • UnbelievableGaming
    UnbelievableGaming 8 hours ago

    This looks really cool

  • Avitus Nonius Midwestern Legion

    I heard terraria music..

  • Medic Gaming
    Medic Gaming 8 hours ago

    Xbox 360 Kinect when literally anyone needs a super good camera: *You couldn't live with your own failure, and where did that bring you? Right back to me.*

  • Ram life limited edition

    Last one is classic.

  • Ryan Betts
    Ryan Betts 9 hours ago

    Java redstone = easy
    Bedrock and pocket edition ÷ work of the devil

  • Cereinel Gauss
    Cereinel Gauss 9 hours ago

    It's truly impressive how far our imaginations can go on everything we do especially inside minecraft.
    Like heck bruh, I got dumbstruck when I saw this video.

  • The Serious Chicken
    The Serious Chicken 9 hours ago

    That last one kinda sus

    ST IIRO 9 hours ago

    The first one is the rumbling

  • Mr. Stare
    Mr. Stare 9 hours ago

    Imagine they build a workin gaming PC.

  • Ahrment dev Hareedaven

    The first one looks like an alien mother ship😮

  • Pikmar16
    Pikmar16 10 hours ago

    "You can only make in survival if u dedicate u life to this game:
    Me: me and true minecraft players already dedicated our lives to this games

  • Wendy Penate
    Wendy Penate 10 hours ago

    Sheep fricker + tnt = End Of World*

  • Leo
    Leo 10 hours ago +1

    Now I’m ngl those wave machines are not amazing we used to make them on our Xbox 360 worlds in 2013

  • frank
    frank 10 hours ago

    Ferb I know what we’re gonna do today...

  • Jamie Chopon
    Jamie Chopon 10 hours ago +1

    Records the lag machine * perfectly *

  • BigFatKittyKat11
    BigFatKittyKat11 10 hours ago


  • Jam
    Jam 10 hours ago

    10:42 well that was not expected...

  • Guy who plays Doom Eternal and Minecraft

    redstone is like modding, but hard mode.

  • tiny box jaackiplier
    tiny box jaackiplier 10 hours ago

    4:27 Bro the music yes yesss

  • DomoNzt
    DomoNzt 10 hours ago

    And yet here I am, a guy who's been playing minecraft since 2010/2011 and still can't build and automatic door like in malls that doesnt look like shiet 😂 The people who've created those are amazing

  • Joel Schiele
    Joel Schiele 10 hours ago

    You know, your not wrong the subscribe button is a invention

  • BoltRaven
    BoltRaven 11 hours ago

    The outro...

  • Xooshi Games
    Xooshi Games 11 hours ago

    Terraria music just hits different when u finished it

  • Just Bobert
    Just Bobert 11 hours ago

    How was the obsidian destroyed?

  • LoliconMan Protag
    LoliconMan Protag 11 hours ago

    3:24, unsubbed. like holy shit man, you sound like a 14yo.

  • SevenAce GameTV
    SevenAce GameTV 11 hours ago

    I love the terraria music at the waving machine . is it only me ?

  • Norbert Dwornik
    Norbert Dwornik 12 hours ago

    I love how most of them were from SciCraft

  • The Unknown
    The Unknown 12 hours ago

    the nice background music from terraria brings nostalgic moments to me

  • Itz_Ez
    Itz_Ez 12 hours ago

    i like to build computers and i have built a few now and let me tell you
    there way easier to build then a red stone computer

  • Announcer Speaker Box Bfdi

    I want the quarry and stuff

  • JDoge
    JDoge 12 hours ago

    Ive played Minecraft for years and the first one hurt my brain and confused the heck out of me

  • MoltE͋ͅn 2010
    MoltE͋ͅn 2010 13 hours ago

    W o w .

  • Kanzawe
    Kanzawe 13 hours ago

    Get off my recommendation please :(

  • Kevin Lami
    Kevin Lami 13 hours ago

    The last one was disturbing

  • Aiden Seo
    Aiden Seo 13 hours ago +1

    I kept trying to press the subscribe button but it kept pausing or skipping ten seconds.

  • Dowda
    Dowda 13 hours ago +1

    This makes me look bad

  • Darkatron
    Darkatron 13 hours ago

    Who else felt sad when the pigs were running away from the tnt in the bomber plane

  • killam
    killam 13 hours ago

    The very first one in the video you said it was obsidian it's not it's bedrock there is a huge difference

  • Sk8inPen
    Sk8inPen 14 hours ago

    My Brain 🙂

  • Digital
    Digital 14 hours ago

    The first ai will be in minecraft

  • Gamer v
    Gamer v 14 hours ago

    Mind blowing inventions:A
    Minecraft Fps:Am I a joke to you???

  • Andres Ramirez
    Andres Ramirez 14 hours ago

    como pones música de terraria en minecraft, sjsjssj

  • TheBipus
    TheBipus 14 hours ago

    Sheep fricker is best invention :)

  • Aiden Lyles
    Aiden Lyles 14 hours ago

    love how hes playing terraria in a minecraft showcase

  • Odèno
    Odèno 14 hours ago

    That was blind-mowing

  • no go away
    no go away 15 hours ago

    and here i thought making a 4x4 redstone door was mind blowing...

  • Yuji Itadori
    Yuji Itadori 15 hours ago

    0:06 WOWWWW

  • Rafael Cordeiro
    Rafael Cordeiro 15 hours ago

    Viniccius13 pira após ver isso