Another iPhone X Data Recovery (Liquid damage)

  • Published on Aug 19, 2019
  • Need repair or data recovery?
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  • avinash singh
    avinash singh 21 day ago

    Can we recover lost data after erasing iPhone if we don’t any backup on iCloud and iTunes

  • Donnie Robertson
    Donnie Robertson Month ago

    Great job again like always

  • Dennis Conley
    Dennis Conley Month ago

    Thanks for your videos. I’m a new subscriber. Stay sarcastic

  • Bernievids
    Bernievids 2 months ago

    Thanks Apple, I have a whole holiday that has been lost to the iPhone X water resistance credentials. Chlorine water, 10 secs, 10cm depth. Can you help me please.

    • STS Telecom
      STS Telecom  2 months ago

      Bernievids I would give it a 95 to 100% chance of being recoverable or fully repairable. It’s tough to say for sure without seeing it though.

  • Behnam Hp
    Behnam Hp 2 months ago

    Thank you man, watching this I could fix my IphoneX and save my data before giving it to apple!

  • Comfortabrace Posture Corrector

    I have the same iPhone X and it was also salt water damaged. How much do you charge to recover data?

    INFORM YOU 2 months ago

    I wish I can one day have a daily classes at ur office .cuz really I love this job

  • ANGELO 387
    ANGELO 387 2 months ago +1

    So Is IPhone X Water Proof

    • ANGELO 387
      ANGELO 387 2 months ago

      Ohh Nvm It’s Waterproof But Not Salt Waterproof

  • Azaz Lulat
    Azaz Lulat 3 months ago

    Hi pal I always watch your video I have problem with my iphone 7plus its stuck on apple logo and when i updated it give me error 14. Do u know how i can resolve this issue thanx

  • electronicrepairman1
    electronicrepairman1 3 months ago

    Have an iPhone 6s need repair how can I get in contact with you

  • Azzam Imad
    Azzam Imad 3 months ago

    @ststelecom You backed it up to iCloud

    • STS Telecom
      STS Telecom  3 months ago

      The backup button in iTunes always backs up to the local PC. Not sure why they even make iCloud an option on that screen.

  • Taaniel Toomjõe
    Taaniel Toomjõe 3 months ago

    Are you apple seeing it? Ffs

  • Eddie Tait
    Eddie Tait 3 months ago +4

    I fix iPhones on a daily basis but nothing this extreme I thought repairing touch disease was a mission and I saw this...
    Love the content anyway keep it up!

  • u666sa
    u666sa 3 months ago

    Bro, I once had a customer bring me a phone after ocean, Black Sea actually, well, she tried to dry it in the microwave so I saw a lot of sht inside burned. The balls you seeing is them trying to brake it in the oven or some sht like that.

    KARAORS 3 months ago


  • grdv10
    grdv10 3 months ago

    24:57 Great now i have coffee all over my screen...

  • Nick Mcclure
    Nick Mcclure 3 months ago

    Do you have an affordable microscope you would recommend for somebody learning micro soldering who doesn’t want to spend a ton on it?

  • Behrad Behzadi
    Behrad Behzadi 3 months ago

    I dont andrestand why you in end of the video pissing on one iphone 😐😂😂😂

  • andrew jones
    andrew jones 3 months ago

    Great job Jason

  • Nizam Telecom
    Nizam Telecom 3 months ago

    what is that at last liquid ?

  • Matt W
    Matt W 3 months ago +1

    Can the face ID flex cable be repaired/replaced?

    • Aliyan Hussain
      Aliyan Hussain 3 months ago

      Yes search it theres a video on it but its too tricky took me 8 hours

  • ElectronS
    ElectronS 3 months ago

    wish i could send you my iphone 5s :(

  • Urska Jinx
    Urska Jinx 3 months ago

    keep up the cool work :3

  • St. yanki
    St. yanki 3 months ago

    “warning dont place this in your butthole “

  • Hough White
    Hough White 3 months ago

    "Reeeeeeeeeeeee You can't get your data back from Apple devices you're wasting time and money" - some random guy on Apple forum

  • Modern
    Modern 3 months ago

    Ive taken my Xs Max in the Ocean/Pools (fully submerged) did the same with my 7 Plus before that...haven't had any issues

  • mohammed daas
    mohammed daas 3 months ago +1

    you are a great techer thanks for every things you have made

  • Jose Tellez
    Jose Tellez 3 months ago

    why not just back up your phone to your computer regularly?

  • ionbladezofficial
    ionbladezofficial 3 months ago +1

    _Warning: Don't put this in your butthole!_

    Every American can confirm this is the very warning they issue on every AK-47.

  • saleh telecom
    saleh telecom 3 months ago


  • Tounsi Behi
    Tounsi Behi 3 months ago +2

    what do u mean it was mistaken for waterproofing?

    • STS Telecom
      STS Telecom  3 months ago

      I only get to see the ones that don’t survive their underwater adventures. Most stories include the phone being absolutely fine until a few days or a week later. You can always see where the water seeped in gradually. Now, I have seen the Xs boiled in beer for hours and survive. It is quite a lot better than the X. The iPhone X is not waterproof and it will die.

    • Kas
      Kas 3 months ago

      its rated for max 1 meter underwater, the product in the video was submerged in *salt* water that corrodes the phone and the glue holding everything together

    • Nicolas R.
      Nicolas R. 3 months ago

      Tounsi Behi i actually don’t know, i’ve been recording underwater (swimming pool) videos many times w my X and nothing happened

  • soni setnom
    soni setnom 3 months ago

    did you said that was pee? and you're putting your finger...

  • Better World
    Better World 3 months ago

    hi man is it possible to recover data from an iPhone that has been disabled ?

  • Quartzii
    Quartzii 3 months ago

    The "Waterproof" iphone x Got water inside

  • Yusmel Pradera Martinez
    Yusmel Pradera Martinez 3 months ago +11

    This video its sponsored by everybody who said the iPhone X its waterproof 😂😂😂😂 epic!!!

  • Bagal iPhone repering
    Bagal iPhone repering 3 months ago

    Sir your months income

  • APlayz
    APlayz 3 months ago

    Do you give the phone back?

  • Danfuerth Gillis
    Danfuerth Gillis 3 months ago

    Lmfao what moron is buying these garbage phones. Those caps look pathetic in that location. Apple makes garbage phones period. These repairs, Luis Rrossman, Jessa Jones repair videos clearly show how pathetic Apple is in 2019.

  • Tyler Walkosz
    Tyler Walkosz 3 months ago

    I’m gonna start doing back ups for people that they don’t have to pay cash just give me the phone after I back up there data

  • Paul Daniels
    Paul Daniels 3 months ago

    You're killing the environment with your obsession of using compressed air in a can... tsk tsk!
    Love seeing the "real Jason" coming out ;)

    • STS Telecom
      STS Telecom  3 months ago

      I'm trying to cut back. I'm down to only 4 cans a month compared to 4 cans per week. :D

  • Fav Trip
    Fav Trip 3 months ago

    😂 great intro.

  • Think Lab
    Think Lab 3 months ago

    I have two questions for you Jason.. What are you on? Where can I get me some?

    KNFIXPRO-TECH 3 months ago

    oh iphone x ok

  • Mohd Faizan
    Mohd Faizan 3 months ago

    Hello sir I want your help I have iPhone 7 NAND IC was Damage Hence I can't read File . But after new ic replacement device getting on but I can't activate it if you have any Solution please help .

  • bobspurloc
    bobspurloc 3 months ago

    too many vitamins, look how yellow that wee is!

  • Brian Taudahl Børgesen

    Finnally a new video. Missed videos

    KINETIC 3 months ago

    Hi friend, please link magnetic screw mat. Thanks you.

  • Shane Kelly
    Shane Kelly 3 months ago

    love you

  • jim byrne
    jim byrne 3 months ago

    Good job Jason... great to see you...

  • June Anne-Tifa
    June Anne-Tifa 3 months ago

    Hi Jason! I was wondering, how come you only do data recovery for water damage? I know you do a warranty typically, but how come you don't give the option for full water damage repair like just without the warranty or sumfin? I've seen a lot of your repairs (Maybe not this one) where the phone seems like it's not in terrible condition and it would work fine. Also, amazing job on this repair, looked like it would have been a lot more difficult with how messed up it was!

    • STS Telecom
      STS Telecom  3 months ago +1

      I’ve tried the repair but without warranty thing before and found myself mostly buried in arguments. So many people will say they don’t care how it turns out but they don’t realize what they are saying (at least, until it works for a week and something breaks). We started taking in the iPhone X and above for liquid damage repair though. They are usually not too bad but sometimes they are still too damaged to consider full repair. They have good enough odds to bring them in tho. Also, I still wind up fixing a lot of liquid damage for the sake of full repair on older models but I wouldn’t dare advertise it. :-) it’s usually when they come in and have minor issues and are not an endless game of chasing down problems.

  • iTolga
    iTolga 3 months ago

    So nice that you're back, Jason! We missed you all. Great video, as always ;)
    Best regards from Germany

  • Massimiliano Barresi
    Massimiliano Barresi 3 months ago +1

    Apple logo!!!! I like very much your videos.. thanks for sharing ;)
    "This video is sponsored by everybody who ever said the iphone 10 is waterproof"

    • STS Telecom
      STS Telecom  3 months ago +1

      It’s surprising how many people take them underwater. Thanks for commenting 🙂

  • greg blackford
    greg blackford 3 months ago

    What’s the point of data recovery if people would use iCloud backups daily?

    • STS Telecom
      STS Telecom  3 months ago

      Or even Google Photos. I did another recovery today that was a full 256GB. No backups. Most of them I do just didn't have enough iCloud storage to back everything up. If Apple ever starts handing out storage like Google does, there will be a lot less data recovery coming in.

  • iPremium Electronics
    iPremium Electronics 3 months ago +2

    Hey mate, i started broswering your TheXvid channel daily hoping for a new video. Dont do this to us. We need you Jason.
    P.S. Great job!

  • David Oxby
    David Oxby 3 months ago

    It's good to see you back Jason

  • nikos biology tsiouplis

    what i have learned from the mechanic board splitter is that you can get better results in reattaching the two boards if you dont use the two holders. the holders bent slightly the rf board and it cant be flush with the cpu board.

    • STS Telecom
      STS Telecom  3 months ago

      I never thought of that. Good stuff.
      Thank u :)

  • N8sTech Services
    N8sTech Services 3 months ago +3

    Hey Jason Great video! Can you possibly make one about the encrypted data on a thumb drive and how its put onto another phone?

  • Mark Williams
    Mark Williams 3 months ago

    Great vid Jason, very up beat mate...

  • Mario Boccaccio
    Mario Boccaccio 3 months ago +2

    Great job!!!!!
    But did you back it up to your comp or iCloud??? ;)

    • STS Telecom
      STS Telecom  3 months ago +2

      The backup button in iTunes always makes a local backup. :-) not sure why they even make iCloud an option in iTunes.

    • mjka100
      mjka100 3 months ago

      Mario Boccaccio I was going to write same comment ;) while he was backing up the device it was marked as „backup to icloud”

  • DRE
    DRE 3 months ago

    Love your videos your a funny guy :)