Name Brand vs. Natural Cleaning Product Test


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  • GoodKnight
    GoodKnight 3 days ago

    I just joined the Mythical Society!!!! Whoooo Hooooooo

  • Hannie Nannah
    Hannie Nannah 4 days ago

    people saying everything’s a chemical but the most important thing to remember is that this beat is a chemical

  • Chloe Fletcher
    Chloe Fletcher 4 days ago

    I love Dawn myself

  • Chloe Fletcher
    Chloe Fletcher 4 days ago

    I like Seventh Generation

  • Chloe Fletcher
    Chloe Fletcher 4 days ago

    Stupid parody songs

  • Chloe Fletcher
    Chloe Fletcher 4 days ago

    I love 409!

  • CaptainTenseNips
    CaptainTenseNips 5 days ago

    Idk why but that womans voice gets on my nerve

  • PugZilla Gamer
    PugZilla Gamer 7 days ago

    I don't understand, they could not get bird poop but they got bat poop. Just think about it.

  • Leon Fowl
    Leon Fowl 8 days ago

    I guess Link's wife is Brazilian 🙄

  • DylDoe o
    DylDoe o 8 days ago

    If that's how Rhett cleans his windows, his house must be a mess 😂

  • Brian Colton
    Brian Colton 12 days ago

    Loving the intro song so much

  • Calvin Rey
    Calvin Rey 13 days ago

    naturalness bias galore

  • Bethany Hanna
    Bethany Hanna 14 days ago

    I'd just smell them, tbh

  • Dr. Astra
    Dr. Astra 16 days ago

    I hear Tide is tasty!

  • Sarah Canfield
    Sarah Canfield 16 days ago

    Where are you buying your dish soap? You can buy Palmolive at the dollar store.

  • Ashlynn DesRoche
    Ashlynn DesRoche 17 days ago +1

    Dishwashing brothers can come clean my dishes anytime 😂

  • Mackenzie McNotly
    Mackenzie McNotly 17 days ago

    my favourite part of their videos is when Stevie speaks the verdict.. can she talk me to sleep?

  • Quasar119
    Quasar119 18 days ago

    Everything is chemicals though.

  • Brooklyn Beall
    Brooklyn Beall 19 days ago

    The connection I've made in my head for this intro is that Zac Efron played Troy Bolton and Ted Bundy ... gotta clean up those bodies and sing about it

  • Angelus Nielson
    Angelus Nielson 19 days ago

    Am I the only person who doesn't like the new intro? It's like it's not even trying to be dynamic or energetic like the old one.

  • Nemesisz Miexan
    Nemesisz Miexan 19 days ago

    The title bring back high school memories 😍

  • Allison Norton
    Allison Norton 20 days ago

    If the cleaner doesn’t cause disease then it’s already the “best” cleaner in my opinion 😂

  • IsawU
    IsawU 20 days ago

    My OCD told me to clean the line...

  • siti sarah
    siti sarah 20 days ago

    I had to repeat the title song 😁

  • Taek Nam
    Taek Nam 21 day ago

    I kept smelling the products as they were using them

  • Sndonecker
    Sndonecker 22 days ago

    what was the product song based off of
    please someone answer

  • Shaylin Y
    Shaylin Y 22 days ago

    I like how Rhett is so particular when he cleans but Link just goes all out 😂

  • GalloParkour
    GalloParkour 24 days ago

    They never run out of video ideas

  • Cemora Latrice McQune
    Cemora Latrice McQune 24 days ago

    why is no one mentioning the OCD Song?
    It SLAPS
    its a highkey BANGER
    just simply a BOP

  • Ethan Rajan
    Ethan Rajan 24 days ago

    Everything is chemicals

  • Gerson Ponce
    Gerson Ponce 25 days ago

    More videos like this

  • JTheMelon
    JTheMelon 26 days ago

    0:35 Dirty joke.

  • Jelly Mark
    Jelly Mark 27 days ago

    Plotting to kill your husband? Here's the cheapest carpet cleaner!

  • Mr. Rich B.O.B
    Mr. Rich B.O.B 27 days ago

    Rhett's favourite thing about Link is his tiniest, minuscule most thing of him... hmm... okay then...

  • Aidan Ferro
    Aidan Ferro 27 days ago

    Dang they have so much blood in the office Link can tell it’s pork blood just by smelling it

  • Emmaline
    Emmaline 27 days ago

    Nothing is chemical freeeeeeeee. Hit a nerd nerve there

  • TheKerahaan
    TheKerahaan 27 days ago

    Ride this baby til the wheels fall off r&l

  • Avaylia
    Avaylia 27 days ago


  • crystal 1986
    crystal 1986 28 days ago

    Bat poo why not just use mud lol

  • Sam Golab
    Sam Golab 28 days ago

    11:41 - 😏

  • Juliana Koziol
    Juliana Koziol 28 days ago

    I love Rhett's hair

  • punk-as-puck
    punk-as-puck 28 days ago

    I want rhetts shirt

  • brittanyd314
    brittanyd314 28 days ago

    Hahahaha Rhett's face around 11:40 about carpet eating!

  • Keep Calm And Ship On
    Keep Calm And Ship On 28 days ago

    oof that high school musical throwback

  • Can I get over 1000 subscribers with no videos

    Are just gonna ignore the fact that the color differences, I got only 1 wrong by looking at the color but all correct at looking how it cleans

  • Lou Stancu
    Lou Stancu 28 days ago

    Omg Rhetts face at 11:40 xD haha

  • thepotatopact :D
    thepotatopact :D 28 days ago +1

    *meanwhile on ***
    Link: *trying to be ominous*
    Link: *then fails horribly and gives a great example of why villain lair aesthetic is unrealistic*
    Link: *by that I mean he has a coughing fit*

  • TheRealSh1zz4m
    TheRealSh1zz4m 28 days ago

    natural soaps, shampoos, personal care products, kitchen cleaners, and bathroom cleaners are all crap. Just stick with what chemist came up with and have been using to clean for decades. Plants aren't cleaners yall.

  • Timothy Karabet
    Timothy Karabet 28 days ago

    Honestly, I don't like the new intro

  • Ziecha 16
    Ziecha 16 28 days ago

    link are getting old? he got grey hair?

    • Ziecha 16
      Ziecha 16 27 days ago

      +Little Red Cherry i was thinking he is younger

    • Little Red Cherry
      Little Red Cherry 27 days ago

      Everybody gets old xD So why ask?

  • super puppy
    super puppy 28 days ago

    Also, my mom LOVES Mrs. Meyers. She even uses their air fresheners

  • That One Food Channel
    That One Food Channel 28 days ago

    You all realize that everything is a chemical? From your phone to your body. All chemicals.

  • super puppy
    super puppy 28 days ago

    New intro? Omg

  • Danny Grimsley
    Danny Grimsley 29 days ago

    "Mmm, this fruit paste is delicious and the pottery is lovely."

  • fiscer247
    fiscer247 29 days ago

    You crossed the line dish wash brotha.

  • zeruulln
    zeruulln 29 days ago

    not the best thing to watch while eating

  • Fitz aidan
    Fitz aidan 29 days ago

    I don’t like how they didnt bring back the memories of the OCD Song

  • jimbobbyrnes
    jimbobbyrnes 29 days ago

    you guys are testing cleaning chemicals by rubbing. its the rubbing that is cleaning and you could just use soap and water.

  • jimbobbyrnes
    jimbobbyrnes 29 days ago

    i feel like mixing chemical products like this was a bad idea

  • jimbobbyrnes
    jimbobbyrnes 29 days ago

    everything is natural until you put it in a bottle. Just the act of collecting and bottling it makes it unnatural.

  • Blobfish267
    Blobfish267 29 days ago

    High School Musical!!

  • Lorrie Harkey
    Lorrie Harkey 29 days ago

    Backing out when very 1st test wasn’t even done correctly..... most people would use a damp sponge scrubber not a huge wad of paper towels.....paper towels are only good for fresh mess not dried on shit

  • Nida Lloyd
    Nida Lloyd 29 days ago

    Where can you get Mrs. Meyers for less than Palmolive?!!

  • Audrey Belle
    Audrey Belle 29 days ago

    i would love to hear you both cover a song that isn't silly :) ya'll are so talented

  • Kristiana Noel
    Kristiana Noel 29 days ago

    This isn't really a fair comparison. I wouldn't even clean my microwave that way.. you need to scrap it off, microwave a bowl of water to steam the gunk and possibly use a baking soda vinegar scrub

  • M.garrett05
    M.garrett05 29 days ago

    Lol I have a teacher named Ms Meyers

  • M.garrett05
    M.garrett05 29 days ago

    OMG the name song was AMAZING 😂😂😂😂

  • Thomas Turner
    Thomas Turner 29 days ago

    Iv seen this video before like about a year ago not 5 days ago idk who reposted this or what this is not a new video

  • Zuggie5101
    Zuggie5101 29 days ago

    Is Rhett and Link Kommunity still a thing!?

  • Proud Panda
    Proud Panda 29 days ago

    How to get get your boss to do dishes and get rid of murder evidence 101

  • Tori Sleeper
    Tori Sleeper Month ago

    It's all chemicals

  • Rickaaayyy Hoffman
    Rickaaayyy Hoffman Month ago


  • Andrei Andreev
    Andrei Andreev Month ago

    Shouldn't carpet cleaner be used in conjunction with a specialized hoover?

  • Brianna Pylant
    Brianna Pylant Month ago

    I’m not gonna lie. I squealed when they used “Breakin’ Free” as the intro song for their segment. It took me back.

  • Kitty Taco
    Kitty Taco Month ago

    Water is a chemical.

  • Amanda Fitzpatrick
    Amanda Fitzpatrick Month ago

    I just loved the high school musical throwback, lol.

  • Jacob Guirguis
    Jacob Guirguis Month ago

    The second 'O' in 'cool' in the "caring is cool" t-shirt is being left out

  • Tom Rath
    Tom Rath Month ago

    they snuck in another carpet joke

  • Chad musics
    Chad musics Month ago

    Someone please make a montage of all the times Link has said good gosh

  • Rex
    Rex Month ago +1

    Every thing is made of chemicals or is a chemical even water.

  • Alexandra Delliou
    Alexandra Delliou Month ago


  • Catslikepizzas
    Catslikepizzas Month ago

    30th on trending

  • Coffee Sandwich
    Coffee Sandwich Month ago

    Hydrogen peroxide is best for getting blood out

  • Spencer Gavin
    Spencer Gavin Month ago

    13:33 with caption, is Craig's Cafe

  • annita hall
    annita hall Month ago

    I use lemon and hot water in mymicrowave, all natural and I have never had to scrub it haha😂😂😂

  • CalderoHechicero29
    CalderoHechicero29 Month ago

    just use vinegar...

  • RoseQuinzel
    RoseQuinzel Month ago +1

    Rhett's face when Link said "You don't eat carpet, at least not usually" xD Link is so innocent sometimes xD

    • RoseQuinzel
      RoseQuinzel 27 days ago

      Noob Of All Trades lol probably, I just don’t think he’s aware of what he says most of the time xD

    • Noob Of All Trades
      Noob Of All Trades Month ago

      I think Link actually knew what he was saying, hence the follow up "not usually" hehe

  • PsychoticWolfie
    PsychoticWolfie Month ago

    Everyone in the comments: STOP COMMENTING SUBREDDITS

  • Izabella Buchanan
    Izabella Buchanan Month ago

    thanks, now i have HSM stuck in my head

  • Rion Gredley
    Rion Gredley Month ago

    Palm Oil is really BAD!!!

  • potayrus draws
    potayrus draws Month ago


  • John Doe
    John Doe Month ago

    I clean my tile counter with acetone. Evaporates quickly at room temp, relatively low toxicity (don’t drink it tho), and extremely effective.

  • Rodney Ironcock
    Rodney Ironcock Month ago

    The thing with natural cleaners in my experience, is that you need to apply them, then let them sit a while

  • Austin Allmond
    Austin Allmond Month ago

    Simple Green is pretty good

  • Potato Nugget
    Potato Nugget Month ago

    I like the intro.

  • TheMajestic Sailboat

    Happy GMM. Can we have an episode (maybe a few) of Rhett feeding a blindfolded Link, seemingly normal foods that Link thinks he doesn't like but has never actually tried? Guessing there are quite a lot of foods. (Going to keep posting till it happens) Link's revenge can be feeding Rhett random animal livers. Please leave a like :) Thank you to those who continue to do so. (Originally by TehDankKnight)

  • Marisa Sampson
    Marisa Sampson Month ago

    Wow miss Meyer is my band teacher lol

  • Ty921
    Ty921 Month ago

    That high school musical reference.

  • Cassandra
    Cassandra Month ago

    Don't know where you buy your dish soap, but lol Palmolive is half the price of Mrs. Myers dish soap..

  • Sergey Shchegolev
    Sergey Shchegolev Month ago

    You guys shoulda done things more normal. Blood is already impossible to get out. That wont show any results