13 Types of Students on Exam Day

  • Published on Oct 13, 2019
  • It's that time of the year again. How will everyone do for this year's exam?
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  • JianHao Tan
    JianHao Tan  2 months ago +16459

    Why is Denise crying?

    • PastelWolfieGaming
      PastelWolfieGaming Month ago +2

      Because Vincent took her calculator and she was afraid she will fail the exam

    • Hanson Seit
      Hanson Seit Month ago +3

      Cuz she got below 90

    • Hanif Gaming
      Hanif Gaming Month ago +2


    • Nora Light
      Nora Light 2 months ago +2

      JianHao Tan WHY??? Please continue

    • Tin Tin Arts横糸
      Tin Tin Arts横糸 2 months ago +1

      I think she didn't finish the exam

  • Daniel Animalla
    Daniel Animalla 10 hours ago +1

    Kevin: i studied al week all night and i barely slept but on the bright side i know my materials.
    Marks he got in his exams - 10/100.

  • Momtaz Begum
    Momtaz Begum 11 hours ago

    That was good.

  • Ayesha Akram
    Ayesha Akram 11 hours ago

    I am the skipper

  • Jayson Brania
    Jayson Brania 12 hours ago

    Abbey why do you have a green water bottle

  • Husna Patel
    Husna Patel 14 hours ago +1

    There isn’t any other TheXvid channel that makes me literally laugh out loud😄

  • Sheila’s Life
    Sheila’s Life 14 hours ago

    And the one that does the easy ones first 😂

  • Sheila’s Life
    Sheila’s Life 14 hours ago

    I am the hopeless/panic/ very rare lucky 😂

  • Tamilan
    Tamilan 15 hours ago

    I become all in 1 during exam

  • Garret Kyler Palino
    Garret Kyler Palino 20 hours ago

    Good For Trev

  • Ebtehal Omar
    Ebtehal Omar Day ago

    Denise is left handed

  • Alejandro Torres

    Me when i turn on that scucrise button and smash that like button and smash that bell!!!! 16:06
    like if you gagree
    ------> Can you please pretend the arrow is pointing the way down to the like? Thank you so much! and pease like because i am cool!

  • Josi Yu
    Josi Yu Day ago

    Why you so obsessed with me

  • adrian bimba
    adrian bimba Day ago

    5:53 Wait.. does Aby have a moustache?

  • Queen Liyah Gdiamond

    The Hopeless One was doing why you so obsessed with me

  • Pewdipie
    Pewdipie Day ago

    Ha really
    Ebay 😂😂😂

  • Hot Cocoa
    Hot Cocoa Day ago

    The hopeless student: *does obsessed dance*

  • シMomo
    シMomo Day ago

    I hope i will learn to dance like Juhi 💗💗💗

  • ayat fatema Versi

    Hey guys if neiome did not finish the paper that how can she get 51

  • Maida Musinovic
    Maida Musinovic Day ago +1

    This is how much times Debbie putts her glasses up

  • Vanessa Le
    Vanessa Le Day ago +1

    1 like for this vid = 1 tear taken away from Denise

  • Gamer 27
    Gamer 27 Day ago

    That abacus was wrong of denise

  • Denzkurt Rain Dalis

    Who's adik on tiktok

  • Zyee Anne
    Zyee Anne Day ago

    Juhi is literelly me and my TikToker Friends🤣

  • simoux plays
    simoux plays Day ago

    Denise is a calculator herself.


    and what happen with the couple hehe


    oh my what happenn when the girl with chanel purse

  • Bosley Zhou
    Bosley Zhou Day ago

    Thinking about Vince, he’s pretty annoying

  • Jåķòb Máťťeő Ğūévářřå

    15:22 Do some wird face then
    Pause it.

  • Gacha_2011 Lili
    Gacha_2011 Lili Day ago

    anyone noticed that when Juhi doesn't know how to do the exam,she did the tik tik of like... Why are you so upset with me

  • Immaterial Tactic

    Vincent: borrows denise's calculator
    Also vincent: continues to use remote

  • Sylvana Dure
    Sylvana Dure 2 days ago

    Can we get an F in the chat

  • Nina only Channel
    Nina only Channel 2 days ago

    ( That’s why you should look up while your walking ) when you don’t expect you walk inside the boys washroom

  • Panda Real Iwanek YOUTUBE

    9:53 she is drunk

  • Monty's cute dog vlog featering Kate

    1 like= 1 lucky charm for Julynn

    SAHSI KUMAR 2 days ago

    No one gonna talk about 8:20?

  • camille cams
    camille cams 2 days ago

    hahaha umm is julyn the one who cry on zero cause it ripped when i am at school when we exchange my paper to my classmate it got ripped too well then i got to the principal because i ripped it

  • Candy MSP
    Candy MSP 2 days ago +1

    I died when Vince literally brought something else

  • Kierra Mae Dizon
    Kierra Mae Dizon 2 days ago

    Her calculater has bin baro she think she is gana fail??

  • Fendy Irawan
    Fendy Irawan 2 days ago

    I’m so worry about Dennis

  • ringmastajay
    ringmastajay 3 days ago +2

    Because Vincent borrowed Denises calculator from Denise that’s what she was crying because she think she filled

  • Raj Upadhyaya
    Raj Upadhyaya 3 days ago +1

    When you have an exam tomorrow while watching this

  • Fatimun Jhora
    Fatimun Jhora 3 days ago


  • Fatimun Jhora
    Fatimun Jhora 3 days ago +1


  • Fatimun Jhora
    Fatimun Jhora 3 days ago

    2:21 *spits*

  • xd _irfanz
    xd _irfanz 3 days ago

    why pass exams when u can pass away

  • ExIsTeNcE iS pAiN i DiDn'T sIgN uP fOr ThIs

    I'm more of the,having a mental breakdown while quietly staring down at the paper and then just drawing on the backside so that I won't cry,type

  • Dizzy_ Girl
    Dizzy_ Girl 3 days ago


  • 이채연
    이채연 3 days ago

    Lolol she did a tick tock dance of obsessed

  • Yedu abhi
    Yedu abhi 3 days ago

    Cuz why not

  • michelle situ
    michelle situ 3 days ago +1

    Abbey:HEY hakim
    Me:dat girl look like she got lip surgery

  • Quek Kok Siong
    Quek Kok Siong 3 days ago

    Shut up la ding dang dong

  • Chris CHAN [10E]
    Chris CHAN [10E] 3 days ago

    3:04 My teacher made me write 'hypotenuse' on half a page because I told her this joke and she is angry so she made me do it.

    ICE CREAM 3 days ago

    that lucky charm girl really needs her lucky charm😂

  • 轩轩
    轩轩 3 days ago

    I think this is not that funny with the view?

  • Yoongis left leg and Taehyungs right eyebrow

    I swear to god I only come on this video to see the tiktok dance 😂😌✊

  • TheSans Nerd
    TheSans Nerd 3 days ago +9

    Bully: give me your paper nerd
    Me: sure, just a minute
    Bully: what
    Me: gotta double check
    *rubs out all answers and writes wrong answers on purpose*
    Me: here

  • Chloe Hong
    Chloe Hong 3 days ago

    She’s doing tik tok

  • Razaz Abdelrahman
    Razaz Abdelrahman 3 days ago +5

    Comment if you think Kevin need to be on a diet he is fat and densie I love her