Lionel Messi - The GOAT - Official Movie

  • Published on Jul 11, 2019
  • Lionel Messi is for almost every football expert the greatest football of all-time: the GOAT. He has been dominating the world of football for over a decade. He is not just an unreal goalscorer and dribbler, but as well the best playmaker. In this video we go back to the beginning of his professional career and start to relive his full career with all of his magical moments.
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  • MagicalMessi
    MagicalMessi  Month ago +165

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    • Omkar Pednekar
      Omkar Pednekar 5 hours ago

      @Dr. David Dow pls really shut up ur piggy like mouth

    • Gustavo Jaime
      Gustavo Jaime Day ago

      Im not buying nothing till someone interiews him asking why he shuts down in argentina

    • Dr. David Dow
      Dr. David Dow 2 days ago

      Omkar Pednekar lmao I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic or actually serious

    • Omkar Pednekar
      Omkar Pednekar 5 days ago

      Clearly a GOAT

    • Omkar Pednekar
      Omkar Pednekar 5 days ago

      Ronaldo scores hattrick against Calligari

  • Rafey Awan
    Rafey Awan 47 minutes ago

    Now he has 6 ballon D'or

  • nick gamer EDO
    nick gamer EDO 47 minutes ago

    5:12 look at him he’s just brilliant. 3 defenders closing in on him from every side and manages to get through to score a goal. no other player would manage this. just incredible

  • Elene Arabuli
    Elene Arabuli 5 hours ago +1

    who's watching this video in 2020?¿

  • Shlok pansari
    Shlok pansari 7 hours ago

    man you are doing a great job by showing the world greatness of messi the man who owns every thing ma salute to you an d salute to messi . every time i see this video i get motivated thanks man please keep going on

  • Leon Wadii
    Leon Wadii 11 hours ago

    Messi deserves an international trophy, hope he gets one before retirement. great vid man

  • Geremix 03
    Geremix 03 16 hours ago

    Who is here after the sixth ballon dor of messi

  • __
    __ Day ago +1

    Remember the name...
    No truer words have been spoken

  • siddharth Gautam

    All these haters are ronaldo's relatives.!!

  • paklebye
    paklebye Day ago

    All of this finish after liverpool beat barca in best comeback ever.. Wawawakakakakkaka

  • Anil Singh
    Anil Singh 2 days ago

    only and only ronaldo fans and his teamates and his family says ronaldo is better

  • Paulo Bruno
    Paulo Bruno 2 days ago

    Argentina is Brazil's biggest rival and as a Brazilian I always want Brazil to be better than Argentina, but because of Messi, I want Argentina to be World Champion so his career is complete

  • bukan orang kaya 05
    bukan orang kaya 05 2 days ago

    Messi is back

  • bukan orang kaya 05
    bukan orang kaya 05 2 days ago

    Because Messi l am love football

  • Jefferson Gonzales Maza

    jamaz sera el mejor mientras no gane una copa del mundo con su seleccion

    • Hernan Lopez
      Hernan Lopez 10 hours ago

      Jefferson Gonzales Maza mbappe el mejor del mundo

  • Leonardo Fabiano
    Leonardo Fabiano 2 days ago

    0:13 grande pupone ! Torna che ci servi !!!

  • Tanson Elias
    Tanson Elias 3 days ago


  • BAeKHyuN's AeRi
    BAeKHyuN's AeRi 3 days ago

    He was monster at 19

  • traningday
    traningday 3 days ago

    He is a great, one of the best in history but remember stats alone don’t make you great.

    • traningday
      traningday Day ago

      Flappy Wayne Games not you but some other dude, to each it’s own man in my opinion being great it’s showing up when most needed which he had proven over and over in Barcelona but not for his National team and he had the chance in 2014. He would had handle that then without a doubt, champions league happen every year world cups only every 4 he missed his shot at real greatness.

    • Flappy Wayne Games
      Flappy Wayne Games Day ago

      traningday but nobody have mention stats here ..... just watch his gameplay only

  • Enjoy 12
    Enjoy 12 3 days ago

    It is 2020 and he is getting better

  • Samuel Norris
    Samuel Norris 3 days ago

    anyone who knows the first thing about football know messi is the best player in the world

  • messi goat
    messi goat 3 days ago

    Messi Makes Me Feel GOOD!!

  • Tayyabkhan 177
    Tayyabkhan 177 3 days ago

    Please update this video

  • Adhity Dharma
    Adhity Dharma 4 days ago

    the best player of this planet

  • Sumi Riya
    Sumi Riya 4 days ago

    Bad or good..i don’t care..i'll saport messi

  • öttërqüeen ültïmäte


  • Lovro Kahlina
    Lovro Kahlina 4 days ago

    For me, the best player of all time is not the one who has the most trophies won, most awards, that would be best TEAM ever, the best player in the world is anything but prizes and trophies, football is an art, so, footballers are artists, and Messi is the greatest of them, football is the art of dribbling, goals, assists,the way you touch the ball, football is the art of everything except numbers, and Messi, messi in this segment is the best player ever, he is the greatest artist among them, and a player you admire the way he touches the ball. the way he runs, the way he looks at the field, the way he plays that game, the way he influence game, he took football to even deeper aspect of art, he is just Greatest of all time!

  • Pedro Bondezan
    Pedro Bondezan 4 days ago

    play easy. messi is the best.

  • avinash kargal
    avinash kargal 4 days ago

    Just become fan of God of game.grt respect and love from india

  • Caolank450
    Caolank450 5 days ago +4

    The commentator: AaAaAaAaAaeerughh

  • बोहूला सरकार

    Lobe mess I😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    ZIKRI AZ 5 days ago

    Messi is my idol
    If he your idol like

  • Lucas Jones
    Lucas Jones 5 days ago

    You can’t expect one man to win a country to win a World Cup it’s just not possible

  • Fred
    Fred 5 days ago +2

    12:12 thank me later

  • Corné Hooijmans
    Corné Hooijmans 5 days ago

    A bit overdone. Maradona did the best of his ability in every team he played. Messi only Barca. A club that is lifted too high by social media already. It's just too much. I mean just look at some videos of Pelé, Cruijff and Maradona.
    Yes I understand very well that the people that say that Messi is the best of all time are some of the best coaches and players themselves. I respect that. But I think we all get carried along with the hype that went too far.
    The wonder goal from Messi was against Getafe with all do respect. Maradona did it against England at a WC. And England 86 was no laugh.

  • Pruthviraj N K
    Pruthviraj N K 6 days ago

    Na.. Cr7 far better..

  • Ryan's Lab
    Ryan's Lab 6 days ago

    I would like to make this a sequel when Xavi will be our manager in the upcoming summer. Who's with me? :)

  • abed aljundi
    abed aljundi 6 days ago

    He did nothing vs psg and they left him up thats way neymar left

    • Flappy Wayne Games
      Flappy Wayne Games Day ago

      abed aljundi Dude nobody lifted messi up... he was just happy and stood on the park advert bar thatsall

  • Blert Shala
    Blert Shala 6 days ago

    I just came here to say Divock ORIGI is the goat

  • Aliana Finis
    Aliana Finis 6 days ago

    Je t'adore. Messi

  • Daniel Aureo
    Daniel Aureo 6 days ago +3

    19:21 "Don't practice until you get it right, practice until you can't get it wrong."

  • drc 42
    drc 42 6 days ago

    Fuck real madrid 🖕

  • Dipali Patil
    Dipali Patil 6 days ago

    Ronaldo and messi are equal

  • Col. Dinozzo
    Col. Dinozzo 6 days ago

    I started playing football cuz of Messi. I want to become a good goalkeeper to stop players like Messi and then i realised. You cannot stop a God playing with his puppets.
    Messi=magician=god=motivation=an idol

  • Asma Kathia
    Asma Kathia 6 days ago

    Real Madrid is playing so effing dirty with Messi

  • C P
    C P 7 days ago

    Valverde out

  • Em Mishra
    Em Mishra 7 days ago

    here 4:02 and then hit the subscribe button you know what i mean. 😉

  • Kelvin Wong
    Kelvin Wong 7 days ago

    Love damnly this video, thanks for making it !!

  • ana Enriquez
    ana Enriquez 7 days ago +1


  • gustavo vetado
    gustavo vetado 7 days ago

    Que mierda quieren decir con GOAT????

  • VaderBG
    VaderBG 7 days ago

    Martin Tyler : WORLD CLASS!!

  • Amit Tiwari
    Amit Tiwari 8 days ago

    Watching Messi makes me 😢 every time thinking How will i watch football after Messi retirement

  • David Noriega
    David Noriega 8 days ago

    Messi = Satan

  • Olim
    Olim 8 days ago

    If he won that world cup in 2014, there would have been no one who can compare him to cristiano

  • Chucky Sanchez
    Chucky Sanchez 8 days ago

    It will never be Messi fault but his teammates for never being their when he needed them in the feild for the work cup

  • هفن رمزي
    هفن رمزي 8 days ago

    Best video picture ever

  • Kunal Patil
    Kunal Patil 8 days ago

    Its 6 ballon d'ors not 5

  • Billionare Josh
    Billionare Josh 8 days ago

    The one and only G.O.A.T of all GOATS their has ever been, best their is or will ever Be......SALUTE @MESSI

  • Unstoppable Spirit
    Unstoppable Spirit 9 days ago

    Who’s here because of the awkward thumbnail?😂

  • Raamis Khan
    Raamis Khan 9 days ago

    What an amazing video. He is the greatest of all time, I get emotional when I watch him play and the day he retires I will cry like a baby.