The Predator Final Angry Trailer Reaction!

  • Published on Sep 1, 2018
  • AngryJoe & OtherJoe get hyped on the Final The Predator Film Trailer from FOX! What do you think? Will this be the best Predator film AFTER the original "Predator"?
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  • jebes909090
    jebes909090 8 months ago

    relax guys, the predators are just trying to fight global thats actually what they are trying to do in the movie. im warming.......................

  • Joey Sparks
    Joey Sparks 9 months ago

    Can we get a straight Predator movie with subtitles. Predators vs Aliens???? Please!!!!!

  • Joey Sparks
    Joey Sparks 9 months ago

    This movie was trash.

  • Maxx Doran
    Maxx Doran 9 months ago

    Predators was a pretty successful take on the franchise minus Eric Forman and the way they used the soundtrack from the first movie was fucking awesome. I hope this soundtrack isn’t some Rap Rock metal guitar chugging garbage fest. That always adds a corny layer to anything it touches

  • LupusGelos
    LupusGelos 9 months ago

    Just went to see it last night.....
    The originals get shat on HARD, this film truly makes the originals seem like classics.
    The script was pretty awful, the plot holes baffling, the character backstorys and beliefs are both totally neglected and contradicting to reality.

  • Neo Arcane
    Neo Arcane 9 months ago

    Fact: Shane Black played the role of Hawkins, the first of Dutch's men to get rekt
    by the first, original Predator in Central America in the year of 1987.

  • Torpedo
    Torpedo 9 months ago

    As said in the reaction video, it's a new Predator movie for this generation. Too much CGI, no plot, weak story and another franchise down the drain.

  • chris mescudi
    chris mescudi 9 months ago

    The super predator got the bloody mess perk

  • arturo toscanini
    arturo toscanini 9 months ago

    We joked, it's just another episode of Key & Peele. We could not even dream of doing the Predator reboot!
    Why ruin Predator with a reboot that will not live up to it?
    Just for a fistful of dollars?

  • Ohris
    Ohris 9 months ago

    Dont make it a comedy... the marines or whatever seem to be making too much jokes.

  • Byren Hayabusa
    Byren Hayabusa 9 months ago

    Predator > Predator 2 > The Predator > Predators

  • LordTheCyril
    LordTheCyril 9 months ago

    They cut the dumb kid plot out of the trailer but remember he still exists. There is still the predator that upgrades it self with human dna. It is DUMB!

    /SMASHED LEGENDS 9 months ago +1

    They transformed the CLASSIC Predator into a really bad popcorn movie.Cinema is not the same anymore. And yes the soundtrack is a sh*t. Calling this "movie" "The Predator" is a bad taste joke. By the trailer alone, this movie already is a 1/10. The director sucks.

  • arnebinn
    arnebinn 9 months ago

    I will be high as fuck in the movies. will enjoy anyways

  • breitve
    breitve 9 months ago

    they need Arnold back, wouldnt be that hard to justify in movie either. we know its out there, who do we know who has fought one. Call Arnie, have him take the lead to get Vengeance for his friends

  • adam Ricecracker
    adam Ricecracker 9 months ago

    Why cant you let the Trailer play in big screen and your webcam in the corner ?
    i think it would be much better and we could still see your reaction.

  • Billitz
    Billitz 9 months ago

    i hate how every action movie is becoming a lame comedy

  • Border I
    Border I 9 months ago

    o im ready!!!

  • Paran01ac
    Paran01ac 9 months ago

    *Let Other Joe speak, you egoretard.*

  • Brady W
    Brady W 9 months ago

    This movie looks really fucking stupid. Omg...

  • kris B
    kris B 9 months ago

    I like the rap track over the trailer. I hope they play it in the opening so I can nod my head to it.

  • Mikey Teflo
    Mikey Teflo 9 months ago

    Man, all you "Nostalgic" fuckers out there need to calm down! It's so annoying constantly seeing comments like "ITS NOT THE 1ST ONE SO IT SUCKS" "I'm not watching cause it wasn't made in 1987". Just shut up already! I'm 37 yrs old, i use to do the same shit until i grew up! You dumbasses will learn one day (MAYBE) that when u give something a chance it actually pays off sometimes.

  • Joel Martinsson
    Joel Martinsson 9 months ago

    I think it looks awesome. The original was an action movie with horror and humour elements and this looks to turn it up to 11. I just hope there is some tense moments in there and not just action and humour but even if there isn't it'll probably be entertaining. My biggest fear with a movie like this is stupid writing but Shane Black has a track record of solid writing so I'm very hopeful for this movie. Also lets remember that trailers have misrepresented movies before (Inglourious Basterds being a perfect example).

  • James Fadian
    James Fadian 9 months ago

    It's no way as good as 1 or 2 1 is a masterpiece 2 was very good this maybe better than predators

  • Edward Elric
    Edward Elric 9 months ago

    Its a Beserker predators... a (i forgot their actual names) banished beserker predator.

  • Jacob Bielski
    Jacob Bielski 9 months ago

    The first Predator movie starts out as a straight up Vietnam action movie (so I think an over-the-top tone works really well). Then the second one is like a buddy cop movie. Suddenly, a sociopathic alien slasher shows up. So there's always been an element of genre mixing.

  • C F
    C F 9 months ago

    this looks like a netflix movie for me. will not waist my money at the theater.

  • joriei
    joriei 9 months ago

    Shane Black blablabla whatever yarayara...... this trailer is selling a comedy movie.
    A rap thingy song? really? what... predators invade wakanda or what?
    Fuck cgi, bring back costumes.... tangible stuff.

  • Vojtěch Djakov
    Vojtěch Djakov 9 months ago

    Meh first movie is the best. I don't trust this new version.

  • zzir ️Remix
    zzir ️Remix 9 months ago

    its just suicide squad in the predator/alien universe

  • Avalloc
    Avalloc 9 months ago

    Definite looks like it could be good.. but also worried because these people never seem to get it right... predators was a decent film, which makes 2 great films and 1 decent film with predator/s in it, what worries me most is the comedy/humour style they went with. Predator II has the perfect comedic style for it to work in the franchise (similar to Aliens and the comedy style in that movie worked for it), this however looks more like "not another teen movie" kind of idiotic comedic style, and I really hope that isn't the case.

  • leshkraven
    leshkraven 9 months ago

    Shane Black has fucking ruined it, all trailers sucked Predator died in both Jungles to me, the concert and the rain forest. I WANT THE FUCKING PREDATOR to RIP SHANES SPINE from his body and SMASH his PUNY SKULL TO DUST.....MF

  • zlostnypopolnik
    zlostnypopolnik 9 months ago

    They want change Predator to something else, to something mediocre with bullshit comedy and rap music. Kids nowadays love rap music and comedy right?

  • appolospbvxr
    appolospbvxr 9 months ago

    They should have got the person that did 'Predators (2010)' to do this, that was a decent new take on the universe and followed the same style, this looks like its been directed by Michael Bay

  • Kryptonian541
    Kryptonian541 9 months ago

    CGI Predator bullshit...uh no thanks!

  • langdeezy
    langdeezy 9 months ago

    Joe is so easily impressed its ridiculous

  • GhettoJoe
    GhettoJoe 9 months ago

    Olivia Munn ? NO THANKS .... PASS !

  • Shayne Rawls
    Shayne Rawls 9 months ago

    Joe you don't like rap do you? I notice you complain alot about rap in trailers

  • DamageIncM
    DamageIncM 9 months ago

    I don't care about Predator, nor about any follow-ups, but this movie looks crazy enough to like. XD

  • DamageIncM
    DamageIncM 9 months ago

    What is the team in this movie? - Some kind of... suicide squad?...

  • Brittany
    Brittany 9 months ago

    All the "best" parts of the movie already shown in the trailer.

  • Hanspeter Koch
    Hanspeter Koch 9 months ago

    Fox is Disney now! God please save "Predator" from Disneyshit!

  • Zim Zimmerman
    Zim Zimmerman 9 months ago

    I hate that they are shitting all over the predator, you cant come up with any creature better that the original predator, this just looks stupid

  • Bruno Manco
    Bruno Manco 9 months ago

    robert rodriguez captured the mood, and his film ended in a cliffhanger (continued in comics). why not leting him make another movie ?? or at least end his pedator story arc. i liked his movie alot

  • Ryan Hibbert
    Ryan Hibbert 9 months ago

    The main character is actually the actor from Narcos season 1 and he was incredible in that series.

  • Madmax9
    Madmax9 9 months ago

    This movie is going to be crap cause its another generic monster pop corn rental with lame jokes being done by a comedian playing a soldier. The trailer reminds me of AVP only this time its PVP ( predator vs predator) with even shittier script. Of all the predator comic books Hollywood could choose and do justice THIS is what we get in 2018.
    I am still waiting for the sequel to predator 2 as at the end of the movie an older larger predator (clan leader) rewards danny with an old 1718 Flinstock pistol for winning the fight with the predator. That gun belonged to a bad ass pirate from 1718. The comic book was named Predator 1718. I suggest you find it and read it cause you are going to be more entertained reading a 20 year old comic than this 2 hour piece of garbage. A 20 year old print media (comic) is better than this movie.
    Of all the things they could have done like predator in roman age against the crusaders or in japan against ninjas and samurais or against pirates but no. THIS is what we get, another predator in jungle vs human comedian douche soldiers with more guns.
    BTW Arnold declined to make a cameo in this movie after reading the script and he was in Expendables 3 LMAO. Also there is the famous ( get to the chopper) line in the movie. WTF

  • The Shacks
    The Shacks 9 months ago

    First avp was great in its own shit way, second was awful. both avp games were awesome tho.Cant say the same for the latter predator movies.

  • TheCosmicFireStar
    TheCosmicFireStar 9 months ago

    Joe was not happy, angry in fact with the way Alien Covenant turned out last year. Will The Predator be different. Is there the possibility of Alien vs Predator being rebooted as a movie franchise? Probably not any time soon.

  • sup mayn
    sup mayn 9 months ago

    Yeah, the song in the trailer reminded me of a 90's comedy trailer trying to appeal to everyone.

  • Mr. House
    Mr. House 9 months ago

    Idk mang. Looks like a straight action packed movie vs the slow pace of the original Predator with a group of marines going from COD to daytime horror game facing something methodically hunting them down.

  • ConnectTheKings
    ConnectTheKings 9 months ago

    What is Sarah Walker doing in this film? I don’t see chuck. I hate it already 😂

  • dai
    dai 9 months ago

    Shitty shit trailer

  • MrVelnicasal
    MrVelnicasal 9 months ago

    why are you the only youtuber i know that can get "copyright" just for reacting to a trailer??? wtf??? how about the other 1000's youtubers that do the same thing???

  • Federico Gomez
    Federico Gomez 9 months ago

    The Predator is going to be better than Alien Covenant

  • FutureCloud
    FutureCloud 9 months ago

    The final The Predator the trailer.

  • mario valentino
    mario valentino 9 months ago

    I agree the song doesn't scream Predator Sci-fi Horror movie -_-

  • mario valentino
    mario valentino 9 months ago

    This is Horror/Comedy not Horror, I'm going to be so pissed if it doesn't have a truly Horror tone, not all this up beat music in a Horror film :(

  • Nine Dnine
    Nine Dnine 9 months ago

    Do a spiderman ps4 review bro

  • Bladed Omega
    Bladed Omega 9 months ago +1

    That trailor made me excited he says, when review comes out they spoiled too much in trailor he's gonna say lol

  • Will Jackson
    Will Jackson 9 months ago

    You got destroyed by a furry.

  • B Mac
    B Mac 9 months ago

    Soon as I saw Olivia Munn I checked out. Always a sign for a crap movie.

  • Hormone Monster
    Hormone Monster 9 months ago

    This movie is gonna be shit!!! The main character is shit, the environment is shit all this is straight shit!!!! If they want predator to succeed they need to stop with the dumb ass lame comedy skits and make it more gritty, more grounded, more real! Just take it back to the jungle already and enough with this dumb ass city scenarios.

  • kathleen horse kennedy
    kathleen horse kennedy 9 months ago

    I thought this was a game review channel? He's more like jinx then a reviewer at this point

  • Antonio Tinkler
    Antonio Tinkler 9 months ago

    Hey Joe! Remember Star Trek Trexels? Yeah they made a sequel...

    Soooo u wanna review?😂😈😂

  • Cookie Man
    Cookie Man 9 months ago

    HENRY CAVILL gonna play as WICHTER in NETFILX tv series !!!!!!!!!!!!! :O hype train go onboard!!

  • Johnny Lee
    Johnny Lee 9 months ago

    I don't think that kid had a remote control I think he had a homing Beacon cuz that the Predator was tracking down and he probably got his Predator brothers were in trouble instead of killing themselves with remote control bombs

  • Frank Castle
    Frank Castle 9 months ago

    do spider man. i dont trust the press

  • Wayne Daniel
    Wayne Daniel 9 months ago

    Have to show my Wife the softer trailer or i'll be going on my own

  • Michael Meyers
    Michael Meyers 9 months ago

    why why why do they insist on making this a comedy?

  • the_other_guy 2134
    the_other_guy 2134 9 months ago

    Joe can you do a Spiderman PS4 review when it comes out in 4 days

  • TheArchetype 13
    TheArchetype 13 9 months ago

    You had me at Yvonne Strahovski!!!

  • Lar Ben
    Lar Ben 9 months ago

    Robocop reboot better than most reboots so far. Just not the popular opinion.

  • irish chancer
    irish chancer 9 months ago

    Are you buying destiny 2 forsaken ???

  • LordStickMax
    LordStickMax 9 months ago

    i think it looks legit.

  • RdL
    RdL 9 months ago

    that one predator fighting another predator might be becouse, WE did have alien encounters on earth before, and ofc captured an alien with at and kept alive inside that military base

  • Juha Sormunen
    Juha Sormunen 9 months ago

    This channel is so ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

  • David Hammond
    David Hammond 9 months ago

    Joes, the movie is gonna suck, end of story.

  • iamdopeasfcuk
    iamdopeasfcuk 9 months ago

    i dunno why, but for some reason i just don't like olivia munn. movie is gonna be ass. you can quote this shit once it releases.

  • Bigrookie
    Bigrookie 9 months ago

    I'm gonna see it.

  • Api Trovato
    Api Trovato 9 months ago

    I'm sorry, why the hell would I want to go see this dude? No man. No.

  • Matthew The Epic Neewb
    Matthew The Epic Neewb 9 months ago

    This movie looks fucking dope

  • billion billz_
    billion billz_ 9 months ago

    Idk I fuc with it

  • The Funky Games
    The Funky Games 9 months ago


  • Man Potato
    Man Potato 9 months ago

    Finish your back to the future game review boi

  • Buddy Guy
    Buddy Guy 9 months ago

    12:37 When you see the CGI lean forward intimidating monster roar thing the movie is guaranteed to suck balls. Jurassic Park did it in 1993 and it worked. Every movie that has had it since then has sucked balls. The reason it doesn't work is that it's not motivated. It means they'd prefer to attempt intimidation than attack, and we all know deep down that something truly dangerous will just attack with the least warning possible. So they try to make their monster look all scary but ultimately it has the opposite effect. 25 years and they still haven't figured this out ffs.

  • Sonic Sez Traps are Gay
    Sonic Sez Traps are Gay 9 months ago +1

    Most unnecessary reboot imo

  • ZOMBIE MMA & CATCH wrestling

    Does anyone know the song of the trailer

  • Caden McDonough
    Caden McDonough 9 months ago

    Hey Joe you should do a movie review of Alpha i think you'd like it

  • xIrishSkillzx
    xIrishSkillzx 9 months ago

    Go in with ZERO expectations and you may be entertained.

  • Chubbyninja89 Irish Ninja

    Dude, Joe.
    Go right ahead and talk bad about Requiem, but don't talk crap about the *first* AvP, it was alright.

  • noeljdf
    noeljdf 9 months ago

    angry joe is a fat moron

  • Paul Smith
    Paul Smith 9 months ago

    I'm in agreement with Joe...I'm kinda skeptical with the movie base on the current trailer.

  • Natsu Dragneel
    Natsu Dragneel 9 months ago +1


  • Pinkie Pie
    Pinkie Pie 9 months ago

    Since Disney bought Fox, that means the Predator is a Disney character now!

  • Santino Rodriguez
    Santino Rodriguez 9 months ago

    Damn Cyberpunk 2077 makes everything seem trivial at this point. I just need the game

  • Admiral General N.N.
    Admiral General N.N. 9 months ago

    First movie after5 years I may watch in a cinema

  • Admiral General N.N.
    Admiral General N.N. 9 months ago

    Yvonne Strahovski!

  • Hen Peckley
    Hen Peckley 9 months ago

    Looks like the worst Bmovie trash. Look at predator 1 and then this. Meh. Predator was not a comedy.

  • Max Pheby
    Max Pheby 9 months ago

    The small one is a Girl predator and the big one is her dad "its pred/bed time"

  • TheFreakonate
    TheFreakonate 9 months ago

    Predator 2 is a horrible movie. It's unwatchable even more so as it is now. And Olivia Munn does not give this a good sign at all.