USPS loses about $1800 of packages from :(

  • Published on Aug 23, 2019
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Comments • 6 787

  • Louis Rossmann
    Louis Rossmann  18 days ago +483

    Today, three of the highest ranking postal officials in NYC came by to ask us questions. They came back an hour later, with our packages. Thank you to everyone at USPIS and the Postal Regulatory Commission for your hard work!

    • W C
      W C 4 days ago +1

      Louis, I've had a few similar issues with USPS and FedEx. If they are coming to pickup and this happens, use your surveillance footage. It's rare these major providers pulls through on fixing things like this - I've gone to small claims court and they suddenly decided to pay out the insurance.

    • Kyle Jackson
      Kyle Jackson 4 days ago

      @Adam Carter parcels and letters are sorted in separate facilities, my guess is they got culled together and sent to the parcel facility, and was left on the floor and ignored instead of routed to the correct place. Most postal issues are from laziness, rather than theft. (Though that happens as well)

    • Death Song
      Death Song 6 days ago

      Amazing. Very good.

    • Reseller Rockefeller
      Reseller Rockefeller 6 days ago +1

      Pretty funny that once the big wigs get involved the packages surprisingly appear like a fairy just came and sprinkled dust over the shop lol haha. It sounds suspicious if you ask me. Everyone who picks up packages from your store knows the package most likely contains something of value because they know what you do as a business.

    • David Roberson
      David Roberson 12 days ago +1

      I work for USPS part time so I know if I had done this I would be fired and possibly be looking at criminal charges.

  • llgla
    llgla 2 hours ago

    You need a better SOP or system that counters this type of bs. They can’t be trusted.

  • llgla
    llgla 2 hours ago

    I begin to understand why swearing is a thing where you work. Totally understand the frustration.

  • Being Here
    Being Here 16 hours ago

    Those USPS workers should have a visit from the Commonwealth Attorney's office. That's all I have to say. And a subpoena soon after, a court date for theft.

  • Brian Batie
    Brian Batie 22 hours ago

    So, any update on the situation regarding the, "lost" merch? Is the same supervisor still working there? Did they tell you where they found the goods? Have the brass agreed to scan at pickup?

  • TheArnoldification
    TheArnoldification 23 hours ago +1

    My mom works for USPS and this sounds exactly like something the USPS would do. The incompetence is honestly pretty staggering

  • Tamara Smith
    Tamara Smith Day ago

    Those mungrels threw away your sh!t. They threw them away.

  • mike maze
    mike maze Day ago +1

    maybe you need to install cameras showing them physically picking the packages up

  • Maxwell Johnson
    Maxwell Johnson Day ago

    You're lady is more patient than I could ever be! Kudos to her man. Wild

  • darkflame808
    darkflame808 2 days ago

    Is it possible someone showed up pretending to be a packager handler and just ripped you off?

  • Hinoserm
    Hinoserm 2 days ago

    Our shipping software lets us print manifests, where the carrier can scan one barcode that would "check in" all the packages. I'm not completely sure but I think this effectively counts as a pick-up scan for insurance purposes.

  • Roger Mayhall
    Roger Mayhall 3 days ago

    If u didn't get back it is in Atlanta ga

  • DreiK
    DreiK 3 days ago

    he cant keep getting away with it!!

  • jcagy2
    jcagy2 3 days ago

    I crated and delivered a 65 HP outboard motor to a shipping company in Orlando, Fl. It went thru a warehouse in Rockford ,Il and when the truck made the delivery to the University of Wisconsin in was not on the truck. They said they didn't know what happened to it and the insurance on a $5000 motor paid only $.65 a 100 lbs. I even contacted the FBI. Then 5 weeks later it shows up in Indiana somehow. It had been dropped and the motor heavily damaged. We finally got possession of the motor and had to repair it ourselves. Shipping companies have a bad reputation along with Moving companies.

  • Brian Reynolds
    Brian Reynolds 3 days ago

    Louis Rossmann you have another option just use fedex smart post. fedex comes and gets your packages then they ship them ground to your clients local post office with delivery by your clients local postman. look into FEDEX SMART POST. dont let them b.s you because they do it.

  • Kyle Jackson
    Kyle Jackson 4 days ago +1

    1. Carriers straight up ignored the pickup request, they are printed daily and given to the appropriate route.
    2. A supervisor shouldnt be handling the mail, he should have never came to do that pickup.
    3. We get paid by the hour, if a customer asks for their stuff to get scanned, the only acceptable answer should be "absolutely, no problem", even if its thousands of packages. If a carrier has a problem scanning them, I would refuse to release them, and contact the postmaster directly.
    Sorry this happened to you guys, some of us have pride in our work, and do our best to establish trust with our customers. Best of luck in the future.

    • Iceberg Slim
      Iceberg Slim 4 days ago

      Thanks for caring I also like to lead by example

  • Brian Reynolds
    Brian Reynolds 4 days ago

    here it goes
    Louis Rossmann im going to save your self a lot of problems dont trust the government usps for nothing. you will save your self alot of problems if you just higher you a driver to drop them off get a receipt and bring it back to you. i understand this can be an added cost to your business but im telling you in the long run this will save you $1,800 every time turn around because a post office employee dont scan or steals your packages. how ever they disappeared. hope i dont offend but this is my advice. i see you run a good business i wounder if you repair anything other then mac's i got an old dell d610 i need a power connector soldered on to it.

  • Finger banging Your mom

    Where’s the USPS auction btw?

  • sam sneede
    sam sneede 5 days ago

    Sound like she is talking to an Indian scammer.

  • TheIkawatay
    TheIkawatay 5 days ago

    You're shit got stolen, do a revenge video catch these clowns just like how you catch apple services.

  • Richard S.
    Richard S. 5 days ago

    Glad to hear you had a good resolution. I’ve had the same experience and it’s very frustrating.

  • Matt Lucas
    Matt Lucas 5 days ago

    How about a camera faceing your packages as your own insurance and Sue the ups in small claims court not.only for the product but your time and loss of funds

  • FG Eclipse
    FG Eclipse 5 days ago

    Technically it's also part of your job to have to deal with usps fucking up their job. "If you don't want to deal with it then quit." oof.

  • Benjamin Orozco
    Benjamin Orozco 6 days ago

    1am here too with bags under my eyes. I feel ya fam.

  • nidhoggoflegand
    nidhoggoflegand 6 days ago

    UPS is no better one of their drivers backed into the side of my parked car making a illegal U-turn doing close to $2000 in damage and after calling a supervisor they both left without leaving a note or calling the police. Only reason it was resolved was because i posted the security cam video on their Facebook page. Had my check two days later. PS: local police did nothing in case you where wondering.

  • TheDigitalThreat
    TheDigitalThreat 6 days ago

    I used to work for a company that sold nutrition and body building products (Think of a GNC on the internet) that would ship a truck load of packages a day. This happened to us at least 3 times over a few years with them coming to the warehouse. After the last time the owner just had us start to manually deliver them for the added security. We would just load up our cars and stop on the way home.
    Its definitely a pain in the ass, but then you are not dependent on them "showing up" and scanning them in to begin with. Unless you are unloading a trucks worth of packages a day that you cant transport yourself just get in the habit of stopping on the way home from work every other day or so. Being in the city I can see how its not as easy/simple, but it at least it could eliminate the two main issues. NYC traffic is a nightmare itself, but might be worth it if this keeps occurring with your carriers.

  • Elmo Tarasi
    Elmo Tarasi 6 days ago

    Ship UPS.. the USPS sucks Ass.. Definitely not reliable and they take no accountability for their actions ...

  • Reseller Rockefeller

    I can relate to this video so much, I run a full time online reselling business and ship out hundreds of packages a month. Everything you said is so true I would add this though, most of the time when an item isn't scanned and or lost it really is disappointing but the truth of the matter is most of the time this is an employee who is stealing stuff. Yes most USPS, FedEx and or UPS workers are truthful honest people but what happens is they hire through third-party subcontractors and these employees are at the bottle of the pay pole plus they are not full-time employees most of the time so they are hurting for money and simply do not care. I have had my security cameras actually record the postman pick up valuable items going out for delivery and then the tracking info never shows the acceptance scan in the system, after calling and speaking with the postmaster they still say they cannot do anything about even if i send them actual footage of the postman scanning the package in question. And these postal workers/third party delivery drivers know this and take advantage of the system this way. My buddy actually did an investigation at his place of business about 9 months ago using a small GPS tracker inside a box labeled APPLE and sure enough, the box was never scanned and the package was tracked to the delivery driver's mothers house haha. The postmaster was not happy with this news and actually overruled three previous insurance cases. Anyways great video Louis hope you get things figured out.

  • LC CL
    LC CL 7 days ago

    first of all since now and on please by all means have your items scanned at the store before anything gets out!!!!! do not let your package out the door without been scanned, if USPS can not provide their employees with portable scanners or on the go scanners please stop doing business with them, most UPS and FedEx do carry portable scanners. "dude please do not let your packages let the store without been scanned" also uniform and ID at the door., also make the pick up person sign up at the door and count all of the packages the pick up guy is been handled to, also make him agree with the amount of packages he is been given. sorry to say this Louis but you guys got cocky with this bastards from the USPS. the only course of action right now is to suit them in court for your lost and considerable amount of compensation, i mean big compensation, suit them for at least 50,000 for your lost and emotional distress plus for the trouble given to your customers!!!!!!.

  • Bob ShitDickSam
    Bob ShitDickSam 7 days ago

    Its prob apple fucking with you tbh.

  • Jason Walsh
    Jason Walsh 7 days ago

    Someone was stealing letters out of our locked post office box in front of the house along the street. I called USPS. They did nothing. I went to the local post office and I was told they would do nothing. I talked to the Manager of the USPS, he said he would do nothing. I came back 2 weeks later and I talked to the new manager because the old one had been fired or he quit. She said she would do nothing. Do not ever give the USPS a package without getting a receipt for it. There is 0 accountability at the USPS from ANYONE.

  • Marcel Plummer
    Marcel Plummer 7 days ago

    yes louis rossman from

  • Probus Excogitatoris

    If they take your stuff without scanning the items, it's theft. Since you have video evidence you could take this to court. Yes, it would be a shitty move. But, that might be the only way to actually make a change.

  • Probus Excogitatoris

    This is obviously a much larger problem than individual workers. This is a systemic problem. These companies systematically cut corners to save money. It's amazing that customers are just accustomed to being treated like shit.

  • Doc Xen
    Doc Xen 7 days ago

    prob a dumb question (sorry if it is) but would like or something like that work better/safer?

  • Philip O Callaghan
    Philip O Callaghan 7 days ago

    Liked , subscribed.........I like what you're doing. I hope you sent this video to the "collector" and make him famous/ infamous.

  • Tom Lloyd
    Tom Lloyd 7 days ago

    The lady on the phone doesn't take any shit. What a great asset to the team.



  • Banana CreamPie
    Banana CreamPie 8 days ago

    Honestly this doesn't surprise me, also this is what happens when people are not held accountable.

  • Proto Propski
    Proto Propski 8 days ago

    Luckily this has yet to happen to me, but I really don't sell often.
    However since I was a kid I have always been anal about the post office, and I have 0 trust in them, and now I feel justified about my concerns

  • james paxton
    james paxton 8 days ago

    Man I have to message and I hope you read this so I fully agree that the postal services are trash granted yes there are good employees and I thumb up for them and my comment isn't tword them but your video reminded me of a item I orderd threw tophotter I paid $5 dor it so it's not like it cauted me a lot or anything but I email top hatter three days latter they emale me back with the company and there number who took the package I call them they say they'll look into it a hr later they callme andsay theygave thepackedge to usps I call them they say they'll call me back when they look into the matter so I'm like OK cool and they call me back the manager was awesome he then tells me what he sees is its bin deliverd (Now my mail box is rusted and squeeks as hell u can here all footsteps on the porch and the screen door is squeeky is also very loud I can here all of this in my kitchen) on the day that I was getting wi-fi installed so I was home all day but he said that it was diliverd to my front door so ya postal servises need to up there game asap

  • Randy Quaid
    Randy Quaid 8 days ago

    I was sitting in my garage one day watching the postal carrier. She was at my mail drop box reading someones mail letter she was supposed to be delivering for a very long time. I grabbed my key to go open my box and she was sitting inside her jeep scratching these codes from the persons mail and inputing the codes into her cell phone. I was like hi how's it going, and she was like I'm trying to win these codes for a free vacation. Oh really lol

    MTS BOUR 9 days ago +4

    you have a video, call the police for theft.
    you can also put a GPS tracker, some come with audio in one of the packages to be sent.

  • superlearner9
    superlearner9 9 days ago

    The fact they don't do it? F them... get them to scan it ASAP in front of you.. that's their job!

  • kimaegaii
    kimaegaii 10 days ago

    Well now I'm pissed and they're not even my packages.
    Is there not much competition for these companies to satisfy their customers? Are they all equally shitty?

  • arkaneinc
    arkaneinc 10 days ago +1

    Had same thing happen to packages that I handed to a postal employee when I missed their closing by a min. They closed 4 min early. For a week no one could find the packages. I had the postal employee on dash cam as she was locking the door.... long story short... round and round we went. Supervisors saying without a scan there was nothing they could do and that packages “sometimes are not scanned until arrival and tracking doesn’t mean it’ll be updated at every stop”. No Karen.... tracking... means it’ll be tracked. I laughed and said fine. I’ll just file the police report on the employee and the $200 in product.
    Next day... magically the packages were found... in a corner of the post office they had “already searched” twice. Lesson learned.

  • Ironclaw XII
    Ironclaw XII 10 days ago

    Why can't these people scan the items before they carry them out to the van? Tell your staff to get a receipt on the spot every single time, or no one takes anything. It shouldn't have to be that way, but when you're dealing with these imbeciles it needs to be done.

  • Antoine Labbe
    Antoine Labbe 10 days ago

    bro u seem a lil stressed out.. and by a lil i mean beaucoup... i know you have alot on your plate and i know that you will always do anything to make your company grow but hear me out. you teach very valuable knowledge. not alot of people are willing to do the same and most importantly, NO ONE IS MAKING IT AS ACCESSIBLE AS YOU DO. please stay healthy. with our current education system, WE are going to need your help for a long ass time..

  • Stan Meyer
    Stan Meyer 10 days ago +1

    You need to have a security camera located on where the packages are setting to be picked up so you get a video of the carrier picking them up!

  • PaulSound
    PaulSound 11 days ago

    Obviously Apple is giving money to USPS

  • Marko Jovanovic
    Marko Jovanovic 11 days ago

    Why do give away packages without getting anything as official document back from postal service guy? What if someone just dress like a courier, take away your packages and vanish?

  • Walshy the musician
    Walshy the musician 11 days ago +1

    Go on Louis you fucking legend.

  • Serius Sim
    Serius Sim 11 days ago

    DHL "lost" a 300$ phone... in the middle of the delivery. It literaly "vanished", even tho it had been scanned all the way across the channel.

  • Matthijs van Beest
    Matthijs van Beest 11 days ago

    That guy at 10:33 that answered that phone call really pissed me off, unprofessional as fuck and it sounded like he was a nigerian scammer. I'm happy for you guys that the packages were found but this shit really shouldn't have happened in the first place.

  • A P
    A P 11 days ago +1


  • Kathleen 168
    Kathleen 168 11 days ago

    Sometimes mail carriers just throw mail in the trash or in the woods. Maybe you should just take it to the post office to avoid the headaches.

  • 1977allout
    1977allout 11 days ago

    The postal sucks
    He is stealing you can see him take the bin

  • RenFace
    RenFace 11 days ago

    I worked in shipping for an online business - and I dealt with this ALL the time. Calling for pick ups, people not showing up, delayed and unscanned packages, lost packages. Customers always coming to the business for refunds or new shipments no matter who lost the package. And they don't want to deal with calling them either (understandably since they often are not helpful). It is easier to yell at and leave bad reviews for the businesses since doing so for the PO often doesn't matter. It sucks.

  • Lormenkal
    Lormenkal 11 days ago +2

    I would go crazy respect to you guys for remaining so calm

  • G maniac
    G maniac 12 days ago

    and wen I tried to aply for a job in a telecenter, i had to proof that i lived in an english speaking country for 5 years, so they could be "sure" i knew english well...