USPS loses about $1800 of packages from :(

  • Published on Aug 23, 2019
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Comments • 6 740

  • Louis Rossmann
    Louis Rossmann  2 months ago +612

    Today, three of the highest ranking postal officials in NYC came by to ask us questions. They came back an hour later, with our packages. Thank you to everyone at USPIS and the Postal Regulatory Commission for your hard work!

    • Xeldinn
      Xeldinn 12 days ago

      @Bill A making this video isn't a waste of time. He gets paid for these videos...unless you think making money is a waste of time. :)

    • Bill A
      Bill A Month ago

      Cool, but what's not cool, is that first customer's were yelling at you, two having your employee waste hours on the phone with a dumb ass unable to speak, comprehend and communicate effectively in English, and thee having to waste more time on making this video. F-U USPS go to hell!!

    • abo7uson
      abo7uson Month ago

      USPS lost a $500 Apple Watch that I sold to someone on Reddit. I filed multiple claims and USPS called me and said they were working on it, but no outcome as of yet.. . I am 100% sure it was stolen by the postal employee because on the tracking it showed as reaching the guys house but it said something abiut how they were unable to access the door so it will be delivered the next day.. but it never was.. if anyone has any tips that can help me please let me know, ill give u all info regarding my case.. this happened in July

    • Raija
      Raija Month ago

      And THIS is what security camera's are for good job getting them back

    • David Evens
      David Evens Month ago

      I would have been sure those packages were in the sewer or a dumpster. Well, you got your products back, but that doesn't replace the goodwill of the affected customers.

  • Bob Perry
    Bob Perry Day ago

    Maybe I need to make a you tube video the next time the post office loses my packages!

  • Gollammeister
    Gollammeister Day ago

    Hand over proof to police fbi etc

  • Gollammeister
    Gollammeister Day ago

    I'd be going down to local usps with a camera and get em answering questions

  • Gollammeister
    Gollammeister Day ago

    No packages should leave your care unless you have seen identification and seen them scan each and every single package otherwise I'd use a different courier

  • Gollammeister
    Gollammeister Day ago

    In store cctv as proof you handed over packages

  • Erik Hammer
    Erik Hammer 3 days ago

    I know that it's a pain in the butt. However, the last time I worked with a company that dealt with customers all over the nation, we took pictures of the packages the morning of pickup before the truck came to grab them, AND THEN we took a picture of EVERY package individually as we handed them off to the carrier to show that they were in transit from our store. I've seen horror stories about USPS, and before the company I worked for started taking those pictures, they were taking massive losses in lost and stolen packages. I'm glad you got those packages back, but if you continue to use USPS, especially INDEPENDENT post offices that only contract from USPS, I can confidently say that you need to cover your butt with more than just video. I don't trust anyone in the USPS system, and even know a few people that currently work at a sorting facility in Iowa. I know for a fact that packages are stolen every day when they run by envelopes and boxes that weren't scanned before they got to the sorting facility.

  • Alvin Sands
    Alvin Sands 7 days ago

    Way to strong arm the post office to get them to do the right thing!

  • Fer Das Führer
    Fer Das Führer 12 days ago

    What a surprise. Ran by migrants. Import 3rd world, become 3rd world.

  • Steven Arrow
    Steven Arrow 14 days ago

    And this is why the usps is going down the shit hole because they can’t do there job

  • jmmj jmmj
    jmmj jmmj 14 days ago

    Don't they give you a receipt when they take the packages?

  • aoxilus
    aoxilus 21 day ago

    ship them with insurance!

  • Albert Batfinder
    Albert Batfinder Month ago

    Genuinely curious as to why it’s any quicker for the pickup dude to scan the parcels elsewhere than in your shop. They have to be accepted to the system somewhere, right? My pickup courier always scans in front of me. True, I set up two boxes, so he scans from the first to the second, and then takes the second. If he’s scanning when he gets back to the depot, then that’s not accurate. That’s a transfer, not an acceptance. Are they double-parked? Is that it?

  • Chief Dogman
    Chief Dogman Month ago

    That is what cameras are for.

  • T. Hane
    T. Hane Month ago

    I have always had better luck with DHL. A smaller fleet means less issue. Granted I was only shipping within the State (CA). Also I love your channel. But not to be a dick, your shop is 2 blocks south of the Post office on E 14th.

  • pete hom
    pete hom Month ago

    love the honesty towards the last 5 min of the video

  • ZirconX
    ZirconX Month ago

    As someone who worked in a warehouse for a store chain as a student job, I understand this on a very personal level.
    Deliveries between 15-25 pallets od small boxes containing 5-10 small items with a total worth of 100-200K$.
    It's damn easy to scan the pallet, then every box and blind accept them as shown in the system.
    But that creates errors. The people at the central warehouse CAN and DO make mistakes everyone is human and a small item can get dropped unnoticed.
    Box says we have 10 of X. There is 9. They blind accept the box we've just created an error in the inventiory system which is gonna come and bite us in the ass when we are looking for that 1 missing item to ship later to the front of the store or heck forbit a client that bought it on the website.
    So as a supervisor I was a PAIN IN THE ASS forcing my guys to scan every box ONE BY ONE and scan the items inside manually.
    This avoids blind accept mistakes.
    It lets us know that the box saying we got 10 of X really only has 9 of X. And on top of preventing an inventory mistake, it lets me know I should contact the central warehouse to know if they made the error on THEIR side. This also applies to items coming in broken.
    And we used an independant contractor for our deliveries, never USPS - they quite frankly suck as a mail service.
    Packages lost, broken, stolen you name it. And when our deliveries to clients average out at 5-15K$ worth of merch, no thanks.

    • Waffenwerfer
      Waffenwerfer Month ago

      just put anotther pallet beside it and scan every package and stack them on the other pallet. easy... dont be lazy, be smart. i dont know where the fucking problem is.

      a very smat part of my job is to refill shelves with screws. thousand different kinds of screws. and i have to make sure we got all we ordered. is it annoying hell yeash. do i smile through it yea. becaause its my fucking job.

  • Matt Westfall
    Matt Westfall Month ago

    This entire situation was completely avoidable. Do not leave your packages unattended if they are that important, and do not release them to the carrier until they scanned them. When I worked at a company that had a UPS Pickup we would send out several packages a day. They had to come into the offices to get them. If the Driver did not scan them, we were advised to ask them to stop and scan them before they put them on their cart. You should not have to take a "leap of faith" Do not let someone have your packages without having them scanned. Situation Avoided.

  • AdamAlexanderK
    AdamAlexanderK Month ago +1

    Damn, gets real serious as 25:07

  • abo7uson
    abo7uson Month ago

    USPS lost a $500 Apple Watch that I sold to someone on Reddit. I filed multiple claims and USPS called me and said they were working on it, but no outcome as of yet.. . I am 100% sure it was stolen by the postal employee because on the tracking it showed as reaching the guys house but it said something about how they were unable to access the door so it will be delivered the next day.. but it never was.. if anyone has any tips that can help me please let me know, ill give u all info regarding my case.. this happened in July

  • Johnfuse
    Johnfuse Month ago +1

    Excusing a shitty service with the "They are busy" excuse is worth nothing. If they don`t do their job properly, they can be as busy as they want, their service is then still completely useless and bad. Everyone has to do his job right and if he can`t take it, it maybe is not the right job for them? I`m also friendly and understanding to people with hard jobs but only if they also do their job. If someone bullshits me and doesn`t care about his job, then he can`t demand understanding from me. Why should I pay for a service who isn`t executed, costs me money and time and then be like "Oh its ok, you are busy after all"

  • Shanejoe
    Shanejoe Month ago

    You have him taking the packages on camera and not scanning them, technically that's THEFT, why aren't you taking him to court?

  • Andrew Panken
    Andrew Panken Month ago

    Every time, I order something off Ebay which is sent to me via USPS without any tracking or signature, I know it will end up getting lost in the mail without any recourse for the seller or myself to recover the package. Problem is the seller may think I'm the one who is simply denying I received the item, but after not receiving several packages here, I understand someone inside USPS is taking my packages.

  • Jacob McCarthy
    Jacob McCarthy Month ago

    Use a SCAN form. They just scan this one form and it marks all of the packages as accepted. You can generate one within your postal software

  • Brian K.
    Brian K. Month ago

    Security cameras...

  • Bryan Rodriguez
    Bryan Rodriguez Month ago

    Just record the delivery guys every time they come to pick up so they cant say they never got it

  • N0diggityN0doubt
    N0diggityN0doubt Month ago

    ending was fire

  • Funny CompCo
    Funny CompCo Month ago

    Do you not have private postal groupings in NYC? Now for the 2 companies I help run, mainly preforming web administration and accounting. They are only working, with a handful of postal workers that handle all of their daily pickups. They are paying a premium to each delivery company they work with. To be honest I am not sure what their means we're about setting up the arrangement as of who they went about speaking to I just handle the numbers involved and for the service they receive and professionalism in atleast who they have been lucky enough to work with has been great. Instead of their pickups being rushed and then grabbing and going everyday knowing they have a large amount of packages and a decent bit need to be scanned. A specific amount of time along their pickups routes is allocated to them and a USPS worker or other delivery agency actually take the time to scan out each package and also for the owners to separate out the valuable items top priority shipping. Everything is scanned in first, andeverything is loaded. Everything that is valued above a $300 amount is grouped together and after it is loaded by the workers all packages are counted to confirm they made it into the truck the worker checks that number to a ledger and if the number of packages is met they sign the paperwork for the company before departure. Now I am sure you are shipping allot less than they are, not like saying anything bad I love your company and channel just in the price per shipped items and their general market being a high-end market they may have had an easier time facilitating this type of thing. But even if you cannot arrange it in this scale, I am sure you have a worker a friend or someone who on your books can handle personally dropping these things off daily for you that way they are scanned upon dropoff. I'm sorry but if this has happened a few times now you hold allot of the responsibility here, and i say this out of love. But your smarter than that, identify the problem access all other factors and possible failures and find the best solution to solve the issue so it simply cannot happen anymore without someone being clearly to blame that you can than take legal action against.

  • Sarah Allen
    Sarah Allen Month ago +3

    "you're in charge of mail, correct?"

  • Isaac
    Isaac Month ago

    hory shit how did he get that job! barely speaky engrish lol but i hate USPS i do stickers and they lose my shit alllllll the time and dont give two shits

  • george BOURGEOIS
    george BOURGEOIS Month ago +1

    i worked at the po for 26yrs if you have a problem with lost anything you have to call the po inspectors stolen mail is a federal crime and mail is supposed to be delivered every day 6 days a week thats in the constitution

  • Jeffrey Fernandez
    Jeffrey Fernandez Month ago

    Hey, i will personally quit my job being a cashier to work driving your packages to the postal offices... no playing here tired of this shit. :)

  • Da Qoraxxx
    Da Qoraxxx Month ago

    Cool, you actually know your mail guy.
    Over here, most mailmans hate their jobs so hard, that they leave within 2 months.
    Or they are old people who can't keep up with the pace.
    So you never really get to know them.

  • Paul Cutrona
    Paul Cutrona Month ago

    YESSSSSSS this is why I love watching you. Thank you for being patient and a man and handling this situation the way you did!

  • nGon-
    nGon- Month ago +1

    isn't this essentially video evidence of theft/fraud? You should be able to take him to court for this. He clearly admitted to getting the envelopes and not putting them in the system. At the very least that should cost him his job if he is unwilling to cooperate.

  • nGon-
    nGon- Month ago

    Damn, whoever was on the phone was so patient. I could barely understand the supervisor and would certainly not have had the patience to deal with him.

  • Alfred Morris
    Alfred Morris Month ago

    Because of modern technology and medicine and socialistic welfare nets we have more invalids, disturbed minds, and mental retards living among us than ever before in history...

  • PotDropAndRole
    PotDropAndRole Month ago

    25:00 I love the rage bit it's fuckin great!

  • Trent Bennett
    Trent Bennett Month ago

    I hate shipping fraud. I'd suggest maybe going through a new postal service and make sure you get signature too.
    Also it really pisses me off when you call the post office and most of the time you get a foreigner who you can't understand what the fuck they're saying.
    Edit: If you can give this guys' name to the police as well as the surveillance footage and the voice recordings. Once the police get involved the FBI can too as someone else pointed out.
    This is fucking bullshit. I hope you get this straightened out Louis.

  • piccilo72
    piccilo72 Month ago

    This is how FedEx treated my recent delivery.

  • Raymond Polichano
    Raymond Polichano Month ago


  • llgla
    llgla Month ago

    You need a better SOP or system that counters this type of bs. They can’t be trusted.

  • llgla
    llgla Month ago

    I begin to understand why swearing is a thing where you work. Totally understand the frustration.

  • Brian Batie
    Brian Batie Month ago

    So, any update on the situation regarding the, "lost" merch? Is the same supervisor still working there? Did they tell you where they found the goods? Have the brass agreed to scan at pickup?

  • TheArnoldification
    TheArnoldification Month ago +6

    My mom works for USPS and this sounds exactly like something the USPS would do. The incompetence is honestly pretty staggering

  • Tamara Smith
    Tamara Smith 2 months ago

    Those mungrels threw away your sh!t. They threw them away.

  • mike maze
    mike maze 2 months ago +1

    maybe you need to install cameras showing them physically picking the packages up

  • Maxwell Johnson
    Maxwell Johnson 2 months ago

    You're lady is more patient than I could ever be! Kudos to her man. Wild

  • darkflame808
    darkflame808 2 months ago

    Is it possible someone showed up pretending to be a packager handler and just ripped you off?

  • Hinoserm
    Hinoserm 2 months ago

    Our shipping software lets us print manifests, where the carrier can scan one barcode that would "check in" all the packages. I'm not completely sure but I think this effectively counts as a pick-up scan for insurance purposes.

  • Roger Mayhall
    Roger Mayhall 2 months ago

    If u didn't get back it is in Atlanta ga

  • DreiK
    DreiK 2 months ago

    he cant keep getting away with it!!

  • jcagy2
    jcagy2 2 months ago

    I crated and delivered a 65 HP outboard motor to a shipping company in Orlando, Fl. It went thru a warehouse in Rockford ,Il and when the truck made the delivery to the University of Wisconsin in was not on the truck. They said they didn't know what happened to it and the insurance on a $5000 motor paid only $.65 a 100 lbs. I even contacted the FBI. Then 5 weeks later it shows up in Indiana somehow. It had been dropped and the motor heavily damaged. We finally got possession of the motor and had to repair it ourselves. Shipping companies have a bad reputation along with Moving companies.

  • Brian Reynolds
    Brian Reynolds 2 months ago

    Louis Rossmann you have another option just use fedex smart post. fedex comes and gets your packages then they ship them ground to your clients local post office with delivery by your clients local postman. look into FEDEX SMART POST. dont let them b.s you because they do it.

  • Kyle Jackson
    Kyle Jackson 2 months ago +1

    1. Carriers straight up ignored the pickup request, they are printed daily and given to the appropriate route.
    2. A supervisor shouldnt be handling the mail, he should have never came to do that pickup.
    3. We get paid by the hour, if a customer asks for their stuff to get scanned, the only acceptable answer should be "absolutely, no problem", even if its thousands of packages. If a carrier has a problem scanning them, I would refuse to release them, and contact the postmaster directly.
    Sorry this happened to you guys, some of us have pride in our work, and do our best to establish trust with our customers. Best of luck in the future.

    • Iceberg Slim
      Iceberg Slim 2 months ago

      Thanks for caring I also like to lead by example

  • Brian Reynolds
    Brian Reynolds 2 months ago

    here it goes
    Louis Rossmann im going to save your self a lot of problems dont trust the government usps for nothing. you will save your self alot of problems if you just higher you a driver to drop them off get a receipt and bring it back to you. i understand this can be an added cost to your business but im telling you in the long run this will save you $1,800 every time turn around because a post office employee dont scan or steals your packages. how ever they disappeared. hope i dont offend but this is my advice. i see you run a good business i wounder if you repair anything other then mac's i got an old dell d610 i need a power connector soldered on to it.

  • Finger banging Your mom
    Finger banging Your mom 2 months ago +2

    Where’s the USPS auction btw?

  • sam sneede
    sam sneede 2 months ago

    Sound like she is talking to an Indian scammer.

  • TheIkawatay
    TheIkawatay 2 months ago

    You're shit got stolen, do a revenge video catch these clowns just like how you catch apple services.

  • Richard S.
    Richard S. 2 months ago

    Glad to hear you had a good resolution. I’ve had the same experience and it’s very frustrating.