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  • Published on Feb 5, 2014
  • When a beautiful butterfly emerges from the chrysalis in Ian’s butterfly terrarium, Olivia begs him to let her take it to school for Show & Tell. ► Click to Subscribe to Olivia the Pig Official: bit.ly/2syMvL3
    He finally agrees, but while showing and telling, the butterfly escapes and flies away! Olivia, donning a flower-shaped balloon hat, sets out to find it.
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    Warm Welcome to the Official Channel of Olivia The Pig Cartoon! Enjoy Olivia the Pig full episodes and compilations. Olivia is always up for fun, if it's at school, at home, or at a friends house! Join her on the next adventure!
    Olivia - Today's girl. A 6 ¾ year old dynamo who believes she can do anything and sees every day as an opportunity to try new things.
    Mother - Supportive and loving, but no-nonsense - the glue that holds everyone together.
    Father - Warm, loving, affable dad who enjoys spouting factual information and drawing graphs to illustrate his point.
    Ian - 4 years old, and Olivia's older younger brother, Ian is particularly interested in space, dinosaurs, robots, and managing spaghetti eating.
    William - A small baby that does what most babies do. He sleeps, eats, cries and can be quite adorable.
    Grandma - stylish and in her late-fifties; appreciates everything from Tai Chi to surfing and calypso dancing.
    Perry - the family dog, likes to hide the family's belongings. Chases the cat causing havoc with the squirrels.
    Edwin - the cat, appears to be boneless as he often lies draped over Olivia's arm. Edwin mostly likes to eat and sleep.
    Mrs. Hoggenmuller - Olivia's teacher, a dedicated cat fancier and cowbell-playing virtuoso, with a penchant for the outdoors.
    Julian - Olivia's best friend. Julian is shy, an observer and scared of heights. But he's smart, with a self deprecating sense of humour.
    Francine - Olivia's next door neighbour, and biggest rival. A rule follower with little imagination. Determined to be number one in everything
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