If You Guess The Price, You Can Keep It (Challenge)

  • Published on Oct 20, 2019
  • Would you have guessed the price???????
    CLOTHING - www.luxlike.co.uk
    MY PO BOX !!!
    PO Box 511
    TW1 9NX
    Website: www.afterparty.studio
    TWITTER: AfterPartyLDN
    CORRECT INSTA: afterpartystudios
    If you see this comment saying ' GIMME '
    Business email: business @ callux.co.uk
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  • Elias Ferros
    Elias Ferros 7 days ago

    I hope Callux earns a lot from his videos

  • Lamphrang Nongrum Nongrum

    callux i need one of those

  • Will Halliday
    Will Halliday 12 days ago

    Come to Barnsley and you wouldn't even have to ask to give it away. It'll all be gone in a minute

  • Bilal Anees
    Bilal Anees 14 days ago

    It looks like an upside down backwards bid where people are just shouting random numbers and the guy in the middle is trying his best to control everything.

  • matthew rohrs
    matthew rohrs 15 days ago

    6:17 is that the guy who tried to kidnap iceposeidon

  • Melissa Christiaans
    Melissa Christiaans 15 days ago

    How can ppl not like this guy he so cool come to South Africa Cape town ppl wil just love you

  • Melissa Christiaans
    Melissa Christiaans 15 days ago

    I just love what you doing thank you may God bless you...out off South Africa Cape town

  • michael pandolfi
    michael pandolfi 15 days ago

    screw the beggers that shits funny but look at all those people

  • Rushsteel
    Rushsteel 15 days ago

    The homeless guy at 7:53 is legit the same one in the video about ice posiedon that says homeless brit tries to lure ice poiseidon to his dungeon to rob him

  • Kian Bretton
    Kian Bretton 16 days ago

    Do u know how much this video pissed me off with adds like i got 5 adds and it was all about that shitty sumup card thing🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Inaam sahed
    Inaam sahed 16 days ago

    8:53 man put thumbs up in a rock paper scissors game loool

  • Nulla
    Nulla 16 days ago +1

    6:17 that's the homeless guy that was in Ice poseidons video

  • KoolieNavy
    KoolieNavy 17 days ago +2

    6:16 isn't that the guy that tried to kidnap Ice Poseidon?

  • H U
    H U 17 days ago

    Is this like reverse bidding?

  • therealtekkers
    therealtekkers 17 days ago

    the guy on screen left at 4:52 definitely robbed the guy that won 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Itz_ur_gurl _yaan
    Itz_ur_gurl _yaan 18 days ago


  • George Starbuck
    George Starbuck 18 days ago

    Just dm me george_starbuck_

  • George Starbuck
    George Starbuck 18 days ago

    I would except free stuff from u

    GOATED ON STICKS 18 days ago

    Bro come down to Stockport bare ppl will take free stuff

  • Bro Land
    Bro Land 19 days ago


  • Kyle Carter
    Kyle Carter 19 days ago

    14.99 😂😂😂

  • samuel
    samuel 19 days ago


  • tense on linear
    tense on linear 20 days ago +2

    I am 90%sure the homeless man in the back was in ice poseidons stream from 2 years ago lol

  • Cam Lane
    Cam Lane 20 days ago


  • Sainthood
    Sainthood 20 days ago

    6:17 that’s the guy that tried luring ice poseiden to his house on stream LOOOL

  • bigshlong42
    bigshlong42 20 days ago +3

    The old homeless man was the person who tried to take ice psoedian to a circus

  • Hayley Brigham
    Hayley Brigham 20 days ago

    Harry uploaded

  • asad hussain
    asad hussain 20 days ago

    callux a genius

  • Konstantinos Giannakopoulos


  • Zaeem Chad
    Zaeem Chad 20 days ago

    Your channels dying g

  • Ethan
    Ethan 20 days ago +1

    anyone else actually enjoying watching callux recently?

  • Eccentric Entertainment.

    Next vid Rock, paper, scissors tutorial coming soon

  • realist orange
    realist orange 20 days ago

    The man at 4:28 is also in the getting insulted in public vid.

  • SFX 2
    SFX 2 21 day ago

    i love how the homeless geezer gets the toy car hahaha

  • Emily Sainsbury
    Emily Sainsbury 21 day ago

    chaos😂 i love it

  • yellowblue21
    yellowblue21 21 day ago

    The way he said it made me laugh like mad
    Edit: it's at 6:44

  • Sereny Andy
    Sereny Andy 21 day ago +1

    You should rearrange haroldbog’s keyboard

  • ParkBoi
    ParkBoi 21 day ago

    The only one that deserved anything was nintendo switch man

  • Rebel Binx
    Rebel Binx 21 day ago

    5:18 Gareth Bale??

  • opzz xsin
    opzz xsin 21 day ago

    Who else is here before this is trending?

  • Umair Abbas
    Umair Abbas 22 days ago

    1000th comment

  • Heather McLoughlin
    Heather McLoughlin 22 days ago

    That guy who got the police car looked like a druggie no lie 😂

  • triple m
    triple m 22 days ago

    So who so that guy have 2 guesses for the Nintendo? LOOOL sneaked round the back

  • Otto
    Otto 22 days ago

    can you announce when u are outside of topshop i live 1 minute away and havent caught u yet lol

  • Lewis D
    Lewis D 22 days ago


    DOUBLE C IN HD 22 days ago +1

    Mans killed me when her ran away.😂😂

  • abbsnn cose
    abbsnn cose 22 days ago

    callum airey: spits on pensioners callum mcginley: doesn't

  • Allan Chavez
    Allan Chavez 22 days ago

    Callux looks like nikoavocado

  • DemonFN_
    DemonFN_ 22 days ago

    Who Would Refuse A £50 Argos Gift Card 😂

  • Conner Ramsay
    Conner Ramsay 22 days ago


    • abbsnn cose
      abbsnn cose 22 days ago

      6:17 thats the guy that tried to lure ice poceidon lol

  • say less
    say less 22 days ago

    Rock Paper Scissors; should be self explana ...... uhhhhh
    Mission failed; we’ll get them next time

    • wnnalis cioov
      wnnalis cioov 22 days ago +1

      Genuinely feel bad for Cal. Ppl are such wank stains

  • okow tina
    okow tina 22 days ago

    6:44 Isn't that the guy who tried to kidnap iceposeidon a while back?!?! Hahaha mad

    • wnnalis cioov
      wnnalis cioov 22 days ago

      6:24 I think this guy is the only person who actually appreciated what Callux did

  • Christopher Moloney
    Christopher Moloney 22 days ago

    8:53 when the man puts up his thumb

  • Skp
    Skp 22 days ago +1


  • Emil Ashton
    Emil Ashton 22 days ago

    Tell me why the fuck he does in the gentrified areas...half the people didn't even look like they wanted it...you do it in the poorer areas you could be making someone's year...

    • okow tina
      okow tina 22 days ago

      Throughout the whole video "NINE NINE NINE NINE"

  • nathan smyth
    nathan smyth 22 days ago


  • nathan smyth
    nathan smyth 22 days ago


  • fvckshay_
    fvckshay_ 22 days ago

    Great idea! terrible execution.

  • Ben Johnsey
    Ben Johnsey 22 days ago

    Would love to have seen that kid try to explain to his mum why a random guy gave him a new TV

  • Elias G
    Elias G 22 days ago