Save Ralph - A short film with Taika Waititi

  • Published on Apr 6, 2021
  • Introducing Ralph, the new spokes-bunny of the global campaign to ban animal testing for cosmetics. #SaveRalph​ is a powerful stop-motion animation short film produced by Humane Society International, featuring an all-star multinational cast including Taika Waititi, Ricky Gervais, Zac Efron, Olivia Munn, Pom Klementieff, Rodrigo Santoro, Tricia Helfer and more.
    Save Ralph is a powerful stop-motion animation short film featuring Oscar winner Taika Waititi as the voice of Ralph, who is being interviewed for a documentary as he goes through his daily routine as a “tester” in a lab.
    HSI’s #SaveRalph campaign tackles the cruelty of animal testing in an original and unexpected way-using the story of one bunny to shine a light on the plight of countless rabbits and other animals in laboratories around the world.
    While Ralph is animated, the miseries he endures in the short film are far from made up. As Spencer Susser, the director of Save Ralph, says, “It's so important that Ralph feels real because he represents countless real animals who suffer every day.”
    Susser, known for his film Hesher, is among a slate of powerhouse celebrities and influencers who collaborated with Humane Society International on the making of Save Ralph. In addition to Waititi as Ralph and Gervais as the interviewer, the film has Zac Efron as Bobby, Olivia Munn as Marshmallow, Pom Klementieff as Cinnamon and Tricia Helfer as Cottonballs.
    Producer Jeff Vespa (Voices of Parkland) teamed up with the Arch Model studio of puppet maker supreme Andy Gent (Isle of Dogs, The Grand Budapest Hotel) on the production.

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  • Beth Lewton
    Beth Lewton 2 minutes ago

    Terrifyingly beautiful.

  • nutcracker Premium-Erklärvideos

    Amazing work - really touches and hurts. Thanks!

  • taechimi
    taechimi 25 minutes ago

    Im crying

  • Just a guy
    Just a guy 50 minutes ago

    I bet most people here are heartbroken, but still eat meat.

  • Samantha Leong
    Samantha Leong 52 minutes ago

    This is so heartbreaking. Such a powerful film. How can you not think twice about what products you buy after watching this?

  • iDOBBY1996
    iDOBBY1996 54 minutes ago +1

    This was really hard to watch and it is so wrong that any form of animal testing is still tolerated in this day and age. The ability of people to continue putting profits over the welfare of living things is truly heartbreaking and anyone who can go to work every day and inflict painful testing on animals is not worthy of oxygen.
    If people could reply to this and let me know of any brands which are genuinely cruelty free and also advise on what brands to avoid or where I can learn about these things that would be great.

  • Green River
    Green River 56 minutes ago

    Great video! I've been buying cruelty free for years, and even switched my cleaning products to crueltyvfree, enviro friendly .

  • maxı
    maxı 59 minutes ago

    Lo de probar en animales nunca debió existir.

  • bearcrafts co
    bearcrafts co Hour ago


  • Maria Ibanez
    Maria Ibanez Hour ago

    Jesus, let them stop to save animals 🙏🙏🙏 please God

  • Poquex poquer
    Poquex poquer Hour ago

    Plz let this be the one thing to make a change because, eating meat, hunting animals, wearing leather. At least those things have somewhat of a usefull e
    scenario but, cosmetics is just where I really put the line. You can hunt of you respect the procedure (talking about the "die the less painful and the quickest way possible") and from hunting get the meat and leather, is something from the natural kingdom, if you are gonna kill something, at least let it be to give life to something else, clothes for warm or meat for food but, not because you want to be pretty, that's just not worthy of any life

  • Jabbers Art
    Jabbers Art Hour ago

    it'd be nice if as a consumer i could know exactly if all of my shampoo lotions, etc was animal tested...but even labels that say things are safe like the "Dolphin safe" BS on tuna are lying these days.

  • Rabbit Core
    Rabbit Core Hour ago +1

    I literally teared up when the other rabbits screamed not to touch him... oh wait I just notice.. I forgot my username has rabbit in it.. ironic isn’t it

  • TheBlueFox
    TheBlueFox 2 hours ago

    I never thought I needed a full series just made of this.

  • Tokki Cruelty-Free Brands list

    This video is a masterpiece!!

    PUBLIX MN 2 hours ago

    With technology developed enough to do simulations, we could literally stop this dangerous testing or at least decrease it to certain amount.

  • Pratham Mishra
    Pratham Mishra 2 hours ago +2

    Fuckiing Depressing To See This 🥺

  • Stephanie Itay
    Stephanie Itay 2 hours ago

    this made me cry 😭😭

  • Emilio
    Emilio 2 hours ago

    I understand your point, it's time to stop using all those thing that were first tested with animals, and the things created based on them. So, maybe we might not even have electric light...

  • Aeve
    Aeve 2 hours ago

    I love rabbits so much.. Please stop this animal cruelty 😭😭

  • audrey merilles
    audrey merilles 2 hours ago

    This made me cry. I had a rabbit (rabbits) a few years back and this short film makes me so emotional. How beautiful, selfless, kind and loving these creatures are yet we humans show inhumane acts. If only animals can speak 😢😢😢😢 thank you for the awareness. As much as possible I am avoiding and discouraged everyone I know to use product harming/testing animals. This really breaks my heart 💔💔💔💔

  • Wang Fu Adam
    Wang Fu Adam 2 hours ago


  • Sidhadh Binu
    Sidhadh Binu 2 hours ago

    guys, if you havent noticed, ralph is the rabbit that Scott Lang gifts his daughter in Ant Man (2015)

  • Pan
    Pan 2 hours ago

    i wanna know what does the people who work doing this shit on animals has to say...

  • Kenneth Tinasas
    Kenneth Tinasas 3 hours ago

    It hurts

  • Samantha Bugayong
    Samantha Bugayong 3 hours ago


  • I'm sooo bored Jaehyun
    I'm sooo bored Jaehyun 3 hours ago +1

    But people still test medication for humans on animals?

  • Luis Alfonso Rojas
    Luis Alfonso Rojas 3 hours ago

    So, it takes an antropomorfic bunny (a being with human traits) for us to start caring. Because it looks human. That's who we are.
    This film is brilliant, but the fact that people seem to care just because the bunny looks like a regular Joe, really hits my nerves.

  • Jemwel Beltran Libron
    Jemwel Beltran Libron 3 hours ago

    Please make a part 2 that he can see and treated his other ear plsss i cant get over 😭😭😭😭

  • Weltenwandler Designagentur GmbH

    Incredible well done! What a heartbreaking and important message!

  • Abraham Velásquez
    Abraham Velásquez 3 hours ago

    I love eat rabbits

    • VixyMix 101
      VixyMix 101 3 hours ago

      You aren't fuckin funny kid. Grow tf up

  • José Loera
    José Loera 3 hours ago

    Time for Boycott guys!

  • Jade Colán
    Jade Colán 3 hours ago

    Por favor dejemos de usar estás marcas que producen productos que testean con animalitos: Pringles, Calvin Klein, Colgate, Pantene, Head Shouders, Clorox, Sueve, Ariel, Dove, Herbal Essences, Adidas, Vicks, Clairol, P&G ,Oral B, Secret, L'oreal, Gohnson Gohnson, Kolinos, Kotex, Guillete, Aqua Fresh, Pine Sol, 3M, BIC, Boss, Air Franse, Kleenex, etc

  • Evelyn Celaya
    Evelyn Celaya 4 hours ago


  • Alexa B
    Alexa B 4 hours ago

    🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭I have no words . And I know this is true

  • Jay Fullmoon
    Jay Fullmoon 4 hours ago

    I understand the importance of this message but it could be a little less creepy too much on the creepy side you not getting the point across just forgetting and not even wanting to watch till the end when the message I mean I really almost clicked off before you got to your message I almost cooked off about four times it was really creepy

    • VixyMix 101
      VixyMix 101 3 hours ago +1

      @Jay Fullmoon yea, that's the whole point, it's supposed to be unnerving. and if u mean the art style. Grow tf up.

    • Jay Fullmoon
      Jay Fullmoon 3 hours ago

      @VixyMix 101 it was creepy before they got to the point that's the point I'm trying to make

    • VixyMix 101
      VixyMix 101 3 hours ago

      It's SUPPOSED to be unnerving dumbass

  • Maaz Hamid
    Maaz Hamid 4 hours ago +1

    Anyone who tortures animals is no less than the worse animal out there. No one likes to be killed. Imaging yourself in the position Ralph is in.

  • epic beardface
    epic beardface 4 hours ago

    This is very sad. That's another rabbit I can't eat.

    • VixyMix 101
      VixyMix 101 3 hours ago

      You aren't funny kid, grow tf up

  • Tony Page
    Tony Page 4 hours ago


  • Ryan Krieger
    Ryan Krieger 4 hours ago


  • Roman A
    Roman A 4 hours ago

    It's pathetic, it's dirty manipulation

  • Melanie Kai
    Melanie Kai 4 hours ago


  • Angelo Mendoza
    Angelo Mendoza 4 hours ago

    they should've used a much younger, non western voice accent for Ralph to add some layer of drama

    • VixyMix 101
      VixyMix 101 3 hours ago

      That won't change anything dumbass

  • SHIRLEY morales
    SHIRLEY morales 4 hours ago

    Let's change this cruel unfair world , let's stop this madness of destroying this wonderful planet , and let's stop being d strucive vain predators

  • SHIRLEY morales
    SHIRLEY morales 4 hours ago


  • César Korsbaek
    César Korsbaek 5 hours ago

    Can someone explain me what should we use instead? like humans? o little babies?
    Plus let's be real, they either test them or people will hunt

    • VixyMix 101
      VixyMix 101 3 hours ago

      Seriously dudes you sound like a psychopath. Grow tf up--

    • VixyMix 101
      VixyMix 101 3 hours ago

      Hunting is way better then testing, testing is torture and most hunters will kill a rabbit as painless as possible and that's for FOOD not to look pretty .
      Also yes, we should test more on humans
      1. Humans are able to consent, and guess what? Humans actually do test on humans, especially before a new drug will be released.
      2. Humans and animals have far different biologies, and thus wasted millions of dollars on it with slow results.
      Plz stfu--.

  • César Korsbaek
    César Korsbaek 5 hours ago

    yes, yes too much crying, anyways, Imma head to McDonald's want something?

  • César Korsbaek
    César Korsbaek 5 hours ago +1

    Vale, pues voy a McDonalds por mi Big Mac, saludos =)

    • César Korsbaek
      César Korsbaek 4 hours ago

      @: pukeass :es un experimento social y te hice comentar así que realmente eso es lo que quería jaja comprobar que siempre habrá alguien que te comente, porque no tiene otra cosa que hacer🥺☺️

    • : pukeass :
      : pukeass : 4 hours ago

      comentaste el mismo "chiste" en dos idiomas diferentes, y en uno de ellos ni si quiera está bien escrito. estás tan desesperado de likes?

  • Sergio Cortez
    Sergio Cortez 5 hours ago

    este mensaje va para este tipo de empresas: "los animales estuvieron antes que nosotros, la tierra, los animales y así como también nosotros. Todos tenemos el derecho de vivir en este mundo, tenemos no el derecho sino la obligación de coexistir en este planeta pues como lo dijo Chaplin en una de sus películas, 'esta tierra es rica y puede albergar a todo el mundo' en si, si te pones a pensar por un momento, fuimos nosotros los que les quitamos su habitad a los animales, y lo seguimos haciendo ya bien Michael Jackson lo plasmo en una de sus famosas canciones Earth Song donde nos da el mensaje de que cada año le hacemos nosotros mismos el daño a la casa donde vivimos, y ella en respuesta que hace por nosotros, nos da cobijo, un poco injusto no? bueno pues el cambio empezara por cada uno de nosotros cuando alcemos la voz y nos unamos encontra de lo que esta mal, como en este caso, el abuso, el exagerado maltrato hacia los animales, yo les invito no solo a estas personas que están detrás de esas marcas de no solo cosméticos sino de toda actividad que involucre al maltrato animal, pero no solo al maltrato animal sino también a la explotación de la naturaleza, respetemos los bosques, respetemos a los animales, nosotros tenemos ese ideal que dice, ama a tu prójimo como a ti mismo, pero en ningún momento lo clasifica como a otro ser humano en especifico, es por eso que ese ideal se aplica para todos y todas, sonaría algo así, ama/respeta a los animales como a ti mismo, ama/respeta a la madre naturaleza como a ti mismo, y por supuesto ama/respeta a tu prójimo como a ti mismo" piénsalo muy bien antes de lanzar una piedra o apoyar el maltrato animal tengamos mas conciencia del dolor que le causamos a ellos, porque quieran o no, ellos también sienten, ellos también lloran, pero sobre todo, y en la mayoría de los casos, ellos no tienen como defenderse y si lo hacen, ellos son los malos por defenderse, dime, ese es el tipo de mundo que quieres para tus hijos, para tus nietos, para ti mismo??? les dejo el link de la canción de Michael Jackson - Will You Be There, cuyo tema se uso en la película "LIBEREN A WILLY", es momento de liberar a los animales explotados.... ojala la puedan oír, gracias.

  • Axer Zero
    Axer Zero 5 hours ago

    Dark... but very informative

  • Alyanna Borromeo
    Alyanna Borromeo 5 hours ago

    I just cried the entire video. I wish we can save more 'Ralph'.

  • Melanie Morales
    Melanie Morales 5 hours ago +1

    “It’s all Good!”🐰👍🏻
    Please don’t act like it’s all fine.Anything that you we’re suffering & explaining us of what happened.It’s really deep of how we see Animals getting abuse like us we do to you poor creatures.

  • Miguel Nunez
    Miguel Nunez 5 hours ago

    That’s sad 😢

  • Alexa Sevilla
    Alexa Sevilla 5 hours ago

    Please share the video and share the petition

  • Alexa Sevilla
    Alexa Sevilla 5 hours ago

    I hope that one day animals can be respected

  • Roxana Galletas
    Roxana Galletas 5 hours ago

    Aquellos que gracias a este video hayan descubierto un poquito más de la crueldad que viven los animales, investigad y ser parte del VEGANISMO, un estilo de vida libre de cualquier tipo de crueldad animal, del que poco a poco estamos empezando a ser cada vez más. Si te afecta este video también te debería afectar la situación que se vive en los mataderos. Cada vez más gente empieza a abrir los ojos. Anímate e investiga!

  • Harrison Jay Tolentino YT

    Thank you so much for giving this message to the public

  • Makoa Master
    Makoa Master 6 hours ago

    But what products specifically use animals like that?

    • VixyMix 101
      VixyMix 101 3 hours ago +1

      Someone named a lot in the top comments

  • Vilo Boz
    Vilo Boz 6 hours ago

    I'm waiting the dubbed version to share it to all my Mexican family. For now, I'll keep spamming my social media. Veganism and cruelty-free are movements that really need our attention and support to stop these atrocities.

  • Sully
    Sully 6 hours ago


  • Agatha Holmes
    Agatha Holmes 6 hours ago

    Crying for them

  • Carolina Grm
    Carolina Grm 6 hours ago

    Esto es tan triste, pero es la cruda realidad... cuanto daño hemos hecho, ojala todos luchemos mas por respetar a la naturaleza, ella tiene un alma, hay que honrarla.

  • Carlo Lopes mario
    Carlo Lopes mario 6 hours ago

    Como gentes de grandes empresa como son la hermana kardashan los de Victoria secret, y los demás como hacemos que estás empresas de cosméticos se hacen grandes sin verla por la protección a los animales los humanos aprovechamos de la naturaleza pero en un aspecto malo y vengativo

  • Laura duque
    Laura duque 6 hours ago

    El mejor video del mundo 👌🏻😔
    Por favor tomemos conciencia

  • Stephanie Bonilla
    Stephanie Bonilla 6 hours ago

    This vídeo i justo Wanna cry

  • Luis Tovar
    Luis Tovar 6 hours ago

    I'm speechless, just "raw"

  • Andrew J
    Andrew J 6 hours ago

    Every girl that goes to saphora should watch this. Not that they would even care.

  • chido
    chido 6 hours ago


  • Valentina Lopez
    Valentina Lopez 6 hours ago +1

    And somehow I’m not surprised they still do animal testing in China 😒, it’s not necessary anymore, people need to stop buying from those awful brands and go towards cruelty free products.

  • Ryan Hinaweni
    Ryan Hinaweni 6 hours ago

    Wtf my tears fell