No, THIS is the CLEANEST Setup.

  • Published on Jan 23, 2019
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    We build a desk that transforms your laptop into a full gaming desktop workstation using a single Thunderbolt 3 cable.
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Comments • 12 797

  • hello bae
    hello bae 3 hours ago

    No mouse pad 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Lavak
    Lavak 17 hours ago

    everytime i look at linus face i laugh idk why

  • awesomeness001
    awesomeness001 Day ago +1

    Now for the money...

  • The Linkz Dude
    The Linkz Dude Day ago

    Table link?

  • Cameron North
    Cameron North Day ago

    2:44 "your Desktock! is going to need!" slip of the tongue :D

  • qadeer fazale
    qadeer fazale Day ago

    What is the best e gpu for MacBook pro?

  • Camilo Catano
    Camilo Catano 2 days ago

    That is exactly what I have been doing.
    I thought it was obvious lol

  • ejazleh
    ejazleh 2 days ago

    I have never played a triple A game

  • Cameron Harvey
    Cameron Harvey 2 days ago

    What is the keyboard they used in this video?

  • ItzTevin!
    ItzTevin! 2 days ago

    mad flex

  • Normie killer
    Normie killer 2 days ago

    How do i let my laptop run while its closed?

  • LuckyStr1ke
    LuckyStr1ke 3 days ago

    First don't Buy Razer stupid overprieced chinese piece of shit. 2nd make an inexpensive laptop dock setup and not a more expensive one than buying a full gaming rig. Ok you should rename as Linus Shit Tips. I use a fucking kitchen shelf and serving cabinet on the side with a laptop stand on the top and fans under.

  • WhiteSythle
    WhiteSythle 3 days ago

    I would like to see a follow-up, except I'm poor so it doesn't matter anyways.

  • RocketRac223
    RocketRac223 3 days ago

    A small price to pay for *A clean setup*

  • Irzan
    Irzan 3 days ago

    is it not dangerous to close laptop lid while it operates?
    I mean, Is the heat temperature not dangerous for a laptop screen while it closed?

  • Carl Andersson
    Carl Andersson 4 days ago

    I still love the looks of this setup

  • XENO
    XENO 4 days ago +1

    at least get a mouse pad...

  • RJ Rosa
    RJ Rosa 5 days ago

    Seeing a MacBook one would be sweet!

  • Zoomster
    Zoomster 5 days ago

    so all he did was just hook up a thunderbolt 3 cable to a thunderbolt 3 hub and attached a external graphics card? What is the point of this setup if i can just plug my peripherals to my laptop and then like a hdmi cable to my monitor? Please help.

  • Jonah Jimenez
    Jonah Jimenez 5 days ago


  • Sebastiaan Van Bennekom

    Desktok 2:44


    V2 plz...

  • Egy Wolf gamer
    Egy Wolf gamer 5 days ago +1

    Get a full pc :900-1400$
    Get a laptop and setup it to be a pc :
    Mouse and keyboard:170-250$
    External graphics card:1300$
    Thunderbolt hub:280-300$

    I think pc is a good solution 🙂

  • Spy
    Spy 6 days ago

    can i charge my razerblade 15 through thunderbolt 3 ? lol i dont find any answers

  • Xander Scannell
    Xander Scannell 6 days ago

    What's that mouse?

  • TouFace
    TouFace 7 days ago

    I dont understand the point of this video. Literally no one is going to jump through all the hoops to create a desk setup like this. Should've just showed that the thunderbolt port can connect your laptop and external graphics card to a monitor.

  • GRiLaKa
    GRiLaKa 8 days ago

    lol "computer" desk....

  • Armin Aganbegovic
    Armin Aganbegovic 8 days ago

    I assume your monitor is connected directly to the egpu then? Would there be any latencies if the monitor stayed connected to the dock? Then there would be only one cable to the egpu. I have Mac and Intel NUC Hades Canyon and I would like to switch between them with just one cable (hence the question would I benefit if I connected monitor directly to NUC or it's ok if the monitor is connected through dock?) Also if I added egpu to the chain I could just connect to it with one thunderbolt from the dock or leave it out completely when I don't need it and connect that thunderbolt cable directly to one of my computers.

    JUST KEEP SWAMMING 9 days ago

    Ok boomer

  • Leo Wade
    Leo Wade 10 days ago

    "In 2019 this top 10 review site really helped me pick the best gaming chair ** hope it helps you too!"

  • weegee64
    weegee64 11 days ago

    Can it run crisis

  • omri ben ami
    omri ben ami 11 days ago +1

    I have a friend who would really consider ditch his playstation if this porject was purchaseable

    • omri ben ami
      omri ben ami 8 days ago

      @Mar kas cause I got a laptop with 1050 i7, not proud of it, but I got a foot on PC gaming

    • Mar kas
      Mar kas 8 days ago

      Umm and why wouldnt you lol

  • Papa Staggs
    Papa Staggs 11 days ago

    What's the desk?

  • Jolly BrOOm
    Jolly BrOOm 12 days ago

    Your playing a junk game lair jk

  • Alpha King
    Alpha King 12 days ago

    what desk is that?

  • R.I.P Etika
    R.I.P Etika 13 days ago

    I have broke people problems😁

  • Trickzy
    Trickzy 13 days ago


  • AutisticYui
    AutisticYui 13 days ago

    Make the v2

  • Ryze _
    Ryze _ 13 days ago

    2:43 your desktok

  • trollsic
    trollsic 13 days ago

    2:04 linus whats wrong with your vein

  • adam7777777777r
    adam7777777777r 14 days ago

    can you guys make one for macbook?

  • ZaxSnax
    ZaxSnax 14 days ago +2

    2:42 " at a minimum, your *desktock* "

  • PotatoGamerXDS
    PotatoGamerXDS 14 days ago +1

    Mne is cleaner because my desk is empty.(i got no gaming setup or laptop)

  • Mega Neutron
    Mega Neutron 14 days ago

    Which laptop did you use in this video?

  • Five Blonde
    Five Blonde 14 days ago

    What desk is that?? I really like it.

  • Straw
    Straw 15 days ago +20

    **Stands Up From PC**

    **Walks Over To A Different PC**

  • Sarah Vachon
    Sarah Vachon 16 days ago +1

    Looks like my grandmas setup add some lights better chair and better keyboard and mouse and ill be intrigued

  • Mike-strike
    Mike-strike 16 days ago

    The headset looks like papanomalys headsets

  • Ariel Mougraby
    Ariel Mougraby 16 days ago +1

    Linus! I Have A Challenge For You, Try To Do This Setup BUT! It's Have To Be With Usb Type A Port.

  • Wii RVL-001
    Wii RVL-001 17 days ago +1

    My setup is similarly clean. Why? Because I use an all in one, wireless mouse and keyboard so the only wires I have are power and speaker wires

  • Dan Vasquez
    Dan Vasquez 17 days ago

    Please please PLEASE do a MacBook version of this setup! Or at least the parts that make up this setup that work with Mac...

  • Jimbo Sifehkxin
    Jimbo Sifehkxin 17 days ago

    1080 ti on a fucking laptop

  • eleriel
    eleriel 17 days ago

    what's the make and model of that keyboard?

  • Nitro
    Nitro 18 days ago

    Can you add extra space?

  • Tom
    Tom 19 days ago

    Anyone know where the desk is from as i really want one

  • باسل x
    باسل x 19 days ago

    what is name for this moniter?

  • heath dunn
    heath dunn 20 days ago

    Were my dad was working there was a 90 inc monitor thats all your monitors combined

  • zoidy bop
    zoidy bop 21 day ago

    linus this was posted on my birthday

  • FullSend Alpaca
    FullSend Alpaca 21 day ago

    When Linus is more of than you

  • DCW Films
    DCW Films 22 days ago

    First look behind the counter island! Ooohhh