No, THIS is the CLEANEST Setup.

  • Published on Jan 23, 2019
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    We build a desk that transforms your laptop into a full gaming desktop workstation using a single Thunderbolt 3 cable.
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Comments • 12 481

  • Mike Hunter
    Mike Hunter Day ago

    OCD> That's how I am.

  • Orhan Yoruk
    Orhan Yoruk Day ago

    laptops are crap no matter the technology, its a dead investment. better to go with the same idea but use actual desktop pc parts and hide them in the desk. here is a good example im actually in the process of building this by using my own computer. very cost effective because you can make the design for the desk and go to a hardware store and they will cut the material for you leaving you to put screws and angle brackets here and there and done! easy peasy for around 50 dollars in total with the advantage of full desktop cpu, full graphics card, 14cm height cpu cooler cant ask for more. almost forgot and it can fold (20cm folded thickness)

  • OrbitZone
    OrbitZone Day ago

    What the model of the monitor?

  • NightBrEedzZ123
    NightBrEedzZ123 Day ago

    what monitor is he using ?

  • edu2k11
    edu2k11 2 days ago

    How deep is this desk?

  • Graysage
    Graysage 2 days ago

    This concept looks like the future.

  • Just In
    Just In 2 days ago

    Lol, im using an old small kitchen table as my desk. Oh well, at least it was FREE :)

  • Nameless Nick
    Nameless Nick 2 days ago

    only scrubs actually give a shit about AAA games

  • Dejay Rezme
    Dejay Rezme 2 days ago

    What mouse and keyboard is that?
    Really nice setup! :) But it's probably cheaper and simpler to use a cheaper notebook or tablet instead of a high end gaming laptop.

    • Dejay Rezme
      Dejay Rezme 2 days ago

      @Javed Denton Ah thank you! For a moment it looked like they made another 3 primary button mouse. Just 2 though.

    • Javed Denton
      Javed Denton 2 days ago +1

      Logitech Mx master and Logitech wireless keyboard

  • Cam K
    Cam K 2 days ago

    Will the new 2019 Razer Blade stealth work the same even tho it power is at 65w?

  • asim hossain
    asim hossain 2 days ago

    Or,If you are bill gates, you can buy an imac

  • -Kevin-S
    -Kevin-S 2 days ago

    Nigga Nobody Got the money for this

  • -Kevin-S
    -Kevin-S 2 days ago

    1v1 Me Mines So Clean It’s


  • Morgan walton
    Morgan walton 3 days ago

    So... computer version of a Nintendo switch?

  • DRK_V1RO
    DRK_V1RO 3 days ago

    i have something cleaner its called my brain

  • Brian McGaw
    Brian McGaw 3 days ago

    This is nothing new, but the price and upgradeability of a laptop is prohibitive for most.

  • Charlike Mike Reagent

    Even cleaner is Samsung Galaxy phone + DeX and, again, only 2 cables - one to a hub and from the hub to the monitor.
    It's freaking insane setup. And the future is really that way and Qualcomm/ARM be the leader. We just need a bit better processing power. Current Snapdragon 855 supports up to 16GB RAM which will be enough in most of the cases.

  • Brenden Talks/Gaming

    Does this work with MacBook Pro?

  • Dark MinD
    Dark MinD 3 days ago

    .i wish someone giving me a simple gaming pc of my entire life.😪😪😪

  • game punch
    game punch 3 days ago

    Would this work on the razor blade 15?

  • Rerum Trading
    Rerum Trading 3 days ago

    Did he say desktock

    FLICKPASS 4 days ago

    or you could just use your laptop with a HDMI port and a few USB a's and then find a cheap keyboard and mouse and then your done

  • Cuong Nguyen
    Cuong Nguyen 4 days ago

    Or u can just buy a super nice all in one pc

  • Infinity Raze
    Infinity Raze 4 days ago +2

    When you know that planes are vaulted..........

  • KarstDeViz
    KarstDeViz 4 days ago

    this is the new nintendo switch?

  • Exploding Penguin
    Exploding Penguin 4 days ago

    2:43 what is a desktok?

  • Yeet’s Corner
    Yeet’s Corner 4 days ago

    My laptop doesn't even have thunderbolt 3

  • Jonathan Avellino
    Jonathan Avellino 4 days ago

    Linus mentions egpu:
    Wait, so we're now only a few hundred bucks away from buying a full desktop and avoid all the BS with buying an egpu enclosure, a hub to connect all docs to it, possiblew connectivity issues with the egpu not being detected. etc etc... deskyops are sooo cheap nowadays you might as well buy one and give your laptop less wear and tear, especially if you spent 2000+ on it so you can game/work away from your home.... just saying

  • Medhya Samarasinghe
    Medhya Samarasinghe 4 days ago

    Please do a Mac version

  • Isaac Dede
    Isaac Dede 4 days ago

    Two Words....Intel NUC, seems like it would be cleaner.

  • Love you Dudenightmare

    No the cleanest setup is at the dove factory

  • Paper Magic EDH
    Paper Magic EDH 5 days ago

    Yes, so cool! Please make the follow up video for mac! =) Thank You

  • Saif208
    Saif208 5 days ago

    What is that desktop he is using?

  • Jaime Tang
    Jaime Tang 5 days ago

    "Now, because we kind of have to..." *reluctantly fires up Fortnite* hahaha

  • latuba247
    latuba247 5 days ago

    The desk. WHATS THAT DESK

  • Kevin Ta
    Kevin Ta 5 days ago

    What about the speakers? Where do they go on the desk?

  • B E
    B E 5 days ago

    2:44 "desk talk"

  • Over Stories
    Over Stories 5 days ago

    Does he say
    Desk chalk or Desk talk
    🤔 2:43

  • Joe Banana
    Joe Banana 5 days ago

    Tbh I just want the link to buy that table lol

  • Hangyu Feng
    Hangyu Feng 6 days ago

    1080ti and couldn't even run fortnite smoothly? What a joke.

  • Nicholas Walker
    Nicholas Walker 6 days ago

    Desktock 2:43

  • IRIS Entertainment
    IRIS Entertainment 6 days ago

    I can’t even get my wires cleaned up

  • Eccomi
    Eccomi 6 days ago


  • jools gooch
    jools gooch 6 days ago

    Take my money....

  • Post Rock Mixes
    Post Rock Mixes 7 days ago

    Why couldn't we just hook up a gaming laptop to a HDMI cable again?

    • sitcommander
      sitcommander 5 days ago

      cuz he wants the cleanest! With a regular laptop, 1 cable for power, 1 cable for display out, 1 cable for monitor power, 1 cable for a USB hub, 1 ethernet cable. Takes time to connect all of that.

  • Cutedu
    Cutedu 7 days ago

    50 fps on high with a high end pc?

  • Steven Gu
    Steven Gu 7 days ago +1

    Someone reply me plz, but unless you really need a crap ton of monitors, you could just use the laptop's onboard I/O for external hard drives and sd cards and it would still be that clean if not cleaner right?

    • Steven Gu
      Steven Gu 5 days ago

      @Theethanet ok then guess that dock isn't completely necessary if enoigh IO is on the laptop. Thanks then.

    • Theethanet
      Theethanet 7 days ago

      the whole point is to have to only plug one cable into the laptop, period.

  • ds
    ds 7 days ago

    What screen is that?

  • Computers Games & Stuff

    dude can you hook me up with one off your old pcs guse i thing your old stuff will still be beast i am just new here on youtube i like computer you biuld awsome stuff got any spare parts i running on low end pc no hd card to capture my ps3 so :) i need sponcer to

  • Athan Green
    Athan Green 8 days ago

    what monitor is that?

  • IsaacNikitas
    IsaacNikitas 8 days ago

    What desk is this?

  • Joshua Ferrill
    Joshua Ferrill 8 days ago +2

    Who the hell needs a desktop PC so useless

    Now to the sponsor of the video

  • Danny triple nuke
    Danny triple nuke 8 days ago +1

    Or just buy a pc for 1000$ and hide cables

  • fisher Munson-Warnken

    At the end oof the day you still have a Samsung

  • Falling Starcore
    Falling Starcore 8 days ago

    Where are the boobs? Damn video lied...

  • Jakob Lee
    Jakob Lee 9 days ago +2

    Why not just put a HDMI into the laptop?

    • DuinbergenGames
      DuinbergenGames 5 days ago

      You also need to connect the external graohics card, peripherals and charge the laptop. So you would have way more cables

  • Völundr Frey
    Völundr Frey 9 days ago

    Wouldn't a blackmagic and a imac actually have been a more "sensible" option if this is your goal?

  • Nick Jones
    Nick Jones 9 days ago

    I use a surface pro for all my portable, school, business, bill needs.
    I have my desktop for all my gaming.
    Pretty simple setup.

  • Casey Kelley
    Casey Kelley 9 days ago

    Just wondered where your audio was coming from.

  • Maarten Tibau
    Maarten Tibau 9 days ago

    What kind of monitor is being used?

  • Dying 'n' Night
    Dying 'n' Night 9 days ago

    Love to see a MacBook one

  • Mark Dong
    Mark Dong 9 days ago

    How long time did it take to record the intro?

  • Gman27
    Gman27 9 days ago

    When is V2 coming out?

  • Alexandre cormier
    Alexandre cormier 10 days ago

    Thank you linus i check the origin pc and i created my dream pc 😊

  • Crypti0n_Playz
    Crypti0n_Playz 10 days ago +1

    2:43 “your destoc”

  • Jon Blund
    Jon Blund 10 days ago +1

    As a hardcore gamer I would never replace my pc with a laptop. You can get one of the best pc on the market for the same price and it will out perform any laptop on the market even with extended graphics card, there is no competition what so ever. This isnt gonna cut it in the long run. Laptops are literally getting strangulated with its tiny fans smashed in to the table. Its not designed for gaming. but it is fancypantcy . Just not optimal for gaming at the best settings etc, probably work for casual scrubs and rich people.

  • Zaheen Ahmed
    Zaheen Ahmed 10 days ago +2

    Would love to see a macbook version of this setup!

  • Ethan Croft
    Ethan Croft 10 days ago +9

    Linus, do you actually know any other Triple A games besides Tomb Raider?

    Linus: Tomb Raider

  • Alex Heath
    Alex Heath 10 days ago

    So my understand is now that with the Razer Core X, theres no need for the separate thunderbolt 3 adaptor hub as you can run everything directly from the core, or am I wrong?

  • Cammo :
    Cammo : 10 days ago

    no my setup is the cleanest
    *shows empty table*

  • HeyItsMeNight 1
    HeyItsMeNight 1 11 days ago

    I skipped most of the video with my L-bow

  • JakeFox
    JakeFox 11 days ago

    No this is the opposite of my desk.

  • darklegions421
    darklegions421 11 days ago +5

    wait, origin pc was the worst experience in your secret shopper series, giving you a 1050 ti after requesting a gaming build....

  • MakeDaley
    MakeDaley 11 days ago

    I can only recommend Industrial velcro brand velcro. the adhesives on the generic 1inch tapes are a bit poor especially with any amount of heat

  • kamran anwer
    kamran anwer 12 days ago

    Or u could just buy 2nd pc