• Published on Jan 12, 2019
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Comments • 900

  • Trader
    Trader Day ago

    No thanks. Give me a fresh piece of beef anyday. This is disgusting and pretentious.

  • Pastor Peewee
    Pastor Peewee 3 days ago

    What keeps all that beef from growing mold and becoming tainted badly?

    MD IBRAHIM 3 days ago

    8:53 Camera man moves his mouth around to try to get that full taste in without asking for another piece.

  • bob makin
    bob makin 4 days ago

    Liverpool remember when I got to drunk and in my throat

  • Tony Dignan
    Tony Dignan 5 days ago

    Cough into your fore arm. Seeing both of you cough into your hands and then touching food surfaces. Also shaking hands after coughing into hand... Eek

  • Goob
    Goob 7 days ago

    I really enjoy your videos, but a better audio setup would greatly improve your content.

  • Jim Malnar
    Jim Malnar 7 days ago +1

    Looks dry, something went wrong

  • 수하긴
    수하긴 8 days ago

    You suck

  • narmale
    narmale 9 days ago +2

    wtf you nubs... that's nor overcooked... that's medium on the border of well-medium, get your dam eyes checked

  • HeavyProfessor
    HeavyProfessor 12 days ago +6

    Yes, the guy who knows everything about meat except for the fact that it tastes terrible when it's cooked well done

  • Random _fatguy
    Random _fatguy 14 days ago

    It looks dry as lol

  • Faysal Bin Sadique
    Faysal Bin Sadique 16 days ago

    In asia people used to preserve beef with spices while drying it in the sun for months. It was before refrigerator were available here and the dried beef tastes amazing. Specially for someone who likes spicy beef.

  • Sili G
    Sili G 17 days ago

    And they ruined it.

    LTC BAMA 19 days ago

    How can someone go about buying or ordering some of that beef

  • John Doe
    John Doe 20 days ago

    Anyone notice he said cook it 666 lol devil meat

  • Witchfinder Nielsen
    Witchfinder Nielsen 22 days ago +1

    Bleccch... Next up, "Cooking With Fritz Haarman".

  • AndrewDippe
    AndrewDippe 24 days ago

    That bass player killed it btw haha

  • gatheringflamess1
    gatheringflamess1 24 days ago

    Yea he can dry age it but he fucked up with cooking it. Thats a damn shame to see it go medium to medium well. I personally believe no meat should ever go in the oven. Thats to damn dry in there and they lose the nice pink you wanna see inside.

  • Luke Maheras
    Luke Maheras 26 days ago

    How does this not get you sick
    Like I wanna see the science of eating almost year and a quarter old meat

  • zack
    zack 26 days ago

    Why the fuck you sound like gordon ramsey 0:12

  • John Childress
    John Childress 26 days ago

    perfectly cooked.

  • swish1onu
    swish1onu 28 days ago

    400 day ? That isnt edible. Even 130 is not palatable for 99% of the population.

  • prankster671
    prankster671 Month ago +28

    I thought he was gonna eat a 400 day aged steak!?

  • jonrowley1
    jonrowley1 Month ago

    What a lovely fella, great vid.

  • Heyward Hollis
    Heyward Hollis Month ago

    8:28 "I'm not gonna get to 108 days"
    "Nor should you want to" sounded like "No shit, you won't."

  • Brendan Devoy
    Brendan Devoy Month ago

    This guy may be based in Belfast but he is not from Belfast. Hes from down here in the south , probably clare or galway

  • Cory Chamberlain
    Cory Chamberlain Month ago

    over cooked

  • Jonatan Burgos
    Jonatan Burgos Month ago

    rotten meat, steamed mmmmmmm

  • rhomai
    rhomai Month ago


  • William Kane
    William Kane Month ago

    This is where I buy my beef, surprisingly he is not expensive at all.


    What about the other "revolution" that is the plague of London?

  • jeremy kitchen
    jeremy kitchen Month ago

    I think you should look into butter dry aging your meat

  • Nameless
    Nameless Month ago

    I wish this was halal 😭😭

  • rindel donnet
    rindel donnet Month ago

    Wasting that good meat with salt

  • Jeanpierre Carabas
    Jeanpierre Carabas Month ago

    400 years old is better

  • ThePlayMaker
    ThePlayMaker Month ago

    It's not overcooked. Dry aging changes color dramatically and being in a well lit room like they were for cameras it looks lighter then it is. Light heavily changes the color of a steak.
    Ever notice how every steak house has a dark/dim interior? That's not for design reasons, it's to make the meat look better. The less light there is the more rare a steak will look. That was a pretty good cook actually, especially given how crazy thick it was.

  • shai edginton
    shai edginton Month ago

    far from med rare but i bet its still good

  • Kevster 100
    Kevster 100 Month ago

    Over cooked - shame

  • Home stead
    Home stead Month ago

    So many Chefs in these comments 😂

  • marche 434
    marche 434 2 months ago +3

    Came to see a 400 days dry aged steak
    Saw an overcooked steak that was only 108 days nice clickbait
    Get your dislike

  • Harambe
    Harambe 2 months ago

    400 days is 10 times too long if you ask me

  • William S Moore
    William S Moore 2 months ago

    Finger's the food? Idiot.

  • Mike just mike
    Mike just mike 2 months ago +1

    Ha! Over cooked and dry. Nice job.

  • TheToken Rasta
    TheToken Rasta 2 months ago

    Medium rare??? Ewwwwwww it's rare or eff that

  • Jose Leon
    Jose Leon 2 months ago

    Fucken cheap clickbait. Where is the 400 day old one?

  • Alex
    Alex 2 months ago

    Does math exist in Scotland?

  • Freezer Dweller
    Freezer Dweller 2 months ago

    is it really necessary? or just a good way to charge people loads of money because it stayed longer in a fridge?

  • Arif k
    Arif k 2 months ago

    how does it actually taste like?

  • Nikk Lafleur
    Nikk Lafleur 2 months ago +3

    9:01-9:05 is a perfect example of how germs spread.

  • Meet The Smythes
    Meet The Smythes 2 months ago

    Thank you for sharing his video on "Dry Aged 400 Day old Beef". Aged meat roasted or grilled proper always tastes great. Great Content. Great footage. Awesome !

  • Tony Starks
    Tony Starks 2 months ago +2

    You might aswell dig up a mummy and throw it on a grill

  • Tevita Motulalo
    Tevita Motulalo 2 months ago

    Just had a piece of mammoth steak dry aged for ten thousand years

  • Michael J
    Michael J 2 months ago

    Is that a Somalian accent?...

  • making profit
    making profit 2 months ago

    i am dry age meat i am 23 ladies and gentle man XD

    • nigelft
      nigelft 2 months ago

      Pish ...
      I am weeks away from being 45 ...

  • CC 69.
    CC 69. 2 months ago +40

    came to see 400 days old beef.
    only 128 days was overcooked................

  • Craig Fuhr
    Craig Fuhr 2 months ago

    "16 and a half ton....bloody Hell." ---- Just watched this video again. Such great work you've done! Great video. Love the camera work and the editing. I'm dry-aging a rib roast for Easter Sunday, and after watching your video (again), I can't wait!!!! Keep up the great work, Mate - and if you ever need someone to carry your bags, I'm THERE!!!!

  • Gino Gino
    Gino Gino 3 months ago

    that steak was so over cooked. way to go you moron

  • Her Avocado
    Her Avocado 3 months ago

    OK come on throw it already

  • Jason Chang
    Jason Chang 3 months ago +1

    Should show the beef prior to cleaning.

  • mudrunner1
    mudrunner1 3 months ago +1

    Did I miss the 400 day beef?

  • derekzan
    derekzan 3 months ago

    Ever heard of New Zealand....

  • PhantomWeed
    PhantomWeed 3 months ago


  • bobby boucher
    bobby boucher 3 months ago

    he ment 180 days lol asshole!

  • Dusty Ramirez
    Dusty Ramirez 3 months ago

    You are a pos. You did nothing. Sorry SOB. not worth your bread.

  • Youtube Hero
    Youtube Hero 3 months ago

    They concentrated so much on rather they could....they did not think if they should!

    MOOSEDOWNUNDER 3 months ago

    Now, that is pure passion for a product and business. Love the Irish. God bless.

  • Jonas Aikin
    Jonas Aikin 3 months ago

    That grey band makes up 50% of the steak, what a waste!

  • prettymochame just T
    prettymochame just T 3 months ago

    No mold then less flavor, missing that umami

  • DadBod FolkPunk
    DadBod FolkPunk 3 months ago

    Eat nothing but that and butter and return to college weight and lose type 2 bs

  • Ludo Sudo
    Ludo Sudo 3 months ago

    The reason why some viewers are questioning the true age of the meat is because despite the expected trimming of the gangrenous exterior, it appears that much of the spinalis dorsi remained visibly plump and thick which may be considered unusual by most, unless, none of the fat (or even skin) had been removed prior to dry aging which may have allowed those parts to not atrophy as normally expected - or is it perhaps a product of exceptional conditions in their meat room. I'm gonna go buy my some 16 tons of pink salt bricks :)