Who's Had the Worst Year? | Lineup | Cut

  • Published on Jan 1, 2019
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    Who's Had the Worst Year? | Lineup | Cut
    #Cut #Lineup #Challenge
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Comments • 8 432

  • Maddie
    Maddie Day ago

    2018 was the actual first year of my life not joking but pls don’t ask its personal ty 😊

  • Aidan Lin
    Aidan Lin Day ago

    Lol I would have scored 10 with ease. 2018 was a hellhole.

  • daily pxtramos
    daily pxtramos 3 days ago

    I had an amazing 20 gay teen

  • Draedon Apotheosis
    Draedon Apotheosis 3 days ago +1

    Lol this is cute

  • Name And Address Supplied

    These people had fuckin' good years!! They don't know what suffering is.

  • Scorpio And A Rose
    Scorpio And A Rose 4 days ago +1

    My 2018 was mixed. I was really deep into Anorexia (again), was half the year in a clinic and almost died but in December I met a very special Person, that helped me so much with everything. That lifted my mood at the end of the year😅

  • Alina Malik
    Alina Malik 6 days ago

    At the beginning I got confused who was speaking

  • Matthew Castillo
    Matthew Castillo 6 days ago +2

    "Who's had the worst year"
    Video ends at 9:11


  • Aely
    Aely 7 days ago +1

    _Take a shot whenever the girl at __5:20__ says _*_LIKE_*

  • Kimberley Miles
    Kimberley Miles 7 days ago

    Durranged is getting smaller, goals.

  • Spencer Olsen
    Spencer Olsen 7 days ago +2

    I can honestly say I'm shocked that I survived 2018.... but it wasn't all bad.
    I was in a toxic relationship
    Abused at work to the point that I am seeking legal advice
    in my own house
    Beat up
    in my own house (separate occasion)
    Grandpa died
    from lung cancer
    Aunt died
    of bone cancer
    Minimal heat and hot water in house (I live in Canada)
    Dishwasher and oven problems
    Mom sick with cysts on her ovaries and we live in different provinces
    Met someone new and he basically moved in with me.. I then found out over a FB post that he was cheating on me and using me the whole time
    2 car accidents
    (minor at least)
    An hour after I found out that my grandma had a stroke I stepped on a wasps nest and was stung 11 times (I’m allergic). I drove 7 hours the next day with swollen hands to see her and was then put on IV
    Grandpas funeral was in the middle of my trip to Cancun so i didn't go to Cancun (whatever)
    Mac miller died (my favourite artist)
    Grandma had another stroke
    i wish i was kidding. But hey I'm still doin my best.
    Good things:
    Got a new cat (my cat who was my soulmate passed away in 2016)
    Moved out with a roommate
    I bought a unicorn floatie
    I saw Drake in concert
    Graduated from college
    My grandma is okay
    Found a new job
    If you think you can't survive something I'm here to tell you that you can and you will. You are much stronger than you think. I also learned how powerful manifestation is... don't underestimate it!

  • Blackpink is the revolution

    The girl in the boots is so beautiful and down to earth

  • Laura McCarthy
    Laura McCarthy 8 days ago

    2018 started out with a car accident and I had a CSF leak throughout the year. Now the 2019 is still somewhat fresh I’m going to get a biopsy on one of my lymph nodes to find out if I have lymphoma. So yeaaaaah.
    But I also have the best husband anyone could ask for and my dog is cute as shit. I’ve got supportive family members so I feel very secure no matter what the outcome is. 😊

    • Victoria_Garcia
      Victoria_Garcia 7 days ago

      Laura McCarthy stay strong! I’m 14 and found out I had a benign growth in my jaw a day before my birthday and I had 2 surgeries and am still trying to recover! It was very helpful to have a support system. Best of luck to the biopsy💪🏽

  • hasti hendizadeh
    hasti hendizadeh 8 days ago

    First world problems. People are dying cause of war , terrorist attack, starving, Aids. Millions of People do not have clean water. Millions are fighting with cancer.

    • hasti hendizadeh
      hasti hendizadeh 6 days ago

      Cyberkitt you are right. Pain is pain.

    • Cyberkitt
      Cyberkitt 6 days ago +1

      This is true, but that does not mean these people are not allowed to be upset. What is this, the pain olympics?

  • alliecat
    alliecat 8 days ago +2

    these aint shit the lady with the daughter def had a bad year but the rest are 2's and 3's at most

  • Madison McCauley
    Madison McCauley 8 days ago

    Y’all I think my 2018 was shittier than this

  • Lucy Ramirez
    Lucy Ramirez 9 days ago

    Honestly my life is worst

  • King Tilla
    King Tilla 9 days ago

    The second guy had The off white air forces on .. he DEFINETLY had a good year.

  • Sarah Lorenz
    Sarah Lorenz 10 days ago

    sounds like normal live for me? only one i get is the mom whi got kicked out with her child.

  • Krysta Kat
    Krysta Kat 10 days ago

    You should do 2018-2019 school year worsts. I definitely can contribute as to why mine was absolutely terrible.

  • Jim
    Jim 10 days ago +8

    so my 2018 sucked, i have a long list
    *pulls out the smallest piece of paper*

  • Kay Noel
    Kay Noel 10 days ago

    Just remember when you think your life is shitty, there is someone going through something worse. Be thankful.

  • Iris Sanchez
    Iris Sanchez 10 days ago

    2018 was the worst year for me...
    Got dumped on Facebook Messenger (a couple of long ass paragraphs) a month before our 1 year anniversary, my panic attacks are coming back, my aunt was in a car accident a week before Christmas, one of my little half-brothers started having seizures whenever he's stressed (he's 4), my ex boyfriend tried killing himself and started blaming me for it, got bullied when i was still at a tech school (it's called East Valley Institute of Technology), and my biological dad is going back to his drinking habits.

  • Royalty23
    Royalty23 10 days ago

    The girl with the break up shouldve got at most a 2 or 1.5 like compared to the other stories it’s like so

  • Jannik Finnerup
    Jannik Finnerup 11 days ago

    5:25. Holy shit, she’s saying “like”, a hundred times or something LIKE that.😂

  • ava cyr
    ava cyr 11 days ago +2

    Wait I’m confused. 10 is the worst? 1 is the best?

  • LycansaurusRex
    LycansaurusRex 11 days ago

    im 15 and was homeless in 2018 lmao

  • Ashley Abdo
    Ashley Abdo 11 days ago

    That’s a bad year? Wtf, that’s nothing...

  • Bella Rhiannon
    Bella Rhiannon 11 days ago +3

    0:44 - 0:51 is me with any human interaction ever😂😂

  • Nay Bae
    Nay Bae 11 days ago

    My 2018 wasn't shitty but my 2017 was.
    My dad had an accident on my aunt's birthday and it was April fools and I thought my brother was joking saying that my dad was hit by the tree branch we were trying to get rid of in our backyard. We packed clothes and went to Melbourne and stayed at my aunt's. I overheard my mother on the phone to the hospital on the 7th saying he had passed away. I didn't even visit him in the hospital because I was so drained and I also didn't want to go there and see what state he was in. She told us the next day that he died. His funeral was on the 12th because my mother didn't want his funeral to be on his birthday (13th). And on the 13th school term started so I had a day off. We lost our dog in August around his birthday because he got sick and stopped eating. I got bad grades at school and got into a fight with a good friend of mine(we're not friends anymore).
    That's all I feel like saying.

  • Lisa Pinguin
    Lisa Pinguin 12 days ago

    They sould put me at number one, 200 days hospital and it still goes on and on

  • Chaos xD
    Chaos xD 12 days ago

    My 2018 was worse that’s a bet

  • Wet Socks
    Wet Socks 12 days ago +4

    5:18 how many time can someone say “like”

  • Andrew Banuelos
    Andrew Banuelos 12 days ago

    2018 was a shitty fucking year

  • DabbyT
    DabbyT 13 days ago

    Who the hell invited that blonde British girl? Sounds like she was just bitching about and ex...

  • George Tyreek
    George Tyreek 13 days ago

    Stupid problems

  • Julie Chau Pham
    Julie Chau Pham 13 days ago

    seattle apartments really need to up their game

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ 13 days ago

    5:32 Like Like Like Like Like Like Like

  • Lauria Wright
    Lauria Wright 13 days ago +3

    2018 wasn't so bad, now if we were talking about 2016 that was the worst for me

  • bryson nace
    bryson nace 13 days ago

    My brother died in 2018 my life's been fucked up but I'll keep my head straight

  • t s ó l a r i a
    t s ó l a r i a 13 days ago

    Something I've told myself lately is "I'm not here to feel bad, I'm here to kick ass". There's stuff in the past that's kind of messed me up. I've every right to be bitter. But bitterness won't make me better. I have to look forward and onwards, focus on the stuff I *can* change.

  • t s ó l a r i a
    t s ó l a r i a 13 days ago

    2:54 oh that was cute lol

  • Agent Smith
    Agent Smith 13 days ago +1

    why does she look like a fat scarlet johanson

  • Jadis White
    Jadis White 13 days ago

    So to start my 2018, I was pulled over for speeding because a guy was playing games and would get in front of me and slam on his break and then speed up when I tried to pass, so I just went super fast and got around but there was a cop. I had been told I wasn’t going to graduate because I missed too many days of school because I spent a lot of time in the hospital and was missing a credit and a half, didn’t have a job because my vehicle(motorcycle) was broken, my mom had kicked me out so yeah, had to go to court for the ticket because I didn’t have the money to pay for it at the time, my step dad let me stay with him which I’m extremely grateful for, he’d let me use his car to go to college so I could work on getting my GED, but then it goes downhill again because my dads car had just ran out of registration and I was driving it back one morning for a class and had gotten pulled over for it so you’d think I’d just get a ticket right? Well wrong, I wasn’t informed when I went to court the first time that I’d have to come back another so because I didn’t go a second time I had gotten a warrant sent out for my arrest and for an unpaid speeding ticket I spent some time in jail, on top of that I am now stuck again for the moment living with my abusive mother, and I have been accepted into a job so I can hopefully finally get money to get everything cleared away and get away from the toxic household, but my jobs orientation is on a day that the court wants me back to plead my case, so with that being said no job for me. In other words kids if you have medical issues apparently screw them and go to school and also pay your tickets lol

    • Jadis White
      Jadis White 13 days ago

      Could probably say more, but I’ll keep it at that

    • Jadis White
      Jadis White 13 days ago

      Also had my best friend of five years completely drop me over that fact that I thought it was wrong for her to have cheated on her boyfriend while he was deployed, also had to take my dog to the vet where they charged me almost $100 just to tell me that my dog is going to die and not even two weeks later my dog of 8 years passed away on the floor next to my feet.

  • Nathalie Duarte
    Nathalie Duarte 14 days ago

    Just a bunch of first world problems

  • Faith Crosby
    Faith Crosby 14 days ago

    2018 was horrible for me, I lost 2 family members, life is life ig. I also know that there are people who have gone through a lot worse so, it could be worse.

  • That Horse Riding Slytherin Emo And Peggy

    My 2018 was shit
    I had 3 pet rats pass away
    Went through a bad break up
    Relapsed into self harm
    Lost my best friend
    My great grandma passed
    And so much more

    • That Horse Riding Slytherin Emo And Peggy
      That Horse Riding Slytherin Emo And Peggy 12 days ago +1

      +Ali Aw im so sorry for your loss. It's definitely a horrible thing. I lost my momma rat in July, one of her baby boys in November, and my big chunky Casper boy in December. If only they lived longer. They're the best so loosing them is horrible

    • Ali
      Ali 12 days ago +1

      Man loosing pet rats are the worst. My 2 little guys died a couple days ago :(

  • Liv🍄
    Liv🍄 14 days ago

    the first girl be lookin like DW from Arthur

  • Emma Padgett
    Emma Padgett 14 days ago

    WHOS HERE FROM 2019 and hopefully this will be a good year! Bye 2018!!👎🏼

  • Reagan Hill
    Reagan Hill 14 days ago

    6:52 WTF IS THAT 😂😭

  • vevalily
    vevalily 15 days ago +4

    My 2018 was far worse:
    My uncle died,
    My grandfather died,
    on the day of my grandad's funeral my auntie who is bipolar was rushed to the ICU with sepsis after a botched ovarian cyst removal surgery in which her kidney was punctured and she was left with a colostomy (still in recovery), I failed 2 exams in the last year of my chemistry degree and didn't get to graduate with my class, a family friend had 3 strokes which we thought was a psychotic break which lead to her being sectioned and a neighbour of ours had a schizophrenic episode and had to be sectioned as well after she was throwing her own poop across the wall in the back garden into another neighbour's garden

    2019's already looking better 💕

  • Julia
    Julia 15 days ago

    This has to be the most trash comment section I’ve ever seen
    I hope karma bites some of y’all in the ass for making grief a competition and have no compassion for people’s suffering

  • Will Davis-Gillinger
    Will Davis-Gillinger 15 days ago

    This dude 18 getting his dream car being able to pay to fix it and he’s wearing off-whites? Get the fuck off this vid 😂

  • Sour Onion Cream
    Sour Onion Cream 15 days ago

    I *LIKE* didn’t *LIKE* like the *LIKE* girl.

  • Sour Onion Cream
    Sour Onion Cream 15 days ago

    Grandparent died
    Puberty hit even harder
    Worst depression, anxiety and ocd in my life
    Broke my arm

  • Liz Lehto
    Liz Lehto 15 days ago +1

    Can we do who had the worst February? Because I think I’d win

  • - Simplicity
    - Simplicity 15 days ago +2

    My 2018: Had a mental breakdown, was ostracized by my family, stuck in mental health places, had a doctor laugh at me, could only take 1 college course that spring, got a summer job, got fired a week later, (they accused me of theft, wrongly so) Got bit by a dog, couldnt walk for awhile, failed a relationship....umm. Yeah. Had my friends move away. Oooook. Yeah it was a bad year lol.

  • Emily Shervey
    Emily Shervey 15 days ago +1

    These people gave such great advice and encouragement to those who were struggling. How nice. Like fr.

  • Jordon Monk
    Jordon Monk 15 days ago

    These peoples years werent shit 😂 i go through half that shit on a daily

  • Simply Seb
    Simply Seb 15 days ago

    Dude managed to cop the off white af1’s, that year isn’t that shitty

  • TheLittleBoy
    TheLittleBoy 15 days ago

    I miss X

  • I think tf not you trick headass bvtch

    2018 summed up for me: first four months my depressed ass was going through it cause someone close to me died, cried every night until I fell asleep, within the last week of March I got into a huge fist fight with my mom we stopped talking for a while, this 23 year old man-boy kept trying to pick fights with me and nobody was doing shit, ummm I passed all my classes but I missed like 25 days that semester, my grandad died in December 1 year and 3 days after the death of the first person so I had no time to grieve, I had to take medicine every night to fall asleep, all while I felt like giving up everyday. Let’s not even speak on the unspeakable things I did that could’ve harmed the people who care about me. I’d say I deserve a good 7 tbh

  • danee
    danee 15 days ago

    They should do a check in at the end of 2019

  • Vintage Ritalin
    Vintage Ritalin 15 days ago +1

    four of my best friends died in 2018

  • ruzica popovic
    ruzica popovic 15 days ago

    Yooo that guy cant be 18

  • msdarkstar1012
    msdarkstar1012 16 days ago +4

    In 2017 my mom got diagnosed with terminal cancer, my entire city that I live in burned down, oh and I found out I have a tumor.hmmm what else?

  • msdarkstar1012
    msdarkstar1012 16 days ago

    Wow these people had it easy lol

  • hugs2003
    hugs2003 16 days ago

    Who the fuck says, "4.5 thousand"?

  • Snehanjalee Mahulkar
    Snehanjalee Mahulkar 16 days ago

    Just came here to feel better

  • Canadian 2K
    Canadian 2K 16 days ago

    the amount of times this chick said 'like' is pissing me off

  • Lucia Parish-Katz
    Lucia Parish-Katz 16 days ago

    had a horrible breakup with my ex best friend, got kinda peer pressured into keying her car (i didnt do it but I was there on the other side of the car,) a couple weeks later got really drunk and went to hoco, ended up getting sent to the hospital and having a bac of .215, but not before telling my principal and family that I wanted to kill myself. and thats how my parents found out that I've been depressed since like sophomore year. Was diagnosed with recurring MDD or something, sent to inpatient for a few days. Got back out, started self harming (cutting and punching myself), almost took my own life, was sent back to the ER, had to stay there for 3 days while I was waiting for a bed to open up, then spent the next 6 in inpatient, and had outpatient for the next two weeks which was pretty shitty, and now have therapy every monday, drug and alcohol every tuesday (temporarily). Anyways those were the shitty highlights of my 2018. Keep your head up guys! Everything will turn out ok if you give it enough time. Also no, im not saying my year was worse than anyone elses, im simply sharing my story. It is not a contest. Everyone processes things differently and it would be unfair of me or anyone to say that someones experience was more painful than someone elses.

  • Jessica Smith
    Jessica Smith 17 days ago

    My years been pretty bad. Both my great grandparents died in the span of just over a year. My other grandma has cancer, but is okay now. My other grandma is going in have to have an operation soon that could kill her (not the grandma with the cancer. My mum went though a massive split so we had to move house and I dropped my iPhone 6s of the top of a roller coaster, this was a bad experience but doesn’t really compare to the rest of my year. It was a pretty bad year for me. But I have a good family and we’ve got though it all together. Shit happens

    • Jessica Smith
      Jessica Smith 17 days ago

      My uncle also had a heart attack, that was pretty crap too.

  • Hailey Wong
    Hailey Wong 17 days ago

    idk like everything is so subjective, like people’s issues could be not that bad to some people, but like there could be layers and layers behind what happened that could be emotionally scarring :// that’s so sad though and i wish these people the best 2019

  • Kylie E
    Kylie E 17 days ago

    This should really open people's eyes so they realize how good they really have it. It's sad listening to their hard times but they could be so much worse... So much worse....
    And the girl reading private FB messages to strangers.... Oh man. Lol. Just no.

  • Princess Jibby
    Princess Jibby 17 days ago +3

    Do y’all just fine random people off the street or something cause like wtf

  • Jemimah Alex
    Jemimah Alex 17 days ago +3

    The girl with the gray sweater i feel so bad for

  • The mad one
    The mad one 17 days ago

    5:30 like like like like she like thought like 😂

  • bebebtch
    bebebtch 18 days ago

    yall my year was the worst. i was in an abusive relationship. i could of ended up in the hospital because he tried throwing me down a flight of stairs. he accused my family of having sexual feelings towards me. i wasn’t allowed any friends and i wasn’t allowed to do things on my own. i couldn’t tan or cut my hair or wear makeup or get any piercings etc. i broke up with him eventually and he harassed me 24/7 on social media. he still does even though he now has a girlfriend and we broke up just over a year ago. i self harmed a lot. almost killed myself. failed all of my exams. (i’m british so sats?) i had therapy and councillors that just put me on medication and made me feel worse. i got kicked out of my house multiple times. i basically was kicked out of college. so yeah my year could of been better lol. fuck it 2019 is going to be all of our year

  • Eleanor Alice
    Eleanor Alice 18 days ago

    In 2018 my mum had breast cancer, she had chemo, surgery and radiotherapy, I struggled with anorexia, dissociation and depression, my school attendance was 45% (due to the mental illnesses), I had next to no friends the whole year and barely went out, my oldest cat who we’ve had since I was 5 died, my great gran died and I attempted to end my life. P shitty year if you ask me.

  • mrsmakeupstar
    mrsmakeupstar 18 days ago

    2019 is not my year and it’s just begun

  • illiciitt
    illiciitt 18 days ago

    2018 can suck my ass, smh

  • dawggirl
    dawggirl 18 days ago

    My 2018: Had severe anxiety and panic attacks coming off medication for breast cancer recurrence, had to have an endometrial biopsy and removal of tumor, was prescribed Xanax then had back to back epileptic seizures which put me back on anti-seizure meds. Couldn't drive for six months, had to move back in with toxic abusive mother, she attacked me in the shower when I tried to leave. Finally went back home to old apartment, was getting ready to move to new apartment, then broke my foot when it was moving time. I will say thank god for my boyfriend because he basically saved me in getting me moved because I couldn't have done it without him. Work held my health problems against me and gave me a negative performance review. Suffice it to say, it was the year from hell.

  • yasqueen
    yasqueen 18 days ago +1

    The second guy seems so rich!! He’s only 18 and can afford a good car? And I think he’s wearing off white shoes!!

  • RJ N
    RJ N 19 days ago

    Me, I had the worst year...

  • Mikka Hoppe
    Mikka Hoppe 19 days ago

    My 2018 was horrid. My grandpa died in April and then the youngest uncle died in August. Both on my dads side of the family, so we were close.

  • Joana Lopes
    Joana Lopes 19 days ago

    My year:fall in love with my best friend, cut myself because of that, wanted to kill myself, told him that I love him, he stopped talking to me, he called me a slut, I got much worse, I cut myself more, I tried to fix the friendship but he just blocked up and call me bitch, I gave me the reason why he did that

    Yes...this year was the worst year of my life...

  • Aidan Friedfeld
    Aidan Friedfeld 19 days ago

    My 2018 started out wonderful and in the last like 4 months became just the worst. I feel for these people. Shitty years suck but hey next year can be better. So far 2019 has been pretty great.

  • Samatha Animefreak
    Samatha Animefreak 20 days ago

    I can honestly outnumber all of this. Let’s start so let’s start with the fact that I’m 14 and I had cancer in 2018 then I ended up in the hospital with a breathing tube for a whole week I could of died and they thought i had tuberculosis so I had to go to Compton just to take pills when I during even have tuberculosis Luckily it was confirmed negative and I’m still alive in remission for cancer. There is still more though. I lost my best friend because he suddenly stopped caring about me and I cut myself. Plus I was catfishes online for 3 months.

  • Lutece Ahrens
    Lutece Ahrens 20 days ago

    A bad year hell I had a bad 2 years I had 10 people die in my family

  • ItzChazma
    ItzChazma 20 days ago

    I feel like that one guy made his twin bed sound like the end of the world

  • Kasey The Ginger
    Kasey The Ginger 20 days ago

    mine was worse than all yours😕

  • Natalee Calloway
    Natalee Calloway 20 days ago

    with this video I think you have to keep in mind that everyone has a different outlook on life so someone experiencing a minor inconvenience might not have experienced something worse than that and that situation feels like the worst thing to happen to them. you can’t belittle someone’s pain because everyone has gone through different amounts of hurt ❤️

  • Spooky Gee
    Spooky Gee 20 days ago +1

    I feel like 2019 Will be great but 2018... bro It was awful I wish I could remove that from my mind

  • JaydenDSin
    JaydenDSin 20 days ago

    That feel when your year was worse then all of them, not counting the homeless mom because I can't even imagine, like damn it. Here's to kicking 2019's ass.

  • not pretty but odd
    not pretty but odd 21 day ago

    I'm not even going to watch this. You shouldn't rank people's bad experiences and make them less valid that way.

  • Angela Donahue
    Angela Donahue 21 day ago

    My best friend overdosed on heroin, my fiancé cheated on me and I lost my job and ended up homeless.

  • zucc for v buck
    zucc for v buck 21 day ago

    The blonde girl with the breakup was like by far the least bad, like in my opinion the girl that got kicked out of her house by her mum was way sadder imo

  • julia clarke
    julia clarke 21 day ago

    ngl this is kinda fucked up. I understand these people agreed to come in and do the video but to create this into a competition is kind of like saying to the people who got lower numbers that their feelings aren't valid about having struggles. Even if someone has problems that seem small to you, it could be a big thing to them. And usually it isn't one thing, it's everything piled up. Everyone has their own limit of how much pain they can handle. So if someone rates them low and it is a huge problem for them, they may start to think that they aren't being strong enough.

  • Nighthawk
    Nighthawk 21 day ago

    What a bunch of ugly people.

  • Tokyo's Universe
    Tokyo's Universe 22 days ago +159

    ‘Why was it so spectacular?”
    “I had a beautiful baby girl”
    Let’s go dad