Eating ONLY School Lunch for 24 HOURS! **bad idea**

  • Published on May 25, 2019
    So today I took on the challenge to see if I can eat school lunch for a whole entire day.. And let's just say school lunch has changed...
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  • FaZe Rug
    FaZe Rug  Month ago +4250

    The school lunch was surprisingly good.. What's your favorite meal?

    • Alx Glanden
      Alx Glanden 8 hours ago

      Chicken patties or Pizza

    • Suicide Slush Puppie
      Suicide Slush Puppie 11 hours ago

      mine was Salisbury steak but now its red beans and rice or chicken nuggets

      LICKERS Day ago

      Eric Bell I have in school

    • LGP plays
      LGP plays 2 days ago

      Sucks dude. The apple juice is WAY better

    • Taee Curley
      Taee Curley 2 days ago

      You suck

  • Gamingbros Ryan and bryce
    Gamingbros Ryan and bryce 37 minutes ago

    Omg he said is orange juice yellow lol of course it’s yellow

  • Gamingbros Ryan and bryce
    Gamingbros Ryan and bryce 39 minutes ago

    You eat the food wrong

  • Shivam Bhandari
    Shivam Bhandari 2 hours ago

    I dont even have a fuckin cafeteria in my school!!😭😭

  • jocelyn Collette Burhan-Garcia

    9:59 I know what you're talking about My old elementary school use to serve those for until I went to 4th Grade because hen we stab them the milk would go flying, And we were exited when they brought them back for two day's But I just left that school this year so...

  • Chrome_Aldin
    Chrome_Aldin 7 hours ago

    Brawadis called my city he said st louis

  • Alx Glanden
    Alx Glanden 8 hours ago

    The school juices always taste weird

  • QueeT801
    QueeT801 9 hours ago

    16:16 you dont microwave food on a plastic plate😅🤣

  • Jair Perez
    Jair Perez 10 hours ago

    Tbh the lunch where i go has gone bad

  • KM's Tv
    KM's Tv 10 hours ago +1

    Everybody know school lunch is not that good

  • Rostam Pourmandgarian
    Rostam Pourmandgarian 12 hours ago

    Run out of ideas?

  • C Wilkie
    C Wilkie 14 hours ago

    How do you think we feel

    THE NACHO 15 hours ago

    We have tamales

  • Rodis YT
    Rodis YT 15 hours ago

    Can you make 24hrs challenge in only gliter in hot tub ?

  • Farhan 06
    Farhan 06 20 hours ago

    I live in the uk. And the cafeteria is amazing our one is more expensive than normal prices but it served really nicely! I love the sausage baguette it’s so good. And the cheesy baked beans stuck on is soo good and decent for price. It is a bit overpriced but that’s all cafeterias normally.

  • Teli
    Teli 21 hour ago

    School lunch isn't even that bad

  • Noah Aizprua
    Noah Aizprua 22 hours ago

    That food is way better than our lunch

  • Lina 56785
    Lina 56785 23 hours ago

    im sooooooooooo hungry, because it's Ramadan and can't break my fast


    The milk and plastic bag they have it PR

  • Joshua Johnson
    Joshua Johnson Day ago

    U know damn well he got actual food right after this video

  • 100k no videos 100k no videos?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Promote me faze rug do it for your rugrats subscribe rugrats !!!!!!!!!

  • Melvin Hernandez

    Your first ex was recording I wonder whyyyyyyy huhhhhh!!!!!

  • Alex Montiel
    Alex Montiel Day ago

    I’ve never seen school lunch that good:(

  • Cool Ninja Games and Vlogs

    Rug: Are you a rug rat
    Kid: naaaa
    SAVAGE LEVEL100000000000

  • Vlog King
    Vlog King Day ago

    Is orange juice supposed to look yellow OMG virgin alert

  • Rachel Freed
    Rachel Freed Day ago +1

    My school served us EXPIRED MILK!

  • FeaR Thien
    FeaR Thien Day ago

    My school food is like plastic food

  • IsFuzzy
    IsFuzzy Day ago

    at my school we have bread and milk ((((=

  • Fortnitefanboi21


  • Scrrr John
    Scrrr John Day ago

    Eat gastation food like frozen hamburgers

  • Melonseeds Production

    Is orange juice so pose to look yellow:me No it’s so pose to look blue

  • Teonica Porter
    Teonica Porter 2 days ago

    My favorite is pizza 🍕 lemon 🍋 made drink 🍸 burgers 🍔

  • LGP plays
    LGP plays 2 days ago

    The pilsbary comes in cinnimon too there really good

  • Noah Lail
    Noah Lail 2 days ago

    Hell no our school lunch is straight shit our crap is bad your stuff has emienem and gold fish

  • Yourgurlmady T
    Yourgurlmady T 2 days ago

    I go to that school

  • andreauriostegui
    andreauriostegui 2 days ago

    No cuz my school is lame asf

  • Cali Moore
    Cali Moore 2 days ago


  • Itz Cozmic
    Itz Cozmic 2 days ago

    School lunch food review

  • Aracely Taylor
    Aracely Taylor 2 days ago

    I love u guys and u guys are the best like this if u love him

  • Dan TDM
    Dan TDM 2 days ago

    Hhmmm I know Faze rug is taken...... Can I be Faze Floor!!!!

  • Deleted Channel
    Deleted Channel 2 days ago

    Deal with it

  • William Walls
    William Walls 2 days ago

    you should come to new york and do this you will be like wtf is this

  • Victoria Forest
    Victoria Forest 2 days ago

    Is orange juice supposed to look yellow? Me:Wow

  • Young_ Sauce
    Young_ Sauce 2 days ago

    Wait are yall Muslim if so how are yall eating pork 🤣

  • CoolStone YT
    CoolStone YT 2 days ago

    I have that in my school

  • JD Nock
    JD Nock 2 days ago

    16:20 I’m dead😂😂

  • Gavin McGee
    Gavin McGee 2 days ago

    My school lunch isn't like that

  • JagPlayzGamez
    JagPlayzGamez 2 days ago +1

    faze rug Appreciate his teachers and principals unlike Jake Paul aka 💩

    SAMUEL SWAN 2 days ago

    Iiii ddoooo skoooool

  • Andrei Leba
    Andrei Leba 2 days ago

    we have to bring our own lunches and snacks but we go to school at 9:00am

  • 1000 subs without videos

    What is a High middle school? Is it a High school or Middle echool?

  • Da_Matorix Yt
    Da_Matorix Yt 2 days ago +1

    I love the brotherly love you two have! I wish I had a brother ☹️!!!!

  • 2k- RJ
    2k- RJ 2 days ago

    No bev

  • Mitchell Sean
    Mitchell Sean 3 days ago

    Eat MRE

  • forever land lele
    forever land lele 3 days ago

    Are food don't look like that ...we be eating trash

  • Benji _
    Benji _ 3 days ago

    Bad idea? How

  • Armando Riggan
    Armando Riggan 3 days ago

    We do have mozzarella cheese sticks and salsa

  • Lachlan Gudge
    Lachlan Gudge 3 days ago

    My little sis calls me coco shes 2 btw

  • Dexter Plays
    Dexter Plays 3 days ago

    CO CO AWW 🥰

  • Rachel Pimentel
    Rachel Pimentel 3 days ago +1

    That what we deal with week

  • Thomas Lalata
    Thomas Lalata 3 days ago

    Sorry, i eat prison food made by sodexo👌

  • Everton Donaldson
    Everton Donaldson 3 days ago

    This vid had me drooling 🤤

  • XD UnyDuck
    XD UnyDuck 3 days ago

    Wait when rug graduated high school he was in faze

  • iiFortniteLover
    iiFortniteLover 3 days ago

    like how many times he smacked his mouth with ribs lol

  • Conner Barnes
    Conner Barnes 3 days ago


  • Frosty19
    Frosty19 3 days ago

    black kid called cocoa 🥶

  • jada t.
    jada t. 3 days ago

    um school lunch is not that good bud

  • Evan Jones
    Evan Jones 3 days ago


  • Chris Rodriguez
    Chris Rodriguez 3 days ago

    Did he just fucking said is orange juice yellow no shit dum ass

  • TaCtic Man
    TaCtic Man 3 days ago

    Yea I was also there and one of his old school teachers told him he caught with a vibrater male one behind the school. It’s cutted out though

  • muntaha a.
    muntaha a. 3 days ago

    Frist of all I'm in middle school 8th grade, and we have mozzarella sticks in our school

  • Connor Rei
    Connor Rei 3 days ago

    This is mainly two adults feeding each other

  • Lie Raki-in
    Lie Raki-in 4 days ago

    Fck those haters who call the cops and those who hated u. They must be *so insecure* about u rug. Dont mind them shitass. Live ur life mhen. We, the rugrats, we’ll always support u!

  • atxruben Ledesma
    atxruben Ledesma 4 days ago

    I love Panda how dare you

  • DESTiNY Last
    DESTiNY Last 4 days ago

    16:24 keep count how many times he smacked his lips.
    I counted 13

  • Lil ga Ro
    Lil ga Ro 4 days ago

    They have that in Hayward

  • Roxana Bonilla
    Roxana Bonilla 4 days ago

    The yogurt looked good

  • Cynical Boi
    Cynical Boi 4 days ago

    I wish LA middle schools sold m&ms they don’t even sell candy

  • yeet names
    yeet names 4 days ago


  • Elizabeth James
    Elizabeth James 4 days ago


  • Emmanuel Moreno
    Emmanuel Moreno 4 days ago

    Monserela sticks are the best have you try the ones in sonic faze you should try the

  • MenamesGrandpa
    MenamesGrandpa 4 days ago

    Wish we had yogurt parfait in our school

  • walter smith
    walter smith 4 days ago

    Eat my school food and you'll be rushed to the e r

  • Fortnite-Gooat
    Fortnite-Gooat 4 days ago +1

    If you guys are Muslim why are you eating pork it’s not halal

  • Harsh Plays
    Harsh Plays 4 days ago


  • kyle norton
    kyle norton 4 days ago

    shake the orange juice up

  • Rayyan Khan
    Rayyan Khan 4 days ago

    yo i was fassting that day im muslim

  • Deshaun Howell
    Deshaun Howell 4 days ago

    who school serve bosco sticks now instead on cheese sticks

  • Truck Spotting
    Truck Spotting 4 days ago

    Any school orange juice is horrible. Do you agree

  • Iambrenden Lewis
    Iambrenden Lewis 5 days ago +1

    The only good thing is breakfast

  • J._. Carmello
    J._. Carmello 5 days ago

    Leave a like if you guys go to story school or any kind of school that has the worst kind of food

  • Cindy Brierly
    Cindy Brierly 5 days ago

    Danggg this school food awesome for our breakfast we get cereal in a milk carton and a dry muffin

  • Danny Montezuma
    Danny Montezuma 5 days ago

    I live in Massachusetts and I still liked this video

  • Spider Monkey
    Spider Monkey 5 days ago

    Mt school has mozzarella cheese sticks

  • Cameo Camryn
    Cameo Camryn 5 days ago

    You’re great!

  • Javier Roman
    Javier Roman 5 days ago

    What happened to your old Lamborghini

  • Brandon Malonda
    Brandon Malonda 5 days ago +1

    Finish with yourgut caffia (sry if spell wrong) next is
    Me: are y gonna eat the towels

  • aidan cavanagh
    aidan cavanagh 5 days ago +4

    did this dude really just ask if orange juice is supposed to be yellow LMAO

  • wells rutledge
    wells rutledge 5 days ago

    Mr beast copy cat

  • dynamite_ dolphins
    dynamite_ dolphins 5 days ago +4

    You are fasting, but you are not only eating bacon, but you like it??

    Is anyone else confused?