The Third 2019 Democratic Debate: Key Moments | NYT News

  • Published on Sep 13, 2019
  • The candidates went hard after President Trump, while former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. fought off rivals’ attacks in a spirited debate about health care, guns, foreign policy and immigration.
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  • Sharose h
    Sharose h 6 days ago

    Wow these democrats are fn insane! Trumps a horrible white supremacist I guess since unemployment is the lowest it’s ever been among minorities!

  • Doodle Bug
    Doodle Bug 7 days ago

    Oh my goodness SNL made all of those wanta be Presidential candidates look like the real people.

  • Land of Stan
    Land of Stan 17 days ago

    Where is Tulsi?

  • Addy Eco
    Addy Eco 18 days ago

    Crap, all crap..I'm feeling crap after watching this full of crap debate...

  • Nghi C
    Nghi C 22 days ago


  • Thomas Jackson
    Thomas Jackson 27 days ago

    Yea Biden, they have already surged into our country and crime rates are up.

  • New Thought
    New Thought Month ago

    Anything anti-Trump is vacuous noise. Say something new!!

  • Tyler Nguyen
    Tyler Nguyen Month ago

    Yang2020. He is the Best choice for Americans.

  • IvanPlayStation4LiFe

    A bunch of losers

  • _Dreams Never Sleep_

    How was any of this key moments, they didn't say much at all. Only the last guy on people seeking asylum. Aside from that nothing was said..

  • conan Smith
    conan Smith Month ago

    If Andrew Yang did not attack Trump, you can bet in future debates, all the other candidates will be attacking him, until he jumps on board with them in their attacks on Trump. I remember the 2016 elections when all the candidates were attacking Trump except for Marco Rubio, so they all started attacking him until he jumped on board with their attacks on Trump, after that his popularity started dropping very fast.

  • Brandon Haines
    Brandon Haines Month ago

    Lol corn balls

  • Chris DiGiorgi
    Chris DiGiorgi Month ago

    This people are sad. This is the best you democrats have? What a circus! Nobody likes people who cant even work with their own party members. They have a poor chance and fail to make themselves look worthy! ANOTHER LOST CAUSE AND LOST ELECTION. #Trump2020

  • positively paige
    positively paige Month ago

    bernie sanders is literally my jewish grandpa

  • Saikat Bhattacharjee

    And you can go and watch CNN...

  • Mujtaba Ahadi
    Mujtaba Ahadi Month ago

    I have an exam coming up and I'm not even an American, why am I watching this?

  • Snow Shadow
    Snow Shadow Month ago

    They have zero credibility and no real message to help Americans. Accountability starts at home. The government should not dictate morality. The people should make a choice of morality. As long as anything goes, anything will go.

  • Abra Kadabra
    Abra Kadabra Month ago

    When it comes to electing/re-electing a president, why do so many people vie for THAT Position
    Have we ever had a president from George Washington up to Donald Trump that every body liked?
    I heard my department supervisor at work make the comment several times, we need a GOD fearing president in the Oval office.
    Someone who will do things God's way instead of doing things the Republican way, the Democratic way, the independent way, the leftist way, or the rights way.
    And I made the comment to THAT supervisor, , nobody wants GOD in anything, the supervisor pointed their finger at me and said, that's the problem, that right there is the problem.
    I didn't know my supervisor felt that way.

  • mati261000
    mati261000 Month ago

    Kamala......your face exudes hate and division.

  • mati261000
    mati261000 Month ago

    In summary.........No, no, no, I am not here to debate my political ideas, I am not here
    to explain to the viewers what I will do for the country, no.........I am here to trash Trump!!!!!

  • Beatrice Lutchmiah
    Beatrice Lutchmiah Month ago

    Trump wins 3rd debate

  • Right to Record
    Right to Record Month ago

    And another million or so Americans watched these hate mongers and decided to walk away from the party of welfare, abortion and socialism.

  • William Melear
    William Melear Month ago

    Democrats hate president Trump so much they will destroy America to get him
    God bless president Trump and Patriots!

  • William Melear
    William Melear Month ago


  • Mars on Earth
    Mars on Earth Month ago

    If you don’t give my boy Andrew more speaking time this debate, me and the Yang Gang are gonna make SURE we campaign and volunteer ever harder for him. We do that anyway, but just watch and see what’s gonna happen if you guys keep this up. We’re going to have a revolution.

  • Michael Burke
    Michael Burke Month ago

    That was some very poor editing by the NY Times. Which is especially sad considering that should be one of your areas of expertise.

  • Ian Rust
    Ian Rust Month ago

    Sanders is a better candidate than Warren, she shouldn't be leading... Biden I wouldn't mind too much.... the rest of them are just jokes.

  • multisphere1
    multisphere1 Month ago

    Clowns! Except Sanders

  • Mental Deviant
    Mental Deviant Month ago

    We have a white supremacist lmao.these guys are a joke!

  • Jochuhyulo Jo
    Jochuhyulo Jo 2 months ago +1

    Bernie is too old. Very very old.

  • Quadrupa.stacks
    Quadrupa.stacks 2 months ago +8

    Us “Americans” are not ready for soulutions like Yang we want a president to go around the answer or to change subject - Andrew Yang for president straight forward!

  • Eric Whalen
    Eric Whalen 2 months ago

    Lets come together as one nation one flag one people. Because divided we are weaker together we are stronger and our country will be peace love and prosperity so much longer ❤️

  • emacro65
    emacro65 2 months ago

    New York Times in my opinion is a fake or biased organisation. Their coverage is unbalanced and not professipnal. Fact check to see the balanced trurh

  • Martin Sun
    Martin Sun 2 months ago

    Where's Tulsi Gabbard? Oh, right! not just elections are rigged but also the DNC. I hope they let her be part of the next debate otherwise there's four more years of Trump

  • ejijojo
    ejijojo 2 months ago +23

    Apparentely, Yang is the only one candidate who want to solve the problem.

  • john smith
    john smith 2 months ago

    Beto says "I WANT YOUR GUNS". Bernie says "I WANT YOUR MONEY". Biden says "I WANT TO REMEMBER WHAT I SAID 2 MINUTES AGO". Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

  • jeffrey luciana
    jeffrey luciana 2 months ago

    Democrats are hateful, corrupt hacks

  • Jesusdragon737
    Jesusdragon737 2 months ago

    Why are these videos overrun by Trump supporters?

  • kb sharath
    kb sharath 2 months ago

    Dems shud drop the biden & the other background artists,, go for kamala, Yang, Bernie, Kamala

  • timmy
    timmy 2 months ago

    God help us all if we get another Democrat president

  • Mackie Lunkey
    Mackie Lunkey 2 months ago

    0/10 Not enough Yang

  • Aslam S.
    Aslam S. 2 months ago

    God I hate kamala harris I hope she drops out of the race

  • J
    J 2 months ago

    Oh TheXvid you want me to be respectful speak to your own demographic see if you can get a little respectfulness from the Democratic Party

  • Joe Berkowitz
    Joe Berkowitz 2 months ago

    Bring mark dice to speak

  • Shark Bait 605
    Shark Bait 605 2 months ago

    Let yang speak

  • Ah Ha Ha
    Ah Ha Ha 2 months ago +7

    Andrew Yang: The only adult on that stage

  • murffly
    murffly 2 months ago

    Yang is clearly this terrible turd slinging party's only hope next year.

  • williegates624
    williegates624 2 months ago

    LMAO. It's like a contest of "Who can be more extremely out there than the last guy?" I don't think they could be more disconnected from America if they tried....and they are trying hard lol

  • zizo 246
    zizo 246 2 months ago

    Thank god, these clowns don't run the White House!

  • Kas Cuev
    Kas Cuev 2 months ago

    if Joe wins he should definitely take a lot of the other Presidential candidate's & have them on his team head of Labor Dept.,HUD etc

  • Tom C
    Tom C 2 months ago

    Waste of airtime!

  • RayytheHomeyy
    RayytheHomeyy 2 months ago

    Their only aim is to take Trump down. With this thinking, they're gonna run their party into the ground, if it already hasn't.

  • Evdog04
    Evdog04 2 months ago

    Andrew Yang will win, just look at the comments

  • Ron Baxter
    Ron Baxter 2 months ago

    These debates of this one have been more of a joke than anything productive all I have heard is President Trump this that and the other thing

  • wheelmanstan
    wheelmanstan 2 months ago

    harris always sounds drunk

  • June Jimenez
    June Jimenez 2 months ago

    Yang or Trump is my only option this coming presidential election 2020.

  • realist 8877
    realist 8877 2 months ago

    I just can't wait until you all cry again while rolling in the streets in 2020.

  • Little Nicky
    Little Nicky 2 months ago +1

    There's literally a person named Castro running for president.....I wonder if there's any relation to the Cuban dictator.

  • sterling archer1
    sterling archer1 2 months ago

    They all should be deported. Its insane that this is how people think now......

  • logesh praveen
    logesh praveen 2 months ago

    Hi @New York times,
    Could you please create a documentary on the keezhadi, India research?
    About the oldest language and culture in the world?