HAIM - Now I'm In It

  • Published on Oct 30, 2019
  • HAIM - Now I'm In It
    Listen: HAIM.lnk.to/NowImInItVD
    Director: Paul Thomas Anderson
    Producers: Sara Murphy, Erica Frauman
    Editor: Andy Jurgensen
    Recording Produced by Rostam Batmanglij, Danielle Haim, and Ariel Rechtshaid
    Mixed by Manny Marroquin
    Mastered by Emily Lazar, assisted by Chris Allgood
    Engineers: Ariel Rechtshaid Rostam Batmanglij John DeBold Dalton Ricks
    Assistant Engineers: Matt DiMona, Jasmine Chen
    Mastered by Emily Lazar, assisted by Chris Allgood
    Production Companies: Ghoulardi Film Company, Rattling Stick, Inc.
    First Assistant Director: Trevor Tavares
    Gaffer: Mike Bauman
    Key Grip: Jeff Kunkel
    Steadicam Operator: Ari Robbins
    Production Designer: Florencia Martin
    UPMs: Kat Barnette, Deanna Barillari
    1st Assistant Camera: Josh Friz
    2nd Assistant Camera: Ryan Creasy
    Additional 2nd Assistant Camera: Chris De La Riva,
    Film Loader: Rob Reaves
    2nd Assistant Director: Jeff Overfield
    Best Boy Electric: Tommy Dangcil
    Electrics: Kuba Bojsza, Phoebe Patten, Jonathan Rodriguez, Eric Tolzmann
    Best Boy Grip: Joe Chouchanian
    Grips: Jamie Franta, Scott Carden, Brian Drown, Dustin Supencheck, Todd Nicodemus
    Props: William Potter
    Playback: Sam Vlahovich
    Special Effects: Ryan Senecal, Adam Bedi, Ryan Buckley
    Colorist: Mike Sowa
    DI Producer: Jason Pelham
    Crew: Elizabeth Anderson, Matt Ballard, Aliosha Cheyko, Annaliese Franklin,Emily
    Griffith, Benjamin Jenifer, Victoria Kunkel, Sam Miller, Adam Morgan, Victoria Sanchez
    Wardrobe: Rebecca Grice
    Wardrobe Assistant: Elyse Lightner
    Hair: Candice Birns
    Assistant Hair: Vincent David
    Make-up: Miriam Nichterlein
    Assistant Make-up: Kasha Lassien
    Stunts: Craig “Frosty” Silva, Jason A. Gonzales
    Choreographer: Genna Maroni
    Medics: Jorge Alarcon, Samson Ghaffari
    Water Truck: Steve Martinez
    Title Design: Warren Fu
    Panavision Cameras: Lori Killam, Dan Sasaki
    Kodak Film: Anne Hubbell
    Fotokem: Mario Allen, Andrew Oran, Mark Van Horne
    Chapman: Daniel Issa
    Dancers: Raymond Ejiofor. Damontae Hack, Tiara Jackson, Charissa Kroeger, Sarah
    Prinz, Derek Schiesel, Brooke Shepherd
    Extras: Daniel Acloirt, David Atsbaha, Harriet Augusta, Robert Augusta, Sydney
    Augusta-Huyah Carlos Barbouth, Demetri Belardinelli, Ashley Berry, David Cardenas,
    Robert Castillo, Kit Conners, Jaime Contreras, Aaron Cuasay, Natalie Delossa, Robyn
    Delossa, Juan Enriquez, Etiange Domoa, Daniel Echevarria, Hayden Fongheiser, Jacob
    Gibson, Brian Girgus, Elizabeth Godar, Jason Gonzales, Josh Grossman, Callie
    Haskins, Trevor Hill, Tina Huang, Michael Lincoln, Brenda Litzinger, Samuel Mata,
    Joshua McCafferty, Ada Mendoza, Nina Millin, Lucas Moore, Adam Morgan, Rafael
    Novoa, Sarah Olmsted, Heidi Ornelas, Lana Panah-Igadi, Fanny Pierre, Mark Daniel
    Quintos, Priyanka Ram, Eligio Reyes, Kane Richotte, Cathleen Rogan, Gabriel Saucedo,
    Amber Serrano, Graham Sibley, Oswald Sosa, Manny Tapia, Noel VanBrocklin, Jamie
    Wollrab, Demery Zlactic
    Filmed on location at Taix, Brite Spot, American Vintage, Silver Lake Car
    Wash, and The Echo in Los Angeles, California
    October 10 & 11, 2019
    Music video by HAIM performing Now I'm In It. © 2019 HAIM Productions Inc, under exclusive licence to Universal Music Operations Ltd
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Comments • 2 074

  • Jen Wombat Excelsior
    Jen Wombat Excelsior 2 hours ago

    Got a eerie flashback to the 90s and Savage Garden with this song...... (just imagine Darren singing about chicken-cherry-colas and shit)

  • Steven Najar
    Steven Najar 7 hours ago

    Thanks Charlie woud never heard 3 ladys 🌷🌷🌷

  • Salim Alrubkhi
    Salim Alrubkhi 20 hours ago

    My bisexual ass is quacking

  • Salim Alrubkhi
    Salim Alrubkhi 21 hour ago

    1:31 Best part

  • KSPR R
    KSPR R Day ago

    She's SO hot

  • Salim Alrubkhi
    Salim Alrubkhi Day ago +2

    this is me walking down the street with music on

    THE GANG STARS 2 days ago +2

    Clever song, Now I'm in it, rhymes with Shit :)

  • Ally Black
    Ally Black 3 days ago +1

    Stevie Nicks -" Edge of Seventeen" vibe ... I like it !

  • J G
    J G 3 days ago

    Want You Back sounded like a Wilson Phillips reject song. This sounds like a rip of Savage Garden. A bit reductive.

  • AnimeType87
    AnimeType87 3 days ago +1

    Is this music a tribute to Savage Garden's "I Want You"?

  • Gerardo Aguilar
    Gerardo Aguilar 3 days ago

    What I would give to have drink with the HAIM sisters

  • Sarah Rumley
    Sarah Rumley 3 days ago

    Can someone please tell me what this song is about? ThAnks.

  • Lucas Rafael
    Lucas Rafael 3 days ago


  • Attack The Blog
    Attack The Blog 3 days ago

    These lyrics get to me.

  • Jenny Vance
    Jenny Vance 4 days ago

    Hello, Savage Garden

  • Ricardo Martínez
    Ricardo Martínez 4 days ago

    Savage Garden

  • Julio C. R.E
    Julio C. R.E 4 days ago

    Benny Drama brought me here !

  • Nicholas Isaacs
    Nicholas Isaacs 4 days ago

    Wow. Done it again Haim! Fantastic track.

  • Jennifer Gottemoller

    Haim has interesting videos...

  • Merry** Merry
    Merry** Merry 5 days ago +1

    Damn best music by far better than anyone else on the planet...genius ladies.

  • Stuart Garlick
    Stuart Garlick 5 days ago +4

    HAIM, can you handle this? Listener, can you handle this? TheXvid, can you handle this? I don't think you can handle this woooo!

    WALTER FUNBIKE 5 days ago

    on french say say see ,i not av all understand your song but is better replay ..

  • Nunquam19
    Nunquam19 5 days ago

    How much of an inspiration has the song "Choke" by Sheppard been? This definitely sounds the same

  • Zeluth
    Zeluth 5 days ago

    My nose is not runny enough. Too dry. So I sprinkle saline water in it.

  • vic ark
    vic ark 6 days ago +1

    Thank you Haim. Thank you.

  • dune buggy
    dune buggy 6 days ago +3

    this video is what all of 2019 has felt like for me

  • Hayley Moss
    Hayley Moss 6 days ago

    Anyone else getting savage garden affirmation vibes here? ❤️

  • Jeppe A K Sørensen
    Jeppe A K Sørensen 6 days ago

    I should NOT be going through a carwash stop tempting me!

  • JST
    JST 7 days ago

    Superb acting too... Damn fine music video... So manic yet fun at the same time... Anyone else chuckle when the girls are running along with Danielle on the stretcher? :D vibes of Fleetwood Mac - Caroline when the beats kick in as they're heading out to the bar :)

  • JST
    JST 7 days ago +2

    THESE.GIRLS! So frikkin talented. I'm a 37 y/o guy with a wife, kid, generally have my shit together* but I find this song pretty emotional!

    *Probably don't have my shit together lol

  • lincoln3307
    lincoln3307 7 days ago

    HAIM..... BEAUTIFUL..... HARMONIES..... VIDEO..... DONE!!!!

  • lincoln3307
    lincoln3307 7 days ago

    HAIM...... WALKING.... STREET..... VIDEO..... DONE!!!

  • Gúnther Oberholster
    Gúnther Oberholster 7 days ago +1

    Yes! I love this sound. Random suggestion on youtube! Wow

  • Elle p
    Elle p 8 days ago

    Savage garden

  • Nabil N.
    Nabil N. 8 days ago

    Savage gardern can call for some royalties for the melody of the verses (for their Iwant you song). Leona Lewis can have some too for the instrumental !

  • Allen G33K
    Allen G33K 8 days ago +1

    Just like a chicka-cherry-cola

  • Helen Liu!¡
    Helen Liu!¡ 8 days ago

    This is sooooooo GOOD

  • kshamwhizzle
    kshamwhizzle 8 days ago +2

    every time I need to see your face I just close my eyes and I am taken to a place where your crystal mind and magenta feelings take up shelter at the base of my spine sweet like a chic a cherry co-la, I don't need to try to explain I just hold on tight and if happens again I might move so slightly to the arms and the lips and the face of the human cannonball yeah I need you I want you.

    90s kids know what I'm talking about.

  • ice bear
    ice bear 9 days ago

    .. / .-.. --- ...- . / .... .- .. --

    • ice bear
      ice bear 9 days ago

      .... --- .-- / -.-- --- ..- / .-.. .. -.- . / -- . / -. --- .-- ..--..

  • Michelle Rebel
    Michelle Rebel 9 days ago

    Plagiarism alert: thexvid.com/video/HQt6jIKNwgU/video.html

  • RebelBelle
    RebelBelle 9 days ago

    Lol Benito Skinner brought me here

  • Stephen Rudkin
    Stephen Rudkin 10 days ago

    Opd i cant spell savage garden

  • Stephen Rudkin
    Stephen Rudkin 10 days ago

    Savage gsrden

  • Jake Visser
    Jake Visser 10 days ago

    really nice production

  • Ruth King
    Ruth King 10 days ago

    Ugh malteasers

  • JeredtheShy
    JeredtheShy 10 days ago

    Dedicated to Corvid Science, the song

  • scatterbrainjon79
    scatterbrainjon79 10 days ago +1

    Sue Perkins in overdrive... who's with me?... Joking aside, great track!

  • TopCat0601
    TopCat0601 11 days ago

    Cherry Cola tasted better in the 90s.

  • SidelongSuggestive
    SidelongSuggestive 11 days ago

    Sweet like a chica cherry cola

  • bo2web
    bo2web 11 days ago +1

    3:10 Rosamund Pike !!!

  • DonnyBear
    DonnyBear 11 days ago


  • DonnyBear
    DonnyBear 11 days ago

    fuck I love you so much - this video is so amazing - She is such an amazing actress in this... WHEN SHE LOOKS UP AND DOWN THE STREET.. SO AMAZING

  • david moran
    david moran 11 days ago

    amazing! thank you for blessing us with this song.

  • Diony Sousa
    Diony Sousa 11 days ago

    second best video. first is the dance of the sisters. Love you girls

  • Lucky Day
    Lucky Day 12 days ago

    First second of audio I expected Rocky to be punching some meat in a freezer or something . . . .

  • Slava Smirnov
    Slava Smirnov 12 days ago

    Очень круто !!! И трек и видео - всё безукоризненно !

  • Dimitri Sabadie
    Dimitri Sabadie 13 days ago

    “Fucking in the mirror again and again […] fucking in the street […]”

    Please untwist me.

  • Pineapple Down
    Pineapple Down 13 days ago

    i thought the beginning was Savage Garden first time I heard it. Good track though!

  • Shuka Shuka
    Shuka Shuka 13 days ago +1

    it didn't take even a second to like this song

  • Mike Drinan
    Mike Drinan 13 days ago

    Flawless ❤️