Switching Lives With The Dolan Twins

  • Published on Sep 17, 2019
  • HEY EVERYONE… Welcome BACK to my channel! Today I'm switching lives with the Dolan Twins and becoming Jeff Dolan! I wanted to give myself a huge challenge and try and live like someone who has a completely different life than me. Ethan and Grayson took me on a whole day of adventures and what they do on the daily... Buckle up and join me on this insane journey!
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Comments • 75 534

  • tgray42289
    tgray42289 15 hours ago

    Another one or two bites the dust.

  • Skallia Ray
    Skallia Ray 15 hours ago

    Okay but why does "Jeff" look like he could STILL be a high fashion model? LMAOO this video was EVERYTHING

  • Valeria Cervantes
    Valeria Cervantes 16 hours ago

    22:58 the crease on his shoes

  • chloé
    chloé 16 hours ago

    I can’t believe I’m the same age as the Dolan twins 😳

  • ack
    ack 16 hours ago

    okay but why does jeffree look like stella from orange is the new black-

  • summer
    summer 16 hours ago +1

    jeffree going wild at his masculinity is me LMAO

  • Esther Moreno
    Esther Moreno 17 hours ago

    High How Are

  • Someone 99
    Someone 99 17 hours ago

    I'm not cute as a boy, and here's Jeffrey slaying all fucking genders the sexy bish

  • Melody Mills
    Melody Mills 17 hours ago

    The Dolan Twins + Ruby Rose

  • Amy Elliott
    Amy Elliott 17 hours ago

    Jeffree is such a good sport. Always down for anything.

  • Emma Revett
    Emma Revett 18 hours ago

    All I can think is that he looks like a lesbian

  • Helena Franck
    Helena Franck 18 hours ago

    Am I the only one going "aaaaaw" the whole entire time, just because Jeff is the most adorable male Ever??

  • Morgan Yurick
    Morgan Yurick 18 hours ago

    Kinda looks like Ruby Rose a little

  • Rena Rakovic
    Rena Rakovic 18 hours ago

    Jefree is to skinny like we were worrying about Eugenia

  • J K
    J K 19 hours ago

    Why do i think he looks kinda like edward cullen?

  • J K
    J K 19 hours ago +1

    Man its so crazy that people couldnt recognize jeffree anymore. But he does look totally different for sure. Plus youd never expect it. I hope those girls end up watching this video and realizing they also got a photo with jeffree star xD

  • Regina Lariz
    Regina Lariz 19 hours ago +1

    Oh My God, Jeff Dolan looks really beautiful and Heavenly Handsome😍😍👱‍♂️👉👦💪💪This video is Hilarious Like I love the part of when he says, "What's up Bros?🤜🤛Fuck Yeah", love the part of when he Roars😲and says, "Let's Do This!!!" like a Evil Vampire, Cause Technically He's already a Vampire👱‍♂️👿🕵🏻‍♂️👑, love the Mall part with Cumbia Music playing in the background🤣🎶🎵📣💃🏻, and Love Jeff Dolan so freaking much🤜🤛🤜🤛🤜🤛👱‍♂️👉👦👑

  • makinzey raelynn
    makinzey raelynn 19 hours ago +1

    oh my god his nails and working out are making me so anxious 😂

  • Camille Alexandra
    Camille Alexandra 19 hours ago

    Wow I’m extremely attracted to Jeff...

  • anelise e e e
    anelise e e e 20 hours ago

    When jeffree fell on the ground while trying handstand I legitimately think his bones will snap lollollolo

  • Aaliyah Rockwell
    Aaliyah Rockwell 20 hours ago

    Smol Boy Jeff.

  • 7
    7 21 hour ago

    4:18 I thought the guy was petting one of the dogs😂

  • Megan is a gamer
    Megan is a gamer 21 hour ago

    😳 I think this is the first Jeffree video that i’m genuinely scared! This ISN’T NORMAL!

  • angie navarrete
    angie navarrete 21 hour ago

    okay but masculine jefree, is HOT

  • BethEatsBagels
    BethEatsBagels 22 hours ago

    Jeffree star with pig tails (side pony) is so cute

  • Rawan Mohamed
    Rawan Mohamed 22 hours ago

    Why is Jeff literally an eboy

  • Leanna Plays
    Leanna Plays 23 hours ago

    don't even with me 666k likes.....

  • •Khushi•
    •Khushi• 23 hours ago


    O MY GODDD I’m ded

  • Satsiki -san126
    Satsiki -san126 23 hours ago

    cillian Murphy look alike 😂

  • gayonabudget
    gayonabudget 23 hours ago

    I need subscribers!

  • JM Walsh
    JM Walsh 23 hours ago

    666K likes. Coincidence? I think not


  • PipaPlays
    PipaPlays Day ago +3

    Me; when Jeffrey was posing at the stairs : bruh, he's lookin like a real dood
    Also me : wait.. he is a real dood

  • Nangbia Apas
    Nangbia Apas Day ago

    Natt seems jealous 🥰🥰

  • Nangbia Apas
    Nangbia Apas Day ago

    At the end i find jeffree so cute

  • Nangbia Apas
    Nangbia Apas Day ago

    Jeffery is so cute ❤❤

  • Noodcl83
    Noodcl83 Day ago

    “We’re not pressing powder! We’re pressing benches!”

  • Sté fany
    Sté fany Day ago

    So cool! I actually like him better as a man

  • Riverdale_DT 4L
    Riverdale_DT 4L Day ago

    Am I the only one that noticed that Jeffree and Ethan kept swapping energy drinks on accident

  • Nur Salsabilah
    Nur Salsabilah Day ago

    U look so damn handsome jeffree and pretty too. Urgh I’m jealous 🤣

  • catkaro
    catkaro Day ago

    i started to think about ruby rose

  • Jessica Grimley
    Jessica Grimley Day ago

    Blonde hair makes you look younger. So used to seeing you blonde.

  • Farwa Khan
    Farwa Khan Day ago

    Jeffree's tattoos make him so badass

  • Jessica Grimley
    Jessica Grimley Day ago

    You're so good with the mirror thing.

  • Action Cat
    Action Cat Day ago

    Jeffree is David Bowie if Bowie was a millennial.

  • Action Cat
    Action Cat Day ago

    The Dolan twins are the best hype men ever.

  • Xxx Gberg
    Xxx Gberg Day ago

    11:30 why does he look like kris Jenner tho

  • Spoonzi TM
    Spoonzi TM Day ago +4

    My favorite thing is how Nate just goes with everything. He’s like “I signed up for Jeffree and I accept and support”. I love it so much

  • Kirsten Lowell
    Kirsten Lowell Day ago

    his tattoos are so tuff

  • Kirsten Lowell
    Kirsten Lowell Day ago

    Yo i actually love Jefferee hes so funny LOL

  • Sarah H
    Sarah H Day ago +1

    Ngl you should go brunette next that first wig moment was HOT

  • Olivia Alvarado
    Olivia Alvarado Day ago

    This made me laugh 😂 so much...lol.

  • Nati400 Villegas

    looks kinda like Ruby Rose

  • JessicaMirna
    JessicaMirna Day ago +1

    Musica mexicana en el video de jeffree 😄😍

  • Timeless Beauty
    Timeless Beauty Day ago

    Hes look good like like justin bieber

  • iipxarlii
    iipxarlii Day ago +1

    23:00: I lowkey thought he was gonna fart

  • Bethany Gayle
    Bethany Gayle Day ago

    “Fuck pressed powder, we’re pressing benches!” 😂😂

  • kaitlin diala
    kaitlin diala Day ago

    ily soooo much

  • K D
    K D Day ago

    Jeff Dolan belongs in a kpop band

  • Just Gianna
    Just Gianna Day ago +6

    No one:
    Not a single soul:
    Jeffery/ Jeff: “ 33:18

  • fatima morales
    fatima morales Day ago

    Jeffree looks like chucky’s son 😂