• Published on Sep 28, 2018
  • Live footage from Download Festival 2018
    「Distortion」12inch Vinyl
    2018/11/23 available worldwide
    [ Song List ]
    A-Side: Distortion
    B-Side: Distortion (LIVE AT DOWNLOAD FESTIVAL 2018)

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  • Dandy Juandy
    Dandy Juandy 7 hours ago

    This metal angel version

  • Susumu Moji
    Susumu Moji 3 days ago +1


  • John Smith
    John Smith 4 days ago +1


  • Marcelo Gabuardi
    Marcelo Gabuardi 5 days ago +6

    Babymetal coming to Orlando !! Can't wait 👍👍

  • Kitsune
    Kitsune 6 days ago +4

    I didn't start listening until after Yui left, so that is a bummer but I have tickets to see them in KC and I can't wait. They nailed this song, and I'm looking forward to seeing where they go and how they are handling the change in line-up...whether they keep it like in this vid or eventually seek a permanent replacement for Yui..
    Either way, I can't wait to see them live.
    Edit: Screw it, bought tickets for Chicago too \m/ \m/

  • stellar cubic beam
    stellar cubic beam 9 days ago +3


  • Pony Sixfinger
    Pony Sixfinger 9 days ago +1

    these are nuts but fuckin awesome!

  • Qq12easy qqq
    Qq12easy qqq 10 days ago

    They look a bit middle eastern

    GREEN ALL 10 days ago +2


  • Peter Vine
    Peter Vine 11 days ago +2

    Crowd look massively into it. Looks brilliant :)

  • mira amirul
    mira amirul 11 days ago

    WTF this metal or K-pop..

    • mira amirul
      mira amirul 10 days ago

      @Rick Wagner I like metal but this look like K-pop not J-rock

    • Rick Wagner
      Rick Wagner 10 days ago

      Since K stands for "Korean", and this group is from Japan, I'm going with metal.

  • r0b690
    r0b690 12 days ago

    They had a good run but now they are older and broken apart. This band didnt have much future to begin with, but they were really unique and powerful while they were at the top.

    • Kevin Thews
      Kevin Thews 9 days ago +1

      They are far from "over." The core of Babymetal is Su's amazing voice and the Kami Band's incredible musicianship. This hasn't diminished, but increased. They are doing their first headline arena show in the US later this year, coinciding with the coming release of their 3rd album. Yes, some pseudo-fans got caught up in the cute hype of Babymetal, but real fans know it's about their music. Every one of their new songs is solid as F, as they continue to challenge themselves with new styles of Metal. You have not seen the best of Babymetal yet.

    • Rick Wagner
      Rick Wagner 12 days ago +4

      @r0b690 Unfortunately Yui left the group last October for health reasons.
      And guitarist Mikio Fujioka passed away in early 2018.
      However, BABYMETAL continues with Su and Moa at the core of the group.
      Any band would be lucky to have guitarists like Takayoshi Ohmura, Leda Cygnus and ISAO who are still members of BABYMETAL's Kami Band along with bassist BOH and drummer Hideki Aoyama.
      And "broken apart"?
      BABYMETAL have big concerts coming up in Japan with two shows at Yokohama Arena in June, as well as Glastonbury Festival, a return to O2 Academy Brixton and two special 'Legend M' shows celebrating Moa's 20th birthday in July, SUPER SLIPPA (Taiwan) and Summer Sonic (Tokyo & Osaka) in August, and a 20 city tour of the USA in September and October, including their first ever arena concert in the United States at the LA Forum.
      This is their biggest US Tour ever.
      Sounds like the opposite of "broken apart" to me.
      Also their third album will be released this year. : )

  • JaPaN FAN
    JaPaN FAN 13 days ago +1

    Baby metal 🔥

  • YuiYui 42420
    YuiYui 42420 13 days ago


  • The Savvy Drifter
    The Savvy Drifter 14 days ago +6

    I was there, they were great!! Would definitely see them again!

  • Norinickr Rostron
    Norinickr Rostron 14 days ago


  • cm punk a
    cm punk a 16 days ago +14

    歪んだ体 叫び出す(YUI脱退)
    歪んだ痛み 切りつける(小神死去)
    歪んだ翼 飛べるなら(新体制のベビメタ)
    歪んだ支配 恐れない(電通、ジャ二、秋元)
    偽善者なんて  切り捨てちまえよ(日本の音楽業界)

  • 콩이맘찌니
    콩이맘찌니 19 days ago

    주온보는듯한......무서워죽것다....I'm scary

  • ThorfinnrKarrson
    ThorfinnrKarrson 20 days ago +8

    at first, i was sceptical about Distortion, but I've experienced it live in Innsbruck, and ever since, it's one of my favorites... a shame that it's too short (as well as Starlight, Tattoo and Elevator Girl)
    can't wait to see them live again twice in Yokohama and twice in Nagoya! (only a month to go now)

  • James Bartolomeo
    James Bartolomeo 20 days ago +11

    Babymetal is so fucking awesome it almost hurts.

  • Manuel Ramón Fernández

    luv baby metall music attraction ...don´t tell it my big love.

  • Manuel Ramón Fernández

    this is metall !

  • おっさん
    おっさん 21 day ago +5


  • Chang KT
    Chang KT 21 day ago +8


  • Jan F.
    Jan F. 22 days ago


  • Jimbo Jones
    Jimbo Jones 22 days ago

    This band is great but I feel bad that they are under such heavy mind control at a young age

    • MetaTaro 21
      MetaTaro 21 22 days ago +6

      @Rick Wagner The fandom is the one under mind control from this band hahaha

    • Rick Wagner
      Rick Wagner 22 days ago +5

      @Jimbo Jones Su has always wanted to sing, and Moa loves to make people smile.
      They're living their dream.
      BTW, within a couple of months they will both be in their twenties.

  • robert bingenheimer
    robert bingenheimer 23 days ago

    And since they grew up they look silly they can't sing or anything Babymetal sucks

  • robert bingenheimer
    robert bingenheimer 23 days ago

    I think that the perverts are watching these little girls you such fuckers

  • Mikays !
    Mikays ! 24 days ago +2

    Their voices 😍

  • Шдофы
    Шдофы 25 days ago +3

    2010 - Baby Metal, 2019 - Woman Metal.

  • adi
    adi 25 days ago +2

    The power of Asian 😎👏

  • Christian Westerberg
    Christian Westerberg 26 days ago

    Someone should teach her to say "open that fucking pit up!"

    • A yixx
      A yixx 18 days ago

      Ahhh. That would be awesome

  • Dischargedarrow Getback

    Babymetal becames baby to the metal Goddess!

  • Dischargedarrow Getback
    Dischargedarrow Getback 26 days ago +16


  • tristan eugenio
    tristan eugenio 27 days ago +1

    i badly want to see Yui doing those steps with Moa 😢

    GIMLUZ 27 days ago

    Illuminatis Illuminatis everywere

  • Ethan Xu
    Ethan Xu 28 days ago +5

    They look so beautiful 😍

  • Xeekai
    Xeekai Month ago +8

    Moa killing it with thOse moves
    Su's voice is one of the most awesome voices I heard, I can't believe she can sing live like that.

  • Phangmaster
    Phangmaster Month ago +28

    Playing to a British crowd and getting such a great reaction is just amazing, especially for a Japanese band, we're not really used to foreign lyrics, and most metal heads I know look down on dancing and miming, sometimes to extremes, so i'm glad babymetal did well.

    • waisonline
      waisonline 20 days ago +2

      Well they'll be in Brixton in July. Hope the Brits give them the welcome they deserve.

    • Craig Mcghee
      Craig Mcghee 26 days ago +2

      I was there the whole show was epic

  • T F
    T F Month ago +18


  • Antarctic Vortex
    Antarctic Vortex Month ago +3

    Not seeing any triggers on Hideki's kit. Even more impressed!

  • Christian1403
    Christian1403 Month ago +6

    queen wants a circle pit, queen gets a circle pit

  • Dawn of redemption.

    Power é o caralho,without yui ,not Power fact !!!

  • Dawn of redemption.
    Dawn of redemption. Month ago +2

    Yuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii 😭😭😭💞💞💝💝💝💝💝💝💞💞💞💞💞💝

  • Cube 2 Sauerbraten Modding

    **WARNING** This group is very addictive, you wont be able to stop listening to this for a looooong time.

  • OES 25
    OES 25 Month ago +1

    I liked the old costumes of the Kami Band better. The white robes are their signature look. I can agree that the girls needed to upgrade to something other than what was though.

  • hari
    hari Month ago +11


  • rozaqqa noviandi
    rozaqqa noviandi Month ago +1

    Not a baby anymore..
    So sad.. :(

  • RQS
    RQS Month ago +11

    Love Su

  • Michael Jacobs
    Michael Jacobs Month ago +6

    Su's English has gotten so much better is that Mikio's guitar i see

    • Rick Wagner
      Rick Wagner Month ago +2

      @Michael Jacobs IIRC, Takayoshi Ohmura played all the new songs Mikio never had the chance to play live, on one of the guitars he inherited from him. RIP Ko-gami.

  • groovy456
    groovy456 Month ago +2


  • Lumpi
    Lumpi Month ago +4

    In comparision to Germans and Americans/British people, japanese can perform better on concerts than all three. They can sing almost exact like on the recorded track.

  • Xon
    Xon Month ago +9

    1:17 my heart 😍 moa is soo cute

  • 大川真史
    大川真史 Month ago +21


  • みるちゃん
    みるちゃん Month ago +28


  • ビーン
    ビーン Month ago +26


  • いいい愛
    いいい愛 Month ago +28


  • りこココ
    りこココ Month ago +2


  • GoAwayImDrawing
    GoAwayImDrawing Month ago +7

    dude i just came here from looking for “Chocolate Girl” by Utsu-P and clicked on “Gimme chocolate!” by Babymetal on accident. Decided to look around at their channel. This band friggin s l a p s

    • FreddyYUL
      FreddyYUL Month ago +2

      Since you are new to BabyMetal, I invite you to look at those videos :
      _(In live concert, they put a hell of a good show)_
      - BABYMETAL - Road of Resistance :
      - BABYMETAL - Ijime,Dame,Zettai :
      - BABYMETAL - Akatsuki :
      - BABYMETAL - Amore :
      - BABYMETAL - Megitsune :
      - BABYMETAL - Headbanger :
      - BABYMETAL - Catch Me If You Can :
      - BABYMETAL - Rondo of Nightmare :
      - BABYMETAL - Syncopation :
      - BABYMETAL - No Rain No Raibow :
      - BABYMETAL - The One :
      - BABYMETAL - Tales of Destinies :
      - BABYMETAL - Awadama Fever :
      - BABYMETAL - Yava :
      and lot more....

  • S T
    S T Month ago +2


  • el niño chavita
    el niño chavita Month ago +6

    NAKAMOTO i love you!!!!!!

  • Holden Deeznuts
    Holden Deeznuts Month ago +2

    They are pretty. Great talents.

  • masa 40
    masa 40 Month ago +1


    • T F
      T F Month ago +1



    • Coo kunimiya
      Coo kunimiya Month ago +9


  • hiro matsu
    hiro matsu Month ago +29


  • Im Dc
    Im Dc Month ago +14

    They look so epic
    I love it!!

  • Сергей Давиденко

    Если честно, хуета и ебота.

  • yocyoku
    yocyoku Month ago +41

    Su-Metal has ordered the crowd to "show a big circle". She is still a queen.
    The Moa-Metal dance is "more" sharper.
    Babymetal does not end.

  • Matthew Robinson
    Matthew Robinson Month ago +13

    This is so much better than the single. Babymetal is meant to be heard live.

    • Soufriere
      Soufriere Month ago +4

      Truth. No matter how many times you listen to the studio albums, you haven't _really_ heard Babymetal unless you've experienced them live.

  • Nisa
    Nisa Month ago +7

    when Moa wasn't that cute little girl from back then anymore, now she's so stunning!

  • Roy Milla
    Roy Milla Month ago +5

    Holy molly that guitarist holding 8strings??

    • Rick Wagner
      Rick Wagner Month ago +3

      @Roy Milla ISAO is playing an eight-stringer, Takayoshi Ohmura has a seven-string guitar, and BOH is rocking a six-string bass.
      Add in those double bass kicks on Hideki Aoyama's drums and you've got a nice Kami Band going.
      Ohmura usually plays his signature ESP custom, but also played one of the guitars he inherited from Mikio Fujioka (RIP) during this tour.

  • Batata Assada
    Batata Assada Month ago

    Cade os Br?

  • mkrlexus83
    mkrlexus83 Month ago +3

    Amuse change those ugly outifts for god sake. Moa and Sua are always beautiful but those outfits are blasphemy on them.

    • Jose Miguel
      Jose Miguel Month ago +1

      mkrlexus83 ..
      It's closer to Kowai (scary) style than Kawaii (cute)style what they presented in the 2018 Tour particularly in the Japan/Aussie part, like you well said Goth fashion is for all ages (and it's not just in Japan). Anyway the music is still great in their live shows (especially in Sumetal solo songs) but painful to hear in the parts here Yuimetal was supposed to sing . The new songs range from just OK to good but not good enough for my top 10, to be continued this year. i hope with their return to the light (enough of cryptic BS darkness already).

    • mkrlexus83
      mkrlexus83 Month ago +1

      @FloppyHares They could have done something like this instead of covering hairs and legs like they do now, This style was their own and as the video shows it can be worn perfectly even by a 40yo woman and it still rips your eyes! LOL Gothic Lolita does not mean always childish. They could have even chance style but at least stay girlish.

    • FloppyHares
      FloppyHares Month ago +1

      @mkrlexus83 Like the Imgur album that Rick posted shows you, they changed it up quite a bit over the years. But, apart from the costumes for special occasions, it was all "Gothic Lolita", generally speaking. As is the style in the video that you posted. And it wasn't Amuse that changed their look; the girls themselves wanted to get away from the childish, young girl look.

    • Rick Wagner
      Rick Wagner Month ago +3

      @mkrlexus83 "they always stuck to one kind of style…"
      "i rather jump off than see this continue."
      Sorry to hear that. If you change your mind, I'll see you around.

    • mkrlexus83
      mkrlexus83 Month ago +1

      @Rick Wagner Call that gothic lolita is kinda restrictive.. they always stuck to one kind of style but there are thousands more womanly than childish.. i rather jump off than see this continue.

  • Pablo
    Pablo Month ago +2

    3:37 Suzuka te amo.

  • hulagan808
    hulagan808 Month ago

    Gimme Choco - Lax

    NINTH WORLD Month ago +3

    Total Awesomeness.

  • M U
    M U Month ago

    No more baby😢

    • FloppyHares
      FloppyHares Month ago +1

      They're 21 and 20 now so, yeah, no babies anymore. ;-)

  • Mike Kollin's - Crack The Female Code

    I didn't like this song when it first came out... Now I like it...

    iMO GAMING Month ago +24


    iMO GAMING Month ago +8


  • Super Poolover
    Super Poolover Month ago +1

    are they old enough so as I can say they are hot?

    • Super Poolover
      Super Poolover Month ago

      @Soufriere i feel safe!

    • Soufriere
      Soufriere Month ago +1

      Suzuka is 21 (born 1997/12/20). Moa is 19 but turns 20 on July 4th 2019. They were 20 and 18 in this video.
      There's your answer.

  • Mike Kollin's - Crack The Female Code

    I haven't seen or heard anything about or from Baby Metal in over 5 months... whats' going on???? I Know Yui is not with them as for now... and we all hope she comes back... I've seen the new songs and new outfits, etc.... but lately nothing in my youtube feed, etc... How come they are not at Coachella????

    • FloppyHares
      FloppyHares Month ago +1

      @Mike Kollin's - Crack The Female Code Yes, hit up the BABYMETAL sub on Reddit for all the latest news. 2018 was a difficult year for BABYMETAL, with the death of their guitarist Mikio Fujioka at the start of 2018 and them basically being in a holding pattern, waiting for Yui's return. And, yes, unfortunately Yui decided to leave BABYMETAL in October last year. However, they've stated that they're ready to start a new chapter and Su and Moa have expressed that they're still fully committed to BABYMETAL and are rearing to go. They've announced several shows in Japan, in England (Brixton O2 Academy) and their first stadium show in the US (The Forum, LA) already. And there's a new single coming out next month and a new album this year. ;-)

    • Mike Kollin's - Crack The Female Code
      Mike Kollin's - Crack The Female Code Month ago

      @sdiablo0 😊

    • sdiablo0
      sdiablo0 Month ago +3

      Its true that they haven't uploaded anything new on TheXvid. However they have announced they will release a new album this year, do six live performances (probably more will be announced) and recently a interview with Su and Moa has been published in PMC magazine. It's also rumored they will release a new single called Elevator Girl on May 10th. If you want the latest news or just want to pas time waiting for news I would like to recommend the Babymetal subreddit www. reddit. com/r/BABYMETAL.

  • Влад Ворончихин

    Так грустно не видеть уже привычных глазу двух озорных девчат в черно красном одеянии..это как из король и шут - ушла с начала Маша , потом Балу , потом Князь ... дальше не стоит)

  • Niko
    Niko 2 months ago

    3:09 quiero estar ahí.

  • Richie Rich
    Richie Rich 2 months ago +3

    Kami band are realy tight AF!

  • Jhon Dayron Chavarriaga Rodriguez

    love babymetalllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

  • metalheaddave666
    metalheaddave666 2 months ago

    Lip syncing much?

    • Rick Wagner
      Rick Wagner 2 months ago +11

      Nope. There are backing harmony tracks, but Su sings live.

  • Naratip Kanchanachongkol
    Naratip Kanchanachongkol 2 months ago +3


  • Paul Zuniga
    Paul Zuniga 2 months ago +4

    can't wait to see Baby metal this year. To see what SU and MOA up too this time . Late year show were great let see what they do this year.the support of the fans is still important to the band.keep rocking SU and MOA. LOVE AND THE THING YOU GIRL ARE DOING.

  • Hiroshi Itou
    Hiroshi Itou 2 months ago +21


  • 飛鳥了
    飛鳥了 2 months ago +6


  • Badril Anuar
    Badril Anuar 2 months ago +4

    Moa!!! 😍😍😍

  • Cynthia Clarke
    Cynthia Clarke 2 months ago +2

    With that costume, the smile has left Su's face

    • Soufriere
      Soufriere Month ago +2

      @Rick Wagner - She also has a pit of frogs into which she shall cast all who blaspheme her.

    • Rick Wagner
      Rick Wagner 2 months ago +8

      @Cynthia Clarke You realize that Su has serious expressions for serious songs, and cute expressions for cute songs, don't you?

  • ゆうチャンネル
    ゆうチャンネル 2 months ago +1


    • T F
      T F Month ago +1


  • T B
    T B 2 months ago +2

    Show me circle!
    Me: makes a circle with my hand.
    Bigger circle!
    Notice mosh pit...oh :(

    • FreddyYUL
      FreddyYUL 2 months ago +2

      small compilation of mosh pit and wall of death during BabyMetal live performance :

  • MunichGG
    MunichGG 2 months ago +1

    Vine buscando cobre y encontré oro...

  • Quentin Elliott
    Quentin Elliott 2 months ago +1

    SHOW ME THE FOLLOWING PARAGRAPH IN CURSIVE : "the fitness pacer test..."

    • FloppyHares
      FloppyHares Month ago +2

      @Quentin Elliott OK, that wasn't clear to me. Good to hear that you're still on board! Kitsune up!

    • Quentin Elliott
      Quentin Elliott Month ago +2

      @FloppyHares i was referring to the others that were immaturely complaining about it, im still all on board and have support for there future. i think its immature that people still whine about it, im not one of the whiners i was just imitating them...

    • FloppyHares
      FloppyHares Month ago

      Seriously? Still whining about Yui?! She left. It was her decision. Deal with it and support Su and Moa. They are still fully committed to BABYMETAL and have come out stronger than ever from what was a difficult year for them. They are ready for a new chapter! Or, like you put it, you can keep "complaining into infinity"...., whatever. Your loss.

    ACZEPPDC 2 months ago +2

    Now it's proved that they are the absolute LIVE band. This is 1000 times better than that garbage promotion video.

  • Kinetic
    Kinetic 2 months ago +33

    Everybody is calling Yui but nobody is giving for my boy killing drums

    • FloppyHares
      FloppyHares Month ago +2

      Hideki is an absolute animal, as always! ;-)

    • miccpiqueen 2024
      miccpiqueen 2024 2 months ago +1

      Su's voice is tooo strong, to recognize how Hideki kills it...

    • Rick Wagner
      Rick Wagner 2 months ago +8

      @Kinetic Probably because Hideki Aoyama is still with the group.
      You're right though, he's a killer.

  • Kinetic
    Kinetic 2 months ago +6

    Hears babymetal
    *Eats ramen aggressively*

    • FloppyHares
      FloppyHares Month ago

      LOL! Now I have to clean the coffee off of my screen...., thanks! :-D