• Published on Sep 28, 2018
  • Live footage from Download Festival 2018
    「Distortion」12inch Vinyl
    2018/11/23 available worldwide
    [ Song List ]
    A-Side: Distortion
    B-Side: Distortion (LIVE AT DOWNLOAD FESTIVAL 2018)

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  • Joe M
    Joe M Day ago +1

    Wow they’re ladies now. lol Has that much time gone bye? Didn't even recognize Moa, Damn

  • みるちゃん
    みるちゃん 3 days ago +5


  • Archie Barnett
    Archie Barnett 3 days ago +2

    Sick year at download, babymetal where just one of the greats that Saturday 🤘🤘

  • Baka Neko
    Baka Neko 5 days ago

    Kapan konser di Indonesia lagi?

  • trooperJac
    trooperJac 5 days ago +1

    Shame that Mizuno has left but great track. I like the outfits, Moa's dancing has leveled up and she looks pretty stacked now - she's got a dancer's body. The 'goth' look also suits Su pretty well.

  • tank2g2
    tank2g2 5 days ago +5

    Their live shows are so amazing

  • 島猫
    島猫 7 days ago +2


  • Geamade Paramita
    Geamade Paramita 7 days ago +1

    i miss yui :'D feels weird that i don't see her on stage anymore with moa and su... i could only wish that she always in health and happy out there :'D thank you yui...

  • Jàjàt Sudràjàt Azà

    gila keren abiis.

  • Switch man
    Switch man 8 days ago +9


  • FedaxVFX
    FedaxVFX 9 days ago +2

    it was amazing this show, i was very pleased to see it live on the download festival in uk, congrats for that show from Spain!

  • Bibek Maharjan
    Bibek Maharjan 9 days ago

    Haha it is a really baby metal...!!!

  • LOKISlog7
    LOKISlog7 9 days ago +4

    When the reigning Queen of Metal asks for a circle; she gets it...

  • sebastian vanegas
    sebastian vanegas 10 days ago +3

    I love this, it's amazing.

  • Alex Bieryla
    Alex Bieryla 10 days ago +2

    Hold up is that Moa behund Su? It's been a while since I've watched any Babymetal lmao. Very sad about Yui but all good things must come to an end.

    • Rick Wagner
      Rick Wagner 9 days ago +1

      @Alex Bieryla That's very much Moa.
      She performed a killer version of 'GJ!' at the headlining shows on that tour.

  • Angelica Fernández
    Angelica Fernández 10 days ago +1

    Simplemente se ve cuanta gente enferma les gusta Babymetal , su música es una mierda , horrendo , puras personas retrasadas mental que le gusta la música japonesa😲😲😲😲😲😲🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵 hahahaha😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  • 天邪鬼猫太郎
    天邪鬼猫太郎 11 days ago


  • ゆうチャンネル
    ゆうチャンネル 12 days ago

    2:59 めっちゃダサイ日本人みっけ。

  • もちいぬ
    もちいぬ 12 days ago


  • TV Haruki
    TV Haruki 16 days ago +1


  • Raizo
    Raizo 16 days ago +3

    Wow this song sounds just as good if not even better live!

  • きつね赤い
    きつね赤い 17 days ago


  • magic The Lord
    magic The Lord 17 days ago +1

    Baby love you 😘😘

  • rey Amuro
    rey Amuro 17 days ago

    全米が泣いた×All America cried 〇national cried

  • Syn Cloud
    Syn Cloud 17 days ago

    The male back up vocals are playback. Was hoping it wasn’t, but oh well. Distortion has to be their best song 🤟

  • ゆったりと過ごすのだまず


  • Iwan Kurniawan
    Iwan Kurniawan 18 days ago +2

    I love music Baby Metal

  • かめい
    かめい 18 days ago


  • 森いづみ
    森いづみ 19 days ago

    ええ( ‘-^ )b

  • tanggangmy
    tanggangmy 21 day ago +14

    What i think is yes, BABYMETAL has changed big time, but it's doesn't mean they went bad. they performance is still awesome by the look of the latest concert and we have to give them a chance to grow bigger and move forward. By the way, looking forward to listen they new album with the new member of the band (well, if they want to release a new album but i really wish they do) and as always, only the FOX GOD knows......

    • Akuma Tokkou
      Akuma Tokkou 18 days ago

      I would say they DID change, but for the most part, they're back to formula. The only differences now are a new member and new outfits. The music never really changed more than we (should have) expected it to, given they've always become more metal oriented as time passed. Elevator Girl and Distortion may be darker songs, but they're also the poppiest of all the new ones, so it kinda balances out.

    • Morgan Bennett
      Morgan Bennett 20 days ago +1

      tanggangmy80 me too

  • UItraVice
    UItraVice 21 day ago +3

    Damn....I didnt even recognise MoaMetal anymore? Moa Kikuchi is all grown up and I don't want to say it but....she fucking gorgeous...
    How did she go from a tiny little girl to a full grown women in just 2 years? She skipped the teen look entirely....

  • O m.
    O m. 22 days ago +4


  • Алекссндр Ардашев

    Почему она одна поет(

  • 伊藤KY
    伊藤KY 24 days ago +3


  • Paris Barbara
    Paris Barbara 25 days ago +12


  • Imam Yuda Pratama
    Imam Yuda Pratama 25 days ago

    3:08 wtf

  • Tetsu KO
    Tetsu KO 26 days ago +2


  • 進撃の巨人は日本の誇り


  • Odd Apprentice
    Odd Apprentice 29 days ago +2

    Moa sure rises my sun, if you know what I'm saying.
    Out with the BABYMETAL, enter into BAEMETAL!

  • Na Na
    Na Na 29 days ago

    our babies grew up

  • Draysos78
    Draysos78 Month ago

    i m sorry, but this is bs, showwise, without the 2 other girls challenging the authority of the leadsinger in an easy way, its nothing ut crap might be easier for the leasdsinger to control or whatnot, but its just bland bs

    • sdiablo0
      sdiablo0 Month ago +1

      I'm I right to believe that you don't seem to notice Moa dancing in the background and you don't like Su solo songs.

  • chucky cromers
    chucky cromers Month ago +1

    Without Yui its like
    Metallica without cliff burton..
    Dream theatre without mike portnoy..

  • 松村沙友理Bot
    松村沙友理Bot Month ago +2


    BAD TORTOISE Month ago

    There are backing tracks and lip syncing going on here. Still fun, but just saying.

  • Coo Per
    Coo Per Month ago +5


  • べあカシオ
    べあカシオ Month ago +5


  • SilverAle
    SilverAle Month ago

    Okay that´s pretty hardcore lol

  • Nota Smiler
    Nota Smiler Month ago +1

    Su likes dem big circles 😉😉

  • tsms ogn
    tsms ogn Month ago

  • chucky cromers
    chucky cromers Month ago +1

    Su its not baby anymore... 😂

  • joshua Stanaway
    joshua Stanaway Month ago

    You see when they scream "on and on and on and on"
    They're not even holding the mic near there mouths.
    This is lip synced to fuckery.
    Fucken joke.
    Everything that made metal great.
    Is being destroyed by bands doing a Taylor Swift.
    Scratch that, Taylor Swift ain't lip sync, this band does.
    I can't believe Taylor Swift is now more honest than metal.
    Thanks Ozzy, thanks dimebag, thanks fear factory.
    Your legacy is being destroyed by """" metalheads"""" who accept syncing a live show is live.

    • ems postal
      ems postal Month ago +3

      Another fucking ignoramus clearly showing how little he knows about the band but already pretends to be an "expert".Boy, BM's lead singer is not your regular metal cookie monster vocalist who hides the fact they can't actually sing if their lives depend on it. The girl can hit the high notes without a sweat. If the mic is not near her mouth, it's not her line, you stupid fuck. She's just softly singing along. Watch and see true talent in a vocalist and the backing band. And bonus non-BM performance at 13 years old for you

    • joshua Stanaway
      joshua Stanaway Month ago +1

      Essentially I'm right. Though you accept it.
      Metal is live, if your old enough, than you'd have seen far more complex metal pull it off live.
      But if your OK with paying to see a band play live, just to hear a CD version of it you could have listened to at home.
      Despite your age. Your not mature enough for this debate.
      Enjoy your lip syncing.

    • errorys 418
      errorys 418 Month ago +2

      +joshua Stanaway im old enough to know about Metal .you say lipsinking like they do this all the time wich is not true,only on few songs like this one , only when is phisicaly imposible to do it or when you need an army of peoples to make it 100% live like extra voices or instruments. Still ,they are way ahead of anyone else in diversity( from power balads to death metal with everything in between) originality and metal spirit YES. Breaking genre bariers,linguage bariers,age bariers,dancing,etc...and thats what metal means.
      I can sing 100% live but that dosnt makes me Metal.

    • joshua Stanaway
      joshua Stanaway Month ago +1

      As for me having mental problems, so now your putting shit on people with mental issues.
      Do you not know how serious mental health is today in our Society???.
      Your not metal lol
      Your a joke who believes girls love bad boys, so your attaching yourself to metal, so you look like a bad boy the girls will love.
      Your a joke.
      Keep listening to Taylor Swift pretending your a "bad boy" so you might get a date.

    • joshua Stanaway
      joshua Stanaway Month ago +1

      Thank you for those links. I looked them, I understand, like baby metal. Some bands can't pull off live all the time.
      But metal. Is about trying to pull it of live all the time, and even when your bad at it, like so many death metal bands are. It's still live.
      I personally do like this band.
      But I don't like lip syncing.
      No matter how much I enjoy a bands music, lip syncing is what pop artists do.
      I understand your passion, it's awesome, it's metal.
      But I've had the privilege of seeing Pantera, Slipknot, Fear factory, soilwork, opeth, cradle of filth, bring me the horizon, funeral for a friend, from autumn to ashes and type o live.
      With all there flaws, missed notes and fucked up solos done live to know. To know, metal is a fuck up done live, it's not perfect but it's live and the feeling you get, knowing your idols fucked up live.
      It reminds metal heads, we're human.
      Like the bands we love, they fuck up live too. Like us humans.
      That's metal. I get metal is changing.
      But don't change into pop music.
      From there, that individuality we feel, is gone under a banner of lip synced perfection.
      I doubt you'll get this, you will in a few years.

  • oscar p
    oscar p Month ago

    someone traslate pls

  • mark mitchell
    mark mitchell Month ago +2

    Sick band i need to see them live

  • Daniel Singerline
    Daniel Singerline Month ago


  • Tiago SkateRock
    Tiago SkateRock Month ago +1

    Baby Metal is different! That's what I want! I simply love it!

  • saigunso
    saigunso Month ago +14


  • 唐澤貴洋
    唐澤貴洋 Month ago

    同じZIPPO Encore STAGEのワソオクさんと大違いで草。
    Mighty Long Fallカッコよかったけどなあ

  • ぼの松ぼの子
    ぼの松ぼの子 Month ago +4


    STONE COLD Month ago +4

    I'm such a big fan of Babymetal

    xCHIMPANZEEx 99 Month ago

    omg..!! metal goes to wibu🤣😂

  • Joel Crawford
    Joel Crawford Month ago +6

    Good lord Su-Metal has pipes!! This young woman can sing! The way she can soar effortlessly and her pitch control is just astonishing.
    I love the more mature look of the most recent tour. These young women are crushing it!
    After the death of their guitar player and Yui leaving the group I’m glad they are hitting it better and harder than ever. I’m excited to see where this direction is taking them.

  • 冨安泰生
    冨安泰生 Month ago +7


  • くるみまる
    くるみまる Month ago +14


  • Chitaprrr
    Chitaprrr Month ago +15

    My baby Moa looks so pretty!!

  • 両国太郎
    両国太郎 Month ago +11


    • S Y
      S Y 21 hour ago


  • Abby Lowe
    Abby Lowe Month ago

    Too hot to mosh. I hated hot concert days outside in the summer. You end up covered in bodily fluids that aren’t even yours, even indoors i should say.

  • blue blue
    blue blue Month ago +2

    たしかに歌もダンスも上手くなってる成長してるしカッコよくなってるけど…それってベビーメタル の魅力のうちの、大事な要素ではあるけど、一番の要素ではなくない?
    世界が注目したベビーメタル の一番の魅力は可愛いメタルだったよね?
    メタルの中ではクールさ、カッコよさなんて当たり前でベビーメタル じゃなくてもいっぱいいるでしょ、もちろんボーカルだってスーより上手い人いっぱいいる。

    • blue blue
      blue blue 27 days ago

      もしKISSがメンバー1人脱退したから化粧やめてすっぴんでスーツ姿にしました。とか、ストーンズが歳だからモンペ履いてセーター姿になりました。ってなったらどうなるか、絶対ファンは落胆して怒るさ、そうだろ? ベビーメタルだって同じなんだよ、俺の感覚はおかしくないよな。 本当はあんたも今のダークサイドとやらを初めて見た時同じ気持ちを感じたんだろ?だけどベビーメタルを応援してきたから否定的なこと言いたくないんだろ? その気持ちはわかるさ。俺だってスーやモアはよく頑張ってるって思うさ。でもアミューズのこの戦略はベストだったとは思わない。たしかにユイの代わりをいれれば多少劣化するのは当然だろうさ、でも聖飢魔IIメイクより百倍マシだ。とくに海外ならそうだろ、正直アジア人の少女がそっくり背丈と服装な髪型でやってることで神秘的な魅力があったんだよ。ユイは俺もすごく好きだったけど、ユイじゃなくてもライトなファンには海外受けすることは可能なんだよ。みんなでデーモン閣下になるくらいなら、他の子を入れたほうがイメージ崩さずにすんださ。もし今の体制が心底いいと思ってるなら今のは前言撤回してお詫びする。だけどそうじゃないなら無理しないで正直になろうよ、べつに批判したっていいじゃん、愛のある批判なんだから。俺はそうすることでアミューズが方針を戻してくれることをささやかに願っているんだわ。でも今の体制をあんたみたいに絶賛する人が多かったら「この戦略当たったわ〜」ってアミューズが勘違いして永遠に続くかもしれないから、それは嫌なの。
      ちなみに・・・可愛いだけが人気の理由だなんて言ってないからな馬鹿にするなよ^^; 海外で受けてる理由知りたければ海外のファンの英語のコメント見りゃ俺がとやかく言わなくてもそこに答えが出てるわ

    • ガリクソン
      ガリクソン 27 days ago

      blue blue 楽しんでる人が観ている公の場で気持ちは解らんでもないが「つまんない」っていうならそれなりの返信がくる事を理解しときなよ。強制したつもりはなかったけど言葉がよくなかったな。気悪くしたらすまない。YUIと小神が抜けた時点でこれまでと同じ事が出来なくなってるのは理解してる?YUIは当然、小神が抜けたのは痛すぎる。

    • blue blue
      blue blue Month ago +1


    • ガリクソン
      ガリクソン Month ago

      blue blue 意地悪な言い方でごめんって最初に言っとくね。思うのは自由だけど、じゃあ具体的にベビメタはどうすべきかを言わなければ、共感出来ねえわ。

    • オンたま
      オンたま Month ago


  • 吉田一郎
    吉田一郎 Month ago +12


  • Tosa
    Tosa Month ago

    the gig is losing the kawaii effect. call it transitioning (and growing up)...i guess. good luck, baby metal. it's been a fun trip so far.

  • dieca09
    dieca09 Month ago +2

    I was mesmerized by these girls like the whole crowd seems to be, these girls are kicking ass. Hope they'll come to Melbourne this year!! fucking awesome

  • Vince Hero
    Vince Hero Month ago +1

    Ichi ni san ... go!!

  • 丸正露
    丸正露 Month ago


  • FIGHTFANNERD9.I'm Gay for Moonbin

    BABYMETAL is probably the most popular east Asian girl group ever world wide stars

    • Peter
      Peter Month ago

      I see only men playing instruments. So maybe the most popular group.

  • arief budiman
    arief budiman Month ago

    I will call this metal when they sacrifice a baby in this performance

    • Rick Wagner
      Rick Wagner Month ago +4

      @arief budiman No babies, but the lead singer has been crucified on stage several times.
      Try a TheXvid search for "babymetal death legend 1997".

  • Aulia Ramadhan
    Aulia Ramadhan Month ago


  • cavespider6665
    cavespider6665 Month ago

    how were these 3 so high up on the bill?!

    • Rick Wagner
      Rick Wagner Month ago +2

      @cavespider6665 Probably because they always get a great reaction from the crowds, and have won a bunch of best live act awards.

    • sdiablo0
      sdiablo0 Month ago +2

      You probably mean 2. Yui wasn't performing.
      But to answer your question a lot of people like Babymetal.

  • Singulitarian
    Singulitarian Month ago +8

    BABYMETAL changing the face of music around the world!

    • Singulitarian
      Singulitarian Month ago +1

      +FIGHTFANNERD9.I'm Gay for Moonbin In a different way, yes. BTS in particular, drafting off of Psy, has brought the boy band back to the States, but with much better dancing and Korean vocals. BABYMETAL has created an entirely new genre, doing something no other major group is doing in a world in front of an audience that one might expect to be massively hostile (metalheads). Kpop is selling 90s Boy Band/Girl Band Pop to tweens and young women, BABYMETAL is fusing pop and dance with metal and selling it to sweaty Slayer fans. In either case, it makes the world a better place.

    • Vince Hero
      Vince Hero Month ago

      Just forget kpop i not into it sorry...

    • FIGHTFANNERD9.I'm Gay for Moonbin
      FIGHTFANNERD9.I'm Gay for Moonbin Month ago

      that & kpop

  • Ryann Correia
    Ryann Correia Month ago +2

    Eu estou comentando no exato momento em que falta menos de 100 visualizações para chegar a
    1 milhão!!! 😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉

  • JPCH2011
    JPCH2011 Month ago +1

    Wspaniałe dziewczyny !! Zapraszamy do Polski ❤

  • TheSwedishTraveler
    TheSwedishTraveler Month ago

    For some reason, I like this look more than the new one!

  • Cynthia Clarke
    Cynthia Clarke Month ago

    Weird dancers combo. Better back as a trio with Saya now.

  • James Riamei
    James Riamei Month ago +15

    Vocal dance synchronize so well and those riffs wow

  • Arysson Lima
    Arysson Lima Month ago +5

    2:34 - what a riff, my friends. Fucking heavy!!!!

  • Last KAWAII
    Last KAWAII Month ago +2

    Wait don't tell me

    YUI LEFT AWWWWWW :c I hope she come back NUUUUUUUUUUU 😭💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔❤️💔

  • G -Metal
    G -Metal Month ago +1

    If BabyMetal is Kawaii metal where is the "Kawaii" now... and I'm not writing this for Yui. (but I miss her so much)

    • G -Metal
      G -Metal Month ago +1

      +Jose Miguel True haha

    • Jose Miguel
      Jose Miguel Month ago +1

      "where is the "Kawaii""

    • sdiablo0
      sdiablo0 Month ago +1

      In interviews they described there music as pop combined with metal or as they also called it Kawaii(the pop/idol side) metal. It may just be me but I think the Kawaii side of things never left. Just listen to Tattoo or Elevator girl for example.

  • Momo Smile
    Momo Smile Month ago +2


  • L tomboy en ki
    L tomboy en ki Month ago +11

    The future of the metal and the better show of the Download Festival.....

  • Maks M
    Maks M Month ago

    Привет из России!

  • 不動明
    不動明 Month ago +2


  • P aiu
    P aiu Month ago

    내가 사랑했던 베비메탈의 모습은 어디로...

  • Chris Redfield
    Chris Redfield Month ago +1

    como hace falta yui 😢

  • john cassey stw otaku

    YUIMETAL est pas la ?

    • john cassey stw otaku
      john cassey stw otaku Month ago +1

      Ah non j'espère qu'elle ira mieux merci pour ta réponse tu m'a ouvert grand les yeux grâce à toi je connais la raison mais pour moi son elle le groupe est pas le même qu'on 2016

    • FreddyYUL
      FreddyYUL Month ago +1

      Elle a malheureusement quitté le groupe en date du 22 octobre 2018 pour raison de santé
      Elle était absente depuis environ 1 an et on attendait son retour avec impatience, mais malheureusement il n'aurra pas de retour

  • john cassey stw otaku
    john cassey stw otaku Month ago +2

    Nice voice

  • 水彩
    水彩 Month ago


  • dai- suka
    dai- suka Month ago +4

    It almost sounds better in live

    • dai- suka
      dai- suka Month ago +1

      +Soufriere I have never seen Babymetal live but I believe you XD

    • Soufriere
      Soufriere Month ago +1

      Almost? I can say from experience Babymetal *_always_* sounds better live. The studio albums are overproduced.

  • Miss Idk
    Miss Idk Month ago +2

    damn I haven’t seen one of babymetals videos for years woah they grew up 🤧

  • Ed Robinson
    Ed Robinson Month ago

    where are the 2 other girls?

    • Jose Miguel
      Jose Miguel Month ago +3

      Moa is in the center back and Yui resigned from the band.
      If you think this is confusing wait until you see, the official videos from the Japan tour. Their next cover song will probably be, Eminem's "Will the real Moa please stand up" but more "deeply darker" and "maturely serious", you are going to love it.

  • Barry G
    Barry G 2 months ago +3

    This is bad ass!!!

  • strenght of fire
    strenght of fire 2 months ago +3

    Yuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii 😭😭😢❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Harbamon Engti
    Harbamon Engti 2 months ago +4

    I love it sisters.....😘😘keep it up...🙋🙌....