Mr. H - SNL

  • Published on Jan 27, 2019
  • A teacher (James McAvoy) approaches his underachieving student (Chris Redd) on the streets.
    #SNL #JamesMcAvoy #MeekMill #SNL44
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Comments • 724

  • CheeseFactory42
    CheeseFactory42 8 days ago

    "Next thing ya know, you'll be saying I got potential!"
    "You do."
    "And you'll be telling me that I'm smart or something."
    "You are smart."
    "And you'll be saying, 'Marcus, you're a genius!"
    *Mr. H hesitates*
    "Marcus, you're a genius!"
    "Ugh, Genius is a strong word."
    Good throwback to his role as Kanye West! πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

  • TheBuffN3rd
    TheBuffN3rd 14 days ago

    Why is Meek Mill in the hashtags?

  • Raz Edits
    Raz Edits 18 days ago +1

    Chris is my new favourite cast member. His comedic timing is perfect.

  • SlapNDash
    SlapNDash 19 days ago +1

    Bull-snazz is my new go to

  • Einveru
    Einveru 25 days ago +1

    marcus you a genius

  • Stripes Otis
    Stripes Otis 29 days ago

    hahaha when the kid said genius I thought they were gonna play the "gifted youngsters" bit LOL

  • AJ Jackson
    AJ Jackson 29 days ago


  • Olivia Eyes
    Olivia Eyes Month ago

    i'm sorry did he say he's paying sixty dollars for some weed? no.

  • Mr H
    Mr H Month ago

    I am Mr.H

  • vanityfair001
    vanityfair001 Month ago +1

    Chris Redd really knows how to get into his characters. He's a welcome addition to SNL.

  • Junain Khan
    Junain Khan Month ago


  • Alec Arecte
    Alec Arecte Month ago +1

    I’m a freshmen and I have a 1100

  • 7SeriesDaily
    7SeriesDaily Month ago

    Hashtag meek mill?

  • weepie ghost
    weepie ghost Month ago +2

    honestly i really like this?? like yeah the kids not a genius but the teacher still wants him back in school. and also shrooms

  • La Dame en Rose
    La Dame en Rose Month ago +1

    I bet you're gonna say that I'm a genius πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Deborah Docks
    Deborah Docks Month ago +1

    made me get a little teary-eyed. Poor Marcus.

  • Henry Brickner
    Henry Brickner Month ago +1

    His accent was slipping through

  • Uber Man
    Uber Man Month ago

    Why did James kill that role like that tho

  • Anthony Zhao
    Anthony Zhao Month ago

    In the end James said :” it was little all over the place”. Can native speaker explain what does this sentence mean?

    • Anthony Zhao
      Anthony Zhao Month ago

      J'onn J'onzz ah... I see. Now I understand why they are laughing. Thanks a lot !!!

    • J'onn J'onzz
      J'onn J'onzz Month ago

      It just means that the essay was not organized and developed into a uniform paper. That the arguments were unfocused, etc.

  • Cool Kid 2006
    Cool Kid 2006 Month ago


  • Rae
    Rae Month ago +3

    "You. are. buying. weed. right. now. So you can leave."

  • Pro Scopez
    Pro Scopez Month ago

    Mister prez!

  • Michael Eyob
    Michael Eyob Month ago +1

    He's right though Marcus can get more out life and doesn't have to have a poor financial life.

  • Master 5000
    Master 5000 Month ago +1

    Realistic skit to be honest.

  • Westo2
    Westo2 Month ago

    Comment 666

  • Westo2
    Westo2 Month ago

    Comment 666

  • Luke VanHout
    Luke VanHout Month ago

    Adding comment so total is 666

  • Honey Bunny
    Honey Bunny Month ago

    The acting in this skit is really good.

  • Tchaikovsky Champion

    Damn Marcus

  • Baldwin Wallace
    Baldwin Wallace Month ago

    This reminds me of how Barack Obama got a college scholarship.

  • Emanuel A. Dedektive
    Emanuel A. Dedektive 2 months ago

    Based on Adult Dyslexia's romeodog3d.

  • Emanuel A. Dedektive
    Emanuel A. Dedektive 2 months ago

    This is legit based on the subreddit Adult Dyslexia

  • Criminal Minds Girl
    Criminal Minds Girl 2 months ago

    This was funny as fuck! Please bring back James McAvoy!

  • Stop it
    Stop it 2 months ago

    When this sketch was released the s.a.ts where scored out of 2400 not 1600. They made a mistake here when one of the actors says that it is scored out of 1600

  • Ron B.
    Ron B. 2 months ago

    waiting for the punch line

    BIG CORPA 2 months ago


  • H Mxabc
    H Mxabc 2 months ago

    Wtf blahhahahahahaha this was hilarious 🀣😭🀣

  • Tim Edwards
    Tim Edwards 2 months ago


  • Michael John G
    Michael John G 2 months ago

    Go smoke your weeeed

  • Michael John G
    Michael John G 2 months ago

    Mkdonalds is so fukin whakk. There kommersials are so gayy

  • Abby Cummings
    Abby Cummings 2 months ago

    the light blue Prius is one of my favorite jokes here.

  • The Original EB
    The Original EB 2 months ago

    After he said β€œit was a little all over the place,” I thought Marcus would say β€œsee, that means I’m well-rounded.”

  • chiy3l
    chiy3l 2 months ago

    chris redd was sooo good in this! saw some jay z inspo in there early into the skit (after the second "marcus, you're a GENIUS")

  • Melany Rachel Toussaint Sosa

    _Sexy_ πŸ˜πŸ’πŸ½πŸ˜€

  • The Cheeba Lounge
    The Cheeba Lounge 2 months ago

    β€œYou watch too many movies dude β€œ πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Crofregernish
    Crofregernish 2 months ago

    Last time I went "down to the hood" everything was boarded up and no one was there. Also was asked why I was there by the gas station attendant.
    He had obviously never been in dire need of a restroom. #charmin

  • Inkimetronic
    Inkimetronic 2 months ago

    Phenomenal acting by the SNL crew and James McAvoy. I have to say the kid here actually likes studying and just wants the "certified genius" card to go do it and well I think any kid has been there. Realistic SNL sketch.

  • Mark Zadorozhnyi
    Mark Zadorozhnyi 2 months ago


  • please don't kill steve rogers marvel studios

    james mcavoy could do any accent and i'll just be convinced that that's his voice and forget that he really has a scottish accent

  • Sydney
    Sydney 2 months ago

    by far one of the best skits

  • Mina M
    Mina M 2 months ago

    Ok, I think I'd seriously enjoy a movie with James McAvoy as a teacher.

  • Dynex distortion
    Dynex distortion 2 months ago

    But did he get the schrooms?

  • Michael Barrett
    Michael Barrett 2 months ago

    β€œIf poss...” lol

  • Alora Aldridge
    Alora Aldridge 2 months ago

    McAvoy for the win!

  • Alora Aldridge
    Alora Aldridge 2 months ago

    I wish my teachers would be like Mr. H

  • adventureswithkelly
    adventureswithkelly 2 months ago

    Lol πŸ˜‚ I love these cats 🐱 I’d let any of them fuck me πŸ˜‚ or just walk around making fun of people 😝

  • PM's Far-Out Grooviness

    Darn it, I need shrooms for a gathering myself

  • saadick hurre
    saadick hurre 2 months ago

    "you go smoke your weed" hhhhhh and the calculator though

  • FrancesL
    FrancesL 2 months ago

    This skit was brilliant. They really need to bring back James McAvoy

  • Oceanside S
    Oceanside S 2 months ago

    1100 isn't good???

  • morning_angel
    morning_angel 2 months ago

    That was AMAZING... I was completely absorbed!!! Well done SNL!

  • Mr. Chapa
    Mr. Chapa 2 months ago

    That was funny

  • Vol100000
    Vol100000 2 months ago +1


  • Anthony Manuel
    Anthony Manuel 2 months ago

    great accent on this one

  • Angela Covacs
    Angela Covacs 2 months ago

    LOL ok this was funny

    MAMADOU SEKOU 2 months ago +1

    Chris Redd was brilliant in this sketch

  • Aaron Hall
    Aaron Hall 2 months ago

    So good

  • Jake Lehner
    Jake Lehner 2 months ago

    I like Chris Redd

  • SisterSophiaART
    SisterSophiaART 2 months ago

    ~~~there was no point in trying shrooms for they locked me and they drugged me and they questioned me and then they thugged me and an old nunnery they kept me for three years and facilities and hospitals until I decided to wipe my brain I was a genius before I forgot everything for score~~~
    But I'm still kicking pumps my heart my mind and my body I control with a power

  • Anna Luthi
    Anna Luthi 2 months ago



    Lmao the typical teacher

  • Jeffrey Brown
    Jeffrey Brown 2 months ago

    I loved Chris in that. I would watch him do a real one.

  • TheScaliaJr
    TheScaliaJr 2 months ago

    This has a nice feature film feel to it.

  • Angelitapjt1 Gravespf08

  • J Bellamy
    J Bellamy 2 months ago

    "If poss"

  • Lyndon Fair
    Lyndon Fair 2 months ago

    Just like me

  • KH M87
    KH M87 2 months ago +1

    Sorry if I sound rude but I ask this because I'm genuinely I the only person who doesn't find SNL really funny? To me this sketch just had nothing funny about it and I find that with most of them. I'm just surprised because SNL is so huge in America but yet I just find the humour so basic

    • Itsyuh
      Itsyuh 2 months ago

      i found this funny, the humor is more subtle. their comedy isn't like the old days where they're constantly searching for laughs

    • A Chubby Squirrel
      A Chubby Squirrel 2 months ago

      This one was funnier then 90% of them so if you didn't find this one funny you wont find the other ones funny either

  • mew10521
    mew10521 2 months ago

    Gosh this teacher had no faith in Marcus

  • mew10521
    mew10521 2 months ago

    How did he know Marcus had shrooms?

  • mew10521
    mew10521 2 months ago

    Poor Marcus

  • mew10521
    mew10521 2 months ago

    Some teacher

  • sha11235
    sha11235 2 months ago

    Well, that was interesting. But I thought Mr. H was going to get shot in a drive-by or someone was going to jack his car.

  • infiniteandroid
    infiniteandroid 2 months ago

    That was fuckin good!!!!!!

  • Jeremiah Gallagher
    Jeremiah Gallagher 2 months ago

    It's actually unbelievable how many accents McAvoy did in this one episode. Basically a different accent per sketch, that is crazy. Awesome job by him, this was a fun episode

  • Michael Lee
    Michael Lee 2 months ago

    Accurate is funny now

  • β€”natalie b
    β€”natalie b 2 months ago

    hoping to score some shrooms. noice.

  • Diver, Sky
    Diver, Sky 2 months ago

    Shrooms for a Bachelor Party?
    Yo, how you gonna snort shrooms off a hookers ass Mr. H?

  • Carrie B.
    Carrie B. 2 months ago +1

    SNL is everything.

  • Cringe Boy
    Cringe Boy 2 months ago +29

    No, Harvard is definitely out of the question

    • Starlord
      Starlord 2 months ago +2

      LOL, just being realistic. Even State colleges is a bit of a stretch.

  • Becca Antoine
    Becca Antoine 2 months ago +29

    Every sketch he’s done he put in so much work. He’s so good. Set the standard high for the next host.

  • Vianey Boruel
    Vianey Boruel 2 months ago

    Shut up Craig!

  • Vianey Boruel
    Vianey Boruel 2 months ago

    This was beautifully done

  • Sergio Serrano
    Sergio Serrano 2 months ago

    That was good! Very good. Loved it

  • sarah N
    sarah N 2 months ago +1


  • jammar521
    jammar521 2 months ago


  • Adrian Ventura
    Adrian Ventura 2 months ago

    James showing his acting skills and acting choices in all these sketches

  • runrunrudi
    runrunrudi 2 months ago


  • KingXOreo
    KingXOreo 2 months ago

    Why is Meek Mill hashtagged in this?

  • Dashh872
    Dashh872 2 months ago


  • Anatolij86
    Anatolij86 2 months ago

    This actually made me kinda sad.