• Published on May 1, 2018
  • MAY 2 9PM PST

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  • ʟօֆȶ_ӄօʍǟӄɨ
    ʟօֆȶ_ӄօʍǟӄɨ 2 days ago +1

    it’s about flowers

    * high schoolers have left the chat *

  • Idk idk
    Idk idk 27 days ago +1

    it's almost 2020 and this is still my wallpaper

  • SoftTrash
    SoftTrash Month ago


  • Kitty Canary
    Kitty Canary 2 months ago

    Troye: It’s about flowers
    Me: Sure Jan ...

  • skye baby
    skye baby 5 months ago

    Its so about flowers

  • whirlpoolmind
    whirlpoolmind 5 months ago +1

    this cheeky little shit.

  • just a name pls
    just a name pls 7 months ago +2

    Since when Jacob's name is flowers?

  • Husnul Hotimah
    Husnul Hotimah 8 months ago

    Yes! Love you ^^

  • Bella Karpen
    Bella Karpen 9 months ago

    iTs abOuT flOweRs mhMMM SUREE

  • Bella Karpen
    Bella Karpen 9 months ago

    this is beautiful why haven’t i seen this

  • Erica F. Brun
    Erica F. Brun Year ago

    I can’t believe he only lost his virginity NOW
    He’s so gorgeous 😍

  • Whattacatch Dannie

    Now the real question: Does Troye and Jacob fuck to this song

  • Paxton Pill
    Paxton Pill Year ago

    Anybody going to see Troye in CHARLOTTE, NC at the Charlotte Metro Credit Union Amphitheatre?

  • Anthony Smith
    Anthony Smith Year ago +3

    We love a lying queen... he really tricked us huh

  • spirit box
    spirit box Year ago +5

    It's about flowers? Yeah, I sure hope it does

    Please tell me if you know the reference

  • They call me Mayhem and BAEPSAE

    Why the fucc you lying, why you always lying *ooooo omg stop fuccing lying!!!* 😏

  • bex
    bex Year ago +1

    yeah, flowers.
    flowers and sex.
    but mainly sex.

  • vvishalsinghh
    vvishalsinghh Year ago +1

    It's not about flowers😂😂😂

  • molly •
    molly • Year ago +1

    hehe no it’s not

  • Leyla Astrid Arroyo Cabrales

    ah yes! my favourite flower it's called "bottom"

  • Jenna Rodriguez
    Jenna Rodriguez Year ago +5

    Troye outside: It's about flowers;)
    Troye on the inside: Hell it's about Jacob, who else?!

  • Cookies Gacha
    Cookies Gacha Year ago

    What... why...? Duhh. That was short

  • louiesa Soriano
    louiesa Soriano Year ago

    if you already release the new album can you make a new song for you girl fans too plsss
    iknow its hard but plss😀😀💕💕

    • chelsea
      chelsea Year ago

      what do you mean for his girl fans?

  • King of asgard
    King of asgard Year ago +2

    *its about you being a bottom*

  • Adonn Lucero
    Adonn Lucero Year ago +1

    last time i checked, bottoming wasnt pronounced "flowas"

    • Adonn Lucero
      Adonn Lucero Year ago

      Me myself And i jesus christ calm down, im gay, myself. it was a joke.

    • chelsea
      chelsea Year ago

      bitch if you don't know gay language then leave

  • 박현
    박현 Year ago +3

    Troye says it's about flowers but everyone knows what the real meaning is right? LOL

  • Skyler Momoko // Doja Cat \\ Hot Pink


  • Justsassygirl
    Justsassygirl Year ago +1


  • Hayhay Minh Trang Nguyen

    "it's about flowers"

  • mei ko
    mei ko Year ago


  • Jared V
    Jared V Year ago +2

    😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😉🤣🤣😂🤣😂 No it is not!

  • Potato Ella
    Potato Ella Year ago

    Why is he such a cinnamon roll--

  • Hardbass star
    Hardbass star Year ago +1

    Yeah, it is

  • IFeelAtEase
    IFeelAtEase Year ago

    I miss your videos Troye, one more please?

  • Tammy Versa
    Tammy Versa Year ago


  • Satan _
    Satan _ Year ago

    FLOWERS *imaginary jazz hands*

  • Eric McHenry
    Eric McHenry Year ago

    Happy Birthday Troye

  • Shaley Bustamante

    Wait hold up one minute I seriously thought there would be more, I was just shocked. Can't wait to hear the rest! #TROYE SIVAN FAM

  • チュピンマトウェイ

    What do you mean? by Justin bieber

  • sharissa kim
    sharissa kim Year ago +1

    *It's about flowers* ok don't lie in my face

  • ᑭᑌᖇᑭᒪᗴ

    I'm going to the LA concert and I'm so exited omg

  • Waterytea
    Waterytea Year ago +1

    25 seconds is all you need and I’m *sold*

  • ___a____ _
    ___a____ _ Year ago


  • Ugh
    Ugh Year ago +1

    *s* *u* *r* *e*

  • Mrs. Calum Hood
    Mrs. Calum Hood Year ago


  • luv jongin
    luv jongin Year ago

    have you seen ten and jisung from NCT dance to your song? Or please react to ten's 'new heroes' !!!!

  • destiny webb
    destiny webb Year ago +1

    Flowers? Hmm that’s a strange way to pronounce bottoming...

  • Lĩnh finewithdis?

    I really hope to see a music video tho c:
    But sure, ok

  • Jordana
    Jordana Year ago

    Why isn’t Blue Neighbourhood on Apple Music anymore ??

  • இ_Вай_இ
    இ_Вай_இ Year ago

    Hi I'm Russian! I really like your music! I'm Katya. You're the sweetest on TheXvid I hope I wrote everything correctly

  • Max
    Max Year ago

    Omg thats hillariouse!!

  • Avani Kaushik
    Avani Kaushik Year ago +1

    Yupp DEFINITELY about flowers 😏😏

  • Sammy Girlx1234
    Sammy Girlx1234 Year ago

    Yeah. It's not about flowers.

  • Healing Taekookie

    If Hayley Kiyoko is Lesbian Jesus, then… Halsey is Bisexual Jesus Janelle Monaé is Pansexual Jesus and Troye Sivan is Gay Jesus

  • Hana Jamang
    Hana Jamang Year ago

    I bloom just for u. 💙

  • Rapid Dash
    Rapid Dash Year ago

    About too much lotion you mean

  • Someone Else
    Someone Else Year ago


  • Cuppa_ Cioffi
    Cuppa_ Cioffi Year ago +1

    "Its about flowers" mmmmhhmmmmm!! *sure*

  • Amanda
    Amanda Year ago +1

    *It's about flowers*

  • Dan
    Dan Year ago