100 Players Simulate Civilization in Minecraft

  • Published on Aug 8, 2021
  • What if civilizations formed in Minecraft? In this video, we investigate this question by simulating human civilization in Minecraft with REAL players!
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    To figure out which biome is the most advanced civilization, we put 100 players into different 100 by 100 chunks with limited resources. Each chunk features a different biome to test how a society would develop using a variety of resources. Will their people cooperate or will the region plunge into anarchy? If they survive stage 1, trade routes will open up and we will get to see unique interactions between each country!
    This is Recreating Civilization in Minecraft, not the History of Humans! Everything from the primitive beginnings of society is rebuilt to established nations fighting to the death will be covered. This will truly test the theories of what if everyone was trapped in minecraft by rebuilding all of civilization.
    A lot of planning went into this video! Shoutout to my admin Flare for helping a TON with the planning. The style of this video is similar to Primer, Wilbur Soot in parts. A large influence on this series has come from content creators like @Primer and @Wilbur Soot .
    Thumbnail art by @Clown_Miser on Twitter
    Shoutout to these LEGENDS for letting me use their POVs! Go check them out!
    @Beastow (Twitch)
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  • MagicGum
    MagicGum  9 months ago +19013

    subscribe or I'll trap you in fortnite >:)
    edit: also for those who didn't know, the Australia reference was an actual thing that happened in the 1800s! shoutout to my Australian viewers :D

    • Lemi Nerale
      Lemi Nerale 5 days ago

      Don't trap me in fortnite pls baydeway i haf a guesten why efry video is war?

    • build a dad
      build a dad 10 days ago +1

      don't trap me in my favourite game Fortnite battle pass (made in may 20229621234567876545677654345678543806450 jk just 2022)

    • O’Connor
      O’Connor 13 days ago

      Not the British convicts

    • chen hou
      chen hou 17 days ago


    • FailureAnimations
      FailureAnimations Month ago


  • Beppo
    Beppo 9 months ago +6284


  • Ежидзе
    Ежидзе 4 months ago +927

    As a siberian, I'm so proud of these guys

    • Sixten frid
      Sixten frid 10 hours ago

      Siberia is a REALLLLLLY cold place for example my homeland sweden in winter can get as cold as -20 degrees Celsius siberian winter can get as cold as -45 degrees Celsius like just HOW DO YOU SURVIVE IN THAT?

    • The Guitarist
      The Guitarist Month ago


    • NaN
      NaN 2 months ago +2


    • bar 1
      bar 1 2 months ago +3


    • laura müller
      laura müller 3 months ago +7

      @kudos Gulag too

  • William Franszz
    William Franszz 4 months ago +405

    Ocean : Fell to civil war
    Jungle : Fell to guerilla warfare
    Plains : Fell to overconfident
    Mesa : Fell to ambush
    Siberia : "Not a step back!!!"

    • Nik Den
      Nik Den 2 months ago +27


  • spidtz
    spidtz 4 months ago +160

    Funny that the nation with the least favorable environment was able to grow so powerful. Just goes to show that with some teamwork and perseverance, the hopeless becomes hopeful

    • Puff Jig
      Puff Jig 4 days ago

      @Сева Снеговой monke when: 😱😱😱😱😱

    • Сева Снеговой
      Сева Снеговой Month ago +9

      Har times make strong monke

    • Puff Jig
      Puff Jig 2 months ago +19

      People that deal with more adversity always go on to become stronger. Proof that pain creates strength.

  • JJ A
    JJ A 3 months ago +112

    "With all the criminals in fear of Australia, society advanced," is my new favorite quote.

  • Your favorite Overlord
    Your favorite Overlord 6 months ago +8875

    Calling the villagers “The Natives” makes things so much more realistic

  • Rio Deyja
    Rio Deyja 4 months ago +230

    "To not get nuked into oblivion, each group had to elect a leader."
    It would have been much more interesting if they were allowed to create anarchist societies as well.

    • Tyto Alba
      Tyto Alba Month ago

      Just look at what happened to Ocean civ

    • Another Youtube account
      Another Youtube account 2 months ago

      They did, but it fell instantly

    • BaconClad
      BaconClad 2 months ago +1

      No that would just be another boring dream SMP

    • Henry Crabs
      Henry Crabs 2 months ago +2

      They would get steamrolled by their neighbors

    • Ryan Richey
      Ryan Richey 3 months ago +4

      But also the "communists" aren't actually Communists if they have a centralized leadership.

  • Evolve
    Evolve 3 months ago +21

    It’s so funny how most events are loosely tied to history as well and follow them like the naval charge was literally D-Day lmao

  • Commenter01
    Commenter01 2 months ago +10

    Have you considered a player revival system through XP so nations can grow back from the brink

  • Elizebeth Ornduff
    Elizebeth Ornduff Month ago +2

    I had made a prediction about who’s right after you revealed the biomes, my guess was siberia.
    What made me think that?
    The regions with the harshest climate strive to be the best
    And also plains where unfamiliar with the land

  • Drew Jacobson
    Drew Jacobson 5 months ago +3311

    As a kid playing Minecraft, I DREAMT of this level of cooperation. So fun to watch.

    • Lemi Nerale
      Lemi Nerale 5 days ago

      I want to play minecraft like this one but i dont haf it 🙁

    • ItsWickie
      ItsWickie 29 days ago

      There was a huge server with different nations, multiple storyline’s, huge buildings and rap battles. (yes, actual rap battles lol) It started 9 years ago in the Dutch mc community and now there are many rip off servers.

    • FazFjornbi
      FazFjornbi Month ago


    • Tara
      Tara 2 months ago

      @Kole Lummerding where's the link

    • Gen
      Gen 2 months ago

      @NotJustinYeet roblox how so?

  • theisgood0
    theisgood0 4 months ago +8

    I recommend you use the mods tough as nails and serene seasons next time.
    The mods are highly configurable. :) love this series.

  • Live The Future
    Live The Future 4 months ago +6

    Very interesting video! would love to see more experiments like this.
    maybe get some mods to simulate different climates and environments that would create a unique challenge to survival in each location.
    i'm basically just thinking civilization in minecraft.
    maybe add some mods to minecraft that add on to the standard survival mode, things like temperature, thirst, disease, droughts, famines, and changing seasons, like in winters all the crops and animals start dying off, and each civilization needs to plan and stockpile enough food to sustain their populations throughout the winter. and have to solve and face challeneges that many civilizations faced in real life.
    and some kind of tech progression would be great!
    i would also love if you added some villager and AI mods, you know make it so that you can build functioning towns and cities and populate them with villagers, guards, and various workers, and all that. create some kind of resource extraction and utilization system. i know there are a couple of mods like that. perhaps with that then you could raise large armies and battle them like that as well, instead of purely PvP.
    also a naval combat and ships mod generally would be sweet!
    basically i'm just thinking of civilization in minecraft.

  • VeryGrainyBread
    VeryGrainyBread 4 months ago +2

    i was rooting for the ice spikes. it makes me happy that they pushed through to win the war. go ice spikes!

  • Jack Skywalker
    Jack Skywalker Month ago +1

    “Welcome to Siberia, I don’t care what you call it, you’re gonna die here.”
    Little did he know, the Siberians had a trick of their sleeves

  • Haaaz
    Haaaz 8 months ago +1536

    Clearly the Siberian resolve was strengthened by their harsh living and diet of pure fish.

    • Dhyey Patel
      Dhyey Patel 8 months ago +1

      And their strong national identity

    • Mark kyle Caranzo
      Mark kyle Caranzo 8 months ago +4

      you are what you eat. the strength is real.

    • I like udon noodles
      I like udon noodles 8 months ago +102

      I wouldn’t be surprised if they can breathe underwater now

  • Kreuinos
    Kreuinos 4 months ago +3

    I’d love to play on a server like this it just seems so cool

  • mach bass
    mach bass Month ago

    This is the kind of civilization sim I've been looking for in minecraft. I'd love to see a longer form version of this to see how long it could last before the servers were abandoned.

  • Alex M
    Alex M 4 months ago +5

    "we don't have wool here, only fish" my god this is the level of world play i want in minecraft

  • Mr Tea
    Mr Tea 3 months ago +2

    "peacefully spread their ideologies"
    Literally showing germany taking over france in wwii
    Very peaceful

  • B
    B 9 months ago +3310

    Other nations: "We built some huge walls and had a strong military even in the early stage"
    Siberia: "Want some fish?"

    • xyusuf
      xyusuf 8 months ago +1

      Happy: I’m happy

    • Zhong Xina
      Zhong Xina 8 months ago

      @B siberia is a region in russia and another nation named siberia

    • JKAbsol
      JKAbsol 8 months ago

      @PEYwithaTON If I didn't understand the joke, why would I have said 'but, yes'?

  • Matic
    Matic 4 months ago +2

    Awesome video! A bit sad to see how the jungle region fared considering they could have just burnt the entire part with the tree people down

    • MagicGum
      MagicGum  3 months ago +2

      Indeed it was a tragedy

  • CosmNick
    CosmNick 4 months ago +2

    I would want another one of this kind of video, its so interesting with the decisions that the nations chiise

  • Computment
    Computment 3 months ago +1

    Fun Fact : These video's never fail to entertain us "Keep up the good work !".

  • Shivanksh63
    Shivanksh63 23 hours ago

    "Tough times creates strong men"
    I guess the saying is true... even in minecraft.

  • S A L T🧂
    S A L T🧂 9 months ago +33975

    Siberia developed their community over shared hardship and fish buffets, hats off to the siberians

    • Сева Снеговой
      Сева Снеговой Month ago

      Historically correct i'd say

    • Madhatter Zake
      Madhatter Zake 2 months ago

      Let us raise a toast to the Siberians!!!!

    • Itto
      Itto 3 months ago


    • ChatBruh Luu
      ChatBruh Luu 3 months ago

      God I love the Soviet Siberians

    • Thumbomb
      Thumbomb 3 months ago

      @cornmeal southern Siberia, where all the cities are, is pretty mild, you can grow wheat there

  • Caveboy567
    Caveboy567 Month ago +1

    in multiple diffeent iterations of this experiment ive seen the jungle organise the fastest. I think this happens because, like the plains, jungle has abundant resources (fishing, wood, etc), but also has setbacks that make it impossible to progress withour order: if jungle has order, they not only survive, but thrive, but if they don't, they die very quickly

  • Joe Mama
    Joe Mama 3 months ago +6

    Man I wish I had a strong PC so I could be part of something like this, it looks like everyone's having lots of fun

  • M J Brown I I
    M J Brown I I 3 months ago +1

    Woah well they had the harshest climate so they were tougher than the other nations, a few hidden hearts were added to them passively 😂

  • Owen Graham
    Owen Graham Month ago

    Love the videos, bringing my biggest what ifs to reality, I can’t stop watching theses

  • Ecuvaet 714
    Ecuvaet 714 9 months ago +12669

    if you do an other run of this, an idea:
    each nation has a separate chest where they can put food in but cannot take out (or shouldn't at least), and once a certain number of food is in that chest, an admin takes it away and allows a new person to join the nation
    it would be a sort of reproduction system so colonies don't die out that easily.
    The price could increase depending on how well of a nation is

    • AlpacaWithoutHat
      AlpacaWithoutHat 3 months ago

      @howiestillgamez I think it should be new players. New people with the same personality as someone who died would be weird

    • William Gabriel Gamboa
      William Gabriel Gamboa 3 months ago

      @Loturzel Restaurant *me and you* boo!!!

    • Nety Imeni
      Nety Imeni 5 months ago

      Everyone will start farming food like crazy

    • Rudeboy is marked
      Rudeboy is marked 5 months ago

      @Loturzel Restaurant Okay*

  • Dayvin Boisvert
    Dayvin Boisvert 3 months ago +1

    I must say there wasn't very much trading going on. It just seemed like each nation had to take out an oppressor in order to survive instead of trading to thrive. Cool video though other then that!

  • Sidious Wargaming
    Sidious Wargaming 4 months ago +1

    You should have had volunteers in the discord be able to join devastated countries, that would have made interesting

  • The only eye
    The only eye 4 months ago +2

    Rumour has it the siberians still have fish feasts in their own single player servers to remember this great moment

  • Fatboi128
    Fatboi128 4 months ago

    Honestly, this whole thing was pretty historically accurate.

  • The Sauciest Boss
    The Sauciest Boss 9 months ago +1881

    Id really like to see how this would play out with more 'realism' added. Like natural disasters, maybe tougher mobs, or a technological progression mod

    • Marco Donato
      Marco Donato 6 months ago

      Great idea. I would love to see this in a video

    • If your married Your a simp and a cuck
      If your married Your a simp and a cuck 6 months ago +2

      The weather mod comes to mind it'd be dope to see tornados and blizzards ripping thru villages.

    • Jameson Redfearn
      Jameson Redfearn 6 months ago

      The americans making hueys:troll: (going to nam)

    • Jack Narcum
      Jack Narcum 8 months ago

      @lord buss accually not a bad idea, loaded with bugs but the realism is there and it makes the game much harder. Might need to give them a boast so the players don't all die the first night XD

    • lord buss
      lord buss 8 months ago

      Terra firma craft!

  • Bethany
    Bethany 4 months ago

    I love how there were lava pits in Australia when it actually has hardly any volcanic activity

  • ugh
    ugh 3 months ago +1

    1:05 as an Australian, I approve this message.

  • adeadcow yikes
    adeadcow yikes 3 months ago

    Such a great video, all these people copying your thumbnails and idea can't hold a candle to the way this is presented and edited.

  • Charger 99
    Charger 99 3 months ago

    When I saw my favorite nation of the plains charging down the mountain I started crying knowing the slaughter that would follow.

  • OneSmack
    OneSmack 9 months ago +8851

    I love how this has lore, tension, war, betrayal, sacrifice, and a bunch of other stuff that makes civilizations interesting.

  • The Software
    The Software 3 months ago

    The Ice Spikes nation was the best one to me from the very beginning. This was an awesome video to watch, thanks!

  • max dunahee
    max dunahee 2 months ago

    This is so sick I love these videos and would love to be a part of them!

  • Zoë Jansen
    Zoë Jansen 4 months ago

    I was rooting for the Siberians, glad to see they won :)

  • Wesley
    Wesley 18 days ago +1

    I liked it when they all helped the three kings. I would literally die just for saving my kings life

  • Carlos Cuevas
    Carlos Cuevas 9 months ago +1280

    “We have no wool for beds only fish” this statement proves that sleep is got the weak

    • AVK Filming
      AVK Filming 8 months ago +3

      @MrBlackHawk888 In the base game the only punishment for not sleeping is a Hostile mob but some mods change this and bring extra dangers, don't remember the name but that mod made it so that not sleeping for a few days makes you slower and if you don't sleep for a long period then you can die

    • MrBlackHawk888
      MrBlackHawk888 9 months ago

      So how did they sleep actually? What is the mechanics in Minecraft for tiredness? I know only a special mob starts haunting player at night(after player is awake for 3 nights), but not much more.

    • Gaming Knight
      Gaming Knight 9 months ago +14

      366 people who understood that typo perfectly 😂

  • Brievel Montague
    Brievel Montague 4 months ago

    Straight up, this is super cool and if I didn't have so many real life responsibilities I would beg on my knees to join the next one.

    CHERRY COLA 3 months ago

    This was so interesting... Definitely one of my favorite videos of all time lol

  • Pie Guy
    Pie Guy 4 months ago +1

    The only flaw with this is the criminals being sent to Australia. It’s up to the civilization of a region to decide how they deal with murderers and thieves.

  • sooniceguy
    sooniceguy 4 months ago +2

    What a great idea! Great video. Will there be a sequel?

    • MagicGum
      MagicGum  4 months ago +2

      Yes there will be a sequel!

  • PyroFlame
    PyroFlame 9 months ago +6896

    I love the “one guy was being mauled by a polar bear, the others watched and cheered it on” 😂

  • Adam Falconieri
    Adam Falconieri 2 months ago

    This video was really interesting! Love the concept

  • TheMat
    TheMat 28 days ago

    okay im gonna be honest i didnt expect to like this guy for too much just after watching his other "mc kingdoms" but when he said 0:06 "peacefully spread their ideologies" and had that video of ww2 i really love this guy. subscribed :D

  • Kitsune Kierein
    Kitsune Kierein 3 months ago

    I would love to join one of these experiments!

  • Lovely Berry
    Lovely Berry 4 months ago

    I’d love to see more content like this!!

  • Drew Wagner
    Drew Wagner 9 months ago +1157

    Every 100 days you should add a "population boom" where previous players who were slain, are brought back, and potentially new members are added

    • Snail066 Snail 06
      Snail066 Snail 06 9 months ago +1

      Pull an scp:sl and add respawn tokens every few days and according to food supplies assign respawns.

    • Juan Rodríguez
      Juan Rodríguez 9 months ago +17

      @Drew Wagner Nah I like their food idea more. Bringing back people from the dead should be at least somewhat difficult and not an event that just brings everybody back.

    • Steven Fuentes
      Steven Fuentes 9 months ago


    • hi
      hi 9 months ago +25

      @Drew Wagner
      Not really honestly. It would push people to focus on food production further than what is the bare necessity.

    • Drew Wagner
      Drew Wagner 9 months ago +6

      @Bobby Brogenlie yall gotta stop lookin too deep into it, i just pointed a way to keep the server alive aswell as realistic, adding too many aspects could turn people off all together

  • Bert Chintus
    Bert Chintus 3 months ago

    This is one of the most incredible social experiments I have ever seen

  • BriBbri
    BriBbri 4 months ago

    This is honestly so incredible. 13 yr old me would die to be apart of this

  • Priyanshu Pokhriyal
    Priyanshu Pokhriyal 2 months ago +1

    Loved this video a lot, thanks! ❤️

  • ItsWickie
    ItsWickie 29 days ago

    Fun fact: about 9 years ago, a server that had a similar concept called “The Kingdom” started. Every country has their own TheXvidr with a full storyline and stuff like that. At some point they even began having RAP BATTLES with each other. It was by far the most populair concept in the Dutch Minecraft community, and I miss it so much. For many people it was their childhood. To this day there are still copies of this server called “Fake Kingdom servers” where you can start your own country, but unfortunately the community has become quite toxic. If any of you want to know more, just ask!

  • S. Dzartovian
    S. Dzartovian 8 months ago +2057

    This needs to be a series, with different seasons where you incorporate new mechanics.

    • MechaBox
      MechaBox 7 months ago +1

      thats a good idea

    • SkyPlayzGames
      SkyPlayzGames 7 months ago +2

      Maybe one inspired by Ancient Greece with Sparta and Athens. Admins can be patron gods

    • MrRobsn
      MrRobsn 7 months ago +3

      Also, more advanced recipes should only be enabled when civilizations would raise their technology levels, like in real civ...

    • shiiggester
      shiiggester 8 months ago +2

      That would be so entertaining

    • Doğu_Karahanli _east
      Doğu_Karahanli _east 8 months ago +1

      @just some dude tough not everyone has minecraft let alone minecraft java

  • Brandon M. Childers
    Brandon M. Childers 4 months ago

    I like how the end started to shift to a ww2 style event in which the plains (Germans) and islanders (Japanese) fought agains Siberia (Soviets)

  • Yu_ rikka
    Yu_ rikka 18 days ago

    yall should do more of these, its so fun to watch even though i dont play minecraft lol

    CHERRY COLA 3 months ago

    When he first refered to the Jungle region as Vietnam I was literally caught so off gaurd...

  • SomeRandomPerson
    SomeRandomPerson 3 months ago

    This is more interesting than what they teach us in history class

  • DragonIsAnOverratedName
    DragonIsAnOverratedName 5 months ago +5782

    "They violated the basic rule of war. Never give up the high ground."
    Oh please we all know the most important and basic one and it is
    "Never invade Russia in winter"
    In which they failed to see

    • Ethan Hinton
      Ethan Hinton 16 days ago

      @Paul Dickinson don't forget the slightly lesser known rule: "don't mess with a Sicilian when DEATH is on the line!"

    • shashwat chawla
      shashwat chawla Month ago

      Technically the high ground rule was implied and demonstrated by Obi wan kenobi

    • Nathanhehe
      Nathanhehe Month ago


    • 1CE
      1CE Month ago

      @SuperFanatic22 Channel Missing the point I made bud

    • SuperFanatic22 Channel
      SuperFanatic22 Channel Month ago

      @1CE Sweden invaded russia in the winter and lost alot of men and their king

  • koda is termanator
    koda is termanator 4 months ago

    I love how Australia is one of the best places to be so many resources surrounded bye water a lot of land best place and beautiful geology

  • Wilgg Gggg
    Wilgg Gggg 2 months ago

    Magic gum is literally the god of everything on the server and the staffs are just gods of their nation lol

  • Ramble Roodle
    Ramble Roodle 4 months ago

    i would love to explore this world honestly

    SWAGYSNOOP52 2 months ago

    Next time if you do something like this again you should have mods that make it much more realistic :)

  • Tim French
    Tim French 9 months ago +5625

    I would've liked to see an added mechanic where a new player spawns every so often in each place to simulate population growth

    • Antoine
      Antoine 5 months ago

      it would need to be with the amount of food supply, the more food you have the more population you get

    • CorruptedUltimaWerewolf
      CorruptedUltimaWerewolf 8 months ago

      @Kyle Hart but it's what happened in real live war, the population is extending, the power grows, and if u lost some firepower u can still recover................ But just don't let like 10 players joining at the same time XD at least every 15-30 minutes 1 player join

    • Fabian Witte
      Fabian Witte 8 months ago +1

      I think one could also make the pop growth mechanic dependent on certain conditions like food supply, established housing/walls, as well as conquering neutral areas as a means of acquiring land (more population = more land needed).
      This would make it also highly interesting to see which nations can thrive as well as avoid collapse/civil war due to the expanding population.

    • Monkey Bandit
      Monkey Bandit 8 months ago

      @Joey Bednar that’s actually a really good idea lol

    JPG_PRODUCTIONS 2 months ago

    This was awesome to watch but I feel like when it came to getting through the jungle warriors, it was harder for the jungle having to navigate tgat

  • Kilroy 225
    Kilroy 225 Month ago

    This needs to be a reality seasonal show

  • Dylan
    Dylan 4 months ago +1

    Love this vid i wanna see more like this if possible

    POWDIEPUNK 4 months ago

    I love how they were the ones that got mauled by polar bears at the beginning but won the whole war

    • MagicGum
      MagicGum  3 months ago

      The polar bears trained them

  • Martinneween
    Martinneween 7 months ago +3229

    “Welcome to Siberia, I don’t care what you name it, you’re all going to die here” - The realest Siberian ever

    • vienna
      vienna 4 months ago

      timestamp pls-

    • Sakkos Stuff
      Sakkos Stuff 5 months ago

      Siberia cold kid in class

    • Sakkos Stuff
      Sakkos Stuff 5 months ago

      @Loosegamer 🇺🇦 know what?

    • Sakkos Stuff
      Sakkos Stuff 5 months ago

      @Loosegamer 🇺🇦 why is that in the concept bro

  • Quickglove
    Quickglove 3 months ago

    I’ve almost watched this 5 times now. Amazing video.

  • Orange Tree Studios
    Orange Tree Studios 3 months ago

    This feels like a historical documentary.

  • Sum Teng Wong
    Sum Teng Wong 3 months ago

    Good story! I like how they give minecraft a purpose. 👍

  • BubblegumB
    BubblegumB 3 months ago +2

    So proud for Siberia!

  • Guy
    Guy 6 months ago +4037

    i never played with an organized group of people... it looks so damn promising to have this minecraft experience

    • KaedonX06
      KaedonX06 3 months ago

      @Finnchen to force more interactions and limited recourses obviously

    • Jerome Withagen
      Jerome Withagen 3 months ago

      @The Preston Sho sign me up

    • Valentin Dot
      Valentin Dot 3 months ago

      I will do once you can contact me in private if you want :)

    • Isabel Fowlkes
      Isabel Fowlkes 4 months ago

      @The Preston Sho how could I maybe participate?

  • CriticalIce
    CriticalIce 3 months ago +1

    This is the reason why I am playing Minecraft again. Thanks man

  • クリス龍Chris Dragon

    This was really interesting to watch and listen to!

  • YesPotato
    YesPotato Month ago +1

    I live in Australia and i am loving the exact replica you created

  • NikTarKa _
    NikTarKa _ 3 months ago

    I think ocean region had the most usable spawn, they could just do a base underwater and just ratt everyone out

  • Cody McElroy
    Cody McElroy 9 months ago +7583

    "This is Siberia. Call it what you will. You will die here."
    Very real.

  • Fredderd
    Fredderd 3 months ago

    You should make different regional societies all share similar personalities to make it more interesting, also GREAT VIDEO SO GOOD

  • Carson dickey
    Carson dickey 3 months ago

    It would be really cool to have a nation that’s underwater. Underwater breathing potions, and 1-2 prebuilt underwater homes.

  • Alexia Jennifer
    Alexia Jennifer 4 months ago

    4:00 : 'A propagandist starts spreading unsettling messages amongst the group' - setting him up to take a brutal rise to power in times to come
    4:06: "A couple days later, he was assassinated."
    That did not go according to the narrative structure - I guess the people didn't want to live in a cautionary tale, and decided to subvert it, having already learned those lessons.

  • Kwality
    Kwality 4 months ago

    as an aussie, i can comfirm the accuracy of the conditions represented here

  • Matthew Moua
    Matthew Moua 9 months ago +4596

    “We don’t have wool here, we only have fish.” -Siberia
    And a lot of amazing willpower that brings you the ultimate win.

    • Tiru Vlad
      Tiru Vlad 8 months ago +2

      @ATERAH They were in hard times in the beginning, becoming strong men that, in the end, created good times.

    • Gosdas
      Gosdas 8 months ago +1

      You live up to your profile name lol

    • NateBit8
      NateBit8 8 months ago


    • ERABA
      ERABA 8 months ago

      @minen creepers Arthur Curry aka Aquman "the power of fish"

    • Hi
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      Get saved by.jesus so you can go to heaven and tell people to get saved by jesus and tell them about jesus

  • PrimeStopper 13
    PrimeStopper 13 4 months ago

    The battle with the tree warriors was a great reflection on the Vietnam war
    The American assault on the jungle fighting the bandits was like d-day

  • Jose GC
    Jose GC 3 months ago +1

    Who needs netflix this is amazing, so many names to know, so many things to understand, i love this so much

  • BOSSposes⭐
    BOSSposes⭐  4 months ago

    should make a server as this as a game mode that resets every 2 weeks and a winner is picked at the end of each this is a very interesting gamemode concept

  • Maryanne Portas
    Maryanne Portas 3 months ago

    This man deserves more subs than he has

  • YellowX
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    Me: I'm gonna die.
    Flare: "no don't"
    Me: Understandable, have a great day

  • Ravenhack
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    3:01 you mean Utah? (And surrounding states) We have three things here, a gold rush, dinos, and desert.

  • ThunderVoid
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    This video is edited amazingly!

  • Beats 806
    Beats 806 4 months ago

    I think the best tactic would be to just have a huge legion of archers who’d fire from behind the main battle and then swordsmen flank around and attack them from the sides