Solo: A Star Wars Story - Exclusive Darth Maul Clip


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  • logic 9000
    logic 9000 Hour ago

    Too bad the dude got iced by empor Palpatine

  • Annoying Charizard
    Annoying Charizard Hour ago +1

    How is this movie a Box Office Bomb anyways ???

  • Glorious Garry
    Glorious Garry 2 hours ago

    I am so happy they used Maul's voice actor from Clone Wars. His voice is so charming and fits his character so much!

  • Mert Ceylan
    Mert Ceylan 4 hours ago

    This scene blew my mind when I first saw it

  • MisterGenesis64AK
    MisterGenesis64AK 4 hours ago

    He's once again played by Ray Park.

  • Ricky Archuleta III
    Ricky Archuleta III 5 hours ago

    Even though he’s dead now at least he made a little cameo

    6THIS GUY PLAYING9 6 hours ago

    wait so is darth maul coming back to the star wars movies or nah?

  • headslo
    headslo 7 hours ago

    He looks like an orc

  • Softy DaFuzzys
    Softy DaFuzzys 8 hours ago


  • alex domain
    alex domain 9 hours ago

    another mary sue who was nobody, did nothing, archived nothing and in 2 years became right hand for Darth Maul? Seriously

  • IAmKamakura
    IAmKamakura 9 hours ago

    “Oh, n-“

  • bledzade
    bledzade 10 hours ago

    Why would he force-summon and then randomly turn on his lightsaber for absolutely no reason during a hologram chat?

  • SeymorBuhts
    SeymorBuhts 10 hours ago

    If L3 didn’t exist in Solo, then it would have been an amazing movie

  • Nunni and Zippy D
    Nunni and Zippy D 11 hours ago

    Gosh Darth Maul has had such a journey
    From Phantom menace, clone wars show, rebels, and this. Yeah I know if I probably missed other times

  • Isa8 matos
    Isa8 matos 12 hours ago

    The best scene in the whole movie!!!

  • The Benjaman
    The Benjaman 14 hours ago

    1:20 that moment you realize, you done goofed

  • guitarhamster
    guitarhamster 15 hours ago

    They are definitely banging

  • Windex
    Windex 15 hours ago


  • Gaming with Redhead Bat

    She gonna die

  • Brian Carter
    Brian Carter 15 hours ago

    Part of me hopes that if they don't make a sequel, they could easily make a comic or novel continuing this thread.

  • WondersOf Destiny
    WondersOf Destiny 16 hours ago

    Revenge of the Sith still the best

  • Enzo1495
    Enzo1495 16 hours ago

    kinda lame how they had him dramatically take off his hoodie for no reason to reveal his face and on top of that grab his double lightsaber, turn it on for no reason and then turn it off. Why not also have him say "Argh Im Darth Maul the bad guy from the first one Argh"

  • An Average Gaming Channel

    He ded tho

  • The Stinger
    The Stinger 18 hours ago +1

    Amazing film

  • Game Xterminator
    Game Xterminator 19 hours ago

    I Just had a Mini Orgasm as I watched this.

  • Daishinkan23
    Daishinkan23 19 hours ago

    Koraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa tu tu tururu

  • Angel Lobato
    Angel Lobato 21 hour ago


  • ondracekivo
    ondracekivo 22 hours ago +1

    I very apreciate they stayed true do lightsaber design from Rebels. Also the Maul´s voice sounds very much alike like in Recels series. Is that the same dabing?

  • Tywin Lannister
    Tywin Lannister 23 hours ago

    Où comment ressusciter un personnage parce que les gens l'aiment bien

  • Ledor Bloodraven

    0:41 When you nuked the extended universe and now have to poach from the prequels to milk nostalgia XD

  • Mila Dubois
    Mila Dubois Day ago

    Variation reservation never base cloth cake crash testing container arrangement minister decline

  • Phantom Lancers
    Phantom Lancers Day ago +1

    i want kenobi not cristopher robin

  • Genetic Freak
    Genetic Freak Day ago +1

    now they should bring back Qui Gon Jinn and have a 2nd battle!!

  • Damian Romania
    Damian Romania Day ago

    So I’m guessing Maul didn’t die to a young obi, can’t wait to see Star Wars and see solo old , wait solo was old in the force awakens. Nice script fools , better to watch the movies before writing another one.

  • RaptorNX01
    RaptorNX01 Day ago

    i swear i damn near leapt out of my seat and screamed YES! when he was revealed.

  • Lil Will
    Lil Will Day ago

    Possibly the worst lie to tell to such a menacing character ever.

  • nunchuckerz
    nunchuckerz Day ago

    episode iv: Maul lives. and saves luke with the time cave thing

  • Bleeding Eye Watcher

    That laugh at 0:52 says “I know you’re lying to me, and I think it’s adorable that you thought you could fool me.” Well done, Sam Witwer.

  • Vicente Fernandez

    Best part of the entire Solo movie, watched it on TheXvid. Yup, I'm satisfied.

  • Brian Albert
    Brian Albert Day ago

    If Darth Maul is still alive after being sliced in half in Phantom Menace, why not bring him back in the Clone Wars and Revenge of the Sith? Instead, we get Count Dooku, a very lame villain. Seriously, am I the only person who is upset after watching this scene?

  • Evan Monroe
    Evan Monroe Day ago

    Everyone in my theater was cheering.
    I sat in my seat and thought “who cares?”.

  • TheRealRedWolf
    TheRealRedWolf Day ago

    Maul answers the hologram call in less than a second yet I gotta wait 2 hours for my friends to text back. Smh

  • Thomas Palmer
    Thomas Palmer Day ago

    The fact that Maul's lightsaber is the same model as his one shown later on in Rebels is insane, even the inquisitor hilt piece on the tip

  • Master B33f
    Master B33f Day ago

    Man this made me instantly rewatch all of the Clone Wars episodes that involve him.

  • milxl
    milxl Day ago

    and what about the Mongolian cavalry helmet beside the holocron ?
    earth link ?

  • ruddthree
    ruddthree Day ago

    0:26 Darth Sidious? No, it doesn't sound like him.
    0:40 Holy. Sh!t.

  • Timepiece Enthusiasm

    I think this movie was fine, it didn't deserve to fail...

  • Богдан Олександров

    Watch in 4К --->

  • Dj Metaljack
    Dj Metaljack Day ago

    Darth Maul is only still alive because he had the high ground before he got sliced in half

  • Zack childress
    Zack childress Day ago

    I knew I was alive

  • Ev¡L DoNuT
    Ev¡L DoNuT Day ago

    Glad they kept his signature saber

  • christian navarro

    Correct me if I'm wrong but SOLO takes place way before Phantom menace Darth maul hasn't even been introduced to Visroy of the trade federation and the climatic lightsaber battle between Obi wan and Qui-gon and Maul himself

  • BobiFromTheHoodJeLud

    Was Maul CGI? Cause his voice is the same as the Maul voice actor from Rebels.

  • Sucky_on_my_Farquaad

    I had the fattest grin on my face during this holy

  • Eduardo Valdez
    Eduardo Valdez 2 days ago


  • Sonic Sez Traps are Gay

    To be continued in the Kenobi movie...

  • Killmaster Mathias Targaryen

    Qi'Ra is a very interesting character and I want to see more about her, and Maul is my favorite sith lord, I was such surprised and happy to see him :D If there's a sequel, seeing Qi'Ra as apprentice of Maul would be awesome.

  • uyin azrin
    uyin azrin 2 days ago

    Go stream here

  • Daya V_希望
    Daya V_希望 2 days ago


    OVO CHlNOxCHONlNO 2 days ago

    Nvm they sound the same lol

  • Ruthless_Illusion
    Ruthless_Illusion 2 days ago

    They need a separate Trilogy on yoda. Geez they could make one of the Big boi 3 hours movies atleast with yoda.

  • The Nord
    The Nord 2 days ago

    Darth maul had the high ground and obi wan still cut him in half...... No matter what obi wan is the high ground

  • bence kisházi
    bence kisházi 2 days ago

    Maul voice is sam witwer?? O_O

  • Mandel Jones
    Mandel Jones 2 days ago

    Before I waste time watching this does Maul actually fight in this movie?

    • OliBro64
      OliBro64 2 days ago

      No, he only appears in this scene.

  • Darth Sidious
    Darth Sidious 2 days ago

    That room is the one of the coolest places i have ever seen in the sw movies. (just look at the giant sith holocron and mandolorian armor)

  • Ben17ism
    Ben17ism 2 days ago +1

    He is darth no more

  • KxNxSx GxRDxN
    KxNxSx GxRDxN 2 days ago +1

    I wonder what had happened to Beckett, Darth Maul and Qui'Ra.

    • KxNxSx GxRDxN
      KxNxSx GxRDxN 2 days ago +1

      Oh yeah, forgot. Beckett died in the next scene. 😂

  • fasilah keita
    fasilah keita 2 days ago

    I want a Darth Maul solo movie so bad damn it!

  • Shrimp3r JR
    Shrimp3r JR 3 days ago

    My boy Sam Witwer back at it again

  • TaintofCartman
    TaintofCartman 3 days ago

    Where are my DRAGONS?!!!

  • KingSalaman
    KingSalaman 3 days ago

    Maul shouldve been dead long ago

  • Aiden4Jesus2018
    Aiden4Jesus2018 3 days ago

    Obi wan is the master of the low ground and the high ground. He is unbeatable. He can only lose when he choses to

  • Aiden4Jesus2018
    Aiden4Jesus2018 3 days ago

    That was so perfect how they added maul

  • ThePassionateGinger
    ThePassionateGinger 3 days ago

    He's a funnier character than we had before

  • Paul Bujak
    Paul Bujak 3 days ago

    The Last Jedi is much better than Solo.

  • Chobittsu
    Chobittsu 3 days ago +3

    I made the mistake of having a drink right about the time he took his hood off, nearly killed myself choking

  • Juan Pablo Perez Sanches

    Not that Darth Maul had died when Anakin was just a child, how could he still be alive when Han Solo was older? I do not understand

  • Marc LS
    Marc LS 3 days ago

    *something bad about TLJ*

  • James
    James 3 days ago

    What's the implication of this? Other than fan service?

  • Cristian Calderon
    Cristian Calderon 3 days ago +1

    Power of Hatred, All hail the Sith of Wrath

  • noah lavigne
    noah lavigne 3 days ago

    It's not darth mol

  • Amador Valdez
    Amador Valdez 3 days ago

    Saquen una peli de darth maul vs darth vader

  • person8203
    person8203 3 days ago

    I'm confused by the timelines on this. I thought maul died before there was an empire?

  • Yiannis Christophi
    Yiannis Christophi 4 days ago

    How old is solo exactly ?

  • jimbo villareal
    jimbo villareal 4 days ago

    WAIT.. WAIT... I'm so confused in this movie Han is 19 - 22 years old and Luke and Leia is 10 years younger which makes them 9 - 12 years old, when Darth Maul Died in Star Wars: Episode 1 - The Phantom Menace Luke and Leia weren't even born because Anakin there father was just a kid.

    • Nerd Empire
      Nerd Empire 4 days ago +1

      jimbo villareal maul didn’t died in Episode 1. Watch Star Wars The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels

  • Naseem Shanboor
    Naseem Shanboor 4 days ago

    Darth Maul will be working closely with kira on the shelf of Disney's canceled movie scripts.

  • Kreeps United Pictures
    Kreeps United Pictures 4 days ago +1

    They even brought Sam Witwer back to voice Maul. That attention to detail makes me even more curious what happened with the sequels.

  • Oskar Toledo
    Oskar Toledo 4 days ago


  • TheSeeker2070
    TheSeeker2070 4 days ago

    So far as I can find here in the comments, not one person ever mentioned the actress.She is Emilia Clarke from Games of Thrones. Lovely actress too. In this short video, this actress does an excellent job.

  • Mikie Lee
    Mikie Lee 4 days ago +1

    This was lame.....Maul as a reveal, was like a golden ticket without the Wonka bar.

  • Darth Maul
    Darth Maul 4 days ago +2


  • Leo Laudien
    Leo Laudien 4 days ago +2

    I like that they used the same lightsaber as in Rebels

  • Cryo1147
    Cryo1147 4 days ago

    i always wondered if that guard to the left is a guard or a statue

  • Oaklore Gaming
    Oaklore Gaming 4 days ago

    Seriously, show of thumbs. Who ACTUALLY freaked out seeing Maul! I sadly got spoiled about it a few days before seeing the movie, but I was still going crazy seeing him show up. It's almost been 20 years since he was on the big screen and yeah he was in Rebels and Clone Wars...but THIS. This was awesome!

    • Guns And Gear
      Guns And Gear 4 days ago

      +Sam Whitehead it makes plenty of sense. we know from rebels that the empire killed his crime syndicate, but we just didn't know anything about it

    • Sam Whitehead
      Sam Whitehead 4 days ago

      And this scene was only less then 2 minutes long, which is should have had more scenes with maul. Still I have to say it's 50% confusing and 50% makes sense, like it makes sense that he's alive because we knew he was alive in clone wars and rebels, but it doesn't make sense to have him in a han solo film, but still it's still worth it.

  • Sergio Mac Vader
    Sergio Mac Vader 4 days ago

    this is the best part of Soylo.

  • Gran troll
    Gran troll 4 days ago

    the saber was necesary?

  • Matthew Cuevas
    Matthew Cuevas 4 days ago

    I honestly did not like the movie, but the Darth Maul clip is the only reason I watched it. I just wanna see him slash someone up man.

  • AP12
    AP12 4 days ago

    How to get people to buy this? Show them the best and pretty much last scene of the movie

  • Jack Shepard
    Jack Shepard 5 days ago

    Not entirely in the official movie, does not exist i say. Anyway, SOLO was superior in all ways to TLJ.

  • Yo Mate
    Yo Mate 5 days ago

    I think Maul senses her lying