Solo: A Star Wars Story - Exclusive Darth Maul Clip


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  • Joel Skulish
    Joel Skulish 5 hours ago

    This was amazing!

  • Grant Holliman
    Grant Holliman 6 hours ago

    She shoulda told him Dracarys

  • Arthur Pix
    Arthur Pix 7 hours ago

    I don't worry, obi wan kills him in only 5 seconds and in 3 movements.

  • Christian Thompson
    Christian Thompson 10 hours ago

    Great scene, but my ONE problem is that Maul's on a hologram... yet he sounds like he's literally right there.... no holo sound filter... blegh

  • bluntman305
    bluntman305 15 hours ago

    Well darth mauls species originated from the 1st sith purebloods sooooo 😎he needs his own movie💯💯💯💯💯

  • TheGodOfGravy
    TheGodOfGravy 15 hours ago

    Darth Maul looking a little top heavy; guess someone’s been skipping leg day.

  • Adam F.
    Adam F. 16 hours ago

    Lousy movie but she is a hot little number...

  • amphioxus
    amphioxus 16 hours ago +1

    0:40 I love how there is subtle duel of fates melody for a few seconds

  • Bentertainment Productions

    I feel like the scene was out of place from the rest of the film. Its nostalgic to say the least, but I think it could have been better if they waited for the hologram until after the western showdown between Han and Beckett. Other than that, the scene was well acted, shot, and scored to remind us of this character behind Crimson Dawn.

  • Glennon Taylor
    Glennon Taylor 19 hours ago



    His skin turns white when he opens the lightsaber


    This took place during rebels meaning it’s in the timeline as rebels just before maul arrives on tatotine(can’t spell it) and duels obi-wan. It would make sense.

  • Propel 2015
    Propel 2015 Day ago

    I need to know he escaped from Palpatine

  • Kyle Kessler
    Kyle Kessler Day ago

    Rogue one and solo are better than the other two recent star wars movies

  • josvel
    josvel 2 days ago

    It's a wasted scene since they don't follow up on it

  • josvel
    josvel 2 days ago

    It's a wasted scene since they don't follow up on it

  • Kent Kaliber
    Kent Kaliber 2 days ago

    This was a decently cool scene, but had NO WHERE NEAR the gravity that the Darth Vader cameo had in Rogue One. Not anywhere even remotely close.

  • Hessley Laurent
    Hessley Laurent 2 days ago +1

    OMG Its The Night King, oh waits Its Maul.....Darth Maul....

  • Ear Invaders
    Ear Invaders 2 days ago

    Her acting is poor

  • red ranger 1994
    red ranger 1994 2 days ago

    Darth maul is alive

  • Andrew Watson
    Andrew Watson 2 days ago

    Ah Darth Maul. The Boba Fett of the prequels. Underutilized and loved by all. And a bit overrated at parts according to some. Here’s to a Maul solo movie!!!

    • Andrew Watson
      Andrew Watson Day ago

      Nerd Empire I have and it’s amazing. It did for Maul what Legends did for Boba and that’s my point. Their characters were fleshed out not in the movies but in the expanded media. And most people haven’t experienced any of it because it didn’t happen on a movie screen. If the movies actually took the time to develop them both, they’d probably be even more popular than they are today.

    • Nerd Empire
      Nerd Empire Day ago +1

      Andrew Watson watch Star Wars The Clone Wars. There you learn more about Maul

  • Quickdavid 2006
    Quickdavid 2006 2 days ago

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  • Vanilla Chungus
    Vanilla Chungus 2 days ago

    I like how they made him look old, aged so much

  • How Embarrassing Daily Remake

    Wait so this is based before the phantom menace?

  • Quntico Qamiroquai
    Quntico Qamiroquai 3 days ago +1

    Wow they used the voice actor Sam Witwer who did Darth Maul for Clone Wars and Rebels. That was cool.

  • Primarch 001
    Primarch 001 3 days ago

    Did Sam Witwer do the voice over for this?

  • Hozavuma
    Hozavuma 3 days ago

    This actor sounds like Illidan Stormrage.

  • Dank Duck
    Dank Duck 3 days ago

    Because I watched the clone wars I wasn't surprised

  • eddies2kturbo
    eddies2kturbo 3 days ago

    Obi wan movie face off

  • Chris Paez
    Chris Paez 3 days ago

    I loved the fact that as someone who watched the Clone Wars I’m one of the many people who wasn’t surprised to see him alive. People who didn’t watch the Clone Wars are missing out. I also LOVE how they brought back the voice actor for Maul. Star Wars has done a better job of connecting their TV universe with their movie universe better than the MCU has. Like literally, small stuff like this would be ENOUGH MARVEL. I love seeing Emilia Clarke and Maul in the same scene. GOT and Star Wars fans together.

  • Luis Montijo
    Luis Montijo 4 days ago +1


  • Brittany Seymour
    Brittany Seymour 4 days ago

    My reaction when I saw this, "NOOOOOOO, I WASNT READYYYYY!" I never followed the clone wars but have heard of his survival.

  • This is Me
    This is Me 4 days ago

    I just hate they didn't use his original voice from the phantom menace

    • Cameron David
      Cameron David 3 days ago

      Yeah, but Peter Serafinowicz has a successful career now so he sure as hell is never returning to Star Wars as Darth Maul.

  • Ivan De La Garza
    Ivan De La Garza 4 days ago

    I remember hearing audience in my theatre gasped when this happened

  • MegaRedemption
    MegaRedemption 4 days ago

    Is he played by Ray Park and Sam Witwer?

  • Martin445
    Martin445 4 days ago

    I love Darth Maul he is my favourite sith

  • PhantomKiller76
    PhantomKiller76 4 days ago

    I gotta say this is one of the most unexpected appearances from star wars ever, I knew he was alive and everything but man, I did not suspect his attendance in this movie whatsoever

  • Michael Matherne
    Michael Matherne 4 days ago

    Why does he turn on his lightsaber? What is he going to attack, the holo-camera? It's hilariously meta, so much so that I half expect him to turn to the camera and smirk at the audience.

  • αlinuș
    αlinuș 5 days ago

    hope ray parker will play him

  • r M8
    r M8 5 days ago

    Short question.. So Darth maul didn't died in the movies? I know in the comic film he survived kenobi.
    When Solo is the same age as Luke. And Luke's father is Vader and vader was a kid when kenobi 'killed' maul. How old is Darth Maul in this movie?
    Edit: now I see his robolegs. But how old is he now?

  • Alix Dubay
    Alix Dubay 5 days ago

    I want a star wars movie about a clone who was stranded and injured and has to fight and crime lords and droids and creatures to get back to the republic in a war style movie

  • James Logan
    James Logan 5 days ago

    I came here after reading a magazine an interviewed the actor who played Darth Maul, I went to watch this movie in theaters and didn't know that Darth Maul had a scene in the movie, I missed it completely... FAIL... I'm just glad that he is still alive though 😃

    • hollow Slayer
      hollow Slayer 4 days ago

      he is still dead This movie takes place 10 years after revenge of the sith 11 years after the death of his brother than 5 years later sw rebels he is living on that sith planet than eventually killed by obi wan his final words he's the chosen one meaning Luke

  • FlintGlint
    FlintGlint 5 days ago

    Maul: A Star Wars Story

  • Hedda Emilie
    Hedda Emilie 5 days ago

    Alright now I want to whatch The movie just to see Maul

  • Michael Woolhouse
    Michael Woolhouse 5 days ago

    You do know that maul was seen in star wars the clone wars and star wars rebels

  • shippoinabag
    shippoinabag 6 days ago

    Why did he ignite his lightsaber..

  • きたむーケネディー


  • Taco1011
    Taco1011 6 days ago

    Honestly this scene and the Kessel run saved Solo for me.

  • Media Kira
    Media Kira 6 days ago +1

    All this bashing of Ray Park’s face really pisses me off. The guy got older, he did work out for this cameo with a broken hip mind you.
    So what if he looks older and ‘fatter’ here than in Rebels? Rebels is a cartoon, they’re allowed to get away with some artistic design choices.

    • Bill Sami
      Bill Sami Day ago

      Media Kira wow I didn’t know he had a broken hip 😓

  • Gracekk24PL
    Gracekk24PL 6 days ago +2

    1:15 You can see the part of spinning lightsaber from Star Wars: Rebels

  • JarheadPlaying
    JarheadPlaying 7 days ago

    That lightsaber sounds terrible.

  • Glory Boy96
    Glory Boy96 7 days ago +1

    dude I watched rebels and clone wars but maul in a actual movie again?no one expected that

  • groot iamgroot
    groot iamgroot 7 days ago

    I am Groot!(so he could come back in episode IX!)

    • groot iamgroot
      groot iamgroot 6 days ago

      +MultiFalconPAWNCH I am Groot.(I'm pretty sure m
      Maul didn't look like that in rebels tho)

    • MultiFalconPAWNCH
      MultiFalconPAWNCH 6 days ago

      +groot iamgroot Incorrect. Unless explicitly stated otherwise by Lucasfilm, anything and everything released after April 25th 2014 is canon. That includes the tv shows (which includes Star Wars Rebels and Star Wars: Resistance), books, comic books, games with an actual story, and so on. So yes, Maul's death in Rebels is canon.

    • groot iamgroot
      groot iamgroot 6 days ago

      +MultiFalconPAWNCH I am Groot(no,because the only canon things are the movies and CLONE Wars)

    • MultiFalconPAWNCH
      MultiFalconPAWNCH 6 days ago

      Nope, he won't be. He gets killed by Ben Kenobi in season 3 of Star Wars Rebels.

  • Round
    Round 7 days ago

    This scene had me in awe yet so annoyed, now I crave to watch Darth Maul in his own movie with a story line as grand as the one in Clone Wars.

  • Maxim Storm
    Maxim Storm 7 days ago

    I sense a Darth Mail movie!!!

  • TheDUDERulez1
    TheDUDERulez1 8 days ago

    ...really? You guys pick THIS movie to reintroduce Maul? Not at the end of Last Jedi or The Force Awakens? Hell, he should have been Kylo Ren's master instead of Snoak! How awesome would that have been!?
    I know Obi Wan kills him in the comics and in Rebels before the events of New Hope but I don't care! It wouldn't have been the first time the movies ignored any continuity from the expanded universe!

  • MetalMania
    MetalMania 8 days ago

    IF they make a Kenobi film, Maul BETTER be in it. They can't just show him and then leave him in the darkness once again....Sure he exists in Clone Wars and Rebels but he derserves so much more.

  • Daniel Lehman
    Daniel Lehman 8 days ago +1

    Forgettable movie

  • Rafael Walraven
    Rafael Walraven 8 days ago +1

    maul just ignites his lightsaber for fanservice!?

  • Josh Kuny
    Josh Kuny 8 days ago

    Not exclusive

  • Heaven of Apocalypse

    Darth Maul are in The background since Sidious rule

  • Berserker Predator
    Berserker Predator 8 days ago

    I want a movie about Darth Maul and another Movie for the clones. But not from Disney.

  • sergio martin
    sergio martin 8 days ago

    What a disrespect to phantom menace

    • sergio martin
      sergio martin 8 days ago

      +Nerd Empire i didnt say it was to george lucas

    • Nerd Empire
      Nerd Empire 8 days ago +1

      sergio martin no, in The Tv Show Star Wars The Clone Wars he is saved from His Brother. And that was George Lucas Idea

  • JDrake_203
    JDrake_203 8 days ago

    Does anyone else the phantom menace theme tune in the background ??

  • William Gelineau
    William Gelineau 9 days ago

    Why does he turn on his lightsaber?
    I don't know

  • jake Hanson
    jake Hanson 9 days ago

    Darth maul, awaiting orders

  • God Of Spaghett
    God Of Spaghett 9 days ago


  • Jev Collins
    Jev Collins 9 days ago

    That's two different time periods though

    • Nerd Empire
      Nerd Empire 9 days ago

      Jev Collins he survived Episode 1

  • DarkWarLord
    DarkWarLord 10 days ago

    The on darth maul is talking to is Daenerys Stormborn Targeryn, Khalessi of Westerosi, Mother of Dragons, Breaker of Chains. Im gonna stop now

  • Good O’l Spurs
    Good O’l Spurs 10 days ago +2

    Let’s get this as a BattleFront 2 Darth Maul skin.

  • Cory Edwards
    Cory Edwards 11 days ago

    Lmao at the comments, everyone's opinion is *fake news*

    Since we interpret things differently and have separate social, geographic, and biological influences that shape the way we see the world lol

  • Roxeymoreno Moreno
    Roxeymoreno Moreno 11 days ago

    Btw this was before the phomton menace

    • Oliver Smardenkas
      Oliver Smardenkas 6 days ago

      There is no way this could possibly be before Phantom Menace.

    • MultiFalconPAWNCH
      MultiFalconPAWNCH 6 days ago

      No, it's not. The Empire was not around before TPM. Have you not watched ANY of the movies?

    • Oliver Smardenkas
      Oliver Smardenkas 7 days ago

      It isn't, Maul survived.

  • Burstomcat 71
    Burstomcat 71 11 days ago

    Next Up: Maul: A Star Wars Story

  • Cerjomaks
    Cerjomaks 11 days ago +1

    Sad to think moments after this he dies

  • national socialist porg
    national socialist porg 11 days ago +1

    Since when did he go from stoic sith badass to creepy uncle?

  • Archie Norman
    Archie Norman 11 days ago

    I hope Darth Maul returns in episode 9

    • random person
      random person 11 days ago

      He’s dead he died in rebels to obiwan. And rebels took place inbetween episodes 3 and 4. So unfortunately he’s dead

  • GeoNeo Hill
    GeoNeo Hill 11 days ago

    Most underused character in Star Wars cinematic history??

  • Vato P
    Vato P 12 days ago +1

    wait but why did he turn on his lightsaber just to turn it back off again?

  • Chrovon
    Chrovon 12 days ago

    Isn't Solo just a prequel of the prequels?

  • Kylo Ren
    Kylo Ren 12 days ago

    Wait this is after he got cut in half

  • Leland211st
    Leland211st 12 days ago

    So now Khalleesie is the Shopper of Mauls

  • Rubik's Cube
    Rubik's Cube 13 days ago +1

    Why did he turn his lightsaber on?

  • XPG NavarrJenkins
    XPG NavarrJenkins 13 days ago

    Hell nah he’s British

  • Javontay Clyde
    Javontay Clyde 13 days ago

    Darth maul deserves his own movie

  • TheCeekon
    TheCeekon 13 days ago

    I'll be honest when I say, I didn't watch this movie, but months later, my buddy saw it, told me about this scene and here I am. everything here is just, Fantastic. the Famous Duel of Fates playing in the background, the fact he has his Lightsaber he uses in Rebels, and, of course, them getting Sam witwer to Continue voicing him. just, yes.

  • Jordan Martinez
    Jordan Martinez 13 days ago

    Darte Maul looks horrible in this tbh

  • darth maul
    darth maul 14 days ago

    Maul was the best sith ever

  • Last Chance
    Last Chance 14 days ago

    I heard the voice and immediately knew who was speaking lol.

  • Sempre Que Você Ler Os Comentários Eu Estarei Lá

    soo darth maul survived?

    • Kukaak CZ
      Kukaak CZ 4 days ago

      Yes, but it's nothing new.

  • Uxbridge
    Uxbridge 14 days ago

    Star Wars needs to make a movie centered on a villain like maybe a darth maul movie?

  • Ewan Adams
    Ewan Adams 14 days ago +2

    Way too much dialogue from maul in this scene

  • Master Bima11
    Master Bima11 14 days ago


  • Akira Leelarapin
    Akira Leelarapin 15 days ago

    I didn’t go to see this film because I lost all of my interest in the franchise after TLJ. Saw it a few days ago on TV just to realize this movie is not bad at all.

    • Ben Jensen
      Ben Jensen 15 days ago

      I lost complete interest in star wars after TLJ also, but thanks to star wars theory I'm interested again, if you haven't heard of star wars theory go check out his Darth Vader fan film, it's already better then Disney's star wars films

  • The Angaroo
    The Angaroo 15 days ago


  • NotReallyABlessing
    NotReallyABlessing 16 days ago

    I clapped when I saw Darth Maul, because I have seen him before!

  • Anny Wolfgang
    Anny Wolfgang 16 days ago

    Lo único bueno de la película mi viejo Darth Maul

  • Holy Electrum
    Holy Electrum 16 days ago

    Love the prequel music

  • genetic gamer
    genetic gamer 17 days ago

    Did anyone else notice mauls lightsaber was like the inquisitors lightsaber

  • genetic gamer
    genetic gamer 17 days ago

    Darth mauls cameo

  • genetic gamer
    genetic gamer 17 days ago +1

    Is this maul after Clone wars

    • genetic gamer
      genetic gamer 9 days ago

      +Ainsley Harriott yeaa kinda maul died before new hope

    • Ainsley Harriott
      Ainsley Harriott 9 days ago

      +genetic gamer Calm down, okay? This takes place roughly two decades after The Phantom Menace, and around 11 to 14 years before A New Hope.
      Don't have to be like that... I'm wrong and you're right, happy?

    • genetic gamer
      genetic gamer 9 days ago

      +Ainsley Harriott you r truly wrong.....r u nuts the galactic empire has began and maul is supposed to be long dead and dint u see the inquisitors lightsaber? And yeah olso the cybernetic limbs

    • Ainsley Harriott
      Ainsley Harriott 9 days ago

      Before the Phantom Menace