Solo: A Star Wars Story - Exclusive Darth Maul Clip

  • Published on Sep 7, 2018
  • The Phantom Menace baddie returns in this climactic scene from the Han Solo prequel. Solo hits Digital HD and 4K Ultra HD and on Movies Anywhere on Sept. 14, and on Blu-ray 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, DVD and On-Demand on Sept. 25.
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  • casey
    casey 4 hours ago

    Why did he need to grab his saber for that,scene lol. I'm going to turn it on then turn it off immediately

  • Yoeri Adrian van Esseveld

    So much is wrong with this scene. For a character that holds so much power in this particular interaction, he looks frightened, stressed, angsty and overly-CGI. He has all the power when you scale out all the characters, logically he has all the reasons to remain calm and collective.
    1) Using his lightsaber simply because it looks cool? 2) The voice is soooooo overacted. Ugh.

  • Volhistory&Research
    Volhistory&Research 2 days ago

    Ron Howard: I made a star wars story that has no lightsabers or any mention to sith or jedi!
    Darth Maul: I'm about to end this entire mans career

  • Arghun Qon
    Arghun Qon 2 days ago

    Why no radio chatter?

  • Saturn Productions
    Saturn Productions 2 days ago

    What a pointless cameo

  • Alfonso Gutiérrez
    Alfonso Gutiérrez 3 days ago

    Darth Maul was one of my favourite characters but this was unnecesary

    • Rick0201
      Rick0201 3 days ago

      Alfonso Gutiérrez Incorrect

  • Magnificent Xen
    Magnificent Xen 3 days ago

    So this movie takes place before the last duel between maul and obiwan in tatooine?

    • Magnificent Xen
      Magnificent Xen 2 days ago

      @Thondaar which means before maul face to face with jarrus and the gang? (Ashoka, Ezra)

    • Thondaar
      Thondaar 2 days ago


  • Mech VRZ
    Mech VRZ 3 days ago +2

    The dragon queen collaborates with the night Kings brother?

    A new game emerges...

    FULLMETALSTATE 4 days ago

    Solo 2 needs to be a Thing!!!

  • crazy crazy khajiit
    crazy crazy khajiit 4 days ago

    I hope they fix his face

  • Some One
    Some One 5 days ago

    Opens lightsaber just to close it....

  • Chris
    Chris 5 days ago

    Poisoned by our enemies..

  • BlakeSTI93
    BlakeSTI93 6 days ago

    My guess is hell be in the obi wan movie where well see him fight obi wan on tattooine like in rebels

  • Noelle C
    Noelle C 7 days ago +3

    People who have only seen the movies: 😮😍😁
    me: 😑

  • Infernal Squanching
    Infernal Squanching 8 days ago +2

    That was more dialogue then he got in the whole of the phantom menace

    • Vivian Chetty
      Vivian Chetty 7 days ago +1

      Infernal Squanching
      I think darth maul is gearing up against obiwan.

  • Apacalypsyagon M.
    Apacalypsyagon M. 8 days ago

    Hey did this ever go any where?

  • BenRen KyloSolo
    BenRen KyloSolo 11 days ago

    Why tease with Darth Maul. He better reappear in a star wars movie one day

  • Chili Ekman
    Chili Ekman 12 days ago +3

    The only part I like about this it how they brought back the music from Phantom Menace

  • Hyuna The Hyena
    Hyuna The Hyena 12 days ago

    this is the definition of terribly executed, forced fanservice

  • marky jay
    marky jay 13 days ago +8

    I would rather have a Solo sequel than a TLJ sequel

    • Elisabeth c
      Elisabeth c 3 days ago

      For episode 9 they are bringing back George Lucas for it so maybe it might be a bit better

      BLUE SNAGGLETOOTH 13 days ago

      Ya there's nothing to look forward to after TLJ plus it was a bad movie. Solo was one of the best Disney films so far

  • Sam
    Sam 14 days ago

    One of the most badass star wars villians of all time.

  • Mr Mentality and Terry

    okay, hands down best part of the movie

  • Spiro27 Oscar
    Spiro27 Oscar 16 days ago

    I was speechless by this scene

  • EHH246
    EHH246 17 days ago +97

    Star Wars fan: Squee!
    Casual viewer: ...didn’t he get cut in half?

    • casey
      casey 4 hours ago

      @Moo the cline wars series wasn't just made for kids, I dont watch it but still know,that. Glad he's still alive hes one of the coolest vilains in star wars

    • Moo
      Moo Day ago

      @Samuel Jones Because you the hardcore fans probably didn't even read a book.. Saw series and that's all. And now you buy the Disney crap.
      The Thrawn trilogy with a brand new cast. Man..
      Btw I wonder when they are going to get rid off this timeline. Very boring now. Everything is about it.
      So I'm assmad. Even with those series that were made for kids. Full of nonsense.

    • Samuel Jones
      Samuel Jones 7 days ago +1

      Seth Grecko Clone Wars was always canon. It was Lucas’s pet project. Together Clone Wars and Rebels turned Maul from a cookie cutter forgettable villain to a fantastic character with plenty of depth. Why are so many people assmad that Disney threw in something for those of us who follow the Universe outside of the films?

  • L. R.
    L. R. 17 days ago

    This movie is so underrated!

  • DNF Danninetyf
    DNF Danninetyf 19 days ago

    Is this fan made or real?

    • DNF Danninetyf
      DNF Danninetyf 15 days ago

      L. R. - Why no reply?

    • DNF Danninetyf
      DNF Danninetyf 16 days ago

      L. R. - Yeah I know.. its at the end and the next star wars story is all about Obi Wan so my guess is that showing the return of Darth Maul at the end of the Solo movie is an innuendo that we will see much more of him in the next one (Kenobi A Star Wars Story)

    • L. R.
      L. R. 16 days ago

      @DNF Danninetyf ....Bro this is a scene from the solo movie

    • DNF Danninetyf
      DNF Danninetyf 16 days ago

      L. R. - By the looks of it he will be in the Kenobi movie and in a lot of scenes if this is anything to go by.

    • L. R.
      L. R. 17 days ago

      It's real

  • Finton Hord
    Finton Hord 19 days ago

    3rd arc comfirmed???

  • Jake Rutigliano
    Jake Rutigliano 19 days ago

    I’m surprised they didn’t bring back Peter Serafinawitz.

    • Kylo Ren 0127
      Kylo Ren 0127 17 days ago

      He originally recorded Darth Maul's lines, but Disney wanted to keep continuity with The Clone Wars as well as Rebels, and decided to rerecord the lines with Sam Witwer, what makes this sad is that Peter Serofinawitcz did not even find out that his voice work had been removed from the film until it premiered. He was not very pleased to find out.

  • NoLimit Sxucy
    NoLimit Sxucy 20 days ago

    Needa see maul in the next movie be4 I get pissed his history is tooooo interesting and I cannot keep waiting

  • Samuel Ludke
    Samuel Ludke 20 days ago

    Maul is Snoke! Boom!

  • ajzeg01
    ajzeg01 20 days ago

    There was audible confusion in my theatre when this scene came on.

  • Chris The Phoenix
    Chris The Phoenix 21 day ago +1

    This movie didn't deserve the boycott because of this, despite that this is a pathetic dose of fan service. Seriously, Darth Maul could have served a better role.

    • Ivan Lonza
      Ivan Lonza 20 days ago

      Lol this movie was not ''boycott because of this''. This is the fan favorite scene of this movie. Darth Maul did not died in TPM in canon.

    • Ivan Lonza
      Ivan Lonza 20 days ago

      Lol this movie was not ''boycott because of this''. This is the fan favorite scene of this movie. Darth Maul did not died in TPM in canon.

  • Jose Garcia
    Jose Garcia 21 day ago +1

    My favorite villain!!!! :)

  • Jose Garcia
    Jose Garcia 21 day ago

    Ooooohhhh!!!!!!!!!! He’s baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack

  • Alexander Fields
    Alexander Fields 21 day ago

    Whomever wrote this movie shoulda been the one to write the new trilogy. They even mentioed the bounty hunter Aurra Sing

    • L. R.
      L. R. 17 days ago

      Yes but a bounty hunter like her shouldn't have been killed by some noob like Beckett imo

  • Nonpneumatic
    Nonpneumatic 21 day ago

    I need darth maul to eat me out and rearrange my guts

  • eli otero
    eli otero 21 day ago

    How many times is Obi-Wan gotta kill you, Darth Maul?!

    • Ivan Lonza
      Ivan Lonza 20 days ago

      This movie takes place 9 years before Maul death in Rebels.

    • Ivan Lonza
      Ivan Lonza 20 days ago

      This movie takes place 9 years before Maul death in Rebels.

  • KillerFox Bro
    KillerFox Bro 22 days ago +2

    Everyone: MAUL IS ALIVE!!!
    Me: *Rebels flasbacks*

    • DanRage47
      DanRage47 14 days ago

      me: Clone Wars flashbacks.

  • Morty C-137
    Morty C-137 22 days ago +1

    I liked him better as a silent antagonist. Something creepy about him not having a single line of dialog in Episode 1

    • Vaping Fury
      Vaping Fury 21 day ago

      Well he actually did have a couple

  • tunch90
    tunch90 22 days ago +5

    I literally jumped on my chair at the cinema at this scene

    • Elisabeth c
      Elisabeth c 3 days ago

      I never saw the movie this is my first time seeing this scene

  • Lew Archer 1949
    Lew Archer 1949 23 days ago +3

    I don’t care what the Neckbeards say. I liked this movie infinitely more than Rogue One.

    • s y
      s y 12 days ago

      Lew Archer 1949 same I enjoyed rogue one but I enjoyed solo much more. My favourite Star Wars movie after the originals of course.

  • Bur Bur
    Bur Bur 23 days ago +1

    It's such a dumb scene, why darth maul opens his lightsaber ? Is he trying to impress the emilia ? It's something like what 12 years old boy do.

    • binkyboy448
      binkyboy448 18 days ago +1

      Why? Would YOU like to work "very closely" with him knowing he can use that against you at any time?

    • Ivan Lonza
      Ivan Lonza 20 days ago

      To scare Qi'Ra. She never saw lightsaber before. And she did not know that he is force sensitive. She will now become his apprentice.

    • Ivan Lonza
      Ivan Lonza 20 days ago +1

      To scare Qi'Ra. She never saw lightsaber before. And she did not know that he is force sensitive. She will now become his apprentice.

    • James Wise Magic
      James Wise Magic 20 days ago +1

      Thats kind of a weird thing to focus on. Like.... who cares? Lmao

  • Blue Marvel
    Blue Marvel 24 days ago +5

    The Night Kings brother?

  • Luke Skywalker
    Luke Skywalker 24 days ago +5

    0:54 Maul’s way of saying “Netflix and chill”
    ( ͡◉ ͜ʖ ͡◉)

  • Spencer Dobbins
    Spencer Dobbins 25 days ago +5

    Maul: a star wars story

  • JVNTA -E m p i r Ǝ-
    JVNTA -E m p i r Ǝ- 26 days ago

    Why does his saber have a massive rifle cartridge?

    • Ivan Lonza
      Ivan Lonza 16 days ago +1

      @JVNTA -E m p i r Ǝ- He killed inquisitor. And from his lightsaber he created his own. That is why looks like that.

    • JVNTA -E m p i r Ǝ-
      JVNTA -E m p i r Ǝ- 19 days ago

      @Ivan Lonza ah OK but is there a reason that it has a big thing sticking out? Is it for power?

    • Ivan Lonza
      Ivan Lonza 20 days ago

      That is his new lightsaber he got after Clone Wars.

    • Ivan Lonza
      Ivan Lonza 20 days ago

      That is his new lightsaber he got after Clone Wars.

  • David Quezada
    David Quezada 28 days ago

    Cool he was there
    But kinda strange how dramatic he was
    Glad that actor was him still.
    He look coolsssss
    Hope maul gets more scenes
    Is it still Canon that he goes after ben kenobi and gets massacre?

    • Ivan Lonza
      Ivan Lonza 20 days ago

      This movie takes place 9 years before Maul death in Rebels.

    • Ivan Lonza
      Ivan Lonza 20 days ago

      This movie takes place 9 years before Maul death in Rebels.

  • HectorCash044
    HectorCash044 28 days ago

    Oh you know everyone gasped when they heard his voice

  • Lucas Martinez
    Lucas Martinez 29 days ago

    I thought Darth Maul died

    • Patrick Donnolley
      Patrick Donnolley 17 days ago

      Lucas Martinez This takes place before Star Wars Rebels.

    • Ivan Lonza
      Ivan Lonza 20 days ago

      He survived TPM. As can be seen in canon animated series Clone Wars.

    • Ivan Lonza
      Ivan Lonza 20 days ago

      He survived TPM. As can be seen in canon animated series Clone Wars.

  • sangminyi93
    sangminyi93 29 days ago

    Why is the sound so weird? It sounds like he's in the room, not on a holo-communicator. Jesus christ, they couldn't' even do that right. So distracting.

  • The Pumpkin Guy
    The Pumpkin Guy Month ago

    100% best part

  • Howard Melton
    Howard Melton Month ago +2

    All that effort to bring Maul back, and they get the wrong voice actor?

    • binkyboy448
      binkyboy448 18 days ago +1

      Sam Witwer has been the official voice of Maul since 2012.

    • Ivan Lonza
      Ivan Lonza 20 days ago

      This voice actor plays Maul for years in canon animated series. Soo he is the voice of Maul in canon.

    • Ivan Lonza
      Ivan Lonza 20 days ago

      This voice actor plays Maul for years in canon animated series. Soo he is the voice of Maul in canon.

  • Botye Bence
    Botye Bence Month ago

    When they announced that Emilia Clark will be in this, had a feeling that will reveal secretly played Mara Jade. I was wrong, but hoping for her to arrive sense 2014.

  • The nerd Cave
    The nerd Cave Month ago

    This was so amazing to see him again on the big screen

  • GodlessReason
    GodlessReason Month ago

    Ingniting that light sabre was to...

  • Cloo Viewer
    Cloo Viewer Month ago +1

    And we never see maul and that chick ever again....

  • Holyflame
    Holyflame Month ago +3

    Look at him trying to be intimidating, when he literally got one shot by old man Ben Kenobi lol.
    Maul is way too weak at this point.

    • Holyflame
      Holyflame 15 days ago

      Alber7892 He was gravely injured in the Phantom Menace, there's no way he's at the peak here. And how it's not like Ben Kenobi used strategy to beat Maul, he beat him in a straight battle.

    • Alber7892
      Alber7892 15 days ago

      This is like halfway between clone wars and Rebels, so he should be in the peak of his power here, but he wasn't weak in Rebels anyway. Obi Wan outsmarted Maul, not outskilled him. He baited him to do the same movement that killed Qui Gon, so when he did exactly that, Obi Wan was seeing it coming and could defend against it easily, killing Maul in the process. Look at it this way, if the attack had worked, it would be Obi Wan out in 3 seconds.

    • Rokkfel
      Rokkfel 21 day ago

      Well...i mean they are older alor older and they aint like yoda soo idk always saw that fight as a samurai dule one strike to finish it all

  • Killmaster Mathias Targaryen

    Darth Maul and Qi'ra would make an interesting duo in a Solo sequel \m/

    • Elisabeth c
      Elisabeth c 3 days ago

      Rey's parents?

    • Dante Sparda
      Dante Sparda 27 days ago

      Kenobi movie

    • AE Gamer
      AE Gamer Month ago

      As soon as Qi’ra picked up the sword and killed drydant I knew instantly what fighting style that was and though is maul coming back then 5 mins later in the movie there he was :)

  • David
    David Month ago +1

    Maul needs to produce some heir that has Targarean blood. He wants someone who cant be burnt by lightsabers XD

  • Nate Horne
    Nate Horne Month ago

    Daenerys talks to the Night King.

  • the stormtrooper
    the stormtrooper Month ago

    How did he survived after obi-wan slice him in half

    • binkyboy448
      binkyboy448 18 days ago

      Same way Vader survived getting burned alive: focusing his anger and hate on Obi-Wan.

    • Holyflame
      Holyflame Month ago +1

      the stormtrooper He use super glue to put himself back together...

  • spartanDJChalo
    spartanDJChalo Month ago

    So everyone gonna ignore that he should be split in two / dead right now...okay then!

    • Holyflame
      Holyflame Month ago

      spartanDJChalo That's the miracle work of Super Glue...

  • Nghaka Beita
    Nghaka Beita Month ago

    I just realised that the mother of dragons is a subordinate of Darth Maul....does that make white walker the light side of the force

  • Derek Lopez
    Derek Lopez Month ago

    You know for some reason I never liked Qi'Ra from the start, the cameo appearance of Darth Maul however was definitely worth watching.

  • NuclearNugget
    NuclearNugget Month ago +1

    Darth maul: *activates the lightsaber and duel of the fates plays*

  • chemicalsam
    chemicalsam Month ago

    So.. What was the point of that?

  • David Crowther
    David Crowther Month ago

    Whoever approved deleting needs to be kick in the junk.

    • the cartoonist
      the cartoonist 26 days ago

      approved deleting? this isn't a delted scene.

  • BlackArro Cartoons
    BlackArro Cartoons Month ago +2

    If the Solo sequel is canceled, possibly this Darth Maul could appear in a hopeful Obi Wan Kenobi prequel.

  • Aaron Lauretani
    Aaron Lauretani Month ago

    Wow, those Sith sure are tough to kill. Even being cut in half and falling hundreds of feet just means needing time off.

  • brucifer
    brucifer Month ago

    "Much more closely" That doesnt feel like proper english but probably is and that pisses me off.

  • DatSenpaiii EXDE
    DatSenpaiii EXDE Month ago

    Solo: stand up and ignite a lightsaber story

  • MovieFront
    MovieFront Month ago

    WTF where is my movie Disney...finally I will get revenge

  • LegitMan335
    LegitMan335 Month ago +1

    Darth Maul is Alive, I mean he was alive for a while in Clone Wars, and a bit in Rebel’s til Obi Wan killed him again.
    That correct?

    • LegitMan335
      LegitMan335 19 days ago

      mkdnt yup, that’s it.
      Maul here must be more a favorite sith than Vader or Ren

    • mkdnt
      mkdnt Month ago +1

      this scene could very well have been before obi-wan and maul met again on tatooine

  • Brandon Munroe
    Brandon Munroe Month ago

    Check him out on twitch

  • Brandon Munroe
    Brandon Munroe Month ago

    That's sam witwer

  • Jeffrey Barkdull
    Jeffrey Barkdull Month ago

    The Sequel should focus on Darth Maul and how the The Galactic Empire permanently destroy his criminal empire

  • Supermanjonny96
    Supermanjonny96 Month ago

    Am I the only one who thought this scene was out of place? But it was still dope at the same time

    BR0TH0RITY Month ago +2


  • Sheldon LeRoy
    Sheldon LeRoy Month ago

    Maul looking old. Too old to face Kenobi lol

  • Vendrix
    Vendrix Month ago

    so maul just activated his lightsaber to look cool? ..... c'mon man...
    and I'm disappointed they didn't keep the OG voice actor for maul.

    • Vendrix
      Vendrix Month ago

      @Joshua Mcclung I'm talking about phantom menace - not those.... I said OG voice actor.

    • Joshua Mcclung
      Joshua Mcclung Month ago

      Vendrix they did. It’s the same voice actor from the clone wars and rebels

  • Methuselem
    Methuselem Month ago

    Du hast

  • Gaming SirReviews
    Gaming SirReviews Month ago

    It's not "exclusive" that scene is in the movie

  • Eduardo Alvarado
    Eduardo Alvarado Month ago

    I seriously had to go on IMDb to confirm if that was really Ray Parks. He looks so different. I’m glad it was.

  • Edd Herring
    Edd Herring Month ago

    G.L “If I’d have known (Jango & Boba Fett, Darth Maul, General Grevous, Kitt Fisto, various other characters) were going to be that popular”.........
    And this is the guy who had the foresight to own the merch rights and plan a 9 part space saga, invented all those species, planets, languages and alphabets, mystical entities etc etc. Yet doesn’t know that people love Maul, Boba, Jango, Kitt and all the rest and will want to see them in action in more than one movie. Did he really think it was all about Vader Han and Luke? For me it’s all about the rise and fall of Palpatine, the best character with the best actor.

  • Alexander Kim
    Alexander Kim Month ago +1

    Rebels version of Maul?

  • Santiago De la Fuente

    But.. darth maul died in the phantom menace right? If this is before the phantom menace how come the rebellion has already started and the empire exists?? In the phantom menace it was a republic and the clones were not even there yet. This does not make any sense!

    • Santiago De la Fuente
      Santiago De la Fuente Month ago

      @Nerd Empire thank you!

    • Nerd Empire
      Nerd Empire Month ago +2

      Santiago De la Fuente Maul didn‘t died in Episode 1. watch the Tv Show Star Wars The Clone Wars

  • Ben He
    Ben He Month ago

    ahhhhhhh deacon stjohn here come in lost lake

  • E H Avaiam
    E H Avaiam Month ago

    Just like Phantom Menace, Maul knows who to make an appearance 🖒

  • dabearcub
    dabearcub Month ago

    So lame.

  • socom54321
    socom54321 Month ago

    Why did he ignite his what was the point of that?

    • Patrick Donnolley
      Patrick Donnolley 17 days ago

      socom54321 Because as a Sith Lord/Dark sider. Maul uses fear. Him activating his lightsaber is proof of that.

    • binkyboy448
      binkyboy448 18 days ago

      So she'll know what she's dealing with.

    • Soluminia0G
      Soluminia0G Month ago

      Basically to show her what she's dealing with and that sith/jedi arent extinct

  • digi rex
    digi rex Month ago

    Star wars reble style

  • Felix Garfias
    Felix Garfias Month ago

    Disney ruins everything it touches.

    • Felix Garfias
      Felix Garfias Month ago

      @Cameron David Disney owns the rights to star wars so i blame them for this and much much more. As Wilfred Beetus once said: theres no accountability anymore.

    • Cameron David
      Cameron David Month ago

      This scene was Ron Howards idea though

  • M&N Distribution
    M&N Distribution Month ago

    Hopefully we see more of him in the future!

  • JoosH orsumbuddy
    JoosH orsumbuddy Month ago

    Activating his sabre was unnecessary

    • binkyboy448
      binkyboy448 18 days ago

      Why? Would YOU like to work closely with him knowing he can use that on you at any time?

  • Adam Douglas
    Adam Douglas Month ago

    this is pathetic

  • Ken Biggs
    Ken Biggs Month ago +1

    You can practically hear the lines now "Oh, you have purpose here. You are protecting something. Noooooooo, someone"

  • FatherDroo
    FatherDroo Month ago +2

    If you didn't watch clone wars you're missing out on more emotions with this scene and that's sad..

  • Arnav Bhattacharjee
    Arnav Bhattacharjee Month ago +1

    And people say the animated series don't matter...

  • Donald Gurtner Productions

    Bro my inner fan boi was ecstatic during this scene

  • Leon Delta Ronin
    Leon Delta Ronin Month ago +2

    Is it just me or does that look slightly like Savage Opress’s lightsaber

    • Louis Ramirez
      Louis Ramirez Month ago

      it is. mauls double blade was cut in half by obi wan