Solo: A Star Wars Story - Exclusive Darth Maul Clip

  • Published on Sep 7, 2018
  • The Phantom Menace baddie returns in this climactic scene from the Han Solo prequel. Solo hits Digital HD and 4K Ultra HD and on Movies Anywhere on Sept. 14, and on Blu-ray 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, DVD and On-Demand on Sept. 25.
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  • Swift Streak
    Swift Streak Hour ago

    Was that Sam Witwer as Darth Maul?

  • Nomad Lord
    Nomad Lord 2 hours ago +1

    This scene was pointless as was the movie. I'm sorry but it's true

  • Foxicious
    Foxicious 2 hours ago

    I thought him turning his saber on was for dramatic fan service but i see now its coz he's subtly threatening her :0

  • Jasper Arce
    Jasper Arce 9 hours ago

    my favorite villian

  • Henry Hammond
    Henry Hammond 10 hours ago

    This scene was able to convey so much nothing with so little...

  • Tomáš Krejca
    Tomáš Krejca 12 hours ago

    Why lightsaber...

  • Phil Wikina
    Phil Wikina 14 hours ago


  • Beq Meq
    Beq Meq 23 hours ago

    I almost cried at this scene. Darth Maul is one of my favorite characters from anything ever.

  • Dallas No 2.0
    Dallas No 2.0 Day ago

    Why does Darth Maul have an Inquisitor's broken lightsaber even though this takes place before Rebels where he got it.

  • Dusty Childress
    Dusty Childress Day ago

    I love how they incorporated him into this film but it really did confuse many people who didn’t watch the clone wars series.. don’t worry, I’m not one of them.

  • Dusk278
    Dusk278 Day ago

    Just a heads up the voice for Maul is the same voice actor from Clone Wars

  • WishMaster2013
    WishMaster2013 Day ago +3

    There should be a Darth maul movie. It's always about Jedis. They should do a sith back story.


    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Amal Jurabaev
    Amal Jurabaev Day ago

    He still alive

  • MetalPunk98
    MetalPunk98 Day ago

    Would of been so cool if Hans and his girl took off together in the sunset and lived happily ever after :(

  • Clymax01
    Clymax01 Day ago +2

    Episode 1
    Last Jedi
    Rouge One
    Which was worse

  • Luke Edison
    Luke Edison Day ago +1

    I liked Solo - a lot, actually. After Rogue One, it is my favorite new Star Wars film. But this ending made zero sense.
    1) She is lying about Tobias anyway - why not just take the lie further and never contact Maul, run from him with the man she still loves.
    2) Maul believes her when he hears everyone else is dead. Why not just crash the ship and leave with Han, Maul would assume she died along with everyone else.
    3) Why does Maul ignite his saber? Lol
    4) Han is portrayed as a savvy, capable, and very in love guy. He would not just give up on his girl like that - his first move would be to go after her with Chewie.

    • Sage Cornelius
      Sage Cornelius Day ago

      Luke Edison I honestly believe he knows she’s lying. His spooky laughter confirms it. If they were to run, she’d be putting the man she loves as well as chewie in danger. With all of the resources Maul has at his disposal, I think it would be more than easy for him to hire our bounty hunter after bounty hunter to find all three of them and have them killed. She made that decision to protect Han and leave Maul in the dark. She’s either going to be trained by Maul or get killed by him. She’s taking the hit for Han.

  • Shawn Watterson
    Shawn Watterson Day ago

    This is the scene that ruined Darth Maul forever due to overexposure. He's now an overrated, annoying character that is only on the screen cause they don't know what else to do.

  • God Gus
    God Gus Day ago

    She said I alone survived and after that she said she was not there so it means Maul knew she was lying and he invited her to use her and maybe kill her for lying.

  • Dannisthemannis
    Dannisthemannis Day ago

    Maul sounds like he smokes 20 a day

    SKYWOLF GBM 2 days ago

    Kit Fisto film 2020

    SKYWOLF GBM 2 days ago

    When is Plo Koon gonna his own film??

  • Zayd
    Zayd 2 days ago

    wait but obi wan killed him in the rebels show, right? what even was the point of this if he dies later anyway

  • Richard Hirviniemi
    Richard Hirviniemi 2 days ago

    Why should I?

  • Jimmy Green
    Jimmy Green 2 days ago

    I didn’t know this was pre phantom menace

  • protectyaneck__
    protectyaneck__ 2 days ago

    Most useless lightsaber ignition ever.

  • Dino Goodley
    Dino Goodley 2 days ago +4

    Hey, isn't that Starkiller's voice actor?

  • Stephen Gomez
    Stephen Gomez 2 days ago

    Darth maul vs mace windu

  • Compton Kozak
    Compton Kozak 2 days ago

    This pisses me of yo😫 this basically makes twin suns pointless now😭

    • Nerd Empire
      Nerd Empire 21 minute ago

      Compton Kozak No. Solo plays before Rebels

  • NigiVlogs
    NigiVlogs 2 days ago

    LMAO what a dull TV show delivery by Daenerys

  • Docile Catfish
    Docile Catfish 2 days ago

    Except he totally died in Star Wars Rebels so I don't really understand the point of giving Maul a teaser...

  • Allister Cooper
    Allister Cooper 2 days ago

    Did anyone notice what appears to be the armour of Bobba Fett at 0:30?

  • Smash Bros. Ultimate Trailers

    Whyd he activate his lightsaber just to talk

    • Sage Cornelius
      Sage Cornelius Day ago

      Smash Bros. Ultimate Trailers intimidation. Plain and simple.

  • EpiDemic117
    EpiDemic117 3 days ago

    The sound and camera filter is heavily off on this film. it feels more like a Netflix show than a actual starwars movie. WTF is up with the audio and acting in these newer films? They are terrible.

  • Echo
    Echo 3 days ago

    You gotta love that duel of the fates in the background

  • Cyka Blyat
    Cyka Blyat 3 days ago

    Wait a second, so Han Solo was an adult at this time and darth maul was too, but when darth maul killed qui gon jinn Anakin skywalker was just a kid, and we all know that Anakin skywalker was princess Leia’s husband, and obi wan killed darth maul at age of 56, so you telling me that solo was older than Anakin skywalker and dated Princess Leia which is anakin’s daughter. Heeeeeel naaah

  • Level Nine Drow
    Level Nine Drow 3 days ago +1

    Combining Ray and Sam was genius. Darth Maul as a character has evolved with both of these fantastic people contributing to this character. I could see no other way to do it otherwise.

  • ZEPTIIC Gaming
    ZEPTIIC Gaming 3 days ago

    That music gives me chills

  • Gilliganfrog
    Gilliganfrog 3 days ago

    Is that really Ray Park again? I totally thought it was Peter Stormare. What is he overcompensating for by showboating with his lightsaber-couldn't they have given him an energy-switchblade or something?

  • K. Mancao
    K. Mancao 3 days ago

    Why did he feel the need to flex with his toy 😂

  • SSJ K-Dots Sanctum
    SSJ K-Dots Sanctum 3 days ago

    Maul is dead so having him show up here is pointless and the clone wars already filled in his storyline. Rebels even touched his story this is the most unnecessary post credit scene ever.

  • johnnycage435
    johnnycage435 4 days ago

    Is it weird Maul is a favorite lol

  • Elon Musk
    Elon Musk 4 days ago

    I just realise ‘Darth’ Maul has the same Saber in Star Wars Rebels

  • Brenden Sandage
    Brenden Sandage 4 days ago

    Maul: Some people die easily......but not us

    Not us

  • Bobby B
    Bobby B 4 days ago

    No One's Ever Really Gone.

  • Ernesto Bonales
    Ernesto Bonales 4 days ago

    This saves the whole movie

  • Dhruv Girgenti
    Dhruv Girgenti 4 days ago

    Star Wars has officially run out of ideas and is just recirculating past ideas in slightly different ways that just come across as desperate and lazy writing to anyone who isn’t a delusional fanboy

  • Nabss
    Nabss 4 days ago

    No one's every really gone

  • Thatgamer pro97
    Thatgamer pro97 4 days ago +1


  • Zak Rosenfeld
    Zak Rosenfeld 4 days ago +46

    Daenarys Targaryen does secret dealings with The Night King's Red Brother

  • The Joshua Williams Art and Animation Studios

    Was Ray Park Darth Maul in this clip

  • Pat Dorsman
    Pat Dorsman 4 days ago

    allow me to turn on my light saber for no reason

  • DarkRed
    DarkRed 4 days ago

    He’s dead

  • Wdf1987
    Wdf1987 4 days ago

    Darth Maul was a mute in the first movie, yes?

  • Nicholas Trobec
    Nicholas Trobec 4 days ago

    Throwing in with pirates. Oh, how the mighty Sith have fallen.

  • MrShady
    MrShady 5 days ago

    its been 2 decades since maul made his appearance on the big screen

  • Awesome Sauce!
    Awesome Sauce! 5 days ago


  • Fabian Schmidt
    Fabian Schmidt 5 days ago

    This better be a skin in battlefront 2...

  • Lofar
    Lofar 5 days ago +41

    SW fans: Solo is going to be the first SW movie without lightsabers!
    Darth Maul: haha yes

  • Mr Mister
    Mr Mister 5 days ago

    Well this doesn’t necessarily mean he’s alive, remember guys just like solo it takes place in the past, I genuinely hope he’s alive but who knows

  • AllisterCooper2008
    AllisterCooper2008 5 days ago +3

    Qira: Beckett took it. Slaughtered the others. I alone survived.
    Maul: One man couldn't have done this ALONE.
    Qira: I wasn't there.
    Maul: [Thinking] Liar, liar, pants on fire.

  • Mongoose
    Mongoose 5 days ago

    An origin movie for Maul would rock

  • CwissinDaKidd
    CwissinDaKidd 6 days ago

    Why did he activate his saber

    • Oof Oof
      Oof Oof 5 days ago

      CwissinDaKidd perhaps it’s an intimidation thing? I would have just had him force pull the hilt to him, but hey gotta have the fan service.

  • Ryan G
    Ryan G 6 days ago

    "No one's ever really gone"

  • TheSuperPsychaholic
    TheSuperPsychaholic 6 days ago

    He even has the same lightsaber from star wars rebels

  • Nacho Gamer
    Nacho Gamer 6 days ago +3

    Han Solo was a young adult in this film ( 20’s). Maul was still alive
    In Rebels Maul dies killed by Obi-Wan Kenobi, in the end of the chapter we see Luke Skywalker like a little (5 or 6 years old)

    Conclusion: Is Han Solo 15 years older than Luke?

    • Oof Oof
      Oof Oof 5 days ago

      Nacho Gamer can we make rebels not canon?

  • Juaco VTX7
    Juaco VTX7 6 days ago

    Fun fact: Though he disliked his voice work in The Phantom Menace, Peter Serafinowicz was initially brought back to voice Maul here, but his lines were ultimately replaced with Sam Witwer’s to “maintain continuity”

  • R S Hollywood
    R S Hollywood 6 days ago

    Is that the same actor who played Darth Maul in ep 1 ?

  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan 6 days ago

    Quira is hottttt Emilia Clarke be fine as hell

  • Tanmay Bhakta
    Tanmay Bhakta 6 days ago

    This movie was still way better than the Last Jedi

  • Symbiotic Firecracker Productions

    Sam. Witwer. Your argument is useless.

  • Christian Perreault
    Christian Perreault 7 days ago

    So quick question is Star Wars rebels not canon?

  • Gamer kid player
    Gamer kid player 7 days ago

    I bet the people who haven't watched Star Wars the clone wars and Rebels, they were questioning how is Darth maul still alive

  • Unfound Films
    Unfound Films 7 days ago

    How to make a dumb movie dumber.

  • Lucas420
    Lucas420 7 days ago +6

    I love how this made no sense at all and we will never see anything of this ever again😀

    • spacrigga
      spacrigga 6 days ago

      We been knew Maul was still alive and was working around Palpatine(who did capture Maul once when Maul tried to take over as Sith Lord) mf took over Mandalore.

    • Knitople
      Knitople 6 days ago

      What do you mean?

  • Jason Fagan
    Jason Fagan 7 days ago +1

    Fux dis I'm watching StarTrek

  • Caolan Robinson
    Caolan Robinson 7 days ago

    So he didnt get cut in half?

  • Bird up !
    Bird up ! 7 days ago

    I clapped when I seen darts maaauuuuulll!!!

  • andy. hello.
    andy. hello. 8 days ago

    should have been vader or palpatine....maul died in ep 1

  • Mark Mark
    Mark Mark 8 days ago

    That's the money shot.

  • UcantHide4eveR's Gaming Channel

    Maul should have always been the Vader of the new generation.

    • Dag Nabbit
      Dag Nabbit 7 days ago

      Yes but in real life this happens frequently . I think that Lucas and Co. got it right in Phantom Menace. Darth Maul getting cut down early in his career added to his legend. Fate does this frequently in sports , entertainment . politics , etc . I am sure you heard of the 27 Club. There is even essay that basically had a theory ---- out goes River Phoenix and in comes Leonardo DiCaprio . No not Joaquin Phoenix . Leonardo ! You may also note that even Maul had a shot at the future Darth Vader but Fate wouldn't let it happen.

  • Michael Geertsma
    Michael Geertsma 8 days ago +2

    R they gonna do a follow up to this because that would be awesome!!!

  • BraGGinDraGon 26
    BraGGinDraGon 26 8 days ago

    Best part of the whole movie

  • Mongo longo
    Mongo longo 8 days ago

    I dont understand how darth maul is alive can anyone explain this?

    • MasterVideoStudios
      MasterVideoStudios 7 days ago +1

      +Caio Stocco "You've taken your first step into a larger world"

    • Caio Stocco
      Caio Stocco 8 days ago +3

      It is explained in The Clone Wars.
      But he dies in Rebels anyway....

  • Jirka Háva
    Jirka Háva 8 days ago

    I love Darth Maul

  • crimsonbubbles
    crimsonbubbles 9 days ago

    cool.... cool cool cool. can't wait for Dooku and Grievous to magically reappear as well

  • El pepe
    El pepe 9 days ago +1

    No one's ever really gone.

    SHRED SHREDDER 9 days ago

    That's not darth maul lol but it does probably mean he will make a return

    • Oof Oof
      Oof Oof Day ago


      SHRED SHREDDER Day ago

      +Oof Oof lol i didnt realize it was actually him i oofed

    • Oof Oof
      Oof Oof 5 days ago

      SHRED SHREDDER what?

  • The Retro Gamer
    The Retro Gamer 9 days ago +3

    I woulda loved it he screamed Kenobi at the end

  • Anemone
    Anemone 9 days ago


  • Devin Morrison
    Devin Morrison 9 days ago

    When are we getting that Boba Fett movie?

  • RUYA
    RUYA 9 days ago

    Maul will kill this biach

  • Grand Moff Tarkin
    Grand Moff Tarkin 9 days ago +1

    Movie was mediocre and they knew it, so they added fan service for people to forget about the mediocrity that come before that scene. Classic Disney.

  • Michael Tsang
    Michael Tsang 10 days ago +637

    No one's ever REALLY gone

    • Hayden Mullenax
      Hayden Mullenax 2 hours ago

      If you recall, he had survived the duel with Obi-Wan on Naboo. This cameo makes sense with the timeline. Solo took place before 10 years before A New Hope, thereabout. He dies right before Obi-Wan leaves hiding on Tatooine

    • ZEPTIIC Gaming
      ZEPTIIC Gaming Day ago +1

      Kian Meyer palpatine was killed in return of the Jedi and he’s returning in episode 9. When Luke says “no ones ever really gone” it makes fans wonder about all the other deaths from canon to which those characters could be brought back to life somehow.

    • Cody Luis D
      Cody Luis D Day ago

      Kerem Sahin •Darth Maul And Vader

    • L Martinez
      L Martinez 2 days ago

      uncle ben is gone

    • Indian_Stock_Photo
      Indian_Stock_Photo 2 days ago

      Kerem Sahin why wouldn’t it be canon anymore, if i may ask? it still is a scene from a series which is supposedly canon. also, the stand-alone film hasn’t been confirmed yet, and if there is coming a stand-alone film they could just remake the scene but in real life or just end at maul walking towards ben and the rest is in rebels to be seen. (nothing in this comment was meant offensive to you, if you feel offended it was never my intention)

  • Mr. Problem solver 89
    Mr. Problem solver 89 10 days ago

    I have to admit my first thought was it was Darth Sidious. Never expected Maul to show up again. I wonder if Ray Park still did his voice.

  • Yo Bama
    Yo Bama 10 days ago +1

    Why did he turn his lightsaber on just to turn it off right before she hung up on him lmfao

  • warrcc c
    warrcc c 10 days ago

    we didn´t really need this Star wars Story

    • Oof Oof
      Oof Oof 5 days ago

      warrcc c we didn’t really need any of the Star Wars films. However, this could have been a start to a trilogy of Star Wars story films (solo, fett, Kenobi). They are all connected through cameos and stuff, but then we could have Maul fight Kenobi at the end of the Kenobi movie. I’d rather take that than Rogue One.

  • C H R I S T I A N L
    C H R I S T I A N L 10 days ago

    The most useless scene I've ever seen...

  • Michael L
    Michael L 10 days ago

    I though he died

  • Simon B
    Simon B 10 days ago

    He is sat on the shitter. Exactly where the franchise is headed.