Solo: A Star Wars Story - Exclusive Darth Maul Clip


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  • John Andrew Lygate
    John Andrew Lygate 5 hours ago

    Give maul his own movie on how he was still alive after phantom Menace

  • PátriaZuera Br
    PátriaZuera Br 6 hours ago

    Only me have hear Duel of the Fates? 1:10

  • Justin Audy
    Justin Audy 11 hours ago

    Did he talk about obi wan ?

  • Razzmatazz
    Razzmatazz 12 hours ago

    +1 Constitution

  • Papa Plagues
    Papa Plagues 15 hours ago

    Man I hate the new star wars movies (never saw solo) but HOOO is this some great fanservice for people that actually looked into star wars rather then just watching the 6 movies and that's it.

  • Apit John
    Apit John 15 hours ago

    Sale at the Maul. Everything’s half off

  • _ androo _
    _ androo _ 19 hours ago

    When are they gonna make a movie called "Kenobi"

  • King Redemption
    King Redemption Day ago +1

    Daenerys Targaryen and her dragons vs Darth Maul

  • Christoper Fleming

    How old is maul?

  • Gerald Jordan
    Gerald Jordan Day ago

    No longer darth, only maul

  • Alexandriah אלכסנדריה

    Why con't Qi'ra just walk away? Why does she HAVE to report back/work for Darth Maul? He is going to corrupt her, No?

  • Edan G Wheatley
    Edan G Wheatley Day ago

    Love the attention to detail with Maul having the broken Grand Inquisitor sabre

  • Isaac Zelinski
    Isaac Zelinski Day ago

    literally teasing a character whos already been killed off twice.

  • ViaAyres
    ViaAyres 2 days ago

    Chills. I actually yelled when I saw him in the big films again, I couldn’t help it.

  • HangDeath
    HangDeath 2 days ago

    The Phantom's Phantom's Menace!

  • Paul Tovar
    Paul Tovar 2 days ago

    Maul and Snoke...?

  • nfinitiduck
    nfinitiduck 2 days ago

    I have a few regrets in life... not seeing this in theaters is one of them. It was fantastic, not just as a movie but as a 'Star Wars movie' as well. Better than episode VIII by miles. Hope that we may still get Obi Wan vs. Maul out of it at some point.

  • DarkLaughterGaming
    DarkLaughterGaming 2 days ago

    Now we need another Star Wars movie . . . maybe . . . . STAR WARS: Dathomir

  • seth moss
    seth moss 2 days ago

    Maul's lightsaber translation:
    If you're lying, you're dead.

  • Josemaria Emmanuel San Juan Torres

    It’s that Demon from insidious!

  • Toby Hawthorne
    Toby Hawthorne 3 days ago

    This was so out of left field, didn’t even give me a hint of excitement just felt like complete fan service 😕

  • Bad news Brothas
    Bad news Brothas 3 days ago

    Cool ign just spoil the movie 🤡

  • W Troia
    W Troia 3 days ago

    This is like that scene in back to the future where marty sees the giant shark hologram and says "It still looks fake."

  • Michael Verdon
    Michael Verdon 3 days ago

    I wasn’t crazy about this side story solo I liked rogue one better and in some ways I wasn’t crazy about rogue one either but I liked it better than solo a lot better than solo

    I AM DEAD 4 days ago

    Maul: A Star Wars Story. Let’s pray for something like that

  • The Master Blaster
    The Master Blaster 4 days ago

    Is anyone else wondering what Han's reaction would be if he was Maul?

  • RedWings01
    RedWings01 4 days ago

    who else knew it was him just from his voice in the theater?

  • Orange Trooper
    Orange Trooper 5 days ago

    I teared up so much when i heard his voice and realized my favourite characters has returned to the big screen.

  • Germishcan Ty
    Germishcan Ty 5 days ago

    Gotta love them 20 sec unskippable ads only at IGN

  • naim razak
    naim razak 5 days ago

    only this scene got lightsaber in 3 seconds

  • Renji Chan
    Renji Chan 5 days ago

    Am I the only one who realises this can't be Darth Maul because if it were Darth Maul this would be before he died? And Anakin Skywalker was a kid then, and if Han *WAS* there back then, he should be an old man when he meets Luke

    • GgWw1175
      GgWw1175 4 days ago +1

      Ehhh... You do realize that Maul didn't die when Obi-Wan cut him in half in The Phantom Menace?

  • Geoffrey Lane
    Geoffrey Lane 5 days ago +2

    Sometimes anger and pain can get you through anything in this world.

    • vice2vursa
      vice2vursa Day ago

      Geoffrey Lane and people wonder why incels stay angry. it helps get them through the day.,

  • BimBam Bom
    BimBam Bom 6 days ago

    Wow..this is so desperate and embarassing.

  • Death son101
    Death son101 6 days ago

    So you telling me darth maul survived getting sliced in half and that fall in the phantom menace 💀💀 IS THAT WHAT YOU ARE TELLING ME DISNEY SOMEONE EXPLAIN HOW HE IS IN THIS MOVIE

  • Alec Vetter
    Alec Vetter 6 days ago

    Since Qi'ra wasn't in Rebels, I think Maul killed her!

  • Jungwon Kim
    Jungwon Kim 6 days ago

    Sorry 0:52

  • Jungwon Kim
    Jungwon Kim 6 days ago

    0:53 that laugh is creepier than he was in rebels

  • Geoffrey Lane
    Geoffrey Lane 7 days ago +1

    The sith will return.

  • Joshua Seagondollar
    Joshua Seagondollar 7 days ago

    I'll admit, I had absolutely no interest in Solo after The Last Jedi.
    But this scene? Now I'll admit I might have to watch the movie, if only for the brief snippet of the greatness that is Lord Maul.

  • Anthony Ventrella
    Anthony Ventrella 8 days ago +1

    This scene by itself is better then TLJ

  • Obi Wan Kenobi
    Obi Wan Kenobi 8 days ago +4

    I already clapped darth maul anyway lmao

    DAMIAN SANCHEZ 8 days ago

    I already knew maul was alive but I didnt know he survived the clone wars

  • ADjustinG2013
    ADjustinG2013 8 days ago

    soooo, does he strike a pose with his lightsaber in every hologram, or only when the audiance is watching?

  • I2BeSky
    I2BeSky 8 days ago +2

    Darth maul the beast sith ever

  • Wdomino
    Wdomino 8 days ago

    0:15 that moment, I first was a little confused of the mechanical leg to be darth vader but that voice, I recognized it immediatly and was so blown! The only thing that would have made this scene better was not showing that lightsaber. The ovice and the prequel musical que was enough :P

  • Akosa117
    Akosa117 8 days ago

    As cool as this scene is, it was completely unnecessary for maul to summon his saber (idk why it wasn’t already I him), stand up, and on it just to off it again. Like what did he do right after that? Go set his saber on the table it was originally on and sit back dow again? Or kill the closet guy to him?

  • Isabella Brochi
    Isabella Brochi 9 days ago

    Who else came just so they could listen for “Duel of Fates” play at the end?

  • genetenz
    genetenz 9 days ago

    No need to turn on the lightsaber

    ANDREW KLEMMER 10 days ago

    Does... anyone else think Darth maul has an unusually soothing voice?

  • Brandon Floyd
    Brandon Floyd 10 days ago

    Not the promotion you wanted, but the promotion you needed.

  • Reid Alder
    Reid Alder 10 days ago

    Say what you want about this movie but Darth maul was awesome

  • sonnyblack0870
    sonnyblack0870 10 days ago

    I guess it was explained in the expanded universe why dudes still alive, but regardless it’s silly. Getting chopped in half and falling down a shaft is about as dead as you can get. Also why is he firing up his lightsaber in the hologram? 🙄

    • MultiFalconPAWNCH
      MultiFalconPAWNCH 5 days ago

      I would contend that what Vader went through was much worse, seeing as how he was confined to a portable iron lung for the rest of his life, but to each their own.

    • sonnyblack0870
      sonnyblack0870 5 days ago

      MultiFalconPAWNCH Yeah but I still contend that Maul was even more dead than that.

    • MultiFalconPAWNCH
      MultiFalconPAWNCH 6 days ago

      Many would also consider getting your 3 remaining limbs cut off and getting 3rd-degree burns all over your body a death sentence, but eh, whatever.

  • Audrey McMace
    Audrey McMace 10 days ago +3

    revenge of the sith is still my
    favorite star wars
    and attack of the clones

  • Stevie T. Hopkins-Williams

    Is that Peter Stormare as Darth Maul??

  • Richard Hirviniemi
    Richard Hirviniemi 10 days ago

    Ei oo koskaan ollu

  • deejayxcrypt
    deejayxcrypt 11 days ago

    This was obviously meant for ppl that've only seen Maul in Episode 1. My friend, a fellow fitting the previous category, barely remembered Maul even after seeing this.

  • obiwancc
    obiwancc 11 days ago

    Okay, this is possibly the best reveal of any older Star Wars in a newer movie ever

  • aotearoa audio
    aotearoa audio 11 days ago

    So Dr Maul is just sitting there chilling all day on his throne waiting for calls from mates so he can show off his lightsaber? Ok

  • Darkness Rang
    Darkness Rang 11 days ago

    Maul extending his lightsaber means him and her are gonna get it on

  • Mommp Pisc
    Mommp Pisc 11 days ago

    To much fan service

    • Engel Konan
      Engel Konan 10 days ago

      I will watch this whole movie only because of this scene !

    LOLY LOLSTER 11 days ago

    The first word i heard him say i knew it was my boy

  • VC YT
    VC YT 11 days ago +1

    Better than The Last Jedi by a big margin.

  • Konnor Jackson
    Konnor Jackson 11 days ago

    When i heard Sam Witwer's voice i'm like no way it can't be then oh damn it is.

  • BudokaiMan 1200
    BudokaiMan 1200 12 days ago

    It should have been Kad Bane way more badass!

  • Chris p
    Chris p 12 days ago +2

    everyone complains about how disney ruined star wars... they revived maul!!

    • MultiFalconPAWNCH
      MultiFalconPAWNCH 6 days ago

      No, they didn't. George Lucas did. It was his idea to bring back Maul in TCW. Disney just decided to roll with it after they bought Lucasfilm.

  • Chris p
    Chris p 12 days ago +1

    who else wants to see jaba in part 2!

  • Izzuz Otsoga
    Izzuz Otsoga 12 days ago

    Can’t Maul see that she is lying though? I thought force users can read the thoughts of someone

    • Izzuz Otsoga
      Izzuz Otsoga 11 days ago

      Braulio Romero true and hey its ok! I understand it

    • Braulio Romero
      Braulio Romero 12 days ago +1

      i think that he knows about the lie when laughs , and the way he show the lightsaber to her . Sorry for my bad english .

    FROZEN EMPIRE 13 days ago +1

    The movie was ending and we had not seen a lightsaber yet. Because it's out of the question a SW movie without the sound of it!

  • illuminatioracle
    illuminatioracle 13 days ago

    the makeup looks godawful. it just looks like ray park with some cheap looking horns glued on.

    • Jack Leighton
      Jack Leighton 10 days ago

      illuminatioracle it’s not makeup, it’s mocap.

  • Mr Myers
    Mr Myers 14 days ago

    Love Mual.
    Hate all other new characters though. Ren, Kylo Ren, etc.
    They all lack depth. Remind of today's society.

  • dedley01
    dedley01 14 days ago

    So Darth Maul managed to put himself back together and somehow climb out of that bottomless pit he fell in. Great logic.

    • MultiFalconPAWNCH
      MultiFalconPAWNCH 6 days ago

      The lightsaber cauterized his wound and also missed his vital organs, so it's not out of the realm of possibility for him to survive. Also, I remind you that Vader went through FAR worse.

  • Crazy Sverige
    Crazy Sverige 14 days ago

    Fake story

  • TheMSupreme
    TheMSupreme 14 days ago +5

    If you didn't know Darth Maul was still alive for the last 6 years then you can't call yourself a real
    Star Wars fan...

  • Aapen Kind
    Aapen Kind 14 days ago +1

    Not a single reference to Qeeun Deaneryes in the comments.. jeez.

  • civilwarfare101
    civilwarfare101 14 days ago

    This scene was sooooooo out of place.

  • Michael Jolls
    Michael Jolls 15 days ago +1

    Arguably the best scene of the movie.

  • reyonXIII
    reyonXIII 15 days ago +2

    I agree that this is fanservice done right. Not just having Ray Park back as the face actor and Sam Witwer, the voice that made Maul A CHARACTER (one barely holding onto any sanity and always on the verge of just going bahooties, while scheming to upstage Palpatine and kill Obi-Wan) and made it his own, but seeding elements of what he was doing between Clone Wars and Rebels, and even the tiny snippets of Duel of the Fates. But also, attention to proper lore.
    Force users, whom, as far as the galaxy knew, were mostly Jedi, were thought to have been extinct following the Clone Wars. Look at Qi'ra's face when Maul pulls his saber. She's crapping herself right there when it hits her what she's dealing with, what powers he has. It's no "hokey religion".

  • Waddle Dee
    Waddle Dee 15 days ago +1

    Little did he know, he would be murdered by grandpa benny in the near future

  • Isaac Schwartz
    Isaac Schwartz 15 days ago

    When he ignites his lightsaber for no reason: odd flex but okay

    • Rotsku
      Rotsku 12 days ago

      No he was threathening Qi'ra because he could sense she was lying.

  • Jaroslav Chládek
    Jaroslav Chládek 16 days ago

    I don't like Disney Star Wars but to hear Duel of the fates in the background during this scene was just epic!!

  • SuddenlyGrapes
    SuddenlyGrapes 16 days ago +2

    Who hated Solo and loved this scene?

  • Tristan ZZ
    Tristan ZZ 16 days ago

    the only Star Wars movie without a lighter saber fight

  • Napalm Man
    Napalm Man 16 days ago +1

    Ray Park, the one and only Darth Maul

  • Markus Pescasio
    Markus Pescasio 17 days ago

    I really liked Maul in this scene especially his laugh, too bad Solo is the first in the Star Wars movies to be a box office disappointment

  • AntacidFish
    AntacidFish 17 days ago

    Did anyone else hear dual of the fates come up?

  • Solomon McSaggyballs
    Solomon McSaggyballs 17 days ago

    If Rebels wasn't a thing, this would be awesome.

  • The Blockchain Gamer
    The Blockchain Gamer 18 days ago +1

    They need to do a darth maul movie

  • SunnySinclair1979
    SunnySinclair1979 18 days ago

    She has to be Reys mother

    • Cameron David
      Cameron David 17 days ago

      If that were so, than she would be around 46 when she gave birth to Rey, which is rather unlikely.

  • Kargos Gaming
    Kargos Gaming 18 days ago +2

    Finally he speaks

    • RCG Tower
      RCG Tower 17 days ago

      He spoke in the Phantom Menace.. briefly

  • rika97
    rika97 18 days ago

    Don't like the lightsaber part it makes him look insecure. Darth Vader didn't need his lightsaber to intimidate someone.

  • Phil Vargas
    Phil Vargas 19 days ago

    is it only me or im the only one that notice boba's fett armor at 0:27

  • Block Star
    Block Star 19 days ago

    0:40 And it was at THAT point that Solo: A Star Wars Story became the greatest Star Wars movie of all time!
    I literally went “What the fudge!” when Maul threw that hood back. Awesome

  • FinalSecretOfChrono
    FinalSecretOfChrono 19 days ago

    I'm probably the only person who thought this part was lame

    • Rotsku
      Rotsku 12 days ago

      Yes you are.
      This part was frigging AWESOME

  • Greg Chua
    Greg Chua 19 days ago +1

    Why is his voice in HD when he is communicating through hologram?

  • Ryan Lbronze
    Ryan Lbronze 19 days ago

    I dont get it why cant the MCU have crossovers between movies and tv but star wara can?

  • Nil Chaos
    Nil Chaos 20 days ago

    love the robotic legs....i really hope they expand on this time point

  • bronx1287
    bronx1287 20 days ago +2

    This confuses me. This film is set after the events of the phantom menace when maul was killed by Obi Wan. If he managed to survive being cut in half and falling down that huge shaft then that's impressive lol.

    • Timofey RUS
      Timofey RUS 3 days ago

      He survived in Clone Wars

    • Jackman LeBlanc
      Jackman LeBlanc 14 days ago +3

      Have you... EVER heard of Clone Wars? As in the show?

    • Cameron David
      Cameron David 19 days ago +3

      No more impressive than anakin surviving being burned alive

  • Decepticon_jedi17
    Decepticon_jedi17 20 days ago


  • Mr_Pineapple Affogus
    Mr_Pineapple Affogus 20 days ago

    Maul doesn't exactly look young anymore. I know, its obvious since the story has progressed and all but he looks like he's in his 40's now

  • Brad Dollahite
    Brad Dollahite 20 days ago

    they have to have a sequel to this, this was too awesome